by John P

                                              Copyright© 2012

Being 14 years old was not easy. Things were happening to me that
I was too embarrassed to ask about. Why was I often dreaming
about boys? Why did I like to see my classmates naked in the
showers at school? I hated gym lessons but I couldn't wait for
the ordeal to be over so that I could watch each boy's dick as he
washed himself in the communal showers. It was addictive; I just
couldn't stop myself doing it. As each one turned around, I got
to see his lovely little bottom too. I knew that I wasn't alone
in doing this. There were 6 or 7 other boys who surreptitiously
watched the others in the same way that I did. When our eyes met,
our faces flushed a deep red and we looked away quickly. We
couldn't speak of it, of course, because that would have invited
somebody to label us as a queer or a homo. But the others, like
me, became aroused and we all tried to hide our growing erections
from the other boys in our class.

At night in my bed, my hand always stroked my ever-present stiffy
as I thought about one of the boys I'd seen and it developed into
imagining my hands touching his sex while we kissed each other.
In my fantasy, we would cling to each other as we enjoyed mutual
masturbation and soon my dick would begin to spew the weak spunk
that I had started making more than a year earlier. Once the
shuddering had stopped, I would look down at the little pools of
spunk on my belly and run my fingers through the slimy cum,
feeling it's texture and, lately, bringing my fingers to my mouth
to taste it. ’Do other boys taste their spunk too?' I wondered.

Years ago, Mum had divorced the "waste of space" who had been my
dad but it was no great loss as I barely remembered him anyway.
The "boyfriends" she brought home after that were nothing to do
with me and their stays were often brief and, for me, uneventful.
Some were nice to me, trying, I now realised, to ingratiate
themselves with my mother but mostly I felt like I was in the way
as each tried to get her into the bedroom for activities I didn't
fully understand at the time. All I knew is that there was much
grunting and moaning when they were in there together.

Derek was the latest one and she'd been going out with him for 5
weeks. He was nice enough, I suppose. He was tall, about 6' 1"
and slim, clean-shaven and always smelled of Imperial Leather,
that nice soap with the square sticker in the middle of it which
we used in our house. He was an electrical contractor who moved
around the country from one building site to the next, installing
the wiring. He stayed in bed and breakfast establishments and had
not been home for almost 6 months. I often had to let him in when
he called because Mum could never be ready on time to go out.
Unlike all the others, he seemed to be genuinely nice and showed
interest in what I did at school. I didn't mention the boys in
the shower, of course: I wouldn't want him thinking I was a

This night, he had come to take Mum to a rock-n-roll concert and,
as always, she wasn't ready. I let him in and went back to the
modelling I was doing. I was putting together a plastic kit of a
German WW2 fighter and struggling with a couple of the tiny bits
which wouldn't go where they needed to. He watched from a chair
nearby as my frustration increased and when he eventually spoke,
it was to ask, "Can I help, Johnny? I used to make a lot of these
when I was a kid."

My temper was at the point of boiling over and I said sulkily,
"If you like. I can't do it!" He brought his chair next to mine
and studied the diagram which went with the kit. After a minute,
he said, "I think I can see what's wrong. You've got this bit the
wrong way round," and he pointed to a strut on the undercarriage.
"Can I do it or do you want to fix it yourself?"

"You can do it if you want," I said and watched as he carefully
pulled off the bit that was wrong, turned it around and cemented
it in place. "Try that other part now," he said and I tried again
to fit the part which I had struggled with. Of course it fit
properly then. He watched as I fitted the next piece in place and
when Mum came down, he didn't jump up and start fussing around
her. Instead, he said to her, "Hang on, Angela. Important work to
do here first!" and he watched closely as I checked the fit of
the next piece to the fuselage. Once I knew it would fit, I
reached for the polystyrene cement and then realised that I would
need 3 hands to do that bit.

"Just a minute. Let me hold it steady and then you can cement
it," Derek offered and he stood up behind me and reached over me
with both hands to hold the piece in place. The aroma of Imperial
Leather wafted in my nostrils as he stood over me but the acetate
odour of polystyrene cement soon blocked it out. With both hands
free, I was able to bring the cement exactly where I wanted it
and, once applied, he held it steady until the cement began to

Mum seemed rather impatient to be going but Derek took no notice
until he had finished what we started. When he released it, it
was stuck fast. Looking up at him, I said gratefully, "Thanks,
Derek," and he smiled down at me. "It's a pleasure, Johnny. I
always loved doing these kits."

As they were going out of the door, Mum was complaining about
being late but he turned his head to look at me and rolled his
eyes upwards. He was alright, this one. I wondered if she'd scare
him off like all the others.

They came in about 11:30 and Mum was semi-drunk again. Tipsy, she
used to call that state. To her, drunk was when you fell down
unconscious. Derek was sober compared to Mum and, after she'd
groped the front of his pants twice, he decided to take her up to
bed. He always stayed the night. It was quiet up there so he must
have been undressing her and getting her into bed. I was tired
too and I locked the doors, making sure that everything
electrical was switched off before I went upstairs myself.

I climbed the stairs quietly, trying not to make unnecessary
noise and as I passed Mum's bedroom door, I heard whispering. I
shouldn't have listened but I was a nosy kid. They were moaning a
bit and I imagined he was fucking her. I was 14: I knew about
those things. I was going to move on to my room when I heard
something which brought me up sharp and, not believing what I
thought I'd heard, I stayed to listen some more. There it was
again! Derek whispered it again!

"Lick it, Angela! Pull the foreskin back and lick my knob!" and I
heard Mum go, "Mmmm." Then he whispered, "Suck it, Angie!"

I stayed outside the door to listen, my eyes popping out of my
head as the pictures formed in my mind of what must be going on
in there. It can't be! Mum wouldn't do what he whispered! It
wasn't real, was it? I'd heard about cocksuckers at school but I
thought it was just something made-up. I mean, nobody put a dick
in their mouth, did they? It would be disgusting anyway, wouldn't
it? It's what we pissed out of, wasn't it? It would taste awful,

After hearing nothing more until the bed started to creak, I went
off to my room and spent a long time thinking about how awful it
would be if somebody forced me to put a dick in my mouth. The
trouble was that I started to think about some of the boys at
school doing something like that and it made my dick stiff even
before I started to stroke it. Completely wide awake, my mind
raced with the pictures that my imagination conjured up.

Just me and Kevin naked in the showers after gym class. The warm
water cascades over us and we watch each other using the soap on
our bodies. It's Imperial Leather. Everybody else from our class
has gone. I watch his dick and it's stiff. He watches my eyes
fixed on his groin and I can't look away. He pulls back his
foreskin and he looks straight at me, waiting for something to

He says softly, "Do you want to touch it, Johnny? Nobody's here
to see us. Feel how hard it is. Look at my knob!" He moves a
couple of steps towards me but my eyes don't leave his erection.
My own dick is hard and I don't hide it from his gaze. I pull
back my foreskin too and he looks approvingly at it.

"Can I touch you, Johnny? Can I feel you?" I can hardly hear him
but I can see his lips moving. They look full and soft, and I
have an overwhelming desire to kiss them. He takes another step
towards me and suddenly I'm scared. If we touch each other, we'll
be queer, we'll be bum-boys! But we're alone. Nobody needs to
know if we touch each other... and I want to touch him, to kiss

We're 3 feet apart now and his eyes are fixed on my lips. Will he
kiss me? 'Oh yes, Kevin, please kiss me!' I want to say to him.
Would that be going too far? Would he run? Would I run if he
actually tried to put his lips to mine? I move forward a step and
he's within reach now. As I reach out slowly to touch his
stiffness, his hand comes to my erection and I feel the warmth
which comes from his palm as he takes my length into it. His skin
is soft but the shaft is hard and it pulses in my hand. It feels
hot in my hand and I pull his foreskin gently forward so that it
almost covers his knob. Then I pull it back and his knob is
uncovered. It's large and deep red, just like mine, and there's a
drop of clear stuff at his pee-slit. I touch it with a fingertip
and spread it over his knob.

His eyes meet mine and we each look at the other's lips again. I
move my head towards his, anxious to taste those full lips. He
moves his head too and suddenly our lips are touching and my head
spins at the sensation. I close my eyes and I feel his free hand
go behind my head as he begins to slowly and rhythmically wank my
dick. My hand goes behind his head too and we come together, our
bodies touching as we each masturbate the other. He's pushing his
tongue at my lips but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I've
never kissed anybody before. I just relax my lips and he pushes
his tongue into my mouth.

Suddenly Mum and Derek are each side of us in the shower. Mum
whispers into my ear, "If you love him, Johnny, you have to suck
his dick." With her words in my ear, I start sucking Kevin's
tongue. "Yes, love," says Mum, "just like that. Suck his dick
just like that."

Derek's whispering something into Kevin's ear but I can't make
out what he's saying. Suddenly Kevin begins to take his warm
tongue from my mouth but I try to suck it harder because I don't
want this tongue-kissing to stop.

Kevin looks deep into my eyes and he whispers, "Lick it, Johnny!
Pull the foreskin back and lick my knob! Suck it, Johnny!" and
Mum whispers, "Kneel down, love. Take it in your mouth." As I
sink to my knees, Derek whispers again to Kevin. I'm still
looking into Kevin's soft eyes as he puts his hand behind my head
and he gently pulls my head towards his stiffness.

My lips are touching his knob now but I hesitate. He mouths,
"Please, Johnny!" and Derek watches as I tentatively stick out my
tongue to taste the slimy wetness already there. It's pre-cum,
just like I make when I wank myself. It tastes like mine too.

Derek starts to push Kevin's bum forward and his knob pushes
through my lips and suddenly my mouth is filled. Mum's voice is
in my ear again. "Wank yourself, Johnny. Wank while you suck
him," she whispers as she kneels beside me.

'I'm cumming! I'm cumming!' I scream silently and my eyes close
as my balls pull up into my groin and my cum begins.

My body spasmed and went rigid, and my heels dug into the
mattress. I groaned and panted as my dick began spewing out
spunk. In the gloom of my bedroom, with my pyjama pants around my
knees and my pyjama jacket flung open, I watched through slitted
eyes as my dick pulsed. My balls throbbed and my shaft jerked
between my fingers, and the hot slimy spunk formed little pools
on my belly.

When it finally stopped jerking, I had to stop stroking it
because of the over-sensitivity I always felt after these nightly
episodes. I moved my hand to the tiny pearly pools and trailed
the tips of 2 fingers through them. As always, it was warm and
slippery, and when I brought my fingers to my mouth, I savoured
the taste before swallowing it. Wanking always made me feel
drowsy and I drifted off into sleep.

The light filtered through the thin white curtains in my bedroom
and I glanced at the clock. Half past seven. Sounds of activity
came from the bedroom next to mine. It sounded like Derek was
doing things with Mum again. My pyjama pants and jacket were how
I had left them last night and my soft dick just lay there on my
belly, the crinkled foreskin covering my knob. My hand went down
automatically and I just took the shaft between my fingers, idly
playing with it and listening to what was happening next door.

Suddenly Uncle George came into my mind. He and Aunty Rose looked
after me while Mum worked the evening shifts and when Aunty Rose
went to bingo twice a week, I was left at home with my uncle. I
was 9 then, I think. Once she had gone out, he got me to sit on
his knee while we watched TV together. His hand would creep to
the front of my pants and he'd slowly undo the buttons on my
flies and put his hand inside. As he played with my little dick,
he would kiss my hair and I would cuddle up closer because what
he did felt really good. He would play with it, stroking it until
I shuddered, and then he'd go to the bathroom. Then it would
always be a while before he came down again and then he'd do up
my flies and we'd just sit normally after that.

It carried on for over 2 years until Mum's shifts were changed
and she didn't need anybody to baby-sit in the evenings. I was
sort of disappointed when Uncle George couldn't play with my dick
any more. It was from that moment that I regretted not having a
man around to do things to me. But I'd started playing with
myself when I was 11 and, although it didn't feel as good, it was
better than nothing.

Whatever Derek was doing with Mum, it made her moan louder, and
then I heard her say, "Cum in me, Derek! Shoot your spunk in me!"

I pictured him doing Mum, pushing his dick in her, and my dick
started to thicken in my hand. I couldn't help myself; I started
to wank, listening hard to what was happening in the next room. I
could hear him panting and moaning, and I tried to imagine what
his cock might look like as he pushed it in her. It must be
bigger than mine because he's an adult but how big does an adult
cock get? If his spunk went inside her, wouldn't she have another

Thinking about them made me harder and I began to wank faster,
watching the drop of pre-cum that had formed at my pee-slit. I
wanted to taste it and I swiped my thumb over it and put it to my
mouth to lick it off. The creaking of the bed became louder and I
was close to cumming myself. Suddenly the creaking stopped and I
heard him groan. He was cumming! He was shooting his cum into

All the muscles around my groin suddenly tensed and my dick
spasmed, and the first gob of my spunk shot out of my pee-slit.
Through gritted teeth, I groaned aloud and panted. My bum left
the mattress and my hips were in mid-air as my dick continued
jerking, and more hot spunk shot out and splattered on my belly.
'Oh Derek! Look what you're doing to me!' I said to myself and,
as the pulsing of my dick lessened, I wondered what possessed me
to think that.

Once it was all over, my muscles relaxed and I lay flat again on
my bed. I scooped up my spunk and tasted it again. Did Derek ever
do this too or was it just me being weird? It had been a strange
taste the first time I'd done it but I quite liked the nastiness
of doing it now.

All was quiet next door so it must have been over in there too.
My dick was soft now and I wondered if the same thing happened to
adults. Was Derek looking down at his soft cock too or was it
still buried in Mum? What must it feel like for Mum when he
pushes his hard thing up inside her? Does it hurt? She must like
it because she keeps doing it. What does it feel like for Derek?
What must it feel like when you push your dick into a woman's
cunt? I couldn't ask any of my classmates because none of them
would know, would they?

Suddenly there was movement next door and shortly after, the door
opened. Somebody went to the bathroom; it was probably Mum. She
had to work a shift starting at 8:30 today and it was 7:50 now,
according to my clock. I wanted the bathroom myself so I dressed
quickly and waited for Mum to finish. When I heard her open the
bathroom door, I came out of my room and headed there.

As I passed their door, I looked in. Derek was lying on top of
the rumpled bedsheets, naked and with his eyes closed, while Mum
was sat at the dressing table, getting ready for work. I stopped
dead in my tracks because I saw his cock lying on his belly. It
was soft... and fucking enormous! I just stood there gawking at
it, just thinking about how it might feel in my hand. There was
thick hair around the base of it and also around the big ball-sac
underneath. Suddenly I felt weak. This was a man, a real man, and
he was in our house! Jesus! What a man! My hand went down to my
pyjama bottoms and I felt my dick through the cotton and stroked
it. I was getting hard again!

I don't know how long I stood there but something made me look at
his face. His eyes were open and he was watching me! Oh God! He
was watching me play with myself while my eyes were fixed on his
manhood. I felt my face burn and I moved fast to get away from
the doorway and into the bathroom. In the safety of the bathroom,
with the door firmly locked, I sat on the toilet lid and replayed
what had just happened.

How long had he been watching me drooling over his cock? What
else had he seen me doing? I'd been standing there, wanking
myself while looking at his cock! He must have seen it all,
everything! Would he tell Mum what I'd done? What would SHE say
if she knew? What would HE say to me about it? Would he think I
was a bum-boy? Should I apologise to him or just say nothing and
hope that he'd forget it? Al these questions raced through my
mind and my panic was increasing by the minute. Please, God, let
the earth swallow me up!

I don't know how long I hid in the bathroom but Mum banged on the
door and asked how much longer I was going to be in there. She
had to go to work and will I get my own breakfast and she would
be home around 6. I said weakly, "OK," and I heard her footsteps
as she started to go downstairs. I couldn't go out there until
Derek had left, that was certain. I just couldn't face him.

Ten minutes later, I heard his footsteps leaving Mum's bedroom
and going downstairs. A minute later, I heard the front door
slam. He'd gone! I was safe, at least for now! I washed myself,
face, hands and dick, and brushed my teeth before opening the
door and going to my bedroom to put on clean underpants, my pants
and T-shirt. I didn't need socks or shoes because I wasn't going

I went downstairs to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast and
Derek was sat there silently, waiting for me! Oh God! I stood
there dumbly with my mouth open. He stood up and asked, "What do
you fancy for breakfast?" but I couldn't answer him. I wanted to
run, to hide from him, but he didn't look mad, in fact he didn't
look bothered at all.

"How about bacon and eggs? I'm making some for myself," he said
and I nodded dumbly. He turned around and started searching the
cupboards for frying pan, eggs and bacon. "Tea or coffee?" he
asked and I said quietly, "Tea, please."

"OK. Tea coming up. Aren't you going to sit down?" he said
cheerily. He turned back to the cooker, put fat into the pan and
turned on the kettle. Tea was put into teacups and he started the
cooking. Five minutes later, a cup of tea was placed before me
and he said, "Bread and butter with your bacon and eggs?" and I

As I drank my tea, I was thinking about what to say if he
mentioned what I'd done. It was no good; I couldn't think of any
excuse for what he'd caught me doing.

Less than 10 minutes later, he slid a plate in front of me and
took another for himself. As we ate, he asked me how the model of
the German plane was going. I told him OK and he said he'd like
to see it after breakfast. Then he asked me how things were at
school and suddenly I was on my guard.

"What do you mean?" I asked guardedly, thinking he was asking
about the naked boys I liked to watch after gym. He looked
surprised at my question and asked about maths and English
lessons in particular. I breathed a sigh of relief and then told
him how it was mostly going alright.

There was a silence and then, out of the blue, he said, "I wish I
was your age again."

"How old are you now?" I asked and he replied, "33."

"Why do you wish you were 14 again?" I asked, intrigued to hear
the answer. I couldn't wait to be grown up and able to do what I

"Well," he said, "things were simpler then. Apart from my mother,
there were no women or girls around, apart from at school."

Puzzled, I asked, "What's wrong with women and girls?"

He moved his head closer and said, "Nothing but there are things
that we like to do and we don't want women to know about them.
They're different to us, Johnny. They often don't understand us
or what we need so it's best to keep those things from them. You
know, just keep them secret between us men."

I felt like puffing my chest out. 'Us men,' he said and he
included me in it! But what did he mean exactly? Keep what
secret? When I asked, he said, "Often men want to be together
without women." When I looked foxed, he started to tell me a

"When I was 12," he began, "I used to play out all the time when
I wasn't at school. My mother didn't mind because she knew I
would be safe. Dad had been killed in the war and it was just me
and her after that. I played with other boys, usually in the
woods, and we did all the things that boys of 12 do but one of
our friends was 14 and he showed me things when we were on our

"What things?" I asked, thinking perhaps he was talking about
birds nests or where badgers lived.

"His name was Frank and he was a lot bigger than I was, a
farmer's son. I thought he was really grown up and I felt special
because he was nice to me. He showed me round his dad's farm, let
me touch the animals and everything. I noticed that he often had
his hand in his pocket and was playing with his dick but I didn't
say anything. Sometimes, he'd get it out and have a piss and he
always turned towards me so that I could watch. I always watched
him because it was much bigger than mine and he had hair around
it. It always made me feel kind of funny, kind of excited by it."

His story was making me kind of excited too and I could feel my
own dick stirring in my pants. I started blushing too, thinking
about him watching another boy's dick.

He went on, "Anyway, this one time he started stroking it after
he'd pissed, you know, wanking himself and I just couldn't tear
my eyes away from what he was doing. His dick became real hard
and I couldn't believe how big it got. His hand went faster and
suddenly he groaned and this white stuff shot out of his prick
and scared me. I thought something was wrong with him and I
wondered where I would need to run to for help."

He took a sip of tea. "Before I had chance to do anything, he
said it was OK, it was normal. Then he explained what it was that
had shot out. He called it 'spunk' and said it's what gave women
babies. I was fascinated and I kept looking at the drop of
'spunk' which hung from his pee-slit. When he said I could feel
it myself, I touched it and it felt slippery between my thumb and
forefinger. After that, he did the same thing every time we were
together and I watched him. It wasn't long before he suggested I
do it for him and I wanted to. It felt great to have his cock in
my hand and he cuddled me while I wanked him."

I couldn't believe it! But there was more!

"Once his dad found out, he used to come into the barn with us.
Then we'd all get naked and play with each other. His dad taught
me how to kiss properly and how to suck cock. His dad really
liked to suck my little dick and Frank always liked to wank his
dad off while he watched what he did to me. I still remember to
this day how much spunk his dad used to make. Sometimes he came
in my mouth and it took a while before I learned to swallow it
all without choking. Those were happy days, Johnny!" he said and
he seemed to go off into reverie, smiling to himself as he
remembered that early time in his life.

My dick was hard then, made stiff by Derek's story of his sex
experiences with another boy and a man. "But didn't that make you
a... homo, a bum-boy?" I asked and I could have bitten my tongue
as soon as I realised what I had said.

He looked at me then and smiled. "Most men like doing stuff with
boys and other men but it's always kept secret. Many are married
but they never give up their love of cock. They keep that life
separate from their life with women and girls. Tell me, Johnny,
who was I with last night?"

"Well... Mum," I said, confused.

"Exactly. Homos or bum-boys don't have sex with women, do they? I
would never share any of this with your mum but I've shared it
with you. You won't tell on me, will you?" He was smiling but I
saw the unease in his eyes.

"Of course I won't," I said and I felt like a co-conspirator as
he squeezed my hand.

"Good. This is what I meant about keeping things from women,
Johnny," he said softly. "Men and boys like to have time together
but women don't understand it so it's better that they don't know
what we do. It doesn't mean we don't like women." Suddenly his
explanation seemed so simple.

"You mean... you still do this now you're a man?" I asked, unable
to believe that a real man like him would do sex things with
other men or... with boys!

"All the time, Johnny," he said. "But you have to keep it to
yourself. Women must never know what we do."

What did that mean, 'what WE do'? Surely he didn't mean me and
him! My dick lurched as I thought about the possibilities. The
picture I had in my mind of his cock in the bedroom this morning
suddenly excited me again.

He began to speak again, this time more softly. "I saw you this
morning, Johnny, at the bedroom door." Suddenly my face went
beet-red and I turned away so he wouldn't see it. At once, he
took my hand in his. "It's alright. I'm not angry. If I'm honest,
I liked you looking at me. It made me excited that you liked what
you saw."

I looked at him although I still felt embarrassed about it.
"Really?" I asked, unable to believe that I wasn't in trouble.

"Yes," he said, "really! I was kind of hoping you might let me
see you someday. You look good with your clothes on and I bet you
look really cute when you're naked."

I was flattered and embarrassed but he took my feeling of
awkwardness away by standing up and saying, "Let's get this stuff
washed up. Then maybe we can look at your plane again," and he
released my hand and went to the sink. "I'll wash and you can
dry, OK?" and he smiled at me.

After all the pots were washed and put away, he said, "I need a
bath. Somebody stayed in the bathroom this morning," and here he
smiled then grimaced at me, "and I couldn't get in there. Let me
take a quick dip and I'll be down to help you with the plane."
Then he left me and went upstairs, and I heard the water running
as he began to run the bath. When the water stopped running 5
minutes later, I knew he'd step into the warm water and, just for
a second, I wished I could be in the bathroom to see him.

Left in the kitchen on my own, I thought more about what he'd
told me and it made me tremble a bit. Was it really how he said
it was? Was there really a kind of understanding between men and
boys like he said? I certainly felt a kind of connection with
some of the boys at school, especially Kevin. Then I remembered
the other boys in the changing rooms after gym lessons who liked
to watch our naked classmates. That meant that it wasn't just me
being weird. It sounded like Derek could be right but I just
couldn't see myself daring to try and touch Kevin. What if he was
horrified and said no?

"Johnny!" came the shout from upstairs. "Where are the towels?"
and I went to the bottom of the stairs to shout up to him, "White
cupboard, right hand side!" and I went into the living-room,
sitting at the table.

And there was Derek now, of course. I had seen his cock earlier
in Mum's bedroom and had felt a warm tingle in my balls as I
imagined what I might do if I got the chance to touch it. Would
he let me feel it? Would he want to feel me up as well? I
trembled again at the prospect of what might happen between us
but I still couldn't quite believe that he would want to do
things with a boy like me.

A minute later came the shout, "There aren't any," and I
remembered Mum hadn't done the ironing. The washing pile would
still be in the outhouse, waiting for her to iron them and put
them away.

"Hang on a second," I shouted upstairs. "I'll go and find them."
I found the enormous pile of dry clothes and started searching
until I found one of the bath-towels, and I pulled it out and
headed for the stairs with it.

When I opened the bathroom door, he was stood there, dripping on
the carpet. I couldn't look away from his cock; I really couldn't
tear my eyes away from it. I stood there, my mouth open and the
towel in my hand. It wasn't until seconds later that he brought
me out of my stupor by saying softly, "Do you want to dry my
back?" and he turned so that his back was towards me.

As I reached up to start drying his shoulders, I felt excitement.
I'd never touched a man before and I wasn't sure how I was
supposed to act around him. I could feel his muscles through the
fluffy towel and I tried to stop my hands from shaking as I moved
the towel downwards towards the small of his back. Soon I would
reach his buttocks and I wasn't sure if I could do it. When it
came the time, I knelt down and dried each buttock but he had
parted his legs and, as I plucked up the courage to dry his brown
rosebud, I couldn't help also noticing his big hairy ball-sac
hanging down between his legs.

I pushed the towel between his legs and dried him from his
bum-hole to the back of his ball-sac and I watched his balls
moving as I moved them gently to dry each one. Then I took the
whole ball-sac into the palm of my hand and hefted it. His balls
were heavy! I stayed with the towel too long in that area and
forgot about the backs of his legs until I suddenly realised that
I was stroking his balls! With a red face, I left his balls alone
and dried the back of his legs.

Then he turned around and, because I was still kneeling, 6 inches
of soft thick cock was no more than a foot away from my face. Oh
God! Oh God! His foreskin covered his large knob, hanging over by
almost an inch, and I was unable to look away. I knelt there,
like an idiot, gawking at the first adult penis I had ever seen.
It hung down and was surrounded at its base by thick dark hair
and, when I saw the droplets of water in it, it suddenly occurred
to me that he needed the towel to dry his front. Red-faced, I
stood and looked up into his face.

"Do you want to dry my front too?" he whispered and his voice
made me tingle inside.

I couldn't answer him but he handed me the towel again and stood
still as I began to dry his chest. It was moderately hairy and he
had these unusual nipples which stood out almost an inch. I'd
never seen anything like it before and I lingered with the towel
over them, noticing that they were becoming hard under my
fingers. As I traversed south down his body, I was approaching
the object of my desire and I wanted to get to it quickly.

As I reached the hair above his cock, I took one hand from the
towel and made a pretence of separating the hairs with my fingers
before drying it with the towel in my other hand. And then it was
time! I looked up into his face first and, seeing no refusal in
his eyes, I reached for his cock with my fingers.

It felt warm and soft in my hand but I thought I detected a
thickening when I touched it. I felt the shaft, touched it with
my fingers as if it were precious, and I felt it lurch. Gaining
courage, I began to pull back the foreskin. There it was again;
another slight jerk! It was becoming hard in my hand! The length
and thickness made me stare in awe at it but the lengthening was
making the big knob come out of its skin and soon his foreskin
rolled behind the head.

I brought my other hand up then and touched my finger to the
knob, running it all around the shiny red taut skin while I held
back his foreskin with my other fist. It had to be bigger than 7
inches and my fingers wouldn't meet because of its thickness.
Uninvited, I started to move the foreskin slowly back and forth.
I was so busy with what I was doing that I hadn't looked into his
face but when I did, his eyes were half-closed.

Suddenly his eyes opened and he whispered, "Let me see you,
Johnny! Take your clothes off!"

Reluctantly I let go of his manhood and began to strip as fast as
I could. When I was naked, I stood before him and waited. His
eyes were on me and, although I felt embarrassed, I felt an
excitement I had never experienced before. I was letting a man
look at my nakedness, letting him devour my body with his eyes.
Suddenly he knelt in front of me and kissed my chest! His hands
went behind me and cupped my bum, feeling my buttocks and pulling
them apart.

I felt his warm breath on a nipple and I jumped as his mouth
covered it. He used his tongue to lick the nipple while he
kneaded my bum-cheeks and I trembled as the new sensations washed
over me. I could feel my dick stiffening against him, his
chest-hair tickling my knob as he licked and sucked my hard
nubbin His warm hands felt surprisingly good on me and I didn't
become alarmed when he extended one of his fingers and touched my
little bum-hole as he worked my buttocks gently.

Then his mouth moved to my other nipple and he sucked it into his
mouth, licking it and nipping it gently between his teeth. My
dick was completely stiff then, the full 4 inches, but what he
was doing to me aroused me so much that I was no longer
embarrassed by my erection. Without thinking, I brought my hand
to the back of his head and held him to me, running my fingers
through his hair.

His finger was probing my hole, the tip trying to push into me,
and I found that I didn't want to resist what he was doing but it
didn't seem to be working. Suddenly he stopped what he was doing
and asked an odd question. "Is there any Vaseline in here?"
Confused, I said, "In the cabinet," and he rose from his knees
and opened the door to find it. I stood there, wondering whatever
was wrong with him that he needed Vaseline.

With the jar of Vaseline in one hand, he used his other hand to
lead me out of the bathroom and into Mum's room. Putting the jar
on the bedside table, he sat on the bed with his legs open and
pulled me between them. As I stood there, he began to touch my
dick and I thrilled to feel his fingers wanking me slowly. His
gentle rubbing was giving me untold pleasure and I put my hand
behind his head again, once more touching his hair with my

He looked up and asked softly, "Is this good, Johnny?" and I
nodded. He brought his other hand to my little ball-sac and I
opened my legs wider so that he could have more space to do what
he wanted with me. His fingers gently played with my balls,
moving them around in circular movements. I kept watching his big
hands, so gentle as they manipulated my dick and balls, and the
excitement of it was making me tremble.

I had often imagined somebody doing this to me. I had dreamed
about Kevin or maybe one of the other boys from school touching
me, whispering to me how special I was as they wanked me. But it
was Derek, a real adult man, who was gently masturbating me as I
lovingly stroked his hair. My feelings were starting to overwhelm
me and I wanted desperately for him to kiss me but I didn't think
he would. I looked away from his hands briefly to look down into
his face and found that he was staring at me, watching my
expression as his hands worked their magic on me.

My breathing had become erratic and I couldn't control the soft
moans which escaped my lips. Suddenly he took his hands away from
my sex and they went around my waist, pulling me to him. He
buried his head in my chest, his lips giving me butterfly kisses
on each nipple. My arms went down around his neck and I kissed
his hair as his mouth made my heart flutter.

He leaned backwards, pulling me with him, and soon we lay side by
side together, facing each other on the pillows of Mum's bed.
With all this being new to me, I didn't know what should happen
next. Our arms were still around each other but he moved his from
my waist and his hands now cupped my bum again.

We were only inches apart and his eyes were fixed on my lips. And
then he moved his head forward and his lips touched mine! I
closed my eyes and savoured the feeling as his lips trapped my
bottom lip between them and I felt his tongue licking it. Then
his tongue came out and pushed between my lips and, for the first
time in my young life, I felt a warm wet tongue moving around in
my mouth.

I had dreamed of this day many times but the dreams were always
of another boy, not a man. 'Do I suck his tongue or just lie
there letting him do what he wants?' I thought. I didn't know
what I was supposed to do so I just trapped his tongue between my
lips and he didn't seem to mind. Then I sucked and his hands on
my bum tightened, letting me know that I was doing the right

My dick was still stiff and pushing into his belly but I could
feel his cock too, hard against my thigh. He extended one of his
fingers behind me and I felt it once more probing my bum-hole,
trying to push inside. I knew what he wanted to do and I tried to
open my legs wider for him but when he pushed hard to try and
penetrate me, it hurt and I winced.

He stopped what he was doing and rolled away from me, reaching
out to the bedside table and picking up the jar of Vaseline. I
watched him remove the lid and poke his forefinger into the
grease, scooping it out and then bringing his hand around behind
me. He began to kiss me again as his finger felt for my bum-hole
again and, once he found it, he pushed his finger into it and my
little hole opened up and it went up inside me. Then I realised
why he wanted the Vaseline. Lubrication!

It felt weird having his finger go up my bum-hole but it wasn't
unpleasant, and when he began to fuck me with his finger, I got
the most pleasant surprise of my life. It felt wonderful,
especially when he kept touching a certain spot inside me which
made my dick jerk each time he did it. I was kissing him back by
this time, pushing my tongue into his mouth and feeling his teeth
and gums with the tip before his tongue began fencing with mine.
The movement of his finger inside me was giving me the most
erotic juvenile thoughts; I bet Kevin would love this!

He pulled himself from my tongue and twisted his body so that he
could kiss and lick my chest, and he worked his way down my body
until he reached just above my stiff dick. I was almost hairless
down there; just a few soft wisps around the base of my dick. I
watched in wonder as suddenly he started licking my groin with
his warm wet tongue. He actually licked that bit between my dick
and the inside of my thigh! I couldn't believe how sexy that felt
down there!

His back was to me as his tongue worked its magic and I put out
my hand to touch his back as a sign to let him know that I loved
what he was doing to me. His finger still fucked me slowly and I
was unable to decide which was giving me the greater pleasure.
But then, something else happened; something so mind-blowing that
I jumped when I felt it and I moaned aloud. He slid his lips over
my dick and took the whole length in his mouth! I nearly came!

My stiff dick was enveloped in his warm wet mouth and, as if that
wasn't enough, his tongue licked at my pee-slit. Oh God! Oh my
fucking God! His free hand reached up past me to grab a pillow
and suddenly it was thrust under my buttocks, raising my hips.
Without taking his finger out of my little anus, he moved himself
around so that he lay on his belly between my open legs and I
felt his warm breath on my dick before he wrapped his mouth
around it again.

His tongue played around my knob, licking the underneath bit
where it was super-sensitive and he was looking at me while he
did it. I was holding my breath as he brought me the most
wonderful feelings. His finger was going all the way up inside me
and I could feel his knuckle touching touching my hole on each
inward thrust. His mouth started sucking my dick then as well as
licking it and I recognised the beginning of my cum.

I had to warn him! I had to let him know what was about to
happen! "Derek!" I cried. "I'm going to cum!" but he just kept
watching my face and not moving his mouth off my dick. It was as
if he hadn't heard me! "Derek! I'm cumming!" I moaned, louder
this time, but he just fucked me harder with his finger and moved
his head up and down on my stiffy, sucking more strongly. I
gripped the sheet beneath me with both fists as my body went
rigid and I felt it start.

Then it was too late! I groaned as my balls pulled tight into my
groin and I felt the first jerk of my dick in Derek's mouth. I
felt my sphincter clamp down hard on his finger as I started to
cum and he just kept sucking! "Oh Derek!" I cried out, panting as
the pulsing of my dick brought more hot spunk from my body and
spewed it into his warm mouth. His finger, now still, was deep
inside me and touching that secret place which gave me the
electric shock feeling.

My cum just seemed to go on and on, and Derek's mouth kept
sucking, but once the jerking of my dick stopped and my body
released my tensed-up muscles, I felt his tongue licking around
my knob and touching my pee-slit. His pulled his finger from my
bottom slowly and, to be honest, I wish he'd left it there a bit
longer. Was I a bum-boy now that I had enjoyed his penetration of
me? I suppose this was what bum-boys liked so much, I thought.

He raised himself from between my legs and moved to lie beside
me. He opened his mouth and I saw the spunk I had shot in there.
And then he swallowed it! His mouth was suddenly on mine and his
tongue was pushed between my lips. I could taste it! I could
taste my spunk on his tongue! His kisses were gentle now, not
urgent as before. His hand went down to fondle my soft dick and
my arms went around his neck, and I felt his chest-hair tickle my
sensitive nipples as I hugged him.

The closeness I felt to him was more than I could have imagined.
He had taken me to bed and made love to me, at least that's how I
would remember it. He had shown me some of what happened between
men and boys and I had not been disappointed by it. I hugged him
tighter and whispered into his ear.

"That was absolutely..." and I searched for a word to describe
how it felt. I couldn't think of one that came anywhere close.

Then he was whispering to me. "You are beautiful, John," and I
immediately blushed. "You are the sexiest boy I've seen in a long
time." Luckily he wasn't looking at my face or he would have seen
how red it was but I smiled happily that he thought I was sexy. I
was never able to take compliments well.

His cock, still hard, was pressed against my thigh and I had
ignored it as he had made me feel so good. I still wanted to see
it, to touch it and maybe he would let me masturbate him if I was
lucky. I wondered how much spunk he made. A real man like him
must be able to make loads. I reached down between our bodies and
took his thick cock into my hand and began to move the loose skin
of his shaft back and forth.

I whispered to him, "Is it OK for me to do this, Derek?" and he
replied simply, "I'll be disappointed if you stop."

I sat up next to him and watched his cock react to my touch. His
skin moved easily over his hot shaft and I could feel him tense
up from time to time so I was obviously doing the right things to
please him. Prominent blue veins stood out on his cock and lots
of clear liquid oozed from his pee-slit, coating my thumb. When I
thought he wasn't watching, I changed hands and wanked him with
the other while licking my thumb. It tasted salty, just like

He had seen me though. He said softly, "It tastes good, doesn't
it?" and I blushed again as I nodded. "Put your tongue in the
slit, Johnny. Lick it up as it comes out."

More of the slippery stuff was dripping from his pee-slit and I
bent forward so that I could reach it with my tongue. I felt
nervous and excited as I touched the tip of my tongue to his
knob. I licked around the whole knob and scooped up with my
tongue all the slimy liquid I could find and then put my tongue
back into my mouth to taste it. His hand stroked my back as I
licked and wanked him and, to be honest, it was making my dick
hard again.

Without being told, I began to kiss his knob, to run my wet lips
over its surface. When I felt the urge to do more, I opened my
lips a little and started to slide them over the top of it. What
I hadn't considered was the thickness of it. I had to open really
wide to take his knob into my mouth and, once it slid in, it
almost choked me. My mouth was full, so full that I had trouble
breathing. It didn't feel comfortable at all but I wanted to do
it so much that I was prepared to do almost anything to learn
everything about man-cock. I couldn't take any of his shaft but,
judging by his moaning, what I was doing must have been OK.

It seemed that the more I sucked and licked, the more saliva I
made. My saliva was running down his hard shaft and onto his
balls and I reached down to feel their fullness. His hairy
ball-sac, soaking wet with my saliva, hung low and rested on the
bed-sheet. I used my fingers to stroke his heavy balls and make
them move around inside their bag. I thought about the difference
in size between us. Mine were like grapes but his were like

"Johnny!" There was urgency in his voice and I took my mouth from
his knob and turned round to look at him. His face looked serious
and I wondered if I'd done something wrong. When he saw the look
of alarm on my face, he put his hand out to me and smiled.
"You're making me so excited, you naughty boy," he said. "Come
and lie down here again," and he patted the space next to him.

As I lay back down, he sat up and grabbed the pillow that he used
earlier and pushed it under my bottom. When he made me open my
legs, he knelt between them and pushed my legs up and back
towards me so that my knees were next to my shoulders. He reached
for the Vaseline and I felt excited; he was going to push his
finger into me again and make me feel really good.

I watched him coat his finger with the greasy Vaseline and waited
expectantly, opening my legs wider. He crouched down between my
legs and I felt that lovely finger being pushed slowly into my
anus. It went in really easy, right up to the knuckle. He hit
that special spot again and made my dick jerk. I closed my eyes
and savoured what he was doing to me. He fucked my bum slowly and
the feeling was such that I could have stayed like that forever.
When he took his finger out, I kept my eyes closed until I
realised that he was trying to push 2 fingers into me. I opened
my eyes at once but my attention was taken away from his fingers
as his mouth went down to my dick and he started to lick my knob.

'Oh Derek!' I thought. 'Oh yes! Do it some more!' His fingers
were insinuating themselves into my bum-hole and, although a bit
uncomfortable, I soon became used to the feeling of them being
pushed all the way into me. The man-mouth went from licking my
knob to closing over my shaft and I felt his lips against the
skin of my groin as he took my whole 4 inches. In my state of
arousal, I barely noticed him take his fingers out of my bum, but
when he tried to push 3 fingers into me, I winced and he stopped
at once.

"Push your bottom out, Johnny. Like you're having a shit," he
said softly and in his eyes I saw tenderness; I trusted him. So I
did what he said and his fingers began to slide into me. His
mouth went down to my dick again and he swallowed it all, taking
in my balls as well! It felt absolutely wonderful as he licked
them, moving them around in my ball-sac with his tongue, and I
marvelled at how it was possible to do all that at the same time.

His fingers advanced inside me as he pleasured my dick and balls
and somehow the one seemed to complement the other. Within 2
minutes, he was fucking 3 fingers all the way into me while
sucking and licking my sex. What had happened to me so far had
been the best of my life but this, this was unbelievable!

I put my hands down to stroke the top of his head, moaning at the
wonderful feelings he was giving me. His fingers were hitting
that secret place which made my dick jerk each time. "Oh Derek!"
I whispered involuntarily. I looked down my body to see that he
was looking into my face and I felt what I thought was love for
him. I wanted to kiss him and lie in his arms, but he was between
my legs, pleasing me in ways that I never thought possible.

No more than half a minute later, he took his mouth from my sex
and whispered, "I want to love you, Johnny. I want to love you
properly." I didn't know exactly what he meant but I knew that I
had feelings for him that I had never experienced with anybody
else. He took his fingers from my bottom, knelt up and reached
for the Vaseline again, this time scooping some out and coating
his cock as I watched. It still didn't register what was going to
happen but I studied his face as he concentrated on spreading the
grease. He was good-looking; no wonder Mum wanted him to love her
here in her bed. Love her? Suddenly it dawned on me what he
wanted to do to me! He wanted to love me like he had loved Mum!

My bottom was tilted up because of the pillow underneath me and I
had held my legs up while he had fucked me with his fingers but
now something different was going to happen and I began to feel
apprehensive. He must have sensed my unease because he bent
forward to kiss me, taking his weight on his elbows as his lips
touched softly against mine. Unable to resist, I opened my lips
and his tongue slid into my mouth.

We kissed gently at first but I was becoming too excited by it
and I started to suck hard on his tongue. This seemed to make him
more excited too and soon his kissing became more urgent, more
insistent. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him into my
body, feeling his chest-hair against my hairless chest. My
feelings were overwhelming me too and it was as if we feeding off
each other.

He moved up slightly and I felt his cock against my balls but his
hand when down between us and I could feel his hand taking his
cock and placing it at my bum-hole. I knew for certain then. He
was going to push it inside me! He was going to fuck me like he
fucked Mum!

His hips moved forward slightly and I felt his knob pushing
against my hole, trying to enter me. It slid away because of the
greasiness of the Vaseline and his hand went down to place it
again. It slid away from my hole twice more before it stayed
where he wanted it and I felt my little rosebud start to open as
the big knob began to slide into me.

I tightened my arms around his neck as my little bum-hole was
forced open. I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder as he
whispered to me, "Relax your bum, Johnny. Let me love you." I
tried to relax my muscles and I pushed out like before, and
suddenly his knob slid into me. Oh my God! It felt as if I had
been split in half! He stopped then and began to kiss me again,
little pecks on my nose and eyes, but I wanted his lips and his
tongue and I went for them. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and
he sucked on it, and suddenly his urgency returned.

His hips moved forwards and I felt myself opening up more as an
inch of thick man-cock followed his big knob. I held him tighter
as I felt his monster cock creeping up inside me but when he
pulled back with it, I had an inexplicable feeling that I didn't
want him to pull it out of me. He pushed back in again and I
realised that he had managed to push another inch into me. He was
opening my insides up with his cock, forcing his thick man-cock
up my boy-hole!

Each time he withdrew his cock and then pushed in further so that
after several thrusts, I could feel his coarse cock-hair against
my bum. He was inside me! His whole big cock was buried to the
hilt in my bum! I had kept holding my breath each time he had
thrust into me but now that I was full of cock, the breath just
went out of me.

"Is it OK?" he asked gently and I nodded. It felt better than OK.
Weird though it felt, it was a closeness that I had never felt
with another man. Perhaps if I'd had a father...

Then he started to move inside me, a gentle rhythmical fucking,
first slow and then faster, short strokes and then long ones when
he filled me up completely with his hot thick man-flesh. On the
long strokes, I felt a dull pain as his knob hit somewhere deep
inside on each inward thrust but I wanted that dull pain. He hit
my secret place time and again, making me tingle each time.

He whispered in my ear as he fucked me, "You're beautiful,
Johnny. So beautiful!" and I held him tighter as I whispered, "I
love you, Derek!" Hearing this seemed to have an amazing effect
and suddenly he fucked me harder and deeper, and as he did so, I
held him tighter.

"Yes, Derek! Yes!" I cried and he moaned between gritted teeth,
"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

With my arms tightly wrapped around him, I felt every muscle and
sinew of his body tense up and then came a groan from his throat
as his cock slammed into me one last time and he held it there,
tight against my bottom.

I felt his cock jerk inside me and his hot spunk began to spew
into my rectum. "I love you!" he managed to whisper hoarsely as
he filled me with his seed and just then, I loved him more than I
could say. As his cock pulsed inside me, I suddenly understood
what he had meant about men and boys. He was filling me up with
his love and I held him tight to let him know that I wanted it,
that I needed his man-love.

When the jerking of his cock finally subsided, he looked into my
eyes and kissed me, not with urgency but with affectionate love,
and I responded. Keeping tight hold of me, he rolled us both over
so that I was on top, with my legs still astride him. His cock
was still inside me as I lay on his chest and his hands stroked
my back as I snuggled into him.

We lay there, now in peace and tranquility, and I reflected on
how I felt about what had happened today. He had explained to me
how things were in the world and how matters stood between the
sexes. I saw the reasoning behind what he had told me and I would
be sure to follow his example when I grew up. In the meantime, I
couldn't see anything wrong with practicing the principles I had
so willingly accepted.

I could feel his cock softening inside me and eventually my body
expelled it. Once it popped out, I felt a warm wet stream run out
of my hole and I knew that it must be his warm spunk but it
didn't matter. His love had been pumped into me and I had been
grateful for it. As I lay there on top of him, I could feel the
drowsiness and I fell asleep, warm and safe in the arms of a man
who loved me.

When I opened my eyes again, he was still holding me. He smiled
at me and asked mischievously if I wanted to go again but my bum
was sore and he must have known it. "Come on," he said, "we need
a bath," and he rolled me off him and kissed me before leading me
to the bathroom.

In the bath, the warm water stung my bum-hole but Derek washed it
gently, his fingers gliding lightly over the bruising. He washed
the rest of me too, and I couldn't remember the last time anyone
had done that. It just seemed like another expression of his love
for me. Once he'd dried me, he went in the bath himself and I
took great pleasure in washing him, especially his large cock
which I had welcomed so eagerly into my bum-hole. Then a funny
thought occurred to me and I laughed. When he asked what I was
laughing at, I replied, "I just realised something. I'm a bum-boy
now!" and he laughed as he splashed water at me.

After that day, he was a constant visitor to our house and Mum
mistakenly got the idea that maybe he would stay for good. The
truth was that every time she went to work, he had me in bed,
teaching more about how men and boys please each other and I was
a very willing student. One of the most difficult things to do
was learning how not to choke when sucking him off or swallowing
the massive loads of spunk he spewed into my mouth.

When Mum was at home, he used to put his hand down my pants when
she wasn't watching and I would squeeze his big cock whenever I
got the chance. Secretly I hoped that he would stay and maybe be
a father to me but in reality I knew that he couldn't.

He stayed another 27 days until his job on the Manchester site
was finished and I almost bawled like a baby when we had to say
goodbye. I knew he was sad to go but there was nothing I could do
about it. Mum cried when he left and talked about him for days

All this was 40 years ago. I'm a father and grandfather now,
happily married to the same lovely woman I met and married when I
was 23. I went with men and boys for many years, and still do. I
taught so many boys the things that Derek taught me and some of
them still meet me today to engage in mutual pleasure. Of course,
the women and girls must never find out what we do so it must be
kept secret!