by John P

                                               Copyright© 2011

Chapter 1

He looked just like Daddy. Well he would, wouldn't he? Daddy had
made me pregnant and I had given birth to our beautiful son when
I was 13. Daddy had always made me feel good when he had taught
me to make love when I was 12. Was it my duty to teach my son
about making love too? Should I be sliding into bed with my son
and teaching him like Daddy did with me? I wanted to but I
remembered what happened to Daddy when Mum found out that I was
pregnant. She had called the police and Daddy had ended up in
court and was taken away to prison all those years ago. I had
never forgiven her for that and I was happy when she left just
after I turned 18, leaving me and 5-year-old Jimmy on our own.

Bringing Jimmy up on my own had been hard then but as he grew, he
became partly independent, but when I suggested he could bath
himself when he turned 8, he resisted, telling me how nice it
felt when I washed him. What could I say? I spoiled him of course
and continued to wash him until he was 10, sometimes joining him
in the bath myself.

He was used to seeing me naked but he was watching me with more
interest as he got older and I felt kind of naughty that I was
deliberately flashing my tits and cunt at him. He was 11 then and
obviously puberty was making him curious as to the differences
between male and female. He had been overtly playing with his
dick in the bath as I washed myself and I didn't have the heart
to stop him. He was be so intent on watching my tits as I washed
them that he didn't see me watching his face, seeing the look of
young lust in his eyes. He fancied my 24-year-old body and I
swelled with pride that a handsome young boy could find me so
attractive. When he finally looked into my face, I always turned
away so that I would not betray the fact that I had seen him
touching his stiffening dick. I tried not to watch him doing it
but I couldn't deny that it was turning me on.

When we had finished bathing, I would adopt a business-like
attitude and we would step out to dry ourselves. When he said
that he wanted to dry me that first time, I couldn't immediately
conjure up a reason to say no so I handed him the towel and he
dried me, concentrating mostly on my tits, pussy and bum. It had
been so long since I had enjoyed Daddy's hands and fingers on me
and I was transported back to the happy days of Daddy's "abuse".
Oh how I missed those days when Daddy made me cum with his hands
and fingers... and tongue.

As my turn came to dry my son, I tried not to stare at the stiff
dick which waved at me from his groin. He was growing fast and
some girl was going to be delighted by his size when he started
to date them. When I dried him, my pussy became moist as I
touched his most intimate places. His dick was always hard,
pulsing with his heartbeat, and as I gently dried his balls with
the towel, there always came a sharp intake of breath from him.
When he turned around for me to dry his back, he would open his
legs and I would stare at his anus, wanting to excite him as I
did with Daddy by inserting a wet finger into it. I didn't dare
risk it, not yet anyway. I wanted to teach my son about making
love but I was scared. I didn't want to go to prison for
"abusing" him.

Before we dressed, we always hugged a little after these
bath-times. Being only 11, his height meant that his head came up
against my breasts. I wanted to press my nipple to his lips, to
feel his mouth on me again like when he was a baby. I could feel
too his stiff dick against my thigh and I resisted as best I
could the urge to touch it, to play with it.

Since then, he had grown more and now, at 13, he was the same
height as me, and when we hugged after bathing, his stiff thick
dick pressed against my naked pussy. I wanted him! I wanted his
dick! 'Love me, Jimmy! Love Mummy!' I begged silently but I
hadn't the courage to do anything sexual to him. Instead, I would
go to my bedroom later and frig myself to the image of Daddy or
Jimmy in bed with me, wanking and sucking them before begging
them to penetrate my soaking wet pussy, moaning my desire that
they fuck me violently so that they make me cum. Each time, I
experienced the most intense orgasm using my fingers and

I looked in on him before going to my own bed, as I always did.
There he lay, my 13-year-old son Jimmy, sleeping peacefully in
his innocence, blissfully unaware of his mother's gaze. He had
pushed the covers down in his sleep and I stared for a minute at
the place where his T-shirt had ridden up, displaying his fine
taut belly above his underpants. I wanted to touch his skin, to
feel the muscles, but I didn't want to risk waking him. His face,
so handsome and innocent, was half covered by his black hair that
had flopped down and I pushed the hair aside and smiled to myself
as I looked at him.

I couldn't help it but I was checking out the bulge in his
underpants. I could see that he was soft but I couldn't forget
the sight of his naked stiff 4" long dick each time we took a
bath together. It had become quite thick now; he had obviously
taken after Daddy in the cock department. The desire to slide
into his bed was overwhelming but I knew that I had to resist it.
I replaced his covers and softly kissed his face, smelling the
perfumed soap on his skin, and then I closed the door and went to
my own room to sleep.

Sleep evaded me and soon my fingers were inside my knickers and I
rubbed my clit vigorously with the image of Jimmy in my mind.
With my eyes closed in concentration, I was sucking his dick,
feeling his hardness with my tongue, tasting the salty pre-cum
which came from his pee-slit. 'He's cumming, my Jimmy's cumming
in my mouth!' Suddenly my body stiffened as I came violently on
my fingers. And then I drifted off to sleep.

About 5 weeks before his 14th birthday, I got a phone call at 2
pm from the school's headmaster, telling me there had been an
accident and Jimmy had been taken to the hospital by the gym
teacher. I rushed to the hospital casualty department and found
the doctor examining my little boy. He was in obvious pain and I
got the story from Jimmy as he explained to the doctor what had
happened. A football game, a bad tackle, and 2 other boys had
fallen on my little angel. He still wore his football shirt and
white shorts, and the gym-teacher handed over his regular school
clothes, packed into an ASDA plastic shopping bag.

After being swiftly sent for X-ray, the ulna in his right
fore-arm was discovered to be broken and plaster was applied to
the arm and his arm suspended in a sling. The football boots
which had trampled on Jimmy's left hand had caused no broken
bones but abrasions had to be bandaged before I took my little
soldier home. On the way home, I treated him like a 4-year-old
until he said, "Mom, I'm not a kid!" and then I stopped fussing
over him.

Once at home, I started fussing again and then, realising my
mistake again, I shelved my over-maternal feeling and began
nursing him in an appropriate manner. Feeding and watering Jimmy
was all that was needed and I set about the task, thinking to
myself how he could have died or been paralysed forever. I got a
grip and made him a meal but then of course, he couldn't use
utensils or hold the glass of milk. Now, I was in my element. He
needed me again, just like when he was young. How good I felt as
I spoon-fed him and held the glass to his lips so that he could
drink! Best of all, he couldn't stop me looking after him because
he knew that it had to be that way.

Something I hadn't previously thought of was suddenly brought to
the fore when he said, "Mum, I need to pee." I stood stock still,
frozen where I stood. The implications hit me and I realised that
I would have to do other things for him too. Hold his dick as he
peed, wipe his bottom and wash him. The prospect of doing all
this for my almost 14-year-old son didn't daunt me but what DID
worry me was the fact that I might do things I shouldn't while
helping him. All the same, I would have to do these things for

With one arm in a sling and the other hand bandaged, he stood
before the toilet and I pulled down his white shorts and reached
for his dick. It felt so hot between my fingers as I drew it out
and I felt it pulse and thicken slightly as I pulled back the
foreskin. He started to pee when I had aimed it at the bowl and I
prayed silently that I would not get carried away and start to
wank him off afterwards. When he had finished, I shook the drops
off, just as I used to do with Daddy all those years ago. As I
pulled up his shorts, I thanked God that my shaking hands had not
started to masturbate him!

While my fingers held his lovely dick, I had not looked up into
his face, fearing that he might see some sign that I was aroused
by it. The image for my masturbation tonight would be that same
dick that I had just handled and my imagination would soar as I
pictured wanking it and perhaps sucking it. It was then that I
felt dampness between my pussy-lips; I was turned on by my son

After helping him back downstairs, I turned on the TV for him,
selected the channel he wanted and retired to the kitchen to
compose myself. I had to get a grip on myself. I couldn't let my
base instincts take over but I also couldn't forget Daddy and all
the wonderful things he had taught me about love-making when I
was 12. He had taught me everything so lovingly and I had enjoyed
it all. Oral sex, masturbation, anal sex; it had all felt so
good. His stories too of sex with men excited me and he would
often show me what they did together. Daddy had even bought a
strap-on dildo and taught me how to strap it onto my hips and
fuck his bum with it. It was then that I confessed to Daddy that
I fancied a girl at school and he made me tell him what we did to
each other. After telling him that, he became insatiable and he
would make me cum several times before I collapsed, worn out from
our vigorous love-making.

I began to analyse my motives then, wondering if it was Jimmy's
love-making education that I cared about or was it perhaps my own
sexual hunger that needed satisfying. Guilt was overwhelming me
and I was doing my best to cope with it. Girls his own age would
educate him, or at least he would practice on them, I told
myself. Suddenly I thought, 'Or will it be boys that he wants?'
It didn't worry me; in fact suddenly I felt my pussy become moist
again as I pictured him bent over the settee arm with Daddy's
long thick cock fucking his lovely young bottom. 'Oh God, please
stop me thinking about this!'

I left the kitchen, hoping that these filthy thoughts would go
away and I sat in the chair next to the settee where Jimmy lay.
We watched TV but I began to think about bath-time and bed-time.
I would wash his body, my soapy fingers running over his skin,
running between his legs and touching his sex. Then I realised
that the painkillers I had been given for him were not for oral
use but to be pushed up inside his bottom with my finger. God,
suddenly I thought of Daddy again and what I used to do with his
bottom before pushing my strap-on dildo deep inside him and
fucking him.

"Are you ready for a bath yet, Jimmy?" I asked, a slight tremble
in my voice. He still had patches of mud on his legs from the
football pitch he had been playing on and it needed washing off
before bed.

"Sure, Mum," he said, his soft eyes resting once more on my
T-shirt. My lack of bra must have allowed my rigid nipples to
poke out and Jimmy tried to pretend that he wasn't gazing at
them. I had to pretend too that I wasn't aware of my nipples
being visible but neither of us was successful.

I helped him upstairs, holding him from behind in case he
over-balanced, and we headed for the bathroom. On the way up, I
watched his muscular legs and I could see the hairs which covered
them, many more now than a year ago and much darker; not a
child's legs any more but those of a young adult. In the
bathroom, I stripped off Jimmy's shorts, his sling, and finally
his shirt so that he stood naked once more before me.

Once I had turned on the taps to fill the bath, I stood next to
my son again, my fingers and thumb aiming his dick into the
toilet bowl so that he could pee. His foreskin covered his knob
and I had to pull it back so that his pee-slit was uncovered and
I watched the urine being forced out, impressed by the flow. When
the flow stopped, I shook the drops off and I felt the dick begin
to thicken again. I coughed nervously, let go of his dick and
said, "I think the bath's ready."

While helping him into the bath, my eyes were drawn to his sturdy
thighs and his taut buttocks. As he settled himself in the 18" of
water, my eyes swept over his chest and his face with his
laughing eyes and the sensual mouth which just invited kisses.
Some girl, or maybe some boy, would press their mouth to my son's
lips and I began to picture his tongue forcing its way into the
mouth of another, taking their lips between his own and licking
them. 'Stop it, Helen!' I told myself and decided to force myself
into dealing with reality.

This time, I didn't join him in the bath but knelt beside it and
began to rub shampoo into his dark hair. I'm sure that his eyes
were open and watching my nipples through my T-shirt as I bent
forward to wash his hair and I was fairly sure that they were
hardening with arousal. He had laid his arms on each side of the
bath to keep the plaster and bandage dry and it meant that my
breasts kept touching his naked upper arm, above where the
plaster encased him. Was I deliberately rubbing my tits against
my son?

It was time to rinse his hair and I helped him to lie down,
ensuring that his arms could not be made wet and as he closed his
eyes, I splashed water to remove the shampoo. When it was done, I
helped him to stand and I began to wash him, first his face and
neck and then his chest. His nipples hardened as my fingertips
passed over them and as I headed south, I stopped when I got to
his sparse pubic hair, using my hands to turn him around so that
I could begin washing his back.

My soapy hands caressed Jimmy's shoulders and I moved south down
his back, ending up at his buttocks, taut in their youth. He
automatically opened his legs and bent forward so that I could
reach between his legs. His rosebud, so pink and cute, looked so
inviting and I took one soapy finger and began to press against
the pucker. As my fingertip entered him, he sucked in his breath
but I knew that it wasn't from pain. Although I shouldn't have
done it, I pushed inside him until my whole finger was buried in
his young bum-hole. I pulled out a couple of inches and then
plunged it back in and I swear that he pushed back towards me. I
did it twice more but my courage was failing me and I withdrew it
completely, washing all around the outside of his hole.

When I got him to turn around and face me, he revealed a
wonderful hard-on. More than 4" of thick boy-cock pulsed with his
heartbeat and I was mesmerised by the sight. I looked up into his
face and I saw those soft eyes of his looking down at me. We
stayed like that for a few seconds, each watching the other for a
sign, I suppose. But a sign of what? Should I take his stiffness
in my hand? Was it right? Would he be horrified if I touched him
in that way? My conscience kicked in about then and I pretended
that nothing was amiss.

"Let's get the rest of you clean," I said brightly but it was not
at all how I felt. Taking up the soap again, I worked up a lather
and then began to wash around the root his dick, and although I
tried to avoid direct contact with his hard-on, it just wasn't
possible and I brushed against it frequently. Then I could not
put it off any longer. I put my hands between his legs and
fondled his ball-sac with my fingertips, spreading the soap
around and feeling his sperm-laden balls. He shuddered at my
touch and his cock lurched as my fingers continued. Behind his
balls, I could feel his perineum and I was conscious of that part
of his dick which was hidden between his legs.

My knickers became moist again as I became more aroused; touching
my son like this was turning me on considerably as I gazed
fixedly at his genitals. It was time for his dick. I pulled back
his foreskin and his large knob appeared, deep red and leaking.
'God! He's making pre-cum!' I thought and, for some reason, my
mind went into confusion. He was almost 14, I rationalised, and
able to father a child. Why had I not realised this before now?
Or was it that I deliberately ignored the fact that he wasn't
really a child any more?

I had to go on with washing him and, pulling back his foreskin
carefully, I held it with my fingers against his groin. The full
length of his shaft was on show then and I took my other hand and
used a masturbating action with my closed hand to spread the soap
along it's length. His eyes closed and I could hear his breathing
change as I moved my hand backwards and forwards. The soap in my
palm worked as a lubricant and I knew that he was getting immense
satisfaction and arousal from my hand which was effectively
wanking him off.

'Oh God! I'm wanking my son! I'm trying to make him cum!' No, I
mustn't! I stopped at once and, with trembling hand, I scooped
water from the bath to rinse his dick before I became carried
away and made him cum. When I looked up into his face, I'm sure
that I detected disappointment but I was determined not to allow
my feelings to get out of hand again.

Taking up the soap quickly, I made some lather and started
immediately on his legs, washing briskly so that this job would
be finished as soon as possible and I could escape from this
situation. I finished washing him and helped him out of the bath,
beginning immediately to dry him and thinking about anything
other than the attraction I felt for my Jimmy. As I used the
towel on him, I avoided looking at his dick but I couldn't avoid
touching him though, and soon I felt my knickers becoming wet
again as I felt his dick and balls through the thick fabric of
the towel.

His plaster and bandage had remained dry so I put his sling back
on him and threw a bathrobe over his naked body and we went back
downstairs to watch some more TV. As we watched, I had to figure
out about sleeping arrangements. If he wanted the toilet during
the night, I needed to be with him so the only answer was to let
him sleep in my bed with me. I would have to fix a couple of
pillows for him to rest his arm on once the sling had been
removed so that he could sleep. There would be no point in him
wearing underpants or T-shirt so he would sleep naked in my bed.
Oh God! Something more to worry about!

When he became tired, he said he needed to go to bed so I
explained that he would need to sleep in my bed. It was a double
bed so space presented no problem and I would fix a pillow for
his arm. Before then, he would need his medication though and I
explained that it was a suppository and that it had to be pushed
into his bum. He seemed a little taken aback by that but
foolishly, and without thinking, I smiled and blurted out, "Your
dad used to love me pushing my finger up him!"

I was mortified! As soon as I'd said it, I looked into his face,
expecting horror or disgust, but he was grinning.

"You used to do stuff like that?" he asked and my face turned a
deep scarlet.

I rallied my thoughts and reverted to being business-like again.
"Come on, Jimmy. Let's get you fixed up and off to bed."

With the suppository ready, I took off his bath-robe and made him
shuffle down until he was almost lying down with his legs spread
wide. He watched me put my forefinger into my mouth to wet it and
I concentrated on his little rosebud as I pushed my finger inside

"I need to get you wet inside so that the suppository will slide
up easily," I lied. In truth, I wanted to give him pleasure, the
same pleasure that Daddy used to get from my fingers all those
years ago. I took my finger out and this time, I wet 2 fingers
and gently pushed them both together into his lovely bum. His
dick jumped and began to stiffen as a result of my manipulation.
He drew in his breath and I asked, "Am I hurting you, Jimmy?" but
his eyes were closed and there was the hint of a smile on his

"No, Mum," he panted, "keep going," and I began to realise that
it was pleasure, not pain which was changing his breathing.

I kept finger-fucking him carefully, moving my fingers back and
forth in his rectum. He began moaning and I figured that I'd
better stop before he started to pump his spunk everywhere. So I
took the suppository and placed it into his rosebud and pushed.
It slid in and I used my 2 fingers to push it up as far as I
could. When I took my fingers out of his bottom, he looked
disappointed but not as much as I was. I wanted to see him cum,
to see his dick jerk and the cum splash out onto his belly.

"Time for bed, Jimmy," I said and helped him to get up off the
settee. I threw the bath-robe over his shoulders and helped him
up the stairs and to my bedroom. I pulled back the sheets and
made him lie down, taking off his sling and his bath-robe, and
positioning a pillow for his arm to rest on. When he seemed
comfortable, I covered his naked body, kissed him on the lips and
turned out the light before going back downstairs.

Once back in the living room, my hands went down into my
underwear and I felt the moistness between my pussy-lips and what
had leaked into my knickers. I was still shaking after my
activities with Jimmy and it reminded me of Daddy's shaking hands
when he first started to molest me. He had come to my room and
started touching my little breasts and I'd liked it, encouraging
him to pinch my nipples and use his mouth on them. Once he
realised that I actually wanted him to do sex stuff with me, his
shaking stopped and he would become the one person to whom I
would go every time I felt the need for a man to touch me. Every
time my mother went out, I would take off my knickers and we
would go to bed together or he would spread me out on our settee.
He made me feel so sexy or should I use the word 'horny'? I could
never get enough of the things that he did to me. God, he was

'I'd better take a bath,' I thought. 'I can't have Jimmy smelling
sex on me when I climb in with him.' So I turned out the light
and went upstairs to my room. On my way, I turned the tap on for
the bath and, while it was filling, I stripped naked. I would
need clean knickers from my drawer in the bedroom but I could put
them on when I got there after my bath.

I lay in the bath, thinking of the eventful day and all that had
happened since I had brought Jimmy home from the hospital. This
did absolutely nothing to calm my libido; in fact I could not
shake off the image of stroking his stiff dick and his velvety
soft ball-sac as I handled his sex. I washed my wet pussy,
allowing my finger to stroke between the lips and touching my
clitoris. I willed myself to stop it and continued bathing until
I was clean and fresh again.

Dry once more and padding very quietly to the bedroom, I heard
Jimmy moaning softly and went to find out what was wrong.
Illumination from the street lights came through my thin curtains
and I halted in the doorway and beheld my son. The sheets were
pushed down and his bandaged hand was rubbing his now very stiff
dick. He was trying to masturbate with his left bandaged hand! I
ducked back from the doorway and leaned against the wall in the
hallway, gasping. My Jimmy! My poor Jimmy needed to cum! 'I'll do
it, Jimmy! Mummy will make you cum, my precious boy!' I thought.
But how? I couldn't just go barging in there. He would be
mortified if I caught him red-handed, wouldn't he? What should I

I sneaked back to the bathroom and then made a noisy exit,
alerting him to the fact that Mum was heading his way but giving
him time to cover himself before I appeared in the bedroom. When
I got there, he pretended to be sleeping but he forgot about his
stiff dick which was presently tenting the sheets. I'd forgotten
that I was naked myself and when he 'woke' during my entry, he
stared again at my body.

"Can't sleep, Jimmy?" I asked and he shook his head. "I'll cuddle
you then," I said and, forgetting about putting on clean
knickers, I slid into bed with him naked. Our naked bodies
touched, my breast against his arm and his bandaged hand next to
my pussy. "Have you still got pain?" I asked and he shook his
head. "Why can't you sleep then?" I asked softly, even though I
knew the answer.

"I don't know, Mum," he said but he wasn't looking at me as he
answered. I wasn't sure how to broach the subject so I tried some
sex education.

"You know, most boys and men need to 'relax' themselves to get a
good night's sleep. Women and girls do too. We're no different to
you hunky men, you know," and I laughed nervously. "I'll probably
need to 'relax' myself too to get to sleep."

"You mean...?" he started and I whispered, "Yes, of course. What
do you think I do at night when I go to bed? Why not? I've always
taught you that it's natural, haven't I?"

"Well, yes, but I'm... well, I can't... you know..." and his
voice trailed off.

"Would you like me to do it for you?" I whispered and my heart
stood still as I waited breathlessly for his answer.

Seconds went by before he answered. "You mean... you'd... you
know...?" His whisper seemed to convey disbelief in what he had
heard. I could almost hear his brain asking, 'Is Mum going to
wank me off?' and my own brain was shouting silently, 'Yes,
Jimmy, let me do it! I want to do it so much!'

"Oh Mum!" he whispered and he turned his head towards me and
kissed me on the lips. I wasn't ready for that but I quickly
responded and kissed him back, not with tongue but more than just
a motherly peck.

As I moved my hand down his chest towards his dick, I whispered,
"If you want me to stop, just tell me." I pushed down the sheets
and saw my son's rigid dick, that dick of which I dreamed often
in my lonely bed. His pre-cum glistened in the light and I used
one of my fingers to delicately spread the slimy stuff around his
knob. His breathing quickened and suddenly his arm closed around
my neck as he pulled me closer to him. I was gazing at my fingers
as I stroked his knob and he began to kiss my cheek, the only
part of my face that he could reach. Then I turned my head and
suddenly my mouth was on his, my tongue licking his lips and then
he opened his mouth!

My fingers stopped for a moment and suddenly my tongue went
between his lips. Even more shocking was when he began to suck on
it! Oh my God! His bandaged hand began to move down my back and
the fingertips which weren't covered by the bandage stroked my
spine. Oh God! Oh God! This was love-making, not just
masturbation! My son was sucking on my tongue and caressing my
back and I was fingering his dick so that he would be certain to

I grasped his hot erection and began to wank in earnest as his
teeth grasped my tongue gently and his own tongue licked mine. I
was flying, my desire for sex taking me over completely, and I
moaned into his mouth. He forced my tongue back out of his mouth
and he breathed huskily, "Oh Mum!" before looking down his body
at the hand which was now stroking his dick so firmly. "Oh Mum!"
he moaned and I watched his dick too, marvelling at how strong
and sexy it was, so hard and big.

His foreskin kept covering the knob and then uncovering it as I
used my hand to stroke the entire 4" length and although I wanted
to stroke his balls too, I had only one hand available. His hot
shaft was in my palm and I never wanted to relinquish it, not
even to it's owner. I wanted to suck, to put my mouth on my son's
dick and suck all the spunk from it but that would be for another
time, not for now.

"Oh Jimmy!" I moaned as I wanked him. I tore my eyes away and
looked into his. His expression was one of pure lust, the same
lust that I had seen in Daddy's eyes each time I had wanked him
off. There was no smiling now. This was no gentle love-making.
This was just the pure raw lust of a 14-year-old boy with a woman
who was going to make him cum. All that mattered just now was
that he would shoot his spunk.

"I'm cumming, Mum!" he whispered hoarsely and we both looked down
his body to where my hand was moving faster. "Make me cum! Make
me cum!"

This was no little boy now, no snotty-nosed child, but a male
whose urgency could not be ignored. I was part of this, an
important part, and I would have given up none of this, no matter
what I had been offered. I had to see it; I had to see my son
shooting his spunk.

His body went rigid and his hips rose off the bed as the dick in
my hand jerked, and I felt the big tube under his dick pulsing as
gobs of hot spunk were shot out and splattered on his belly.
First one, then another and another. I watched with awe as my
Jimmy's hips began to buck, fucking my hand obscenely. Even after
the spunk had stopped, his hips still bucked and suddenly his
face turned towards me, his eyes shut, and I leant up on one
elbow so that my breast was against his lips. Like a baby, he
searched blindly for the elongated nipple and I made sure that he
found it.

Without opening his eyes, he nursed at my breast and I stopped
wanking him, bringing my hand up to my mouth and licking off the
spunk which my son had made and which had dribbled onto my thumb.
As my son suckled, I put my hand between my legs and touched my
soaking cunt, playing with my clit as I watched his dick begin to
soften. I wanted to taste more of his spunk and I gathered it up
from his belly and put my fingers to my lips and licked them,
savouring my little boy's seed for the first time. Within 30
seconds, I climaxed more strongly than I could ever remember and
when I looked down at my child, he was sleeping soundly, his lips
still sucking at his mother's breast.

Chapter 2

"Mum!" he whispered and I stirred in my sleep, only to begin the
drift back to unconsciousness. Then it came again. "Mum!" but
this time with more urgency. I suddenly came awake and looked at

"What is it, Jimmy? What's wrong?" I asked, worrying that he
might be in pain. His right arm was still on the pillow I had
placed for it, the white plaster plainly visible in the darkened
bedroom. He must have used his feet to pull down the sheet to
below his navel and I could see clearly the outline of his erect
dick underneath. Did he want me to wank him again? I raised the
sheet and the heady odour of stale spunk wafted into my nostrils.
How many times had I sniffed that with Daddy? How many times had
I tasted Daddy's spunk from the night before when I had been
awakened in the mornings? How many times had I sucked his
erection, his 'morning woody' as he liked to call it? I quite
liked the pungent taste and smell of Daddy's cock in the
mornings. Could Jimmy smell sex on me too? Could he smell the
sex-juices that I made last night when I frigged myself as I
breast-fed him?

"I need to pee!" said my son but I didn't fail to notice that he
was staring at my naked tits, at the nipple I had offered to him
to suck on after I'd masturbated him last night.

I rose and went around the bed, pulled down the sheet completely
from his body and stared again at his wonderful erection. 'God,
how I want that!' I thought. I helped him up, placed the sling
around his neck for his plastered arm and we walked together to
the bathroom. He stood before the toilet bowl, his dick hard and
pulsing, pointing upwards. I placed my hand around his dick and
forced it down to point into the bowl. Although he tried hard,
nothing came out.

"I can't, Mum. It's too stiff!" he said, suddenly embarrassed by
his predicament. He knew and I knew what had to be done.

"You want me to... you know...?" I asked, although I already knew
the answer. He nodded, smiling sheepishly. Then he moved his feet
apart, steadying himself for what would happen when his mum
wanked him off again.

I knelt next to him, turning him around so that he faced me. I
placed my right hand around his hot shaft and pulled back the
foreskin completely from his knob and the smell of his sex wafted
again into my nostrils. My left hand went to his smooth ball-sac
and I gently moved his nballs around, feeling with my fingertips
those sperm-laden testicles that could make some girl pregnant.
'Jesus!' I thought, 'it's hot in here!'

As I slowly masturbated my young son, I looked up into his face.
His eyes were half-closed but they were looking down at my hands
as I stroked him, his expression of arousal making me hotter too
as I performed this sex act on my Jimmy. 'I'm going to hell!' I
thought, 'Eternal damnation!' but just then, it was a small price
to pay for the pleasure this was bringing to both of us.

He moaned as I stroked him, his knob just inches from my face,
and I could plainly see the pre-cum which seeped from his
pee-slit. He was a man, a being full of lust that could not be
denied or refused, and he was my son. 'I mustn't do this!' I told
myself. 'I shouldn't be feeling like this! It's not right, not
with my own son!' but my base instincts had taken me over and I
wouldn't admit it, and so I continued to pleasure him in the ways
Daddy had taught me.

I stared at his dick as I wanked him, wanting so badly to put his
knob into my mouth and give him the greatest pleasure he would
ever experience. I was still tickling his balls with my fingers
as my other hand stroked his smooth hot shaft and I knew that he
would cum soon. Suddenly his bandaged left hand touched the back
of my head and drew me towards him. His knob touched my lips! I
could feel the slippery pre-cum on my lips and I opened my mouth
to taste it with the tip of my tongue! When I looked up, he was
silently pleading. I just couldn't help myself. I swallowed his
hard dick! As my lips travelled down the length of his hot dick,
my tongue ran around his knob, tasting the salty man-fluid which
was still seeping out.

He was moaning again, this time whispering, "So nice! Always so
nice!" His balls moved easily within his ball-sac as my fingers
continued to fondle them and I licked his frenulum, that tender
spot underneath his knob where his foreskin was attached to his
shaft. Daddy had taught me well. I moved my head up and down,
sucking and licking his erection with each stroke. I was excited
too, not caring for the moment that it was my own son who was
making my juices drip from my pussy onto the floor beneath me.
From stroking his balls, I reached further back and touched his
anus with my fingertip. I pushed slightly into his hole and his
sharp intake of breath told me that he liked it as much as Daddy
used to. Then I touched his prostate and he jumped.

Jimmy's breathing became more ragged as my mouth and finger
stimulated him, and his hips moved slowly back and forth, pushing
his dick far into the back of my mouth every time he hunched
forward. I gagged each time his knob hit the back of my throat
which brought tears to my eyes but I couldn't stop him. I was as
aroused as he was, even with tears trickling down my cheeks. My
little boy was fucking my mouth like he was a man now, his lust
ignoring any consideration of family ties, and I was complicit in
his actions by pleasuring him by using all the techniques I had
learned from Daddy.

My head buzzed as my libido soared with his, and we raced towards
the fulfilment that nature dictated must happen between two
people who engaged in sharing their bodies with each other. I
rubbed my bare breasts against his thighs, hoping that my hard
erect nipples would add to his pleasure and as my eyes looked up
to see his face, I could see him mouthing, "Mummy! Mummy!" as he
looked down at me... and there were tears in his eyes.

His hip movements became faster, more urgent, until suddenly they
stopped. His body became rigid, his head went back and he
groaned. My mind screamed, 'Cum, Jimmy! Cum in Mummy's mouth!
Love me, Jimmy. Mummy needs you!'

"Mum! Mum! I'm cumming!" he called out. He didn't try to pull his
dick out of my mouth, didn't attempt to move at all, and suddenly
his erection jerked in my mouth and I felt his hot spunk splash
onto my tongue at the back of my throat. His bandaged hand held
my head tighter against him and I felt each spurt of his hot
semen as it pumped into my mouth. He was cumming! My little boy
was squirting his spunk into his mother's mouth! How obscene! How
filthy! How disgustingly satisfying!

His anus clamped my finger tight with each jerk of his dick and I
could feel that part of his dick between his balls and his bum
pulse against my palm as he shot each spurt of his boy-spunk into
my welcoming mouth. 'Yes, Jimmy, yes! That's right, cum in
Mummy's mouth!' His legs began to tremble and suddenly I was
scared. 'His orgasm is too intense! He'll fall! He'll collapse!'

I quickly took my finger from his bum-hole and with both hands, I
held his hips tightly, ready to catch him if his legs became too
weak. My mouth, however, I kept clamped firmly around his dick.
The jerking of his dick had stopped now and I had swallowed all
the semen that he had pumped into me. All that issued from his
dick now were the last remnants of his orgasm, those last
dribbles that heralded the end of his mating with his female.

As the dribbles ended and his limbs became still, he looked down
at me and I saw the love in his eyes. He wasn't disgusted or
horrified to see his mother still gently sucking and licking his
dick but now there was serenity in his face. His dick began to
soften in my mouth and, after giving it a final lick to clean it,
I released his dick from my mouth and stood up beside him.

I took him into my arms and felt my hard nipples grazing his
chest. "Are you OK now, Jimmy?" I asked softly and his bandaged
hand went around my waist and he said quietly, "Oh yes, Mum," and
he held me close to him. His wet dick felt nice against my skin
but I resisted the urge to reach down and fondle it again. We
were like lovers, cuddling as they do after making love. I felt
less like a child-molester now, less like a parent who had taken
advantage of an innocent child.

His head moved slightly by the side of mine and he breathed into
my ear, "Thanks, Mum. I really needed that." I hugged him
tighter, stopping myself from telling him that I absolutely loved
doing it and that I hoped there would be much more in the future.

We hugged for maybe half a minute and then he whispered again. "I
still need to pee." I looked into his eyes and we both began to

Then I asked, "Is it just peeing or do you need to do both?" and
he grinned, replying, "Just peeing this time. No toilet paper

As I held his dick, I watched the urine splash down into the
water. I went over in my mind what had just happened and I
remembered something he had said in the throes of his passion
while I was sucking him. He had said, "So nice. Always so nice!"
There was something wrong, something which sounded a false note.
"Always" was the word he had used. That could only mean one
thing. He had let somebody suck him before tonight! Who? He had
no girlfriends that I knew of. 'Stop it, Helen!' I told myself.
'He'll tell you when he's ready,' but my mind wouldn't stop
wondering who it could have been.

When I took him back to my bed, I settled him down again with his
plastered arm on the pillow and when I leaned over him to switch
out the bedside light, he moved his head slightly to capture my
nipple between his lips. After the light was off, I stayed above
him, letting his mouth suck on my nipple while I reached down
once more between my legs to frig myself to orgasm. With the
image of what had just happened still fresh in my memory, and the
taste of my son's sperm still coating my tongue and the inside of
my mouth, my cum was intense and, as I shook, I felt my
sex-juices flooding my cunt. 'Oh God! How horny he makes me
feel!' I thought.

The bright light of the dawn filtered through the thin curtains
and I turned my head to watch my son sleep. My little boy! So
handsome, just like his dad. I used to wake up next to Daddy when
Mum was away from home and watch him sleep too. Although I was
only 12 then, he was my boyfriend, the lover who filled me with
spunk every chance he got. I had wanted his hands on me, had
thrilled each time he kissed me and I had welcomed his cock into
my little body each time we could be together. Now here I was,
lying in bed with our son, and the desire to wake him like I did
with Daddy was overwhelming. Waking Daddy with a blow-job had
always been an exciting prospect for me and the pleasure I
brought him each time made me want to do it all the more.

I lifted the sheet to look at Jimmy's dick again and, although it
was soft, it thrilled me to see it. 'Oh Jimmy, if only you knew
how much I wanted your dick inside my pussy!' The smell of sex
was there again, wafting up from under the sheet, and I realised
that my own juices contributed to the odour. I decided to take a
bath straight away before Jimmy woke up.

Getting out of bed carefully so as not to wake him, I padded
softly to the bathroom, still naked. I closed the bathroom door
and turned the taps to fill the bath. As it filled, I looked at
myself in the full-length mirror there and noticed my hairy pussy
which reminded me that it had been a couple of months since I had
last shaved around it. Immediately I filled the wash-basin and
used the special shaving cream for the job. With one eye on the
bath and the other watching carefully the razor in my hand, I
started the shaving process. Once my pubic hair had been removed,
I had to turn off the taps over the bath. I opened the door so
that I could hear Jimmy call out if he needed me.

Stepping into the warm water, I sat down and my fingers went down
between my legs to touch the soft bare skin of my sex. Hairless
like a 10-year-old now, I remembered what it felt like when I
used to touch myself in my bed before Daddy started fingering me.
My little fingers would touch my lips and then slide between them
to find the tiny button above my hole which I stroked to get
those good feelings.

I washed myself, standing up in the bath to wash my bum and my
now hairless pussy. With my fingers covered in soap, I washed my
bum-hole, sliding a single finger up inside and pushing it up as
far as it would go. 'Oh Daddy, that's so nice!' I began fucking
myself with it, remembering how it felt when Daddy did it to me.
I pulled it out and covered my hand and fingers with soap again,
this time sliding my hand down to wash my hairless pussy. My
fingers slid between my lips and I tingled with each movement of
my fingers against the delicate flesh of my sex. 'Yes, Jimmy,
touch your mummy's bare cunt!' I touched my clit, the hard button
that Daddy used to rub to make me cum, and I sighed.

My eyes started to close and I leaned back against the cold
tiles, rubbing my sex harder, moaning as my fingers began in
earnest the urgent task of making me cum. 'Yes, Jimmy! Yes,
Daddy! Do it to me, both of you!' I pushed two fingers in my wet
pussy, using my thumb to stroke my clit. 'Oh God! I need to cum!'
My fingers felt good inside me and I began to thrust them harder
into my pussy. I was starting to shake and my hips had pushed
forward obscenely, making me appear like a slut on heat. 'I want
cock! Jimmy! Daddy! Give me cock! I need COCK!'

I was gasping now, moaning softly, the image of Daddy and Jimmy
doing these things to me so exciting. I felt my face contorted
with lust as my fingers began to speed up. My eye strayed
accidentally towards the door in the middle of my masturbation
and I was shocked and horrified to see Jimmy standing there,
watching me. His bandaged hand was rubbing his erect cock, his
eyes concentrating on the hand of the filthy slut who was his
mother. He couldn't wank himself properly as only his fingertips
were outside the covering bandage.

"Jimmy!" I blurted out, shocked that I had been caught frigging
myself. My fingers froze where they were, buried inside me.

"Mum, I... I..." he said, still staring at the hand between my
legs, his bandage still being rubbed against his shaft.

'I have to help him! He needs me!' I thought and I stepped out of
the bath, my body dripping water onto the floor. He wanted to see
me, to watch me frigging myself. The sudden urge to display
myself to my young son became overwhelming and I sat on the edge
of the bath, opening my legs wide to let my boy see me in all my
wanton glory. His eyes stared at that place between my legs,
those lips so wet with the juices of my desire. He came closer,
his eyes fixed firmly on my fingers as I opened my lips so that
he could see my hole and that precious button above it.

"Look, Jimmy! Look at Mummy's cunt!" The filthy words just rolled
out of my mouth. I was so aroused that I wanted to say more.

He stared as I took a finger and pushed it into my hole. "See how
Mummy likes to play with herself!"

He came between my wide-open legs and knelt down, still trying
his best to masturbate to the sight of his wanton mother
displaying herself in such an obscene manner.

I was becoming more excited and what sense I had was leaving me.

"See that, Jimmy? That little button? Daddy liked rubbing it and
licking it!" His eyes opened wider at my words but they did not
leave the place where my fingers continued to diddle myself. I
rubbed my clit, watching his lovely eyes follow my fingertips and
suddenly I absolutely lost it! I just blurted it out!

"Lick it for me, Jimmy!" and I pulled his head forward. 'Oh my
God! What have I done?' I was just about to stop this going any
further and become a good decent mother when his tongue touched
my button. 'Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! He's doing it!' My resolve to
become a good mother suddenly melted and I became the filthy slut
who was seducing her 13-year-old son.

He licked my clit, each touch of his tongue sending jolts of
electricity through me. I felt his fingertips touching my hole
and he tried, unsuccessfully, to push one into me. But his
tongue... ooh that tongue kept licking and I found myself pulling
his head harder against my pussy. He got the idea and began to
set the pace, occasionally leaving my clit and licking between my
bare lips, pushing the tip of his tongue inside my soaking wet

I was moaning, sighing, calling his name, as he brought me
towards the orgasm for which I had longed.

"Yes, Jimmy! Like that! Just like that!" I called between gasps.
I was panting, shaking now with the emotions that my Jimmy was
bringing out in me.

"Fuck me! Fuck Mummy with your tongue!" The filthy talk continued
pouring from my mouth, my arousal too intense to stop it. "That's
right, Jimmy. Just like Daddy!" I wasn't looking down any more,
my eyes closed as my handsome son made me delirious with the
actions of his tongue. He licked my clit harder and I groaned
loudly, my breathing becoming laboured as I gasped. I pulled his
face harder against me, grinding my soaking wet cunt into his
nose and mouth, almost smothering him, but I had to go on, I had
to cum. Nothing mattered right now except the male mouth and
tongue which would bring me to Heaven.

Then came the tingle, the sure sign that I was about to cum, to
ejaculate the strong-tasting cum juices that I had savoured
myself for years. Suddenly it was on me and my muscles tensed up
and my body went rigid. I started shaking, almost falling off the
edge of the bath. His tongue kept licking hard as I lost control
of myself, wailing between gritted teeth and then calling his
name out as my orgasm washed over me.

"Jimmy! Jimmy! Love me!" I cried and the shaking became worse as
the spasms kept coming. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I shouted, the sounds
distorted by the fact that my teeth were still clamped together.

I could feel the cum-juices pouring from my open cunt and then
Jimmy's tongue was there, licking and sucking them as they
flooded out.

"Yes, Daddy! Yes, keep licking your dirty girl!" I shouted in my
delirium and then the waves of sensation began to lessen, to
become less strong. I moaned as his tongue continued licking and
then I felt the tip of the tongue push inside my hole, searching
for more of my cum-juice. It wormed inside me, probing, making me
shake again, and I pressed against his mouth, trying to get his
tongue deeper inside my welcoming greedy cunt.

'I'm a slut! A slut! Keep doing it! I love you, Daddy!' My
thoughts were between my legs, were with the man who had brought
me to this glorious orgasm all those times before when I was a
kid. 'Must see. Must watch him lick me!' but when I fnally opened
my eyes and looked down at my hairless sodden cunt, it was my son
who looked up at me.

My Jimmy was still licking me, his lips and tongue worshiping my
sex as though his life depended on the contact. I reached down
and touched his head, signalling that he should stop and then he
pulled back. He looked deep into my eyes and I wanted to hold
him, to kiss him softly and hug him to my naked breasts. From
nose to chin, he was covered with my juices, the juices he had
brought out of me with his mouth and his love. I bent forward and
gently kissed his lips, then used my own tongue to clean his
face, just like a cat with a kitten, swallowing the love-juice he
had so wonderfully coaxed from my pussy.

He stayed on his knees while I cleaned his face and when I had
finished doing it, I kissed him again on his lips. His eyes had
closed as I had licked his face but when he opened them, they
were different somehow. He was looking at me now and the
expression was unmistakable. The face looking at me was the face
of Daddy, my daddy and his. Oh God! O Jesus! My father and my son
had both made me cum but years apart! With my thoughts in
disarray, I looked away but Jimmy's bandaged hand came up to
touch my face and as I looked into those soft brown eyes again,
he opened his mouth to speak.

"I love you, Mum."

It hit me like a slap in the face. I wanted to cry with emotion
but instead I sank to my knees in front of him and took his face
in my hands and kissed his lips. He couldn't hug me because of
his injuries but my arms went around him to cuddle him. My hands
stroked his back and I started to stroke his youthful buttocks,
so taut in my hands. Suddenly I remembered. 'Oh God! He hasn't
cum yet! He's still got a stiff dick and I haven't helped him to

I didn't say anything as I helped him to lie down onto the floor
but he knew what was likely to happen when I took his fine
erection into my hand and started to wank him slowly as my lips
sought his. I was aggressive now, forcing open his lips and
thrusting my tongue into his mouth. He moaned around my tongue as
I stroked his hot dick but things were changing. I wasn't just
masturbating my son to get him to cum. I was making love to him!

'Stop, Helen!' I told myself. 'Stop this now before it's too

His gentle lips sucked on my tongue and I was becoming more
aroused with each passing second. More thoughts came. 'No, Jimmy!
No, we mustn't do this!'

I couldn't allow this, I mustn't let this happen. I mustn't let
him make love to me. Sex is one thing but love... No, I have to
stop it! There's only one way. I have to stop kissing him. I
pulled away from his lips and went instead to his groin with my
mouth. Suck him off! Make him cum but keep away from his full
gentle sexy lips. As my lips parted to take his hard shaft into
my mouth, he shuffled slightly so that he could open his legs
further. My hand went down to feel his ball-sac and my fingers
stroked the balls within. I was sucking him, licking under the
knob where he was so sensitive.

'Make him cum! Make him cum quickly!' I thought. 'If I make him
cum, it will break the spell. Don't look at him; just give him
what he needs.'

But I was weak and I looked into his face again. Those soft brown
eyes watched my lips moving up and down the length of his hard
shaft He watched his mother performing lewd acts of oral sex on
him, felt gentle female fingers stroking his balls. His full
sweet lips looked so inviting and my resolve began to crumble
again. 'Be strong!' I told myself but I was lost. I was just too
weak to resist him.

My feelings of sexual love for Jimmy were overwhelming me and
although I knew that I shouldn't commit incest with my son, I
knew equally well that I wasn't strong enough to deny myself. I
would make excuses later for my terrible behaviour but for now, I
wanted his dick.

I moved again and lay beside him, supporting myself on one elbow
and bending over him to kiss his lips once more. His tongue
forced open my lips and I willingly accepted his tongue, sucking
on it while my hand again began to wank him. I was making juice
in my cunt and I could feel it seeping out of me. My son was
turning me on so much but I didn't want it to stop.

"Do you really want me, Jimmy?" I asked breathlessly as his
tongue left my mouth and, without pause, he replied, "Oh yes,

At once, I rolled on top of him, straddling his waist but taking
care not to touch his plastered arm. I bent down to kiss him
again, moving my body backwards until I could feel his stiff dick
touching my pussy-lips and then I stopped. My bare crotch touched
his and his sparse pubic hair tickled my cunt. How glad I was
that I'd shaved myself there.

His eyes were full of lust, the same lust that drove Daddy to do
those things to me when I was little. He wanted to fuck me, to
push his dick inside his mummy, and I wanted it too. Having a
conscience was no longer an option for either of us. Our sexual
desires over-rode any rules or standards of decent behaviour and
we were both now feral beings, driven on only by the carnal lust
which has us both in its grip.

My hand found his dick and I placed it firmly against my cunt,
rubbing it quickly up and down my wet slit to gather my juices
although I was producing so much in my cunt that it would not be
needed. When I placed his knob to my hole, he tried to hump it
into me straight away. His eyes were wild with lust and I knew
that he wanted no more foreplay, no more toying with each other.
Penetration was all that mattered to him now and my own body was
crying out for the same thing.

I lowered myself onto his erection, feeling his large knob
forcing its way up into my soaking pussy. His eyes closed as my
pussy swallowed his stiff inches and soon his pubic hair was
pushed hard against me. He was in me, in me to the hilt. I sighed
with each inch of penetration and he held his breath as my silky
wet pussy enveloped his hot hard rod. Once he realised that he
was all the way in me, he exhaled and opened his eyes.

I raised myself slightly and he did what young virile men do. He
moved his hips up and started to hump me. His dick felt wonderful
inside me as he fucked and I started to mewl like a kitten. I
stroked his face as we made love, my fingers touching his lips,
his nose and his cute chin. Then I adjusted my position so that I
could dangle my tits over his face. His lips went to a nipple and
he bathed it with his tongue, pulling on it with his teeth now
and then, exciting me beyond endurance.

"Oh Jimmy! Suck Mummy's tits! Fuck Mummy's cunt with your big
dick!" I moaned, going with the sexy feelings he was instilling
in me.

This dirty talk was having an effect on Jimmy too and suddenly he
was fucking me harder and faster. "Yes, Jimmy! Yes!" I said
between gritted teeth.

His teeth were hurting my nipple now but he was too far gone to
worry about me and I was so aroused that the pain seemed to
intensify my excitement. I almost wanted to be hurt, wanted my
male to show his dominance over me. Even though I was on top, he
dominated; he set the pace of our rutting, our mating, and I was
the female who had to submit to him.

Suddenly his body went rigid, his pubic bone hard against mine,
and I felt his dick expand and begin to jerk inside me. He was
cumming inside his mummy!

"Cum in me, Jimmy! Cum in Mummy! Give me all your spunk!" I cried
as the first jet of his hot spunk shot up inside my welcoming
pussy. I stayed in position as his balls began to empty into me
and I felt each pulse of his dick as it pumped gob after gob of
hot potent spunk to splash against my cervix. His face was
contorted as he came and I saw his father again in that face.

I felt five or six pulses of his dick and then the jerking
stopped. His hips started to descend slowly as the rigidity of
his body declined and I moved myself down too so that his dick
would not leave my pussy. I moved to kiss him and I stroked his
face again as he began to come down from his high. He kissed me
back, this time gentle and loving instead of sexual and urgent.

We didn't speak but his bandaged hand went behind me to stroke my
back as we kissed. I felt so much love for him now, the same
sexual love I had felt for Daddy, and a kind of serenity seemed
to surround me. I was loved by a man again, even if he was not
yet 14, and I began once more to feel the security that I had
enjoyed when Daddy was with me.

Jimmy's dick was softening inside me now and I moved carefully
until his dick dropped out of my soaking wet cunt. Even as I
rolled off him to lie beside him, I knew that his spunk and my
juices were beginning to seep from my well-fucked hole. 'Oh
Jimmy, how wonderful that felt!' I thought.

I put my arm across his waist and we lay there, kissing, stroking
each other and not saying anything. It was wrong. It was incest.
It was illegal. It was my fault. It was beautiful, so exquisitely
beautiful. His dreamy brown eyes looked into mine and he smiled,
making my insides tingle. I was in love with my son and I had
just encouraged him to fuck me. Did that make me a bad mother?
Please, God, don't let anybody find out about this.

Chapter 3

As I prepared my Jimmy's breakfast, my mind was everywhere except
on the job I was doing. I spilt the milk, let a pan boil over and
finally cut my finger on a knife. As I sucked my finger, I went
over in my mind what had happened between us, what I had LET
happen. Guilt was tormenting me. Had I inflicted sex on Jimmy? I
had, I knew I had. 'Dear God, get me out of this!'

The TV poured out its usual morning rubbish and Jimmy, bathed and
cleansed of all evidence of our love-making, watched it. Was he
thinking about what we'd done? Now, in the cold light of day, was
he sorry about what he had let me do to him?

I had felt awkward lying beside him on the bathroom floor,
stroking his body after our sex and feeling his own bandaged hand
on my body as he caressed me too. I didn’t know what to say,
didn't know how to disengage from him. It was just like each time
I had slept with the very few men that I had dated. In the
morning, leaving was always the most awkward part, not knowing
how to disengage from the man I had slept with.

But this was my son, my Jimmy. I couldn't talk to him about what
we had just done, nor could I forget that he had said he loved
me. I loved him too, just like I loved Daddy, and the feelings
were no less intense. With Daddy though, I was the child and it
was made easy for me. Now I was the adult and it was up to me to
make the decision about what to do.

I had ducked the issue again by adopting my technique of becoming
business-like, a successful ploy to hide my real feelings. I had
eventually released myself from Jimmy's arm and I had said
jovially, "Come on, young Jimmy, time to get you bathed." I tried
not to look into his face as I said it, afraid that he would see
my desire for him, but when I glanced for that brief second into
his face, his soft brown eyes made me go all gooey.

Holding his dick while he peed and then bathing him was a
challenge. I refused to be aroused by his body and quickly
cleaned him, giving only minimal attention to his sex organs,
those beautiful objects of my unhealthy desire. With his bandaged
arm through one sleeve of the bath-robe, I placed the remainder
of the garment across his shoulders and helped him downstairs,
quickly returning to wash my cunt and thighs clean of his
incestuous seed. I had dressed quickly and gone downstairs, eager
to avoid what needed discussing by hiding in the kitchen with my
pots and pans.

Now that breakfast was finally made, I called him and he took his
place at the table next to me. As I fed him pieces of bacon and
toast, I tried to avoid his eyes but there was no escape for me.

"Mum, can I ask you something?" he said softly. I nodded,
wondering how he was going to start this difficult conversation
about our changed relationship.

"You told me that a boy from school had got you pregnant, didn't
you? That he was my father." This wasn't the question I had
steeled myself for and it threw me. I had told him the lie many
years ago and fortunately it had been left that way. Suddenly I
knew where this was heading.

"Jimmy... I... I wanted..." I began but I didn't know how to
continue. He looked at me steadily, no hint of accusation in his
brown eyes. I was searching for an excuse, anything at all to
avoid telling him the truth.

"It wasn't true, was it? It wasn't a boy from anywhere, Mum. It
was your father who you were making love with, wasn't it? He's my
father, isn't he?" He laid his hand on mine as he waited for the
answer. I felt numb. I knew this day would come and that the
truth would have to be told. I was trapped now, unable to escape
my responsibility. Would he be hurt because I lied to him or
would he be ashamed that he was the product of our incest?

Leaning towards him, I hugged him to me and started to rock
gently. I started to sob and his arm went around my shoulder,
comforting me as I shook.

Through the sobbing, I began to apologise. "I'm so sorry, Jimmy.
I shouldn't have lied to you."

He took over the rocking then, making comforting sounds as he
tried to calm me. "It's alright, Mum. It's OK, don't get upset."
Then his lips were against my ear and he was kissing it. "It
doesn't matter, it really doesn't matter," he whispered, kissing
the side of my face but my sobbing continued. As if he had
suddenly had the thought, he asked, "He didn't rape you, did he?"

"Rape? Good God, no! He was a gentle man who loved me, Jimmy.
Daddy taught me about sex and even though we both knew we
shouldn't have done it, it was the most wonderful experience of
my life." My sobbing stopped then and I wanted to get everything
out in the open before I lost my nerve. "Don't be mad, Jimmy. I'm
sorry if I let you down but I couldn't help falling in love with
Daddy. It wasn't his fault, not really. I wanted him as much as
he wanted me. We would have been a complete and happy family if
my mother had just kept quiet."

I had to tell him the truth about Daddy, my son's father. "He was
taken to court when my mother found out about my pregnancy. He
was sentenced to 10 years in prison because we loved each other
and I was pregnant with you. Suddenly he was gone and they
wouldn't even let me know where he was so I could visit him. He
was barred from ever contacting me again." My sadness showed and
Jimmy pulled me tighter into him.

"When you were born, Mum tried not to hate us but she wasn't very
good at pretending, and when I was 18, she went off with a man to
start her new life." I wasn't upset now, just angry at the memory
of her disapproval of me. She was my mother; she was supposed to
love me. "Mum refused to tell me where Dad was being held. When
she told me he had been released, you were 8 years old. I wanted
you to meet your father and for us to be a family but he had
changed his name to escape the newspapers reporters hounding him.
I didn't know his new name so I had no way of finding him when he
came out of prison."

Just then, the phone rang, and I was going to ignore it but Jimmy
released me and I rose wearily to answer it.

"Hello," I said flatly, and when Martin asked if I was alright, I
lied and told him yes. It was Jimmy's friend, that nice
16-year-old who worked tirelessly for the church and often helped
the elderly in their homes. Such a nice boy, so well-mannered and
polite, and I had encouraged his friendship with Jimmy two years
ago when he had first come round with some church pamphlets and
the Community Gazette.

"Will it be OK if I come round to visit the invalid?" Martin
asked jovially and I smiled then, saying of course he could. I
needed to go to ASDA today and so I asked Martin if he would stay
with Jimmy while I went shopping. "I'd be delighted," he said.
"Do I need to bring anything? Games or something?" he asked and I
realised again just how kind and thoughtful this boy was.

"He can't do anything with his hands, Martin, but thanks for
offering," I said. "If you could just keep an eye on him until I
get back, it would be a tremendous help."

"I'm glad to help, Helen," he said. I had told him a year ago to
start calling me Helen because I had been so impressed with nhis
mature and responsible ways. "I'll be round in about 15 minutes.
I've just got to check that my gran's OK and then I'll be with
you," and then he rang off. Such a nice boy!

Jimmy was naked under his bath-robe but I figured that I would be
back home from ASDA before Jimmy needed the toilet again so I
didn't see a need to dress him before Martin came. I promised
Jimmy that I would talk to him again after Martin had gone home
and tell him more about his father.

As promised, Martin arrived on time. A tall boy, 6 inches taller
than I was, he was well-built in a macho way but he had delicate
features which seemed to lead you away from the power of his
physique and bring you to the conclusion that he was more
sensitive than his rugged build suggested.

He carried a bunch of flowers and, as he handed them to me, he
said, "These are for the nurse," and he smiled. "This," he said,
holding up a large bar of chocolate, "is for the patient."
Jimmy's favourite chocolate! How nice was that?!

"Thankyou, Martin," I said and I kissed his cheek, making him
feel embarrassed. "I'll put these in water straight away," I
said. "Jimmy's in the living room. Go straight through."

When I brought the vase of flowers into the living room, Martin
was sitting next to Jimmy, feeding him some of the chocolate that
he had brought. I placed the flowers on the table and asked after
Martin's family and he gave a quick report on how well they were.

"I'll leave Jimmy to tell you about his accident and take myself
off to ASDA," I said. "Take anything you need, Martin, and thanks
again for sitting with Jimmy. I'll be about an hour so you
shouldn't have to do anything for him."

"Really, Helen, it's a pleasure. Take as long as you want. I'll
take care of him." Some woman was going to get a wonderful
husband when Martin fell in love.

After five minutes in the car, I remembered that I hadn't given
Jimmy his pain relief. I should have given him the suppository
and I'd forgotten about it with all the happenings at the
breakfast table. 'I mustn't forget when I get back home,' I

It was an hour and a half before I arrived home and I apologised
profusely to Martin for taking so long, but he brushed it off,
telling me again what a pleasure it was. He had to go though. He
had promised Mrs. Evans, the old woman at number 38, that he
would put a new bulb in her downstairs toilet.

I watched him leave and then put away the shopping, wondering
again how it could have cost so much. What else did I have to do?
Oh yes, Jimmy's suppository. I took the long pill from the
packaging and went into the living room to administer it.  He saw
me coming with it grasped between my fingers.

"Oh, I don't need it, Mum," he said and he looked decidedly
shifty. "It's not hurting at all."

"Come on, love, you know you have to take these twice a day," I
said gently but his face was red, I supposed with embarrassment.
Why was he making a fuss? He was OK with the first one that I
pushed inside him last night. What was wrong?

"Please, Jimmy, do it for me," I asked, giving him that face I
used to use on him when he was 6 and he wouldn't eat his

I opened his bath-robe and beheld that lovely soft dick and the
silky ball-sac which nestled so snugly between his thighs. 'Stop
looking, Helen!' I told myself. 'Just push the suppository where
it has to go.' I pulled his hips towards me and opened his legs
wide, pushing them upwards to see his bum-hole. It was red and
open! Spunk was oozing out! 'It can't be! It just can't!' I
thought. I touched his anal ring and felt the slimy liquid on my
fingers. It WAS spunk!

I looked into his face and his eyes were cast down. He knew I
would find the spunk. That's why he tried to stop me giving him
the suppository. It was Martin! Martin had fucked my little boy's
arse! My senses reeled at this discovery and a hundred questions
gathered in my mind. How long had he been doing this with Martin?
How did it start? Did Martin force himself on Jimmy? Wait, Jimmy
had not been surprised at how wonderful it was when I had first
sucked his dick. That's why. Martin had been giving my son
blowjobs! What should I do? What should I say? 'Keep cool, Helen!
Don't explode!'

Without a word, I pushed the suppository into his anus, using two
fingers instead of one to push it into Jimmy as far as I could. I
felt his anus grab my fingers and I wanted to finger-fuck him, to
give him real pleasure. He moaned as my fingers moved and I so
wanted to make love to him but all the greasy spunk inside his
rectum reminded me that he had a lover, a male lover who sucked
his dick and filled him with baby-seed. His insides were hot, his
love-tube so very slippery with his lover's potent spunk, but the
very fact of it aroused me.

I knelt between his legs with two fingers pushed deep inside my
son's recently fucked arse, and I lowered my head to take his
dick into my mouth. What conscience I had was gone now and my
lust was ruling me, urging me on to commit more incestuous acts
with my son. As I moved my fingers easily inside him, I
remembered fleetingly his father who had always liked me to do
the same with him when he came home with his bum filled with some
man's cum. I had done the same with Daddy, sucking his big cock
while rubbing my fingers against his prostate until he came in my

But this was Jimmy, my beautiful son, and I was massaging his
prostate so that he too would fill my mouth with his boy-seed.

"Oh Mum!" he whispered, and I looked up to see that his eyes were
filled with that same lust which was driving me on to commit
these terrible sexual offences against my only son. "Lick me like
you did with Daddy! Fuck me harder, Mum, hurt me like Martin

The image in my head of Martin's cock deep inside my son made me
slam my fist hard against Jimmy's hole as I tried to get the last
millimetres of my fingers still further up inside his slippery
rectum. I licked his shaft hard and ran my tongue downwards to
force it hard between the balls in his ball-sac.

"Mum! Mum, I love you!" he moaned between gritted teeth and I
wanted to tell him that I loved him too but my mouth was busy
pleasuring him so I just moaned into his balls.

I took my two fingers out of him but replaced them with three
instead and when I forced them into him, he sighed, his eyes
closed and he muttered, "Oh yes, Martin!"

My knickers were soaked with my juices and I was producing more
every minute. His legs had tired and were now over my shoulders,
and I could feel his heels on my back, pulling me hard towards
him, wanting me to do more. I sucked his dick again, lapping the
pre-cum from his piss-slit with my tongue and his hips raised up,
forcing more of his hard shaft into my mouth. 'Yes, Jimmy! Make
me take your cock!' I screamed silently. What sensible thoughts
had been in my head were gone completely and had been replaced by
the desire for sexual gratification at any cost.

Jimmy's bandaged hand came to the top of my head and he pushed it
downwards, wanting me to go lower but I didn't know where. My
mouth released his dick and I ran my lips down to his balls but
he pushed my head lower and I knew what he wanted. I moved my
head down and lapped at his anus, tasting Martin's cum as it
oozed from Jimmy's gaping arse. He sighed as my tongue went
inside his gaping hole in search of more of his lover's seed and
I wiggled my tongue and pushed hard to get inside as far as I

He became breathless as I probed his depths with my tongue and
his bandaged hand pulled my head forward, forcing my lips tight
against him and pressing my nose against his sperm-laden balls.
As I licked the walls of his rectum, he moaned loudly and I felt
its vibration through my tongue. It spurred me on, making me lick
faster and deeper and, because of my arousal, I realised that I
was neglecting his hot hard shaft. My arm went over his thigh and
I grasped his erection with fingers that now trembled, wanking
him vigorously.

"Yes, Mum! Oh yes, Mum!" he whispered hoarsely. My nose, pressed
hard against his ball-sac, breathed in the odour of boy, of
sperm, of young man arousal, and it was a heady wine. He raised
his hips clear of the settee and I had to follow him, my mouth
still pushed hard against him as my tongue searched for his
lover's spunk. His anal ring tightened around my tongue and I
knew that soon his dick would erupt and seed would shoot from his

Suddenly he froze, his bottom in mid-air, and his body became
rigid as every one of his muscles tensed up. He groaned and I
felt his dick jerk in my hand, and then his shaft pulsed as gobs
of hot spunk shot out from his pee-slit and splattered onto his
belly. His anus gripped my tongue as his body ejaculated his
boy-seed and I watched his face as he came. His eyes were closed,
his face contorted with the intensity of his orgasm, and I wanted
to hug him, to share his joy, but I had to stay where I was, my
tongue inside him and my hand still stroking his dick until there
was no more spunk to come, until his balls were empty.

He trembled as he finished ejaculating and I moved quickly to sit
next to him and hold him close to me. He leaned over towards me
and his head went under my chin, snuggling against the top of my
breasts. I knew what he needed then and pulled up my T-shirt and
bra so that he could suck my nipple. He latched on like a baby
and began to suck gently, his tongue teasing my nipple. As he
became sleepy, I looked at the mess he had made on his belly.
'Such a lovely mess!' I thought and used the fingers of my free
hand to run through the little puddles, coating my fingertips and
bringing them to my mouth to lick.

As I nursed my Jimmy, I thought about what Martin had done. He
had bummed my little boy, forced his cock up inside him, fucked
him hard and cum inside him. Had he kissed him? Had he made Jimmy
suck his cock first to make it wet? Did my Jimmy love sucking
cock? Did they fuck each other in turn or was it all one way?
These thoughts were arousing me and I moved my hand down inside
my pants, touching first my soaking wet pussy lips and then
rubbing my clit.

As my fingers worked, I imagined how it might have been. Jimmy
whispers, "Kiss me, Martin. Touch my dick!" While being kissed,
he touches the hardness in Martin's pants, wanting it hard and
hot, wanting it to fuck his little bottom. Martin pulls his pants
and underpants down to his ankles and then moves up, touching his
big knob against Jimmy's lips and my little boy opens his mouth
and takes his lover's cock deeply, licking it, making it wet so
that Martin can slide it inside his little arse easily.

'Oh Christ! I'm so worked up! This fantasy is making me too
excited!' What next? Jimmy is on his back, his legs held up in
the air on Martin's shoulders. Jimmy begs, "Please... please fuck
me, Martin! I want your cock!" I rubbed my cunt furiously then,
picturing Jimmy's face as his lover's cock is forced through his
sphincter, the wide knob first and then the inches of shaft
following until my son's little bowels are full of man-cock.

'You're making Mummy cum, Jimmy! You and your boyfriend are
making me hot!' I imagined Jimmy's face as Martin fucks his cock
in and out, lust taking over and making him moan with each thrust
of Martin's manhood. Jimmy is bent almost double as his lover
spears him again and again, his little bottom upturned and his
rectum forced wide open by the invading member. Martin's full
balls are banging against Jimmy's buttocks with each inward
thrust and I can hear the slap each time.

'Oh God, I'm nearly cumming!' Martin looks down into Jimmy's face
with love and he moves Jimmy's legs so that he can wrap them
around Martin's waist. I can hear it! "I love you, Jimmy!" he
whispers and he bends down to kiss my little boy's lips, pushing
his tongue into my son's mouth. Jimmy is sucking Martin's tongue
as his arse is being pounded. His own little dick is rock hard
because Martin's knob keeps hitting Jimmy's prostate, sending
shocks up and down my baby's spine.

'Breed him, Martin! Breed my little angel!' My body was shaking
and I tried my best to control it because I didn't want Jimmy to
wake but my cum was starting and I couldn't stop it. In my mind,
Martin's cock is belching out hot potent spunk into my little
boy's rectum, filling him with the seed that Jimmy needs so
badly. 'Fill his little cunt, Martin!' I screamed silently, my
body shaking with the intense orgasm that my fingers had

Seconds later, it was all over. My knickers were sodden and I
took my hand out and licked the pungent-tasting sex juices from
my fingers. When I looked down at Jimmy, he was still asleep, his
lips still touching my long nipple. 'Oh you beautiful boy!' I
thought. 'How sexy you are!' He stirred then, and when I pushed
my nipple against his lips, his little mouth opened and the
nipple slid inside, and he sucked again contentedly.

Looking down into my son's face, I could see Daddy again. His
expressions were the same, his demeanour and gentleness just like
Daddy's. Now it seemed that his sexual activities also mirrored
his father's. I remembered so many times that Daddy had gone out
for the evening and then returned home less than two hours later
and come immediately to my bed. He would cuddle me, kissing me
over and over, highly aroused by what some man had just done to

I didn't understand the attraction at the beginning because I was
only 12 but I came to understand how much he needed that contact,
that special connection that men had with each other. Funny
though, I never felt threatened by his need to have men fuck him.
He came straight home to me after each encounter and always told
me how much he loved me, and I believed him. On those occasions,
foreplay rarely happened except to make my pussy or bottom-hole
very wet so that he could plunge his cock into me and fuck me

I always loved how passionate he was after those outings, how
aroused he became by it, and he would sometimes ask me to put my
fingers inside him and feel "that man's spunk". I always did as
he asked and he would moan into my ear as my fingers moved around
inside him. I loved my father so much that I would have done
absolutely anything he asked of me. He loved me too and showed it
after each of these nights. After mounting me and fucking me
hard, he would cum inside me quickly but afterwards, he would
kiss and lick between my legs for up to half an hour, thinking of
nothing but pleasing me. I would become highly aroused by his
oral attentions and then he would rise up over me, pressing his
cock into me and making love in the most gentle way. His lips
kissed my face, my neck, my tiny breasts, and I felt so safe in
Daddy's arms as we made love. When he came inside me, we would
hold each other really tight and his hands would caress my body
as we came down from our respective highs. 'Oh Daddy! Why did
they have to take you away?'

Jimmy slept, my arm holding him, his lips to my breast. His
innocence was no more but he still looked angelic as he sucked
contentedly. So much like Daddy. What was I to do now? I loved
Jimmy as I loved Daddy and I knew what would happen if I allowed
myself to keep having sex with him. My head told me to stop doing
these things with him but my heart yearned for that contact. He
loved me, wanted me as a lover, and I had to admit that I wanted
him too. I wanted his dick in me. I wanted him to hump me at
every opportunity, to fuck my cunt and spray his seed in me. I
wanted him in my bed every time Martin fucked his little bum so
that I could push my fingers in his arse and feel the man-spunk
inside him, all slippery and warm. And I wanted him to fuck me
hard and roughly, just like Daddy did when he too had his bum
full of spunk. And afterwards, the gentle love-making between us,
the true love and not just lust.

I pushed some stray hair from my son's forehead and whispered
softly, "I love you, Jimmy." I would follow my heart, not my
head, but my only worry now was that we should never be found
out. If our relationship should be discovered, I would be locked
away and never see my Jimmy again. I knew that I would have to
speak to Martin, to make sure that he knew nothing of what had
happened between Jimmy and me. I also needed to know how he felt
about Jimmy. Was it just sex or did he care about my son?

Chapter 4

During the rest of that day, I spoon-fed him, cared for him as a
mother should, and nursed him, changing bandages on his bruised
and grazed hand. Our eyes would meet frequently and although no
words of love passed between us, the air was filled with tension.
There were no rules, no protocol that governed incestuous
behaviour. It was feral, some would say uncivilised, and when we
came within reach of each other, his hand would touch my breast
or I would stroke his bottom or feel his crotch.

After I had bathed him prior to going to bed, I got into the bath
myself and he watched me as I washed myself. He sat on the lid of
the toilet bowl, naked, and I felt awkward at first being under
my son's gaze but soon I found myself deliberately displaying
myself to him, overtly pushing my hips out to inflame his desire
by wantonly showing off my hairless pussy as I washed it. I was
behaving like a slut, shamelessly showing off my body to a young
boy. When it came to washing my bottom, I turned around and
opened my legs wide so that he could clearly see what I was
doing. I ran my fingers up and down my bum-crack and I imagined
what his face looked like when I pushed a finger up inside my
bottom-hole and moved it up and down in a fucking motion.

When I turned around again, his bandaged hand was rubbing his
erect dick and it was my turn to stare. "Look, Mum," he said
softly. "See what you're doing to me." I knew that I was
responsible for his condition but I didn't know what to say. He
went on, "You're so beautiful, Mum." His eyes were full of love
and I instantly regretted my display of sluttishness. I adopted
my usual business-like attitude at once to hide my true feelings
and said, "I'd better get dried and then we can go to bed." There
would be no more behaving like a prostitute, I decided, no more
teasing him with my body. He loved me, didn't he?

Once he was in bed, I arranged the pillow for his broken arm and
climbed into bed beside him. The light stayed on because I wanted
to talk.

"Do you want to talk about you and Martin?" I asked and his eyes
left mine. My hand went to his chest and I stroked it with my
fingertips, waiting for an answer. None came so I tried to coax
him. "Sex between men and boys isn't shameful, Jimmy. I just
wondered how the two of you started." My fingers touched his
nipple and it became erect at once.

"I love you, Jimmy. Nothing can change that!" I said and his eyes
came back to mine.

"Do you really mean that?" he asked and I nodded. I pushed his
hair away from his forehead and kissed his nose.

"Yes, I do," I said gently. "The world won't like it but I do
love you. You must never tell anybody about us, not even Martin."

"I haven't told him, Mum. I wouldn't!" he said, quite offended at
the suggestion. After a few silent seconds, he said, "Martin
couldn't say anything about it anyway, even if he knew."

"How do you know that, love?" I asked and he began to tell me

"Because he doesn't want anybody to know about the things he does
to me," he said simply. I remained silent while my fingers
stroked his nipple and he went on to tell me what those things

"We used to ride our bikes together... you know, delivering the
church magazines and the free papers. And once we'd finished, we
used to go for a ride up to the old quarry on Knotts Lane.
There's a lake up there and we used to take all our clothes off
and swim." He looked guilty then, probably because he had never
told me about it. "And we used to... kind of... well... look at
each other's... bits. And we both got stiffies..." He looked
embarrassed then but when he saw no reaction from me, he carried

"Martin asked if he could touch it... you know... my dick... and
I mumbled yes. Nobody had ever touched me before and it felt
great when he moved the skin back and forth. And he asked if I
wanted to touch him too and I said yes straight away. It was big,
Mum, really long and thick." He paused and looked at me again,
then continued. "He showed me how to wank him, how to make him
feel good, and while I did it, he kept wanking me too. Then with
his free hand, he lifted my chin and touched his lips to mine. I
hadn't done any kissing before so I didn't know what to do but he
showed me how to open my lips so that he could push his tongue
into my mouth. It was the weirdest feeling having his tongue in
my mouth but it felt nice and I started to suck it."

'Oh Jimmy, you're making my pussy wet!' I thought.

"Then he said he was 'cumming' and I didn't know what he meant so
he told me to keep wanking him and I watched as he went stiff and
white stuff shot out of the end of his cock and splashed on my
belly. 'Keep going!' he said because I was going to stop because
I thought he was ill. I kept wanking him and more of the white
stuff kept pumping out. When it stopped pumping, some had
splashed on my hand and my dick. When he had finished, he took my
hand off his cock and licked off the white stuff. I thought that
was gross but he said it really tasted good and wouldn't do any

My pussy was becoming wetter as his story unfolded but I refused
to frig myself as long as he kept talking. "Then he did something
I didn't expect," he said. "He got on his knees and licked all
the white stuff off my belly and swallowed it! Then even more of
a surprise, he kissed my dick and then put his lips around it and
pulled me to him so that he had all of it in there. He sucked me,
Mum, he really sucked my dick and made me feel wonderful!"

I pictured it, a little boy of 12 and an almost adult
15-year-old, each enjoying the intimacy of sex together. The
touching, the kissing and finally the joy of ejaculation.

"He kept sucking it, licking my knob and playing with my balls.
And then I felt funny and thought I was going to pee. I had to
tell him. I didn't want to pee in his mouth. 'Martin!' I said and
tried to push him off. 'Martin! I'm going to pee!' He held my
buttocks tight then, pulling me closer to him and holding me in
place. I couldn't stop it, Mum. I couldn't stop the pee and then
the shaking started. I started shaking terribly but Martin held
me still, still sucking on my dick."

'My poor Jimmy!' I thought. 'Your first cum! How sweet!'

"When I finished shaking, Martin opened his mouth and he showed
me his tongue. There was clear stuff there, a bit milky, and he
tasted it and then swallowed. When I asked him what it was, he
told me that it was spunk, baby-juice, semen, what men squirt
into girls to make babies. I never knew, Mum. I'd played with
myself in bed but hardly anything came out; I just got the good
feeling. Then Martin held me in his arms and kissed me again and
my arms went around him too and I kissed him back."

After a pause, he asked, "Was it wrong, Mum? Should I have let
him do it?"

I considered carefully and said what I knew to be true. "Sex is
wonderful, Jimmy. It's an expression of love and as long as
nobody is hurt by it or forced to do it when they don't want it,
it's normal to enjoy it."

He considered my reply and then went on, "We used to do it all
the time after that. Anytime we could get away on our bikes, we
would go to the quarry and do it all again. We used to lie down
in the grass and wank each other but I wanted to try what Martin
had done with me. I wanted to see what it felt to put a dick in
my mouth. He wasn't sure that I'd like it but if I really wanted
to, I could. It was weird at first but he taught me to suck and
lick, and soon I really began to enjoy the feel of his big cock.
He was so gentle with me, Mum, so loving. When he was going to
cum, he pulled it out of my mouth and came all over his belly.
When I asked why he didn't fill my mouth, he said, 'You might not
like the taste, Jimmy'. Instead he let me scoop some off his
belly and taste it. It was different but not at all unpleasant
and I finally licked his belly clean."

That sweet Martin! So nice, so loving and protective of my young
son. I always knew that there was something special about that
boy but I never figured it would be a loving sexual relationship
with my son.

"After a few weeks, he started to tell me about more that we
could do together and I asked him what it was. We were kissing
and he started to touch my bum-crack, running his fingers up and
down it. We had finished our naked swim so I knew I would be
clean there. Then he touched my bum-hole and a jolt suddenly went
through me and I started. He stopped kissing me and asked, 'Did I
hurt you, Jimmy? I didn't mean to!' and he looked sad. 'No,' I
said, 'it made me jump, that's all.' I kissed him as his fingers
went to my bum-hole and I felt the jolt again, this time enjoying
the tingling that came with it. Then he pushed the tip of his
finger against it and I felt it go up inside me. It was exciting,
thrilling even, and Martin was doing it to me because he must
have known how nice it would be for me."

Jimmy's eyes were full of love as he told his story and I was
trying to pull back on the reins of my jealousy. I was
unreasonably envious of their relationship; the fact that Martin
knew my son carnally before me was something I would have to live
with. Although the word 'love' had never been expressed by either
of them, I knew that it was the feeling that Martin had for
Jimmy. He loved my boy unconditionally and I had no right to take
that away from him.

"Then," he went on, "he got up and got something from his jacket,
a tube of something, and then he lay down with me again. As we
kissed, he was unscrewing the cap of the tube and he squeezed
some clear jelly stuff onto his fingers and touched my bum-hole.
I didn't know what it was then but he rubbed it around and
suddenly his finger went right up my bum. I panicked but Martin
soothed me by saying that it wouldn't hurt. He kept pushing his
finger into me and then almost pulling it out and then pushing in

"After a few minutes, he used two fingers, telling me to push out
my bum-hole to make them go in easier. It worked, and soon he put
three fingers up my bum. It felt really nice, being stretched out
like that. Then he said, 'Can I make love to you properly, Jimmy?
Like men do with girls?' I didn't fully understand what he meant
but I had a good idea of what he wanted to do. I was scared
though and I think he could see it in my eyes. 'I'll stop if you
don't like it, Jimmy. Do you trust me?'

"I nodded but I wasn't sure. He laid me on my back and opened my
legs wide, then placed my legs in the crook of each arm. Soon his
knob touched my bum-hole and I tensed up because I feared that my
little bum was far too small for something the size of his cock.
'Push out, Jimmy, just like before,' he whispered and as I pushed
out, I felt his knob start to open up my little hole.

"He went really slow and then he stopped. 'Are you alright,
Jimmy?' he asked and I said I was. Then he pushed a little more
and I guess that his knob went through my ring. It hurt a bit as
that happened and he stopped again. My bum felt like it was split
open but he said that the worst was over and it would feel really
nice from now on. Then he pushed some more and I felt his cock
opening up my insides as it went in inch by inch. Then I felt his
cock hair against my balls and he started to fuck me nice and

My Jimmy described losing his virginity so well that my cunt was
oozing juice and I moved my leg over his so that my wet pussy was
pressed against his thigh. With me having shaved off all my pussy
hair, we were skin to skin and my juice was being smeared over
his thigh.

"He kissed me as he fucked me, Mum, and made me feel wonderful. I
wanted his cock, wanted more of it as each minute went by. If
this was making love, I wanted more of it, much more of it. I
felt so full when he thrust it into me and so empty when he
almost pulled it out. Is that how it is for girls, Mum? Is it
really that wonderful?"

I remembered Daddy's thick cock inside me; that full satisfying
feeling each time that he fucked his cock into me and the love
that went with each thrust.

"Yes, Jimmy, that's exactly how it is for girls too," I said
softly. "Having some man to love you like that is the best
feeling you'll ever have."

He went on, "He let go of my legs and I wrapped them around his
waist and tried to pull him into me so that he would go even
deeper. Then he fucked me harder and I could feel the friction
inside me making me hotter for him. He sped up and then suddenly
rammed himself hard against me for the last time and I felt his
cock expand inside me and then it started to jerk. He groaned,
'Oh Jimmy!' and I felt his cock keep pulsing inside me. He was
cumming in me, Mum! He was spraying his spunk up my bottom! I
held him tight as he filled me with his hot spunk and I swear I
could feel each shot hit me inside. He kissed me and I responded
as we held each other tight and his cock just kept jerking. When
it finally stopped jerking, we just lay there, looking into each
other's eyes. 'You were wonderful,' he said and I almost wanted
to cry."

He was beginning to become emotional so I put my arm around him
and hugged him. I shifted slightly and kissed his forehead, my
pussy smearing more of my sex-juice around his thigh.

"Since then, he's fucked me in other positions too, like from
behind, on my hands and knees or laid down flat. He does it to me
every time we're together and I always love it. He always makes
sure that I cum too, usually by sucking me. I make proper spunk
now, lots of white stuff instead of just the milky stuff. He
likes the taste of it and always swallows it all."

I needed cock too and, sensing that his story was finished, I
started to run my fingers over his stiff shaft and down to his
ball-sac, hefting his balls in my palm. He kissed my forehead and
soon our lips met and he pushed his tongue between my lips,
pressing it against my teeth and gums to taste the inside of my
mouth. I rubbed my pussy against his thigh as I became more
aroused and soon I was panting like a bitch in heat. I wanted
him. I wanted my darling son's dick inside me.

"Fuck me, Jimmy?" I whispered and he whispered back, "Oh yes,
Mum! Oh yes!"

I rose up and straddled his waist, moving back until I could feel
his knob against my pussy. I grabbed his stiff cock and held it
steady as I started to move down onto it. His knob started to
split my pussy-lips. I was soaking wet down there and his pre-cum
joined my own sex-juice to make the penetration easy. Once I had
myself centred, I pushed down and impaled myself on my darling
Jimmy's stiff hot cock. How wonderful it was to feel his cock
inside me again.

He moaned as my wet cunt enveloped his hardness and I bent
forward to offer my breasts to him. I moved slowly back and
forth, feeling his cock rubbing against the walls of my vagina. I
was astride my Jimmy, my only son, riding him gently and watching
the expression on his face. I stopped for a few seconds and began
to flex my cunt muscles against his hard dick. He looked up at me
in surprise as he felt the flexing and I could feel his dick jump
inside me.

Bending further forward, I pushed my little tits into his face
and he began to kiss them. His lips caressed the underside of
each breast and he licked the skin with the flat of his tongue. I
began to ride him again, this time at an angle to increase the
pressure on one side of his dick. Then I changed the angle and
applied pressure elsewhere but he began to hump back at me,
lifting his hips off the bed.

"Ohhh Jimmy!" I moaned. "Fuck Mummy! Fuck your mother's hot
cunt!" I was hot and couldn't stop myself talking dirty. Daddy
always liked it, especially when I pretended that I was an
innocent girl of 8. "That's right, Jimmy! Just like that! Shag
me, shag Mummy's pussy!"

He was thrusting hard into me now, without any thoughts of
finesse or technique. His lips and teeth encircled my long nipple
and his tongue flicked it but soon his teeth were biting it
gently. The stimulation increased as he began almost chewing it
but the cock beneath me kept drawing my attention away from the
pain that he was inflicting on me. Then his mouth left my nipple.

Out of the blue came his voice, "Do you like my cock, Mummy? Is
it nice inside you?"

I was thrown for a second but I soon rallied. "Yes, baby boy, I
love it!" I said breathlessly.

Then he went one better. "Can I cum in your cunt, Mummy? Can your
little boy shoot his spunk in you?" Christ, he was making me cum
just listening to his dirty talk!

I raised myself upright and said, "Look, Jimmy, look at your cock
fucking Mummy's cunt!" and I used my fingers on both hands to
open my pussy-lips wide so that he could see himself fucking his
mother. "Cum in me! Cum in my cunt! Watch Mummy play with
herself!" and I started to rub my clit with one finger. He
watched intently as I diddled myself but his humping of me

I felt myself edging closer to my orgasm but I wanted to wait for
my Jimmy. My breasts bounced gently each time he slammed his
crotch into mine and he looked from my breasts and then back to
his cock pounding my pussy alternately. He began moaning louder
and I knew that he was close so I frigged myself faster.

"Jimmy!" I cried. "I'm cumming!"

"Mum, I love you!" he cried and suddenly his dick expanded inside
me and I felt my little boy's cock jerk inside my hot cunt. I was
cumming and the muscles in my pussy clamped down on his dick as
the wave of orgasm passed through my body. My teeth were gritted
and the groan came from my throat as I felt my cum-juice flooding
my cunt.

His cock pulsed as each spurt of his spunk shot into me. "Yes,
Jimmy, fill me. Fill Mummy with spunk!" I cried and I collapsed
onto his chest, keeping most of my weight off him by taking my
weight on my elbows on the mattress.

"I love you, Jimmy!" I said and I felt his arm go around me. His
spunk was being pumped into me as I lay there and I felt so...
happy. For all I knew, he could have been breeding me that night
but just then, I revelled in the delightful boy-cock which might
one day make a baby in me.

Once his cock had finished pulsing, we lay still and he whispered
in my ear, "I really do love you, Mum!" and he kissed my ear.

As the last of his sperm dribbled into my pussy, I turned my face
to him and kissed him lightly on the lips. I looked into his eyes
and whispered to him, "I love you too, Jimmy," and he began to
nibble my lips with his own. We kissed each other gently with
great affection rather than lust but soon I had to roll off and
lay beside him. I wanted to hold his hand but the bandages
prevented that. Instead, I stroked his chest and then went down
his body to stroke his wet cock.

"You came in me, Jimmy. Your seed is inside me now," I said
softly. "I hope you'll want to do it again," and I kissed his
chin and then his nose.

His eyes were closing but I had one more thing to do before we
slept. I rose up and shuffled down the bed so that I could reach
his dick with my mouth and I licked it, cleaning our mixed juices
from his soft shaft and around his knob. My little boy's dick was
clean now but his sperm swam around my insides, each one looking
for an egg to fertilise. When I lay back down beside him, he was
fast asleep so I cuddled him until I too drifted off into sleep.

When I woke, the room was full of light; the thin curtains did
little to darken the room in daylight. Jimmy's face was turned
away from me so I rose carefully and stood over him, watching him
sleep. My innocent angel breathed softly as he slumbered and I
smiled at the realisation that his sperm were still swimming
around inside me, looking for any chance to make me pregnant.

I knelt beside him and pushed the hair away from his eyes. My
baby boy... how could I still be thinking this when he had filled
me with spunk the night before? But he WAS my baby in my head and
I would never be able to see him as anyone else, but in truth, I
couldn't deny the stirrings within me that wanted him to breed
me, to feel his cock inside me spurting life-making seed deep
into my womb.

I had denied my feelings of carnal love for him but the time for
suppressing those feelings was over. I had told him that I loved
him and I meant it, and I had opened my legs wide for him so that
he might fulfill my desires to be a complete woman again. My last
contact with a man had been more than two years ago and I had
resigned myself to caring for my son and also the hope that one
day my father might find us and he could give me the kind of love
that I had craved since his forced departure from me.

Now my son had taken the place of my father and he loved me in
the same way, both emotionally and sexually. I couldn't help
thinking about Martin too. He was my son's lover too and although
I felt uneasy about sharing Jimmy with someone else, I came to
the almost inevitable conclusion that he would be like his
father. He would go with men sometimes but he would always
quickly come home to me, to make love to me in an already highly
aroused state.

The odd thing I couldn't shake from my thoughts was the desire to
see them together. I wanted to see them performing their sex
acts, wanted to watch my Jimmy's face as he was being fucked by
Martin. I had never seen my father with the men who used him but
I had often pictured how it might have been. I was a child then
and trusted my father, never questioning his loyalty to me. Now
though, as an adult, doubts clouded my mind. Would Jimmy rush
home and show me his ravaged bottom after he'd just been fucked?
Would he want to take me to bed and make love to me straight away
like Daddy used to do? Would he want to share another man's spunk
with me as we made love? Or would sex with Martin be all he
needed? 'Oh Daddy. Why aren't you here to help me?'

I looked over my son's body; his chest, those little nipples and
that cute belly-button that I often used to blow into when he was
very young. As I moved the sheet down, I saw his downy pubic hair
that had begun to sprout just a year ago and I stroked it,
feeling the softness. Soon the hair would become coarse and
manly, and I had to face the fact that my little boy would become
a man one day.

His dick came into view too and it was soft. I wanted to kiss it,
to hold it in my mouth and suck like a baby does with its
mother's nipple. It was different with Daddy. He was a man, an
adult with a large cock who wanted it to be sucked prior to sex.
My feelings for Jimmy were quite different. I wanted to please my
little boy as the child he was, not as the rampant stud my father
was. It was confusing and I couldn't quite bring the two ideas
together rationally but the one common denominator was cock. I
needed cock.

I pulled the sheet completely from Jimmy and climbed back into
bed beside him. I sat up and then leaned back against the
headboard, pushing a pillow behind my back. My naked breasts were
small but perky and firm, the nipples long and thick. I wanted to
be his mother just now, wanted to hold him in my arms and feed

Just then his eyes opened and after a few seconds to focus, he
was awake. He looked at me and smiled but his eyes fixed on the
breasts that I so wantonly flaunted. I took a breast in one hand
and asked him, "Are you hungry?"

"Yes, Mum," he replied with a wry smile. "I'm always hungry," and
then he shuffled to my lap and lay on his back so that his lips
could reach my proffered nipple. I held his head in the crook of
my arm as he 'latched on' and I watched his lips move as he
sucked. His sucking was arousing, especially as he looked into my
eyes as he was being 'fed'. My hand went down his body and I
touched his semi-hard dick, stroking it gently as he suckled.

He lay there as I fingered him and soon a full erection filled my
hand. He opened his legs slightly and I fondled his silky
ball-sac, feeling his sperm-filled balls with the tips of my
fingers. Were they full again after last night? I took his shaft
between fingers and thumb and started to wank him gently. I was
seeing to the welfare of my young son, I told myself. Wanking him
while I breast-fed him was surely what loving mothers should do
for their sons.

His sucking on my nipple became more intense as his arousal
increased but, like a good mother, I held him close to the
breast. We looked into each other's eyes with expressions of love
as my fingers gently moved his foreskin back and forth. Still
looking into his eyes, I whispered, "I love you, Jimmy," and
although his mouth was occupied, his eyes told me that he loved
me too.

Our eyes never left each other after that, not even when his hips
bucked and his seed shot out of his knob to splatter and form
little puddles all over his belly. His lips remained attached to
my nipple as he came, although his eyes did flicker for an
instant when his balls tightened and his boy-spunk shot into the
air. Although I wanted to see him cum, I denied myself the
pleasure, knowing that our bond might be broken if I were to look
away at that moment.

When the spunk had stopped shooting, I massaged his dick as it
shrank, rubbing into his skin that spunk which had dripped onto
my fingers as the last dribbles oozed out of his knob. He was
calm then, peaceful, his balls empty of their potent contents,
and he suckled contentedly on the comforting nipple of his
mother. Surprisingly I had not wanted him to fuck me during the
time that had just passed but I knew equally well that I would
want his dick another time, but then it would be as a lover.

Chapter 5

It had been two days since I had brought Jimmy home from the
hospital and I pondered the life-changing circumstances which had
led us to our incestuous relationship. I had been the one to
initiate sexual contact, the one to blame for turning the
innocent nursing of my son into acts of incest. I couldn't shake
those feelings of guilt though, couldn't help feeling that I'd
corrupted Jimmy in some way.

Common sense told me that his relationship with Martin meant that
I hadn't robbed him of his childhood innocence, that he had
freely given himself to Martin and had received the older boy's
cock gladly, seeking him out on many occasions to experience more
of the same. Jimmy was not a victim of adult lust but a willing
partner and I scolded myself for having these feelings of guilt.

My inappropriate feelings for my son had first surfaced when I
started admiring his tiny little bum when he ran around naked
after his bath when he was only 9 years old. I had watched with
interest his dick, often imagining what it would look like when
he was 16, and then came my fantasies about how it might feel in
my hand. Would he be well-endowed when he became a man? Would he
masturbate a lot? What would my little boy's spunk taste like
when he started to make it? Would his first girlfriend love the
feeling when he fucked her the first time? What would it feel
like inside ME?

I had scolded myself for those base thoughts but since then, I
had often used the image of my handsome son fucking me with that
little dick and I had experienced such wonderful orgasms as I
diddled my clit in my lonely bed at night. Although I would never
have touched my Jimmy sexually then, those thoughts I had were to
make me hot for years in my night-time imaginings. But look
what's happened. I HAVE touched him, I HAVE tasted his spunk and
I HAVE let him cum inside me.

I was thinking all this as I made our Sunday morning breakfast
and Jimmy sat at the table, watching me as I flitted about the
kitchen, rattling pots and pans. I was dressed in bra and
knickers, and he wore underpants beneath his bath-robe but I was
conscious of his eyes on my arse each time I turned around. As I
did things at the sink, I turned my head around and his eyes were
firmly fixed on my bum.

"You like what you see?" I asked jokingly and he smiled,
answering, "Can I have some of that for breakfast instead of
fried eggs?"

I laughed then and said, "You can have some of that AFTER the
fried eggs if you want," to which he replied, "I don't know if I
can wait that long!" and he grinned. 'God! That boy's making me
horny!' I thought.

During breakfast, he asked again about his father. "How come your
mum didn't know what he was doing with you?" I told him the truth
about her job which took her away from home quite often and how
Daddy was unemployed then. "When she was away for days at a time,
I slept with Daddy every night. When she was at home, we had to
sneak around, loving each other when and where we could. She
didn't see it because she was too wrapped up in the job she liked
so much. Once I became pregnant with you, I had to tell her, but
I said it was a boy I hardly knew who I had sex with. She
believed it at first but I had become careless and she found a
pair of my knickers one day full of spunk and she knew that I
hadn't been out of the house. She knew who it was then and she
called the police and had Daddy arrested. That was the last time
I saw him. They took him away and Mum started hating me."

As I fed him his breakfast, he asked, "Did you want your father
to make you pregnant? Did he want you to have his baby?"

There was danger here. I couldn't say anything which might
suggest that he wasn't wanted so I had to frame the answer
carefully before I answered him.

"When I told Daddy that I was pregnant, he was over the moon
about it. Although I was only 12, I knew about birth control. I
think that I deliberately did nothing to prevent it, hoping that
somehow we could have you and continue our relationship. I didn't
want to think about my mother's reaction and I was too immature
to consider the consequences of what we'd done together. It was
stupid of me but I really thought that I could have Daddy every
night in my bed and Mum wouldn't mind, what with her important
job that kept her so busy."

He seemed satisfied with that and inwardly I sighed with relief.
"We wanted you, Jimmy, we really did, but your father could not
be there when you were born to hold my hand or to cuddle you. I
felt absolutely wonderful as soon as I saw you, when they placed
you on my chest for the first time. I cried about Daddy not being
there but I knew that having you would make things better for
me." Tears started forming in my eyes then and I looked away from
him as I wiped them away.

Jimmy said softly, "I’m sorry, Mum, I didn’t mean to upset you."

I pulled myself together and said, "It's nobody's fault. The
important thing is that I have you with me and I love you."

Sensing that the questions were now finished, I said brightly, "I
think I'd better look at that hand of yours. I think we can leave
the bandage off now."

We left the kitchen and I sat him down on the settee and began to
unwind the bandage from his hand. Although it was still badly
bruised, the grazes were all dried up and although it was painful
to move his fingers, he wanted the bandage leaving off. I put a
clean sling on him for his broken arm and then came the nursing
that he seemed to like most of all. It was time for the
suppository to be inserted.

As he positioned himself with his bottom on the edge of the
settee, I slid down his underpants and then reached over for the
long pill. He opened his legs wide and I saw that his dick was
semi-hard and his silky ball-sac hung down between his thighs. I
reached for a cushion and shoved it underneath him, making his
pert bottom higher and more visible. 'God! Look at his lovely
rosebud!' I thought and I hesitated before continuing with the
job I had to do.

"Are you going to make me all wet before you push it up me, Mum?"
he asked quietly and I nodded. "Will you use your tongue?" he
whispered. His face was serious, those soft dark eyes gently
pleading for me to pleasure him. With his bandage now removed, he
could manipulate his hand and he reached down to pull his dick
and balls upwards, holding them away from the lovely little
bum-hole which now seemed to wink at me.

As I moved my head forward, I could smell the soap which I had
used to wash him earlier. My nose pushed against his hand as I
began to lick around his anus and he sighed, but when I pushed
with the tip of my tongue against it, he pushed it out and
suddenly my tongue entered him and he moaned. I pulled out and
pushed in repeatedly, making him moan each time that my tongue
thrust into him. Then I paused long enough to insert the
suppository, and when it had disappeared up inside him, I
continued the tongue-fucking that he and I both found so

He let go of his dick and balls and began to stroke my hair with
his newly-freed fingers. I felt his warm ball-sac against my nose
and I used my fingers to caress his balls just like he wanted me
to. Through my hair, he stroked my ears with his fingertips and I
remembered when Daddy used to do the same. I was able to get
almost two inches of tongue inside him now and he writhed as his
excitement increased.

His dick was thickening and becoming longer as I tongued his
rosebud and I was also feeling the effects of our foreplay. My
knickers were already damp and I could feel my juices oozing out
of me and coating the gusset with even more hot slimy liquid. His
shaft was before my eyes and I watched it become fully erect and
begin to jerk with each beat of his heart. My free hand went
inside my knickers and I played with myself, rubbing my
fingertips between my sopping wet pussy-lips and then rubbing one
against my prominent clit.

Jimmy moaned and I looked up into his sweet face. His eyes were
half-closed as I pleasured him, his breathing laboured and
shallow. Then his eyes opened and he whispered hoarsely, "I need
to fuck you, Mum!"

Immediately I ripped off my wet knickers and climbed on the
settee, straddling his body so that he could reach my wet pussy
with his hot stiff dick. With no time to struggle with the clasp
of my bra, I roughly pushed up the cups so that my tits hung free
for my son to reach if he needed them. My hand went behind me to
grasp his dick and I directed his hot knob to my needy fuck-hole.
I wanted cock so badly, wanted my son inside me so much, that I
didn't notice at first the fingers which took my nipple between
them and squeezed it hard. The sharp pain reminded me that
Jimmy's hand was free now, free to touch his mum's body in any
way he wanted. He squeezed my breast too, weighing it in the palm
of his hand as his mouth went to suck the long nipple.

I pushed my hips down onto him and his dick slid inside me, and
he pushed up with his hips to penetrate me as far as he could. I
marvelled at the feeling as my man began to make love to me, to
fuck me as his gender dictated that he should. I was his female
and he would take me as nature intended that I should be taken,
filling me with the hot semen that would create a new life. It
was my duty, and his, to procreate and I warmed to that task

Now that his hand was unfettered, he used it to touch me, to
stroke my face and neck, to touch my hairless pussy as his dick
was forced up into me again and again. "Your pussy's beautiful,"
he whispered. "Just like a little girl's."

His bottom left the cushion and he pounded into me as I stayed in
position above him. I stroked his chest, toying with his nipple
and nipping it, pulling it out from his chest. He moaned but it
wasn't in pain. He liked it and I wondered for an instant if
Martin did that to him too when they made love.

"Play with yourself, Mum. Let me see you touch yourself!" His
voice was hoarse with his arousal and I did what he wanted me to,
stroking my clit as his eyes feasted on what my fingers were
doing to myself. "So hot!" he breathed, "so fucking hot!"

His dirty talk made me hot too and I wantonly displayed to my son
the pleasure that frigging my cunt gave me.

"Do you like it, Jimmy? Do you like seeing Mummy do dirty
things?" My arousal loosened my own tongue too and he watched
with unconcealed awe as his mother diddled her soaking cunt right
before his eyes. "I'm a dirty bitch, Jimmy! I love fucking my
innocent son!"

As his dick stroked the walls of my vagina, I could feel the
intense heat of the friction. I was on fire because of my son. I
was encouraging his corruption by using him for my sexual
gratification. It was wrong, I knew it was, but he made me feel
so good after all these years of abstinence. He needed me too, I
told myself, needed me to give him what he sorely missed. He was
a growing male with appetites that increased daily and I wanted
him to use me to fill his sexual needs.

His eyes almost closed and his face became contorted as he
approached ejaculation. I stopped movement then and he panted,
guttural noises coming from his throat. His thrusts suddenly
became harder, more aggressive, and I waited for his dick to
explode inside my wet and willing pussy.

"I'm cumming!" he cried and suddenly his dick was hard up inside
me, our pubic bones pressed hard together and held there. He
groaned between gritted teeth and I waited for the wonderful
feelings that I knew would come when my precious son ejaculated
deep inside me.

I felt his knob suddenly expand and the jerking of his dick
inside me heralded the beginning of insemination. As each gob of
hot spunk was pumped inside me, I felt the hot semen splash
against my cervix. A feeling of euphoria came over me and I
reacted immediately.

"Fill me up with spunk, Jimmy! Cum in Mummy's cunt!"

I diddled myself furiously, wanting to cum now while my son
spurted his potent sperm into me. My breathing became faster and
then it came like a train! I went rigid as my cum started and my
pussy clamped Jimmy's dick like a vice. Then I shook as the last
of Jimmy's spunk was pumped inside me. I went forward with my
elbows on each side of him and kissed him, savouring the
sweetness of those boyish lips.

When he was finished pumping his spunk into me, his eyes looked
steadily into mine and he whispered, “I love you, Mum," and I
pushed the hair from his forehead as I whispered, "I love you
too, Jimmy!" We kissed again, this time with the gentle affection
of lovers who had gone through their lustful activity and now
needed to rest. His dick had begun to soften and soon my soaking
cunt pushed it out, a dribble of his spunk following the

When my arms began to tire, I rolled off him and turned myself so
that I could take his soft dick into my mouth. It felt velvety in
its soft state and I savoured the flavours of our coupling, the
combined cum-juices that we had made during our incest. Jimmy's
fingers ran through my hair as I orally worshipped his dick and
he sighed as I cleaned him. I was conscious too of the spunk
which oozed from my pussy and I scooped it up and licked it from
my fingers.

When I was finished, I lay beside him, kissing his mouth and
pushing my tongue gently between his lips. He licked and sucked
my tongue, and after a minute, he released himself and whispered,
"We taste good, don't we?" and he smiled that boyish smile which
had always captivated me.

I had to ask. "Does Martin taste good too?" and he replied, "Yes,
but different," and he cuddled me in his arm.

Just after 1 o'clock, the phone went and I answered it. It was
Martin, asking if he could come round to visit the patient. He
would have been earlier, he explained, but he had to go to church
and look in on his grandma first. When I looked at Jimmy, he
nodded that yes, he did want Martin to come round and I passed
that on. Once I put the phone down, I asked what was likely to

"He'll want me again, Mum. He always wants me. Do you mind? I
mean if you'd rather he didn't..."

"No, Jimmy, I don't mind. You really want his cock, don't you?"
and he nodded, embarrassed by his admission.

A little shame-faced, he said quietly, "I can never seem to get
enough, Mum. Is there something wrong with me?"

I went over to him and hugged him. "Of course there's nothing
wrong with you. Your dad was exactly the same." I kissed his
cheek as a sign that I didn't mind but underneath I wondered if
the day would come when he didn't want me any more. Then I had an

"Would you like him to do you in my bed?" I asked and he looked
surprised. "If you get into my bed now, I can send him up to you
when he arrives. Then I'll make an excuse to go out and you
can... well, do what you want to with him."

His eyes lit up and his arm went around me. "I do love you, Mum."
He kissed me then, a kiss of deep affection and when he released
me, he said softly, "You won't be long, will you? I'll get rid of
him when he's finished so that I can be with you again." His
words cheered me considerably and suddenly my doubt was

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up for your boyfriend," I said
and I took him upstairs to the bathroom to clean him of all the
evidence of our love-making. When I tucked him up in bed, he
said, "Don't be too long, Mum. I'll need us to make love again
when he's gone." He smiled at me and I kissed his lips, reaching
down to stroke his lovely dick over the sheet which covered him.
"Mmm, more!" he whispered, trying to pull me down onto the bed
with him.

"Stop that, young man!" I said with mock indignation. "Your
boyfriend will be here any minute! Do you want him to find you
with a hard-on?" and then we both laughed.

Suddenly he stopped laughing and spoke again. "Seriously, Mum,"
he said, "don't be too long."

As soon as I'd promised and we kissed again, the doorbell sounded
and I went downstairs to answer the door. There stood Martin,
muscular, and dressed in a white T-shirt which showed off his
body to perfection. His blue pants were tight fitting and showed
off his attributes very well. In his hands were more flowers and
another of Jimmy's favourite chocolate bars.

"Come in, Martin," I said and stepped aside to let him enter. I
promised myself that I wouldn't say anything to reveal the fact
that I knew what he and my son did when I wasn't there. "More
flowers?" I asked as he handed them over to me. "That's so nice,
Martin. Thankyou." As I looked for another vase, he asked how
Jimmy was and I told him that he felt better today and that his
bandage had now been removed. As I was talking, he was
distracted, looking into the living-room, trying to see my son.
"He's upstairs in my room, resting," I said. "You can go on up.
It's the second door on the left. I have to go out now, Martin,
and I'll be about an hour. Let yourself out when you've
finished..." and then I realised what I'd just said. "When you've
finished visiting him, I mean," I said, quickly recovering from
what could have turned into the revelation that I knew what was
going to happen between them.

I picked up my bag and the car keys and made for the door,
calling out, "Bye, Martin, see you later," as I closed the door
behind me. As I stepped into the car, I wondered how long it
would be before he climbed into my bed to make love to my son. I
drove to a local cafe to get a cup of tea and as I held the cup,
I wondered exactly what Martin was doing to my handsome son at
that precise moment.

Was Jimmy sucking his cock now, making it wet for easier
penetration? Would he actually ask Martin to bum him? Would
Martin be already buried deep inside my boy's arse, fucking him
and making him moan? Was Jimmy kissing him as he ploughed deeply
into him? Was my son begging Martin to fill his little bum with
manly spunk? 'Oh God, Helen! Fucking stop it or you'll go mad!'

I was becoming agitated as I thought about what they were doing
together in my bed. The strange thing was that I had invited them
to use my bed for their debauchery, even helping Jimmy to get
ready for Martin's visit. Even stranger was the fact that
thinking about what they were doing had made my juices flow and I
was now sat there in damp knickers. The whole thing was turning
me on but I wasn't sure that I wanted it to.

The clock in the cafe ticked slowly as I watched it, the fingers
moving slowly as I checked the time every couple of minutes. It
had been 32 minutes since I had first sat down and I worked out
in my head when I could leave and go back to the house. My
agitation continued and I squirmed on my seat from time to time,
checking the clock for the umpteenth time. 38 minutes now. 'I'll
pay for the tea and then go home. They must be finished by now.'

If I go home too soon, will I catch Martin leaving the house? Or
will he still be bumming my little angel when I walk in? Will I
hear Jimmy's cries as Martin cums inside him? Dare I go upstairs
to watch them making love? Would Martin be angry or scared if I
saw him having sex with Jimmy?

I went to the counter, paid for my tea and walked swiftly to the
car. As I stepped into it, my thoughts were again in my bedroom.
Had Martin taken my son from behind as he knelt on all-fours? Had
Jimmy laid on his back and been face to face with Martin as he
received his manly prick into his bum-hole?

As I started the car, I became aware of the hot dampness in my
knickers and I put my hand down my pants and pulled them from
between the lips of my soaking pussy. Thinking about what the two
boys must be doing was making me so horny and, as I drove away
from the cafe, I just hoped that I could get home safely without
crashing the car.

Driving the short distance home, I thought about my son and
reflected on the similarities between father and son. The
difference was that Daddy went with strangers I never met, yet
Jimmy was with a boy I introduced him to. Therein lay the
problem. Faceless men were no threat, I thought, but Martin...
well Martin was somebody I knew, a boy I respected, a
church-goer. 'Oh Daddy. How I wish you were here to help me
handle this.'

I drove onto the driveway next to the house and stopped the
engine. I sat for a moment and considered what I should do. My
bedroom was at the back of the house so they would not have heard
the car drive up. Would I hear moaning when I opened the front
door? I finally decided it was time to see and I took my courage
in my hands, walked to the front door and put the key in the

Chapter 6

As I entered the house, I listened but heard nothing. Leaving my
bag and keys on the table, I ventured towards the staircase,
listening all the while for any sounds of sexual activity. As I
climbed the stairs, I virtually tip-toed, trying my hardest not
to give away the fact that I was home. I padded towards my
bedroom and listened intently but heard nothing. My door was open
and I peered in to find Jimmy laid on his back, with his feet
together and his knees splayed out each side of him on the bed. A
pillow had been placed under his hips which tilted up his bottom
and I gasped as I saw the state he was in.

He looked at me then, his eyes brightening when he saw me. "Mum,"
he said. "I'm so glad you're back." I rushed to him and held him
and he kissed me. I kissed him too, groping his groin and
stroking his erection. "I'm full of spunk, Mum. Martin filled me
again," he whispered between kisses. "Fuck me, Mum, fuck me now,"
he said pleadingly and I stood up to strip myself as fast as I

He watched me undress, stroking his dick as he watched my tits
come into view, and when I took off my wet knickers, he stared at
my hairless pussy with the same lust I had always seen in Daddy's
eyes. "You want this pussy?" I asked coquettishly, smiling at
him. "I'm all wet there, Jimmy. I've been thinking about you and
Martin, what you've been doing to each other. Let me see you,
Jimmy, let me see what Martin did to you."

I was the one pleading now, looking down between my son's thighs
to see his red-raw bum-hole which still gaped open. His hand went
down to pull at his buttock so that I could see better the spunk
which had begun to ooze from his ravaged arse-hole onto the
pillow beneath. I stared and, incapable of tearing my eyes away
from this sight, my hand went to my pussy and I fingered myself.
I had been so aroused by my thoughts while I was out that coming
home and seeing the actual results of my son having a man-cock
cum inside him led me to this immediate need to cum myself.

'No!' I told myself. 'Jimmy needs me now. Don't be selfish!' I
lay belly down on the bed between Jimmy's legs and sniffed at the
spunk which continued to dribble from his open hole. When I
licked the spunk and forced my tongue up inside him, he moaned
out loud, calling my name softly. The semen was strong, a real
man's spunk, and I lapped all I could from his hole, swallowing
and searching for more.

"Oh Mum, it feels so good!" he said and I reached around his
thigh to grasp his hot stiff dick. I wanked him slowly as my
tongue pleasured him and in between times, I licked his silky
ball-sac, moving his balls around with my tongue. Back to his
hole, then again to his balls. He was too aroused, too excited to
make this any kind of gentle love-making. He needed raw sex now
and so did I.

I stopped then and Jimmy looked at me with surprise. I needed
fucking. I was desperate now to have cock inside me. "Get up,
Jimmy. Quick, get off the bed." He rose at once and I swiftly
climbed onto the bed, on my hands and knees and with my head
against the headboard. "Hold onto my shoulder, Jimmy! Quick,
darling, fuck me from behind!"

He climbed on the bed and knelt behind me, his only available
hand struggling to hold onto me to keep his balance while trying
his best to place his knob against my needy hole. When I felt my
son's hot knob against my cunt, I waited with bated breath for
the penetration I so loved. He pushed forward and I sighed with
pleasure as each inch of boy-cock sank into the depths of my wet
and hungry pussy.

Within seconds, I was impaled. His soft pubic hair was pressed
hard against my hairless pussy and I held still for a moment,
savouring the feeling of our incestuous coupling. He had never
been so deep before and I supposed that he too was surprised by
how far his knob reached inside my wet cunt. I reached down
between my legs and felt his balls full of sperm, the core of his
masculinity, and I wanted all those sperm to be injected into me
in the hot spunk which I knew he produced. He was the dominant
male and I was his submissive female. He was on top where the
male should be; it felt right!

"Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck Mummy with your big cock!" I couldn't wait
any longer; the time for savouring the feeling was past. I needed
my son to fuck me hard, to take me because I was a bitch in heat,
I was HIS bitch.

His hand went from holding onto my shoulder and he rested himself
on my back, his hand reaching underneath me to fondle my breast.
What joy! He had one hand free now that the bandage was no longer
a problem and I sighed as his finger and thumb pinched my nipple
hard. He twirled the long nipple, pulling it now and then away
from my chest. His head was next to my ear and he whispered, "I
love you, Mum. I love you so much!"

He had developed the rhythm and fucked me hard, and I pushed my
hips back at him each time he thrust into me. I moved my head
from the headboard and onto the pillow and I felt my Jimmy lift
up and grab the headboard to steady himself as he ploughed deeply
into me.

"You like this, Mum? You like your son fucking you, don't you?"
Jimmy was saying between his gritted teeth. "I can see what I'm
doing to you. I can see my cock going in and out of your pussy,
Mum! I'm like Dad now, aren't I?"

My hand was beneath me now, diddling my clit as my son's dick
pounded my cunt. Then I touched his wet shaft with my fingers as
it kept being forced into me, feeling the thickness of it as he
relentlessly fucked me. 'Incest!' my mind screamed but I blanked
it out, ignored it, refused to let it spoil the joy that I felt.
My son was fucking me, giving me the pleasure that I had denied
myself all those years and I wasn't going to tell him no.

"Jimmy!" I cried. "Jimmy, keep doing it, darling. Keep making me
feel like this!" My senses were reeling with the sensation that
his cock was giving me and everything else had faded into
obscurity. He was giving me cock, incestuous cock, and the rights
or wrongs of what we were doing had now been forgotten.

"Cum in me, Jimmy! Let me feel you cum in me!" I said and I heard
him say, "Oh yes!"

I was close to cumming and my juice-soaked fingers rubbed my clit
more aggressively. His breaths came now in short gasps and I came
just before he did. From my throat came a guttural sound as my
body tensed and the wave of my orgasm began to wash over me. My
pussy tightened over my son's cock and he forced it through my
tense muscles, forced his cock deep into my pussy and held his
pubic bone tight against my buttocks as he began to cum too.

"Mum! I'm cumming in you!" he managed to cry out before I felt
his cock expand and then jerk for the first time. Then it pulsed
over and over as he pumped his spunk deep inside me.

"I can feel it!" I cried and the feeling of that hot spunk
splashing inside me made me shudder. 'He's breeding me! My son's
breeding me!'

His groaning was loud, feral, animalistic, and I felt for the
first time that he was in charge. He was the male and I was his
female; he was the lion and I his lioness. He was breeding me and
I was convinced that it should be so.

I remained still throughout the pumping of his semen into my body
and even when the pulsing stopped, I didn't move. The last
dribbles of his spunk would drain from his cock and it was my
desire that his balls should be completely emptied into me. He
collapsed onto my back but made sure that his cock stayed firmly
inside me. His hand dropped onto the bed and I took it and held
it, kissing it and saying how much I loved him.

As his cock softened, my body began to expel it and when it was
finally forced out of me, he rolled off and lay next to me. From
my position on hands and knees, I bent down to kiss him and he
looked at me with those soft eyes. "You really make me love you!"
he whispered and I moved to lie beside him, content that all his
boy-sperm were safely swimming around inside me.

We cuddled then for several minutes, his arm around me and mine
over him. We kissed gently and exchanged words of love as we came
down from our respective highs. I was comfortable with him as a
lover now and he seemed just as happy with our new relationship.
He was at the beginning of his sexual maturity and I was young
enough to still need the satisfaction of a man's constant sexual
attention. I would need Jimmy's cock for years to come but I did
wonder briefly if Martin would be my adversary, if he would
spirit my son away with the cock that I could not offer him.

Wait! I suddenly remembered. I most certainly DID have a cock!
The strap-on dildo that Daddy bought me all those years ago to
fuck him with. It was upstairs in my bedroom, unused, at the back
of the wardrobe. Why hadn't I thought about it before? I'd love
to fuck my little boy with that!

Jimmy was becoming drowsy so I leant up on one elbow and bent
over him, placing my nipple to his lips. He opened his lips and
took the long nipple, closed his eyes and began to suckle. I
squeezed my breast, wishing that I had real milk with which to
feed him. I stroked his forehead as he dropped off to sleep.

We had dinner about 6:30 and I had washed up the plates when
Jimmy came up behind me, put his arm around my waist and started
to kiss the side of my neck. I responded to him, turning my head
to kiss his lips, and soon his hand went inside my bra, his hand
closing around my breast. His erection felt hot against my
buttocks as he gently toyed with my breasts and I reached behind
me to feel his stiffness through his underpants. The clean
knickers I had put on after our last bout of rutting were
becoming soiled as I felt the juices of my arousal beginning to
make another damp spot. 'Oh Jimmy. Why do I feel this way when
I'm near you?'

When his hand went down inside my knickers, he discovered my wet
pussy and he said softly in my ear, "I want you again."

I turned to face him and said simply, "I want you too. Do it to
me here, in the kitchen."

Dropping to my knees, I felt his hardness, first with my fingers
and then with my tongue as I traced the outline of his cock with
my lips, using my tongue to lick the shaft through the fabric of
his underpants. Those underpants soon became sodden with my
saliva and I gently eased them down as I continued the oral
worship of my son's cock, taking them off his feet as he raised
them one by one. He was naked now and my hands swept over his
fine boyish body, feeling the muscles and sinews of my almost-man
offspring. He was my flesh and Daddy's flesh, and I marvelled at
the job we had done together to produce this wonderful man-child
who stood before me.

Kneeling before him, I undid the clasp of my bra and tossed the
garment away, and then pressed my naked breasts against his
crotch as I slid my knickers down my thighs and off my feet. We
were naked together now, drinking in the sight of each other. I
looked into his face but not for long because he pressed his cock
against my lips and I opened my mouth obediently, tasting at once
the salty pre-cum he had produced during our foreplay as my
tongue swirled around his deep red knob.

Before I had chance to do much, he took charge and forced his
cock deep into my mouth, making me gag. He was insistent,
aggressive in his lust, and I had no will or desire to curtail
what he was doing to me. He fucked my mouth, holding my hair
tightly to regulate the depth and frequency of his thrusts. I was
taken aback by his boldness, by his apparent new authority. He
was doing now what Daddy used to do to me; nothing cruel or
hurtful but a demonstration of the raw power of masculinity over
the female. I had to surrender of course; I was the female.

With the gagging came the tears, the automatic response to such
circumstances, but I detected in his face a concern that my tears
might have meant he was hurting me and his compassion kicked in,
and he became more gentle in his treatment of me.

"It's alright, Jimmy, you're not hurting me," I said softly and
then I put my mouth over his cock again. He was not convinced
though and he treated our sex as love-making thereafter. I sucked
him, nipping his foreskin gently with my teeth sometimes to give
him maximum pleasure. It couldn't last long though because he
needed to fuck me, to bury his cock deep inside my hot pussy.

The kitchen table was already cleared and I said softly, "Do you
want me over the table, darling? Do you want me from behind
again?" and he nodded.

I rose and led him to the table and then I spread myself over it,
belly down, like a sacrificial offering, my legs spread wide and
my feet firmly placed on the floor. "Look, Jimmy, look at my
pussy, all wet and waiting," I said over my shoulder to my son,
whose eyes were staring at the twin holes of pussy and arse.

He didn't put his cock in me straight away but instead I felt his
fingers exploring me, touching my bum-hole and pussy, running his
fingers from one hole to the other. I lay with my head down on
the table, enjoying what my son was doing to me. I felt a finger
slip inside my wet hole and he started to fuck me with it,
pushing in just an inch at first but then burying it up to the
knuckle. Then a second finger was added and he finger-fucked me,
exciting me further. He plumbed the depths of my soaking pussy
with his fingers, ramming them hard into me each time.

"You like this, Mum? You like me doing this to you?" he said, his
voice thick with lust.

"Yes! Yes! Keep doing it!" I cried and I grabbed the edge of the
table with my hands, holding it tightly as my son kept ramming
his fingers up my cunt. I couldn't see Jimmy behind me but I
could imagine his face, the lust in his eyes as he used my body.
When I felt his fingers being withdrawn, I waited for the cock
that I now wanted so badly to be inserted but instead, a
fingertip touched my anus. He rubbed me there and then pushed a
fingertip hard against it and I knew what he wanted to do. I
pushed my anus out and suddenly his finger entered me and I felt
again the delicious sensations that Daddy had introduced me to so
long ago. Then my son sank to his knees behind me, getting a
close-up view of my sex.

He pushed slowly with his pussy-soaked finger and I sighed as I
felt each inch enter my arse. 'Oh God, Daddy! Yes!' I thought and
I remembered how he had done it to me when I was 12. "Yes, Jimmy,
oh yes, love!" I cried out. "Do it to me! Do it to Mummy!" He
started to go faster then, excited I think by my filthy talk, and
soon there was a second finger joining the first.

As he pounded my arse with his fingers, he said, "You're tight,
Mum. I can feel you sucking my fingers in." His dirty talk
increased my arousal and I wanted to touch myself, to rub my
clit, but I wasn't able to in the position I was in. Even in the
middle of my excitement, I wanted to ask about Jimmy's lover.

"Does Martin do this to you?" I asked breathily, hoping
desperately that it wouldn't put him off doing these wonderful
things to me.

"Oh yes, Mum. Martin likes putting his fingers inside me." He
said this with obvious enjoyment and he must have known that it
would turn me on even more. "He likes to lick my bum-hole too,
Mum, before he slides his big cock into me."

'Oh God, Helen! What are you doing?' I asked myself. I was asking
my son about the sex acts that his boyfriend performed on him and
what was worse was that it was making me hornier than I had ever

"Do you want it too, Mum? Do you want my tongue up your bum?" As
soon as I heard him say that, I felt my pussy flood again with
juice. My head was all over the place now, the images of my son
and Jimmy doing those filthy, sexy, wonderful things to each
other heightening my already highly aroused state.

Suddenly his fingers left me and I felt his warm breath against
my buttocks just before his warm wet tongue entered my gaping
bum-hole. He was rimming me, tongue-fucking my arse so
wonderfully. I moaned as he bathed my rectum with his saliva and
when he pushed two fingers into my pussy again, I couldn't really
imagine feeling any better for the rest of my life.

He was fucking me now with tongue and fingers, a double
penetration, and it was exquisite. The thousands of nerve-endings
around my anus were working overtime to provide me with so much
stimulation that I thought my head might explode. I was going
into sensory overload as my Jimmy performed these acts on me and
I lay there, letting the sensations wash over me. 'I'm a slut,
Jimmy! Use me as a whore!' My thought almost turned into speech
but I managed to hold myself back, to stop myself saying it.

As suddenly as it started, it came to an abrupt halt. He stood up
and leaned over my back, speaking softly into my ear with a voice
filled with lust. "You want my cock, don't you, Mum? But where,
Mum? Where do you want it? Arse or pussy?" He was toying with me,
like Daddy used to. "Where do you want it?" he asked again.

"Oh Jimmy, just love me! Give it to me, darling! Please don't
tease me!" I cried out. "Please, Jimmy!" I was begging now,
pleading with my son for his cock.

He ran his knob up and down the soaking wet slit between my
pussy-lips, gathering more lubricant to go with the pre-cum he
had made himself. Then he penetrated my pussy, pushing forward
until his whole length was firmly embedded in me and I moaned as
I felt myself filled with his cock. 'Jimmy, it's wonderful!' I
thought. 'Truly magnificent

It didn't last long though. After a few full-length strokes, he
pulled it out and I almost started to beg again for him to push
it back in me. The surprise came when he touched his knob to my
anus and I felt my already open bum-hole widen even more as he
began to push his young cock inside me. I held my breath as his
young knob forced open my rectum even wider, sliding between the
walls with the aid of the saliva he had so thoughtfully injected
into me with his tongue.

As each inch of firm young cock forced its way inside me, I began
to moan, "Jimmy! Jimmy! So nice! Oh Jimmy, my darling son!" Once
I felt his soft pubic hair against my buttocks, I felt full, full
in a way that I had almost forgotten after so many years of doing
without a cock deep inside my arse. Daddy had done it to me
regularly and, to be honest, I had missed it so much since he had

He couldn't wait any longer and began to fuck in earnest, his
knob hitting somewhere deep inside me and giving me a dull pain
with each thrust but it was a pain that I wanted, one that I
needed so badly. The tingling went through me, through my pussy
as well as my bum. My son was bumming me and I was so horny that
I began to think about Martin doing the same to him, to my Jimmy.
It was no wonder that men wanted other men to fuck them when it
felt so good to be filled with cock. 'Martin, why do I keep
thinking about you and Jimmy?' I thought, my rhetorical question
to his absent lover staying in my head.

His hips were now banging violently against my bum, slapping as
flesh met flesh with each inward thrust, and I wanted so badly to
cum. I was stretched out, bent over the table, hands tightly
gripping the edges with white knuckles and I couldn't touch
myself. He was pounding me, his masculinity taking what was
rightly his. I was his female, his submissive partner, and I had
to give my man whatever he desired of me.

When he groaned and fucked into me one last time, he held himself
rigid against my buttocks and I felt his cock jerk in me. 'Oh
God, how long I've waited for this!' I felt his cock expand and
then the hot spurting of spunk began as he unloaded his balls
into me. I was being filled with boy-spunk; that hot precious
seed which was being pumped into me was from my son, my darling
Jimmy. He was breeding me, filling me with his potent sperm, and
I was lying there, feeling all the sensations that went with such
an event.

"Fill me, baby. Fill Mummy's arse!" I cried above the sound of
his groaning.

"Oh Mum, it feels so good!" he managed to say between his gritted
teeth and I wanted to hold his hand as he bred me but I couldn't
tear my hands away from the edge of the table. I lay there
instead, feeling his cock as it pulsed inside my tight arse, and
marvelled at how feral it was, how animalistic. I wanted to hold
him, to kiss him passionately as he came in me but we were like
animals mating, him on top fucking and me underneath, accepting
his seed, just as it should be.

As the pumping of his seed stopped, he stayed inside me, the
spurting of his spunk now reduced to a dribble. I stayed still,
waiting for the last of his spunk to drain into me, and I had the
satisfied feeling of a female who had just received the ultimate
gift from her man, that gift of life-giving sperm. I was so
exhausted by all the excitement of stimulation and finally
ejaculation that I didn't think that I was capable of speech.

But when my Jimmy said softly in my ear, "I love you, Mum," I had
to find the energy to tell him that I loved him too and as I did
so, I reached out to hold his hand which was now close to mine.
We held hands while our breathing began to normalise and soon he
was kissing my shoulders and the back of my sweaty neck. He was
heavy on my back but I didn't want to spoil the moment and we
stayed as we were for some minutes, whispering loving words to
each other.

His cock softened of course and soon it was expelled from my
body. When he stood up, I rose too, and I could see that his cock
was messy with the shit from inside me but I wiped off the excess
and then knelt in front of him, licking the spunky mess from his
soft cock. His balls were empty now but I still got a thrill from
fondling them while I sucked his shaft and knob. I marvelled that
he would still be making sperm, even in his 70s, and I wondered
briefly if he would be making babies with a young woman when he
reached that age. Would he be bisexual? That brought me to
thinking about Martin again and what he kept doing to my son.
Would I ever get to see Martin and Jimmy together? The prospect
still made me horny.

"I need to take a bath?" I said, conscious now of something warm
leaking from my bum and dribbling down the inside of my thighs.
"Your spunk is running out of me now," I laughed and he made me
bend over so that he could see it, and he ran his fingers through
the rivulets of slimy seed, ending up by poking his fingers up my
bum again. "Oh Jesus, Jimmy, don't make me want you again!"

Once in the warm bath, I lay there, my thoughts returning to
Martin. Should I tell him that I know everything about what he
does to Jimmy whenever they are alone? Should I invite him into
our home, invite him into my bed to sodomise my lovely son
whenever he wanted to? My eyes closed and my fingers were between
my thighs again as I pondered these questions and, as I rubbed my
clit, the sexy images came into my head once more.

'Let me open my Jimmy's arse for you. Can I help to put your cock
in him, Martin? Fuck my little boy's arse! Cum inside him!' I
used one hand to splay open my pussy-lips and I used the fingers
of my other hand to stroke between the lips, gathering my natural
lubricant to spread onto my clit. 'Let me suck your cock, Jimmy!
Cum in my mouth, darling, when Martin cums up your bum!'

My breathing was becoming faster, more shallow, as these sexy
thoughts multiplied in my mind. The tingles in my groin and the
stiffening of my body as I masturbated to these filthy thoughts
drove me on, bringing me closer to orgasm. 'Let me suck you
clean, Martin! Watch me, Martin! Watch me suck your spunk from
Jimmy's bottom!'

In the warm water, my fingers became more vigorous on my clit and
I'd pushed two fingers up inside me too, fucking myself to the
images running around my head. I could see Jimmy kissing Martin,
one hand groping the older boy's stiff cock while the other hand
played with his large ball-sac beneath, and Martin's hands
stroking my son's bare buttocks, feeling the tautness of them and
the softness of his boyish skin. I could hear too Jimmy's moaning
and his whispered plea. "Fuck me, Martin! Please! Let Mum see you
doing me! Let her watch, Martin! Let her see you bum me!"

I groaned as it started, that crescendo which had built up
because of my fantasy. The wave of orgasm hit me, sweeping me
along with it, and my bottom was clear of the bottom of the bath
as I came so intensely on my fingers. My rigid frame shuddered as
each new wave of ecstasy followed the last and I was lost to the
sensations which overtook me. 'Cum in him, Martin! Cum in my
son's arse!' I silently cried, imagining myself watching the boys
doing it.

Then it was over. My body trembled as the waves of orgasm receded
and my bottom rested on the enamel of the bath once more. Those
filthy thoughts had carried me to this place, to this temple of
debauchery, and I had worshipped there. And it was the god of
this debauchery who had rewarded me so richly as the loyal
servant that I had become. In spite of my misgivings and the
guilt feelings I had experienced so frequently, I knew that I
would be back again to worship the god who had so generously
given this gift of intense orgasm to his devoted follower.

Chapter 7

That night, and several times the next day, my pussy was filled
with Jimmy's cock, and he ejaculated much hot spunk into my
willing cunt. His youth and endless virility ensured an almost
constant desire to make love to me if I even so much as looked in
his direction. I was not myself totally innocent when it came to
initiating our love-making, often fancying his lovely little bum
as he went around the house naked. I touched him often when he
passed within my reach and was instrumental on many occasions in
making his cock hard, first by stroking his bum and then by
kneeling to taste the pre-cum which would start to ooze from his
knob. This led inevitably to me being taken from behind as he
bent me over the arm of the settee or some other suitable surface
which could be utilised to pump more of his sperm into my
ever-welcoming pussy. My son was relentless in his pursuit of my
pussy and arse and I always left it up to him which hole he
wanted to cum into. With mouth, pussy and arse always available
to him, he exercised his right as the male to decide which
orifice suited him most at the time. My love for my son was such
now that whatever he wanted to do sexually was acceptable, indeed
I welcomed him gladly into my body anytime he was rested enough
to cum in me again.

During the late afternoon, while Jimmy watched the drivel on the
TV, I went upstairs to my bedroom to find that strap-on dildo
which had not been used since they had taken Daddy away. 'God,
it's been 14 years, Helen. I wonder if it still fits,' I thought.
I searched through the boxes and finally found the cock and the
harness to which it was attached. I held it up triumphantly,
feeling the thickness of the cock that had always given Daddy so
much pleasure. It was extremely life-like, flesh coloured, and
the veins on it stood out and were coloured in the same way as
the real thing. More than 6 inches long, it was quite thick and,
when I closed my hand around its girth, I could barely touch my
thumb with my finger.

Daddy had paid more than 800 pounds for this cock, very expensive
by normal standards, but it had a "spunk delivery" system built
into it. At the touch of a tiny pressure point built in at the
point where the shaft met the ball-sac, the "cum" started and,
just like the real thing, "spunk" shot out of the pee-slit in
whatever quantity was desired. A plastic sachet was built into
the inside of the waist strap, next to the skin, so that the
contents would be kept at body temperature and could hold 4 times
the normal amount of male ejaculate; if a massive "cum" was
required, you could fill the sachet up completely. The solution
that was used for the "spunk" was slippery, salty and viscous,
and was supplied in half-pint plastic bottles, complete with a
syringe for filling.

'Will it be too big for him?' I wondered. 'Will I hurt my son if
I fuck him with this?'

Then came the sadness as I thought again about the loss of my
father. Before he had been removed from my life, he had bought
this beautiful replica of magnificent cock and had taught me how
to fix the leather harness around my narrow 12-year-old hips. The
first time this fake cock had been strapped to my groin, it had
looked huge on me and I had gazed in wonder at the mighty
appendage which stuck out in front of my little-girl body.

Daddy had taught me how to lubricate it, how to oil his bum-hole
too if it had not already been filled with some man's spunk. When
he lay on his back, he pulled up his legs and held them while I
pushed my incredibly large cock against his hole. I watched his
bum-hole open out when I wanted to push it inside him. As the big
knob started to enter him, he sighed as his rosebud was forced
wider to accept the cock and soon the whole thing was inside him.

I started to fuck him then and the strangest feeling came over me
which I couldn't explain at the time. I moved my fake cock back
and forth inside him for almost 15 minutes before he asked me to
stop and then he was so aroused that, with my cock still attached
to me, he bent me over and fucked my pussy, pumping what seemed
like a vast amount of his potent spunk into me.

I never forgot that first time I fucked Daddy with my new cock. I
thought about it often over the years which followed, and read
all the articles I could find about my feelings at that time. It
was the feeling of empowerment; it was the feeling of superiority
of the male and I felt privileged that Daddy had shared this with
me. I understood now about penis-envy by women because they
already knew that cock ruled and always would. I found out too
that most men often felt the need to suck another man's cock and
to experience the sensation of being penetrated and having their
prostates massaged by another man.

Jimmy's desire for Martin's cock didn't upset me at all; boys
need to be fucked as well as men do. No, it was the idea of my
son wanting Martin and not needing me as much as I needed him. It
was irrational because Daddy always wanted me badly as soon as
his arse had been filled with spunk; it was like the arse-fucking
he so enjoyed was just the foreplay, only the aperitif which came
before the main course. I never doubted my father's loyalty to me
then and I suppose it was foolish to think that Jimmy would
abandon me to go exclusively with his older male lover.

The fake cock still looked magnificent and, in front of the
full-length mirror in my bedroom, I played the part of a man,
stroking my cock whilst watching myself. The ball-sac was
attached to the underside of my cock and I played with the balls
inside, moving them around with my fingertips. How wonderful it
must be to be a man and have such beautiful sex organs!

"Look, Jimmy," I said seductively to the mirror. "See how big
Mummy's cock is. Do you want to touch it? Kneel down, darling,
and suck my big cock!" I didn't take my T-shirt off because I
wanted to look masculine as much as I could. I couldn't help
noticing my hard nipples though, which had become noticeably
erect during my fantasising. They poked at the material of the
T-shirt and there wasn't much I could do to prevent it.

I found the tube of KY jelly inside the box where the fake cock
had been stored and I spread the cold jelly liberally over the
entire length of the shaft. The feeling of my palm gliding over
my cock was sublime and I imagined the feelings that having a
real cock would give me if I had one. 'My God!' I thought. 'No
wonder men rule the world!'

When I had finished masturbating my cock, I went to the bathroom
to wash it clean of the KY. Still keeping it strapped to my
groin, I stroked the shaft, feeling around the big knob and
playing with the balls underneath as I washed it. But I was
becoming very horny and, while one hand masturbated my cock, my
other hand was between my increasingly wet pussy-lips which poked
out from between the leather straps which went from the waist at
the front, between my legs, and was joined to the strap around my
waist at the back.

I needed Jimmy just then and before I thought any more about it,
I had shouted downstairs to tell him I had a surprise for him.
Moving into the bedroom, I filled the plastic bag in the harness
with fake "spunk" and I stripped off my T-shirt, standing naked
with my back to the door. When he came in, I said, "Do you want
some cock, Jimmy? I'd like to give you some," and then I turned

In the almost 14 years of his life, I had never seen such an
expression on his face as I saw then. His eyes were fixed on my
cock with wonderment and disbelief, and his mouth was open with
surprise. My naked tits were completely ignored as he walked
towards me, his attention never wavering as he ogled my fake

"Mum!" he said, "It's... I mean... it's just... it looks..." and
then he gave up. Wow! I had done something to make my son
speechless. He reached out to touch the shaft and his fingers
closed around it, feeling the texture and the thickness. I
watched as he fondled the knob and soon he was on his knees,
examining it closely. "It's wonderful!" he breathed as he
manipulated the balls inside the realistic ball-sac. I told him
to sit on the bed and I stood between his open legs, noticing the
massive hard-on which he had developed since seeing my new cock.

When he looked up at me, I said seductively, "I need my cock
sucking, young man," and I moved forward, holding the back of his
head until the knob touched his lips. "I'm waiting, Jimmy," I
said firmly. If this went right, I would have him making love to
me forever. His eyes never wavered as they looked into mine but
he opened his mouth and licked the knob, then opened wide to
receive all of it, along with an inch of thick shaft.

I had him now; he was mine. "Suck, Jimmy! Show me how much you
love my cock." I moved my hand away from the back of his head but
he took it gently and put it back where it was. He wanted me to
be in control of him! Jesus! Now I understood. Men were the
natural aggressors in sex but it seemed that they too needed to
be subservient to another man sometimes. It was a turn-on for
them and suddenly I knew what Daddy found so arousing when he
went out to meet men.

Jimmy would no doubt be doing the same thing to Martin each time
they met, sucking him, stimulating the older boy so that he would
fuck Jimmy's tight little bum. Did my son beg for it or did
Martin just make him bend over and slip it right in? Did Jimmy
tease him by wriggling his bottom or did Martin take a firm hand
with him and just bury his cock inside my son's little bum?

But I had him now, kneeling on the floor in front of me, and I
moved his head slightly back and forth to make him take as much
cock as I wanted him to swallow. This felt good, this power over
a male, and I was going to use it to please my young lover.

"Lick my knob, Jimmy. Play with my balls," I said levelly, hiding
the extreme excitement that I felt. "Keep looking at me. I want
to see your eyes while you suck me." His hand went to my ball-sac
and I felt the movement between my thighs as he fondled the
balls. "That's nice, darling. When Mummy’s ready, she's going to
put her cock inside you and give you what Martin gives you. Would
you like that, young man?"

He nodded and his face lit up as he realised what was in store
for him. "Are you hard, Jimmy? Is your cock nice and stiff?" I
asked and he nodded again. He continued his cock-worship, his
saliva running down his chin as he coated my cock. "You really
are a good cock-sucker, Jimmy. Does Martin call you a cock-sucker
too?" He nodded once more, his lovely brown eyes looking at me
now with what seemed like adoration.

Twice I made him gag when I pulled his head too far forward in my
excitement but he rallied and continued the cock-worship that I
now commanded. "I love this, Jimmy. I love to see you taking my
cock. Your daddy used to take this cock too. I used to make him
do this, Jimmy, just like you."

His eyes shone brightly as he considered what I was telling him
about his father. "I used to tease him sometimes, pulling it out
of his mouth and making him beg for it. Shall I tease you,
Jimmy?" He shook his head, alarm appearing in those beautiful
eyes. But I did pull it out and I held it upwards, and then I
said, "Lick my balls! Put your fingers in my pussy, Jimmy." He
did what I said at once and I felt myself becoming wetter as
another spurt of sex-juice shot from my cunt onto his fingers.

It was all becoming too much for me and I just couldn't wait any
longer. Jimmy's plastered arm was not in his sling so there was
nothing to do before I had sex with him. I made him lie face down
on the bed with his hips on the edge and his legs wide open. His
rosebud, that lovely little anus, looked so inviting and I knelt
behind him, licking furiously at his sphincter. He pushed it
outwards and my tongue entered his tight tunnel, spreading my
saliva inside his boy-pussy. He moaned softly as my tongue probed
his hole and I reached out to the bedside cabinet, blindly
feeling for the tube of KY jelly. Without taking my face from his
arse, I took the cap off the tube and managed to squeeze some of
the jelly out, spreading it liberally on my cock.

As I worked his sphincter with my tongue, he called out my name
between his soft moans. "Yes, Mummy! Yes! Do it to me like you
did to Daddy!"

His words excited me, made me even more horny, and I was anxious
to fuck my little boy immediately, to press the fake sex organ
deep inside him.

"Are you going to take Mummy's big dick, Jimmy? Do you really
want Mummy to push her thick cock up inside your little bottom,
just like Martin does?" He felt my hot breath against his
sphincter as I stopped my oral ministrations to speak to him. I
blew more air into his open rosebud, following it with my tongue
one last time before continuing the act of love-making that both
he and I wanted.

As I rose up behind him, I touched my cock to his little bum-hole
and he tensed, expecting penetration, but I waited, deciding to
tease him.

"Does Martin make you beg for it, Jimmy?" I asked softly. "Do you
play games with each other? Do you tease him too, wriggling your
little bottom to make him want you? Are you a cock-slut, Jimmy,
just like your daddy?"

He replied quickly, "Yes, Mum! I'm Martin's cock-slut! Push it in
me! Do it, Mummy!" His voice was thick with lust, filled with the
emotion of every young boy who needed sexual relief. When I
didn't push forward straight away, he became more agitated, more
needy with each second that passed. "Please, Mum!" he said,
begging now for the penetration he so badly needed.

I couldn't find it in my heart to extend the teasing so I pushed
gently forward with my hips and watched his anus as the large
knob forced open his tender young hole. Always a wonder to me
when I did the same with Daddy, I gazed upon the sight of his
tight sphincter opening up like a flower to accept the enormous
knob which I was pushing into his arse. 'How lucky men are,' I
reflected briefly, 'to be able to do this with each other.'

Jimmy held his breath as his bum-hole surrendered to the force of
my knob but I stopped when I heard him moan before the whole knob
was inside him, afraid that it was too much for him. His crinkly
anus was now smooth, stretched tight over the large bell-end
which was only halfway inside him. The much thicker part of the
knob was still to come and would force his bum-hole even wider
open when the rest of it was pushed into him.

I hesitated, wondering if it would hurt him too much, but he
moaned, "Do it, Mum, put the rest in!" and I pressed forward
again until my fat knob was inside him completely. He sighed
then, letting out his breath in a long exhalation, and the fist
he was making grasping the sheet beneath him suddenly relaxed. I
paused then, looking down at how his anal ring was stretched so
tight around my cock that the skin covering his sphincter was
white instead of pinky brown.

"Are you ready, Jimmy? Do you want the rest of Mummy's cock?" I
asked him and he simply replied, "Yes!"

As I pushed the first inch of shaft into my son, I listened for
any sign of distress, any indication that I was hurting him, but
none came. His fist balled again though, clutching tight the
sheet beneath him, and he began to breathe harder as I pushed the
next inch into him. With two inches of shaft and the large knob
now firmly inside him, he moaned again, trying to open his legs
wider to accommodate the intruder which was making him feel so

After pulling my cock back gently, I forced it back again inside
him, making him exhale loudly. Then I fucked him slowly, just
piercing him each time to a depth of 3 inches and he began to
relax within a minute, his anus becoming used to the size of my
invader. When I was sure that he could handle the extra length, I
fucked him deeper, adding another inch to my strokes.

It was a sloppy mess around his anus then; the KY jelly and my
saliva were being churned up by the fucking which seemed to bring
him more enjoyment every time my cock was thrust into him. With
two inches of hard shaft still outside his body, I wondered if I
dared go on to give him more of it. My love for him made me want
to give him the rest of it, to fill him up entirely with my cock
so that he might get the most excitement I could give him. My
maternal instincts to prevent him being hurt kept getting in the
way of my lust for him, my desire to fill the arse of my one and
only young lover. But when he spoke, the decision was made.

With a voice tremulous with obvious lust, he said, "Fuck me, Mum!
As hard as you can! Like Martin does!"

The name of my love-rival being mentioned seemed to make me snap
and suddenly I plunged all the way into Jimmy's arse until my
hips crashed against his buttocks. He cried out in pain and
suddenly I was sorry for him, so sorry that I had hurt my poor
little boy. I pulled back at once, waiting for him to tell me not
to hurt him like that but no, he said at once, "Again, Mum, do it
again!" and without thinking, I forced my cock fully into him,
impaling him totally on my big cock. "Yes! Yes, that's good,
Mum!" he said between gritted teeth and, as if in a trance, I
began to long-stroke him, to force my cock as far as I could into

I pulled back on my cock so that just the knob remained inside
him and then I slammed forward, filling his insides with long
thick cock. When I received no complaints from him, I fucked him
harder each time, pounding my poor son's arse with vigour. When I
heard him mumbling, I lowered myself onto his back, rubbing my
bare tits against his flesh, so that I could hear what he was

"I love you, Mum! I love you so much!" he mumbled and I kissed
his neck and the side of his face. As my hips banged against his
smooth, taut buttocks, I whispered into his ear, "I love you too,
Jimmy, more than I can ever tell you."

With my cock not being real, I could fuck my son for as long as
he needed it without cumming myself so I continued to pound him,
to love him in this special way which he found so stimulating. He
moaned and mumbled throughout our love-making, crying out my name
from time to time, but within minutes, he asked me to stop
because he was getting too excited.

Then came the chance for the last final surprise for him. "Shall
I cum inside you, darling? Do you want Mummy to shoot her spunk
inside her little boy's bottom?" I said.

When he mumbled a somewhat confused and doubtful, "Yes!", I
reached down and pushed the tiny pressure point on my cock which
would start the "cum" cycle. I saw his mouth suddenly open with
surprise as he felt "spunk" being pumped up inside him, filling
his rectum with the warm fluid. Having filled the sachet more
than three-quarters full, he received three times more warm spunk
inside him that Martin could ever have spurted.

He just lay there, basking in the feeling of being bred, enjoying
the sensation of great volumes of hot spunk being pumped deep
inside him. Vast quantities of warm "semen" splashed over and
over against the walls of his boy-pussy, bathing his insides with
the man-spunk that he so desperately craved. Once the sensors in
the fake cock detected the sachet was empty, the pulsing stopped
as the cycle ended, and I lay on top of him, kissing him where I
could reach.

With my cock still buried deep inside him, he tried to kiss me
but our positions made it impossible because he couldn't turn
over, impaled as he was by a cock which would never soften and be
expelled from his bottom. Imagine that! A cock that would never
become soft! But I had to take it out of him sometime and, after
a couple of minutes, I raised myself from his back and slowly
began the withdrawal of my big cock from my son's well-fucked
arse. As the knob finally popped out, a large flood of "spunk"
gushed out from his gaping anus, soaking the sheet beneath us.

As he turned over onto his back, I saw the place where his own
stiff dick had lain as I had fucked him and it was wet with his
cum. He had cum without his dick being touched and I was so
overwhelmed with that fact that I just stared at the mess on the
sheet. When I looked at his now softening dick, I could see that
it was covered in the spunk which he had ejaculated so profusely
and I went down on him at once to suck and lick it clean,
swallowing his nectar after rolling it around in my mouth to
savour it.

The poor boy was exhausted when I looked into his face and we
began to kiss, softly and without lust. We lay side by side,
facing each other, and it wasn't long before he felt the need to
speak, to ask the questions that I knew he would want the answers

"It was wonderful, Mum! Absolutely bloody great! Where did you
get it? Will you do me again tomorrow with it?" He was my little
boy again, asking me questions one after the other before I could
give him any answers. His excitement showed in his face, just
like it did each Christmas when it was time to open the presents.

"I'll tell you everything later when we've rested," I said
softly. "Why don't we have a little sleep now?" and I moved up
the bed, bringing a nipple to his lips so that he could be my
baby once more and I could be his mother and breast-feed him. His
lips slid over my nipple and he began to suck contentedly,
closing his eyes as he suckled.

When he fell asleep, his mouth slipped from my nipple and I moved
carefully from the bed so I wouldn't wake him. I padded to the
bathroom and removed the cock harness and began to clean it in
the sink, washing carefully the big knob and the long thick
shaft. This fake cock would be used often now, of that I was
certain. Would it replace Martin's cock or would Jimmy still need
real hot cock as well? Why was I still fearful of Martin's
influence over my son?

As I replaced the fake cock back into its box in my wardrobe, I
moved quietly, but when I turned around again, Jimmy had woken
and was smiling at me.

"Hello, beautiful mum," he said and I replied, "Hi, handsome
son," and we both smiled.

It was true; he was handsome. His dark hair and dark eyes, his
cute nose and chin all combined to make me want his body sexually
as well as to be his mother. And when I lay next to him on the
bed, our hands were drawn to each other's body. He squeezed my
breasts so gently and took my inch-long nipple between his
fingers, pinching it and making it thicken as it became erect. It
excited me, made me damp between my legs each time he did it, and
my own hand went to feel his dick and the silky ball-sac which
nestled between his youthful thighs.

His hand went between my legs to feel my sex, to run his fingers
between my wet pussy-lips and feel the clitoris which was the
core of my sexual being. He looked into my face and saw my eyes
close as I savoured what his fingers were doing to me. My bare
pussy looked like that of a child and he tried to raise himself
to look more closely at my sexual anatomy but his plastered arm
made it difficult. Instead, I let him lay there, his head on the
pillow, and I straddled his head so that my sex was merely inches
from his face, holding onto the headboard to steady myself.

As I knelt there, legs open wide, he touched me everywhere and
then licked his fingers. Suddenly his hot breath was on me as he
kissed my pussy-lips and then his tongue began to leave wet
trails of saliva over my whole sex as he explored the taste of
the horny woman who was also his mother. His forced his tongue
into my wet pussy-hole and I sighed, happy that my lover wanted
to do this to me. I always loved the oral sex that Daddy
performed on me and, in my eyes, it was the most loving act that
he could have done. It was a selfless act, an act that gave
pleasure to the recipient, and I believed that it was the measure
of his undying love for me.

Jimmy was doing it now, kissing my sex, licking me everywhere in
the same way his father did so many years before. I loved Jimmy
now as I loved his father then, deeply and unconditionally. I
trembled as his tongue rubbed against my clit and he kept doing
it when he realised how much I loved it. His warm wet tongue
caressed my button repeatedly, driving me crazy, until finally I
shuddered violently and my cum-juices flooded my pussy and
splashed onto his nose and mouth. As I rode the wave of ecstasy,
he kept his tongue against my clit, tickling it with the tip. The
waves of orgasm washed over me, one after the other, until only
the after-shocks were left. My son, inexperienced as he was, had
brought me to a climax so strong that it almost made me pee all
over him. This boy, still a child at almost 14 years old, had
given me the same beautiful sensations that Daddy had often given
me and I wondered briefly if I could survive emotionally if he
ever left me.

He was licking me again, cleaning up the mess I had left with my
cum-juices, and when he stopped, I moved back so that I could see
his face. His nose and mouth were shiny with my juices and I
dismounted him so that I could wash his face with my tongue, to
clean him as he had cleaned me. As I licked his lips, he opened
them and he pushed his tongue between mine, filling my mouth with
the taste of my own sex.

I felt for his sex again and found him still hard, his shaft
stiff and throbbing in my fingers. "I love you, Jimmy," I
whispered and he withdrew his tongue to tell me that he loved me
too. His eyes were starting to change from love to lust and I was
ready to give him anything that he wanted.

He moved away from me then and said softly, "Lie down, Mum. I
want you!"

I lay down in his place, my legs open wide, but he knelt over my
face, dangling his balls on my mouth. I licked them and fondled
his taut buttocks with both hands, feeling the strength of his
muscles, of his masculinity. The time that I controlled what
happened between us was past. He was in charge now, the male
dominating the female in all matters sexual. I would cater to his
every whim, surrender to his will in my natural female

When he moved above me slightly, he pressed his dick onto my lips
and I opened them at once to suck his hard member. He looked down
at me steadily, his eyes watching me as I did what was required
of me. He was not my conqueror but I wanted him to be. I wanted
to be his plaything, his sex toy to use anytime he wanted, just
like Daddy did. When I told Daddy how I felt once, how I would
like him to use me sometimes instead of gently loving me, he
understood at once. The next time he came home, he held me down
on the bed, ripped my knickers off me and fucked me. It had been
a joyous occasion and, although he had been rough with me, I had
loved every second of my "rape". After that, not knowing how he
would love me when he came home became an exciting game for us
both and I had to confess to enjoying that stimulating new aspect
of our sex-life together.

Jimmy pulled his dick from my mouth and dismounted my head,
shuffling down the bed on his knees while holding onto the
headboard with his one good hand. I opened my legs wide and
brought them up, quickly shoving a pillow under me to tilt my sex
so that it would be easier for him to penetrate me. I was wet
again, aroused by the oral sex I had been performing on my son,
and I grasped his hardness, placing it at my baby-hole and
waiting for him to push forward to fill my waiting cunt with

As his dick began to enter my wet hole, we looked into each
other's eyes and I wanted to kiss him, to demonstrate my total
love for him. But his lust was raging now and I knew what he
wanted more than anything. Rutting was to take place, breeding of
the female, and love came secondary to that on all occasions.
Once I was impaled on my son's cock, we would copulate and he
would fill me with potent sperm. It was basic, feral; it was how
real life was.

With him staying upright on his knees as he fucked me, I couldn't
wrap my legs around his waist as I wanted to, so I held them
aloft as the sound of our flesh slapping together bore witness to
our fornication. I held onto the arm with which he supported
himself on the headboard and with the other hand, I touched his
waist, wanting to feel his body somewhere as the ritual of
breeding was carried out.

His breathing was becoming ragged, shallower as he fucked me,
and, as his excitement mounted, so did mine.

"Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck your mummy!" I cried but he didn't answer,
instead becoming more frenzied at my words. His stiff cock banged
me harder and faster, making the friction more stimulating in my

A loud groan from him heralded the ejaculation that was about to
start. His final thrust came and the cock inside me expanded and
pulsed, and the first shot of his hot potent spunk hit my cervix.
I felt his hard cock pulsing inside me, sending more and more of
my son's incestuous sperm deep into my vagina. I lay there, legs
upraised, committing gladly the incest which we both found so

"Empty your balls into me, Jimmy! Fill me!" I cried in arousal
and I lay still, enjoying immensely the feeling of his seed being
pumped deeply into my cunt.

He was breeding me as Daddy had bred me and now, as then, I had
taken no precautions to prevent pregnancy. I had considered it
briefly but rejected the idea, telling myself that Jimmy was
probably too young yet for me to worry about it anyway. I just
wanted to feel his incestuous seed splashing against my cervix
and the walls of my vagina. Like Scarlett O'Hara from 'Gone With
The Wind', I would think about it tomorrow.

When the spasms of his cock ended, he collapsed on top of me, and
while the last of his spunk drained into me, I stroked his back
and buttocks, kissing his neck and the side of his face. He was
sated for now, as was I, but it would not be long before we
wanted each other again. His youthful libido was making me a
happy woman and I never wanted it to stop but I couldn't ignore
the fact that our relationship had become incestuous. We had gone
on from being innocent mother and son to becoming guilty mother
and lover, and there was no going back to those times of
innocence. It was a Pandora's Box that should never have been
opened, although when Daddy opened it all those years ago, I
couldn't have been a happier little girl.

Chapter 8

On Wednesday evening, the phone rang and Jimmy answered it. It
was Martin, asking if he could come round to visit. I watched his
face as he held the conversation with his friend and the images
of them together came back to me again. When he asked if it was
OK, I nodded and he relayed it to Martin.

I considered what I ought to do. Should I go out and leave them
alone as I had done before? Could I stand to be downstairs while
they made love upstairs, up in my bedroom, on my bed? I just
couldn't dislike Martin, no matter how I tried. A sensitive
respectful boy of 16, he was a church-goer and he helped the
elderly in the community. What was there not to like?

Just 15 minutes later, while we waited for Martin, I saw a
movement at the window and found Martin peering in at us. His
animated hands indicated that he wanted to be let in and Jimmy
rose to open the door. When he was finally inside, he kissed me
on the cheek and asked how I was.

"What were you doing, Martin?" I asked, trying to fathom what
could have possessed him not to ring the bell as usual.

"I'm sorry, Helen. I kept ringing the bell but nobody came," he
said apologetically.

The doorbell had been playing up lately and I hadn't yet got
around to getting it fixed. "It's my fault. I should have got it
fixed. If it happens again, just come round the back and let
yourself in. And you don't need to phone before you come round.
Just come round anytime. I know Jimmy loves to see you. Can I get
you something, Martin?"

In his usual polite manner, he asked for a Pepsi and I left them
together while I got the drinks from the kitchen. When I returned
with the drinks, I wondered just briefly if they had been
touching each other but I saw no evidence of stiff cocks. Jimmy
wore his bathrobe with underpants beneath and the front of
Martin's jeans showed no tenting-out, but then I realised that
the boys may have seen me checking out their crotches and my face
turned red.

As Martin chatted about the events of his day, I couldn't help
liking him, although I still regarded him as a rival for my son's
affection. But when Jimmy asked if they could go upstairs, I said
yes and they headed for the stairs. As I watched them climbing
the stairs, Martin's eyes were fixed on my Jimmy's lovely little

This was the worst part. They were together in my bedroom. I was
sitting downstairs, visualising their hands and mouths on each
other, their hard dicks being wanked and sucked, and Martin's big
dick fucking my little boy's bottom. The more I thought about
them together, the more agitated I became. It wasn't making me
angry; it was making me hot! My knickers suddenly felt damp again
and my pussy tingled.

I turned down the volume on the TV and my ears strained to hear
any noise from upstairs. What was that? Moaning? Did somebody cry
out? Was Jimmy looking into Martin's eyes just at that moment? I
couldn't take much more of this. It was the not knowing what was
happening upstairs, I lied to myself. They had been gone almost 5
minutes now. How far had they got with each other?

'I need to pee,' I said to myself, 'and the bathroom is upstairs.
I don't need to pass my bedroom so I won't disturb them.' I was
lying, of course, but something was driving me to be nearer to
them. At the bottom of the stairs, I turned round and came back
to the living-room, telling myself that this was stupid. I looked
at the clock again and worked out that they had been up there for
6 minutes now.

Taking courage, I went back to the stairs and climbed them
noiselessly and then padded softly to the bathroom. Standing
inside, I left the door open, listening for sounds from my
bedroom. I could hear movement, rustling, and also some soft
moaning. What was happening? What were they doing? Ignoring my
guilt, I crept from the bathroom and tip-toed to the slightly
open door of my bedroom. Although it was only open about a foot,
I could see almost the whole bed and I gasped as I saw what they
were doing.
Jimmy lay on his back, a pillow stuffed underneath him, and his
legs held up in the crook of each of Martin's arms. I was behind
them and slightly to the left, but I was able to watch Martin's
bottom as it moved slowly back and forth as he penetrated my
son's little bum-hole. His long thick cock was as big as Daddy's
and the boy was only 16! But what mesmerised me was his big
ball-sac. His balls were large, bigger than Daddy's, and they
slapped against Jimmy's buttocks with each inward thrust. His
buttocks were taut and I watched his muscles tense as he made
love to my son. Dark hair grew in his bum-crack and I could see
that his ball-sac was also covered with the manly hair of an
adult male. He was a perfect specimen of manhood, even though he
was only 16.

They were speaking to each other very softly, no doubt so that I
would hear nothing downstairs where I was supposed to be. The
thickness of Martin's cock seemed to cause my Jimmy no pain as it
was thrust into him and as I watched them making love, my hand
went inside my pants and down into my knickers to touch myself.
As I kept my eyes fixed on the sexy couple, my slippery fingers
were busy diddling my clit, rubbing it with increasing pressure.
Their love-talk began and I strained to hear what each one said.

Martin's voice, a little louder than a whisper, floated on the
air and reached my ears. "You like this, don't you, you little
cock-slut?" and Jimmy's arm reached up and curled round his
lover's neck.

"Only with you, Martin," he breathed and he brought Martin's head
down to kiss his lips.

"Does your mother know that you like cock up your bum, Jimmy?
Would she be shocked if she knew you were such a dirty little

Martin's dirty talk was affecting me too and I tried my hardest
to control my heavy breathing.

Jimmy's soft voice reached me. "You won't tell her about me, will
you, Martin? You won't tell her that I like your spunk inside

Oh God! Oh God! My son's dirty talk was making my sex-juices
flood my pussy.

"Do you think she might like to know about us, Jimmy? Would it
turn her on to see us like this?"

'No, Martin! Please stop! No more of this dirty talk!' I cried
out in my head, forcing myself not to moan with the excitement he
was creating in me.

"Should we show her sometime? Should we let her see what her
little boy likes when he's with a man?"

Martin's sexy voice was intoxicating as the filthy talk poured
out of him. It oozed like treacle and I could only imagine the
effect it was having on my son. I had to leave the doorway and I
moved slightly, leaning my back against the wall next to the door
with my eyes closed. I could still hear them as I rubbed myself
inside my soaking knickers.

"Cum in me, Martin! Fuck your spunk into me!"

'Oh Jimmy. My beautiful angel! Look what you're doing to Mummy!'
I screamed silently in my head as I rubbed my fingers faster and
harder on my clit.

"Say 'please', Jimmy. Tell me how badly you want it." Martin was
breathing harder too, I could tell, and would soon ejaculate,
spraying his hot spunk deep inside my little boy.

Leaning with my back against the wall in the corridor, I heard
him say it.

"Please, Martin! Please cum in me. Shoot all your spunk into my
arse! I need it, Martin!" He was pleading, begging the
16-year-old to fill him with hot spunk. I had to see! I had to
watch him take all of Martin's cum. With my fingers working
faster inside my knickers, I turned to look past the door to
watch the insemination of my son. Just as my eyes focused on
them, Martin moaned and slammed his hips hard against Jimmy's
buttocks and held himself there. All the muscles in his legs,
buttocks and torso tensed as he began to shoot his hot potent
semen into my son's bum. Jimmy was kissing him as far as I could
tell, his arm tightly wrapped around Martin's neck as the older
boy bred him.

"Oh Martin! Martin!" he cried out and Martin tried to gag him
with his hand.

"Shhhh, Jimmy! Your mum might hear us!" he said softly but his
voice sounded strained by the fact that he was still cumming
inside my son.

I watched for only a few more seconds before I had to dash to the
bathroom to finish my cum which was now imminent. No sooner had I
gone in there and locked the door than the massive cum started
and I leaned back with my shoulders touching the wall, my hips
thrust forward as the orgasm took me over. The waves began
strongly and I clenched my teeth to stop myself from crying out
and revealing my presence to the boys but I couldn't stifle
everything and a strangled but muted cry escaped my lips. I came
violently, the waves of my orgasm crashing over me and making me

When the strength of the waves lessened, I was left trembling and
my legs felt weak beneath me. I sat on the toilet so that I
wouldn't fall and I replayed in my head what I had seen. A man
had put his long thick cock into my almost 14-year-old son and
fucked him and my son had begged for the man to shoot hot spunk
into him. And Jimmy had kissed him for doing it! Oh Christ! I had
finally witnessed them making love and it had been beautiful and
the sexiest act I could ever have imagined seeing.

I sat a few more minutes, reassessing the situation. Jimmy wanted
Martin sometimes but he wanted me all the time. Martin gave my
son the cock he so desperately wanted and I was there to give him
everything else. I was the winner here, I thought. Just like
Daddy, my son wanted someone to fuck him and fill him with spunk
and then he wanted to share with me the fruit of that

Suddenly a thought hit me. I had to get out of here. I mustn't
run into Martin. I needed clean knickers and to wash my crotch
but I couldn't. Instead I opened the door gently and peeped into
the corridor to check that it was empty and then I fled
downstairs silently to wait for the appearance of the 2 boys.

When I heard the toilet flush 10 minutes later, I readied myself
for the air of innocence that would be presented to me by Martin
when he came downstairs.

"Thanks, Helen," he said calmly as he finally joined me. "It was
nice to visit the invalid," and he smiled so sweetly.

"Anytime, Martin," I replied. "I'm sure Jimmy's always pleased to
see you. And don't forget, you don't need to phone. Just come in
the back door anytime and you'll be welcome."

Jimmy appeared then and I wondered if they would kiss. They
didn't but Martin kissed me on the cheek before leaving and said,
"Goodbye, Helen. It's always nice coming here," and then he left.

"That was nice," I said to Jimmy. "He's such a nice boy."

"Yes, he is," he said with a smile, "and he fucked me so I'm full
of cum." Then, with a wicked smile, he said, "Do you want to see

As we dashed upstairs, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't washed
my cunt of all the cum-juice that I had made but such was Jimmy's
ardour that he wouldn't let me stop at the bathroom to clean
myself up. Instead, he ripped off his bath-robe and stood there
naked, his hand clutching the erection which he wanted me to take
care of. Stripping as fast as I could, I joined him on the bed
and crawled between his wide open legs to see his red-raw hole
and Martin's spunk which had started to leak from it.

His bum-hole was still open and I pushed my tongue into it,
tasting the manly seed that I found around the entrance. I was
becoming very horny again with the act that I had witnessed still
fresh in my mind. I was becoming so worked up by it all that I
got Jimmy to sit on my face and I spent several happy minutes
licking his bum-hole and sucking Martin's spunk from his ravaged
rectum. God, what a lot of spunk he fucked into my son!

More happy minutes were spent licking Jimmy's balls and, after he
shuffled back a bit, his stiff cock was pushed into my mouth and
I tasted his salty pre-cum as my tongue licked and sucked his
knob. His hard shaft felt good in my mouth and, to increase his
pleasure, I fondled his balls and occasionally forced 2 fingers
up inside his bottom. His sighs and moans were my reward but I
needed nothing from him but his love, and he was giving me it
several times a day!

He started to fuck my face, moving his hips to and fro, and his
knob was hitting the back of my throat and making me gag on
occasion. I had never learnt how to deep-throat but I had so
wanted to know how to do it; it's just that Daddy was taken from
me before he could teach me. Jimmy was looking down at me as I
sucked his dick and his face reminded me so much of his father.
His expression was one of love with just a trace of the lust I
knew he always had for me.

"You're beautiful, Mum. Do you know that?" he whispered and my
heart melted. He was so handsome, so sensitive, and I felt
grateful that he was mine. With my mouth full of his youthful
dick, I couldn't answer, but I squeezed his taut little buttocks
as a response. In the last 5 days, since he came out of the
hospital, he had fucked me countless times, mostly cumming in my
cunt but, now and then, my arse or mouth were filled with his hot
seed. I always left it to him to decide where to shoot his spunk.

It seemed that he had decided now which hole he would cum in
because he shuffled backwards so that he could lean his body
forward to kiss and lick my erect nipples. Feeling him sucking
one of my inch-long nipples was a sensation that I never got
tired of because it always aroused me. When he was just a baby, I
had to finger myself when I fed him, but I needed to be careful
not to drop him when I came. As he suckled, I looked down into
his beautiful face and I imagined back then that we were kind of
making love to each other. Now, almost 14 years later, we WERE
doing it, and for real!

As he sucked, I held the back of his head, but I could feel his
stiff cock between my open legs, his knob just an inch from my
wet and needy pussy. He was making more pre-cum, of that I was
sure, and my own cunt was soaking from my cum after spying on the
boys in my bedroom. More juices were flooding my pussy as my son
continued to suck greedily at my breast. He was taking most of my
aureole into his mouth as well now, as if he was trying to suck
half of my little tit into his mouth.

When he finally released my nipple, I was hot, horny for his
dick. He shuffled forward and I held his boy-cock in place at the
entrance to my hot cavern, waiting for him to hunch forward and
fill me with his rigid shaft but he hesitated. Looking into his
face, I saw the wry smile and suddenly I knew what his game was.
He was going to tease me as I had teased him.

"Please, Jimmy! Please give me cock!" I said softly and he
hunched forward to spear my wet cunt, driving it hard into me
until our pubic bones met and I could feel the downy hair around
his cock against my hairless pussy mound. His body lay on mine
and he was heavy, but he was moving his hips back and forth,
fucking my mummy-cunt, and I ignored his weight as the friction
in my pussy took my attention away from that minor detail.

His head was next to mine and I could hear him panting in my ear
as his arousal increased. I crossed my ankles around his back and
used my heels on his buttocks to try to pull him further into my
cunt on each inward thrust.

"Fuck me! Fuck Mummy's cunt, Jimmy!" I whispered into his ear and
his fucking became more aggressive, more violent. I could feel
his ball-sac banging against my buttocks each time he lunged into
me and I pushed my pussy back at him each time he thrust
violently into me.

"Yes, Jimmy! Do me! Do it hard to me, darling!" I whispered
hoarsely to him and he became almost manic in his fucking.

His breathing was becoming laboured, faster, and he was on the
edge of blowing his boy-spunk in me.

"Shoot cum into me! I want spunk!" was all I managed to whisper
before his cock twitched and the floodgates opened. With his
pubic bone jammed tightly against mine, he began to fill his
mummy with young potent semen, groaning in my ear as his knob
spewed his seed deep inside my wet messy cunt. He was making the
most extraordinary sounds in my ear as his cock belched hot spunk
far up inside my baby-channel and I held him as tight as I could
while he bred me.

Through the noise that came from his throat while his climax
raged, I caught the whispered word, "Mummy!" as it escaped
between his gritted teeth. He was calling my name during the most
emotional feelings that humans can share as they mate. I held him
tighter and whispered, "Jimmy, I love you!" and his head turned
and he kissed me until the pulsing of his cock inside my pussy
finally ceased.

He shuddered on top of me as his cum ended and his muscles all
relaxed at once. He lay on me, his panting becoming less as his
breathing began to return to normal. His balls were empty now,
the sperm inside his slimy spunk searching for an egg to
fertilise inside me, and I lay still so that the last dribbles of
his warm spunk would drain from his young boy-cock.

We kissed gently, without lust, and my hand went to the back of
his head and I stroked his hair, wallowing in the feeling of
satisfaction that my handsome son had bred me once more. It
couldn't get any better than this, I thought. Being made love to
by such a handsome virile boy was all any woman could ask for and
I relaxed in the warmth of a love which I hoped would never end.

On Friday evening, we sat together on the settee watching Kelly's
Heroes on TV and sharing crisps and chocolate biscuits. We had
been upstairs earlier and he had wanted me to use my strap-on
cock on him, and I had witnessed the joy in his eyes as I had
"cum" inside him. He had taken me from behind afterwards and
fucked my arse, filling it with his incestuous seed and, after
some cuddling, we had bathed and gone downstairs to cuddle some
more while we watched the movie.

Being naked under our bath-robes, we had started to touch each
other, and soon we were out of our bath-robes and he laid out on
the settee with his head in the crook of my arm. I held him so
that he could suck my nipple and I stroked his cock lazily,
watching his knob appear each time I pulled back his generous
foreskin. How beautiful the genitals of a male were.

With his eyes closed, he sucked contentedly at my breast as his
cock lengthened and thickened under my touch. This was comfort
for both of us, not the rampant sex we had enjoyed in the
bedroom. I looked into his face as I masturbated him and he
looked peaceful, and that peace had infected me too. I leaned
against the back of the settee as he "fed" from me and I used my
fingers lightly on his cock so as not to get him too excited too
soon. We could do this for about 15 minutes now before he came
all over his belly and my fingers, but he would continue sucking
even through his entire ejaculation.

This time, after about 10 minutes, his cock was stiff but I
wanted to delay his cum so I reached further so that I could
tickle his balls and he opened his legs wide so that I could play
with his ball-sac. His balls rolled easily inside his sac as my
fingers moved around and I felt each one between finger and
thumb. How perfect they were, the shape so perfect, the skin of
the sac like soft velvet. No wonder that women were so jealous of

Suddenly a noise. I looked up and there stood Martin, flowers in
one hand, chocolate in the other, and with his mouth wide open.
Oh Christ! Oh Jesus God! What to say? What to do? I froze like a
deer in the glare of headlights. My son was suckling at his
mother's breast as she masturbated him! This was the sight that
Martin had stumbled on and he stood silent, rooted to the spot as
his mind juggled with the thoughts that suddenly filled it.

We'd been caught, my son and I, but Jimmy was still unaware of
our audience. My fingers stopped working on Jimmy's balls at once
but with his eyes still closed, his hand went to mine and he
moved it back and forth, indicating that I should continue what I
had been doing. It was too late to get dressed or to stop what I
was doing to my son so I tried to carry on as if nothing had
happened. My heart was pounding and my face must have been
scarlet but I carried on tickling his balls.

Martin just stood there, watching closely now as my hand played
with my son's genitals, but his attention soon came to my naked
breasts and the way in which my Jimmy suckled. The shocked look
on his face was soon replaced by a look of understanding and
although his hands were full, the hand holding the chocolate
found its way to the front of his pants and, as I watched, he
rubbed himself until his pants tented out.

Lying the presents on the table silently, he returned to watching
us closely. He came closer and I tried to think what to do but
nothing would come; my head was in turmoil but fear was rising
and making me panic. He passed silently by us and then he turned
to watch my hand on Jimmy's cock. He looked at me and then moved
his hand towards mine, stopping it briefly and looking at me with
an unspoken question. I understood and nodded to him, and removed
my hand so that he could stroke my son's dick himself.

I watched his gentle hand as his fingertips ran up and down the
shaft, going finally to the red knob which had pre-cum oozing
from the pee-slit and he spread the slippery stuff all around it.
Martin's expression showed the tenderness he felt for my son and
he looked up briefly into my eyes, perhaps to show me how in love
with Jimmy he was. He played with the foreskin, pinching it
gently between finger and thumb, and pulled it forward so that
his knob was hidden from view. Then he pulled it back, right back
to Jimmy's groin, and the head appeared again, all shiny with the
pre-cum he had made.

Suddenly his head descended and the tip of his tongue came out to
lick around my son's knob but it was several seconds before Jimmy
realised that somebody else was touching him and suddenly his
eyes opened, my nipple fell from his mouth and he stared down his
body at the kneeling boy who sucked his cock.

"Martin... what..." he began but I turned his head back towards
my nipple and pulled his head into my breast so that he would
carry on sucking. He relaxed again and let the 2 of us please
him. Martin now took Jimmy's cock into his mouth and I watched as
the sweet 16-year-old performed the most exquisite oral sex on my
son. When Jimmy's hips began to buck, Martin held him still as
his mouth began to fill with his young lover's spunk. Without
leaving my nipple, Jimmy had his orgasm and when it was finished,
I watched Martin lick and suck the spent cock, cleaning it and
swallowing the last dribbles of spunk.

Martin fondled the soft cock then but watched with fascination as
his young lover suckled. His eyes went to my unoccupied breast
and I could see in his eyes what he wanted to do. I cupped the
breast and offered it to him and at once he leaned over Jimmy to
take the nipple into his mouth. He licked it, then opened his
lips and slid them over my long nipple, sucking gently so as not
to hurt me. His tongue played over the end of my nipple as he
sucked; it was like butterfly kisses and it gave me the most
erotic feeling. A stranger, a new baby was at my breast, and I
moved my hand behind his head to hold him there, stroking his
hair absent-mindedly as I did with Jimmy. Both my boys were
"feeding" from me now and I had a feeling of completeness, a
feeling of things being just as they should be.

I stayed there until the boys finished their suckling but then,
after the sex was over, the awkwardness of what to say to Martin
was uppermost in my mind. He took the lead at once, telling me
that the door-bell hadn't worked again and apologising profusely
for not knocking before he came into the house. As Jimmy and I
donned our bath-robes, he remembered our gifts and, as if nothing
unusual had occurred, he presented them to us and kissed me on
the cheek. 'God, Martin, what a nice boy you are,' I thought.

A thought occurred to me. Martin had a hard-on and I thought that
he might like to take Jimmy to my bedroom to deal with it but my
son beat me to it by asking Martin if he wanted to go upstairs
with him. He looked a little embarrassed but he went with him. I
wanted to go up and watch them, and I followed them up, arriving
just in time to see Martin taking off his last piece of his
clothing. Despite him being just 16, he was built like an adult
with a hairy chest and endowed with a cock that most men would
envy. When he looked up and saw me, he looked worried, but when I
took off my bath-robe and sat on a chair naked, he climbed onto
the bed and began to kiss my son.

I watched them, Jimmy sucking the thick hardness of Martin's cock
and getting him wet and ready for the penetration that was to
come. When he was ready to mount Jimmy, Martin put him on hands
and knees and then looked over at me, quietly sat on the chair.
He saw my fingers working busily in my cunt and he asked softly
if I wanted to help him. When I went over to the bed, he said,
"Will you put my cock in Jimmy's bottom, Helen?"

Without answering, I took his big cock in my hand, feeling the
weight and the thickness, and I wanked it a couple of times
before bringing the knob to Jimmy's little rosebud. I watched as
he pushed forward and my son's sphincter opened up as the fat
knob forced its way in. Martin paused briefly and I let go as he
pushed some more, and soon the knob was inside and the long shaft
was following. I returned to my chair and pulled it next to the
bed so that I could watch Martin's cock up close as it moved in
and out of my son's distended anus.

I played with my clit as Martin loved my boy, gently fucking his
long cock into the bottom of my little angel. "Do you like it,
Helen? Do you like seeing me fuck your little boy?" Hearing
Martin's voice, soft and sexy, made me tingle and I whispered,
"Yes, Martin, it's so sexy!" Jimmy's head went down to rest on
the pillow, leaving his bottom high for the kneeling lover behind
him. His hand reached out towards me and I grasped it, and then
he squeezed it as the boy who rode him asked softly, "Do you like
Mummy watching us, Jimmy? Do you like her seeing your little
bottom full of stiff cock?"

With one hand holding Jimmy's and my other working frantically in
my hairless cunt, his dirty talk was bringing me more rapidly to
the cum that I now needed so badly. My excitement was now at
fever pitch as I watched my little boy's anus stretched tight
around his lover's thick cock and the tight ring of muscle seemed
to cling to the cock as it moved back and forth.

"Is it good, Jimmy?" I asked with a voice that was becoming
tremulous. "Does Martin's cock feel good all the way up inside
you?" and he answered by squeezing my hand again and whispering,
"Oh yes, Mummy!"

Jimmy sighed repeatedly as Martin fucked him and soon he was
moaning and asking for more. "Please, Martin! Fuck me harder!"
and the older boy began to fuck with more vigour. I watched
Martin's big ball-sac swinging with each cock-thrust into my son
and it slapped against my son's balls, but Jimmy was moaning,
overtaken by the lust he was feeling as he was impaled on the
large cock.

It was then that I came, my cum-juices flooding my pussy and
running down between my thighs onto the cushion beneath me. My
orgasm was not silent but I tried to suppress the noise so as not
to disturb the boys on the bed. When I'd finished shaking, I saw
that Martin was close to cumming. He began groaning and I reached
forward to fondle his big balls, holding them in my hand and
stroking them until he began to shoot his potent load into my
son's rectum. I moved my hand back from his balls to touch the
root of his cock, the perineum, to feel the pulsing of his cock
as each gob of hot spunk was pumped deep into my son's rectum.

"Fill him, Martin! Fuck your spunk into my little boy!" My words
were out before I had time to think about it. Jimmy's hand
squeezed mine very tightly as Martin's cock twitched inside his
tiny bottom and he felt each spurt of his lover's man-spunk
splash far up inside him. I held my fingers to the root of
Martin's cock until the pulsing stopped and then fondled his
balls once more to make sure that every sperm had been expelled
into my son's rectum. 'God! What big balls he has!' I thought to

When it was all over, we lay together on the bed, me between the
boys. Jimmy lay against me, his lips seeking out the nipple that
he enjoyed so much and Martin, waiting for my permission, sucked
on the other one once I cupped my breast and offered it to him.
We lay together side by side, my arms around the boys, holding
them to me as they suckled and fondled each other's sex. This was
right and how it should be, I told myself, and there would be no
going back to how things used to be.

Chapter 9

On his 14th birthday, I arranged a party for Jimmy and invited
some of his school-friends. Martin helped me in the kitchen,
keeping the food and drinks flowing for all the youngsters who
came. One of the pretty young girls hung around Jimmy, touching
him, nursing him in her own way, but oddly I didn't feel jealous
or threatened by it. The tboys played childish jokes on each
other, but as I stood and watched, I reflected that Jimmy had
become more grown-up, more mature now, and I wondered if inviting
these boys had been such a good idea after all. When they had all
gone home, Martin helped me to clean up and I was grateful to

Since my incestuous relationship with Jimmy had been discovered,
Martin had joined us occasionally when we made love. Because of
his plastered arm, Jimmy was limited to what he could do when we
had sex but Martin liked to help. He wasn't intrusive at all,
mainly holding Jimmy's dick to line him up with my arse or cunt,
but he would watch from a chair next to the bed and wank his cock
as my son fucked me. Seeing a man masturbate had always been a
major turn-on for me and watching Martin stroking his big shaft
while he watched Jimmy pounding my cunt always made me want to
rub my clit. If Martin was naked, I'd see him shoot his spunk all
over his belly and chest, but if he was dressed, he would stand
up and shoot his spunk all over Jimmy's back as my son came
inside me.

Mostly though, it was just Jimmy and me. Six weeks on from his
accident, we were still making love at least 3 times a day and
although he told me often that he loved me, I was afraid that it
was his dick that ruled his head. I foresaw a time when some
young thing at 15 would make his dick stiffen too and he would be
burying it inside her youthful fresh pussy instead of mine. I
would be unable to stop it, of course, but if that time came, I
would be devastated.

I reflected too on my lack of sexual activity with men after
Daddy was taken away. He had been my lover, my rock, and during
the time that we were together, I had dismissed boys from my mind
altogether. My father gave me everything that a girl needed; love
and security as a father, and the most wonderful sex when my body
needed it. It seemed so natural that a girl would choose making
love with her father rather than some pimply youth who would
eventually dump her and tell all his friends what a slut she was.
My world had collapsed when my mother had called the police and
they had taken my father away, but any desire to share my life
with anybody else just didn't occur to me.

The grief I felt was real enough but my mother did nothing to
comfort me and, with hindsight, maybe I understood that. After
all, I was pregnant with her husband's baby but I had not
expected her barely disguised hatred of me. She was a cold woman
at the best of times but vitriol would often spurt into her veins
as she regarded me and, with no means of escape, I had to bear
the scathing remarks that she seemed to enjoy making. When I
reached 18 and she left me, it was with a sigh of relief that I
welcomed her departure from my life. I had my son and no worries
about financial security so I suffered no sense of loss when I
was abandoned by her. Indeed it had been a joyful day.

Jimmy was my man now and my bond with him had strengthened daily
but I couldn't forget what I had enjoyed with Daddy and that he
had been snatched from me. My fear was that my son would be taken
from me too, if only by a pretty teenager or maybe by another
man. The more I thought about it, the more miserable I became but
when my son put his hand inside my knickers and nuzzled my neck,
my misery always disappeared and was replaced by the feeling of
excitement as his fingers worked their magic on my sex.

It had been 8 weeks since Jimmy's accident and I took him back to
the hospital to have the plaster-cast removed from his arm. A
male nurse carried out the removal and I noticed Jimmy's eyes
straying to the lump in the man's scrubs as he was worked on, but
when he saw that I had been watching him, he grinned sheepishly
at me. 'Dirty boy!' I mouthed at him and we smiled at each other.

Once we left the plaster department, and with his arm now free of
impediment, we used the lift to reach the ground floor. On the
way down, he used his newly freed hand to put his hand up my
skirt, playing with my clit and kissing me. I grabbed his dick
through his pants and stroked it but it was short-lived because
we hit another floor and the doors opened so we had to behave
ourselves. As we passed by the reception desk, I spotted the
monitors behind the desk and I was suddenly embarrassed by the
knowing looks that I got from 2 of the receptionists. There were
security cameras in the lift too!

I took us to a restaurant for lunch and Jimmy was able to use a
knife and fork again as we tackled the Chicken Kiev. Afterwards,
back in the car, he asked if we could go "somewhere private" and
I smiled to myself as I headed towards a local beauty spot, a
small wood often used by lovers and gay men for their clandestine
meetings. I parked beside 8 other cars and we set out into the
woods, hand in hand.

Leaving the main path and walking down a less-used one, we were
about to enter a clearing but we stopped abruptly as we saw it
was occupied by 2 men who were clearly unaware of our presence.
Clothes were piled neatly next to the naked younger man and the
older man was naked from the waist down. We watched as the
kneeling younger man performed oral sex on the well-endowed older
one and my pussy began to make juice which made my knickers wet.

Jimmy's hand felt under the back of my skirt and went into my
knickers and I opened my legs wider so that he could reach my
pussy from behind. As we watched the sex act in the clearing, I
reached for Jimmy's dick and found it stiff, and I stroked it as
our eyes stayed fixed on what the 2 men were doing. But then the
older man spotted us and, instead of putting on his pants and
leaving, he beckoned us over. Unsure what to do, I looked into
Jimmy's face and saw the look of lust in his eyes. He wanted us
to join them!

Taking his hand from my knickers, he pulled me towards the men
and I found myself watching them close-up from no more than 3
feet away. As his cock was being sucked, the older man reached
out towards Jimmy's pants and I watched with fascination as his
hand stroked my son's bulge. My heart was pounding as I watched
all this and my knickers were rapidly becoming sodden with the
juices which were now flooding my cunt. What I was witnessing was
feral, animalistic, and it was the most exciting thing to

Three men of different ages were pleasing each other and I
suddenly felt privileged to be allowed to watch them. I don't
really know how it happened but I found myself on my knees next
to Jimmy, clawing at his belt so that I could pull down his pants
for the older man to touch his sex. The younger man watched from
the corner of his eye as he licked and sucked and I saw the boner
he sported.

"Come closer," the older man said softly to Jimmy and he shuffled
forward with his pants and undies around his ankles so that the
man could touch him. I moved forward too and watched as the man's
gentle fingers stroked my son's erection. Jimmy's mouth was open
as the man fondled his shaft and when the kneeling man's hand
came up to play with my son's balls, Jimmy sighed deeply and
whispered to me, "It feels really good, Mum."

Within seconds, the older man groaned and I watched as he filled
the young man's mouth with spunk, holding his head firmly as his
cock throbbed and pumped his life-seed down the throat of his
young sex partner. Once it was finished, he quickly grabbed his
pants and mumbled that he had to go and, within 2 minutes, he was

My Jimmy's erection however was not gone and neither was the
young man's boner. At once, he pulled Jimmy in front of him and
began to suck his dick, lavishing much attention with his tongue
on his knob and licking up the pre-cum which had gathered at my
son's pee-slit. My hand was inside my knickers as I watched this
stranger pleasing my Jimmy and I rubbed my clit vigorously.

But soon this young stranger was on his feet and Jimmy bent over
to take the cock which was offered to him. As my son pleased the
man with his tongue, his hands came up between the man's legs to
fondle his ball-sac. I reached underneath Jimmy's bent-over frame
and stroked his dick, feeling the slippery wetness of his pre-cum
on my fingers. When the man's hand reached for Jimmy's buttocks,
I knew what would be next. His finger ran down between my son's
bum-cheeks and he ran it around his anus in small circles, and
Jimmy moaned and wriggled his bottom. I shuffled around behind
Jimmy and licked the man's finger so that there would be some
lubrication, and when he felt my tongue, he pulled his finger out
and held it there for me to take into my mouth. I covered it with
saliva and watched as it was inserted again, this time up to the
last knuckle, and Jimmy sighed deeply again.

The man looked directly at me and asked simply, "Does he take
cock up his arse?" When I nodded, he took his cock out of Jimmy's
mouth and turned him around to face me. With my son's face level
with mine, I looked into his eyes and asked, "OK?" and he nodded,
resting his head on my shoulder as the man pulled his pants over
his feet and spread my son's legs wide apart to make it easier to
penetrate him. He offered me 2 fingers and I sucked them in so
that I could lubricate them liberally with saliva, and when he
took them from my mouth, he opened Jimmy's bum-hole further by
inserting the 2 thick fingers and then finger-fucking him.

I could see down the length of Jimmy's back and the young
stranger gave me a look, appearing to silently ask permission,
and when I nodded, he pushed his knob against my little boy's
anus. As the knob began to open up his sphincter, Jimmy sucked in
his breath and I shot the man a look. He paused briefly before
pushing forward again and soon my son was completely impaled on
his cock.

My little boy was bent over at the waist, his head on his
kneeling mother's shoulder, and a stranger about 25 years of age
had his cock buried deep inside the boy as his mother watched and
approved. The stranger had just swallowed another stranger's
spunk and nobody, not one of them, knew the names of the others,
nor did they want to. They were performing sex acts out of mutual
need rather than requiring relationships to be formed before
intimacy could take place, and I understood then why men were so
at ease with one another. And God, how I envied them!

Women just seemed unable to comprehend the notion of sex without
commitment of some kind and I thought to myself, 'What a waste!'
Men met casually, carried out the sex acts that they needed and
each one walked away satisfied afterwards. There was never a
"Will you call me?" or "Can I see you again?" with men and above
all, there was never any feeling of guilt felt by anyone as each
walked away with his balls drained and with a feeling of
post-coital satisfaction.

The stranger slowly long-dicked my Jimmy and the panting in my
ear told of his enjoyment of the cock moving back and forth
inside him. The man's hands held my son's hips to keep him still
and his eyes concentrated on where they were joined, where his
thick cock was gripped tightly by my son's rectal muscles. As
Jimmy moaned into my shoulder, I turned my head to kiss him and
soon we began tongue-kissing while he was being bummed. The
thrusting of the man's cock kept forcing Jimmy's body to move
back and forth too and made it difficult for our mouths to stay
locked on each other's so we abandoned it and instead, we began
talking dirty to each other.

"It's so good, Mummy! His cock feels so big inside me!" he
whispered into my ear and another flood of my juices shot out of
my pussy and into the gusset of my knickers. It was thrilling to
watch, an excitement so intense that I had to put my hand under
my skirt and rub my clit again to make myself cum. 'Oh you
beautiful sexy men! How I wish that I could be one too!' I

"You want to feel him cum in you, don't you? Jimmy? You want his
spunk, don't you?" I whispered into his ear but my breathing had
become irregular as my arousal had increased and the words came
out through gritted teeth.

He whispered back, "Make him cum in me, Mum!" and I felt more
wetness inside my knickers.

I just wasn't able to stop myself. I heard myself say softly to
the man behind my son, "Fuck him harder, mister. He needs your

Without a word in reply, the stranger began to ram his cock
harder into my little boy, fucking much more vigorously, and
Jimmy moaned, "Yes, Mum! Oh yes!" and when I looked up again, the
stranger's eyes were closed and he began to groan, a deep
guttural sound from deep inside his chest.

He thrust forward into Jimmy's arse one last time and held
himself still, his veins bulging out on his neck, his thighs and
buttocks tensed, as he began to shoot his spunk into my little
boy's rectum.

"Fill him, mister! Pump all that hot spunk into him!" The cry had
escaped my lips before I remembered that we were in a public
place and I regretted it at once but when I heard Jimmy's voice
whispering in my ear, "He's cumming in me, Mum!" I held Jimmy's
head tightly to my shoulder as the hot semen spurted inside him.

The stranger panted as his cock lurched inside my boy and his hot
potent seed was pumped far up inside him. Jimmy's arms went round
my neck as the pumping continued and he held me tightly and
whispered, "I love you, Mum!"

When I looked up at the stranger, his eyes were elsewhere.
Following his gaze, I was horrified to see another man, his cock
pulled out through the front of his pants, just a few feet away,
watching us. His cock was hard, his fist working it rapidly, and
panic rose in my chest. But my son's lover remained cool and
beckoned the man to join us and I looked on in confusion as he
pulled his cock out of Jimmy and the new man took his place
behind my son. The new stranger dropped his pants and, before
plunging his cock into my Jimmy's arse, he looked at me, as if
seeking permission.

My son had seen nothing of this because his head had been on my
opposite shoulder and he could not have seen the man who watched
us. When I asked Jimmy softly if he wanted another cock, he
sighed and said, "Yes, please."

When I nodded to the man, he pushed the head of his cock against
my son's gaping hole and it slid in at once, right up to the
hilt. The slimy mess around my son's hole lubricated the stiff
cock which was thrusting into him hard and fast. Jimmy's moaning
began again in my ear and I watched the man fuck my little boy.
Like the other stranger, he held my son's hips to keep him still,
and soon his body went rigid as his spunk started to spew into
Jimmy's little arse.

"All of it, mister! Give my boy all of it!" I cried and Jimmy
whispered, "I can feel it, Mum! I can feel his spunk inside me!"

As the jerking of the cock inside my son ceased, the man stayed
in place, letting the last dribbles of his spunk drain into my
boy. He had been bred twice within the last 5 minutes and, as the
man finally pulled his slimy cock out of Jimmy's bum-hole, I held
his head in my hands and whispered, "Was it good, Jimmy? Did you
like it twice?" and he moaned, "Yes!" into my shoulder.

Pulling up his pants, the stranger left us and followed the path
which the others had taken and we were alone at last. There had
been no names exchanged, no promises to meet again, but each man
had left satisfied and Jimmy was no different. I stood up and
held him in my arms, my hands stroking his bottom as we embraced.
His hands went under my skirt and soon his fingers were stroking
my wet cunt.

He couldn’t wait. No foreplay, just sex. On my hands and knees,
with my skirt up over my back and my wet knickers around my
ankles, he forced his dick into my cunt and fucked me. No
finesse, no gentle love-making. Lust took him over and I was
fucked hard, his hips slapping against my buttocks as he mated
with me. It was animalistic and I expected nothing else. My son
had been sexed by 2 men and his appetite had been sharpened by
their encounters. Out here in the wilds, we were like the animals
when they mated. He was behind me, holding my head back by my
hair as he mated with me. I was his submissive female, waiting
for him to impregnate me with his potent seed. Only when he had
finished shooting his semen into me would I be allowed to move
from under him. This was the way in the animal world.

As he fucked me hard from behind, I balanced myself on one hand
and used the other to tub my clitoris. He lay on my back and his
hips moved faster, and the friction inside my cunt was creating a
most wonderful sensation inside me. The familiar stirrings inside
me heralded the beginning of my orgasm and when I heard Jimmy
whisper, "You want my spunk, Mum?" I lost it and the waves of
orgasm crashed over me, making me shudder.

This caused my pussy to squeeze my son's cock really tightly and
he groaned as he came. His dick pulsed inside me, each throb
forcing the spunk out of his body and pumping it into mine. I was
being bred and I stayed still as the breeding process continued,
just like the animals. His seed would search for an egg to
fertilise and that egg would wait for the sperm to get inside it.
It was simple biology and necessary for the procreation of all
animals, but for me, it was the dominance of the male over the
female. No amount of Women’s Liberation would make that basic
fact of life go away.

Once the jerking of his dick inside me subsided, he made me stay
in place until he was sure that every sperm had found its way
into me and his balls were completely empty. When he finally
pulled out of me, we lay down together and cuddled. His kisses
were affectionate now, gentle instead of urgent. I whispered
words of my love for him and he responded with more kisses as he
vowed his undying love for me.

We were disturbed when 2 men entered the clearing and they were
about to leave until we said that we had finished. Their cocks
were out of their pants and, although I wanted to stay and watch
them have sex, Jimmy put his pants back on and pulled me away by
my hand and we headed for the car. As we drove home, I thought
again of the 3 men and my Jimmy. All had performed sex acts with
each other and not one had any idea who the others were.

At home, I wanted to take a bath, but before I did, I pulled down
Jimmy's pants in the living room and forced him to sit on my face
so that I could suck the 2 men's spunk out of his bottom. The
creamy slimy mess had already begun to drip from his hole and the
inside of his thighs were wet with the dribbles. As my tongue
worked inside his hole, he became excited again and, once I'd
finished licking out all that I could find, he rolled off me,
pushed me down on my back and within minutes, he had filled me
with another healthy helping of his baby-seed.

I never forgot what we saw and did in the woods and I hoped that
there would be another time when we would venture there again to
see if we could repeat what we had both found so enjoyable. Did
Daddy go to the same place to meet the men who fucked him too? Or
was it somewhere else that he met them? Later, when Jimmy
mentioned to Martin what we had done, Martin confessed that he
had gone there too sometimes when he felt horny and had freely
availed himself of the cock on offer.

It was a Friday afternoon when I came home from town with some
startling news for Jimmy. I made the evening meal for us and, as
we ate, we chatted about going to the cinema to enjoy the latest
new film, Superman 2.

"Of course we can go if that's what you want. How about McDonalds
afterwards?" I said and he gave me that boyish smile. Then,
taking my courage in both hands, I started to talk about what was
uppermost in my mind.

"I've something to tell you, Jimmy, and I don't want you to freak
out about it."

I saw him begin to think back to what he might have done wrong
but he couldn't remember misbehaving.

"I'm pregnant. You're going to be a father!" I blurted out,
wishing at once that I had found another softer way to tell him.

He looked shocked, as if he had just been slapped in the face,
and I reached out to take his hand in mine. Speechless, his mouth
opened and closed like that of a goldfish. No words would come
and I knew that, for our conversation to begin, I would have to
be the one to do it.

"What do you think, Jimmy? About being the daddy to our baby?" I
asked tentatively and I waited to see if he would find something
to say.

Suddenly he found his voice. "But how... I mean how..." and then
his voice failed again.

"I thought you were too young," I said. "Too young to make me
pregnant. I was wrong."

He found his voice again. "What are we going to do?" he asked

"What do you WANT to do, Jimmy?" I asked. I knew what I wanted to
hear and I prayed silently that he would say it. He looked
helpless now, a little boy desperately needing some advice or
guidance from his mum.

"What CAN we do, Mum?" he asked, almost pitifully.

Now was the time to ask the number 1 question. "Do you want us to
keep it, Jimmy? Or should I have an abortion?"

He looked horrified at the suggestion and suddenly found his
voice. "Of course we should keep it!" he said. "You wouldn't have
an abortion, would you?" His eyes looked into mine, disbelieving.

"Of course I want to keep our baby,” I said. “I just wanted to
hear you say it."

Suddenly he was off his chair and he put his arms around me. "How
will we keep everybody from finding out what we did?" he asked.

"Don't worry about that for now, love. Just tell me that you
still love me and we'll be fine," I said and his lips kissed

"Of course I love you. I already told you that. Tell me about the
baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Will it be born OK? We'll need a
nursery, won't we? We can use the spare bedroom. What about a
cot? And we'll need a pram too." His previous lack of response
had now been completely reversed and I was trying my best to
speak but his quick-fire questions gave me no opportunity to say
anything. Once he ran out of steam, I managed a few words.

"I'm 6 weeks pregnant. They can't tell the sex yet. And we'll fix
up the house for the child long before it comes. We have another
7 months before it's born."

He left me then and sat back down on his chair. His mind was
racing, I could tell, but it was with excitement and not despair.
I watched his face, so angelic, as he thought about what it would
mean. I left him to his thoughts and I began to clear the table,
piling up the plates next to the sink.

When he saw me, he jumped up at once. "No, Mum, I'll do that. You
go and put your feet up. I'll bring you a cup of tea." I smiled,
proud that he would want to help me, but I explained that I
wasn't ill and wouldn't need help until much later in the
pregnancy. "But I liked that you wanted to help me," I said and I
held him close and kissed him. I wanted to put my hands inside
his jeans and play with his bottom but I thought he needed some
time to sort out this momentous event in his head before we went
back to our regime of sex 3 or 4 times a day. I decided to leave
it up to him.

We sat on the settee together for the next couple of hours, his
arm around me as my head rested on his shoulder, and although the
TV was on, neither of us really watched it. His mind was
elsewhere, no doubt in the place where this child was calling
out, "Daddy!" and he was lifting it up and holding it, kissing
its cheek. The enormity of it was registering with him bit by bit
but the questions he asked about the pregnancy and the birth made
me more confident that he would welcome the baby and not try to
shy away from his role as a parent. He was a sensitive boy,
sensible when it came to practicalities, and I knew that he would
learn the parenting skills once the baby arrived and he held it
in his arms.

Later that night, as we lay together in bed, he laid me on my
back and kissed my naked belly and then stroked it with his
fingers as if feeling for his child. I became quite choked and
emotional as I felt his hands on me and he noticed. He kissed me
then, still holding his hand over where he imagined the baby to
be lying, but I felt his dick hardening against my thigh.

His kissing became more urgent and his hand moved from the baby
to my breast, squeezing it gently before bringing his lips to the
nipple and flicking it with his tongue. My hand reached down to
touch his dick, fully erect now, and I wanked him slowly as his
mouth made my tits tingle and I became wet between my legs. Less
than 2 minutes later, he rose up over me and mounted me, sliding
his dick into my wet tunnel, kissing me almost frantically as his
pubic bone hit mine with every thrust.

It was intense, more than his usual youthful vigour, and he kept
repeating, "I love you, Mum!" every few seconds. I clutched him
to me and crossed my ankles over his back, feeling his powerful
dick ploughing my depths. His ardour was such that, within 2
minutes, I felt his dick suddenly swell and gobs of his boy-spunk
began to splatter the walls of my pussy. He just kept cumming,
shooting and pumping his healthy young potent sperm into me.

"Oh Jimmy, I love you!" I cried as he filled me with his
baby-juice but his mouth silenced me as it covered mine and he
kissed me.

My young stud kept his groin hard against mine until the jerking
of his dick ceased and he didn't take it out until it became soft
and my pussy forced it out. He stayed on top of me, stroking my
face and hair, and whispering words of love. It was different now
but in a good way. It seemed less about the sex and more about
the love we shared, and I didn't want that to change.

When he eventually rolled off me, we lay facing each other and he
shuffled down the bed a little so that he could reach my nipple
with his lips. As he suckled, I stroked his hair and wondered if
I would be feeding him as well as the baby once it was born. I
certainly hoped he would want me to feed him when he became a

He drifted off into sleep and I reflected on how my life had gone
thus far. I had enjoyed the deep love of my father, the deepening
love of my son, and the sharing of my son with a gay young
16-year-old who liked me to watch as he made love to him. I was
pregnant again, first by my father and then by my son. Incest had
been the mainstay of my life for the last 15 years but I had
found it liberating rather than shameful. I had been free to love
my father and my son, to be myself rather than have to change to
suit a stranger. Why would I ever want to change that?

Chapter 10

After the school holidays, Jimmy had to return to school.
Although the child he had fathered in me would be born in a few
months, he found it bizarre that he was treated as the child he
really was by the teachers. As a father, he would love his child
and would rear it as a father should, but he was in the
preposterous position of trying to avoid being given detention at

Before he left the house in the mornings, smartly dressed in his
school uniform, he would make me bend over the arm of the settee
and fuck me, shooting his boy-spunk all the way up inside me and
leaving me trembling for minutes after he'd gone to catch the
school bus. Upon his return after the school day ended, he would
often press me to my knees and push his stiff dick to my lips and
I would open my mouth to accept his erection, licking the pre-cum
off it and then sucking in as much of his length as I could
before he spunked in my mouth or fucked me there on the kitchen
floor. Love played little part on those occasions; it was pure
lust which drove us both to behave that way. Later, we would make
love, gently, tenderly, and with the affection that we felt for
each other.

By the time I was 18 weeks into my pregnancy, my belly had
swelled and could no longer be hidden from the population of our
small town. Tongues wagged, speculating about the paternity of
the baby, and I brushed off the crass questions from those who
were ill-bred enough to ask who the father was.

Jimmy, proud to be the father of our unborn infant, always wanted
to see my bump and often I would walk around the house naked for
him. He would touch my belly, kissing it and feeling it with his
fingers, sometimes just gawking at it, almost in disbelief. What
I hadn't expected was that seeing and touching my swollen belly
made Jimmy horny! I had thought that seeing me pregnant would
have curbed his appetite for sexual encounter because I became
fatter but he wouldn't leave me alone. Some days, he was mounting
me 5 times and firing more of his potent spunk into me than he
had ever done previously.

When Martin came to visit, he too always gaped in awe, and would
ask to touch my belly, and it seemed to have a similar effect on
him. As his fingers ran over my belly, he would look into Jimmy's
face and, within minutes, I would be holding Martin's large cock
to my son's hole and watching as my little boy enjoyed the long
thick cock which fucked him so vigorously. Martin always came
quickly on those occasions, watching my belly as his spunk spewed
into my boy's rectum. There was something about pregnancy that
seemed to turn males on and I was determined to find out why it
was so.

The boys became even more enamoured of my swelling breasts too.
My nipples and aureoles had become darker and bigger now, and
when the boys suckled on them, I had to warn them of the
tenderness which I now felt in them through the changes during
pregnancy. My son and his friend would feel my breasts as they
sucked, their fingers gently squeezing as if to make milk come
out. I hoped they would want to feed from me when my milk came
and, when I told them that, they became over-enthusiastic and I
had to tell them to ease up on my nipples.

Unfortunate news came 2 weeks later when Martin received a letter
which confirmed that his application to go to Brunswick College
in Luton had been approved and he would be expected on the 12th
of September. His father was pleased and had arranged for him to
stay with his uncle in Dunstable, a town not far away from the
college. After that date, Martin would leave us and we would have
to make other arrangements for Jimmy to get the cock he seemed to
need so much more these days.

In preparation for Martin's departure, I had tried to use the
strap-on dildo which Jimmy liked so much but my condition
prohibited me from wearing it; the presence of my swollen belly
meant that I was now unable to fasten the tight straps which were
required to keep it fixed to my hips. I did the best I could by
using the cock manually, holding it in my hand and fucking him
with it, but doing that lacked the closeness of my body draped
over his back as I fucked him.

When Martin was gone, I would be faced with the prospect of
ensuring that my son got some man to fill him with cock. The only
solution that I could think of would be repeated visits to the
local woods to meet the men who would welcome a young boy's
bottom to fill with their seed. What worried me most was that I
might be recognised there and that the whistle would be blown on
our activities. I had to find another way to keep Jimmy's
appetite for cock satisfied.

The evening before Martin's departure, he came round one last
time to visit us. He kissed me hello but it was Jimmy who kissed
him passionately, feeling the front of Martin's pants for the
cock which would fill his bottom one last time. With his arms
around Martin's neck, he snuggled in close.

"What will I do without you?" Jimmy asked, his eyes moist, and,
for the first time, I saw tears running down Martin's face.

"I won't go to college," he said softly, "not if it means I can't
see you again."

Valiantly, Jimmy whispered, "You have to go, Martin. You can't
let your education go."

I stood there next to them, watching my son's misery as he was
tightly cuddled by the boy who meant so much to him. I felt their
pain; the same pain which I had suffered when Daddy had been
taken away. Martin would love my boy one last time and they would
part, both despondent at the turn of events which had brought
about their shared misery.

As Jimmy led his lover upstairs, I stayed in the living-room,
leaving them to their final love-making. It would be tender, I
was sure, not the usual animalistic buggery which they both
enjoyed. I was also sure that Jimmy would not be pushing his
stiff dick into me after Martin had left, not this time. I would
go upstairs after Martin left and cuddle my son, trying to
comfort him.

When Martin came down alone 30 minutes later, we hugged and he
whispered, "Goodbye, Helen. Let me know when the baby comes." I
almost cried with him as we clung to each other and, when he
finally turned to go, I said softly, "Good luck, Marin."

Upstairs in my bed, I found my son lying on his side, his head
turned into the pillow, and I lay down in front of him. He laid
his head against my chest and snuggled there, and my arm went
around his shoulders as I kissed his hair. I didn't know what to
say so I said nothing, just rocking him with my arm and body.

I don't know how long we lay there; it seemed like a long time.
He was naked and I was still dressed, but in this time of misery,
there would be no joyful love-making, not yet anyway. It would be
a time for mourning, for anger perhaps, but eventually his heart
would heal and he would be my Jimmy again, the father to my
unborn baby, and we would go on together.

He didn't feel like school the next day and I phoned them to say
that he was sick. It was Friday so he would have 3 days at home,
counting the weekend. Although we didn't have sex during those 3
days, he lay with me on the settee, stroking my belly and kissing
the baby inside me. When the baby moved inside me, Jimmy looked
at my belly in shock, watching the movements, and I couldn't help
laughing. When he looked into my face, he began to laugh too.

Jimmy went to school on Monday. He knew that he had to get over
Martin and he resolutely did all he could to achieve that end.
Putting more effort into his schoolwork was the way to go, he
decided, and I would support him as always to reduce his misery.
When he came home from school that day, he dropped his schoolbag
on the kitchen floor, came over to where I sat on the settee and
kissed me passionately before pulling down my knickers and then
squatting between my open legs and licking me to orgasm. He had
become quite adept at it now, quickly following it up with a
vigorous fucking, face to face, which left me breathless. After I
felt his hot spunk shooting inside my hungry cunt, I held him to
me, stroking his bare arse.

Each day was an improvement on the one before and, after about a
week, he seemed to be finally getting over Martin. That Friday
morning, he asked sheepishly if I would take him to the woods
after school. What could I say? I couldn't let anybody see me
there with him so I decided that I would hide myself from view
while watching the men use him.

That afternoon, I took him to the clearing we had used before and
secreted myself deep in the bushes so that I could watch without
being seen. A man in his 40s arrived in the clearing and, unused
to approaching young boys for sex, he took out his cock and
pretended to pee, all the while watching Jimmy's face for
reaction. When my little boy went over to him, I watched as he
took the stranger's cock in his hand and started to wank him.

He stroked Jimmy's face for a few seconds before reaching for the
front of my boy's pants and, finding an erection there, he
started to undo my son's pants. Within 2 minutes, Jimmy's pants
were around his ankles and the stranger was making him step out
of them.

"Do you like my cock?" the stranger asked softly and Jimmy
nodded. "Do you suck too?" he asked hopefully and my boy nodded
again. "Suck it, honey," he whispered. "Make it wet, sweety."

On his knees, Jimmy took the man's cock into his mouth, licking
the knob and tasting the salty pre-cum. His hand cradled the
stranger's balls, feeling them gently with his fingers. The man's
eyes closed as Jimmy expertly pleased him with his lips and
tongue, and soon I heard the groan of orgasm and I witnessed the
big cock spewing hot spunk into my son's mouth. I could see
Jimmy's throat move each time he swallowed it, once, twice, three
times. He looked up into the man's face as he swallowed and when
the man had shot all his spunk, he pulled out his cock and asked
Jimmy to open his mouth and he obeyed.

"Good!" the man said, satisfied that all his cum had been
swallowed. When the man moved back and pulled up his pants,
Jimmy's look of disappointment was apparent but the man walked
away without a backward glance. The bastard!

But another man entered the clearing as the first was leaving and
he saw my son there, naked from the waist down and kneeling. The
older man, maybe in his early 50s, bearded and unkempt, started
my alarm bells ringing. There was something familiar about him
but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I knew no derelicts so
how could I know him?

I worried just a little as he went to stand in front of my
kneeling boy and he looked down at the stiff dick sticking up
from Jimmy's groin.

"He didn't even make you cum, did he?" he asked softly, sizing up
the situation at once. Jimmy's face showed sadness as he shook
his head. "Do you want fucking up the arse?" he asked quietly and
my little boy nodded, keeping his head bowed. "What's your name,
son?" he said and Jimmy answered.

He dropped his pants and stepped out of them, and I was able to
see the long foreskin which covered the big knob as he presented
his cock to my little boy's lips and said quietly, "Suck it,
Jimmy, and make it wet. I'll give you what you need."

'It can't be!' I told myself. 'No, I'm mistaken! I don't know
this man. I'm sure I don't!' My heart began to race though and I
watched more closely as Jimmy drew back the man's foreskin to
reveal the big shiny knob and he began to lick the pre-cum from
it. He brought the long foreskin back over the big knob and
forced his tongue inside the long hood, tickling the pee-slit
with it as his hand worked the excess skin back and forth.
Jimmy's tongue was completely covered each time he brought
forward the foreskin and each time he pulled it back, his tongue
appeared again.

I found it extremely arousing to watch my son enjoy the
stranger's cock so much and my hand went down under my dress and
into my knickers to touch my soaking pussy. This display of sex
between man and boy was exciting, stimulating, hot!

As my boy sucked the stranger's cock, he looked up into his face
and seemed to see the kindness there. The man looked down,
stroking Jimmy's hair affectionately as his manhood was covered
with little-boy saliva and soon the hard cock was wet and shiny,
ready for penetration.

"Get on your hands and knees, Jimmy. Let me look at your little
bum-hole," said the man softly, waiting patiently until my son
had taken up his position.

It was the man's turn now and he knelt behind my boy and I saw
the wet warm tongue of the stranger being forced into his hole. A
sharp intake of breath indicated the pleasure which he felt as
the tongue was forced far up inside him, wriggling around like a
snake inside my son's bum-hole.

"Oh, mister!" he breathed. While he tongued my Jimmy's hole, the
man kept his erection by stroking it with his hand. The
stranger's hand then came up between Jimmy's wide open legs and
stroked his balls, the fingertips gliding over his beautiful
silky ball-sac. My son moaned as the tongue inside him began a
fucking movement and I thought I might see his spunk shoot onto
the ground beneath him.

"Is it OK, Jimmy, what I'm doing?" the stranger asked softly and
Jimmy moaned, "Oh yes!" As the strong thick tongue went back into
Jimmy's bum-hole, I could see the boy becoming agitated and
panting. He was going to cum any second! I guess that the man
must have realised it too because he withdrew his tongue and
released Jimmy's balls.

He knelt up straight and opened Jimmy buttocks wide, checking
that his boy-hole was gaping open and, pulling back his foreskin
fully, he placed the blood-engorged knob at the entrance to my
little boy's anus. He pushed firmly, opening Jimmy's hole like a
flower. Once the knob had slid inside, he waited, letting the
boy-hole get used to the hard member which would soon fill his
rectum. As he became more comfortable with the thick cock, Jimmy
pushed back and the man took that to mean that he wanted more of
the man-cock inside him. He pushed forward again and soon my
little boy was completely impaled, the coarse pubic hair of the
man pushed tight against the creamy taut buttocks of the boy.
The man leaned over Jimmy's back, supporting his weight with one
hand whilst holding my boy around his waist. His large frame
covered my son's small body completely and I watched as the man's
powerful hips began to move slowly back and forth as the fucking
began. His lips kissed Jimmy's ears as he fucked him and I could
just about make out what he said.

"You're beautiful, Jimmy. So sexy with your tight little bottom!"
He muttered love-talk throughout the entire love-making, kissing
Jimmy's neck and shoulder often and making my son moan. When the
man's hand moved down from Jimmy's waist and began to wank his
boy-dick, Jimmy pushed his head back, trying to make closer
contact with his lover.

"I want to cum in you, Jimmy! Let me cum inside you!" murmured
the man and I heard my son hiss back, "Yes! Yes! Fill me with

Jimmy's breathing was becoming laboured as he panted and the man,
on the verge of cumming too, wanked the boy-dick faster. It was
only seconds before his boy-spunk was shooting out and spraying
the leaves beneath him. I watched his spunk as it splattered on
the ground and my fingers, soaked with my own juices, rubbed
vigorously around my blood-engorged clitty.
But before I came myself, the bearded man groaned and slammed his
hips into my son's bottom one last time, holding the boy tight
around the waist as his cock started to jerk inside him. I wanted
to cry out, to urge the man to fill my son with hot spunk, but I
didn't dare because I was spying on them.

The man cried out though. "Jimmy! I'm cumming in you! Feel it?
Feel my spunk, son?" but my boy just groaned as he felt the walls
of his rectum being sprayed with a real man's potent spunk. The
man's thigh and buttock muscles bulged as his cock spewed his
seed deep into my son's rectum and although I tried to hold back
my own orgasm, it hit me in waves, rolling over me time and again
until it gradually faded. I was left trembling and on unsteady
legs, and the baby moved around inside me, no doubt protesting
about what my body had just undergone.

When my eyes opened, I saw the man lying on the ground with
Jimmy. They were spooning, the large cock still buried inside my
son's bottom, and the man was whispering words which I couldn't
quite hear. Jimmy's hand had reached out behind him and he
stroked the man's thigh affectionately as the last of the hot
spunk dribbled into him. It had been like watching Martin making
love to my son; the great affection between them was apparent to
even the most casual observer.

As the man stroked Jimmy's body, I could see the possibilities.
Could I persuade the man to become Jimmy's lover? My son was
obviously captivated by him and his feelings were reciprocated.
Had I found a replacement for Martin? Perhaps I could pay him to
service Jimmy often. He must need money, I thought, judging by
his appearance. But I couldn't just go bursting into the clearing
and offer him the job, could I?

The thick cock was finally pushed out of Jimmy's bottom as it
softened and the man turned him over to face him. As the man went
to kiss him, Jimmy's lips opened to accept the tongue which
filled his mouth. They lay like lovers, caressing and kissing as
their hands roamed over each other. It was a beautiful sight and
made me feel quite emotional.

When eventually they stood up, they kissed some more before the
man reached for his pants and Jimmy did the same. There was a
final kiss of parting and the man was gone. I burst into the
clearing and said quickly that we had to go. Looking bemused,
Jimmy followed me back to the car and I drove us away, anxious to
catch up with my son's lover. I caught sight of him ahead and
slowed the car so that I could follow at a safe distance. After
half a mile, he turned into a driveway which led to a big house
which I recognised. It was a social services and probation
hostel. Oh Christ! He was a criminal!

Before he had walked 50 yards further, I shouted, "Excuse me,"
and he turned. As he walked towards me, the butterflies in my
belly started again. I knew him but where from? What had he done?
He looked at my pregnant belly and said kindly, "Congratulations,
love. When is the baby due?" It was his voice! There was
something familiar about his voice! I started to tremble and I
almost fainted but he caught me before I hit the ground.

"Sit down, love," he said, concern for me clouding his features.
"You look like you've seen a ghost. Is it the baby? Shall I call
an ambulance? Should I call your husband?"

As I sat on the grass, he sat next to me and held me. I looked
into his eyes now and I knew then who he was.


He looked at me closely, examining my face, moving a lock of hair
from my forehead.

"Helen?" he asked and I nodded. My trembling continued as his
arms went around me and I cried into his shoulder. As I wept, he
clung to me and his familiar comforting voice calmed me. "There,
there, sweety, don't cry. Daddy's here." Those same words from
years ago made my crying worse as I remembered the times when I
had scraped my knee or hurt myself some other way. He had always
kissed me better and sent me out to play again after cleaning me
up and applying a plaster. Those halcyon days of childhood were
long ago and suddenly I remembered Jimmy who still sat in the
car, waiting for my return.

"Can you help me up?" I asked when I was calm again and he pulled
me gently to my feet. He hugged me again and I didn't want to go
but this revelation needed some thought. He didn't know about
Jimmy, had never seen him before. I had to think what to do. We
had much to talk about but not here, not now.

"I'm alright now, Daddy. I have to go but I need to see you. Can
you meet me tomorrow morning?" My heart raced and my head
wouldn't organise itself, and I needed time to gather my thoughts
before I met my father tomorrow.

"Yes, Helen, of course I can. Are you sure that you're alright?
You still look in a state, darling." His concern was as I had
always remembered it.

I gave him my address and kissed him before leaving him standing
there. As I made my way on unsteady legs back to the car, I
wondered how I could introduce him to his son. There was much to
think about. At least Jimmy would be out of the way tomorrow
because he had an away football match and wouldn't return until
after 5 p.m.

Chapter 11

Excited, I stayed awake most of the night. I got to thinking
about how meeting Daddy again would impact on the relationship
between Jimmy and me. He was our father but my son had never met
him before yesterday and their first meeting had been anything
but the tear-jerking occasion that would be expected. Daddy had
fucked his son's lovely arse and Jimmy had loved it! I had kept
this revelation from Jimmy, hoping to find later an easy way of
telling him that the stranger who had filled him with spunk was
his father!

When I waved goodbye to Jimmy and his football team, I shut the
door and began to think again about what I would say to him when
he came home that night. Sat in the kitchen, I ran scenarios
through my mind, trying to select one which would cause the least
damage to our relationship.

The doorbell rang at 9:45 and when I opened the door, there he
stood. The tall man who was my father was clean-shaven and
dressed in better clothes than yesterday. When he came in, I
reached up to kiss him and held him tight. There was no way I was
going to let him be taken from me again. I led him through to the
kitchen and we just looked at each other.

"I've missed you terribly, Daddy," I said quietly. "You've no
idea how many nights I cried myself to sleep after you were taken

"Me too, love," he said sorrowfully. "I've been trying to find
you for almost 2 years. They wouldn't tell me where you were."

The kettle boiled then and I made the tea. When I brought the
cups to the table and sat down, the talking began.

"What happened to our baby?" he asked and I told him that he had
a son. "Where is he now?" he asked and I told him about the
football match. "Where's your husband? Will he mind me turning up
like this?"

Now came the difficult bit. "I don't have a husband or a
boyfriend, Dad," I said.

"Well, who...?" he asked, looking down at my swollen belly.

There was really no way to dress it up. I reached out and held
his hand as I continued, "It iwas our son, Daddy. He got me

He looked then as if he had been slapped in the face. Silence
ensued as he digested what I had told him. I had to fill the

"It was my fault really," and I went on to explain how we began
our love-making. As I revealed Martin's part in things, I saw
Daddy's face change as he realised that Jimmy was the same as he
was. His son needed cock just like his father did.

"When will I get to meet him?" he asked and I said he had already
met him.

Looking confused, he asked, "When did I meet him?" and then I
dropped the bombshell.

"I was watching as you fucked his arse in the woods!"

A split second of non-comprehension and then it hit him like a

"You mean... that boy... the good-looking boy in the woods... is
our son?" His face drained of all colour as he played over in his
mind what he had done to Jimmy. He had put his cock in his son's
mouth, had fucked his lovely little bottom and had lain beside
him, cuddling and stroking him as they came down from their
post-coital highs. "Helen, he's beautiful!" he said, still not
quite believing what had happened. "Our son is beautiful!"

"Yes, Dad, he is and he reminds me in every way of you. He is his
father's son!"

His face went through a range of emotions as he considered all my
news. There were still gaps, still things to tell him, but I
would wait until he had recovered from the information I had
already supplied before giving him more.

"How did you find me," he asked, "there in the probation hostel?"

"I followed you from the woods. I didn't know it was you, of
course," I explained. "With the beard and everything, I thought
you might need a job. Jimmy wouldn't stop talking about how
wonderful he felt with you as we drove and I was going to ask if
you would fuck him regularly so that we wouldn't need to keep
looking for different men for him."

His eyes became moist then and I reached over for the box of
tissues. He took one and dabbed his eyes. Once he was a little
more composed, he put his hand on mine and said quietly, "I felt
something between us too but I'm on the sex-offenders register
and not allowed to mix with kids. I couldn't risk meeting him
again although I really wanted to. I'm just lucky nobody saw me."

Then I asked, "How long do you have to stay at the hostel?"

"I can leave when they can find me a room," he replied. "They've
been looking for months for something suitable but it can't be
near schools or parks."

Then came an idea. "Why can't you stay here? There are no schools
close-by or parks. I'd love to have you live with us."

"But what about Jimmy? They won't let me live here with a child
in the house," he said.

That was difficult but there was a solution. "He's your son, Dad.
I'm your adult daughter. Mother has cleared off and left us so
why shouldn't you take up your fatherly duties?" It had the ring
of an excellent argument, one I was prepared to press on the
authorities if it came to it.

"But I have no money, Helen. I'm broke and never likely to get a
job." I had the answer to that too.

"Although Mum hated me and Jimmy, she left us a very generous
monthly income and the house is paid for. You share it with us.
What could be better?"

He looked doubtful so I had to use another line of reasoning.
"Look, Dad," I said, "Jimmy needs his father and so do I. Think
about us if not yourself. The baby will be here soon as well.
Jimmy will need to learn to be a father and you can teach him.
You did alright with me so I'm sure it will work out. What do you

He thought hard about what I'd said and he finally agreed to
approach the people in charge of the hostel to see if it could be

Our conversation went on for 2 hours and covered his time in
prison and my time as a young teen mother. I made lunch for us
both and our talking continued well into the afternoon. He had
gone into the woods in search of some adult male company but had
seen Jimmy half naked and had been drawn in by the temptation of
his fine young body.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Daddy?" I asked and he replied that he

"And you? Do you have anybody?" he asked.

"No, just Jimmy," I replied. "He's all I need. Our sex life is
wonderful. He reminds me so much of you."

I held out my hand to him and he took it, squeezing it gently. I
watched his mouth each time he spoke and remembered all those
times when he used it to please me, and then I pictured the long
foreskin on his thick cock that I had worshipped so many times
before finally feeling it pushed deep inside me. My knickers were
becoming wet at the recall of my memories and I think that he
must have known what was happening to me.

With a look of embarrassment on his face, he asked quietly, "How
do we tell Jimmy who I am? I mean... after yesterday... you
know... in the woods..."

This was the question that had kept me from sleep last night and
I still hadn't found an answer. "I don't know, Daddy," I said but
then an idea came to me. "Do you think that maybe he won't
recognise you? After all, yesterday you were scruffy and wore a
beard." I could have bitten my tongue then and I looked at him
with regret. "I'm sorry, Dad, I shouldn't have said that."

"Don't apologise, Helen. You're right. I was a mess yesterday,"
he said. He was my father, a gentle man who always forgave all my
childhood mistakes, regardless of the unintentional pain I caused
him. "I'm not sure he won't recognise me, Helen. Won't a glimpse
of my cock give me away to him?"

I had forgotten about that. How would our son not recognise the
cock which had given him so much pleasure yesterday? It was a
daft idea.

"There's only one way to do this," I said, forming a plan in my
head. "We'll let him meet his dad tonight but keep your cock in
your pants. It may well be that he won't recognise your face,
being clean-shaven now. Eventually he's going to find out that it
was you who made him feel good but until then, we just treat you
like the prodigal father who has returned to the family. How does
that sound?"

He thought for a second before agreeing with me but then came the
question which neither of us had wanted to ask.

"And what about us, Helen?" he said softly. "How will things work
now between you and me?"

I had refused to face this because I wasn't sure how I felt about
our new relationship. On the one hand, I had Jimmy to love me,
but on the other hand, sitting here with my wonderful stud father
was making my knickers wet. They were both essential to me and I
didn't want to have to choose between them. I was pregnant with
Jimmy's baby and I wanted him in my bed every night. On the other
hand, what my father used to do to me had fulfilled me sexually,
making me want him inside my body at every opportunity. Could I
have both of them? I certainly wanted that, being the slut that
they had both made me.

As if he read my mind, he asked, "Where's the bathroom?"

Deep in my thoughts, I hadn't heard him and I said, "What?"

"Where's your bathroom?" he asked. "I need to pee."

"I'll show you," I said and he followed me up the stairs. I left
him at the door and he went inside but he left it open as he went
over to the toilet and dug out his cock from his pants. Instead
of leaving, I stood in the doorway, peering inside. I shouldn't
have done it; I should have left him alone. Instead, I watched as
he pulled back his foreskin, ready to pee.

"You used to like watching me do this when you were a kid, didn't
you?" he said, smiling at me.

I blushed deeply and nodded but I moved closer and kept watching
as his pee splashed into the bowl. I reached out and took the
cock into my hand, moving it like a child to paint pictures with

"Oh Helen, it's been so long since I've felt your hand on it," he
whispered. "Do you remember what you used to do next?"

Of course I did. When he had finished, I would lead him to my bed
and strip off my clothes while he watched me. His eyes always
took in every detail of my little girl body and I would bend over
deliberately to show him my pussy and bottom. He always managed
to get naked before I did though and by the time I crawled into
bed with him, he was erect and throbbing. Then we would 69 before
he turned me round and filled my pussy or bottom with his cock.

"Yes, Daddy, I remember it all," I said softly. He finished
peeing but my hand still held his cock which was beginning to
lengthen and thicken. "Oh Daddy!" I breathed. "It's been so
long!" and I reached up to kiss him on the lips. His mouth opened
and I thrust my tongue inside, and his arms were around me
instantly, caressing my back and my bottom.

I felt his cock become fully erect in my hand and I knew that I
was lost. Any resolve I may have had to resist him had just
crashed in flames. I was his little 12-year-old again, wanting
Daddy to do those deliciously filthy things to me that I liked so
much. My juices were flooding my knickers and when Daddy's hand
went under my dress and between my legs to play with my cunt, he
found the evidence of my arousal.

"Your pussy's soaking, Helen!" he whispered in my ear. "You need
sex badly!"

"Yes, Daddy! Take me to bed! Do dirty things to me!" I whispered
hoarsely and he forced his tongue between my lips. I was hot, so
fucking horny for cock, and Daddy was here to give it to me!

Leading him by his cock, I brought him to my bedroom and started
to take off my maternity dress and then my underwear, remembering
to flash my cunt and arse at him. When I turned round, he was
naked and I climbed onto his body, taking his hot cock into my
mouth as his tongue licked at my wet pregnant pussy.

His fingers prised open my buttocks and he ran his tongue from
bum-hole to clitoris, licking liberally and depositing much
saliva on my sex. I teased his foreskin, forcing my tongue inside
the long hood as Jimmy had done the day before and forcing the
tip of my tongue into the pee-slit which oozed large amounts of
pre-cum. My big belly made it a little difficult for Daddy to
tongue me easily but the feelings he gave me were highly

After only a short time, he lay me down on my back with my head
propped on a stack of pillows and I watched his hand take his
erection and place it at my pussy-hole.

"I love you, Helen," he whispered and moved his hips forward to
begin the penetration of my pregnant cunt. I held my breath as
his foreskin-covered knob began to enter me and then he stopped
briefly, waiting for me to signal him to push in more of his
hardness. At my signal, he pushed further and soon my father's
cock was inside me, pushed in right up to the hilt. He took his
weight on his arms so as not to crush me but kept his hips still,
waiting for me to urge him on.

My arms went up around his neck and I pulled his face down to
mine so that I could kiss him. His tongue, long and thick, probed
inside my mouth and I sucked greedily on it. He stayed still as
we kissed but I wanted to feel the friction inside my cunt and I
released his tongue long enough to whisper to him, "Fuck me,
Daddy. Fuck me like you used to!"

As his hips began to move, I buried my head in his chest. "Oh
God, Daddy! Oh God! I love you!" I cried as I felt the familiar
cock thrust into me and then pull back. His cock went deeper than
Jimmy's and was much thicker so that the friction built up
quickly and more intensely. Difficult thought it was with my
pregnant belly in the way, I crossed my legs over his back as he
fucked me.

His thick length speared my cunt rhythmically but he kept
altering the stroke, just as he did when I was 12. Short strokes
and then long ones; the short with his knob nearly coming out of
me and then the long ones when he bottomed out in me and gave me
those lovely dull pains deep inside. His balls banged against my
buttocks each time he long-dicked me and I hugged him tighter to
me as I felt his knob hitting my cervix.

I felt like a slut as I urged him on. "Harder, Daddy! Fuck your
little daughter harder!"

He rode me hard, just as I wanted him to. "You dirty little girl,
Helen!" he hissed. "Take your daddy's cock, you little slut!"

My fingers went to one of my swollen nipples and I pinched it
hard, hurting myself, but all it did was to increase my
excitement. When Daddy saw what I was doing, his head moved down
and he took the other nipple between his teeth, biting gently at
first and then sucking it. The long nipple in his mouth gave me a
buzz and I held his head there, wanting more.

"Cum in me, Daddy! Promise you'll cum in my cunt!" I panted and
his mouth left my nipple.

"Yes, Helen, I'll cum deep inside you!" he whispered through
gritted teeth and his hips moved faster. "Play with yourself,
darling! Cum for me! Cum for Daddy!"

My hand went down to my clit and I rubbed it as Daddy knelt up to
watch me. "Rub it harder, Helen! Rub it faster for Daddy!" he
hissed and I closed my eyes as I did as he said. The inch-long
rubbery thing was wet, slimy with the pussy juices which were
pouring from my pussy and coating my finger.

Impaled on his big cock, I frigged myself as never before and I
felt my cum approaching. He was banging me hard now, trapping my
fingers between our groins with each inward thrust for a second
but it did not delay my orgasm. Suddenly my body went rigid and
my hips left the bed as the waves of my cum carried me along. I
was cumming hard, the juice flooding my pussy and making the
thick cock inside me even slicker.

The muscles in my pussy squeezed Daddy's thick cock like a vice
and I felt it lurch inside me and keep on pulsing as his potent
seed splattered the walls of my steaming hot cunt. I hugged him
as he came in me, my big belly tight against his body, and he
groaned loudly in my ear.

"Yes, Daddy! Fill me! Fuck your cum into me!" I cried, overjoyed
to feel once more the sensation of his hot semen being pumped far
up inside me.

"Helen! Helen!" he cried as my tight hot cunt milked him, sucking
the baby-making spunk from his body.

When the pulsing of his cock subside and eventually ceased, his
eyes met mine and that old look of love was still there. His
pupils were enlarged; always a dead give-away to those who
recognised it. I'd seen those eyes so many times as a 12-year-old
girl. He had always loved me emotionally and physically, and now
he was back with me, I wanted more of it. The daddy-cock which
had been missing all those years was inside me again and had
spewed the hot seed, the same seed which had first made me

He rolled off me carefully, pulling out his now softening cock
from my sloppy cunt. Lying beside me, he raised himself on one
elbow and kissed me affectionately, one finger toying with one of
my dark nipples and making it tingle. His head moved down and
kissed my swollen belly, and I stroked his hair.

"The baby will be beautiful, Helen," he murmured. "How lucky it
will be to have parents like you and Jimmy."

At the mention of Jimmy's name, I was brought down to earth with
a bang. My guilt was resurrected again as I realised that I was
lying in bed, leaking another man's spunk out of my well-fucked
pussy. I had wanted to be fucked by Daddy and had willingly gone
to bed with him. Jimmy would come home from football and would no
doubt fill me with his boy-spunk and I would kiss him as ardently
as I had kissed my father... our father. Oh God! I wanted both of

We cuddled and caressed each other for the next half-hour, saying
nothing, just enjoying the closeness. My mind was working hard to
find a solution to the awkward situation we were in but I never
thought once to ask Daddy what to do. He must have been thinking
about it too because he started to speak of our son.

"You really love Jimmy, don't you?" he said softly, and I
murmured, "Yes, I do, Daddy."

He considered for a moment and then said, "Perhaps I shouldn't
spoil it all. Maybe I should just be Jimmy's father and nothing

"You're my father too!" I said, a little too sharply.

"Of course, Helen. I meant just be a father to you both. I meant
that I shouldn't... well... be doing stuff like this with you any
more." His face had a look of sadness and I took his hand in mine
and squeezed it.

"Let's not talk about it any more. Not now anyway," I said, being
sensible for once. "I have to introduce you to your son first and
I'm not sure how to do it. Let's take a bath together. I have to
clean all your spunk out of m before Jimmy comes home," and we
walked hand in hand to the bathroom.

As we watched the bath fill with warm water, he stood behind me,
his arms around my waist. His thick flaccid cock hung down and I
felt his big knob between my buttocks, and he gently cupped my
breasts in his big hands. He kissed the side of my neck and
whispered, "You are beautiful, Helen. Jimmy is so lucky."

I was first in the bath and for the first time in more than 14
years, I felt his big experienced hands washing me. He washed my
hair and then he made me stand up so that he could spread soap
everywhere on my body, and his fingers... Oh God, those fingers!
They went up my bum, causing exquisite feelings inside me as he
twisted them around, finger-fucking my arse. When he pulled them
out, I felt empty. Then, with my shoulders against the tiles and
my hips thrust forward, he kissed my clit before pushing 2
fingers up inside my pussy to try to empty my well-filled vagina.
The gravity, together with his fingers, meant that most of
Daddy's spunk came out of me but I would stick a tampon up my
cunt to catch any more that might come down later.

He helped me out of the bath when I had been thoroughly rinsed
and he dried me, just like he did when I was 12. On his knees, he
dried me from the waist down and when he was finished, he put the
towel down and his hands went behind me, pulling me to him so
that he could kiss my swollen belly. My hands went to his head
and I stroked his hair as he moved his lips around, kissing every
inch of the baby inside me. It wasn't sexual; it was his way of
bonding with my baby.

When it was his turn in the bath, he didn't want me to wash him.
I was a bit disappointed until he pointed out that when I put my
hands on him, he always developed a boner. I watched him though
as his hands touched each part of his large muscular body with
soap and I got tingles in my pussy as he moved his hands around.
He became semi-erect as he touched his cock but I think it was
because he was being watched. He always said that when he had sex
with men, it was even better when the voyeurs watched them

Once we were both dressed and back in the kitchen, we talked
more. His future was bleak, he said, because of his jail time and
he didn't know how he could help me financially. I reminded him
again about my mother's generous monthly allowance and, although
he was none too pleased to be dependent on somebody else, he
finally accepted that it was okay to take money from the wife who
ruined him.

We sat in the living-room on the settee and his arm went around
me as we waited for Jimmy to arrive home from his football match.
Less than an hour later, we heard the back door open and Dad and
I sprang apart, standing up together to face the kitchen.

He came in then and stopped in the doorway, looking at the man
before him and then at me. He dropped his sports-bag and stepped

"Jimmy," I started. "I have something to tell you. Sit down
here," and I nodded towards the settee.

When he sat, he eyed Dad with curiosity and I wondered if he
recognised him from the woods. When he looked back at me again, I
started to become tongue-tied. The well-rehearsed speech that I
had practiced so often had deserted me and I was struggling for
the words. I surrendered and came straight out with it.

"Jimmy, this is Dad! He's come home."

There were no tears, just a silence. Neither of them knew what to
do. Jimmy's eyes registered shock and Dad looked extremely
nervous. Oh Christ, this is not going right! I had to do
something and I did it. I offered my hand to Jimmy and he stood
up. My arms went around him and I went to kiss his lips,
whispering to him that Dad knew about us and it was alright.
Suddenly he relaxed and kissed me for a moment, his arms going
round me to hug me tightly. Ignored for the moment, Dad just
stood there, watching us. When Jimmy released me, he went to Dad
and offered his hand and Dad shook it. The next minute, he
gathered Jimmy into his arms and hugged him.

"I've waited so long to meet you, Jimmy," he said. "I never
thought you would turn out so handsome."

They stood there for ages, just holding each other, looking into
each other's face from time to time. Then Dad became serious.

"I'm so sorry I haven't been here for you, son," he said softly.
"I wish I could have been the father you deserved. I wish I could
have watched you grow up."

Jimmy put his head on our father's shoulder and mumbled, "It's
alright, Dad. You're here now." He kissed Dad's cheek with
affection and my heart leapt with joy. I joined them, my arms
going around each one, and they gathered me in. Everything would
be alright. We were together at last; a real family.

Eventually I got them to sit on the settee and went into the
kitchen to start making the evening meal. I listened in to their
conversation each time I went near the door and on the one
occasion I looked in, Jimmy was holding Dad's hand. It would be
some time before we all adjusted but it had started well and, to
be honest, it was a great weight off my mind.

They talked non-stop throughout the meal and I just listened. The
2 men in my life were with me now and if I had my way, neither
would ever leave. There was much touching between them. Jimmy's
hand would rest on Dad's arm and Dad would touch his son's face
as he spoke. Football was discussed at great length but
regardless of the conversation, each looked lovingly into the
other's face.

At 9:30, Dad announced that he had to go back to the hostel
because they locked the doors at 10 o'clock. When Jimmy invited
him to stay, Dad had to tell him of the curfew that had been
imposed on him. They hugged each other and each kissed the
other's cheek and neither seemed to want to let the other go but
it was imperative that Dad returned in time. We all piled into
the car and reached the hostel by 9:55. He promised that he would
come again the next day and he kissed us both before going

We drove home in silence but once in the house, my son asked what
I thought of our father. "He's nice, Jimmy," I said. "He's always
been nice. A more loyal man I have never met. What did you think
of him?"

"He's good-looking, isn't he?" he said. "Has he had a girlfriend
since he came out of jail?"

"No, Jimmy, he says not," I replied. "Anyway, having to be back
in the hostel before 10 every night limits his activities, I
suppose." I was careful not to mention his liking for cock
although I had told Jimmy about it long ago.

Then, out of the blue, came the question I was dreading. "Mum,
does he want to get back with you... you know... in your bed?"

I reassured him straight away. "You're the one for me, Jimmy.
It's you I want in my bed every night. It's your baby that kicks
inside me and keeps me awake."

He came to me and put his arms around me, kissing me with
increased urgency. "I want you, Mum. I need you now!" and his
fingers began to undo the buttons on my maternity dress. I felt
the front of his pants and discovered the stiffy there. He had
become stiff very quickly and I wondered if his arousal was
anything to do with the desirable man who was his father.

He stripped us both in no time and soon I was on my knees,
sucking his dick and lubricating it with copious amounts of
saliva. Enjoying what I was doing to him, he didn't notice my
hand removing the tampon that I had inserted earlier. By the time
I had made him so excited that he couldn't wait any longer, I was
soaking wet myself and he plunged his dick into me from behind as
I bent over the arm of the settee with my legs splayed wide.

The dirty talk began almost at once. "Did you like feeling his
cock when Daddy did it to you, Mum?" he asked, his voice almost
manic. "Was it nice when Daddy pumped you full of spunk?"

"Oh Jimmy, fuck me, love!" I cried as I reacted to my son's
filthy talk. Although I was very excited, I thought of something
dirty, something to really excite him.

"Do you want Daddy to fuck you too, Jimmy?" I asked, my teeth
gritted now. "Would you like his big cock pounding your arse?
You'd love him to spunk in you, wouldn't you?" and he panted in
my ear, "Yes, Mum! Yes! Yes!"

It was enough to bring him off at once. He cried out as he came
and I could feel the jerking of his dick inside me as he began to
fill me with his boy-cum. I put my hand down between my legs to
fondle his balls as his dick spewed inside me and I felt the
pulsing of the thick tube behind his ball-sac as each gob of hot
spunk was pumped into my soaking cunt.

He collapsed onto my back when his dick stopped pumping and I
stayed there until I was sure that there was no more hot semen to
be had. When he lifted himself from me, we sat down on the
settee; me with a towel under me to catch the spunk which I knew
would start to seep out of my well-fucked pussy.

As we kissed, basking in the feelings of post-coital bliss, I
knew he wanted to ask something but I didn't want to suggest what
it might be in case I was wrong. I just had to wait until he
found the courage. His head leant on my shoulder and I stroked
his handsome face with my fingertips.

"Mum," he said, and I murmured, "Mmmm?"

It took a few seconds more before he found the courage. "Do you
REALLY think that Dad would want to... you know... with me?" His
face was red with embarrassment but I saw the hope glowing in his

"Come on, Jimmy," I said. "He couldn't stop touching you when he
was here. If I hadn't been here, you would have been kissing him
and he would have been groping you before an hour had passed. I
don't know everything about what men do with each other but I
could see you wanted each other badly."

"Do you think that he would want to..." here he paused,
embarrassed I suppose about asking a woman, "well... err... do
stuff like Martin did?"

Here I could assure him. "I know for a fact that he would like to
do with you what Martin did." I didn't want any questions about
how I knew because I didn't want to reveal what Dad had said
about him when they had sex in the woods on Friday. To throw him
off the scent, I said, "If you greet him in just your underpants
tomorrow, I'm sure he'll want you in bed within 10 minutes."

I could see his mind turning, digesting all that I had said. His
hand went down to his dick and he stroked it absent-mindedly. I
thought about it too, imagining my 2 virile men making love while
I watched. I felt something inside me tingle and more juice
trickled from my pussy, soaking the towel beneath me.

His dick was becoming erect again, no doubt thinking about Daddy,
and he led me upstairs to our bed. He mounted me almost
immediately and as I used more filthy talk about Daddy and him,
he came inside me like a train. When he had finished, he lay
beside me and I offered him my nipple, and he took it gladly,
settling down to suckle contentedly before dropping off to sleep.

'Oh Daddy,' I thought. 'Come tomorrow and make love to our son.'

Chapter 12

When I woke the next morning, I looked at my little boy's angelic
face as he slept beside me. What did he dream about? What would
be his expectations for today's visit by our father? Perhaps I
shouldn't have made the flippant remark about Jimmy greeting his
father in his underpants.

The baby was moving around against my bladder and I had to leave
my sleeping son to take care of business in the bathroom. As I
peed, I pondered again what had happened since Friday afternoon.
I had taken my Jimmy to the woods, secretly watched a stranger
cum in his mouth, and then watched again as a man, later to be
discovered to be his father, pushed his cock into the boy's mouth
before pushing it deep into the child's tight bottom and filling
him with warm spunk. This would have been just a pleasant sexual
interlude between strangers except that they had lain down
together afterwards and cuddled each other like long-time lovers.
                      Last night, they had met and, unrecognised
by Jimmy, the long-lost father had begun to bond with his son.
Jimmy had been giving out covert "fuck me" signals to Dad and my
father's antenna had received them loud and clear. I knew for
certain what would happen as soon as I turned my back and so I
decided that I would leave them alone together when Dad came to
visit again.

I filled the bath and had a leisurely soak before padding back to
my bedroom. Jimmy lay on his belly, the sheets pushed down, and
with his taut little bum on display. I must have looked like that
sometimes too when I was 12, and Daddy would see it and kiss it,
running his thick wet tongue up and down my bum-crack before
mounting me and fucking me so delightfully.

Silently taking clean clothes from the drawers, I went back to
the bathroom to dress and brush my hair before going downstairs.
I turned on the TV and went through into the kitchen to make
breakfast but I remembered then that Dad hadn't said what time he
would visit. Should I wait until he came and we could all eat
together or not? I decided to make breakfast for myself and then,
when Daddy came, make something for Dad and Jimmy, going out
afterwards to do some shopping in order to leave the 2 of them

Before 9 o'clock, the doorbell went and I went to answer it.
Daddy stood there, resplendent in a new shirt and slacks, and I
brought him in and closed the door. As I was kissing him, Jimmy
came racing downstairs like a tornado, dressed only in underpants
and with his hair sticking out all over the place.

"Hi Dad!" he cried and he rushed into his arms, almost knocking
me aside. Jimmy's arms went around his father's neck and his
Dad's hands went automatically to the underwear-clad little
bottom and felt it as they hugged. It looked very much like I was
right; the sexual attraction was unmistakable.

As I walked back towards the kitchen, I called out, "Come on,
boys, I'll make you some breakfast." I looked around again before
reaching the kitchen door, only to find them still in each
other's arms and Dad's hand sneaking down inside the back of his
son's undies. He saw me looking and winked over the top of
Jimmy's head as his hand carried on rummaging in our son's

With breakfast under way, I picked up the shopping list I had
made and prepared to leave. "I'm off to ASDA now. Try and
entertain yourselves until I get back." The remark was innocuous
but they both became red-faced as each thought that he recognized
innuendo. Before I reached the door, Jimmy was next to me,
kissing me gently. "Take care," he murmured and I hugged him. I
don't know why I did it but I whispered, "Daddy won't hurt you,
Jimmy. He loves you," and before he could say anything, I had
closed the door behind me and was headed for the car.

In ASDA, I had to check my list time and again; my head was
everywhere except on the job in hand. What were they doing now?
Was Jimmy crying out in pleasure? Had Daddy cum inside him yet?
Was it gentle man/boy love-making or lustful copulation between
men? By the time I reached the checkout, I realised that 3 of the
items on my list were not in the trolley but I had no intention
of going looking for them; I just wanted to get home.

I unlocked the back door quietly and stepped inside. I could hear
no sound from upstairs and I wondered if they had finished.
Leaving the shopping on the table, I crept upstairs to my
bedroom. The door was wide open and I looked inside. Jesus!

Dad was laid back on the pillow, napping with his head towards
his son, his long thick flaccid cock hanging between his thighs.
Jimmy slept face-down next to him, an arm thrown over Dad's chest
and a leg thrown over his abdomen. His little rosebud was gaping
open and spunk still trickled from it, running down onto his
ball-sac and pooling on the sheet underneath them. How many times
had I lain like that on my daddy, spunk leaking out of me as it
did now with my son?

I wanted to rush to them and to clean them, licking up the spunk
from bum-hole and cock, but I decided to leave them undisturbed.
Instead, I padded back downstairs to put the shopping away. The
house was silent and I wanted to keep it that way so I made a cup
of tea and wondered about how it had all gone, upstairs in my

Less than 10 minutes later, Jimmy appeared naked at the kitchen
door and almost jumped out of his skin when he saw me sitting
there. "Mum!" he cried out in surprise. "You're home early!"

"Hi, love," I said as his arms went round me. "Did it go

He looked a bit sheepish but he whispered, "Yes, Mum. I was in
bed with him 5 minutes after you left. How did you know what he'd

I looked up into his face and said, "It was obvious, Jimmy. You
were all over each other." As an afterthought, I asked, "He
didn't hurt you, did he?"

"No," he said. "He was just like that bloke in the woods on
Friday. He was really gentle with me. He's big down there," he
said but then he suddenly remembered how he came into the world.
"But you knew that already, didn't you, Mum?"

I smiled and nodded but suddenly his expression changed to one of
gravity. "It doesn't change anything, does it, Mum? I mean I love
his cock but I still love you."

I stood up then and took him into my arms, hugging him as I told
him, "Nothing can change what we have, Jimmy. As far as Dad's
concerned, I hope they will let him live with us. He's going to
ask. That would be OK, wouldn't it?"

He looked unsure. I went on, "Daddy likes to be fucked as much as
I do. Do you think you'll be up to doing us both? You're the man
of the house now and what you say goes. I'd love to watch what
you do with Dad though. Would you mind?"

His hands were on my bottom and were starting to roam. "I'd like
the 3 of us to do stuff together," he whispered. "Would you feel
alright about it?"

"Yes, darling, of course I would as long as you were there." I
wouldn't tell him about what happened between Dad and me when he
wasn't there but he had just suggested a 3-some and I really
fancied it as much as he seemed to.

Jimmy's hands came round between us and he started to undress me,
his kissing becoming more urgent as the stripping progressed.
Soon I was as naked as he was and I reached for his very hard
erection which pressed against my big belly. His knob was wet
with pre-cum and my fingers spread it around, making him tremble.

"I want to do you upstairs in the bedroom, next to Dad!" he
whispered hoarsely. "I want him to see us!"

Suddenly I felt wet between my legs. His suggestion had made me
terribly horny and I whispered, "Yes, Jimmy. Fuck me in front of

We raced upstairs and into the bedroom. Dad, still sleeping,
didn't wake as we climbed carefully onto the bed. Jimmy laid me
on my back and he placed himself between my open thighs. It was
unavoidable but my leg rested against Daddy's thigh.

Looking up into his eyes, I whispered, "I love you, Jimmy," and
as his dick entered my wet cunt, he mouthed, "I love you, Mum!"

Neither of us looked at Daddy as our love-making began; we were
completely wrapped up in each other. As his meat slid up inside
me, I clutched his arms. My big belly made kissing difficult so I
used my hands to let him know of my passion for him. Our
wonderful fucking must have woken Dad up because the next thing I
knew, Dad knelt up and was kissing our son with lips and tongue
as he fucked me.

As if on auto-pilot, my hand went to his cock and I felt it grow
in my hand. Watching him kissing Jimmy like that made me even
hotter and I started to wank his thickening cock. His fingers
went to my breast and he began to rub my nipple, pinching it
gently when I made no objection.

"Fuck her, Jimmy! Fuck your beautiful mum!" Dad's voice was quiet
but urgent.

Jimmy became wild-eyed and his fucking became more aggressive on
hearing Dad's words. His mouth returned to Dad's and they became
more passionate with their kissing and soon Dad had his free hand
on our son's buttocks, stroking them and running a finger up and
down his bum-crack. This was becoming too exciting for me and I
could feel myself making much more juice in my pussy and
lubricating the dick which I loved so much.

Soon Dad's fingers were inside our son's bottom, finger-fucking
his bum-hole, sliding easily with the aid of the spunk already in
his rectum. Jimmy's eyes had already disappeared inside his head
but Daddy kept talking to him.

"Yes, Jimmy! Cum in Mum! Shoot spunk right up inside her!" Dad's
voice, thick with lust, spurred our son on to even more
aggressive fucking and my insides had become hot with the
friction created by his boy-cock. He was long-dicking me, banging
his pubic bone against mine as his hips moved violently back and

I was moaning, still wanking Daddy's thick cock when Jimmy
started to cum. His dick expanded and I felt the first jerk
inside me as he let loose his first shot of hot spunk. Daddy
forced his fingers up into our son's arse and held them there as
our boy pumped his incestuous spunk deep inside my cunt.

"Fill me, Jimmy! Fill Mummy's cunt!" I cried and I clutched his
arm tight as his body expelled the sperm from his body and shot
it into mine. His body was rigid as he came, his muscles tensed
as his orgasm took him. Daddy's fingers were being crushed as our
son's sphincter trapped them like a velvet vice and they weren't
released until Jimmy's ball-sac was empty of the potent sperm
which had spewed so copiously inside me.

When all his spunk had been shot into me, Jimmy lay by my side
and both the men in my life kissed me, and each other. Daddy's
fingers went inside my pussy and brought out our son's slimy
spunk and we watched as he licked his fingers clean. Jimmy was in
awe of our father and he reached for his cock, wanking him as I
had done. When Daddy began to kiss me, Jimmy watched us and soon
he was between my open legs, sucking on his father's big cock.

Finally he surfaced from what he was doing and he spoke. "Let me
see you." This seemed to be directed at both of us and we weren't
quite sure what he wanted. "I want to watch you fucking!" Dad and
I looked at each other as Jimmy moved over my thigh and lay down
beside me again. I wanted Daddy's cock inside me of course but it
seemed that our son approved too of our sexual union.

As Daddy took Jimmy's place between my thighs, our son held his
father's heavy stiff cock in his hand and offered it up to my wet
pussy-hole, holding it in place until the large knob had slid
inside me. The slimy mess of spunk and cum-juice from my last
fucking ensured a well-lubricated passage for the thick cock
which would impale me and I sighed as each inch penetrated my
hungry cunt.

Jimmy watched with fascination as our father's cock advanced,
glancing briefly at my face every few seconds to see my reaction.
I held my hand out to Jimmy and he took it, squeezing it as his
father began the fucking of his daughter's willing pussy. As I
was fucked, Jimmy kissed me passionately as I moaned and I could
feel my son's erection against my thigh. 'God, he's really turned
on by this!'

He went behind Daddy but I couldn't see what he was doing. As if
he understood, Daddy whispered to me, "He's stroking my balls,
love! Our son is playing with my balls to make me cum inside
you!" and then, "Oh God, Helen! He's pushing his tongue up my

Dad was on his knees, his elbows taking his weight so that he
wouldn't crush me, and that meant that his bum-hole was open.
Jimmy was pleasing him with tongue and fingers but soon it
changed, and our son knelt up behind Daddy. Seemingly knowing
what was about to happen, Daddy stopped fucking me and just
stayed still for a few seconds before continuing to fuck me
again, this time more slowly.

"It's wonderful, Helen!" he whispered to me. "He's fucking my

He lay on Daddy's back, looking over his shoulder into my face.
Jimmy was still; it was Daddy's fucking motion which was fucking
us both! Every time Daddy pulled his cock back from me, Jimmy's
dick was being pushed hard up inside his father. Thrusting into
me again brought Jimmy's dick almost out of Dad's bum-hole.

Apart from the wonderful feeling of his thick cock inside me, I
was excited to see Daddy's face showing signs of the ultimate joy
he must have been feeling as his son fucked his bum while he bred
me. This new development made my heart race and I reached around
Daddy to take Jimmy's hand. As I squeezed his hand, I mouthed to
him, 'I love you, Jimmy!'

It couldn't last long, of course, these sexy, erotic, filthy
things we were doing together. We were all highly aroused by the
sexual acts we were engaged in and soon Daddy was cumming inside
me, pumping his Daddy-spunk into my cunt to join his son's seed.
As he panted over me, he moaned, "He's cumming in me, Helen! Our
son's cumming in his daddy!"

Both cocks were pumping incestuous seed into other family members
at the same time. We were ecstatic, elated beyond belief that it
could feel so good like this. Jimmy's eyes were closed as his
boy-spunk was pumped into his father's arse and Daddy's face was
a picture as he enjoyed the first time ever that the 3 of us had
bonded together so intimately.

When both of my men had finished cumming, they lay beside me and
I kissed them both and they kissed each other. In this warm,
loving atmosphere, we cuddled as a family but soon I played the
mother role with them both when first Jimmy and then Daddy took a
nipple into their mouth and I found myself suckling my 2 lovers.
As I held them to my breasts, they held hands, looking across my
belly at each other as each one sucked contentedly.

As men do, they began to drift off into sleep and I began to
think about the ramifications of what we had done. They had both
cum in me and, had I not been already pregnant, which one would
have inseminated me today? This was momentous, not least because
Daddy was home and we were a family. We had just made an intimate
commitment to each other and I wondered if this would continue
for the years ahead. For now, this made us all happy and I didn't
want anything to spoil it.

The next day, I ordered an enormous bed, a lits-jumeaux, for my
bedroom. I wanted one which would accommodate the 3 of us
comfortably when we wanted to make love all together. There would
be Jimmy's old double bed for anyone who needed to be alone at
night, leaving the big bed for those who wanted company for
sleeping or sex.

Daddy was told when he went back to the hostel that his
application for living with us had been approved and, although
the paperwork might take some time to complete, he could live
with us straight away. We went out to celebrate that night and
toasts were made to our future together, albeit with Coke. When
we arrived home though, the celebration continued when Daddy took
me to bed and laid me on top of him and inserted his big cock in
my pussy.

Jimmy came behind me and I experienced my first ever
double-penetration as Jimmy licked my rosebud, slipped his tongue
inside and fucked me with it, and then slid his erection deep
inside my bum-hole. Our son was absolutely blown away when he
realised that he could feel his father's cock through the thin
membrane which separated my pussy and rectum.

"I can feel you, Dad! I can feel your cock against mine!" he said

I lay there, like filling in a sandwich, as the 2 loves of my
life made love to me. How could I possibly feel like this with a
stranger? They moved so carefully as they pleased me, afraid of
hurting me in my pregnancy, but as I became more excited, I cried
out to them, "Fuck me hard! Both of you!" Daddy looked over my
shoulder at our son with the same expression of love that he gave

When Daddy came first, Jimmy cried out, "I can feel it! I can
feel you cumming in Mum!"

His cock lurched and his hot spunk began to spew into my pussy,
and Jimmy could feel it on his dick which was firmly pushed up
inside my bottom. It seemed to trigger Jimmy too and soon I felt
the 2 of them filling me with their hot incestuous seed, their
twin pulsing cocks bringing me a completely new sensation. Oh
God, this felt exquisite!

As both cocks became still, I revelled in the caresses of 2 pairs
of hands as each stroked different parts of my body. I kissed
Daddy's face as our son pulled his dick slowly from my bum-hole
and he lay beside us, watching our kissing. Then I leaned over
and kissed Jimmy, and Daddy moved from under me to make it easier
for me. I lay on my side and kissed my only son, our father's wet
cock between my bum-cheeks and his hands stroking my hip.

We lay there for some minutes, my hand and fingers playing with
Jimmy's buttocks while Daddy's hand moved to my breast and he
began to stroke my engorged nipple. When Jimmy saw this, his
mouth went down to that nipple and Dad held my breast, offering
it to our son's lips until he took it into his mouth and sucked.
As he fell asleep, Dad whispered, "Doesn't our son look
beautiful, breast-feeding like that? I wish I could have seen it
when he was a baby."

Once he was asleep and his mouth had left my nipple, Dad and I
moved carefully off the bed and went downstairs. I made us a cup
of tea and we sat down on the comfortable settee, still naked, to
discuss the future.

"There's going to be a baby in the house soon," I said. "How will
you feel about that?" I was pretty sure what he thought about it
but I wanted to hear him say it.

"Helen," he said, "I missed everything about our first baby. I
missed the birth, his first steps, his first word, but it's too
late now. I want to see our baby born, to play a big part in its
life, if you'll both let me. I want to be a granddad. I want to
pick it up and cuddle it when it falls down, to wipe its snotty
nose and change its nappies. I have nobody but the 2 of you and I
don't really need anybody else in my life except our baby."

I remembered how wonderful he was as a father and I knew that he
meant what he said. I had been besotted with him when I was a kid
and Jimmy displayed those same feelings towards him now. It
wasn't just the sex, although I knew that none of us wanted it to
stop. Illegal or not, I couldn't envisage a sex life without my
father and my son. We were a family, comprising of a father,
daughter and grandson, and soon another addition to our number.

Dad reached out his hand to touch my bloated belly and he stroked
it gently, watching all the time for any sign of movement from
within. The towel under my bottom was catching all the spunk
which leaked from my pussy and bottom, and stopping it from
staining the upholstery. I had certainly been well fucked by my
family and I knew that this was just the start of something which
we would all relish.

When Dad's hand went down to my pussy, my legs automatically
opened wide for him. His fingers trailed through what must have
been a sloppy mess down there, but in moments, his face went
between my thighs and he licked and sucked greedily at the
collective juices which were still oozing out of my holes. My
clit had enlarged at the oral stimulation of his tongue and he
took it between his lips, brushing the tip of his tongue over it
and sucking the inch-long organ into his mouth.

"Oh Daddy!" I whispered, reaching down to touch his head.

Both of his hands came up and he pinched ever so gently my long
dark nipples and I was lost in the sensations of my arousal. He
was pressing all my buttons, doing what he did when I was 12. I
was laid back, my bottom on the edge of the seat, as this
wonderful man did the most exciting things to me. My nipples
tingled under his fingers, my pussy oozed juice under his
experienced tongue, and I just lay there, letting it all happen
to me.

My legs began to tremble as my arousal became too intense and,
instead of easing off and making it last, he licked faster and
harder. Both of my hands were in his hair and, instead of
stroking it, I clutched it tightly in my fists, pulling it hard
as I felt my rapidly approaching orgasm. He was bringing me to
the boil, making his little girl want her daddy to make her cum.
It rose quickly in me, this wonderful feeling that Daddy always
gave me, and I prepared for the onslaught of the hard cum which
always ensued when Daddy used his tongue and lips on me.

When my cum hit me, my muscles tensed, and my thighs clamped
Daddy's head tightly between them. I groaned and shuddered as the
waves of this intense orgasm took away all other thoughts from my
head. Daddy's tongue still lapped hard at my clit as I shuddered
and my cum-juices poured out of my twitching cunt-hole onto his
chin. As the waves kept coming, my juice kept flooding out, and
he began to lap them up, pushing his tongue inside me to catch

I just kept cumming and Daddy kept licking. "Daddy! Daddy!" I
moaned through gritted teeth but he was relentless in his desire
to please me. He licked my clit again and then went back to my
hole, then back to my clit again. "Oh God! Oh God, Daddy!" I
cried out as yet more waves of intense pleasure hit me. I was
drowning, struggling for breath as he kept up his oral
stimulation of my sex. Finally, I had to beg him to stop, to
release me from the constant cumming he was inflicting on me.

When he looked up at me, his nose, mouth and chin were shiny with
our juices but his eyes shone with love for me. He sat beside me,
holding me as the trembling caused by my orgasm died down, and I
lay my head on his chest.

"We are going to be alright, aren't we?" I said and he replied
softly, "Oh yes, Helen. The family is together at last."

I had made another appointment for a scan and I wanted to take
Jimmy and Dad with me this time so I wrote a note to the school
to say that my son had a hospital appointment, which was not
altogether a lie.

As we trooped into the OB department, we had little time to wait
and soon I was on a trolley, being scanned. I already knew the
sex of the baby we expected but I wanted to pretend I didn't.
When the scan was done, she asked, "Do you want to know the sex
of the baby?" and I looked at my 2 men. They had looked at the
monitor, each with an expression of awe, and I replied for them.

"Yes, we'd love to know," and I gave her a wink.

"It's a girl and she's doing wonderfully," she said.

Dad and Jimmy looked dazed. "A girl!" Jimmy cried. "A beautiful
little girl! Yes!" His outburst brought a startled look from the
scan machine operator and she struggled to make sense of it.
"Aren't you pleased, Dad?" she directed to my father, presuming
he must be the baby's daddy.

"Oh yes," he said, beaming all over his face and playing along.
"Just perfect!"

At home, my men started to do everything for me in the following
weeks. They ran around after me, seeing to my comfort, and only
consented to sex with me when I voiced a need for it. Even then,
they were most careful not to hurt me or crush me in any way,
unwilling to engage in practices where too much enthusiasm might
have some detrimental effect on the baby.

She was born on April 3rd in hospital and Jimmy was there to cut
the cord. Daddy stood back and watched as his son cuddled the
newest member of our family and the love in Jimmy's eyes as he
held her for the first time was well worth the 9 months wait.
When he handed her to Dad, tears came to our father's eyes as he
looked down into her little face. "So perfect!" he whispered.

Once we were able to take her home, we all fussed around her. The
name that Jimmy wanted for her was Melissa and I thought that
sounded nice. She slept a lot but 3 pairs of eyes were constantly
looking inside her cot, waiting for the least movement of our
little girl. At night, she hardly ever woke up but if she did,
Dad or Jimmy would race to see to her, and Dad would always let
Jimmy win! The one thing that neither of my men could do was to
breast-feed her so that job fell to me but they watched our
little girl suckle at the breast they both found so appealing. It
was only a few days later that the first request came from Jimmy.

"Can I go on the other nipple, Mum?"

Although my swollen breasts were small, I could produce a great
quantity of milk and the men took it in turn to feed alongside
Melissa. I would hold the baby to my breast with one arm while I
held the father or grandfather to the other breast with the
other. They must have found it erotic because soon afterwards,
they would go off to the bedroom and fuck each other silly!

Now, 3 years on, we have another baby. He's 18 months old now and
we don't know who the father is, Daddy or Jimmy. They have both
cum inside me many times, often straight after each other. It
doesn't matter really because he is another welcome addition to
our family. We call him Mark and he will be loved just as much as
Melissa. She's a little tearaway every day but when she gets
tired and it's bedtime, she falls asleep straight away but not
before she is kissed by all 3 of us. She often gets out of bed
when she wakes up during the night and she climbs into bed with
the rest of us, cuddling up against whoever is in the middle.

I just wonder who she will want to start teaching her about sex
when the time comes. Her daddy? My daddy? Me? Whoever it is, she
will have the love of us all. The family will see to her every
need as she grows up, even if she decides she wants to have sex
outside the family. We're looking to have one more baby before we
decide it's enough. My 2 men will see that my cunt is filled with
rich potent sperm every day so that when I stop the
birth-control, I'm sure I will be pregnant almost at once.

Martin visits us when he's on holiday from college and my 2 men
make him very welcome, if you know what I mean. The 3 of them
spend a couple of hours in the bedroom each time he visits and I
stay with the kids downstairs. I don't mind because I know how
important it is that they have their "men" time. If I can get the
kids off to sleep, I slip upstairs to watch them doing each
other. It's so exciting to see dominant men being bummed, having
cocks thrust deep inside them and enjoying the subservient role
from time to time. Why can't women enjoy sex like that?

Our family has a peace about it, a contentment which knows no
jealousy, no envy. We raise our children with the love they
deserve and treat each other with utmost respect. Support is
something freely given and accepted. Although our family is
steeped in incest, we will bring our children up with the
standards that are important. Loving is all important, not who
you love.