Seal Team Sex

The US military recently decided to allow females to serve in a combat role, including the navy seals. This is the story of their first mission.

Dambie and Bambie are some of the baddest ass twin sisters you could ever meet. They are tall, blond and fit. When I say fit, I mean really fit. They joined the military at age 18 and have trained extensively for combat. The only thing holding them back was the policy of the US government. With the recent change, they were allowed to serve in the role they trained for - seal team six.

As with all seal team members, their final training excercize is to go on an actual combat mission. This particular mission was in Afghanistan. They were to rope into a rural village far from territory controlled by NATO or the Afghan government. Their target was one Sheik Jafar Kabob. It was 3 am when their helicopter arrived over the target house. The team fast roped down to the ground and broke into two squads. One would cover the exterior and setup a perimeter around the building while the second team would make entry and take Jafar into custody. Since this was their evaluation mission, the girls were part of the entry team. The assault went as planned. Within seconds, they were inside and storming through each room taking everyone they encountered into custody. The team hit so fast, the occupants were all caught in bed unarmed. The girls found their target in bed with two of his wives. They were all naked under the blanket.

The captain entered the room and congratulated Dambie and Bambie on a successful mission so far, but then informed them they now needed to interrogate Jafar and get some information from him. He was believed to know where Omar, the head of the Taliban was located. It was up to the girls to extract that information from Jafar. The captain and the other seal members took the naked wives from Jafar's bed. We'll take care of these two, the captain stated. You take care of Jafar.

Dambie tied Jarar's hands to the headboard of the bed. Bambie pulled down the blanket, leaving Jafar nude on the bed without a hand to even cover himself. This was highly humiliating to Jafar, but he fought back with the only think he had, words. I am trained to resist interrogation, Jafar said. You can torture me, I will not break. No doubt you will beat my testicles and shove large items up my anus. I will never break, Jafar said defiantly.

Dambie and Bambie quickly undressed out of their uniforms. Jafar did not know what to make of these two American women. While Jarar had seen his wives naked, their bodies were nothing like these tall blond Americans. They were perfect in every way. Large firm breasts. Tight stomachs and well toned muscles. Jafar thought they looked as he had always imagined the 72 virgins a jihadist would receive in heaven might look.' Bambie asked Jafar, do you want me? Do you want me and my sister? I know you do. I can tell by your prick which has become immensely hard that you want us. Just tell us where Omar is and you can have us. Dambie chimed in, we will do anything you like. You can fuck us, you can fuck us in the ass. We'll suck your dick and swallow your load! Jafar had only dreamed of such acts. Much of what they suggest involve practices not permitted by islam. The girls could tell by his dick that he wanted it bad. Bambie started to caress Dambie's tits. They were just a few feet from Jafar. He watched intently as the twin did things he knew he could never ask his wives to do. Her hands worked their way down to her sister's cunt. She spread her sister's lips apart exposing her inner slit. Bambie started to work her fingers up and down her sister's pleasure spot. Dambie reached forward and gave Jafar a few light strokes of his shaft. She could see precum already dripping from the peehole. Bambie's fingers were now up inside her sister's fuck spot. Obscene sounds were coming from Dambie's pussy as bambie worked her magic. I want your cock inside me, Dambie moaned. Just tell us where Omar is and I can fuck your brains out, Dambie continued. Bambie pulled her fingers from Dambie and held them to Jafar's nose. She pushed her finger into his mouth to give him a taste. Jafar couldn't stand it any longer. He was imagining all the different ways he would fuck these hot American cunts. Omar is in the house next door, Jafar blurted out.

Bambie withdrew her fingers and put her uniform back on. She called out to the captain. Its the house next door. Dambie reached forward and grabbed Jafar's cock. She grabbed the shaft with her left hand and then cupped his balls with her left. She squeezed his nuts as hard as she could. If you told the truth we don't need you anymore, she said. If you lied, then you deserve this. Dambie then crushed Jafar's balls. His eyes rolled back as he collapsed in unconsciousness. Dambie put on her uniform and joined her sister and the other seals as they raided the house next door. Omar was found hiding under the bed. As the girls let him away, Bambie told Omar that Jafar had given him up to them.

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