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Changed Circimstances Chapter 15 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-29 19:36:0535.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 34 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Dec-12 01:59:4335.9Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 33 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Dec-04 19:24:5631.5Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 42 (MM Gay Male Slavery).txt2013-Feb-05 03:03:2133.4Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 1 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-03 22:41:5020.5Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 10 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-02 19:53:4038.8Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 11 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-10 03:36:4321.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 12 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-10 03:58:2632.1Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 13 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-16 03:40:5633.5Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 14 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-23 02:25:2120.9Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 16 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-07 02:43:2228.0Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 17 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-13 19:34:0528.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 18 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-20 03:46:4020.9Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 19 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-12 23:52:2919.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 2 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-03 22:30:5128.5Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 20 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-12 23:59:5446.0Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 21 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-27 03:35:0318.4Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 22 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-27 03:44:2036.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 23 Part 1 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jul-08 03:55:5446.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 23 Part 2 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jul-08 04:37:1628.8Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 23 Part 3 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jul-22 19:55:2938.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 23 Part 4 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jul-30 19:11:4840.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 24 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Aug-06 05:19:0663.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 25 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Aug-06 05:28:3649.1Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 27 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Nov-03 21:35:0328.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 28 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Nov-03 22:02:1344.4Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 29 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Nov-03 21:54:0057.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 3 Gay Male Slave Fantasy .txt2012-Nov-03 21:28:5828.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 30 (Gay Male Slavery).txt2012-Nov-11 19:39:2927.5Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 31 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Nov-11 19:49:2130.5Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 32 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Nov-25 20:48:1445.1Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 35 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Dec-12 02:49:1925.9Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 36 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Dec-12 03:01:0241.6Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 37 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Dec-30 21:44:2528.1Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 38 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Dec-30 21:53:1745.8Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 39 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2013-Jan-07 21:05:2629.9Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 4 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-20 03:13:1921.8Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 40 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2013-Jan-08 21:02:1656.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 41 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2013-Jan-27 20:50:0535.8Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 5 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-26 17:31:0221.0Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 6 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-26 17:42:1215.6Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 7 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-04 17:41:1926.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 8 (Gay male slave fantasy).txt2012-Mar-18 18:36:0121.7Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter 9 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-25 20:57:2741.2Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chapter Prelude Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-03 22:40:2713.6Ktext/plain
Changed Circumstances Chaptr 26 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Aug-12 04:48:0622.0Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 2 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2012-Nov-11 19:28:1125.3Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 3 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2012-Nov-25 19:04:4528.0Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 4 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2012-Nov-25 19:09:3018.2Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 9 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2013-Jan-27 20:32:4730.7Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 1 (MM NC Interracial slavery).txt2012-Nov-01 02:56:0826.4Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 5 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2012-Dec-04 19:06:2240.2Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 6 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2012-Dec-12 01:57:4638.8Ktext/plain
Duped Chapter 7 (MM NC Interracial Slavery)2012-Dec-30 21:32:2647.9Kapplication/octet-stream
Duped Chapter 8 (MM NC Interracial Slavery).txt2013-Jan-07 20:58:2042.3Ktext/plain
Father and Son A Short Story (Adult, Gay Male, Interracial slavery).txt2011-Dec-24 03:21:4933.2Ktext/plain
Glaucus of Korinthos Chapter 4 (Adult Gay Male Historical).txt2012-May-15 03:36:5932.0Ktext/plain
Glaucus of Korinthos Chapter 5 (Gay Male Slave Historical).txt2012-Jul-08 03:45:2330.4Ktext/plain
Glaucus of Korinthos Chapter 6 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy Historical).txt2012-Sep-02 18:48:5828.7Ktext/plain
Glaucus of Korinthos Part 1 (Adult Gay Male Historical).txt2011-Dec-24 00:39:4920.7Ktext/plain
Glaucus of Korinthos Part 2 (Adult, Gay Male, Historical).txt2011-Dec-24 00:42:2213.8Ktext/plain
Glaucus of Korinthos Part 3 (Adult Gay Male Historical) .txt2012-Mar-19 04:38:2625.8Ktext/plain
Guests for Christmas Part 1 (Adult, Gay Male).txt2011-Dec-22 06:50:4921.3Ktext/plain
Guests for Christmas Part 2 (Adult, Gay Male).txt2011-Dec-22 06:48:3616.9Ktext/plain
Guests for Christmas Part 3 (Adult, Gay Male).txt2011-Dec-23 03:04:1532.3Ktext/plain
Guests for Christmas Part 4 (Adult, Gay Male).txt2012-Feb-20 03:20:5837.0Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 1 (MM interracial Consensual slavery.txt2012-Jan-07 07:33:5058.4Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 10 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2013-Jun-24 05:27:3396.8Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 2 (MM Interracial Consensual slavery).txt2012-Aug-01 02:05:0748.4Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 3 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2012-Aug-01 02:14:1037.3Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 4 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2012-Aug-06 04:55:2125.5Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 5 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2012-Aug-06 05:07:1236.6Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 6 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2012-Aug-12 03:41:5548.4Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 7 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2012-Sep-21 00:01:3926.6Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 8 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2012-Oct-30 22:13:1558.7Ktext/plain
Phillip's Story Chapter 9 (MM Interracial Consensual Slavery).txt2013-Jun-24 05:43:3625.4Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Prelude (Gay Male Slavery).txt2012-Feb-01 16:41:4035.3Ktext/plain
The Aftermath 2 Chapter 1 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-20 03:54:5817.6Ktext/plain
The Aftermath 2 Chapter 2 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-12 23:46:2527.2Ktext/plain
The Aftermath 2 Chapter 3 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-13 00:06:2732.5Ktext/plain
The Aftermath 2 Chapter 4 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Jun-27 03:50:1129.3Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 1 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-01 16:50:4615.7Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 10 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-25 18:42:5926.6Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 11 Part 1 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-02 20:02:3925.5Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 12 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-16 03:25:1532.3Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 13 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-23 02:47:4720.7Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 14 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-29 19:52:2636.0Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 15 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-07 02:53:3525.2Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 16 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-13 19:58:2444.0Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 17 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-13 20:06:5317.0Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 2 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-01 16:56:1212.6Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 3 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-03 20:48:2311.2Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 4 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-20 17:17:5315.7Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 5 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-20 03:27:4229.1Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 6 Part 1 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-23 06:38:0823.8Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 6 Part 2 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-23 06:41:5232.0Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 7 Part 1 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-26 17:11:5914.7Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 7 Part 2 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-26 17:18:3642.5Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 8 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-04 17:05:1442.2Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter 9 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-18 18:45:5842.1Ktext/plain
The Aftermath Chapter11 Part 2 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-10 04:54:4027.0Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 1 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Jan-07 03:40:3820.9Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 10 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Mar-18 18:58:0915.4Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 11 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Apr-11 05:06:1014.4Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 12 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Apr-11 05:34:3716.8Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 13 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Apr-16 20:52:5815.8Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 14 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Apr-16 05:38:2019.1Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 15 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Jul-22 19:46:4320.0Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 16 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Jul-30 18:56:3626.6Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 17 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Aug-12 03:46:1419.2Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 2 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Jan-19 21:47:0612.2Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 3 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Jan-19 21:54:0222.3Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 4 MM NC BDSM.txt2012-Feb-01 17:02:5321.2Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 5 MM NC BDSM.txt2012-Feb-01 17:12:0719.9Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 6 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Feb-22 19:00:2418.4Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 7 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Feb-23 06:32:5323.7Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 8 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Mar-04 17:57:2430.9Ktext/plain
The Bezistan Chronicles Chapter 9 (MM NC BDSM).txt2012-Mar-04 19:22:5816.7Ktext/plain
The Christmas Present (Adult Gay Interracial).txt2011-Dec-21 21:38:1854.3Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 1 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-03 22:50:3611.6Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 10 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-10 04:54:1218.5Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 11 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-16 03:17:3123.9Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 12 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-23 02:59:0131.6Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 13 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-29 20:03:2527.7Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 14 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-May-07 03:05:5121.8Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 2 Gay Male Slave Fantasy.txt2012-Feb-03 22:56:2116.9Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 3 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-20 17:19:3321.2Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 4 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-22 19:13:0932.0Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 5 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Feb-26 16:46:2423.8Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 6 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-04 16:45:3130.2Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 7 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-18 08:23:2528.5Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 8 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Mar-25 18:32:0612.8Ktext/plain
The Galley Slave Chapter 9 (Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Apr-02 20:11:2132.1Ktext/plain
The Judas Slave ( Gay Male Slave Fantasy).txt2012-Aug-19 08:41:5238.6Ktext/plain
The Prank (MM Coercion).txt2012-Jan-01 21:37:3225.8Ktext/plain
The Sports Fan (Gay Male Coercion).txt2011-Dec-22 02:44:5221.0Ktext/plain
Wickus Chapter 1 ( MM Interracial Slavery).txt2012-Jan-19 22:04:2127.9Ktext/plain
Wickus Chapter 2 (MM Interracial Slavery).txt2013-Jan-27 20:59:4324.8Ktext/plain
Wickus Chapter 3 (MM Interracial Slavery).txt2013-Feb-05 03:05:0722.1Ktext/plain
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