Weekly Top 100

1.jacqueline_bDaddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 1[15457]
2.Netman169The Pedo Files, Part 1[14174]
3.NeverlanderThe Shower[13821]
4.Pedophile ConfessionsMy Blonde Angel[13433]
5.KT24Katie Tells You Everything[12579]
6.LowlifePlaying Ball With Hayley[12174]
7.Netman169The Pedo Files, Part 2[11610]
8.Pedophile ConfessionsBabysitting Accident[11047]
9.SugarDaddyThe Weekend, Part 1[10569]
10.Philip SpencerFourth Grade Blues[10047]
11.LittleloverMy Daughter's Addicted To Cum, Part 1[9619]
12.SluggoLucky Guy, Part 1[9337]
13.T.EdwardsMy Little Model, Part 1[9218]
14.this guyCum Filled Little Panties[9018]
15.Eric The RedWake Up Baby Girl, Part 1[8989]
16.UncMillieMommy Can I?, Part 1[8851]
17.Durango DanBackyard Campout[8658]
18.jacqueline_bDaddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 2[8412]
19.Depraved DaddyA Home For Bailey, Part 1[8240]
20.Tanya WriterLosing My Love[7895]
21.MinxyfoxFeeling Amy's Charm, Part 1[7862]
22.FeigningAversionIn The Middle of Nowhere[7834]
23.TheLittleThingsInLifeThe Cosmetic Surgeon and His Anaesthetist Wife[7790]
24.Tanya WriterJamie, Part 2[7786]
25.Pedophile ConfessionsTeamplayers?[7671]
26.eddierayBenefits of Coaching[7576]
27.NeverlanderWatching Shannon[7425]
28.Larry WaymanAmy Has No Choice[7202]
29.Chris JorgensonMaggie the Little Punker[7035]
30.Stardust (2)Emily and Sarah[6924]
31.Suzy Cream CheeseRetarded Girls Need Love Too, Part 5[6908]
32.T.EdwardsMy Little Model, Part 2[6899]
33.Hymen RothJim Phillips Productions Presents: The Battle of the Sexes, Part 1[6675]
34.Eric The RedWake Up Baby Girl, Part 2[6648]
35.SugarDaddyYoung Girl's Bike For Sale[6611]
36.FootmanPreteen Bukkake[6492]
37.GoldrushA New Teacher At St. Pedo's[6491]
38.TitbudmanThe Proposal, Part 2[6471]
39.SluggoLucky Guy, Part 2[6420]
40.BTateFamily Progress[6383]
41.Leslie SchmidtSri Lanken Lover[6365]
42.LittleloverMy Daughter's Addicted To Cum, Part 2[6885]
43.Netman169The Pedo Files, Part 3[5865]
44.FrankMcCoyTeaching Little Lisa[5844]
45.jacqueline_bDaddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 3[5789]
46.jacqueline_bDaddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 4[5749]
47.Durango DanWatching Bonnie[5731]
48.PrometheusA Family Bondage Experience, Part 1[5677]
49.jacqueline_bDaddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 5[5541]
50.SispuppetSister Puppet, Part 1[5403]
51.SispuppetSister Puppet, Part 2[5388]
53.TitbudmanThe Proposal, Part 1[5256]
54.PussyDemonBadass, Part 1[5187]
55.Netman169The Pedo Files, Part 5[5030]
56.SugarDaddyThe Ice Maiden[5028]
57.Durango DanBackyard Camp[4944]
58.LittleloverMy Son's a Pedo[4922]
59.JQHeartMother Takes Control, Part 1[4901]
60.Leslie SchmidtSlave Girl[4900]
61.Hymen RothJim Phillips Productions Presents: The Battle of the Sexes, Part 2[4895]
62.Bumble BeaBabysitting the Nympho Next Door[4825]
63.BTateAll in the Family, Part 1[4794]
64.SispuppetSister Puppet, Part 3[4772]
65.OhSoSweetThe Secret, Part 17[4772]
66.SispuppetSister Puppet, Part 4[4731]
67.NesthäkchenDie Zugfahrt, Teil 1[4672]
68.Netman169The Pedo Files, Part 4[4665]
69.SugarDaddyThe Weekend, Part 2[4591]
70.StorymasterThe Youth Training Center, Part 1[4568]
71.ZooPed IncIt's All Relative[4562]
72.Storytime SamCar Commercial[4530]
73.SispuppetSister Puppet, Part 5[4512]
74.UncMillieDance Recital[4509]
76.Dolly HazeWorking at Dolly Lollies[4377]
77.TaakalLisa, Teil 6[4286]
78.SluggoLucky Guy, Part 3[4270]
79.Carroll LewisFootball Crazy, Part 1[4228]
80.blue eyesLianne, Part 1[4218]
81.NeverlanderCandy Tease Theatre[4161]
82.Sue D. NumEducating Susan Thompson[4157]
83.fummlerDer Schularzt, Teil 3[4143]
84.SugarDaddyKelly's Day With The Army[4037]
85.YeaIamaBoyLoverDad Sneaks In, Part 1[4035]
86.FrankMcCoyThe Inspector[4005]
87.fummlerSchularzt, Teil 2[3954]
88.Eric The RedAmber's New Uniform[3946]
89.RolfGeschwisterliebe, Teil 3[3863]
90.railerMeine Kleine Freundin, Teil 1[3861]
91.Venon StarNight Visit[3858]
92.RogererUncle Roger And The Nieces, Part 2[3734]
93.this guyMore Cum Soaked Little Panties[3728]
94.Dick DrewlBoys of Sternbrook, Part 1[3697]
95.Netman169The Virgin Chronicles, Part 24[3616]
96.SugarDaddySearching The Convict's Daughter[3552]
97.OneNineNineThreeNick and Allie - How it Began[3549]
98.Hymen RothJim Phillips Productions Presents: The Battle of the Sexes, Part 4[3521]
99.RolfGeschwisterliebe, Teil 2[3454]
100.Suzy Cream CheeseRetarded Birls Need Love Too, Part 1[3413]