by John P

                                        Copyrightę 2011

I'm Becky and I was born in 1947 to a couple who adored me from
the moment of my birth. They saw me through everything; measles,
mumps, the broken arm when I was 8 caused by my falling out of a
tree I was climbing. I loved them dearly because they always
found time for me and when I see the broken homes and the
behavioural problems with children that are increasingly faced by
today's parents, I realise just how lucky I was to have the
parents I did.

It was 1960 when I lost my virginity to my dad and he was to
become the most loving and important person in my life. Before
then, he had shown no sexual interest in me but I had wanted him
as long as I could remember. A gentle man, almost 6' tall, full
of warmth and kindness, he would play games with me or I would
cuddle up to him on the settee while we watched TV. I was 4' 8"
and slim, with long black hair and brown eyes that Daddy said he
could get lost in but I didn't know what that meant. All I know
is that he smiled when he said it and it made me feel good.

When I was 11 though, I started my periods and, from then on,
weird thoughts would come into my head. Daddy didn't treat me any
different, even though I was becoming a woman. We still cuddled
on the settee but I found myself wanting to touch him in...
intimate places. I was confused about this but I didn't dare say
what I wanted to do so it all remained unsaid.

The boys at school seemed to sense that there was something
different about me and now they wanted to touch me, even if only
to hold my hand. I couldn't figure out why the rough-house play
we were used to at school had gone into a kind of limbo. Tumbling
on the grass in the playground, which had been normal till now,
seemed inappropriate and showing my knickers as I tumbled felt
somehow wrong but I couldn't say why.

In my room at home, I would stand naked in front of the
full-length mirror, examining my body for changes. My boobies had
started although really it was nothing more than slight swellings
of my nipples. I pictured in my mind how they would grow and I
would have a baby and put its mouth to my nipple and it would
suck milk out. Secretly, I got one of my old dollies and sat in a
chair and nursed it, whispering, "Come on, baby, drink my milk."
All the time I was doing this, I got the strangest tickly feeling
in my pussy. I had to touch it, to run my fingers around it, and
when I found what effect rubbing my clit had, I found out then
just how it felt to make myself cum for the first time. Over
time, I found out that pinching my little nipples while rubbing
my clit and pussy-lips gave me the most intense feeling and I
wanted to scream when I came but of course I didn't. I didn't
want Mum and Dad to know how shamefully I was behaving.

My dreams were full of boys and men, all touching me between my
legs or sucking on my growing boobies. I woke up often after such
dreams and my hand went inside my knickers to make the tickling
in my wet pussy go away. I was getting worried that I might be
damaging myself somehow with all this clit-diddling but I
couldn't seem to stop.

By the time I was 12, I had started to see some changes in my
body. A light sprinkling of soft black hair around my sex
heralded my approaching womanhood and the under-arm hair had also
begun to appear. When I looked at myself naked in the mirror, I
could swear that my hips had broadened and I now had curves! Best
of all though was that my tits had grown and were very firm. They
were small but my nipples had become larger too and were more
brown than pink. The secret feeding of my dolly continued and I
wondered often if I would be able to try it out for real
sometime, getting a real baby to suck my nipples. This desire for
a baby was something that did not diminish with time and I
wondered how old I would be when my belly would begin to swell
with pregnancy.

I was becoming obsessed with sex. At every opportunity, my hand
would be in my knickers, stroking my hot wet pussy and thinking
of dicks. I had no experience of course but when an aunt changed
her baby boy, I watched his little dick intently, wondering just
how big it would get when he grew up. I was overcome with guilt
at my behaviour and I promised myself that I would stop this, but
in bed that night, I couldn't resist the itching and I diddled
myself until I shook.

Matters became worse when I went into the bathroom one day and
saw Daddy's cock before he managed to cover it up with a towel. I
apologised and backed out of the room straight away but that
night, I relived that sighting of my first adult cock. It was
enormous! It was 5" long and almost as thick as my wrist! It hung
down and there was hair all around it, even on the bag underneath
where his balls nestled. God, it made me hot!

From then on, the boys at school became more interesting and for
some reason I don't understand, I wanted to show my body off. I
would sometimes let a boy get a glimpse of my knickers by
carelessly positioning myself so that he would be able to see my
crotch and watch his face as he stared hard between my legs. It
made me excited and hot, and I could feel the wetness start in my

My greatest excitement came when a 15-year-old boy saw my
knickers. He asked me to go somewhere and I stood straight away
and went with him to some bushes behind the groundsman's shed,
across the playing field from the school building. He hiked up my
skirt and put his hand inside my knickers and suddenly I felt
like a woman. When he took out his cock and asked me to play with
it, I was ecstatic. It felt so hard, so hot, and he taught me how
to move my hand to please him. I was in seventh heaven until he
shot his spunk all over my knickers but the experience turned
sour when he put his cock away and walked off, mumbling,
"Thanks," and leaving me in a state of high excitement. I felt
humiliated and swore I would never flash a boy again.

At home, I would cuddle Dad on the settee and I would try to get
his hand to accidentally touch my tits or my pussy, hoping that
he might get excited and do stuff to me. Sometimes I would climb
onto his lap and I was sure that his cock was hard when I did
that but he never went further with me. I didn't realise it at
the time but Mum had been aware of my intentions and had watched
silently as I used all my childish wiles to seduce her husband.
Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I found out afterwards
that she was the one to send him to my bedroom that first night
to fuck his little girl!

After I had gone upstairs to bed, Mum asked Dad what he was going
to do about me and in the vague way of men, he asked, "What do
you mean?"

"Come on, Steve, she's been all over you for months now," Mum
said, smiling at my dad. "You can't have been so blind as not to

"But Kate," he protested, "I've never done anything to..." Then
he was lost for words. Mum smiled at him indulgently, wondering
how men could be so thick and insensitive and still be the
dominant sex.

"She is old enough now to need a man, Steve," Mum went on. "What
are you going to do about her?"

A bit out of his depth now, Dad looked blankly at her, wondering
what exactly he SHOULD do about me. Was he supposed to arrange a

"She's only 12," said Dad lamely. "She hardly needs sex at 12,
does she?"

Mum said quietly, "How old was I when you first fucked me, Steve?
Can you remember?" and she smiled at him again.

Suddenly Dad remembered and flushed a deep red. "Alright, you
were 12 but that was different!" he said.

"How?" asked Mum, waiting for him to provide an explanation.

"Well, you were precocious, Kate. And you seduced me." Dad was
floundering now, unable to provide any real argument against what
Mum had said.

"I wasn't a virgin at 12, was I, Steve? Dad had been fucking me
for a year before you came along, hadn't he?"

Mum's memory went back to those days when her father regularly
slipped into her bed and she had welcomed him with open arms and
no knickers. His manly body had worshipped her childhood sex with
such gentleness and experience each time that she would wait each
night for a repeat of the wonderful sex that he had with her. Her
mother had sent him the first time, of course, and the next
morning, she had gone to her mother and thanked her profusely for
letting him give her so much pleasure. "He'll always be there as
long as you need him," her mother had said and she had remained
true to her word.

"Don't you fancy her, Steve? Don't you think that she's
beautiful?" Mum asked. "Does your cock go hard when she's on your

Dad went beet-red then and had to admit it. "But she's my
daughter!" he protested. "I shouldn't be feeling that way about

"You didn't complain when I told you about my dad fucking me,
Steve. It turned you on if I remember rightly." Mum's words
struck a note with Dad and he realised that he had lost that
argument. "I loved Daddy's cock when I was 11 and I loved yours
even more when I was 12. You remember how much you loved that
cock of yours inside my 12-year-old pussy? You couldn't leave me
alone, could you? And I didn't want you to stop, did I?"

The war was lost. There was just the surrender left. "What do you
want me to do?" Dad asked, although he knew what the answer would

"Do what a good father should do. Go to her now, Steve," said
Mum. "Give her what she needs. Stay the night with her and I'll
see you in the morning. I might just peek in when I go to bed to
see how you're getting on."

Dad kissed Mum goodnight and started upstairs. After a shower, he
came to my room naked, and when he opened the door, I opened my
eyes and knew that he had come to make my dream come true. It was
dark in the room so I could just see his back-lit silhouette but
my pussy suddenly felt tingly again. Daddy was going to have sex
with me! 'Oh yes, Daddy! Oh yes!' I thought as he came towards my

He pulled aside my sheet and lay down next to me. I waited in
anticipation, waited for my daddy to do dirty things to me. 'Oh
God, Daddy, do all those dirty things I've always wanted! Feel me
up! Make me touch your cock, Daddy! Let me feel it inside me!' My
thoughts were making my pussy wet and I could feel the dampness
in my knickers. 'Take my knickers off, Daddy! Play with my
pussy!' He couldn't hear my thoughts, of course, but I wanted to
shout them out, to let him know that I was ready for all the
filthy things I had imagined him doing to me for so long.

"Is this alright, Becky?" he whispered and I threw my arm around
his neck. 'Oh yes, Daddy! It's more than alright!' I thought and
my excitement was such that I put my face next to his and hugged
him. The light from the passage spilled in and I could see his
face, that handsome face that I had pictured would be above me
one day as he pushed his cock deep inside me for the first time.

He kissed me gently and I returned his kiss, feeling for the
first time a big cock against my upper leg. It was hard and hot,
and I wanted to touch it, to feel it with my hand. My short
nightie had ridden up a little and the skin of his cock felt
silky against my leg. I felt awkward, unsure of what to do
because this was my first time, but Daddy took the hem of my
nightie and started to pull it up. I wriggled so that he could
take it off my body but as my little breasts came into view, I
felt nervous and embarrassed.

Once the nightie had been removed, Dad laid it aside and turned
back to stare at me, bathed in the light from the hallway.

"Becky!" he whispered. "You're beautiful!" It was said with a
tone of utter surprise and I didn't know how to respond. "I never
realised how much you'd grown! You're just so... pretty!" He
seemed then to have lost his power of speech.

I blushed then, casting down my eyes and suddenly I saw his large
cock as it nestled hotly against my thigh. I watched it, stared
at it, wanted to feel it in my hand. That big thing had been
inside Mum and had shot spunk into her and together they had made
me. I was looking at the very organ that could make a girl
pregnant, could make ME pregnant! My thoughts embarrassed me!
'Make ME pregnant, Daddy!' Stop it, Becky, I told myself, but I
was just so excited that this night had come and that my lovely
daddy was going to do those dirty things for which I had waited
so long.

When he knelt up on the bed, my eyes remained fixed on the cock
that I now desired so much. He took the waistband of my knickers
in his trembling hands and, as I lifted my bottom to help him, he
gently pulled them down my legs and off my feet. I was naked now,
lying on my back and watching Daddy's cock as it waved in the air
as he placed my knickers with my nightie.

His eyes went to my pussy and he saw for the first time in years
how it had developed. My pussy-lips were small and crinkly but
quite pronounced and I felt dampness between them. This is what
happened every time that I played with them, every time that I
masturbated to thoughts of men and boys. I was not only thinking
of Daddy but actually seeing him, naked and in all his glory, and
my pussy was itching uncontrollably with the nasty thoughts in my

"So beautiful!" he breathed as he stared hard between my legs. I
tore my eyes away from his thick cock and looked into his face.
His eyes were on me, eyes which expressed his desire to touch me,
to love me physically, and they went from my pussy to my tits and
then to my face in total adoration of the child who was me. He
wanted me! He really wanted me! And not as a child! My thoughts
screamed out, "Take me, Daddy! Do everything to me!'

He lay down next to me and kissed me again and I felt his fingers
on my breasts. 'Oh Daddy, yes!' I thought as my eyes closed. His
fingers circled my nipples, then rubbed across each one and my
body jerked with the sensation he was causing within me. I moaned
as his fingertips came together to pinch each one lightly and
they stood up erect as blood rushed into each one as it was

I wanted to touch Daddy's cock but I couldn't reach it because I
was too short but my hands went to his head and I stroked his
hair to show my love for him. It was then that he moved and his
lips surrounded a hard nipple. His tongue came out and I felt his
warm breath on my tit-flesh as he ran the tip of it over my
nipple but when he began to suck, I felt faint. 'This is it!' I
cried out silently. 'This is how a sucking baby feels! Oh God,
it's making my cunt itch!'

He licked me, my little breasts, my erect nipples, and just then,
I wouldn't have cared if the house had fallen down, just as long
as he didn't stop doing it. My daddy was giving me the best
present ever. When he stopped licking and moved his head to kiss
me, I threw my arm around him and kissed him back, opening my
lips so that his tongue went inside my mouth.

'Oh God! He's wonderful! Oh Daddy! How good you make me feel!' My
little tongue licked around the large tongue in my mouth and
Daddy's fingers stroked my breasts, flicking the nipples with his
thumb. 'Where's his cock? I want to feel Daddy's cock!' my
thoughts cried out silently. I could feel it against my thigh of
course, all hot and hard, but I still couldn't reach it. I felt
my pussy flooding with hot juices, and all because of what Daddy
was doing to me.

Daddy must have sensed that my pussy was soaking because his hand
left my breasts and moved downwards, stopping when his fingers
encountered the top of my slit. I jumped then as if I had just
had an electric current passed through me. He touched my clit! He
was stroking it! Daddy was touching my tiny love-button and I
started to wriggle as if to escape. Suddenly he froze, his tongue
no longer moving in my mouth. 'Oh no! He thinks he's hurting me!'
My hand flew down to cover his and I pressed on it to show that I
wanted him to keep doing it. He continued then and I took my hand
away, moving it up my body so that I could pinch my nipples just
as Daddy had done.

He left my clit then and ran his fingers along my very wet slit,
smearing my juices everywhere as his fingers continued to excite
me. 'This is sex! This is real sex with Daddy!' I told myself.
'He's feeling me up, just like he does with Mum!' He stroked my
pussy-lips and tried to push the tip of a finger into my wet
hole. I wanted to cry out but instead all I could manage was a
moan as I said silently, 'Do it, Daddy! Fuck me with your
finger!' I wanted something up my hole; I wanted cock. I wanted
Daddy's cock! But he did something else, something nasty!

Daddy moved down the bed and lay on his belly between my open
legs and he kissed my wet pussy! My stomach turned over as I
looked down to see his tongue begin to lick my pussy-lips! He was
licking my cunt-juice with his tongue! 'Oh Daddy, you dirty
bastard!' His breath was hot on my sex as he kissed, licked and
sucked my slit, my lips and my clit. I was being driven wild by
Daddy's filthy mouth and I was trying my best not to pee.

In all my almost 13 years, I had never had such feelings, even
when I diddled my clit at nights in my bed. I remembered moaning
softly as his tongue probed my pussy-hole and when his finger
rubbed around my bum-hole as well, I trembled. When he inserted a
finger inside my bottom, I went ballistic and stars exploded in
my head. The combination of his manual and oral stimulation made
me cum like I had never cum before and he had to hold my thighs
tightly when I started to buck them as the waves of orgasm washed
over me.

He waited for my climax to finish and then moved to lie beside me
and kissed me gently on the lips, his hard cock trapped between
his body and my thigh. My mouth opened slightly and his tongue
went inside, and I tasted my cum-juices as I ran my tongue around
his, licking and sucking it. His hands were stroking my bottom
and I felt one of his fingers go between my bum-cheeks in search
of my bottom-hole again. When he found it, he stroked again
around the opening, and when I felt his finger burrow inside me,
I gasped once more at the feeling.

I threw my leg over his thigh, opening myself so that he could
touch me more easily and his fingers found my pussy, still wet
with the cum-juice he had made me shoot from my young hole. My
cunt was soaking wet with it and he stroked his fingers through
the mess, gathering some of it and pushing it inside my bum-hole.
Again and again he did it and I moaned at the feelings he gave me
but when he pushed it all the way inside my bottom, I clutched
him tightly and whispered, "Daddy, oh Daddy!" over and over.

My arousal was taking me over and all sense was leaving me. I
didn't want to beg but I thought that he might not fuck me if he
had time to consider the word "incest". I reached down and
finally touched his cock, my fingers playing over his hard shaft
and the bulbous knob which was leaking slimy stuff from his
pee-slit. He moaned as my fingers spread his slime over the head
and shaft of his wonderful penis and I knew that I had him, that
I could make him force his Daddy-cock far up inside me. His hot
slippery shaft pulsed between my fingers as I played with it and
I briefly compared it with the boy who I had made cum at school.
I dismissed that episode at once, feeling now that my daddy would
be the only one for me.

Daddy was moaning as I stroked his thick manhood and my pussy was
itching again as I was becoming more aroused by what was
happening to me. Daddy was becoming excited too, feeling my tits
and belly wriggle against his body as he finger-fucked my little
bottom. 'Does he do this with Mum?' I wondered.

"Becky," he whispered. "I love you! I want your pussy!"

I thrilled to his words. 'Daddy wants me! He wants me like I want
him!' When I moaned, "Yes, Daddy!" and gripped his cock more
firmly, he rose from where he lay beside me and knelt between my
open thighs. I looked at the monster cock which would make me a
woman and I feared it for a second but when I looked up into
Daddy's face, I knew that it would not be traumatic or painful.
His look of love told me silently what I needed to know and
suddenly my nervousness melted away. I raised both arms towards
him, inviting him to enter me and take away the virginity that I
had wanted to lose for so long.

Suddenly his large knob was between my pussy-lips, pressing
gently at the hole which for so long I had dreamed of being
filled. I tensed, ready to feel the pain that would come when I
was entered for the first time. The mess of my cum-juice and the
slimy stuff coating Daddy's cock seemed to work together and my
hole began to stretch as he began to push his knob forward. I
held my breath as this completely new sensation began to overtake
me and when my cunt was stretched impossibly wide, Daddy's big
knob finally slipped inside and then he stopped pushing.

'Wow! I mean... Wow! So big! So thick!' These thoughts hit me
hard as I felt the tightness of my hole around Daddy's knob and I
wondered how it felt for him. 'Am I hurting him? Hurting his knob
with my tight pussy? I'm sorry, Daddy, you're just so big!'

He was looking down at me, his eyes filled with love, and I was
looking up at him, waiting for a sign of his pain but there was

"Alright, Becky?" he asked in a whisper and when I nodded, he
pushed forward again and I received more of his cock inside my
hot wet vagina. My eyes flew open at this further invasion when I
felt something tight inside me. He was touching my hymen with his
fat knob; my cherry was ripe for picking. He waited, all the time
looking into my eyes, and I realised that he was waiting for
permission to continue deflowering me.

I nodded, he pushed, and with a sharp pain that made me wince, I
was a virgin no more. My virginity was ripped away and I was now
a 12-year-old woman! He stopped again, a look of concern on his
face, but I wriggled my pussy around his cock and he pushed
forward again, gaining another inch. His thick cock was
stretching my vagina, pushing back the walls which had never been
stretched before, and I found the sensation extremely exciting.
This was mating, breeding, how babies were made. My cervix would
welcome Daddy's fertile sperm and send them on their way to find
an egg to fertilise. Just then, it was what I wanted most in the

Daddy pulled back and I panicked then, thinking that he might
withdraw, but he pushed forward again and more stiff cock entered
me this time. He began to fuck me carefully, going deeper each
time inside me. I wanted it, all of it, but the size of Daddy's
cock was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable inside my tight
vagina. He kept fucking me though, with short strokes and then
long ones, and I was surprised to find myself pushing back
against him each time he thrust into me.

I don't know how long it continued in this way but my lust for
Daddy seemed to be increasing. I wanted more cock, more vigorous
thrusting. He was resting on his elbows to keep his weight off
me, his mouth kissing mine, his body touching my little tits and
belly, and his pubic bone was hitting mine with each thrust of
his cock. He was hitting my cervix each time, battering it with
his large knob and, suddenly, unexpectedly, I thought of Mum and
how she must have felt when Daddy did it to her. Daddy did this
to Mum and I was conceived! 'Daddy! Get me pregnant!' Where did
that come from?

My arms were around Daddy as far as I could get them and he was
panting in my ear as he pounded my tight little pussy. 'Yes,
Daddy! Fuck your little girl!' I cried silently, wanting the
feeling to continue. I felt full, completely filled with cock so
that there was no single centimetre of space left free inside me.
The friction inside my vagina was exquisite, his thick cock
rubbing against my newly stretched pussy-walls aided by the
natural juices that were flooding my insides as Daddy made love
to me.

Suddenly Daddy's panting increased and for some inexplicable
reason, I cried out, "Cum in me, Daddy! Make me pregnant!"

He sped up then and, seconds later, he groaned and thrust one
last time, holding his sex hard against mine as his body went
rigid. His face was contorted when I looked up but then I felt
it. His knob expanded and began to jerk. He was filling me with
cum! His hot spunk was hitting my cervix, splashing my insides
with his potent sperm.

"Yes, Daddy! Yes!" I cried out, holding him so tight that I must
have been hurting him. "Fill me up!"

"Oh Becky!" he cried in my ear. "I'm breeding you!"

I held him really tight as I felt his hot semen flooding my tiny
cunt and I cried out his name as he bred me. I felt each spasm as
his cock spewed vast amounts of potent sperm deep inside me and I
lay still, basking in Daddy's expression of love for me.

When the pulsing of his cock finally ended, we lay still. We
kissed each other then, not with lust but with gentle affection,
and when he finally withdrew his softening cock from my pussy and
rolled off me to lay beside me, that's when I saw Mum in her
nightie, framed in the doorway. Fear gripped me then and Dad must
have felt it.

"It's alright, Becky," he said quietly but my eyes remained fixed
on Mum. What would she say? I lay there, Daddy's spunk oozing out
of my pussy. How could I explain it away? What could I possibly
say to excuse what I had done?

She came into the room without a word and I looked on with
incredulity as she knelt by the bed where Daddy lay and took his
limp cock into her mouth, licking and sucking it. At first, I
thought, 'Yuk!' but then I saw the expression in her eyes and
realised that this was being enjoyed rather than tolerated. She
did this for Daddy because she loved it. This was something I
would have to do for him too next time. Next time? What was I

I watched Mum as she slurped up Daddy's spunk and my cum-juice
from his cock and I began to appreciate that there was much still
to learn about love-making. Another surprise came when she
reached over Daddy and began to lap up the punk which was now
dribbling from my well-fucked hole. 'Oh Mum, that feels so good!'

When she had finished licking me, she just said quietly,
"Delicious, Becky!" and she stood up, kissed Daddy and me on our
lips and then, after saying, "Goodnight," she went off to bed. I
couldn't work out what just happened but when Daddy cuddled me in
his arms, I started to fall asleep.

In the morning, I was woken by Daddy between my legs again,
licking and sucking my pussy. This resulted in my desire for more
of his cock and I was so happy when he filled me once again with
hot spunk. This was becoming addictive; I could see myself
wanting this more often. I tried what Mum had done, licking his
cock, and found that it wasn't 'Yuk' at all and Daddy certainly
enjoyed it.

When we showered and went downstairs for breakfast, I wasn't sure
what to say, but after we'd eaten and Dad had gone out with the
car, she sat me down and explained things.

"My daddy did it to me too, Becky. My mum wanted me to be happy
and she knew that I needed sex so she told me I could have Daddy
anytime I needed him." She smiled then and added, "I needed him a
lot, Becky. You'll need your father a lot too. I'm sure he won't
mind making love to you when you need it."

I had to hug her. How could a mother be so understanding? It was
another sacrifice that a mother makes for her child. It was an
insight into parenting that I would need when the time came that
I myself would have children. Talking of which...

"Mum, I'm not on birth control," I said.

"Do you want to be?" she asked.

I considered carefully and then said, "No, I don't think so."

She smiled then and said, "No, I didn't either at your age. I was
pregnant with you when I was 13. I met your father when I was 12
and I knew I wanted his baby. We got married as soon as I was old
enough. Do you want your dad's baby?"

My face went beet-red as I answered softly, "Yes, Mum."

"I'll try and get you what you want," she said and smiled
mysteriously at me.

What did she mean by that? I found out when Daddy came home. We
heard the car in the driveway and she immediately bent me over
the settee arm, pulled my skirt up and pulled my knickers down my
thighs. When she knelt behind me, I felt her tongue making my
pussy wet and by the time Daddy came into the room, she move
aside so that he could mount me. Wow! What a session that was!
The lovely thing she did afterwards was to clean us both up. She
licked the spunk from my pussy and the mixed juices from Daddy's
cock. I loved Mum so much!

When I was 13 years and 2 months old, I told Mum that my period
was late and after a trip to the chemist for a pregnancy test,
she showed me how to use it. When Daddy came home, Mum sat him
down and made the announcement.

"You're going to be a father!" she said triumphantly.

His face lit up and he went to kiss her. "Not me, sweety. It's

When he turned to face me, his look was incredulous. "Really,
Becky! Are you really pregnant?" When I nodded, he took me in his
arms and hugged me. As we kissed, Mum came to join us and there
were almost tears from all three of us.

I watched my body with interest over the next few months and was
pleased to see my bloated breasts and long nipples. My hormones
were going wild and I wore Daddy out often as I needed more and
more sex. Mum helped too, licking me often to orgasm when Daddy
was at work. Her own vibrator saw much service too, making both
her and me happy when it was inserted into hungry pussies or
bottoms. We had to buy another when it finally stopped working,
no doubt because of over-use.

Our little girl was born just after my 14th birthday and she
became the pride of our household. At last I could breast-feed my
own baby and it was all that I had hoped. When Mum explained that
breast-feeding makes you horny, she or Dad would lick me to
orgasm while I fed little Francesca. Mum explained too that
breast-feeding is also contraception so you can fuck to your
heart's content without risk of pregnancy. However,
breast-feeding doesn't last forever and, before I knew it, I was
pregnant again within 18 months.

By the time I was 19, I had three of Daddy's children and Mum had
one too, a brother for me. How could life get any better?

My oldest, Francesca, is 12 now and I notice that she's getting
very familiar with Dad. Oh dear, it looks like Dad's going to be
busy making a baby in her too. I don't mind. After all, isn't
that what a parent should do? Any good mother would give her
child what she wants, wouldn't she?