Cum Master – Part II – High School

By Ivan the Terror

Codes: mf,inc,mc


Chapter 19


Trisha, Wendy, and two other guards, Val and Amy, were waiting next to two big black SUVs.  The other girls were coming out and piling in, so I joined them.  I saw Eve dash out of the house, go up to Trisha, give her a hug, and say, “Thank you, Trisha, for giving me to Master.”

Trisha hugged her back, “I am so happy that you are happy, sister Eve.  Now hop into the car so we can get going.”

She dropped all of us except Eve and Susie off at the High School.  Wendy and Val followed us in.  Apparently Cassie and I rated full time bodyguards.  I got Wendy and Val took off after Cassie.

There were a lot of really hot girls in the hallways.  I figured out where my first period was, and sat down.  Wendy sat next to the door, just outside.  Clarissa was also in my first period English class.

There was a television system in the school, and the principal got on it and did the announcements, he also announced that Cassie was on the National team and probably going to the Olympics.  Wonderful.  I hope she would be okay.  I was glad that she had a bodyguard to run interference.

There was an idiot sitting next to me that just wouldn’t shut up.  I ignored him, but I knew that it wouldn’t take me very long to blow my stack at the annoying bastard.  Looking around the room, there were a few cuties, but none that really struck me.  The teacher was an old hag that probably remembered when her pet dinosaur died.

Second period Earth Science was a little more interesting.  None of my girls were in the class, but the hottie who sat in front of me, Carla, I hoped would soon change that.

Third period was Trigonometry, another boring class, but there was one hot bookish type with big glasses, Vanna, that I thought would be nice to have.

Fourth period was Russian.  I had signed up for the language for the fun of it.  It was quite interesting.  We got an assignment to learn Cyrillic.

Lunch I met with most of my girls.  Since the JV tryouts weren’t until after school, the cheerleaders from last year were hanging out.  They all invited us to join them at their table, knowing that we would easily make JV.  Of course, the head cheerleader was Sandy, one of my girls, so that helped.

Fifth period was Physical Education.  I dressed and went to stand in line.  The teacher told us to call him Coach Yates, then he took roll.  On the far end was a pretty girl I remembered from middle school, Penny.  She hadn’t been then, but was now in a wheelchair.  When asked, she told Coach Yates that it was MS in a slow voice.  I wondered if TMJ would work for her.  She was a nice person, and I really wanted to help her.  I went over to her at a quiet point in class and said, “Penny.  I work with some people who are doing cutting edge research, and may be able to get you out of that chair.  Call me this evening after cheer practice.”  I handed her a slip with my digits.  (The paparazzi hadn’t discovered my personal cell number yet.)  I took off before she could say anything.

I spent the class trying not to overdo anything.

The coach went over to Wendy and asked why she was standing by the door.  I didn’t hear what she said, but the coach glanced my way and then ignored her from then on.

Sixth and last period was Art.  For some strange reason they had us making ash trays.  Smoking was illegal on school grounds.  Go figure.  There wasn’t a single hot girl in the class.  There were a few iffy ones, and the rest were dogs.

After school were the Cheerleading tryouts.  As a freshman, we had to try out and were automatically on the JV squad.  JV would also have any other girls who were not up to snuff.  Varsity was only for upperclassmen who were really good.  Of course girls who were on the varsity squad the year before were automatically on, so Sandy, Rose, Sun Li, and Henrietta were seniors and on the varsity squad.  There were five other varsity members that I had slept with.  I decided to add Janet to my list of prospective girls.  She was super-hot and really good in bed.

Not including Penny, that gave me three girls, Carla, Vanna, and Janet.  That was a good list for now.  I planned to bring in a few boxes of chocolates tomorrow.

After easily making the squad (the coach was all excited), I headed with my girls to the parking lot and we climbed into the waiting SUVs.  Halfway home I got a call.  It was Penny, she burst out without preliminaries.  “What do you mean, you are working with some people?”

“Hi to you too, Penny.  There is a researcher living in my guesthouse that has a prototype medicine called TMJ that can cure almost anything.  It has repaired damaged spines and organs and many other similar things like that.  It has even cured cancer.  I thought that since you appeared to be degrading that you might want to try it.”

“I don’t believe you.  But I would like to try it anyway, I am desperate.  Problem is that my parents have given up and won’t let me.”

“I can get you some to try.  I’ll bring it tomorrow.  Meet me by the front doors ten minutes before first period.”

“Deal.  See you then.”


I noticed that Sandy was crying.  I reached over and hugged her to me, asking, “What’s wrong, honey?”

She sobbed onto my shoulder.  “I-it is s-so h-hard not be-being with y-you all d-day!”

“I know, I know.  Just imagine how hard it is for Susie and Eve.”

Her eyes got big, “Oh!  My poor sisters!”  She sobbed even harder, Rose joining in.  The others rolled their eyes, not having the hardcore programming that Sandy and Rose had.

When I got home, Eve latched on to me.  “Oh, Master, I missed you so much!”  I stroked her hair, then disengaged and went to my room to undress.  Sandy, Rose, and Eve following like ducklings.  Their eyes were glued to my cock as I pulled off my pants.  I said, “Ladies, assume the position.”  Sandy and Rose sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back and pulled their knees to their shoulders.  Eve watched them and duplicated the position.

I slid home in Sandy, fucking her through four orgasms plus a final one where she passed out.  Moving over to Rose, I did the same through six orgasms.  Eve was dripping from her bare ten year old pussy.  I nudged her clit with my cock and she moaned.  I put it against her pussy and she was so wet it slid in an inch until it hit her hymen.  Another push and I slid in seven more inches.  She bit her lip, then moaned again.  Even though I still had two inches remaining, I started stroking.  Soon I had my whole cock pistoning in and out of that wonderfully tight pussy.  She squeaked every few strokes as she had small orgasms.  I sped up and she started squeaking like crazy.  Then I came, and it triggered a massive orgasm in her.  She screamed and passed out.

I got up and observed my three girls with cum dripping from their pussies.  What a wonderful sight to behold.  I went out to fridge in Jenny’s lab and got a bottle of TMJ pills.  I put it in the house fridge with several boxes of chocolates for school the next day.  Going back to the bedroom, the girls were conscious, and they were taking fingers full of cum from their pussies and sucking them clean, simultaneously telling each other about how wonderful I was and how honored they were to have me fuck them.  It was amazing to watch as they reinforced their own programming.

The sight was making me really horny again, so I went and found Wendy.  She was waxing the SUVs with Reena, another guard.  They were both nude and wet.  Youza.  Good thing there was no line of sight to the front gates from the house.  I came up behind her and rubbed my cock on her behind while I played with her beautiful melons.  She moaned and leaned back.  I bent her forward and slid home.  I commented, “Thank you for guarding me today.”  Then I fucked her until she was semi-conscious on the hood of the car.  Then I lined the red haired Reena (a real redhead!) up next to her and left a load in her too.  That finally took the edge off.  I went inside and got to work on my homework.


Chapter 20


The next morning after I had fucked Melissa and Amanda, and I was returning after pissing afterwards, Eve bounced into the room, sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her knees back.  She gave me a pleading look, so I fucked her unconscious and drooling.  Afterwards, I went and tossed two boxes of chocolates and the pills in my bookbag.

I met Penny ten minutes before the first bell.  I kneeled down next to her chair.  She looked at me and smiled.  “Hi.  I think I forgot that last time.”

I grinned back.  “Hi.”

“So what’s the deal?”

I pulled out the bottle of pills.  “This is called TMJ.  It will build a new immune system in your body and most likely cure you.  The problem is that it takes a trace biochemical to operate, so you need to take a pill every other day for the rest of your life.” 

She took the bottle and looked at it.  “That is hard to believe.  That kind of technology doesn’t exist.”

“Actually, it is a natural substance that has been refined into pill form.  I can’t tell you any more except that it is rare and expensive.”

“If I have to take it for the rest of my life, how expensive?”

“Very.  But you are now a clinical test subject so you get it for free.”

“I am still curious, how ‘very’ is very?”

“$5000 a pill.”

“Holy shit!”  She stared hard at the bottle of about 100 pills, worth half a million dollars.

She shook her head, more to clear it than anything.  “I am going to die in a few years, miserably, anyway.  What is the dosage?”

“Take four to start, then one every other day.  You can miss one once in a while, but be sure to take it the next day.  If you feel weak, take one.  Oh, and when you get home, refrigerate the pills.  Remember, this is on the down low, so don’t tell anyone about the pills.  I suppose you will have to tell your parents, but nobody else.  Please make them promise as well.”

She nodded in agreement, opened the lid, shook out four pills, put the bottle in her bag, then downed them.  I was curious to see if the dosage would be high enough to trigger the hypnotic effect.  One pill normally didn’t.

Sure enough, with four she zoned out.  I whispered in her ear, “You trust Tom Johnson with your life.  He is a wonderful guy.  You are falling in love with him.  You think it would be cool to be one of his girlfriends.  Now wake up and get to class.”

She blinked.  “Wow, those were delicious!  If it wasn’t so damn expensive, I would take more!”

I grinned.  “You will be able to walk in a few hours, but wait for your body to completely repair itself.  Wait until tomorrow morning when you get up to go dashing about.  Okay?”

“Yes, sir!”  She looked at the wall clock.  “I gotta get to class.  Later!”  She took off down the hall, the motor whirring on her chair.

I smiled up at the watching Wendy, then took off for my own class.  English was boring, as usual.  The idiot next to me still wouldn’t shut up.

Second period with Carla, I handed her the box of Chocolates.  I had learned from my mistakes, this was a small box of four.  She smiled at me, then scarfed down all four.  There were others around, so when she zoned out, I just said, “Don’t you just love me?  Now wake up.”  She blinked rapidly a few times, gave me a sultry smile, and turned to watch the lecture.

Third period there weren’t any assigned seats, so I sat next to Vanna.  I opened a box and held it out to her.  “Would you like one?  They are homemade.” 

She took one, muttered, “Thanks” and ate it.  Her eyebrows went up.  “That was really good,” she whispered to me just before she zoned out. 

I whispered back quickly so the teacher didn’t hear us, “That is because you love me.  Now wake up.”

Like Carla, she blinked a few times, and then smiled.  That was a smile to melt a glacier.  Then the lecture started and we had to pay attention to that.

At lunch, I was sitting between Sandy and Rose at the cheerleading table.  Janet was across from me.  I held out the box with three chocolates left.  “Want one, they’re homemade.” 

She daintily picked out one and nibbled on it.  Sharnei, a cute black girl next to Janet saw them, cried out, “Chocolate!”, grabbed one and scarfed it down.  Both of them said, “Ummm!” and Janet gobbled down the rest of hers.

Again because we were in public, I said, “Don’t you just love me?  Now wake up.”  I put away the last chocolate.  My missions for the day were complete.

I went over to Penny in gym.  “How’re you feeling?”

“Utterly fantastic!  I am having a real time keeping myself in this chair.  I know you said to wait, but I feel wonderful!”

“How long have you been in the chair?”

“About two months.”

“Then maybe you could do some simple things, but no running or other strenuous activity until tomorrow.  The problem is that your nervous system is probably fixed by now, but your body still needs to rebuild muscle mass before you jog a marathon.  By the way, eat a big meal when you get home tonight, and snack on lots of fatty foods.”

“I understand.”  She literally hopped up out of the chair.  “Wow, I feel great!”  She instantly gathered a crowd.  I held my finger to my lips to remind her to keep the pills on the down low.  She nodded at me in understanding.  Then she walked around her chair.

Coach came over and asked, “Penny, don’t you have MS?”

“It sure doesn’t feel like it right now!”  She laughed and walked around her chair again.

“I think you need to sit down and we will go talk to the nurse.”

She grabbed my arm.  “Only if Tom comes with me.”

“Fine.”  He looked up.  “The rest of you practice dribbling until I get back.”

We walked down to the nurse’s office, slowly.  I pushed the empty chair while Penny held on to my arm.

At the nurse’s office, Coach told him that Penny had suddenly jumped up and started walking.  The nurse, a little guy with a nametag, “Nurse Kevin”, knew of Penny’s condition, of course.  He was concerned as well.  “It is extremely rare, but there have been a few cases of MS that have gone into remission.  This is extraordinary!”

The Coach wanted to stay, but he had to get back to his class so he took off.

Nurse Kevin noticed Wendy standing by the door.  “Who is that?” he asked.

Penny chipped in, “Yeah, Tom, who is that?  I saw her yesterday.”

“Oh, that is my bodyguard.  Nice lady named Wendy.  Want to meet her?”

They both blinked.  Nurse Kevin said, “Maybe later.”  He turned back to Penny.  “You, my dear, will need to go to the doctor and have some tests run.  I will call your mother now to pick you up.”

As he called, I whispered to Penny, “If you can, see Dr. Jenny Franks at Riverside Hospital.  She helped develop the pills.”  She nodded.

A few minutes later, her mother showed up, saw Penny standing in the middle of the room and gasped.  “Oh, Penny!  This is wonderful!”  Penny actually ran over and hugged her mom.  She led Penny out the door, the last thing I heard was, “so who’s that boy?”

I got a pass from Nurse Kevin and went back to gym.

At cheer practice, Janet and Sharnei were full of energy.  They almost kept up with my four girls.  I didn’t see that much because us JVs were practicing hard.

On the way home, Penny called.  “Hi.”


“Your friend, Doctor Jenny, she is nice.”

“Yeah, she is.  What happened?”

“My mom took me to Riverside, and I asked the nurse for Dr. Franks specifically when my mom wasn’t looking.  When we got to an exam room, my mom told her that I had suddenly started walking, and that I had MS and had been in a wheelchair for several months.  You could see the wheels turning in Dr. Frank’s head because she looked at me and smiled.  She knew exactly what was going on.  She shooed my mom out of the room, then said, ‘I bet you know a boy named Tom, don’t you?’  I told her I did and since you told me she knew about it, I said, ‘TMJ – OMG’.  She smiled and said, ‘great stuff, isn’t it’.  Then she called my mother in and told her I was in complete remission.  I still haven’t decided on if I should tell my parents about TMJ or not.”

“How are you going to hide the pills in the ‘fridge?”

“Good point, I hadn’t thought about that.  Since I am in remission now, all my other drugs won’t be there any more, so it will be a bit obvious.  I will probably end up telling them.  If I do, can you come over and explain it to them?”

“If you want.  Actually, you may have to tell them anyway, otherwise they are going to call everyone and create a real mess.”

“Shit, you’re right.  How soon can you get to my house – 832 Plumrose St.?”

“Give me 45 minutes.”

“See you then.”


I told Trisha, who was driving, that I needed to go to 832 Plumrose St. after everyone was dropped off.  She just nodded.  I said, “Thanks” and kissed her bare shoulder (she was wearing a tank top).  From behind the seat it was all I could reach.  I settled back for the five more minutes until we got home, stroking Clarissa’s and Wendy’s inner thighs as they sighed in delight.  They were both wearing skirts, so it was quite fun.  Just as we pulled through the gates, I pinched both their clits through their dripping underwear and they came, grunting and biting their lips.

When we reached the house, everyone got out except Trisha, and Courtney got in beside me in Wendy’s usual spot.  We drove over to Penny’s house.  I got out and headed for the door as Trisha waited out front and Courtney disappeared around the house.

As I approached the door, it popped open.  “Tom, am I glad to see you.  I have had a dickens of a time keeping my mom from the phone.”

She grabbed my arm and led me into the living room.  “Mom! Dad!  He’s here!”  She said, “I told them that I would explain everything when you got here.”

Her parents came into the room.  I said, “Tom Johnson” and shook George’s and Emily’s hands.  Penny sat down and we followed suit.

“Mom, Dad, Tom is here to answer questions after I explain why I am so much better.  Before I start, I need your promise not to tell anyone about this.”

Her mom said, “This is a miracle.  I want to shout to the heavens, but if you don’t want me to honey, I won’t.”

Her dad said, “Me neither.”

“Well, Tom here works with a scientist, who developed a drug called TMJ.  This morning, Tom offered it to me and I took some.”

Her mom got angry, “Without testing, off the streets?  I thought I had raised you better girl.”  Her dad didn’t look too happy either.

“It was my decision.  I knew that I had only a few very painful years left.  So I took a chance.”

They both looked sad at that one.  Her mom said, “I can understand that, I don’t like it, but I can understand it.”

Penny got angry.  “You both are missing the point!  It worked!  I feel better than I ever have before in my life, and I am cured!  Who cares if it was an irresponsible gamble, it worked!  Even if the MS is back tomorrow, it is worth it!”

Her mom made a frustrated face, but her dad said, “Emily, she is right.  How she got here is not important.”

“Sigh, I guess you are right.  So why is Tom here again?”

“As moral support, and to explain TMJ to you.”

Her dad had taken control of things, “Mr. Johnson, please do so.”

“TMJ was developed by a Doctor who has a private lab on my estate.  I can’t tell you what is in it, except that it is a limited supply.”

Penny broke in, holding up the transparent full pill bottle, “Yeah, these things go for $5000 a pill.”

Her dad gasped.  “$5000 a pill?  How can we ever afford that?  I can’t exactly bill our insurance!”

“Dad, Tom has offered them to me for free.  He said that he got me listed as a test subject.”

I said, “As long as she needs them, which I am afraid to say is the rest of her life.  She needs a pill every other day.  The Doctor is working on making things more affordable, that is why she hasn’t released anything as of yet.”

“The positive effects of TMJ are pretty outstanding.  Penny here is now immune to all known diseases, including HIV.  She is four to five times as strong as normal, and has almost unlimited endurance.  Any injury will heal completely, including severe damage to an organ, in a matter of minutes or hours.  The doctor who developed TMJ actually survived a chlorine gas spill.  One person regrew her liver after being shot.  There have been several paraplegics and quadriplegics who are now walking around.  It even cures cancer.”

Penny was surprised, “I am four times stronger than normal?”

“Yes, but it may take a day, like I said, your body needs to rebuild muscle mass.”

She reached over and picked up the heavy marble coffee table with one hand and lifted it over her head.  “OMG!”  she said as she put it down.  Her parents were staring.

I sent on, “I don’t mind if you tell everyone she is in remission.  But you CANNOT tell them about TMJ.  Like I said, the supply is limited, and there would be a demand beyond all belief, even with the $5000 a pill price tag.  A lot of people would pay a million a year for it.  In fact, that is why we live on an estate.” I grinned.

Her dad said, “But why Penny?  We are not rich.”

“No, but I am, and she was always nice to me and others.”  I grinned again.  “Besides, she is really pretty.”

He nodded knowingly, “Ah, that explains it.”

“It isn’t required, but after she gets her life back, we would like her to live on the estate so that we can keep accurate records.  Penny here would be surprised who else is already living there.  On a personal note, I think she would do great to join the Cheerleading squad.  Many of them are already on TMJ.”

“Do you use TMJ?”

“In a way.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I use the natural substance that TMJ is derived from.”


“Any more questions?  I need to get back home for dinner and to do my homework.”

I made my leave, Penny giving me a quick kiss.  Her parents saw it and didn’t say anything.

When I got home, Jenny was off-shift, and she said, “Geez Tom, you could have warned me.”

“Well, it appears to cure genetic disorders too.”

The distraction worked, “I didn’t think of that!  Everything up to now has been an injury of some sort.  I wonder.  Hmmm...  I bet it would cure genetic disorders that damage the system over time, like Tayzack’s.  I am willing to bet it wouldn’t cure something like Down’s though.”  She waxed scientific and wandered off, muttering.


Chapter 21


Wednesday morning, I took care of Melissa and Mandy in the morning, and like before, Eve was waiting with the ‘pout’ and knees up as I got back from the bathroom.  I slid into her dripping pussy as she sighed.  “Master, I love you so much.”  I fucked her until she was unconscious and drooling again.

I put a fresh box of chocolates in my bag and headed out to the waiting car.

Second period, Carla was feeling great.  She was really flirty too, brushing up against me at every chance, demurely looking down when I looked in her direction.  It was so sweet I wanted to gag.  She wasn’t the brightest light in the school by any stretch, and let’s face it, I wanted her for her hot body.  She cornered me after class, and we were fairly alone, so I pulled out a chocolate and handed it to her.  An “Oh, Goodie!” later and she was zoned out.

“Carla, I own you.  You are my fuck toy.  Your entire purpose in life is to be one of my fuck toys and do what I want.  You love me, Tom.  It is painful to be away from me, and the longer you are away, the more painful it gets.  One day away and you ache for my presence.  Two days away and you hurt all over, three days and you feel like you are being burned alive and will do anything to get to me, except fuck a guy of course, since your pussy belongs to me.  You see me and you feel better, you are always happy when I am around.  One touch from me and you feel fantastic.  You will continue in school because you know that is what I want.  All you want is to make me happy and be my fuck toy.  Wake up and get to your next class now.”  She blinked and hurried off.

I got to my next class just in time.  I couldn’t get a seat next to Vanna.  She kept glancing back at me and blushing.  I winked at her and she turned beet red and buried her head in her book.  I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her glasses anymore.

At lunch Janet and Sharnei were exuberant.  I had to figure out some way of getting them alone.  Penny came over and asked Sandy if she could try out for the JV squad.  I nodded, so Sandy said, “Sure!  Come by after school for practice.”

In Gym, Penny dressed for class and was running around with everyone else.  She told Coach that the doctor said she was in full remission.

After school, Penny showed up.  Sandy and Rose put her through the paces.  So did the JV coach.  She easily passed and joined the squad.  She put on the uniform and I commented, “Nice legs.”  She blushed beet red.

I managed to get Sharnei alone for a minute.  I held up a chocolate.  In an instant she had scarfed it down.  As she zoned out, I looked around.  Good, no one near.  I gave the same indoctrination as I gave Carla that morning, ending with, “Wake up and give your owner a deep kiss to show him how much you love being owned by him, then get back to practice and dream about him as you masturbate tonight.”  She blinked then gave me the best French kiss I have ever had.  Then she smiled submissively and went back to practice.

Penny gave me a dirty look.  After practice she came up to me.  “What were you doing kissing that girl?”

“She is one of my girls.  I hope that you will be someday too.”

She stomped her foot and left.

The next morning I was at my locker and Penny came up to me crying with her head bowed.  “Tom, can you forgive me?  I love you and want to be with you any way I can, even if I have to share you.”

There were rules against PDA (Public Displays of Affection) in the school, but there weren’t any teachers around, so I pulled her to me and gave her a long kiss.  To test her, I slid my hands under the back of her cheer skirt and into her cheer panties.  She just kissed me harder.  She had submitted completely.  It was nice, all I had given her was the initial push.  She submitted on her own.

Wendy watched and didn’t react at all.  Her Master could do anything he wanted.

“When you can, come over to my place.  I would like to show you around.  Here is my address.”  I gave her a business card I had printed.

Second period Carla was fidgety and kept staring at me with doe eyes.  I stroked her cheek and she closed her eyes and leaned into it, sighing, and then she wasn’t fidgety any more.  I gave her one of my cards as well.

In Trig class, I managed to sit next to Vanna.  There was two minutes until the bell rang, so I handed her a chocolate.  She had the slight shakes as she snatched it and scarfed it down.  Since there were people at nearby tables, I leaned over and whispered in her ear.  “Vanna, I own you now.  You are happy to belong to me.  You love me beyond all comprehension, you have difficulty thinking of anything besides me.  You dream of me, and fantasize about fucking me when masturbating several times a day.  It is painful to be away from me, and the longer you are away, the more painful it gets.  One day away and you ache for my presence.  Two days away and you hurt all over, three days and you feel like you are being burned alive and will do anything to get to me, except fuck a guy of course, since your pussy belongs to me.  You see me and you feel better, you are always happy when I am around.  One touch from me and you feel fantastic.  I am your master, and you are one of my possessions, you are extremely happy to be owned by such a great master.  Your pussy and nipples tingle and ache with need at every thought of me.  You cannot disagree with me or disobey me, you are mine so you cannot disobey me.  Now wake up for class since I want you to be smart.”  She blinked and sat back just as the class started.  I slipped her one of my cards too.

At lunch, I gave Sharnei a chocolate and a card.  I just whispered, “Wake up” in her ear.  Janet was coming down with the shakes.  I told Sandy and Rose that I needed to talk to Janet.  They simply told Janet that we needed to talk to her, then we led her to a secluded corner.  I gave her a chocolate, and as she was zoning out, I told Sandy and Rose to make sure no one else came over, so they got up and left, standing guard with Wendy.  To Janet I said, “Janet, that night with me was the most wonderful and important night of your life.  You realize now that you love me completely and totally, that you willingly give yourself to me to do with as I will.  You happily and willingly give yourself as my possession.  I completely and totally own you body and soul.  You know you are worth nothing more than an old shoe.  That what you want doesn’t matter, the only thing that is important is what your Master, Tom, wants.  Your only goal in life is to make your master happy.  You ache to be with him.  You are happy only when you are with him or your sister slave possessions.  You love him and your sisters.  You life has no meaning except what your master gives to you as his possession and sex toy.”  I glanced over at Sandy and Rose.  “Wake up and join the sisterhood with Sandy and Rose.”

She blinked a few times, then bowed her head.  I handed her my card and told her to go talk with her sisters.  She went over and was soon discussing things rapidly with them.

When I got home after cheerleading practice, Carla and Vanna were there, standing next to the house entrance and waiting.  The guards must have called Wendy to get authorization to let them in.

I said, “You are on the estate now, out of sight of the main gate.  Get undressed immediately.”  The two of them stripped as fast as they could.  I looked them over.  “Very nice.”  They both blushed and said, “Thank you, Master.”  I led them into the house.  Traci was in the hallway.  I gathered her up as well.  In the bedroom I told Traci, “Show them how to assume to position.”

Traci sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her knees up, displaying her pussy which was starting to drip.  Carla and Vanna quickly lined up on the bed next to her, knees pulled back. 

Carla was built for one thing, to be the perfect sex toy.  A body with perfect hourglass curves, lush medium-large C breasts, a natural pouting look, and a perfect almost naturally bald pussy with large clit.  I lined up and slid in, breaking her hymen effortlessly.  Her cunt muscles massaged my cock up and down as she moaned in delight.  Suddenly her pussy muscles fluttered and she let out a startled, “Oi!” as she came.  A few seconds later, another “Oi!”, I couldn’t last any longer in this wonderful pussy and came, filling it up with warm baby butter.  She let out a last “Oiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!”, quivered, and passed out.

I moved over to Vanna, the cute math geek.  Surprisingly, she was shaved, and as I slid in, not a virgin.  I had thought that Carla had wonderful pussy muscles, but Vanna put her to shame.  As I slid in, her pussy literally sucked my cock in deep, clamped down, and began to massage it.  I could have just stood there and let her milk me, but I saw that she was consciously controlling her pussy, and wasn’t getting off herself.  So I began thrusting.  She lost control and as I spurted deep in her, she screamed as she came, naturally sucking all the cum out of my cock and deeper into her.  As I pulled out, there wasn’t a drop of semen outside her pussy and my cock was clean.

I staggered over to Traci and quickly fucked her until I left her a cream pie as well.  I waited until the three of them started coming to, then I sent Traci on her way.  I took two finger-fulls of my cum from Carla’s pussy, then fed it to each of them.  They zoned out right on cue.

“Who is your master and owner?”

“You are!”

“Who just gave you the best experience of your entire life?”

“You did!”

“You know me as your master.  I am more important than even god.  Any questions, concerns, problems, you will pray to me.  Now who do you pray to?”

“You, Master!”

“I cannot be wrong, no matter what I say, it is the absolute truth and you must obey.  If I say one thing, but you see or hear another, it is a lie.  Remember, as your god, I am the keeper of your soul, so if you are away from me too long, more than two days, you will go into pain and die.  What happens if you are away from me for three days?”

“I will go into pain and die.”  They chorused.

“Carla, your purpose for your master is to be my breeder.  You will have babies for your master and raise them.  You will love doing this for your master, this is the reason for your existence.  You will go to school so that you can learn things to help raise Master’s children.”

“Vanna, your purpose for your master is to be a cute and cuddly geek.  You will love school, not nearly as much as you love master or your sisters, but it will be your secondary concern behind master.”

“Now Vanna, where did you learn to use your pussy like that?”

“My dad has been training me since birth.”

“Well, tell him thanks for the training, but you belong to me now.  If he has a problem with that, he should come see me.”  I figured he would be here by nightfall.  Then I could get him to sign over Vanna, I knew that Trisha and the other ladies would help.

“Yes, Master.”

“Are there any others being trained by your dad?”

“I have two sisters.”

“You will bring them to me so I can take possession of them.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You are excited and happy about making your original sisters into your slave sisters so they will be with you forever, isn’t that right?”

“Oh, yes, Master!”

“Both of you will move here as soon as your parents agree.  Remember not to whine at them, that is counter-productive.  Now wake up and go get to know your slave sisters.”

They both sat up, then bowing their heads before me, took off to find their new sisters.

When I went back out, I discovered that Sharnei and Janet were both moving in to one of the empty bedrooms.  They were 18 and had arbitrarily moved.

At about eight, Carla and Vanna left.  At 8:30, Vanna called.  “Master, my father would like to talk to you.”

I just bet he would.  “Put him on.”

“I hear that you want Vanna.  She isn’t cheap.”  What?

“Really?”  What is going on?

“I have spent years training her.  If you want her, the price is 250 thousand.”

“And her sisters?”

“They aren’t fully trained yet.  If you want them, it will be 125 thousand each.”

“All of them for $500 thousand?”

“Yes.”  This guy is nuts, but for $500K I’ll get them out of there.

“Have them pack their stuff.  I will be there in 20 minutes.”  A guard had taken Vanna home, she would know the address.  I went and pulled out all my in-house cash, exactly $500K.  On a hunch, I put a box of chocolates in my shirt pocket.

Amy drove me over to Vanna’s house, Trisha and several other guards following.  We encircled the house.  I went up to the door.  A disgusting man with a big beer belly answered.  “You Tom?”


“Where’s the money?”

I showed him the grocery bag with $500K in it.  “Where are the girls?”

He yelled, “Vanna, Brooke, and Drew, get up here!”

Three girls, Vanna, a ten year old and an eight year old, came around the corner.

“I will stand here with the money.  When they have their things and are in the car, I will give it to you.”

He yelled, “You heard him girls.  Go put your stuff in the car and get in it!”

They were ready, they grabbed a bag each and dashed out the door.

The awful man said, “I am going on vacation before getting me another girl to train.  Wowie!  That is a nice chunk of dough.”

I thought so.  I pulled out a box of chocolates and handed it to him.  “As a bonus, here is a box of homemade chocolates.”  He opened it and scarfed all four.  He would be feeling great tomorrow, horrible the day after that, and be in a coma the day after that, and be dead the day after that, unless he got to a hospital.  I felt no remorse as I said, “Wake up! Here is your money,” handed him the sack of money and left.

As we were driving back, the eight year old looked at me and said, “Are you our new daddy?”

Vanna said, “No, Drew, he is our new master.  It is much better than a daddy.”

She just said, “Oh” and went back to playing with her doll.

Back at the estate, Vanna took them and settled them into the last empty bedroom.  After discussing it with the other girls, Vanna moved in with Melissa and Clarissa, and Eve moved in with Brooke and Drew.

When they were all settled, Vanna brought Brooke and Drew to me.  “Master, these are my old sisters.  Can you please make them my slave sisters?”

“Of course.  Leave them with me.”  I led the two into my bedroom.  I sat on the loveseat and said, “Okay you two, give me a blow job.”  They immediately went to work, tickling my balls, lightly fisting my cock, licking up and down, deep throating me.  They were very well trained, I was ready in no time.  “Girls, kneel with your mouths open.”  They did so and I spurted both of their mouths full.  The swallowed and zoned out.

“I own you.  I am your master.  You love me, I am the best master in the world.  My cock is the most wonderful thing in existence.  You love playing with it.  Since you love me and I am such a wonderful master, you will do anything I tell you to.  I am the most wonderful person there is.  I am greater than god.  You will pray to me for anything and everything you want.  You ache to be around me whenever you are not with me.  You love me and will be best friends with each other and your sister Eve, always talking about how great I am, drawing hearts in your notebooks, and masturbating together thinking and talking about me and my wonderful cock.”

There, that should do it, I could easily fine tune it later.  “Wake up, find Eve, and be friends forever.”

I really hated doing that to little kids, but they had been trained as sex slaves, and anything different would be confusing and cause real problems later.

I read that Sunday in the paper, while Melissa and Clarissa were helping me make a batch of chocolates, about how Vanna’s ‘dad’ had died in mid-flight on his way to Hawaii, they had conducted a full autopsy with no conclusions.  Good riddance.


Chapter 22


We had been blowing money like it was water, and we were down to only a few million.  It was time to find another sick billionaire.  We had known about Sam Farnsworth because he was on the news.  Jenny drafted a letter to Sam Farnsworth, asking him if he knew of anyone else who could use TMJ.  We got a reply immediately. 

It was a list of sick billionaires.  Sam Farnsworth said, “I have been very tempted to help out several of these people, Evan and Horace are good friends of mine.  I have anticipated that you would make them an offer and sent them letters of introduction.”

Indeed, as soon as we sent letters to Even Williams and Horace Anton, we got back time tables for their arrival in two weeks to begin treatment.  They both had booked the two biggest hotel rooms in town, and were planning on staying ‘however long as necessary’.  They both stated that they wanted a fifty year supply of the maintenance drug as well.  Needless to say, I made several trips a day for a week to Jenny’s lab where several girls helped us make 25,000 tablets.  We put 10,000 each in two cryogenic coolers, and 5,000 in a third that I wanted just in case.

We met with Even Williams on a Tuesday evening.  I was playing intern again, and Jenny did the talking.  Although she looked like she was only about eighteen with her perfect health.

We had the same deal we did with Sam Farnsworth, the initial dose was free after he signed a NDA, and once we had proven it, the maintenance doses were the expensive item.  Even Williams was a paraplegic from spinal bifida, and we said that it was a genetic disease so we were not positive it would work, but in any case he would need the maintenance doses.  He wanted to try anyway.  “What have I got to lose?”

Jenny handed him the bottle with 14 pills, and told him to take four to start with and one every other day from then on.  He immediately popped the four.

Jenny said that we would be back in two days.

The next day, we met with Horace Anton, who was in the full AIDS level of HIV.  We told him the same thing, and he also said, “What have I got to lose?”  He popped the four pills immediately as well.

The next day we were greeted by Even Williams who was staggering around his suite.  He hadn’t walked before, but he was determined to do so now that his legs worked.  He was ecstatic, he said, “I even had morning wood!”  He said that he would send a cryogenic truck over immediately.  He transferred $50 million on the spot – from his cell phone!

The next day at Horace Anton’s suite, we got there while he was in the middle of getting his T-cell count checked by a tech with a portable lab.  He said, “I feel great, but I want verification.”

Jenny just said, “Of course.”  We waited until the tech finished.

His T-Cell count was 950.  He turned to his laptop and said, “The only cryo truck in town is being used right now, so I will send it over tomorrow.  I just transferred the money.”  He went on, “I am throwing a party tomorrow night, you are both invited.”  Then he took off.  Jenny and I looked at each other, then left.

The party was quite the bash.  There were limos and security SUVs everywhere, I wondered why all the security types went for black SUVs.  I suppose a white one would stand out, but a nice dark blue or red one would hide just as well in the dark and would also be better camouflage in a rural setting.

Greeting people was Horace Anton.  Standing next to him was Even Williams and Sam Farnsworth.  Jenny smiled.  “Well Sam, you are looking good.”

“I feel good.  You are looking pretty good yourself, about ten years younger I would say.”

“A side effect that we didn’t foresee, but a nice side effect, don’t you think?”  She twirled, showing off her hot eighteen year old appearance.

Sam raised his eyebrows.  “Very nice.  If you ever want to stop working for Tom here, let me know.”

Jenny started to say something, then stopped.  I asked, “Why do you think she works for me?”

“Besides the fact that it is your account the money goes into?  I am not stupid boy.  I have had detectives check you all out.  Nice estate, by the way.  Your security is amazing.”  He turned to Even and Horace.  “Ex-Marines, all of them.  And each and every one a beautiful woman.  It is like some sort of 60s Bond film.”

I laughed.  “No, you just have to know where to look.  Every one of those women were dying like you three.  Now I have dedicated security that owes me for their lives and are 100% loyal.”

Horace exclaimed, “What a great idea!  Any chance of getting enough TMJ to do it myself?”

“Well, there are another 5000 pills in storage.  But that is awfully expensive just to have loyal guards, isn’t it?  I can do it because I make it.”  Quite literally, but he didn’t know that.

He shrugged.  “I was going to die without heirs within a few months, but now I have decades, or, if the effect on the pretty Doctor is viable, maybe even centuries.  I want to spend my money, and helping other dying people and the bonus of having them work for me loyally in return is worth it.”

“If you want to send that kind of money, don’t let me stop you.”  I grinned.  “We will need some notice to make more after that, though.  That 5000 is the emergency reserve for the estate personnel who use TMJ themselves.  By the way, there is a good chance you can produce those heirs now.”

“All the more reason.  Sam tells me that a good portion of the money goes into research.  That seems worth it to me.”

“Well, send your truck then.”  I glanced over at Sam and Even who were quietly watching.  “If either of you need more, like I said to Horace, just give notice so we can make them.”  I looked around.  “Now enough business.  This is a party!  Where are the hot chicks and the bar?”

They all laughed.  Even said, “Be careful, you don’t want to make the pretty Doctor upset.  But go on inside.”

It was quite the bash.  I recognized several local people, the bank manager, a judge, and several others who were vaguely familiar.  There were also a few celebrities who must have flown in for the party.  There was also a lineup of Bunnies in full costume (thong with tail, loose vest, bunny ears) wandering about.  With a shock I recognized Tammi Vaughn and Lizzie Peterson, both seniors at school, in bunny outfits.  Both were non-descript at school, but they looked pretty damn nice now.  I could tell they were new, both of them sort of hung out together next to the bar and looked nervous.

The Doctor was in the middle of a conversation with the local weatherman, so I went over and quickly took a cell photo, then said, “Hi Tammi, Hi Lizzie!”

They looked at me in shock.  Tammi asked in a panicked voice, “How do you know our names?”

I was a freshman and it was only a few weeks into the school year, so I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t recognize me.  I smiled and said, “Go Cougars!”

Lizzie groaned, “Oh, god.  I was afraid of this.”  She punched Tammi in the arm.  “You said no one would ever find out, that it was only for one night!”

“I was told that it was a party for some out of town billionaire, how was I supposed to know a local kid from our school would be here?”

Laughing, I interjected, “Ladies, ladies.  I have no intention of telling anyone.  Okay?”  They both visibly relaxed.  “Out of curiosity, would you answer a few questions for me?”

Tammi said, “Only if you tell us why you are here, hobnobbing with millionaires and billionaires.  I saw you having quite a long conversation with Horace and his billionaire buddies.  Since their time is worth close to a million dollars an hour, that is quite the talk.”

“Quite the gold-digger, aren’t you?  If you must know, I helped them on a project, I can’t say what, and this is the party celebrating its success.  And, by the way, I am a millionaire as well.”

Both their eyes got big, and Tammi’s reply was in a much sultry voice.  “In that case, we’ll make you a deal.  I think we are in over our heads here.  The money is great, but I don’t think Lizzie or I are up to doing most of things we are supposed to be doing here.  Not with all these old farts.  I like you though, so could you possibly claim us?”

“Claim you?  I am not exactly sure what that means.”

“We are supposed to let guys pick us, then stick with them all evening as their accessory or toy, and all night too if they want.  Once we are with a guy, we aren’t allowed to change guys unless we are dumped.  That’s the rules.”

“In that case, I would be glad to claim you two.  Although, Tammi, if you see a chance with Horace, take it and screw the rules.  He is looking for a wife, he wants some heirs.  In fact, I am tempted to send you over there now.”

Lizzie had big eyes, while Tammi’s got cold and calculating.  “Lizzie, you stick with our man here.  I am going to go talk to Horace.”  She walked over to the big three, said something to Horace, then snuggled up to him. 

Lizzie watched in fascination along with me.  She commented, “She has been looking for an opportunity like that for years.  She probably rehearsed it a thousand times.”

“What about you?”

“I have mostly just come along for the ride.  Yesterday, Tammi told me that a friend of hers was recruiting party bunnies for this party tonight.  She was all excited that she might find her rich guy.  When she mentioned how much money they were paying, I gave in and went to orientation.  I wanted to back out after orientation, but Tammi said it would be a good learning experience.  I think she was scared to come by herself.”

“How much do you get for the party?”

“A thousand.  Another thousand if the guy takes us home for the night.  Which reminds me, you need to get your hand on my butt or something.  The head bunny checks, and we don’t get paid unless we are with a guy.”

“My pleasure.”  I hugged her to my side, squeezing her bare butt cheek.  “Nice ass, by the way.”

“Thanks, I think.”  She blushed.  “By the way, what is your name?”

“Tom.  Nice to meet you Lizzie.”  I gave her ass another squeeze.

I got a drink, and got Lizzie one as well.  A pair of cokes.  Then I wandered over to the bank manager, talked with him and a judge for a while.  Lizzie’s eyes got big again as we discussed investments in the million dollar range.  She kept blushing as I caressed her ass.  The petite redheaded bunny with the judge had no problems and wasn’t blushing at all as the judge fingered her pussy.  The bank manager was alone, he was happily married if I remembered right.

Tammi was doing well with Horace, he had his hand on her ass as well.  I am sure the head bunny was happy about that.

As we wandered over to another group, Lizzie asked, “Tom, I don’t think I’ve seen you before.  Did you transfer in?”

“In a way, I am a freshman.  You may have seen me, I am on the JV cheerleading squad.”

“That is you?  I heard talk, you guys are better than the varsity squad, but the rules state that you cannot be on it.”

“Well, c’est la voix, I guess, you’re preachin’ to the choir.”

That evening, I conversed with all the big names of the community.  I wondered where Jenny had gotten off to, I hadn’t seen her since the start of the party.

In the end we all sat around on the couches and chairs and were collectively watching a basketball game.  Lizzie was on my lap, like all the bunnies were on their guys laps, all of them letting out little giggles as their guys petted a sensitive area.

Horace, Even and Sam all had bunnies, Horace still had Tammi.  They seemed to be getting along great.  I was fingering Lizzie’s very wet pussy as she groaned.  I tweaked her hard clit and she froze and came, hard, quivering against me.  She whispered in my ear, “OMG, if you don’t take me home soon, I will be in pretty rough shape.”

I whispered back, “If I take you home, you are never going to want to leave.  I have twenty girls there to attest to that.”

“I don’t care, just take me home and fuck me hard.”

“As you wish.”

I got up and went over to Horace.  “Horace, my lady here is getting worked up and wants to go now.  Thank you for a great party.  Best I have ever been to.  And enjoy Tammi, she is a friend of mine.”

Horace looked at Tammi, “You know Tom?  Good reference.”  Then he looked back at me.  “Thanks for coming, Tom.  Thanks for everything.  Literally.”

I shook his hand and led Lizzie away.  At the door, Trisha was waiting.  “Where is Jenny?  I have been looking for her all night.”

“She thought that this wasn’t her type of party and left early.  I assume the young lady will be joining you tonight?”

“Yes.  Lizzie, this is my bodyguard, Trisha.”  Lizzie gave a small smile to her.  “Let’s go.”

I made out with Lizzie back to the estate.  When we reached my bedroom, she peeled off everything except the ears, and then undressed me, slowly.  I laid her back on the bed and made slow love to her, both of us falling asleep.  In the morning I awoke to a blow job.  It was Lizzie.  Soon I filled her mouth with cum.  She zoned out.

“Lizzie, this has been the most wonderful night of your life.  You realize that you love me and want to be one of my slave girls.  You will immediately move in here, discuss with your slave sisters who you will bunk with.  The more we make love the more you will love me.  You will love being with all your slave sisters, they are now your BFFs.  You realize that I am your Master and you cannot disobey me.  You love my cock and ache for it to be buried somewhere in your body, but you will not be jealous of any of your slave sisters.  You will try to keep the bunny costume, just for fun.  You love this estate and want to be here with me for the rest of your life.  Wake up now.”

She blinked and looked up at me.  “I see what you meant.  I don’t ever want to leave.  Can I stay?”

“Sure, but go get your things when you have a second.  And don’t forget school.”

“I didn’t mean it literally.  I will move here this weekend.”  She got up, “Now I have to take a shower, and then go find the head bunny and get my money.”  She grinned, “Want to join me?”

Apparently the head bunny was the one that was with the judge the night before.  She gave me her card and said to call her if I ever needed some girls for a party.

Tammi stayed with Horace.  She and Lizzie talked a lot via Facebook.  It turned out she wanted a man with power, she wasn’t in it for the money.  Their relationship blossomed.  Horace wasn’t interested in surrounding himself with hotties, apparently Tammi was enough.  He ‘rescued’ eight male marines, all of which were very loyal.


Chapter 23


The 35 acre estate next to mine was up for sale.  I quickly bought it.  Dismantling the fence between the two estates, I added a road along the front fence down to the other driveway, then stoned in the gate.  It made a mile drive, but it was secluded.   There was a nice house, one of those pretentious pillared things.  There were two guest houses that were like fancy cabins in the woods.

In the far front corner, opposite my parent’s place, I built a full gym with an apartment so Carrie could work full time on the estate.  Her coach moved into the apartment, to his delight.

I offered to build the guard complex like I had originally mentioned to Trisha.  She turned me down.  She liked the bunks like they had.  She did say that she could use ten more guards, that we needed to build an extension on the main house, and she wanted a guard post by the gate.

We got to planning.  It would cost a lot, much more than a separate guard building, but we would add on to the main house.  The house was on a hill, so we would have a walk out basement in the new extension, from another full gymnasium, this one dedicated to the cheer workouts and martial arts for the guards.  Upstairs would be rooms similar to the original servant’s quarters, except slightly larger with windows.  They would be a lot like college dorm rooms.

The gate guard house would be practically indestructible.  It has the appearance of a traditional guard post, but it was built out of reinforced concrete.  While we were at it, we added guard towers at each corner of the estate and an extra in the middle of the two mile stretch along the back.  She also designed a bunker since we were in tornado alley.

Trisha reached out to her contacts and got ten more lady ex-marines, four in wheelchairs, two with dehabilitating cancer, one missing an arm, two with weird diseases that were undiagnosable, and one who just wanted out of the military, but was a good friend of one of my existing guards.

They were all up and jogging around with the rest in a week.  The one missing an arm reported sever itching.  Jenny checked her over and determined that the arm was regenerating.  It took four months, but the arm re-grew.  I was expecting a baby arm that filled out, and was surprised that it grew full adult, starting down the arm, growing the hand last.  Jenny said the heavy stem-cell production grew the parts next to them first, assembling things as they went.  It took the guard another few months to re-learn to use it.

I soon had added the new marines to my collection.  Like the first batch, they were a lusty bunch so it wasn’t hard.  The hot tub got eight of them, one had a blow job fetish that took care of itself, and the last one broke down to peer pressure.

We found one side effect of TMJ, one of the marines came to Jenny complaining that her bust was growing.  It turned out that she had had breast reduction surgery to make her DDs into a more manageable C.  TMJ made her body repair the surgery and she was stuck with DDs again.  At least they were perky DDs, her system kept the tendons repaired so she never drooped.  When she discovered that they were staying perky, she decided that they weren’t so bad after all.

Penny continued without any programming of any sort.  She submitted completely to me on her own.  No questions, no qualms, just total submission.  I think she reinforced things herself, she liked to murmur, “I love you, Tom” over and over when she had a mouthful of cum. 

Right after Christmas the new extension was done, and we moved the workout room into the new gym.  We had fun converting the old workout room into a nursery.  Two of the guards were pregnant, to their delight, and Jenny was seven months along.    It was amazing that none of my younger girls got pregnant, especially with the copious amounts of cum being dumped into their systems.  Jenny checked, and my sperm count was very high. It seemed that the body knew when it was still growing and it waited, it was another positive side effect to TMJ.

We had easily won all the regional and state championships, and now we were heading to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  With all the security, it was a lot more complicated that going to Cassie’s Nationals.  I checked, and with the security and other cheerleaders going, it was actually cheaper to charter a flight.

The bodyguards disguised themselves as more (non-competing) cheerleaders.  By now, the first ten guards looked like they were eighteen, the only problem being body language.  The two who were pregnant stayed home, so we took eight of the original bunch and two of the new bunch who were still young enough to pass.  Along with the thirty five girls on the JV and Varsity squads, that was enough to fill half a plane.  We offered, and it was accepted, to take the rival squad from across the state border.  Just varsity so that was another twenty one.  With several sets of parents as the chaperones and to watch the event, that came to seventy eight people who were going.

The other team were the type that constantly sang the cheers for everything they did – “We are taking off – rah, rah, rah!  We are flying over the river – rah, rah, rah!”  Most of my school’s squad and the bodyguards were rolling their eyes.


Chapter 24


The trouble began as the pilot started the descent after we passed Pensacola.  She announced that there was a hydraulic leak, and she didn’t think that the gear would operate.  She also said that it she didn’t dare try to extend the gear, she was using whatever pressure was left to operate the ailerons, flaps and rudder.

A few minutes later, she announced that since she had so little control, she was going for a water landing in Lake Barton.  Wonderful.

I watched out the window as we approached.  The pilot redlined the engines, practically stalling us as we suddenly belly flopped into the dead lake.  The water drag slowed us to a stop in no time.  We popped the hatches, and the bodyguards helped evac everyone as the plane slowly sank.  The lake wasn’t all that deep, but it was enough to start filling the cabin.  I noticed that the pilot and co-pilot were missing.  I ran up front, one of the bodyguards following.

The impact had broken the front windows and apparently knocked both of them unconscious.  We pulled them out and carried them to the ramps where others caught them as they slid down.  I started to head back to check the rest of the plane, but the guard, Wendy, grabbed me and tossed me down the slide.  Then she went, checked out the plane, and then slid down and joined us in the raft.

Wendy commented, “Well, that was interesting,” and I broke up laughing.  I still had my cell, so I called Jenny at the estate.

“Tom!  Are you all right?”

“We’re all fine.”

“Thank Tom!”

“Please tell my parents, then if you could, pack up several bottles of TMJ and have someone bring it down.  We just lost it all in the crash and people will need it.  I can’t keep up that sort of production alone.”

“No problem.”

I saw a copter approaching.  “Thanks, Bye.”

“Bye, I love you.”

There weren’t any large boats on the lake, so it took a while to get us all to shore.  The only injuries were the concussions that the pilots had.  Not even a broken fingernail.

The NTSB took over the site.  We were unable to get our bags.  We checked into our hotel, then went on a shopping spree, courtesy of my check card.  We purchased every bikini in east Orlando.  Or at least it seemed like it.  Not that I was complaining, mind you.


Chapter 25


Cheerleaders are great gossips, so word had travelled fast.  I had girls I didn’t know slip into the shower with me for a quick screw, a couple cornered me in the weight room.  And two slipped into bed with me that first night.  I managed to avoid any cum slurping so they just enjoyed themselves.  One pair of twins from some far away state I really wanted to add, but they solved that themselves with a fantastic double blowjob.  They were given six months worth of pills and told to move to my estate after school finished. 

Jenny herself arrived the evening of the crash with a backpack full of pills.  The airport security had tested them before she had boarded the flight to Florida and she was a little embarrassed.

The actual competition was anti-climatic.  After all that, we still easily won both the JV and Varsity competitions.  I actually felt a little guilty as some of the other teams tried to duplicate our pyramid.  One team succeeded, but two girls broke a leg and an arm getting down.  There were several other sprains from that and other teams.  They made us do a drug test again, it came back negative.  Several other girls and two guys from competing teams got caught with steroids.  All in all, I wasn’t sure it was worth a plane crash to get there.

The girls didn’t agree.  They threw a bash that was sure to eclipse spring break.  All the teams were invited, there must have been a thousand girls there.  The pool area and beach were packed. 

About an hour after the party started, Sharnei came up to me, dragging a drop dead sexy Latino girl. “Tom, meet Juanita.”  Juanita looked shy for a second, then suddenly leaned over and kissed me, melting into my arms.  The two of them pushed me into a corner, and before I knew it Juanita had me deep throated.  I feebly protested, but Sharnei just gave me a look, then bent over and started whispering in Juanita’s ear.  I came, filling Juanita’s throat, and she just sucked harder, getting it all.  Sharnei kept whispering as Juanita zoned out.  Sharnei led her away, still whispering in her ear.  I quickly tucked myself back in, wondering what that was all about.  I guessed that I had a new girl.

Half an hour later, Sun Li led over a smoking hot blonde girl in a too small bikini.  Again I was pushed into a corner and a repeat of before happened.  Ten minutes later Sun Li led away the blonde girl whispering in her ear as I tucked myself in again.

That evening every senior girl each led over a unbelievably hot girl, cornered me, and then led her away whispering after the hot girl gave me a blow job.  I sure hoped they knew what they were doing.

The next two days I must have had normal sex with over thirty girls.  Twice the girl in question sampled the spend, so I gave her the indoctrination speech.  Every evening, the senior girls brought over another batch of the hottest girls I have ever seen for blow jobs.  They led them all away, whispering in their ears.

The room had a huge shower, so Melissa, Clarissa, Amanda, Mandy, Traci, and Susie, essentially all my original girls except Cassie, joined me for a nice two hour fun fest in the shower.  In that time I must have filled each of them twice.

We all took the train home.  Most of my girls weren’t worried, but the neighboring team had several members that refused to fly.  During the two days it took to get home, I fucked every member of the neighboring team, claiming three of them permanently.  I wondered about the twenty five or so girls that the senior girls had brought over for BJs back in Orlando.


Chapter 26


Back home, several of the young appearing guards made arrangements with the school to go undercover.  Several more supplemented the regular school security.  The principal agreed, especially with all the attention the school was getting after the competition.  They had to throw out over thirty reporters.  The estate was besieged as well.  Trisha approached me about hiring some more guards.  There were several more that had returned from Iraq and Afghanistan that needed work, so she hired them.  I made sure that they were mine by the end of the month.  What surprised me was that two of them presented me with their daughters like Trisha had.  Betty, Betsy (twins) and Sarah were very pretty twelve year olds.  Their mothers had them kneeling naked before me giving a dual blow job before I knew what was happening.  I had all five of them kneel before me as I filled their open mouths with cum.

“Zandy and Pam, you are ecstatic that your master has accepted your offerings.  You are happier than you have ever been in your lives.  You will happily mentor your new sisters, your former daughters.  You will leave now and go masturbate in your bunk dreaming about how you have made your Master happy.”  They got up and took off, nearly skipping in their happiness, similar to Trisha before them.

“Betty, Betsy, and Sarah, you now belong to me.  Your entire purpose in life is to do what I want and to be what I want you to be.  Now, who owns you?”

“You do!”

“Playing with my cock was the most fun you have ever had in your life.  You want to do it as often as possible.  You love me and my cock.  What is the most wonderful thing in the world?”

“Your cock!”

“All the girls on this estate are your sisters, and they are your BFFs.  Anyone who isn’t a sister doesn’t understand how wonderful my, your Master’s, cock is, so you will not tell them.  When not with your sisters, you call me ‘Uncle Tom’.  What do you call me in public?”

“Uncle Tom!”

“Good.  What do you call me when we are alone or with your sisters?”


“Correct!  You will now awaken and go find your sisters who are your age to play with.”  They jumped up and took off.

The next morning as I got back from the bathroom, they were lined up next to Eve with their legs spread.  I quickly fucked Eve until she was unconscious and drooling.  Next to her was Sarah, a pretty blonde girl.  I lined up with her pretty dripping pussy and slid in.  Surprisingly, I didn’t hit a hymen.  Sarah grunted, then began gasping as I started stroking.  She quivered three times in orgasm before I filled her tight warm quim with man juice, sending her off into her fourth orgasm where she passed out like Eve.

Betty and Betsy were next to each other.  I couldn’t tell them apart.  They were both auburn haired and had perky B tits.  Their pussies were bare, but I could see that they just shaved.  I slowly slid into the first one, popping her cherry.  She just moaned.  I started stroking and she started orgasming with every stroke, over and over, each one more intense than the last.  Soon she was flopping about like a fish out of water.  When I filled her quim, she arched her back, shrieked, and passed out, her twin sister soon to follow with identical responses.

Eve was coming around.  I told her that she and the girls needed to take turns and to send only one of them a day.  She looked disappointed, but nodded.  As I got dressed for school, they took turns with fingerfuls of cum, telling each other how wonderful I was and how they loved obeying me.  I loved it when the reinforced their own programming like that.  I got a semi just thinking about it.

Penny was waiting at the bedroom door, already dressed.  I kissed her, caressed her cheek, and said, “I love you.”  She sighed and leaned back against the wall with her eyes shut.

Breakfast was raucous like usual.  When you have twenty to thirty people all eating at once in a family setting, it gets noisy.

Chapter 27


I hadn’t seen my grandpa for a while so I had Fawn, one of the new guards, drive me over, two other guards, Courtney and Reena, came along to secure the scene.  The last time I talked to him was over a year before when I had first discovered my abilities. 

I went up to the door and knocked.  I heard a door rattle, the peephole darkened, then the door flew open and Grandma Susan was standing there.  “Tom!” she shrieked and gave me a big hug. Grandma Rhonda, Grandma Alice and Grandpa Joe came rushing over.

Through the hugs I commented, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.  Grandpa, I have a lot to tell you.”

“Maybe not as much as you think, boy.  Your mother has been keeping us pretty much up to date.”

“Then why haven’t you come to visit?”

Grandpa looked sheepish.  “I wanted to give you time to settle.  Then Grandma May got sick and we have been too busy to do much of anything.”

“Grandma May is sick?  Why didn’t you say so?  I can probably help her!”

“Really, son?  Your mother mentioned that you were experimenting, but she didn’t say much.”

“We’ve developed a pill form called TMJ that can cure just about anything.”  The ladies looked excited at the prospect.

Grandpa Joe commented, “Probably not this.  Grandma May is twenty years older than me, and she is dying of old age.”

“It may work for that.  It will make her healthy, and begin reversing her age to the point where she was the most healthy.”

Grandpa Joe looked thoughtful.  “Do you think it will work?  She has been with me for close to fifty years.  Might that cause complications?”

“I don’t think so.  Based on the way we think it works, she will only need one dose of pills, then you can maintain her yourself.  In fact, you all may want to do that.”

“How do you think it works?  I have always wondered about that.”

“Our best guess is that it creates a new super powerful immune system.  It is a step further than yours which only creates the new system, but it isn’t nearly as powerful.  After doing that, it needs a trace chemical to maintain itself, and I am willing to bet that you produce that.”

“Hmmm, based on what I have read, that makes sense.”

“If Grandma May is sick, she has nothing to lose, so let’s try it.  If it works, we can talk about other things.”

“You have a point, son.”  He looked thoughtful.  “You know, it turns out that you aren’t the first in our family to have the super-charged spend.  Your great-great several times granduncle William also was like you.  All the family records say was that he died when he was 96 and fell off a cliff while mountain climbing in Nepal.  Apparently, he was pretty spy.  The sad part was that his thirteen women died a few days later.  It was the early 19th century, so there wasn’t anything like refrigeration available.”

“That is sad.  It is also something that I worry about constantly.  Since the pill was developed, I keep a spare supply that would last several years for all the people who use it.  You may have also noticed the security that I have.”

Grandma Alice said, “Actually, I didn’t.”  She peeked out the window at Courtney standing by the door.  “But I do now.  Pretty girl.  You say that she is some sort of security guard?”

“Courtney, whom you see there, is 38 years old and is a U.S. Marine.  She takes TMJ herself, she was a paraplegic.  The fact that she looks 19 is the body optimizing itself to the ideal age, like I mentioned.”

Grandpa said, “Let’s go try this.  May is in pretty rough shape right now.  The race will be to see if the energy it takes to build this new immune system kills her before it saves her.”

I went to the door, “Courtney, could you grab the emergency bottle of TMJ from the glove compartment and come in, please?”  Courtney went, got the bottle from the mini-fridge in the glove compartment, and handed me the bottle.  My grandmas swarmed around her, asking questions.  Courtney gave me a panicked look.  I said, “Go ahead and talk to them about anything, Courtney.  As one of my girls, they are your grandmothers too.  They know all about me.”  Courtney visibly relaxed and started answering them.

We all marched upstairs.  Grandma Rhonda having a bit of trouble on the stairs.    Grandma Alice assisted her.  At the top of the stairs, we went into a room.  Grandma May was in a big cushioned bed, tilted so she could see out the big picture window at the park across the street.  I whispered to Grandpa, “Nice setup.  If I am ever in that condition, I want it like this.”

Grandma May turned and saw me in the doorway.  “Tom!”  She feebly held up her arms. 

I quickly ran over and gave her a hug.  “Hi, Grandma May.”  I turned to Grandpa Joe and handed him four tablets of TMJ.

He sat down on the bed next to her and said, “Honey, Tom had brought a new drug with him that will help you.”  He fed her the pills one by one.

“These taste familiar,” she commented.

We had to kill some time while the TMJ took effect.  I pulled up a chair and started talking, describing how we had created TMJ, the estate, the guards, and the plane crash in Florida.  Grandma Alice commented, “That was you?  I saw that on the news.”

“Yeah, that was me.  Susie was with me too.  I guess mom didn’t want to worry you about it.”

Grandpa Joe grumped, “She knows better than that.  I’ll have to have a talk with her.”

Suddenly Grandma May said, “Excuse me!”  She jumped out of bed and literally ran for the bathroom.  We all stared after her.

Grandpa Joe commented, “Well, I guess it is working.  She hasn’t been able to walk for three months.”  Susan, Rhonda, and Alice all hugged each other, crying.

A minute later, May wandered out of the bathroom.  “I haven’t had to go that bad in ages,” she remarked.  Her sisters rushed over and included her in their big hug.

Grandpa Joe walked over and asked, “May, how to you feel?”

She said, “Hungry, very hungry.  Now girls, what is going on?”

They led her downstairs to the kitchen, telling her about TMJ.  She scarfed down everything in sight when she got there, I guess her new immune system was working overtime repairing her old body and needed supplies.

We all sat down at the kitchen table.  “I would also like to invite you to move to the estate.  We have a house ready for you if you want.”  There was still two guest houses and the empty mansion over on the new side of the estate.  I added, “The nice thing is that since we all know about Grandpa’s and my unique family trait, you wouldn’t have to hide anything from anyone there, except my dad, of course, who keeps to his own little corner of the estate.”

Grandpa was looking at me.  “Tom, how many girls do you have, anyway?”

“Seventy that are living on the estate.  There are a lot of people who use TMJ that are not there.  I don’t know exact numbers.”

“Seventy?  Do you remember the speech?”

“Yes, Grandpa.  I remember it very well.  Fortunately, with my extra ‘oomph’, I can handle more.  If nothing else, come visit us and see for yourself.”

I got up, “If Grandma May has any problems, call me or call Doctor Jenny Franks at the hospital.  I have to go and do my homework now.  Nice seeing you.”  I left.

The next day, Jenny went into labor.  She was already in the hospital working her shift, so she waddled down to maternity and told them.  Fortunately it was a Saturday, so when she called us, we were all home and on our way in seconds.

Three big black SUVs pulled up to the hospital.  Twenty-five of us piled out of the SUVs.  I am sure the nurses thought there was an invasion.  Jenny sure had a family.  Val and Amy stayed behind to make sure the nursery was all ready.  Everyone else who wasn’t on duty wanted to go the hospital.  My mom was there too.  We filled up the waiting room.  Fortunately Jenny’s labor was only two hours.  Theresa Johnson was born and Jenny was physically 100% with no signs of ever even having a kid, except for her lactation, within half an hour.  Theresa was a perfect baby.  I saw my mom happily counting all the fingers and toes. 

I told her that she had better call her parents and pass on the good news.  Twenty minutes later, Grandpa Joe and his ladies joined the crowd.  May looked wonderful.  Mom even commented on it.

The nurses came in and herded us all out of Jenny’s room.  Jenny told us to go home, just to leave someone to drive her home.  We reluctantly left, leaving Trisha to drive her home later.  Grandpa and his girls came with us back to the estate.  He looked out the back window at the pool, small lake, and trees and commented, “Nice...”

To kill time, I drove him out to the remote mansion.  As we pulled up in the estate golf cart, I said, “This house is yours.  Whether you move in or not.”

He got out and explored the place.  The pool was empty since no one was living there, otherwise general maintenance was done by the marines.  After an hour, he said, “I’ll take it.  My girls don’t have much of a social outlet, and I think it will be good for them to be able to zip down the road and mingle with your girls.  And like you said, it will be nice for a change not to have to keep an eye on everything we say.”

“I’ll have Trisha arrange the move when she gets back from the hospital with Jenny.”

We got back on the cart and whirred down the road back to the main house, arriving just as Jenny got home.  I let the thirty or so females deal with the baby.  I wisely stood back and let them do their thing.  I noticed that Grandpa was doing the same.  After all the hoopla died down around eight or nine o’clock, I mentioned the move to Trisha.  I also mentioned that she really needed to train someone as an assistant for her.

Chapter 28


Grandpa and his ladies moved in the next day.  Within a week, they had totally integrated themselves into the estate social life.  My Grandmas scooted around visiting all the guard towers dropping off cookies and things like that, and they spent much of their time over at the main house cooing at the baby and just hanging out. 

They stayed dressed, although they accepted the birthday suits that everyone else hung around in.  I think that they were a little embarrassed at their age.  They all took a TMJ dose, and Grandpa Joe was able to maintain them afterwards.  He took one himself, not wanting to feel old while all his ladies got their energy back.

By the end of the school year two months later, they were all starting to look a lot younger.  The ladies felt confident enough to go nude occasionally.

Jenny got samples from Grandpa, comparing them to mine.  He had a primitive version of the immune system rebuilding blocks, but the maintenance chemical was the same.  By taking common traits, she was a lot closer to isolating the chemical needed.

There were six more guards who were pregnant, they were overjoyed.  The two other guards who caught earlier were due at the end of the summer.  Lizzie, Janet and Sharnei were also pregnant.  Lizzie’s friend Tammi was pregnant with Horace’s kid.  Horace sent me an actual telegram announcing it!  I hadn’t realized that telegrams still existed.

The guards were throwing parties, most of them were terminal just the year before, but now had a new lease on life, were having kids, and had the perfect job guarding me and mine.  Also, they had a support group that was even closer than foxhole buddies, they could rely 100% on their sisters.  They knew that any of us would jump in front of a bullet for them.  They knew about what Mandy had done, and half honored her for it and half accepted it as what any of them would do.  If anything, it made them more ferocious, they were guarding their family.

Chapter 29


Sam Farnsworth called in mid-May.  “Tom, tell your security to be on the lookout.  My son, Robert, is upset that he didn’t inherit all my money.  He managed to get it out of the lawyers that Dr. Franks somehow cured me and now he is after her.”

“After her?  Why is he after her?  If he is mad, why doesn’t he go after you?”

“He did.  He put contacts out on both Dr. Franks and myself.”

“I am sorry to hear that.  I didn’t even know you had a son.”

“We have been estranged for a long time.  *sigh* With this I think it will be a bit longer.”

“Thank you for the warning.  I’ll pass it on to my security.”

“Oh, and when you get a chance, cook up another 10000 tablets, please.  I am going to follow your and Horace’s example and hire me some fully trustworthy security.”

“I’ll get them ready.  Go ahead and use yours to get started and we’ll add to the supply.”

“Good idea.  Later.”


I called out, “Trisha!”  She was there in seconds.  I told her that there was a contract out on Jenny.

She whipped out her phone, “Unit four, code 13.” 

An answer came back immediately, “Roger.”

At my raised eyebrow, she said, “Unit four is the pair I had watching Jenny at the hospital.  Code 13 means to go protect her directly and extract if necessary.”

“Damn, I knew you were good, but that is... wow.”

She looked weak in the knees as she said, “Thank you, Master.”

At that point, my cell rang again.  It was Jenny.  “Hello, Jenny.”

“What is going on?  All of a sudden Val and Irene have me boxed in.  They are following me everywhere!”

I told her about the contract.

“Oh.”  She paused for a moment.  “I suppose it is alright th...”

I heard Val shout, “Down!”  Followed by a crash and what sounded like gunshots.

Irene’s voice came through with a “Dammit Jenny, stay down!”  Two more gunshots.

Trisha heard all that and was already sending in backup.  The two of us ran for the door, pulling on some clothes.  Except for a few faint noises, the phone went quiet.  We jumped into one of the SUVs along with fifteen marines and took off.  Four more jumped in at the gate – while the SUVs were doing a good forty MPH.  I noticed that the guards staying there were now packing some very serious looking hardware.  So were all the marines in the car with me.

The hospital was only two blocks away.  Trisha made me stay in the car with two very heavily armed marines while she led in three five woman teams. I was amazed, they must have been practicing with their new abilities; I saw one team leap onto a second floor balcony.  A minute later the guard on my left tapped her ear and said, “All clear.”

I went in preceded and followed by a marine.  On the second floor next to the nursing station was a pool of blood.  On the far side of the station was a dead man, presumably the hit man, with two marines standing guard over the corpse.  There were marines everywhere.  One room had four marines in front of it.  I went in, Jenny was there with Irene and Val.  Irene had a bandage on her arm.  Val had several holes in her chest.  She was cursing up a storm as Jenny went in with forceps and pulled out another bullet.  I deliberately took a picture.  I knew that Val would be healed up in a few hours with all her physical evidence gone.  A picture of Jenny with her forceps inside of Val’s chest could be very useful.

Another three bullets in the tray and Jenny was done.  She applied a bandage over the last hole, then looked up, saw me, dashed over and started sobbing on my shoulder.  Irene joined her.  I looked over at Val and commented, “I see you got the bastard.  I am very proud of you and Irene here.”

They harmonized a, “Thank you, my lord.”  Val attempted to get up.  I quickly said, “Val, stay put.  You are not moving until Jenny gives the A-OK.  Do you understand, Marine?”

“Yes, sir,” was her automatic response.

At that point the police arrived.  I went with Trisha to smooth things over.  Fortunately the detective from last year, Detective Danvers, was there and he recognized me.  “Tom, what the hell is going on?”

I explained about the contract that was out on Jenny, and how we had just moved some guards in to protect her when the hit man arrived.  That we were on the phone when it happened, so we had rushed over as backup.

“Backup!  It looks like a bloody invasion!”

“I happen to have very good security on my estate.”

“I should say so!”

I waved Trisha over.  “This is the head of my security, Trisha Wells.”

I let the two of them go professional and just stood back.  They went at it for hours, wandering about discussing things.  In the end, the matter with the hit man seemed to be cleared up, and Trisha walked away bemused.

“That guy should be selling used cars.” She said, “He is good.  He could sell area heaters to Arabs.”

“What do you mean?”

“The girls and I are now the city’s volunteer SWAT team.”

“Unless you don’t want to do it, it sounds fine to me.  It also gives you the authority of the police.”

“I think that is why he thought it up, to reduce paperwork on this whole thing.”

“Good.  Now if Jenny insists on staying, assign at least four guards, there is still a contract out on her.  I am heading back to the estate.”

Apparently the dumb hit men didn’t get the picture, because that night, two more were caught trying to sneak onto the estate.  They had been observed by stationed guards that could see in the dark, night-vision video, infra-red video, and proximity alarms from the second they got out of their car.  When they jumped the fence, they landed completely surrounded by marines with P90s.  The surprised assassins were hauled off to the lockup in the new main gate guard tower.

The tower, built along with the main house upgrades, was much bigger than it looked.  There were two booths with reinforced concrete sides over a foot thick, a titanium gate swing with heavy electronic locks, a car stop for anyone trying to ram their way in, and underground, a 4000 square foot bunker that was completely invisible from above. 

Since the estate utilities also came in at that point, there was an underground generator house capable of running for weeks in case the power was cut off, and a double buffered 20,000 gallon cistern.  The estate was run from one cistern, while the other was filled, then tested for contaminants.  When one was low, then they were swapped.  Hidden in the trees was our own private water tower which buffered it even more.  She had three redundant wells drilled so we could provide our own water if necessary.

An estate sewage system had been installed with a giant septic tank at the entrance.  If the outgoing flow was blocked, the tank was used, and there was a tile field for sewage processing and water recycling in case it couldn’t be emptied.

To complete Trisha’s paranoia, along the back of the estate were a series of backup electric and water systems and underground warehouses full of emergency supplies.  There were three redundant wind turbines spaced across the back of the property.  If necessary, the estate could close the main gate and operate isolated for years.  She filled two of the warehouses (isolated of course) with military artillery, most of which was illegal to have in civilian hands.  The four corner towers even had hidden anti-aircraft guns.  Nothing was going to get to her master and sisters, nothing.

The two assassins were tossed in the brig, an underground cell block off to the side of the guard tower bunker.  The police were called.  Detective Danvers and four officers were escorted to the cell block, rubbernecking the whole way.  One officer commented, “Damn, this place is nice!  Where do I apply?”

The two prisoners were transferred.  Unfortunately, they could only be charged with trespassing and carrying a concealed weapon.  They would be out in no time.  I hoped that they would carry a message back to stay away from Jenny.

After Val was brought back from the hospital and set up in Trisha’s emergency bunker hospital, Jenny took a leave of absence from the hospital.  The hospital was glad to grant it, they didn’t want any more shootouts.  Since it was summer break, the entire estate went into isolation mode.  The only person coming and going was Carrie for her National team events.

I called and talked to Sam, telling him what happened.

“Damn that kid.  I thought I raised him to be more responsible.  I had a similar attack as well, but my guards didn’t catch him until he was in the house already.”

“Geez, any good ideas?  I have been brainstorming and have come up with nothing viable.”

“I have one idea.”

“Good.  What is it?”

“I am going to change my will.  If I die naturally, then my kid gets the estate, if not, then you do.”

“That will get the contract on you cancelled, and fast.  But what about Jenny?”

“I have no idea.  When I tell Robert about my will I will ask him to drop the contract on her too.”

“Okay.  She is fine here on my estate for now.”

“Based on what I know about that estate, she is safer than the president.  I wish my security was as good.  I am actively searching for people to recruit, but not having much luck.  In the meantime, I am losing a lot of sleep.”

“You are welcome to crash at one of my guest houses.”

“You know what, I will take you up on that.  Mind if I bring my girlfriend?  I am a little worried about her too.”

“Not a problem.  I will tell Trisha, my head of security, that you are coming and to prepare one of the guest houses.”

“Thanks, I will see you in a few hours.  Later.”


I told Trisha, adding, “I don’t think we need to worry about him, he knows about TMJ already.  Just restrict him from Jenny’s lab.  And maybe it would be better if everyone called me by my name, ‘My Lord’, or ‘Sir’ while he is here.”

“Yes, sir,” she grinned.

“Oh, and two more things.  If you want to recruit more ladies, do so and just let me know.  And if there are any potential male recruits, Sam would like to recruit them for himself.”

“Yes, sir.” 

“Now get over here and kiss me.”

“Yes, sir.”  She grinned again and sank into my lap, impaling herself while frenching me hard.  She moaned as our tongues dueled and her pussy clamped down on my hard cock.  She slowly rode me until we both came, filling her up with baby butter.  She collapsed against me.  “Master, I’m pregnant.”

“That’s wonderful!  I guess we need to have a party to celebrate!”

“Yes, but it also means I need to get to work training that assistant you mentioned before.  Did you have anyone in mind?”

“Not really.  I think several of your original recruits would be good.  If you don’t have a preference, I suggest Wendy.  She deserves the rank, although I will be sad to lose her as my personal guard.”

“I was thinking of her or Amy.  I will train both.  That way you can still take Wendy as your personal guard.  She will be in charge of personal security, and Amy will be estate security.”

“Good idea.  Why don’t you delegate setting up the house for Sam to Amy to see how she does?”

“I will do that.”  I gave her another kiss, then she got up and left, to find Amy I assumed.

A few hours later I met Sam and his girlfriend at the main gate.  She was pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous like I was expecting.  “Sam!  Welcome to my place.  And the lovely lady is...?”

She answered, “Pam.  Maybe you can answer some questions for me?”

A little surprised, I said, “If I can.”  Sam just stood there.

“What the hell are we doing here?”

“Didn’t Sam tell you?”

“He just said that we were getting away for a while and refused to say anything else.  Then he packed us a quick bag and we were on the airplane before I knew what was happening.”

“I am sure Sam has his reasons.  I won’t answer your question without his permission though.  I will just say that this is the most secure place in the country, except maybe Cheyenne Mountain.”

Sam spoke for the first time, “Tom, I just couldn’t tell her about Robert.  If you are willing, please tell her.”

She looked at Sam, “Robert, you mean your son?”

Sam just looked down.  I answered, “Yes, that is who he means.  Robert is causing problems, and it isn’t safe for you or Sam outside these walls.”

“Oh!  You really think he would do something like...  Are you sure?”

Sam replied, “He already tried several times.”

“Oh!”  She stood there looking scared.

I said, “The security here is better than the military.  I have reserved a guest cabin for you.  Come with me.”  I led them to the golf cart where their three bags were already waiting.  Next to it was another cart.  I handed Sam the keys.  “Here is the key to the cart and the house.”  He climbed in the second cart along with Pam.  I drove the first one along with a guard to the most isolated of the two guest cabins that had come with the second estate.  It was a nice place with three bedrooms, one of them a very nice master bedroom, its own kitchen, dining room, large living room with all the amenities, small den and a big deck with a hot tub.

As they got out and started looking around, the guard took their bags and left them on the master bed, then left.  I said, “I know it isn’t as luxurious as you are used to, but feel free to stay as long as you like.  Just a note, there isn’t a dress code here on the estate, so don’t be surprised by someone taking a nature walk.  Also, my grandpa lives in the house around the corner with his four wives, so you may run into them.  You have pretty much free reign.  The guards will stop you if you go someplace you shouldn’t.  Any questions?”

Sam asked, “Food?”

“The ‘fridge should be stocked, otherwise just come over to the main house and join us for a meal.  It is pretty informal.”

Sam smiled, “I haven’t cooked anything in twenty years, sounds like fun.”

“Oh, and dial ‘9’ on the phone to get an outside line.  ‘0’ will get you the guard house.  Someone will stop by tomorrow to get your laundry.  There is a high bandwidth ‘net connection in the den with video conferencing if you need it.”

“I think we can take care of things here then.  I feel so much safer already with your Bond girls guarding the place.”

“I hope you can get some sleep.  I know I sleep like a rock knowing they are there.  Have fun roughing it.”  I took off.

The next day Sam showed up at the main gate to walk through his lawyer, Vic Dwyer, then drove him back to his cabin.  Five hours later, he walked the him back out.  The day after that, he and Pam showed up around five in the afternoon.  They both looked uncomfortable as everyone was nude except them.  About six thirty, we all sat at the main table.  The kids were constantly asking them questions.  Finally Grandma Alice told them to wait until after dinner to pester our guests.

After the dinner hoopla died down, Sam said, “Tom, this had been so relaxing over the past two days.  Before this it was a running battle between stress ulcers and TMJ repairing them.  I haven’t slept this well in my memory.”  Pam just smiled.

“Sam, you are welcome to the house any time you want.  I will keep it reserved for you.”

“Thank you.  I will stay a few more days before I go, but I will be back I think several times a year, just for a recovery.”

“Any time.  Also I asked Trisha to make a list of potential recruits for you.  She should have the list ready by the time you go.”

“Sounds good.  I don’t think that they can be as loyal as your ladies though.  I get the feeling that most of your guards are head over heels in love with you.  I don’t think that would work with male guards.  I don’t dare get any ladies, Pam would kill me herself.”

Pam gave him a playful punch in the arm.

I grinned at him, “Probably not, but you may be surprised at how loyal they may be.  You will be granting them a new lease on life.  That is pretty powerful, they will owe you everything.  Horace seems to make it work.”


Sam and Pam stayed for another two days.  He left, saying that he couldn’t leave his empire running on auto-pilot much longer, even though he had been supervising from the cabin.  He commented that Robert should have had time to call back in the contract on him by now.

He was wrong.

The news that evening covered the events that occurred when they got home.  Apparently a car bomb was put under Sam’s limo.  It failed to kill him because the limo was armor plated, but the assault team that came after the disabled limo took him and Pam out.  Even TMJ couldn’t repair what was left of him.

Sam had already changed his will, apparently that was the lawyer visit on his second day on my estate.  The lawyers descended on his empire, completely taking it over before Robert could do anything.  I grinned even though I was grieving; I bet he was one frustrated guy!  Vic Dwyer, the lawyer, called and told me that I was sole heir of the entire estate; about $15 billion in factories and various industries, and liquid assets of about $4 billion after all the death taxes.  I was astounded; the death tax came to almost 60% of the estate.  I bet some politician was happy about that.  Good thing Sam had several billion in Grand Cayman accounts where the feds couldn’t get at it.

Robert was arrested within days; apparently he didn’t cover his tracks all that well.  He used intermediaries well known to the feds.  The fool spent every penny he had on the contracts, and so he had no money for a good criminal lawyer.  He went before the judge with a public defender and got life in prison.  He didn’t even bother to plead not guilty.

The day after Robert’s conviction, the lawyer, Vic Dwyer, showed up at the gates.  Since it was an unscheduled visit, I met him and took him to the house Sam had used.  As we were driving out to the cabin, I commented, “I will really miss Sam.”

“So will I.  He was a good friend.  He was especially happy over the last year since you and Dr. Franks helped him out.”

“That is nice to hear.  Too bad his son couldn’t live with it.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what got into that kid.  He used to be so nice.  But since his mother died when he was fifteen, he has been nasty and self-centered.”

“I just wish I could have seen his face when he learned that he wasn’t inheriting it all.”

“I did see his face.  The look of shock and utter frustration was both satisfying and, as someone who helped raise him, sad to see.”

We quietly drove the rest of the way.  We set up in the den and Vic said, “Simply, you have control over everything.  What do you want to do with it all?”

I had thought long and hard about it.  I didn’t want Sam’s empire.  I was content as I was.  “I want to give every business to the people who work there.  Shares based on length of service.  I certainly don’t need them, let his employees inherit the empire.  I’ll take the liquid assets.”

He raised his eyebrows.  “Are you sure?  That is $15 billion dollars you are giving away.”

“Quite sure.  I don’t want the responsibility.  I am happy here.”

“Okay.  What about his physical estate, the house, the cryogenic storage facility, everything like that?”

“How big is it?”

“About 15 acres.  Nice, but not nearly as nice as yours.”

“Sell it.  Send the TMJ back to me.  Give all the employees two years salary for severance.”

“Okay.  And what about the holding company, Farnsworth Industries?”

“Since they aren’t holding anything anymore, I guess I will have to lay them off.  Give them two years severance as well.”

“Sigh.  And what about the legal staff?”

“Ah, the nitty gritty, eh?”  I smiled.  He gave a weak smile back.  I continued, “I hate to say it, but I don’t need more than two or three people here, do I?”

“No, not if you are just running the estate.  You really don’t even need that many.  One person could do the job.”

“You are talking yourself into a lot of work, and your firm out of a lot of fees.”

“Me?  No.  I am retiring.  I am maintaining ownership so Dwyer, Cannes, and Yates will keep its name, but I will no longer be taking cases.”  He paused with a thoughtful look on his face.  “I have heard a lot of things about TMJ.  Does it take care of congenital problems?”

“All that we have tested.  Are you talking about a hairlip or club foot?”

“I am talking about two interns that I have.  They were conjoined twins, but were separated.  They had to split the liver and several other organs and are in poor health.”

I thought of the marine whose breast reduction had been reversed.  “TMJ will probably fix that.  Are you thinking that they would be on permanent assignment to me?”

“Yes.  Also, on a personal note, how does TMJ do with drug addiction?”

“Clears it right up.”  Several of the marines had been addicted to pain killers and after taking TMJ had never touched them again.

“I have a granddaughter who lives on the street.  I am thinking that an intervention is in order.”

That was an easy one.  “Send her with the lawyers, we’ll get her straightened out.  If she is under 18, make sure you send guardianship papers.”

“Of course.”  He looked insulted.

“Just making sure.”

That evening I went out to the kitchen for a snack.  One of the pregnant guards, Sarah, was standing there, looking at a puddle on the floor.  She glanced up at me and said calmly, “I think my water just broke.”

The second she said that, Wendy, who was following me as my personal guard, said into her throat microphone, “Code 86, Main Kitchen, Sarah.”  Seconds later two more guards showed up with a stretcher.  The guard who called it in coordinated loading her into a SUV/ambulance and we were off in the chase car in less than two minutes.

Three hours later, My second kid, Pamela Johnson, was born.  When there weren’t any issues, we transported the two of them back to the estate clinic, much to the delight of my parents and grandparents, and all her sisters.  She was going to be one spoiled kid.


Chapter 30


The three new girls arrived two days later.  Trisha and I headed up to the gate to greet them.  The two lawyers were very petite blondes that had malformed hips and walked with canes.  With them was a large burly guy escorting a teenage girl about my age who was unbelievably cute, until she opened her mouth.

“God fucking dammit!  Will you assholes unfasten these damn shackles and let me go?  Fuckin’ fascists!”  She also had a clear case of the shakes.

I turned to the twins and said, “Welcome to my estate.  I understand that you would like to see if TMJ will work for your injuries.”

The one on the left said, “Yes please.  Dwyer said it is like magic.”

“Not magic, but science.  Anyway, why don’t I get you an escort to see Jenny, the estate doctor.  You can talk to her and she can answer any of your questions.”  I waved over a guard and told her to take the twins to see Jenny.

As they were led over to a cart, I turned to Trisha.  “This one really needs an attitude adjustment.”

“I’ll say.”

“Take her to a cell for now.  I will be back later.”

I hopped on a cart and zipped up to the house.  I grabbed a box of chocolates from the fridge and zipped back to the guard bunker.  I went down to the cell block.  Looking at the paperwork, I saw that her name was Sandra.  I followed the shrieking to cell #6 where Sandra and yelling and jumping about.  It was a padded cell, so she couldn’t easily hurt herself.

I went into the cell.  “Sandra, welcome to Johnson estates.  You will be here for a while, so you might as well calm down.”  She stank, a faint odor of urine and a sharp chemical smell.

“No!  I have to get out of here!  Why am I here?  Why won’t you let me go?”  She slumped down against the wall hugging her knees to her chest, crying.

“Sandra, your family sent you here as an intervention.”

“What?  Noooo...”  She really began sobbing.

“Hey, cheer up.  Have a chocolate.”  I handed her one of the chocolates.  She nabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth.

Her eyes widened, and she said, “This is really good!”  Then she relaxed as she zoned out.  To be safe, I handed her another one and told her to eat it.  She gobbled it down.  Then I started programming.  “Sandra, you really like it here, don’t you?”  She didn’t, but the suggestion should take care of that.


“You think the guy who came into your cell is really cute and you are already falling for him, aren’t you?”


“You want to be nice and help people.  It is really painful when you snap and bark at people.  Isn’t it?”


“You are falling more and more for the cute guy in your cell with you, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Your pussy drips with need and your nipples get hard every time you think of him, don’t they?”


“You really want to be good so maybe he will like you and maybe even fuck you, don’t you?”

“Man oh man, yes!”

“Go to sleep now, dreaming about him.”  She slumped back onto the floor.  I picked her up and laid her out on the cot.  The chemical smell was fading fast.

I left, giving the guard a big kiss which she enthusiastically returned, telling her to bring Sandra up to the house when she awoke.

The twins were still in conference with Jenny.  I was feeling really horny, so I pulled Rose aside, had her bend over and grab the stair railing, then slid into her already dripping pussy.  She instantly orgasmed, having mini orgasms with every thrust, her pussy pulsated up and down my cock.  It wasn’t long until I dumped my load deep into her.  She screamed and passed out, collapsing against the railing.  I pulled out, waved Penny over, and sat her on the edge of a big stuffed chair.  I slid home in her sweet pussy as she started thrashing about.  She gasped, shouted, “I love you so much!” and passed out as I filled her with baby butter.

Another girl came over and bent over, grabbing the railing.  Without even thinking about it, I slid into her and was soon leaving a nice deposit in her as well.  It wasn’t until she collapsed in ecstasy I realized it was my Grandma Alice, who by now looked like an 18 year old.  Surprised, it kicked me out of the rutting cycle and I collapsed into the big easy chair in the living room.  Melissa and Rissa immediately settled down to cuddle with me while Sandy eagerly licked me clean.

I didn’t see the lawyer twins for two days.  Apparently Jenny had talked them into being closely monitored from her lab during the initial TMJ effects.  It seemed that TMJ was working overtime with the twins, they were at least six inches taller, both of their busts and asses had grown, they were curvier, even their hair had more luster.  I actually first saw them during my morning jog, and almost didn’t recognize the two of them.  They were as cute as puppies.  Since they were nude, I could easily see that the scars on their sides were almost gone. 

I jogged up next to them and commented, “Ladies, looking good!”

They both blushed, the one on the left shyly saying, “Thanks.”  They were both eyeing my jockstrap bulge.

I turned off on another path, not wanting to make them too uncomfortable.

Back at the house was a surprise.  Ten fantastically gorgeous girls, seven from the cheerleading finals, Sandra, Sandy and Rose, were kneeling with their heads bowed in my bedroom.  Sandy and Rose explained.  “We saw how much you enjoyed it when Jenny got pregnant, so we arranged these breeders as a present for you.  Every one of us is perfect physically, and highly intelligent.  We all know that our purpose in life is to have babies for our master.” 

Wow!  What a gift!  “But what about Sandra?”

“When she heard about the gift, she wanted to join us.”

Hmmm, it sounded like they were already set, but I wanted to make sure.  I pointed to the one on the far left.  “Get over here and suck me off.”

She scrambled over and started giving me an expert blow job.  Soon I was ready to spurt.  I had them all line up, mouths open, and then gave them each a mouth full.  They were all quickly zoned out.  “You all love me beyond belief.  Do you understand?”

They all said in harmony, “Yes, Master.”

“I am higher than God, I am the most important person in existence.  You are honored and humbled to even be in my presence.  You will pray to me, and me alone.”  Now to put in what Sandy and Rose had wanted, “You want my seed, you ache for it.  You want nothing more than to carry my babies for the rest of your life.  You know that is your purpose for existing.  You are happy as long as you are pregnant with my babies or are in my presence, of course.  You love your sisters, the other girls that I own, and will do anything for them, unless I say otherwise, of course.  You will always remember that I own you and your soul forever, and you are ecstatic about me owning you.”

“Now repeat, ‘I love Master and want his babies’ over and over, knowing that you love me more every time you say it.”

They started saying it over and over.  I let them repeat it a few dozen times, then I said, “Relax now and think about how wonderful it is to be one of my girls.”

I got up and left the row of them, half dozing with a big smile.

Wendy was on duty, so I sat her on the guest bed in the next room, and started kissing her.  She eagerly kissed me back.  Moving forward I slowly slid into her and she wrapped her legs around me as her beautiful red hair sprayed out like a autumn carpet.  We slowly moved in a rhythm as old as time, she came so many times I lost count; I came three times in her wonderful quim.  She gasped out, “I love you so much!”  As we both came down from our orgasmic high, she hugged me tightly and started crying.

I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I am just so happy!  I wish I could lie here with you forever!”

“We can’t lie here forever, but you are head of my personal guards, so you will be with me forever.”

She held me tighter and snuggled in, “Oh, Master, I love you so much it hurts!”

Suddenly she stiffened and was instantly all business.  “Sir, we have a situation.”

I got up and she quickly followed.  “Report.”

“Sir, a large group of people have attempted to penetrate the perimeter fence near guardhouse #6.  We have stopped them, but there is a guard down.”  She looked both angry and stricken as she looked at me, “It’s Reena, sir.”  Reena was a close friend of Wendy’s.

We both quickly got dressed and took off at a full run for guardhouse #6, which was along the back wall.  Around the house I could see a secondary guard perimeter.  Very good.  Trisha or Amy were on the ball.  Wendy wasn’t happy that I was running towards the problem, but she knew me well enough that she didn’t say anything.  I heard her murmur something into her microphone about “big cheese”, who I assume was me.  As we ran, six more marines showed up, running with us.

There were another six marines guarding the 14 prisoners.  The prisoners were all dressed in black, handcuffed and kneeling.  There were four dead dressed in black.  Trisha was asking one of the 14 why they were there.  The guy was not talking, yet.  Over by the fence was Reena on the ground, with Georgina working on her.  I went over for a closer look. 

Reena’s eyes were open and staring.  There was a large hole in her right temple, it wasn’t bleeding.  The blood was oozing out slowly and mixing with Reena’s bright red hair as Georgina did CPR.  Reena was dead.  I put my hand on Georgina’s shoulder and said, “Not even TMJ will save her, Georgina.”  She sat back on her heals and let out a gasping sigh then turned, hugged my legs, and started crying.  Wendy hugged me as well, crying.  Trisha looked over.  I gave a small shake of my head.  Her shoulders slumped.

Trisha turned back to the guy she was interrogating.  “You are all now guilty of murder.  If I were you, I would want to get as many brownie points as possible.”

Within minutes, he talked.  “We were just following orders.  We are all members of the Righteous Crosses, and were told to take out a guy named Tom Johnson.” 

Trisha asked, “The Righteous Crosses, the prison gang?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Who gave this order?”

“I don’t know, Vance was our leader, and he is dead over there.”

Sighing, she turned and walked over to me.  “I would guess that Robert Farnsworth is trading favors in prison.”

“I wonder what he has to bargain with?  Wasn’t he broke?”

“I thought so.  Anyway, the police should be here at any minute.”  A pair of headlights appeared around the corner of the estate.  “Speak of the devil...”

It was Detective Danvers.  “Tom, Trisha, what the hell is all this?”

Trisha answered, “Apparently, the Righteous Crosses prison gang has decided to go after Tom here.  They used ladders to scale the fence, we were waiting on this side.  We nailed four of the bastards, they got off a lucky shot and killed one of our guards, Reena.”

“Damn.  The only reason the RCs would be after Tom here is if Robert put them up to it.  I’ll bet there is no way to trace it back to him though.”

“Probably not.”

I was thinking, “I will ask him.”

Detective Danvers said, “Wha... Oh, that might actually work.  He has nothing to lose, so he might as well tell you.”


Two days later, I faced Robert through the heavy pexi of the visitor’s booth at the prison.  He took one look and said into the phone, “You are supposed to be dead.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but we stopped the eighteen guys you sent.  You will be seeing the fourteen remaining of them soon.”

“Don’t worry, there are plenty more where they came from.”

“Is that a threat?”

“You bet your ass it is!”

I grinned, “Thanks, that was all I needed to know.  Goodbye, Robert.”  I left him there.

Outside the prison, I told Detective Danvers and Trisha that it was confirmed that Robert was behind it all.  Trisha immediately pressed her throat microphone and said, “It’s a go.”

Det. Danvers looked at her and said, “What’s a go?”  Then he shook his head and said, “No, I don’t want to know.”  He got into his car and left.  I wasn’t sure what “was a go” either, but I didn’t say anything.

Two hours later, Robert was found dead in the yard.  There were six shivs in his gut.  No witnesses.  Nobody threatens or hurts Trisha’s family.

Except for the ten who drew the short straw and had to stay back to guard the estate, there were close to a hundred people at Reena’s service.  She was buried with full honors in the local veterans’ cemetery.  21 gun salute, taps, the whole works.  Trisha, Wendy, and I had discussed burying her on the estate, but Wendy thought Reena would like being buried with her fallen comrades.  When the sergeant said “Ten, hut!”, I thought he was going to jump out of his skin when close to sixty people snapped to attention at once.  There were 27 estate marine guards plus the honor guard and twenty marines from her unit.  (I had them all flown in for the funeral.)

After the service, we all got together at the VA for drinks.  I was only 16, so I had ginger ale.  I noticed that many of Reena’s unit were in bad shape; two of them in wheelchairs, several more pale and using heavy makeup to hide sunken eyes.  I headed over to talk to them.  They were clustered in a corner, probably not sure what to do.

I went up the nearest, a pretty blonde in a wheelchair.  “Hello, I’m Tom.  You a friend of Reena’s?”

She looked up me.  “Tom, eh?  Yes, I am a friend of hers.  Names Chloe.  You wouldn’t be Tom Johnson, her boss, would you?”

“Yes.  You’ve heard of me?”

“Reena would talk about you all the time.  Tom this, Tom that.  She never said so, but I think she was head over heels for you.”


“She was constantly trying to get me to come work with her.  She had all these big plans now that she was in remission.  She really didn’t seem to realize that I am in a chair and worthless now.”

I was a little taken back by her inferiority complex.  “I don’t believe that.  All the guards who work for me started in a chair or with a terminal illness.”

She peered around the room at all the super-healthy marine guards.  “That is a little hard to believe.”

“Chloe, let’s just say working for me has its advantages.  Talk to some of the marines here, and if you want I will hire you and any of your unit who want a job.  No matter what problems you or they have.  Even if you don’t believe me, it is a good job and you would be working with fellow marines.”

She looked thoughtful.  “I will do that.”  She turned and started talking with the rest of the sickly looking crowd.

I wandered around the room, giving out hugs, shaking Reena’s father’s hand.  She had a sister around 18 who was quite pretty, she said that she had just got into state.  When she said that, I heard her dad mutter, “Yeah, now we just have to pay for it.”  It was under his breath, I don’t think he realized how good my hearing was. 

I knew that Reena hadn’t taken any salary since she started, so I said, “I suppose you are Reena’s heirs now.  I don’t think she has taken her salary for two years now, she has been living on the estate.  Check with the accountants, I bet she would have wanted it to go to help her sister’s education.”

Her sister, Cat, squealed, “Really?”

“I’ll bet if it is a scholarship, you can avoid a lot of the taxes.  She easily has enough for four years of collage, plus some to cover getting you going afterward.”

Cat was jumping around all excited, the fact that her sister had just died forgotten for a moment.  About thirty seconds later she stopped as she realized she owed it to her dead sister.  I handed a generic estate card to her father, “Call and set it up.  She has over $200K in back salary waiting.  That doesn’t include her life insurance which is close to a million after taxes.”  I figured I owed Reena and if I could make her family happy...  I kept it a bit on the down low because I didn’t want them personally thinking of me.

As I continued my rounds, I saw that several of the sickly marines were talking to my marines.  Good.

About an hour later, Chloe came up to me.  “Sir, we would like to take you up on your offer.”

I waved Trisha over.  “Trisha, Chloe and her friends are now new recruits.  Please arrange for their transportation and moving expenses.”

“Yes, sir.  Since they are here, do you want to treat them now or when they reach the estate?”

“Since we don’t know how long it will take for them to move, let’s wait unless it is an emergency.”

I turned back to Chloe.  “Trisha here is the head of security.  She will arrange everything.  I will see you when you arrive.  Nice to have you in the family.”  I shook her hand.

Trisha took over, and I left, shaking hands with Reena’s dad on the way out.

Chapter 31


Back at the estate, I was greeted by a pair of naked sexy blonde twins.  “We would really like to thank you.”  Said one.  “We feel wonderful and just love it here.”  Said the other.

They pulled off my suit, then pushed me back on the bed.  One of them straddled me, impaling herself.  I felt her hymen break.  The other sat on my face where I licked her delicious nectar.  I could feel them having orgasm after orgasm.  I could hear it too as they squealed.  I blasted the one full of baby butter, she squealed loudly and collapsed.  I was still hard, so I flipped the one from my face, spread her legs, and slid home in her, popping her cherry as well.  In a few minutes I was filling her with a second dose of baby butter as she collapsed as well.

I took fingerfuls of cum from each of their pussies and fed it to them.  They zoned out almost immediately.  “Girls, you absolutely love it here on the estate.  It is paradise.  You love me completely and absolutely, I am your God.  Just being in my presence is wonderful.  You love being one of my possessions, one of my slave girls.  You know that you will always have friends in both your real and your slave sisters.  This has been the best night of your life.”  I left them there for that to sink in.

I was horny as all get out, so I laid Wendy, who was outside the door, out next to the twins and slid into her beautiful red quim.  She squealed in delight, then started orgasming for every stroke I made.  She was soon totally incoherent.  A few minutes later I left her full of cream and passed out on the bed.

I saw another set of twins down the hall, the ones from the cheerleading conference that had gone for the double blow job and ended up mine.  I waved them into the bedroom, laid them back and gave each a cream pie.  I left the five of them on the bed and headed for the kitchen for my usual post-coital snack.  The second guard, Val, told me that Erin and Charlene, two of the pregnant guards, had just gone into labor.  They were both at the estate clinic being attended to by Jenny.

“Please inform my mother and grandmothers if you haven’t already.  Let’s head over to the clinic.”  I took off at a jog, Val following, murmuring into her radio.  The clinic was in the far corner of the estate, kitty-corner to my parent’s house.  So it took a few minutes to jog over.  We could have taken the carts, but it wasn’t an emergency, and it was only about a half mile.  I was thinking about it as I jogged, we could use more land.  Money wasn’t an object, so the key was to get the land.  The city owned the 3380 acres behind us, and there was another two estates to the left that were 25 acres each.  To the right was the city proper, so that was out.  The two estate owners I didn’t know, they were reclusive.  I would have the twins send them offers.  The 3380 behind us was from a farm that was foreclosed due to taxes.  About half was wooded, half was overgrown fields.  The rest had been sold off already for housing development.  I would get the twins to make an offer there too.

We were coming up on the hospital.  The part above ground was the ambulance bay, and an ER reception area.  We went in, got into the elevator, and hit the button for the 6th subfloor which was labeled ‘maternity’.  Like the rest of the estate, Trisha had overdone the hospital a bit, it was actually larger than the full hospital two blocks away.  It had room for a full staff of 10-15 doctors and 80+ nurses, but all it had now was Jenny and a few med-tech trained marines.  All the labs, cafés, nurse’s stations, 6 Operating theaters, and 100+ rooms were all empty.  A bit depressing.  The place was never going to be used much with everyone on TMJ.

Attached through a series of underground tunnels were a series of underground barracks that I assume were being readied for Chloe and her cohorts.  The main house was overfull.  Thinking about it I realized that the last group of recruits must be using them already since the main house was overfull even before they arrived.

Erin and Charlene were in adjoining rooms next to the elevator.  They were close enough that they were actively arguing between labor pains over who would get to name their kid Reena.  Neither was giving an inch.  Heh, Marines.  I settled it, “The first one of you to give birth gets Reena, the second one gets Anna, her middle name, okay?”

An hour later, Charlene beat Erin by five minutes with Reena Anna Johnson.  Erin had Anna Reena Johnson.  Go figure.  Both were beautiful little girls.

Chapter 32

I put the lawyer twins to the land purchases.  They easily purchased the two other estates, the owners were glad to sell during a recession.  The city whined about losing the tax base if the 3380 acres were not converted to track housing and was reluctant to sell.  I pointed out that my employees contributed more to the tax base than the housing would.  I also hinted that they would lean towards the incumbents in the next election.  I got the land cheap.

Trisha immediately hired a company to build a brick wall and interior road around the whole 3380 acres, to fill in the gates in the other two estates, and finally to knock down all the interior fences.  It took until school started in the fall for them to finish.  The only part that was left were the guard towers and the chunk of fence that Reena died defending.  Trisha put up a historical marker.

Trisha was also busy building more bunkers.  The latest I had contributed to and had her build an entire underground mall/town.  On top of it we built a couple of cabins to disguise it.  Underground it looked like a shopping mall, food courts, center park with trees, playground, fountains and all.  There were tunnels to the nearby estate hospital, troop barracks, and storage bunkers.  Trisha added another full guard house with loading docks along the fence for deliveries.

She added six more wind generators, ten underground fuel storage tanks with generators, another two water treatment/filter facilities, and another six hidden anti-aircraft guns in new guard towers along the new fence.  The only way in or out of the estate was the main entrance or loading docks.  There was also a hidden airplane hangar with two smaller prop planes, a full Challenger 300 jet, a Harrier fighter that was refitted with full combat gear, and two cobra choppers.  The runway was by necessity on the surface, but it had its own guard tower that doubled as a flight tower with full radar and lidar.

Of the $4 billion I inherited, she spent close to a billion and a half.


Chloe and her squad were easily up and running two weeks after they arrived.  I had claimed all of the squad except her when she appeared one night and we fucked each other silly.  She said she came to thank me, but I think it was 90% peer pressure.

We took a vote, and with 2 yeas and 6 nays we decided to skip cheer camp.  It was too easy, we felt guilty about taking the trophy from the next best team who actually worked much harder for it.  We were still obligated to give the trophy to the winners as last year’s champions, so we got on the estate jet and flew down for the awards ceremony.  Besides the two marines who were piloting, four were undercover with us.  They were really having a good time being undercover, acting like the 18 year olds they appeared to be.  Both pilots appeared to be around 18 as well; fortunately they both still had their military IDs with a picture that was taken in their early 20s.  Susie was also with us.  She had whined and hinted until I gave in.

We landed without incident in Orlando.  Since my girls had gone over the plane with a fine tooth comb (literally – I saw them take a toothbrush to some of the equipment) and with two ex-military pilots, I hadn’t been too worried.

We parked in a rented hanger, then took the ubiquitous pair of black SUVs to the hotel, driven by two more of my guards who had flown down earlier.  A third was guarding the door to the hotel floor we had rented.  I gave her a hug, said, “Thanks, Beth” and a kiss as we got there.  She practically melted.

Each girl and I took a room, dumped our gear, then met out in the hall.  We went over to the cheer camp to check in.  The head counselor met with us.  He was pretty upset that we hadn’t attended.

I told him that we felt it was unfair.  We had enough trophies.  He really didn’t understand, but welcomed us anyway.  He gave us the schedule, the event was later today.  He reserved some seats for us.  We thanked him, then headed out to play tourist for a few hours.  Orlando was a bit boring, so we bought a few t‑shirts and returned to the hotel to freshen up.

It had been a while since I had been with Susie, so I pulled her into my room, slowly undressed her while kissing her all over and she giggled, then laid her back on the bed and slid deep into her wonderful pussy.  She sighed and wrapped herself around me.  I just laid there hugging her tight.  It really had been too long.  I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock.  I stroked and she thrust back.  Soon we had a nice slow rhythm.  Her perfect C cups bounced slightly at each thrust, nipples hard as rock.  I leaned down and kissed her.  She frenched me back, murmuring, “It has been too long, I love you so much”.  Soon she was moaning and arching her back in a large orgasm.  Her vagina muscles rippled along my cock making me cum hard, filling her quim.  She felt the heat and her orgasm grew and grew.  Suddenly she relaxed unconscious with drool running down her cheek.  I slid out and stood there admiring the beautiful girl before me.  I was still hard as a rock as she came around so I flipped her up on all fours and rammed home from behind.  She let out a shriek and rammed back.  We both kept ramming and cumming for almost forty five minutes, giving the TMJ endurance and rejuvenation a run for its money.  I must have pumped a quart of cum into her pussy, and somehow her body kept it all in.  Nary a drop landed on the bed.  We both were sweaty so we climbed into the shower to clean up before we headed out for the competition.

The cheer finals were fun to watch.  One team even managed to duplicate our pyramid, albeit one person smaller.  It was quite the accomplishment.  That team got 100% for technical, but another team got all the points on artistic and won.  We came out and presented the trophy.

I invited the top three teams plus one other that had a real set of hotties to a party back at the hotel pool and beach.  A hundred real hot cheerleaders in bikinis, no waiting!  I was in second heaven as I wandered about the party.  I managed to hook up with two different ladies for a quick trip into a pool cabana.  Then I saw them, I don’t know how I missed them at the competition.  Triplets.  Flawlessly beautiful.  Blonde.  I wanted them.  I moved over and said, “Hello, ladies.  I’m Tom.”

One was talking to another guy, but two of them smiled and one said, “Hey, there might be life at this party after all!”

The other one said, “Hi, I’m Alice and this is Alisha. Where are you from?  Didn’t I see you hand out the trophy?”

“Yeah.  Last year we won, so this year we decided not to compete.”

Alisha asked, “Why?”

“Because it wouldn’t be fair to the other squads.”

Alice snorted, “Sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

I grinned and said, “Yup.”

They said simultaneously, “We like that,” and moved closer.

“In fact, I’ll bet that I can have both of you unconscious and drooling from pleasure within the next hour.”

The third triplet appeared next to her sisters and said, “How about all three of us?”

“You are on.”  I pulled her into the pool tent, her sisters following.  I kissed her hard, tongues battling.  I licked my way down to her perfect breasts, teasing her erect nipples.  I untied her bottoms and slid my cock deep into her as I pulled over one of her sisters and kissed her deeply.  As I stroked, rubbing my cock against her clit, the first girl started orgasming.  I continued slowly screwing her while I moved to her sister’s neck, licking slowly as I moved down to her hard nips.  Soon the first girl started a massive orgasm and I filled her up.  She passed out, drooling, as I slid into the second girl and pulled the third to me.  As the second passed out with a load in her quim, the third got my hard cock slowly inserted into her.  Ten minutes later she was also drooling on the bed.  Bet won.

Getting a big gob on my finger I held it to her lips.  Her nose twitched and she slurped in the finger.  I repeated it with the other two.  They laid there perfect legs spread with cream pies dripping down and six zoned out eyes.

“Ladies,” I began.  “You love me beyond all belief, don’t you?”

“Ummm, Yes!”  They said in perfect synchronization.

“The last twenty minutes has been the most wonderful time of your lives, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, Yes.”

“You want to do nothing else for the rest of your life but hang out around me in the off chance you will get to use my cock, either fucking it or sucking it, don’t you?”


“You really want to join the group of girls that get to be with me more than anything, so you have a chance, don’t you?”


“You realize that the I, Tom, am like God, and that you now must pray to me and you exist only to be one of my sex toy possessions, don’t you?”

“Oh, Yes!”

“You want to help out and live with your fellow sex toys, who are now your BFFs, just so you can be near me and my cock.  It is all you can think or dream about.  You ache with need to be near me and your greatest wish is to be occasionally fucked by me.  Why does your pussy ache?”

“With need to be near you!”

“What is your greatest wish?”

“To occasionally get fucked by you!”

“Good answer.  When you wake up, you will find your God and ask him how you can join his collection of sex toys.”  I left them there and went back to the pool.  I hadn’t used the interactive programming for a while, but from experience I knew it was stronger.

I was talking to another super hot blonde girl, and was thinking that she was so dumb that I didn’t want to add her to the estate gene pool, but she might be fun for a quick trip to a tent, when I saw the three triplets quietly standing off the side, waiting until I was finished with the bimbo.  I quickly finished my conversation with her, then the three of them stepped forward, heads bowed.

I knew already, but asked, “Hello ladies.  How can I help you?”

The one in the center said, “Tom, sir, we would like to come live with you.  We will do anything you want.”

I waved over Beth, and said, “Beth, meet Alice, Alisha, and Alinda.  They are new recruits.  Fill them in with all the details.”

“Yes, sir.  They will be moving to the estate?”

I looked at them, “Girls, how old are you?”

“18, sir.”

I told Beth.  “Yes, they will be moving.”

Beth smiled and herded them away, speaking into her radio.  One of the other undercover guards, Camille, came over and started partying near me.  Trisha had these girls well trained.

I was drawn by a small crowd over to the pool.  A beautiful girl with a perfect body was diving perfect 10s, getting out, then diving again.  After her exhibition I went over to her.  She took of the bathing cap and I was surprised to see that she was bald.  She was still beautiful.  When I got closer I could see some puffiness, I guessed chemo.  I went up to her, held out my hand and said, “Hello, I’m Tom.”

A little timidly she shook it and replied, “Sheila.”

“You are pretty good on that board.”

A small grin, “Yeah, I was state champion before I got sick.”

“Let me guess, cancer.”

She self consciously touched her bald head.  “Obvious, huh?  The chemo is failing, and this is my last splurge, courtesy of Make a Wish.”

“What was your wish – to make all the cheerleaders jealous at cheer camp?  If so, you got it.”

She blushed.  “No, it was to be able to even go to cheer camp.  Right now I am pumped full of amphetamines to even have the energy to stand here.  I am about due for another shot to keep going.”

I was amazed at this beautiful girl and the courage it was taking to do what she was doing.  “Sheila, what if I was to say that I could help you out.”

“No offense, you are handsome and all, but what can you do?  You are just a teenage boy.”

“I am a teenage boy who invented a cure for cancer and am filthy rich because of it.”

She gave me a look, “That is the most self-serving hurtful lie I have ever heard.”  She turned to leave.

“Wait a second.”  I gestured to Camille, “Camille, could you have someone bring a bottle of TMJ here please?”

“Yes, sir.”

Sheila was a little surprised at the deference shown me by Camille.  And when Camille started spouting code words into the air (I knew it was for her earpiece), Sheila gave me a more speculative look.

About 30 seconds later, another undercover guard came up and handed me a bottle, then she took off.  Sheila was watching with interest by now.

I held up the bottle.  “Sheila, you have nothing to lose, so I will give you an option.  Take three of these, and you are cured.  The side effect is that you need to keep taking one of these every other day for the rest of your life, which will be a long one.”

“And if I don’t keep taking them?”

“You lapse into a coma and die.  That is why they aren’t on the market yet.  Along with limited production capability.”

“How much do they cost?”

“More than you can afford.  The deal I usually make is that you come to work for me and you get status as a test subject so you get it free.”

“Work for you.  Doing what?”

“Well there are many jobs.  I have Doctors, Lawyers, Security like Camille here.  I also will pay for any education required for a position you want.”

“Last question, why me?”

“Because I admire your courage, you are pretty, and I am rich and do what I want.”  I grinned.

She stood there for a minute, thinking.  Then she slowly held out her hand.  I put three pills on it.  She stared at them for a second, then quickly downed them.  Like Penny, I didn’t want to force any thoughts on her, so I just said quickly, “Wake up” when she zoned.

As she stood there blinking rapidly, I said, “In a few hours you won’t need those shots to keep your energy levels up.  By midnight, you will feel great, and by tomorrow morning, you will be able to jump four times as high on that diving board.  Come see me, just ask for Tom at the front desk, tomorrow before five.  I am leaving then.”

She nodded.

I went and relaxed in a pool chair, Camille next to me in another chair.  Soon I was surrounded by cheerleaders in bikinis sunning themselves.  Only about one in five were my girls.  It was interesting, with TMJ we tanned almost instantly, but the tan faded within hours afterwards when we went inside.  I wished I could claim a few more, but I didn’t want to go overboard.

I laid back and relaxed, thinking.  Having an estate full of hotties was great, but unrealistic.  I decided to build my own subdivision and recruit both male and female marines with families.  We would build our own grade school, but I decided that high school would be mandatory off the estate to develop social skills for the outside world.

The big change would be that there would be civilians (I couldn’t think of another word for them) on the estate that were not directly attached to me.  Right now the only ones were Cassie’s coach, my parents, and in a way, my grandparents.  But we needed diversity.

It was getting late, so I interrupted my musings and headed inside, the party breaking up.  Several of the cheerleaders came with me, hanging on my arms.  Back up in my room we spent a few hours making love, until all three of them were passed out.  I carefully made sure none of them got any cum orally.  I needn’t of bothered.  I awoke to the three of them giving me a blowjob.  I came and they joined my ranks after a short litany.

After brunch in the hotel restaurant, I glanced outside and saw Sheila doing her dives.  She was jumping ten feet in the air off the board, and she already had a fuzzy head where her hair was coming in.  I went out to the pool.

She dolphin kicked and flew through the air out of the pool to stand next to me.  “What the hell is in those pills?  I am like Supergirl!”

“Can’t tell you, but you are a bit like Supergirl now.  You are several times stronger than normal, can heal from any wound that doesn’t kill you immediately, without a mark.  All positive side effects.” 

Camille was watching me again.  She handed me a bottle with ten pills in it.  “Sheila, here is a three week supply.  Take one every other day starting tomorrow.”  I handed the bottle and my card with my address and number on it to her.  “Go home, get checked, you are in complete remission.  Call me after you confirm that.  Remember, this is all on the down low.”

She excited peered at the bottle.  “I’ll try to keep it to myself, but my mother may be a bit hard to control.”

“Just ask her if she wants a daughter, maybe grandkids, or just a memory.  Her choice.”

“That will do it.  I will call you in a week or so.  Thank you.  For my life.”

“You are welcome.”  I gave her a handshake, then we headed out.  It took a good hour for the girls to get ready, then we hopped back in the SUVs for a trip back to the airport.

Chapter 33

At the airport, we got on the plane, I noticed one of the pilots testing the fuel with a test tube.  They were very thorough.  It turned out that two of the cheerleaders that had spent the previous night with me were locals, so they had already packed and were on the plane with us.  The third plus the triplets had to go home first, pack, then they would join us later.

We took off for home, landing an hour later on the estate.  After unpacking I went to find Trisha.  She was in her command center.  It was built similarly to the main guard post at the main gate, but was further underground with a main room that looked at lot like the war room from War Games.  I always half expected the words “Shall we play a game?” to appear on the massive wall monitors when I walked in.

I sat down with her and discussed my thoughts on allowing families.  She agreed that in the long run it was a good idea.  She was a bit worried about security though, she said that she wanted to restrict anyone living on the grounds to working on the grounds.  I think that she was still upset that we had to rescue Jenny at the hospital.  I made my point about having high school be outside the grounds.  She saw my point, but was reluctant.  She agreed though.

We broke ground on a small subdivision of houses and apartment buildings.  Several of the guards asked if they could move their parents and into the apartments when they were complete.  I thought that was a wonderful idea.  We built one of the apartment buildings close to the hospital and made it a senior center.  There were tunnels going to all the apartment buildings, which went further down than up.

School, of course, started in September.  It was my sophomore year.  Classes were boring like usual, but there were a couple of new hottie freshmen that I noticed.  Sheila had moved onto the estate, and it was her senior year.  She didn’t comment at all about the unusual dress (or lack of it) or any of the other unusual things at the estate.  Her hair was almost all grown back by the start of school, a beautiful auburn.  Her first day at the estate she had stripped down and joined us in the pool.  I think she was in “don’t rock the boat” mode.

In October, Jenny came to me with a new application.  It was essentially a TMJ patch.  Apparently she had been skipping her bi-daily pill and wearing one for a month and it worked.  They were much more expensive to produce, but much safer, it wasn’t critical to keep TMJ around.  Also much safer with kids around.  We immediately cryogenically froze 99% of the TMJ supply and started everyone on patches.  We also sent a large supply to Horace and Even, with my complements.  A user still had to take the initial large dose, but from then on the monthly patch would supply the maintenance chemical.  Jenny still needed my supply since she was having trouble manufacturing the maintenance chemical artificially in the lab.

So far there were only two people in the world who didn’t need the maintenance chemical once they were on TMJ, me and my grandpa.  Even my parents were on it, I think my mom snuck in into my dad’s food when he wasn’t looking.  She had been feeling out of place among an estate full of teenagers, or people who looked like teenagers.

My grandpa and I were almost twins at this point.  He looked like my slightly older brother.  He and my grandmas were having the time of their lives.  Grandma Alice and Grandma Susan were helping out, taking classes from the marines.  Grandma Rhonda and Grandma May were both excitedly opening stores in the mall.  Grandma Rhonda had a Bakery store and Grandma May a dress shop which did surprising good business for a semi-nudist colony.  Grandpa helped out in Trisha’s command center.  He loved the place.  In his off hours he loved four wheeling around the estate.

Another change, there were no rules on what people wore, and it was now clothes during the day and work, and typically nude during the family hours in the evening.  Of course the marine guards on duty looked like Rambo.  Since they had the choice of their own weapons, they were all slightly different, lots of P90s, but there were old M16s and even an AK47 in the mix.

In December we had a surprise.  We got a call from the Secret Service.  The president had a gig nearby in week and we were the most secure airport in the area, and they knew that the place was run by 95% marines.  I said sure.

Two hours later three Secret Service agents were there to vet the place.  They wanted to know about everyone who was on the estate and wanted plans.  Trisha had prepared edited versions of all of our biographies and edited versions of the estate plans.  She removed all reference to TMJ from the biographies, and all reference to several of the bunkers and most of her hardware.

The agents had copies of all the guards’ military records, plus a big file on me.  Trisha gave them the flash drive and they got to work.  An hour later the head agent wanted to talk to me.

“What the hell is going on here?”  Not quite what I was expecting him to say.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Most of these marines were terminally ill, and now their records show nothing wrong with them.  I took one marine, First Sergeant Emily Thomas, the one over by the door, and she supposedly had a crushed spine and terminal cancer.  Now she is standing there without a single injury in perfect health.  How is that possible?  Have you tampered with the official records?”

“No, we just offered a healthy environment.  Why do you think all these marines work here? Most of them have worked hard to recover from the horrible state that the marine core left them in.  We have our own high tech hospital and we take care of our own.”

“You sound a little bitter toward the marine core.”

“No, they just don’t have the latest medical technology.  We don’t blame them for anything.”

“Hmmm, I see.”  He turned and went to talk to his associates.  A minute later he was back.  “We would like to see this hospital.”

“Sure.  Right now it is idle since all personnel are healthy, but you can look at the place if you want.”  I turned to Emily who was still standing in the doorway, keeping an eye on the agents.  “I will be taking these agents on a tour of the property.  Is there a cart upstairs?”  We were in the main guard bunker.

She nodded, “Yes, sir.  Will you want an escort?”  She glared at the agents in suspicion.

While nodding my head slightly, I said, “That won’t be necessary.”  I hoped she would get the message to have us followed covertly.  She nodded imperceptibly back.  Good, she got the message.

I led them upstairs where we all climbed into a cart.  I pointed up the main drive.  “That’s the main residence.  Not much there but a house.”  I took off along the fence road.  As we passed my parent’s place, I said, “My parent’s house, not anything else here.”  We zoomed on.  At the corner, “Guard watch tower.”  They took a closer look at that one.  We passed two more towers and I turned in.  We went past the airport where they got out and swarmed all over the place, checking out the tower and um-hmming at the helicopters and fighter jet.

I noticed several troops in the tree line, and when the agents weren’t looking I gave them the thumbs up.  I took the agents underground where we got on another cart and took off down the tunnel.  We stopped at the mall where we all chowed down on Grandma Rhonda’s cinnamon rolls, then I took them to the command center (where Trisha had locked out viewing anything that wasn’t officially there).  They went nuts looking over the place.  One of them commented, “Now I know what I want for Christmas.”

The empty hospital was anti-climatic after that.  They were amazed at the fifteen levels and all the labs and departments, but it was a little depressing that only the first floor ER was in operation.

We went back to the airport, then took the cart back to the main guardhouse.  They worked there for another six hours, I sent in dinner to them.  At about ten that night, they had their conclusions.  “There is only one security risk that we can find.  Frank Zane has a record of civil disobedience.”

I had to think hard for a minute before I recalled that Frank Zane was Cassie’s new coach.  “He is my sister’s coach.  His house and he, when he leaves it, are under constant surveillance.  We make sure he stays where he is supposed to be.”

“Okay.  Then he isn’t a problem.  We have randomly interviewed many of your security personnel, and as they all have perfect military records and are all retired marines, our personal opinion is that this place is as safe as a military base, and we will report it as such.  Our only recommendation is that you get some dogs.”

“Not a bad idea.”  I turned to Trisha, “Why don’t we have any dogs?”

“Several of the girls said they were allergic, but we will get some immediately.”

“When the president arrives, we will need to have agents in your command center, in the tower, at both gates, and several covering the grounds.”

“Not a problem as long as one of my marines are with each of them.”

“The next question is what sort of compensation do you require?”

“Agent, this is a place full of marines, and I am a proud American.  None is necessary.  Please don’t mention that again to any of my marines, or they will be insulted.”

“Okay, Okay, enough said.  We will coordinate the details as we get a better ETA.”

“Trisha here will be glad to help you with that.”

Trisha and the agents devolved into technical talk.  I just left.

Everything went off without a hitch.  Air Force One landed, the president got in his limo which drove around to the main gate and out. 

That evening was when the shit hit the fan.  The president’s limo returned and went back to the plane.  Before he could get on board, we detected a small plane approaching.  The secret service immediately diverted the limo to one of our underground bunkers.  The plane refused to divert or even reply to our hails.  The Harrier and both cobra choppers were in the air while the plane was still two miles away.  They went to meet the small plane.  He still refused to divert.  One mile out we asked the Secret Service and they gave permission to fire.  One shot from the Harrier and the plane was a fireball.  A much larger than it should be fireball.  Apparently there were quite a few explosives on the plane.

The Secret Service didn’t want to put the president on Air Force One until they could get some of their jets to fly patrol.  It would take a day or so.  Trisha had the Secret Service put the president in my personal bunker on the 14th and 15th sub-floors of the hospital.

I got the word that he wanted to see me.  I headed over to the hospital where my marines and the Secret Service had the place locked down.  It took a while to get through security.  “POTUS” was relaxing in a deck chair by the pool.  The hidden lights simulated an early evening, matching the actual time outside.

“Hello, Mr. President.”

He got up and shook my hand.  “Hello, Mr. Johnson.  Quite a setup you have here.”

“What can I say, my security is the best.  Although I am sure you have several bunkers like this stashed around.”

“They aren’t this nice.  Anyway, I would like to thank you for loaning me this place.”

“Any word on where that plane was from?”

“Not yet.  Fortunately no one was injured by the wreckage, it landed on some farmer’s barn.  Scared a few chickens.”

“Well let me know, my security actually had to shoot it down, I am sure they are desperate to know why.  In the meantime, since this was short notice and I am sure the Secret Service is too busy to think of it, what do you want for dinner?”

“They were probably planning on getting something off the plane.  But otherwise I really could go for tex-mex.  That seems to be the only thing the White House cook can’t or won’t do.”  He grinned.

I grinned back, “One plate of enchiladas with a side of tacos coming up.  Mr. President.  In the mean time, there is a man cave over there with a big TV and a fridge stocked with soda pop and bags of chips.” I pointed to a room on the far side of the pool.  “If you need more, there is a command center that is easily accessible near here.”  He headed over to the man cave while I went over to the nearest of my guards.  “Patty, did you hear all that?”

“Yes, sir.  The girls are already at it.  Also Grandma Rhonda is cooking up a batch of her cinnamon rolls.”  She grinned.  “Should be ready in about 45 minutes.”

“Good.  Make sure he gets it.  I am heading to the command center to pester them next.  Give a shout if he wants to talk to me again.”

“Yes, sir.”

About two hours later, the president walked into the command center.  He took one look and said, “Where’s Joshua?”  The Secret Service guy next to him blinked.  I laughed and said, “I think the same thing every time I come in here.”

I got serious and said, “We have managed to keep a lock on information.  Several people reported the harrier and cobras flying over their houses, but no one actually witnessed the plane being shot down.”

“The harrier is still airborne at a higher altitude keeping watch until military fighters arrive, which will be in about ten minutes.  The cobras are on standby, and the anti-aircraft guns are out and ready.  Nobody is getting near this place.”

“Your men report that the small plane apparently was carrying a fertilizer bomb.  If it had hit Air Force One, it would have easily wiped it out.  You are fortunate that the Secret Service chose my airport over the regular one.  They still have no idea who was flying the plane.  There is one item that is interesting, the main airport’s radar was down for ‘maintenance’ when all this happened.”

He nodded, “That IS interesting.”

I pointed to the right side of the big screen.  There was a tactical view there.  Two bogies were coming in on the lower edge.  “I am willing to bet those are the military jets.  I hope they are smart enough to confirm who they are.”

Just as I said that, the controllers voice sounded, “Unidentified aircraft, you are entering restricted airspace.  Please state your business.”

“This is Air Force angel flight, out of McDulles.”

“Transponder confirmed angel flight.”  The speakers went silent.

I commented, “Yup, they are yours.”

I turned to the controller chief, “Erin, get our pilot down.  Even one of our pilots needs a rest after that.”

“Yes, sir.  I agree.”  She turned and started issuing orders.

The president looked at me strangely.  “’Even one of our pilots’?  What does that mean?”

Oops.  “That is top secret corporate information, Mr. President.  I could tell you on one condition, you never write it down and you do not tell anyone else.”

“That is quite something to ask of me, young man.”

“I am thinking about the safety of well over a hundred people, Mr. President.  Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with national security.”  I thought for a second, “Maybe a little if it got out.”

“You are getting me worried Mr. Johnson.  Tell me what you are talking about right now.”

“As you wish Mr. President.  If you will ask your agents to wait by the door please.”

He gestured to them, “If Mr. Johnson wanted to kill me, he could have easily 20 times in the last three hours.”  They reluctantly went over by the door.

When they were out of earshot I said, “The big secret as to why this place is full of marines is that I developed a drug called TMJ that cures anything.  It builds a secondary immune system that quadruples a person’s reflexes, endurance, and strength.  It also will regrow damaged organs and other such things in hours.  It cures cancer.  All the marines here are vets that were terminal or paralyzed.  That is why they are so loyal.  They owe everything to me.  Any one of my marines could easily take out your entire detail without even sweating.  That pilot has the endurance to easily stay up there a week if she had the fuel.  I am worried about the emotional issues after she shot someone down though.”

“That is some claim, Mr. Johnson.  I find it hard to believe.”

I looked at Erin.  “Erin, touch the ceiling, please.”  The ceiling was a good 25 to 30 feet up.  She bent her knees and made a straight jump up and tagged the ceiling tile, making it look effortless.

The president blinked, “Okay, I believe you Mr. Johnson.  I see what you mean.  If word got out, it would create trouble.  Is that why haven’t you released it yet on the market?”

“No, it is because it is extremely hard to manufacture, and it also needs a maintenance chemical.  All my marines have a patch that keeps them alive.  They are superwomen, but will die in three days without the patch.  We have sold it to some terminally ill people, but the price is still way too high for public release.”

“Mr. Johnson, I would ask that you not release this to the public without talking to me first.  There are repercussions far beyond what you realize.  This TMJ could collapse the entire pharmaceutical industry, and the military and political implications are astronomical.  If you hadn’t just saved my life, I would send in troops and shut this place down.  Do you understand what I am saying, Mr. Johnson?”

“Yes, Mr. President.  There are only two people outside of this compound that know about TMJ, now you are a third.  I will protect its exposure.  The only plan we have is to take in a few more disabled vets with their families and have them live here, and maybe some kids from Make a Wish.”

“I can live with that, in fact, what if I send a few to you?”

“That would be fine, Mr. President.”

A few hours later, Air Force One took off with full military escort.

Two days later, it was landing again.  I had had a phone call from the Secret Service.  Apparently there was another assassination attempt.  The entire first family was in very bad shape.  Bethesda rated their survival probability at less than 15%.  The Secret Service agents who vetted the estate remembered the “Advanced Medical Facilities” and called.  I had told him that there was a 95% chance of a full recovery.  So while the news said that the president was at Camp David, he and his family were being flown to the estate.

The President – William Pendelson, First Lady - Mary, and First Kid – Nancy were mostly bandages.  There were also two Secret Service agents that survived the blast.  Eight had died.  Jenny took one look and ordered a TMJ dose immediately for all of them.  She put in a glucose drip with protein to accelerate the healing, there was a lot of tissue for their bodies to repair. 

There was a doctor who came with them who wanted to know what it was that Jenny was giving them.  She said, “Sorry, I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Presidential order.”

He blinked.  “How... But I am the President’s physician!  I need to know.”

“Ask the President when he wakes up.  Shouldn’t be long.” 

In fact at that point the President moaned and said, “What the hell happened?”

Jenny went over to him and said, “A truck bomb went off right behind the stage at a rally where you were giving a speech.”

“Where am I?”

“Tom Johnson’s estate.”

“Let me guess – TMJ?”

“We had no choice.  You and your family were nearly dead.”

“My family!” He sat up.

Jenny gently pushed him back down.  “They are alive, so are the two agents that were brought here.  I am afraid that eight of them were killed in the blast.  Five civilians died and thirty are in the hospital.”

The president’s physician elbowed his way forward.  “Mr. President.  This doctor refuses to tell me what she did to you.  I need to know.”

The President looked at him and said, “Sorry, Bob, but she was right in not telling you.  This is so far above Top Secret that even you being here is dangerous.  Since you are in the military, as your commander in chief I order you to not ask any questions and never reveal what you see here.  In fact, leave.”

His eyes got big.  “Yes, sir!”  He didn’t look happy, but he backed down.  He left and was escorted back to the plane.

Jenny said, “Sir, you will be mostly healed by this evening.  So will your family.  There was some internal organ damage, specifically to your liver, your wife’s pancreas, and Nancy has extensive external injuries.  Those will all take another few days to completely heal.  I ask that you remain here on the estate under my care until then.”

“What’s my cover story?”

“That you are taking a rest at Camp David, recovering from the blast.”

“Harrumph, nobody will buy that one for long.  Too many spies.  I need to do a speech on National Television.  Is my plane near here?”

“Yes, Mr. President.  You are in the hospital above the bunker you stayed in before.  If you wait another three or four hours, your family can join you for the speech and everyone will not know how bad it was.”

“Good idea.  Thank you doctor.  Now I have some questions.”

“Whatever I can answer, Mr. President.”

“My family and I, are we going to be supermen too?”

“If you mean all the enhancements that TMJ gives you, yes.”

“What about Nancy?  She is only 13.  How will it affect her?”

“No issues there.  There are many children using TMJ.  She will grow up and just stop aging at 18 like the rest of us.”

“Stop aging?  Tom didn’t mention that.”

“With TMJ, your body repairs itself to its optimum state, which for most of us is around 18 years old.  I hope that you have good make-up people, because in about six months you will look and feel like a teenager, Mr. President.”

“That may be a problem.  But we can deal with it later.  Are you saying that immortality is a side effect?”

“Yes, sir.  You will be physically 18 centuries from now unless you forget your arm patch, get shot in the head, or are decapitated.  You should meet Tom’s grandparents, they look like they are teenagers.  His grandfather looks almost like his twin.”

“If I had known this I definitely would have shut him down.  I can’t do that now, of course.  That only makes it more important that this place is kept secret.”

“Of course, Mr. President.  Now, do you want to use the bunker, or one of the two unused mansions on the property?”

“I liked the bunker, but Mary and Nancy would like to be under the open sky.”

“I’ll tell Tom and the Secret Service.”

I finished reviewing the security recording from the hospital and told Trisha to prepare one of the empty mansions.  I jogged over to the hospital to talk to Jenny.

She was in her office, staring at the wall.  I came in, she glanced at me, then back at the wall.  “You know, Tom.  I feel so obsolete.  Everything I know is useless.  One shot of TMJ and everything is all better.”  She really sounded depressed.

“Jenny, that is bullshit and you know it.  I am amazed at all you have done and am very proud of you.”  She gave me a weak smile.  “Because of your work, we have moved from helping a few cheerleaders to helping hundreds of veterans.  Hell, the President of the United States owes you his life.  You are still an amazing ER doctor.  TMJ doesn’t work instantly you know.  Trauma is still trauma.”

She looked more solid now.  I took her hand, pulled her to me and kissed her hard.  A minute later she was naked and I was buried deep in her.  We got locked into a TMJ endurance cycle like I had had with Susie, both of us cumming every few minutes as we made love, instantly recovering, and then continuing.  We spent a wonderful two hours making love on her desk.

Fortunately there was a full bathroom with a shower off of her office since we had to clean up after all that.  Actually she had a whole apartment behind her office.  Trisha was very thorough.  I would have to remember that for next time, a bed is much more comfortable than a desk.

I asked, “Feeling better now?”

She smiled, “Much.  Thank you.  I have to do my rounds now.”

“I’ll join you.”

She went to see Mary and Nancy first.  Nancy was whining about being stuck in bed and her mother was trying to calm her down.  Typical.

Jenny and I walked in.  The First Lady said, “Nurse, I would like to speak to a doctor please.”

Jenny replied, “Ma’am, I am your doctor.”

“Aren’t you a bit young?”

“No.  I need to explain a few things with you.  Has anyone told you what happened?”

“No.  Last thing I remember was heading to a party rally.”

“A bomb went off behind the stage.”

She had a quick intake of breath.  “Is everyone all right?  How is William?”

“William is fine.  But no, not everyone is all right.  You, Nancy, and your husband almost died.  Your husband will explain it further.  He is in the next room.  You may go see him.”

She looked really scared, but she hopped out of bed, Nancy following as they went into the next room.  The President was standing by the window which looked out over the pool.  He saw his family and they ran to him.  They all shared a big hug.  Jenny and I watched from the door.

“Will, what the hell is going on?” asked Mary.  Nancy just continued to hug her dad.

“This is a privately owned top secret facility.  Apparently we were injured so badly that the Secret Service took a gamble and brought us here.”

“What injuries?  I feel great, you and Mary look fine.”

He looked over at Jenny.  “Doc, could you please tell her our condition upon arrival?”

Jenny said, “You all had over half the bones in your body broken.  Mr. President, your liver was shredded and all your other organs were damaged.  The First Lady was just as bad, her pancreas and intestines were essentially gone.  Neither of you would have survived another few hours.  Nancy would have survived, except that there wasn’t much left of her face.  Besides being disfigured, she would have been blind for life and her right shoulder was so bad it couldn’t have been reconstructed.”

Both the First Lady and Nancy were gaping at the doctor.  Mary exclaimed, “How did you heal injuries like that?”

Jenny looked at William.  “Mr. President?”

“Tell them, Doctor.”

“We have developed an experimental drug that can cure or fix anything.  The secret service gambled and brought you here since you were going to die.”

Her eyes widened, “Why isn’t this drug on the market?  Or is this one of those secret government labs?”

I answered that one.  “No, this is my private property.  And production is limited, hence the cost prohibitive, and there is one negative side effect.  Also we are under presidential orders not to reveal it.”

She looked at her husband, “Why not, Will?”

“Because of the side effects.”

“And those are?”

“Negative, we will have to wear a monthly patch for the rest of our lives.”

“That isn’t so bad.”

“Positive, the rest of our lives will be centuries.”

Her mouth opened and closed like a fish.  “Centuries?”

“Also, we are now the perfect soldier.  Unlimited endurance, strength, and speed.”

Nancy said, “Really?”  She picked up the pile of newspapers and ripped the pile in half.  “Cool.”

He went on, “Can you imagine what would happen if this was known, but with the limited availability?”

She nodded.

“When I was here a few days ago, remember the plane that tried to take out Air Force One?  I realized the problems and ordered them to keep it under wraps.”

“I understand, Will.  There would be riots.  The nuts in the Middle East would have a field day.  Every senator would try to make sure he had his dose.”

Nancy was jumping back and forth across the bed.  “This is so cool!”

Her dad said, “Nancy, stop it.”  He looked at his wife.  “We need to do a speech and tell everyone we are still alive.  You feel up to it?”

“Are you kidding?  I feel like I am a kid again!”

“That is another side effect, in a few months we will look like we are 18 again.”

“Really?  That is going to cause problems.”

“Yes, you and I are going to get a lot of training on makeup to make us look older.”  He looked over at me.  “Tom, thanks again for our lives.”

Mary said, “Yes, thank you.  Especially for Nancy.”

The President said, “Shoot.  I’ll bet there are no clothes for you or Nancy on the airplane.”

I said, “There is a secure mall with a women’s clothing store not far from here.”

“Perfect.”  He went to the door and called over the Secret Service Agent there.  “Frank, have someone get me a suit from the plane, and get an escort for my wife and daughter to visit the dress store.”

“Yes, sir.” 

A detail was there within minutes to escort Mary and Nancy.  Nancy wanted to run.  The Secret Service agents couldn’t keep up to the laughing teenager.  My marines easily matched her 30 MPH jog.  The agents were going nuts.  I said, “Don’t fret, this entire estate is secure.”  They didn’t take my reassurances.  I enjoyed watching the cute ass of the teen sticking out of the back of the hospital gown as she ran.  Mary laughed at their attempts to keep up.  She told them to stand down, the marines could watch Nancy for a bit.  They reluctantly stopped and let Nancy run on, followed by a marine. 

I asked the marine next to me, “Betty, did Grandma May get word to open her store?”

“Yes, sir.”

We emerged from the tunnel into the mall.  All the lights were on.  Mary looked around and commented, “Wow.”  The place was closed except for the dress shop.  Nancy was excitedly digging into the teen fashions.  Mary went to look for something for herself.  They took a while, Mary vetoing a lot of the outfits Nancy found.  They took them up to the register.  I said, “Have you met my Grandma May yet?” 

Mary took one look at the spry teenage desk clerk behind the counter and said, “Wow.  How old are you?”

May chuckled, “Now, it isn’t polite to ask, but my 86th birthday was two weeks ago.”

Mary gulped.  “That is amazing.”

May gestured at the pile of clothes. “It is all on the house.  I heard you have a broadcast speech to get to.  Go ahead and use the changing rooms.”  She pointed to a couple of changing rooms.  They probably had never been used since normally the girls change their dresses right in the middle of the store.  A few minutes later and they were back.  The paper hospital gowns went into the trash.

We went down the airport tunnel, coming out not far from Air Force One.  Nancy took off running toward the plane, laughing again.  Mary said, “I am going to join her,” and took off with her daughter, laughing with her.  One marine ran with her, but we were in the middle of the estate, there wasn’t any danger.  The rest of us jogged at a normal speed and caught up at the bottom of the stairs.

“The President is already on board and is expecting you,” the agent at the bottom of the stairs said.  Two of my marines came with me as I followed the First Lady and Kid up the stairs.  I noticed that they were unarmed, I guess the rumor about no weapons on Air Force One was correct.

There was a podium with backdrop setup in one room on the plane.  The President waited for the hand signal of the cameraman, then walked out and greeted the First Lady and First Kid, then went to the podium.  He told everyone that he and his family were fine, that there would be a memorial for the agents and people killed in the explosion, then told everyone that no stone would be unturned discovering the “Terrorist Assassin” who planted the bomb.

After the speech, they all relaxed.  Of the two agents who also were recovering, the President told the agent in charge that one would be permanently assigned to Eagle and one to Prince (which Nancy was called even though she was a girl) since they were the only ones physically able to keep up.

They spent the next two days relaxing, so to speak.  Nancy spent most of it running.  She loved to run.  Only the one agent assigned to her could keep up.  The President had a long talk with her so she knew that she couldn’t run 30-40 MPH once she left the estate.  She said that she understood it was a secret, but it was just so much FUN!  She wanted to run while she still could keep it on the down low.

She really had fun running with the other kids her age.  Susie, Eve and Brooke could easily keep up with her as well and they ran around for a while.  I am sure that in those two days she learned about corners of the estate that Trisha and I would never know.

They left with a ten year supply of patches, although at least Nancy would be back.  She loved it on the estate.

Chapter 34

I had avoided doing any programming to Sheila.  She still wanted in on the fun and spent several nights with me.  Penny loved spending nights with me too.  Somehow Sheila, Penny and Susie worked out some kind of schedule.  Occasionally Amanda, Mandy, Melissa and Clarissa would be there too.

By the end of January, the interiors were complete on the houses and apartments.  The outsides had been built first before the snowfall.  Moving slowly, we took in several of the marine’s parents and siblings.  Mostly ones that were in financial straights.  One pair I had to refuse because of the obvious alcoholism.  I told Tracy that she could draw on her salary and get them a place in town where she could visit, but until they cleaned up their act they were not welcome on the estate.

I had a long conversation with Sheila about Make a Wish.  The problem was that although we could cure the kids, by presidential order we could not unless they lived on the estate.  That meant bringing in entire families.  While the families of my marines would behave for their daughter’s/sister’s sake, there were no such controls on these families.  We couldn’t take any religious fanatics, they wouldn’t understand the social structure of the estate.  We also needed parents who were willing to work within the estate community.  No drunks or drug-addicts.  We were NOT going to give families TMJ without good reason.  It was essentially going to be a high security gated community.

Since Sheila was a former Make a Wish recipient, although she was in complete ‘remission’, I assigned her to find families that met our requirements.  She went to it with a vengeance.  She came up with four candidates right away.

Xi Li, a bright ten year old boy with terminal cancer.  His parents ran a Chinese restaurant.  Perfect for the mall food court.

Tanisha, a pretty thirteen year old girl with leukemia.  Her mother was an accountant, and her father was a maintenance man with a boiler’s license.  Perfect.

Sunshine, a six year old girl that had a terminal heart defect.  Her parents were greenhouse farmers.  I wasn’t sure what they grew, but I would make sure it was legal.

Andrew, a fifteen year old boy with a large inoperable brain tumor.  His mother ran a catering service and his dad was a stockbroker.  I supposed he might be a good guy to handle my portfolio.  Of course I stashed one billion in gold in one of the secret bunkers that he wouldn’t find out about.

They all eagerly leapt at the offer of free rent and medical.  None of them complained about the para-military gated community.  Xi Li’s parents were sad to sell their restaurant, but were happy to open a new one in the mall, especially with free rent there too.  Tanisha’s mother happily took over the books for the hospital.  Her dad worked with the marines to keep all the ventilation running for our underground town.

I built a large greenhouse farm for Sunshine’s parents.  Nothing illegal, they were really into organic foods.  After a while they were supplying a lot of the produce for the restaurants. 

Andrew’s mother happily took over the hospital kitchens.  His father and I founded the Johnson community bank.  It didn’t do too many loans since rents were free, but it was the clearing house for all salaries and the new arrival’s accounts.

For now, all schooling was still off the estate.  A bus picked up the kids and transported them to the main gate where us kids from the main house joined them.  A couple of special institutional vans took us the rest of the way.  There were a pair of guards that watched out at the elementary school, two more for the middle school, two for the high school.  That didn’t include the individual ones that Cassie and I had (still Val and Wendy, respectively). 

Jenny was running the estate hospital full time now.  The four sick kids were cured within a week.  I had made a rule that a person must be a resident for a year to get TMJ, unless it was an emergency.  Jenny actually got to use her ER.  She kept Maternity, the ER, Pediatrics, and one floor of the General hospital running.

A lot more stores were open in the mall, some guards had ‘retired’.  One opened a toy store.  Another opened a men’s clothing store to complement Grandma May’s woman’s clothing store.  There was a jewelry store, a taco joint, a burger joint, a shoe store, a book store, a convenience store, a drug store, and a pub/pizza joint.  One guard even ran a hot dog cart in her off hours.

Trisha reminded me that I was going to help other vets as well, so we took in several military families from the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  After being cured, they went about 50 percent joining security, 25 percent hospital personnel and another 25 percent opening a business.  Of course their spouses all went to work for someone or opened a business as well.

We were running out of houses to give out by the end of the school year.  Only three left.  There were about fifteen apartments.  For now, we stopped adding people.

The city was happy, even though we had a different telephone prefix, we were still within city limits so they got all the taxes.  They were a little upset with the zero rent policy, since they couldn’t tax people if they weren’t paying rent.  In fact, I had to pay a good chunk of cash as their landlord.  So it would go too fast, I had Johnson community bank back some large loans at the regular commercial bank in town.  The interest was almost enough to pay the utilities.  Most of my employees also didn’t take any money out of the bank, just left it accumulating and used their check cards in my mall.  That virtual money never left my coffers so the thirty million in outstanding salaries just sat there.  The bank had close to a billion still sitting in accounts around the country drawing interest.  They only kept about $100 million on hand for emergencies.

We were up to about fifty elementary and middle school kids.  Around twenty high school ones.  Trisha was sending four guards to each school by the start of summer break.  There were several schoolteachers in the new tenants, so Trisha recruited them and they helped design a K-8 elementary school which immediately broke ground, literally.  The place was entirely underground, like the mall.  The only way anyone would be able to tell anything was there would be the service entrance on the surface.  Trisha was taking no chances with the kids.

The high school was happy to provide a ‘campus security’ office for a donation of $10 million to the school’s coffers.  There were two people in the office and four out on patrol at all times, still not counting Cassie’s and my personal guards.  Cassie was graduating so she wouldn’t need a guard in school next year, although several would be following her to her national gymnastics team events.

During summer break, Nancy decided to stay with her friends Susie and Eve.  They had been burning up the ether on facebook and texting ever since they met.  She flew in on a small jet with her Secret Service Agent.  He was going to take the summer training with my marines, learning to use his new abilities.  It was unusual, but he had orders from the President to let Nancy run wild, as long as she stayed on the estate.

What did the three of them do?  They took a dozen acres of meadow by the back fence and built a stable and kennel.  Then the filled them with horses and dogs.  That was quite the summer project; they must have had Trisha’s quiet approval.  Trisha was back running things after her kid was born a few months ago.  Eve was delighted that she had a little sister, all the babies born were her sisters, but this one was special.

Many of the military personnel had worked with dogs and horses before, so they were trained in no time.  I don’t know how the dogs knew, but anyone from the estate they rubbed against to get their ears scratched, and anyone from outside got a loud growl.  Maybe they could smell the TMJ.  It was interesting that TMJ also cured the allergies of anyone who was allergic to dogs and horses before.  Many of the guards loved horses and spent hours in the stables.  One marine broke down crying, she loved horses but had been violently allergic since she was a little girl.  Some of them rode their patrols, strange since they could easily outrun the horse they were on.  But they were girls, and girls love horses.

One morning in mid June, I came in from my morning piss to find a girl waiting to be fucked in my bed with her legs spread.  That wasn’t unusual, there was a morning rotation.  What was unusual was that it was Nancy.  She was nude, lying back holding her knees to her shoulders.  She was cute, but I deliberately hadn’t been thinking of her that way.

She saw me hesitate and said, “Please, Master Tom?”  She had obviously been hanging out with Susie and Eve a lot.

I sighed.  But I really couldn’t refuse a pretty girl.  I positioned myself, rubbing up and down her dripping snatch, then slowly slid in, popping her cherry and bottoming out my entire 10 inches.

She moaned and cried out, “Oh!  I love you so much, Master!”

I was surprised when I felt a tongue licking my balls and cock as it slid in and out of Nancy.  Looking back I saw that Eve had joined us.  It wasn’t long before I filled Nancy’s tight snatch.

Eve immediately started feeding Nancy fingerfuls of cream pie.  She was saying things about me like “Isn’t he a wonderful master.  Don’t you want to be his forever?  Isn’t getting fucked and having a belly full of cum from him the best you have ever felt?  He is so wonderful, we love him so much!”

Dammit.  She was programming Nancy as a sister.  I don’t know if she was doing it intentionally or not.  Oh well.  Too late now.

Another surprise was two days later.  The triplets from last summer showed up, each with a pair of twin girls.  Apparently I had got all three of them pregnant, and then they had to wait until they finished their senior year after giving birth in May.  Their mother had insisted that they finish, it was two weeks more, then kicked them out.  Strange lady.  The three of them actually started crying in relief when the babies were instantly plucked from their hands and sent down to day care.  I think the only reason they were still sane was the TMJ keeping their neural chemicals in balance.  I took them and comforted them, leaving all three passed out with a nice bellyful of cum and a smile.

Chapter 35

The volunteer SWAT team got their first gig that July.  Some fool tried to rob the bank in town.  Detective Danvers called and Trisha was there with the troops in minutes, I went along to watch.  The bank robbers took one look and gave up.  It looked like the whole army surrounded the place.  I am willing to bet we scared them shitless.  The bank robbers weren’t expecting a whole SWAT team so far from the big city, just the average small city police force.

An irate dad called in August.  Interesting that he was the first.  I had always encouraged the ladies who moved in to send letters at the very least, hopefully visiting for a holiday or two with their family.  It was the father of the triplets, Alice, Alisha, and Alinda.  Apparently he had been trying to contact them for months, but their mother first blocked his calls, and then wouldn’t tell him where his girls went.  The first he had heard was when I told them to write letters to their parents.  He hadn’t even known that all three of them had given him grandkids.

Anyway, he was afraid that they had been homeless then scooped up by a cult.  He was ready to storm the bastions for his girls.  I could relate to that.  They set up a Skype connection and talked for hours.  When he asked if he could come see his kids and grandkids, he got the usual, “It is a gated community” byline.  I stuck my head in and told them that they could arrange for all nine, or just the three of them to go visit at any time.  The offer calmed him down a lot.  They arranged to go visit in September.

Both Jenny and Trisha were pregnant again.  A good third of the guards were too.  All of the girls who wanted to be breeders were pregnant, except Sandra who was still too young.  She was sent to visit her grandparents for a few weeks.

I instituted a new policy for all my employees, four weeks paid vacation a year.  If there was outside family, they were requested to take at least a week of it with their outside family. 

As a consequence, we started getting a few more of the apartments filled with grandparents, parents, and siblings.  Since Trisha had built two more complexes over the summer, we had a good 200 more apartments to fill.  These were nice apartments, two story, full kitchen, dining room, living room, downstairs had two or three bedrooms.  The underground ones had a virtual outside with a pool, similar to my bunker.  She also built a library, grocery store, and golf cart dealership off of the mall.  On the surface she added a full 18 hole golf course.

We needed more money.  The accountants estimated that we would run dry of funds in about ten years.  We weren’t producing any products, and we didn’t want to dip into the reserve.  We were under presidential order not to release TMJ.  I called a meeting with all my girls except for the few guards who drew the short straw.

“Ladies, we need to make money.  Any ideas?”

They all knew that TMJ was out of the equation.  I got dead silence.  I asked again, “What do we have?”

One guard chimed in, “Security.”

Cassie said, “Good training facilities.”

Another guard said, “Perfect Retirement Community.”

I commented, “Security we have, and that may be a viable item.  We have two mansions with several guest houses apiece.  We could rent them out like a hotel with guaranteed security.  Let’s put a small fence around them, say 10 acres each, to isolate them.”

Trisha said, “Cassie’s idea isn’t too bad.  But I think that even if we rent workout space to rich kids, we’ll end up taking a lot of charity cases.”

I smiled, “That isn’t a problem, I think Cassie is a bit lonely anyway.  Trisha, why don’t you build a dormitory attached to the gym complex, for borders.  Also supe up the gym a little.  In a way, I hope her coach gets pissed off and leaves.  I don’t like him.”

She nodded.

I went on, “While it IS the perfect retirement community.  I prefer to leave it as OUR perfect retirement community.  For now let’s only invite our families, unless it is a special case.”  I got a lot of nods at that one.

“Okay, we will get the changes made, then do the first two ideas ASAP.”

Cassie stayed behind.  She came over to me.  “Tom, I really have thought about this.  I want to quit the national team and retire from gymnastics.”

“Are you sure?  This is an Olympic year.” 

“Yes.  For the same reasons you didn’t go to the national cheerleading camp as contestants.  I feel guilty.  I have my medals.  I would like to just coach.”

“Really?  If that is what you want, that would be great.  ‘The Cassie Johnson Gymnastics Academy’.  We can get rid of that nasty asshole you have as a coach now.”

“Oh, Tom, that would be wonderful!  Can I have the pleasure of telling him to get lost?”

“Sure.  Then since you have to manage all the other athletes, you get to move into his apartment.”

“Yes, sir.”  She wasn’t as happy about that.

There were dormitories built over the next month, Cassie also had a series of townhouses built down the road from the dormitories.  When the fences went in for the mini secure estates, she also had one built around the gym area.  It wasn’t a super fence like the twenty foot high two meter thick stone perimeter fence, just a simple six footer.

Her coach wasn’t happy leaving.  He raised a hullabaloo and had to be physically removed.  He couldn’t understand why his star pupil didn’t want to go to the Olympics.

We had marketing make up brochures for the two mansions, $10K a day, guaranteed security, plus emergency medical, BYOS (bring your own servants).  They also made up one for the gym, training under Cassie Johnson, the only girl ever to win all four events at once.

We got tenants for the two mansions immediately.  One was Even Williams.  He said that $4 million a year was chicken feed for the security.  The other was the Secret Service who also felt that $4 million was cheap.  I exchanged glances with Trisha and she commented, “I guess that next year it will go up in price since everyone thinks $10K a night is cheap.”

The gym got several calls.  All the gymnasts wanted to work with Cassie, they all liked her.  For each of them, we did a discrete background check.  For those who were really rich, we charged them the full $30K a year plus another $18K for the parent’s townhouse rental.  That scaled down to the poor ones who we let in for free.  We did require that the gymnast have some talent.

All these tenants were restricted to their areas.  There were guard posts at the entrances.  If they requested it, they could get an escort to go shopping in the mall.  Locally in the gym area there was a convenience store.  The mansions provided their own entertainment and food, but could get an escort if they wanted one as well.  Even Williams was allowed to go without requesting a guard to the mall and hospital, of course he was discreetly watched anyway, but he was vetted completely, he knew about TMJ.

The marines jogged the entire perimeter in several groups every day, and with the marines the gymnasts were allowed to run, even though they had problems keeping up.  The gymnasts (and Cassie) were also collected for school in the mornings and returned in the afternoons.  Cassie usually let them have Saturday afternoons at the mall.  Otherwise they were working out.

Nancy had to leave for her prep school at the end of August.  She was wailing and carrying on so much that I finally fucked her to oblivion just to make her shut up.  Wendy, Susie, Eve, and I dressed her and carried her to the airport, telling the Secret Service guy who met us there that she was worn out and sleeping.  As we put her down in her seat, she woke up.  She knew that she had to keep everything secret, so she just hugged us all, with lots of tears.  We hugged her back, then watched the plane take off back to her parents.

Chapter 36

Every few months we had an attempted break in or two.  It was usually an opportunistic burglar who didn’t realize what kind of security we had.  Every six months or so, a group of three or four Righteous Crosses from the prison gang tried to get in, presumably to get me.  We had had one more try to get Jenny, the contract on her was still active.  Since she worked at the estate hospital now, they didn’t even get close.

Two of the attempts on me were of note.  Hwy 12 runs along the south wall of the estate, from the tower near my parent’s house, past the loading docks, and on back several miles to the back southeast tower.  Out of frustration more than anything, the RCs stole a van, filled it with explosives, then remote detonated it to try to get through the fence.  It only made it half way.   A quick search turned up a team ready to invade through the break.

A second attempt was made at the high school.  I was eating lunch with Cassie and several other estate teens and friends when Wendy shouted, “Down!”  We all recognized the voice and the entire table was on the ground in under a second.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Wendy jump thirty feet, it looked almost like one of those cheesy kung fu movies.  A shot rang out and I saw her take it in the shoulder.  Didn’t slow her down any though.  A few thunk sounds, a slap sound, then two thuds, and she called out, “I need help here!”  I jumped up and ran over to kneel on the two guys while she called everything in using her good arm.  I saw Val on the far side of the lunch room with three more guys.

I commented when she got off her cell, “I hope that is a through and through, otherwise Jenny is going to have to reopen it to cut out the bullet.”

She grimaced and replied, “No it isn’t, and don’t make me think about it.”

“I assume that there are a few more guards coming?”


“Anyone else injured on our side?”


“Then I order you to head out now and go see Jenny.  I will take care of these two.”

“Yes, sir.”  She didn’t sound happy, but she took off. 

I grabbed the two unconscious guys and dragged them over to where Val had hers tussled up.  She pulled out handi-cuffs and took care of my two as well.  Then she looked at me and asked, “How’s Wendy?”

“She got hit in the shoulder.  I sent her to Jenny.  She’ll be okay.”  I looked down at the five guys.  “Righteous Crosses?”

“Probably.  When will the stupid bastards learn?”

“Since they were dumb enough to go to prison, probably will take them a while.”

We were gathering a crowd.  The principal came in and shooed everyone back to class, then he got a good look at the five toughs and the pile of AK47s.  His only comment was, “Shit!”

The police arrived then and hauled the five of them off.  Val and I gave our statements, I said that Wendy would be down to make one in a few hours, that she had been ‘nicked’ by the one shot that the five of them had gotten off.

Because there had been violence on campus, the principal had to call in the busses and send everyone home.  We, the estate kids, packed into our remaining two school vans and took off back to the estate.  I immediately headed over the hospital, of course, Val right next to me as I ran up the path.  Both of us were worried, even though we knew she was all right, so we were both going a good 45+ MPH.  Nancy was right, it was FUN to run all out!

At the ER, Jenny had had to reopen the wound and dig out the bullet.  Not fun.  Wendy was gritting her teeth as Jenny dug, since any sort of local would wear off in less than 15 seconds.  As we walked in, Jenny let out a loud, “Ah!” and pulled out the bullet.  Wendy relaxed.  Jenny didn’t even bother to bandage it.  Within seconds it had stopped bleeding.

Jenny washed off and then dropped the bullet in an evidence bag, sealing it and initialing it.  Fawn was waiting in the corner and took off with the bag, presumably to deliver it to the local PD.

Jenny told Wendy that she had to wait three hours, and then she could leave.  Wendy looked at her and said, “Yes, ma’am.”  Jenny had to take off then, a kid had fallen out of a tree and had been brought in with a broken arm.

I went over to Wendy, gave her a kiss and said, “Glad you are okay.”  Val squeezed her left hand and smiled at her, indicating the same thing.  I added, “I will see you up at the house tonight.  I need to thank you properly.”

She blushed and nodded.

A few hours later, she came in the door to the main house.  She was immediately swarmed by all the kids under 18 (and a few over) crying and hugging her.  She hugged them all back, shedding a few tears herself.

The hoopla died down a few hours after dinner.  I pulled Wendy into the bedroom.  Kissing her hard, I laid her back and slid into her dripping pussy.  Like I had done only twice before, the two of us got into a TMJ love making cycle, both recovering after each orgasm and continuing on.  Three hours later I chased her giggling into the shower.  Like Susie and Jenny before her, somehow her body absorbed all the semen.  After the shower we collapsed in bed.

Chapter 37

We still were spending money faster than we were making it, but the drain had been slowed.  The infrastructure was in place, so there were no big costs going out except for my taxes as landlord.  We had long ago switched to our own power and water, the only utility we were paying for was sewer.  We actually were selling power from all the wind generators.  Everything was well maintained with our expert crews, repairs were minimal.

The only other thing that was brought in were the supplies for the mall.  Some of the food spices, meat, clothing, some produce, fresh ammo, hospital supplies - all that was still paid for. 


I hadn’t seen a lot of the new stuff, I had been busy.  So on a teacher conference day at the High School I headed over to look at the school.  I was amazed at how many kids there were.  Close to two hundred.  I hadn’t realized we had taken in that many people.  Considering only about ten of them were terminally ill kids we had fixed up with TMJ, the rest were all relatives of my guards and military brats (kids of military personnel) whose parents we had fixed up.

As I wandered through the school, kids swarmed around me.  I was a little surprised that they all recognized me, but then I saw that each classroom had a picture of me on the wall.

There were some pretty hot girls there in the seventh and eighth grades, and every single one of them was giving me bedroom eyes.  In the last room were the eighth graders, Susie included.  Every girl there was smokin’ hot.  I couldn’t resist, and as Susie was giving me a hug, I whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you bring some of your hot friends home to play sometime?”

Susie gave me a sisterly smack on the arm.  “To play, yeah right.”

Moving on, I headed for the mall.  There were quite a few ladies I didn’t recognize in the stores.  There was no way to tell if they were rejuvs or really 19-20.  Then I saw Cat, Reena’s sister, working as a checkout girl at the grocery store.  I went over.  “Cat!  Long time no see!”

She looked at me and blinked for a minute, automatically saying, “Hi!”  Then she realized it was me.  “Hey, Tom!”

“I thought you went to state?”

“I did, but I caught Mono last semester, so I am planning on going back in the spring.”

“Sorry to hear that.  So you are living on the estate now?”

“My parents moved in last fall when I left for college.”

“Would you like to grab some lunch?”

“My break isn’t for another 10 minutes.  If you care to wait, sure!”

I could have just told her to take it early.  I was, after all, her bosses’ bosses’ boss.  But I didn’t like to do things like that.  Apparently she didn’t know exactly who I was, just that I was a big-wig.  Fine with me, I kind of liked that.  I did go find her manager and ask him if she could have the afternoon off.  He readily agreed.

I was waiting when she got off.  “So what sounds good for lunch?  Chinese?”


We talked over lunch in the food court.  I asked, “So what’s your major?”  I winced internally as I said it.

She rolled her eyes.  “Come on, you can do better than that!  Anyway, I was thinking about nursing, but there is a glut currently on nurses unless I move to the big city, and I really don’t want to do that.”

“You realize that as a resident here, you are guaranteed a job, and the estate hospital sure could use help.  Right now it is filled with marine medics, many of which would prefer different jobs.”

“There is an estate hospital?  Wow.  I didn’t know that.  You said that they were looking for people?  I am not qualified for much more than candy striping right now.”

“The head doctor was a good friend of your sister’s, I am sure she will gladly take you in under her wing, so to speak.”

“Really?  It seems that Reena was really popular around here.”

“She was.  She was a good friend of mine too.  Come on, let’s go for a walk, I want to show you something.”

“I really need to get back to work.”

“Don’t worry about it, I asked your manager if you could have the afternoon off.”

“Wow, you must have some pull.  He is really strict.”

“A little.  You coming?”

She blushed, “Okay.”

I led her to the surface elevator, coming out on a path heading east toward the original back wall.  She commented, “It sure is pretty around here.”

“Yes it is.  How are your parents doing with the gated community?”

“They love it.  My dad does accounting for the mall, and my mom is planning on opening a yarn store.”

“How about you?”

“I have been stuck in the house since March.  I like it here so far, but I don’t know much about it.  It is a little strange that everything is so military.  Not bad, but a bit unusual.  Also that everything is underground.  Good thing I am not claustrophobic!”

“I think everything being underground was for security.  Trisha is very protective of everything and everybody here.”


“The head of security.”


We were coming up on the chunk of wall left standing.  In front of it was a plaque.  There was an honor guard standing next to it.  I pointed to the plaque.


Reena Anna Jones

Died on this spot defending this wall against armed insurgents.  She loved life and willingly gave it up to save others.  May her honor and bravery be a lesson to us all.

Rest in Peace.


One look and Cat was sobbing.  I sat her down on the bench next to the marker and held her for a good hour.  I shed a few myself.

After an hour she sniffled, raised her head and commented, “I don’t think my parents know about this spot.”

“There is not a marine here doesn’t stop by at least once every few days.  Reena had a lot of friends.”

“I can see that.”

We sat quietly for another hour, then I led her back to the mall.  She looked at me and said, “Thank you.  Will you meet me for lunch tomorrow?  I would like to take my parents to see the memorial.”

“Sure.  Where?  Just here at the food court?  Noon?”

“That’ll work.  I really need to get back to work now.  Thanks again.”

“Anytime.  See you tomorrow.”

The next day I went over to the food court at noon.  I heard them as I approached.  I heard her mother say, “So where is this guy you met?”

I said, “Hello.”  Her parents turned to look at me.  “We met at the funeral.  I’m Tom.”  I shook their hands.

Her dad said, “I remember you.  You were the one who pointed out that Reena had some money for Cat to go to school.”

“Yes. I am glad that worked out, at least for one semester anyway.”

Her mother gave Cat the ‘Look’.  “It had better be for all eight semesters.”

She rolled her eyes, “Sheesh, Mom.  Of course.”

Her dad, to change the subject asked, “So what is this that you wanted Tom to show us, young lady?  I am taking time off of work for this.”

“It is a surprise, Dad.  Trust me.”

“All right.  But let’s not stand around here.”

I gestured them toward the elevator.  “If you will come this way, Sir, Ma’am.”

They followed as I led them to the surface and down the path.  Her dad, still impatient asked, “How much further?”

“Not far, sir.  Trust your daughter.  You want to see this.”

As we approached the chunk of wall, Cat said, “Read the sign.”

They did.  Her mother started bawling, while her dad just stared.  After a few minutes they sank down on the bench, Cat joining them.

I put my hand on her dad’s shoulder.  “Sir, if you need anything, ask the honor guard.”  I left them sitting there.  I headed over to the stables.  I hadn’t been there since they were new.

They had expanded quite a bit.  I was surprised to see that in addition to the horses and dogs for security, there were some basic barnyard animals as well, like sheep, cows (both Angus and dairy), pigs, lots of chickens, and I think I even saw an emu.  There was even a farmhouse with a family living there taking care of things.  It seemed that Nancy, Susie, and Eve’s project had grown a bit.  I suspected that it was Trisha’s doing, part of her drive to make us as self-sufficient as possible.

It was funny, like the Jones’, the family there didn’t recognize me.  I played naive and asked, “Wow, who owns all this?”

“The Johnson Bank.  Next year we will be producing both milk and meat, and they even said we could keep the profits!  I wish I had had a bank like that before!  When Henrietta asked us to move here, we did because we were about to lose the farm anyway.  Now we will actually make money, and the bank isn’t trying to steal it all!”

So everyone thought the bank owned all this.  Well, that worked for me.  I think the farmer was thinking I wanted a job, but I just thanked him and left.

Over at the greenhouses, I saw that they covered a good five plus acres now.  I went inside and was surprised to learn that, like much of the estate, there was more underground than on the surface.  The place was growing everything, there were even several banana, coconut, and pineapple trees.

I went over to the hospital.  Jenny was really busy, but I asked some of the techs and they said she had been going 17 hours without a rest.  I stopped her in the hall and told her, “Jenny.  You will take a minimum one hour break starting within the next 15 minutes.”

“I can’t!  There is too much to do!”

“You are a doctor.  What would you say to a patient that was doing what you are doing, even on TMJ?”

She sighed.  “You are right.  See you in my office in five minutes.”

Five minutes later she came in and collapsed in her chair.  “And to think I was worried about having nothing to do!”

I waved her over to the couch where I was sitting.  I held her as she rested on my shoulder.  After half an hour she relaxed and started to doze.  I held her for another two hours until she suddenly sat up.  “I got to get back to work!”

“Okay then, three things.  One, you will take a minimum ten hours off for every two days.  No arguments.”

“Two, you will find another doctor or RN to help you.  Preferably really hot like you, but not necessarily, just so you can trust them with TMJ.”

“Three, Reena’s sister Cat is starting college, but wants an internship.  Please arrange it.”

With a wry smile, she said, “Yes, sir.”

“Now come here.”  I gave her a big smooch.  She grinned and took off.

I headed back to the house for dinner.  That is when I noticed, Susie didn’t have her patch on!

“Susie, where is your patch?”

“Oh! I forgot to put it on last Sunday.”

“Do you realize it has been six days?”

“Really?  Is that possible?”

“You are going to go see Jenny, now.”  I put her in a cart and drove her over to the hospital.

Jenny looked her over.  “Susie, how do you feel?”

“Normal.  Maybe a little weaker than usual.”

I said, “My grandpa said that after several years the amount needed decreased to about one dose a month.  I thought it would be longer than three years though.”

Jenny looked at me.  “I wish I had known that.”

“I wasn’t even sure if it was the same with me.”

She nodded.  “Well, Susie, just to be safe, take one TMJ a week, starting today, for now, and we will try reducing the dosage after a few months, okay?”

“Yes, Jenny.”

Jenny smiled and kissed her forehead, then took off.


Chapter 38

A week later Jenny came to me.  “Master Tom, I have found a doctor that might work.  She is a pediatrician, and was my roommate in college.  Since about 65% of the hospital work is for kids, I think that she would be perfect.”  She grinned, “Also, she was what you call drop dead gorgeous in college.  I have no idea what she looks like now.”

“What is her situation right now?”

“She is in a hospice.  She got pricked by a needle ten years ago and is dying of HIV.”

“Well then, let’s make her an offer.”

“I did, but she didn’t believe me.  But I cannot take time to go talk to her.”

“This is a very important position.  I will go myself and talk to her.  Where is she?”

“A hospice in Fargo, North Dakota.”

“A bit out of the way.  Give me the details.  I will take care of it.”

“Thank you, Master Tom.  I agree with you, we need a second doctor desperately.”

“I’ll leave tomorrow morning.  Just call me a head hunter.”  I grinned.

The next morning I flew out.  Trisha’s staff had compiled a report for me.  Doctor Helen Amy Gregorsen, MD,DCH,GP.  Same age as Jenny.  She had had her own practice but was forced to sell it when she got sick.  As of last year, she had spent every penny of the money for medical care.  She was living in a free hospice and wasn’t expected to survive more than another few months.

We landed and Wendy had one of the ubiquitous black SUVs ready.  We headed directly to the hospice.  It was a large house in a pretty poor neighborhood.  I wasn’t too worried, northern cities tend to be pretty tame, but Wendy had the guards fan out anyway.  She and I marched up the steps and I knocked.  A nice middle aged lady answered the door. 

I asked, “May we see Doctor Gregorsen, please?”

She said, “Sure!  Helen likes guests.  Follow me.”  She led us to a lounge where a large group of obviously very sick people were sitting watching a beat up old TV.  A heavily emaciated woman was sitting in a large but threadbare easy chair.  “Helen, you have guests.”

She reached up and covered her breathing tube and gasped, “I don’t. Recognize. Them. But. I. Will. See. Anybody.”

I said, “Hello, Helen.  I realize it is difficult, but is there any place we can speak in private?”

She looked up at the duty nurse.  The nurse said, “My office is right over there.”  The nurse pointed at a door in the back of the room.  Wendy and I helped her into her wheelchair and wheeled her back to the office.

Once inside, I started, “Helen, we are here representing the Johnson Hospital, which is run by an old acquaintance of yours, Jenny Franks.”

She snorted.  “I. Told. Her.  I. Am. In. No. Condi. Tion. To. Work.”

“Yes, she told me.  However, I would like to mention a breakthrough in nano-tech that she and I came up with.  It is a drug called TMJ.  It can cure you in a few hours.”

“I. Don’t. Believe. You.”

“Let’s talk theoretical then.  If you were cured, would you be willing to work with Jenny as chief pediatrician in her hospital?”

“Yes. I. Have. Debts. To. Pay.”

“As part of the deal, we will pay off all your debts, plus donate one million dollars to this hospice.”

“Tell. Me. Where. To. Sign.”

I handed her three pills.  “Take these.  I am not sure how you do it with that apparatus.  Look at it this way, what do you have to lose.”

It sounded like she was choking, it took a minute for me to realize she was laughing.  She covered the tube again, “Good. Point.”  She took the pills easily.  I suppose she took a lot of pills in her condition.

“Okay, Helen.  I will leave you now.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours.  By then I bet you will be walking.  If you can, eat a lot so your body has material to rebuild itself.  By that point, I will also bet you can remove that tube.  Then we can really talk.”

She still gave me a skeptical look, but I wheeled her back out into the main room.  Then Wendy and I thanked the nurse, told her we would be back in a few hours, then left.

After a hearty dinner at the local TJs and some wandering around, we returned.  Helen answered the door herself.  She also was missing the tube.  “I don’t know what the hell those three pills were, but...Wow!”

“Well, will you take the job?”

“Of course, but it will take me a while to rebuild muscle mass.”

“No it won’t.  Just eat like a pig and your body will rebuild itself in days.”

“So you say that my HIV is cured?”

“I would guess about 90% cured by now.  Give it another few hours, and you will be completely cured.”

Wendy elbowed me.  “Oh yeah, one negative side effect.  You have to wear an arm patch for the rest of your life.”  I pulled out a sealed patch from my pocket, tore open the wrapper and helped her affix it to her upper arm.

“I can live with that.”  She giggled.  “That expression is a bit ironic in my case.”

“Positive side effects, you are stronger, or at least will be when your muscle mass is back; you have much more endurance; and you will never be sick again.”

“If you hadn’t just got me out of my death bed, I would call the guys with straightjackets for you.  As a doctor I must know, why isn’t this on the market?”

“Several reasons, but for now can I have your promise to keep it to yourself?”

“Sure, but I am going to have to tell my friends here something.”

“You are a doctor, tell them you are testing a new super-adrenalin or something like that.  I know it goes against your doctor instincts not to immediately help these people, but there are very good reasons not to, the main one is the strictly limited availability of TMJ.  You get it for two reasons, you are a friend of Jenny’s, and we need you.”

“What if I knew of several others that were former medical personnel that were like I was?”

“If you really really trust them, as in with your life, tell me about them.  If they are just people you are trying to save, I have to say no.”

“Then there is one person I would like to add.  She was my head nurse at my clinic and was contaminated when I was.” 

I pulled out another packet of three pills and an arm patch.  I handed them to her.  “You are a doctor.  You have one person’s life in your hand.  Remember that the arm patch only lasts a month, then the person will go into a coma and probably die.  That means that anyone you give it to will have to come with you tomorrow.”

We were still standing in the doorway.  I added, “Eat a lot.  We’ll stop by tomorrow to help you with moving.”  I pulled out an envelope.  “And give this to that nice nurse we talked to earlier.”

I took Wendy and the ladies out on the town for the evening.  I was underage, and the girls looked underage, but money got us into clubs.  Not that there were all that many in Fargo or Moorhead.  We all relaxed in the presidential suite at the Hilton.  Except for the one girl on duty and the one guarding the plane, I managed to get them all unconscious with a cream pie.  I fell asleep snuggling up with Wendy and three other beautiful women.

The next day we slept in until almost noon.  Then we headed back to the hospice.  At the door we were met again by Helen, she was looking much better.  With her was a blonde lady who obviously was also recovering.  Next to them on the floor were two boxes, one had Helen’s name on it, and the other said, “Candy Smith”.

Helen said, “Hurry, grab those boxes and let’s get going.  Otherwise they will keep you here for hours going on about that check you gave nurse Thelma.”

I grabbed one and Wendy grabbed the other.  I said, “Hello, Candy.  I’m Tom.”

“Hi,” she replied.  I could tell she was really sweet, no pun intended.  Once she recovered, I was going to have to add her to my collection of babes.

We took off, climbing on board the jet at the airport.  Candy looked around and asked Helen, “What on earth have you gotten me into?”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know, but anything is better than gasping for air watching TV Land reruns all day.”

Candy said, “Good point.”  She plopped down in a seat and eagerly peered out the window the whole trip.

Helen quietly sat there and looked around the plane at each of us.

We landed, and Jenny met them by the steps.  “Helen!  So good to see you!”

“Jenny!  Nice to see you too!  I don’t know what this stuff is that you have come up with, but... like... Wow!  And you look like you did as a freshman.  How did you pull that off?  More nano-magic?”

“Nope, it is a nice side effect of TMJ.  You really didn’t think all those marines that rode with you were teenagers, did you?”

“Hmm, actually I did.  By the way, this is my head nurse, Candice.”

Jenny shook her hand, “I remember you.  Anyway, let’s get you both settled.  You automatically have apartments in the hospital, and if you want you can later get a regular apartment.  I don’t know how much Tom has told you, but this is a walled community, so everything, housing, the local mall, the hospital, are all inside the walls.”

“You will probably need clothes, here.”  She handed them both an official business credit card.  “There are all sorts of clothing stores in the mall.”  She and I helped them into a cart.  We drove into an elevator, then went down.  We took off toward the hospital.  Jenny pointed out the mall as we passed it.  Soon we pulled into the hospital.  Helen’s and Candy’s offices were right next to Jenny’s, and both had full apartments behind them as well.  I think both of them were slightly overwhelmed.  Jenny said, “Take your time, I don’t expect you to take up any duties until a week from tomorrow.  Explore.  Go spend some money in the mall.  I’ll see you tomorrow morning for breakfast at seven.”

We left them standing there.  From what I heard, the first thing they did was find the lab and do a blood test on themselves.  When it came back normal, they sent in a sample for full HIV testing.

When I stopped by next Saturday, they had jumped in feet first.  Both of them had filled out and while still slightly gaunt, were very pretty.  Helen was supervising two kids who had thought scaring a herd of horses was funny and had been trampled.  They weren’t at risk, just a few broken bones.  I looked at the two, a boy and girl about 10, and told them, “If you weren’t kids, I would kick you off the estate for stupidity.”

I turned and asked Helen, “Want to meet for lunch?  We have a couple of things to go over.”

“Sure.  But I can’t take too long; I can’t believe Jenny was doing all this by herself before.  Meet you in the cafeteria in 10 minutes.”

Ten minutes later she came in, loaded up a tray to the breaking point and sat down across from me.  “Hmmm, I love being able to eat like this.  I haven’t been able to keep much down for years.”

I smiled and we ate for a while.  After she had polished off two large plates of tater-tot hotdish and three pieces of cherry pie, she sighed and said, “You know, Tom, that half the women working here moon over you constantly.”

“Yeah, but I am not complaining.”  I grinned at her.

She hesitated, “Just who are you anyway?  I asked a few people and they just gave me a strange look.”

“I am the inventor of TMJ, in a way.  Jenny refined it for use in pill and patch form.  I actually personally own this entire walled neighborhood.  It was originally an estate that I bought with proceeds from a sale of TMJ.”

Her eyes unfocussed for a second.  “You own all of it?”

“The hospital, the mall, all the houses and apartments, the farm, the stables, the airport, yes.”  I flashed her a grin.  “The reason I am so popular is that 90% of these people owe me their life.  They were terminally ill like you.  They chose to dedicate themselves to my, shall we call it a commune?  You are the pediatrician, you may have noticed that a lot of the ex-military personnel are pregnant?”  I flashed her another grin.

“Wow.  Total teenage fantasy.”

“Yup.  Like I said, I am not complaining.  Any time you want to check it out, you and Candy are welcome for dinner over at the main house.  Just think 60s commune and you will be all right.  Jenny has an apartment here, but she lives over behind the main house.  That is where her private lab is too.”

“Hmm, I might just take you up on that.”

“Now, down to business.  You mentioned some debts?”

“I owe a lot on credit cards, nearly $100 thousand; I shamefully admit I expected to die before having to pay them.  I borrowed $120 thousand from my parents that I never got to pay back; I had just paid off my student loans and was about to pay them back, but I lost the clinic before I could.”

“Okay then, your hiring bonus is now $250K.”  I punched the transfer into my phone.  It was nice owning the bank.  “Pay everyone off.  As for your parents, as your family members, they are welcome to a place here, rent free.  They are pretty nice apartments if you want to take a look.”

“I’ll do that.  Even if we aren’t allowed to use TMJ except for emergencies, the medical care here is top notch and my dad needs it.  Jenny was always the best.  I wouldn’t have made it through Gross Anatomy without her help.”

“I am impressed with her capabilities as well.  Not too many doctors can be a mother, run an entire hospital, and do medical research at the same time.”

“Wait a second.  You said, ‘be a mother’?”

“Didn’t she tell you?  She has a daughter, about a year old now.”

“Wow.  I am in shock over that more than almost anything else.”

I gave her a lecherous grin, “Any time you want one, let me know.”

She blinked, “Wow again.  I thought I could never have kids.  It is possible now, isn’t it?  Wow.”  She sat there thinking for a moment; then suddenly exclaimed, “Shit.  I am late for my rounds.  I will definitely talk to you later.”

The next day I swung past the grocery store.  Cat was on the register.  She saw me and said, “Tom!  I don’t know what you said, but the hospital offered me an internship.  This is my last shift here.  Meet me for lunch in 20 minutes?”

Since that was my line, I said, “Sure!  At Dean’s Tacos?”

“See you there!”

We sat down at a concourse table.  “Thank you for the internship.  Besides paying better, I can figure out if I am suited for the medical field.  Doctor Jenny is really nice.”

“She is a friend of mine.  I just mentioned that you were interested.”

“Well, thanks anyway.  My parents, and I for that matter, would also like to thank you for showing us the memorial.  My Mom goes there every day and leaves flowers.”

“You are welcome.  I lived here at the time and she helped save my life too.”

“Who are you anyway?”  Same question that Helen had asked the day before.

Not wanting to tell her everything, I said, “I live over at the main house.  I helped found this place.”

“Cool.”  She didn’t ask anything else.  “So, you still in school?”

“Yes, sorry but I am only in 11th grade.  That is why I am only around on weekends.”

“That’s okay.  I like younger guys.”  She blushed.  To cover her faux pas, she hurriedly said, “Could you come over for dinner?”


Since it was still October, there was time before snowfall so I started construction on a movie theater.  It only had one theater, but was a very nice theater.  I did it as a cinema café, with tables between chairs, tiered seating, and waitresses.

The next weekend, I went over to the Jones’ for dinner.  It was my first time in one of the new apartments since the original prototype was built.  The place was beautiful, solid wood flooring, nice art, these people had taste.

While Mrs. Jones was setting the table, Cat and I leaned over the balcony and watched the kids playing on the playground and in the big pool five stories below.  We laughed at one kid’s antics, wincing when he belly flopped in the pool.

Dinner was good.  I hadn’t ever had much as far as home cooking, my mother wasn’t that great of a cook and it was a group thing over at the main house.  The goulash was wonderful.  I told Mrs. Jones so.

After dinner we sat in the living room and talked.  Mr. Jones started with, “Cat tells us that you live over at the main house.”

“Yes.”  I didn’t really want to volunteer anything.

Mrs. Jones asked, “Have I met your mother?”

“Maybe.  She spends a lot of time at the main house.  You have probably met my Grandma May and Grandma Rhonda though.”


“Yes, my Grandma May runs May Day Dresses and my Grandma Rhonda runs Rhonda’s Bakery.”

“Yes, I have met them.  Aren’t they a bit young to be your grandparents?”

I was surprised.  I suppose that they didn’t know about TMJ.  “Did anyone give you an orientation when you moved here?”

Mr. Jones replied, “Not really.  One of the security girls showed us around, but that was it.”

“*sigh* That is probably because everyone here is the family of one of the security girls, and they are supposed to talk to you.  Reena wasn’t available.”

“No. She wasn’t.”

“Remember how Reena was injured when she got back from Afghanistan?”

Her parents looked at each other, Cat just stared at me.  Her dad said, “She was paralyzed from the chest down.”

“Did she ever tell you how she got the injury repaired?”

“She just said that it was fixed and that she was all better.”

“You may notice that there are a lot of gulf war vets here.  All of them are better.”

They looked each other again.

I went on, “We have an experimental drug that heals injuries like that.  Reena agreed to be a test subject.  All the marines around here were in bad shape like Reena.  One of the side effects of the drug is that it makes you look younger.”

“So you are older?”

“No, I am 17.  What it does is make people older than 18 or 19 young again.”

Mr. Jones snapped his fingers.  “So that is why your Grandmas look young?”

“Yes.  They are 72 and 89 respectively.”

Mrs. Jones said, “They look like they are Cat’s age!”

Mr. Jones asked, “Why didn’t she tell us?”

“It is Top Secret.  That is why I ask you now to keep it to yourselves unless you are talking with one of our doctors or one of the security types.  We are actually under Presidential Order to keep it to ourselves.”

Mr. Jones snapped his fingers again.  “That explains how the President recovered from the bomb!”


“And all the security types around here were injured Gulf War vets?”

“Around 98% of them, yes.  They all, including me, consider ourselves family.  That is why Reena is so mourned around here.  You realize that there are at least two babies named after her?”

“No, I didn’t.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes.  I said, “Well, Cat has her new job tomorrow, so I won’t keep you any longer.”  I turned to Cat.  “I will check in on you at the hospital.”  To her mom, “Thank you for the meal.” I bowed out.

Chapter 39

With Helen helping at the hospital, Jenny was home more often, with the inevitable consequence.  We were making love one evening when she told me that she was pregnant again.  I hugged her tight and exclaimed, “That’s fantastic.”

She hugged me back, “Yes it is, Master.”  A minute later she got serious.  “Master, I think you need to take Helen as one of your own.  She has too many questions.  She needs to understand.”

“Okay, whatever the doctor orders.”  I snuggled down, as a consequence, sliding in deeper.  She moaned.  I fucked her into oblivion.

I didn’t think I could talk Helen into bed anytime soon, Candy probably, but not Helen.  Maybe in a few weeks, but we needed it faster.  I gathered the younger girls, Eve, Susie, Brooke and Drew, and threw a chocolate party and made several boxes of chocolates.  Susie was the only one of the girls who had done it before and they all had a blast.

I put the chocolates in the refrigerator, then hopped into bed with the giggling youngsters.  I left all four unconscious and smiling.

Wednesday after school I headed over to the hospital.  I found Helen and Candy talking on the Pediatrics floor next to the nurses’ station.  Perfect.  I went up to the two of them, held out the box of four, then said, “You want to try some of these chocolates the kids made?”

“Sure!” and “Looks good!”  They both took one and popped it in their mouths.  Ten seconds later they were both zoned out.  There was no one around except a guard, so I started reciting my planned litany.  “You both love me.  You don’t know why, but the age difference doesn’t seem to bother you anymore.  You think I am wonderful.  You are really interested and attracted to the commune lifestyle at the main house and especially like showing off your restored hot body to me.  You are starting to think of the other girls living at the main house as your friends and sisters.  You love it here on the estate and want to be here with me forever as one of my girls.  You masturbate several times a day dreaming about me.  Each time you do you love me more.  Now wake up and continue what you were doing.”

There.  That should do the trick.  Soon they will come to me.

They both blinked, then said, “Thank you.”  Candy added, “Tell the girls that those chocolates are great!”

As they walked away down the corridor, I swear that their asses were swaying a bit more seductively than before.  I headed back up to general admissions/ER.  I saw Cat working the main desk.  Crossing my arms on the high counter, I asked, “So how is hospital life?”

She looked up, “Tom!  Wow.  Doctor Jenny has me running the desk for now, but she says that I can take shifts as an orderly starting next week.  Isn’t it wonderful!”

“Sounds like you are having fun.”

“Oh, I am.  Vinnie, Doctor Helen’s Dad, was just here and I got to do the intake!”

“That sounds great, Cat.  Looks like you have a lot of work to get done.  I don’t want to get you in trouble.  I’d better go now.”  I could tell she wanted to talk some more, but I didn’t want to rush things.

“Okay, Bye for now then.  Thanks for stopping by.”

“Sure, anytime.  Bye.”  I flashed a smile then got in the elevator.

That evening, Helen came by to join the crew for dinner.  She went with the crowd and got into her birthday suit.  I saw her at the table, she was looking pretty good.  I said, “I see you have filled out a bit.  Nice.”

She turned beet red, but said in a small voice, “Thanks.”

“Any lingering effects?”

“No.  You were right; once I rebuilt my muscle mass, I was good to go.”

“That is good.  How is your father?  I heard he checked into the hospital.”

“He is okay.  He has to have dialysis every couple of weeks.  His kidneys are not doing all that great.”

“You know that is serious enough that you can bump your parents and give them TMJ.  They don’t have to wait the normal prerequisite year.”

“Really?  I didn’t because I didn’t want my Dad to take TMJ when my mother wasn’t.”

“She’s his wife.  They would be best off taking it together.”

“I’ll talk to Jenny about starting them tomorrow.”

“What about Candy’s parents?”

“They died when she was young.”


“I have always been like her sister, she grew up in the foster home next door to me.”

“Good, it is nice that she has someone like you.”

She blushed prettily.  “Thanks.”

Not wanting to push things, I gave her a peck on the cheek.  “You need to join us more often.”

As she blushed even more, I turned to the meal.  It wasn’t as good as Mrs. Jones’, but it was still pretty good.

The next day Candy showed up, I gave her a half-hug and a cheek kiss as well.  She had an incredibly bouncy set of C cups that I had a hard time taking my eyes off of.  They quivered every time she laughed.  I found myself telling jokes just to see her tits quiver.  She followed my line of sight and knew what I was doing, and didn’t say anything.

Before I knew it, I was in my easy chair and she was on my lap, frenching me for all she was worth.  Soon she moved until she was straddling me, positioned herself above my hard cock, and sank down, spearing herself.  I couldn’t resist and reached up and flicked those fantastic nips.  She moaned into my mouth.

She rode me through several orgasms on her part, until I dumped my load deep into her.  Feeling the warmth in her belly, she came one last time herself, howling as she arched her back, her wonderful tits quivering and her quim working hard to milk me.  A minute later she collapsed.  I moved her to the side and got up. 

Almost instantly Drew was there to clean me up.  Her ‘dad’ had trained her well, I was hard again in no time.  Vanna was watching, so I went over to her and positioned her with her head between her knees and slid home.  I left a load in her which Drew eagerly licked up again.  Fawn got the third load, then Drew bent over and got the last, to her delight.

I sat back down next to the dozing Candy.  She moved over and cuddled with me.  “I love you so much,” she murmured as she snuggled.

The next day after school, I gave Helen a squeeze in the ass.  She giggled and continued on her rounds.  I did back Jenny into her office for a quick roll on her bed.

I met Cat for lunch in the Café.  I let her bubble on about how great everything was.  At the end of lunch she asked, “Why don’t you ever invite me over for dinner?”

“You are welcome any time, but I thought you might hesitate over the dress code.”

“Dress code?”

“It is mostly Au Natural.”

“I see... that explains a few things.”

“Like what?”

“Why no one uses the changing rooms in the stores, or how everyone skinny dips in the pool.  You mean to tell me that Reena...”

“When off duty, yes, she spent it mostly nude.  I will admit, I enjoyed watching her wash the cars.”

“I’ll bet.”  She thought for a minute.  “I’ll think about it.  Don’t tell my parents though.  They are already upset that there isn’t a church on the grounds.”

“Hmmm, I will see about that.  Talking about new things, would you like to see a movie Friday night?  They are just finishing building the theater.”

“Sounds great.”

“Good.  Pick you up at your apartment at six thirty?”

“See you then.”

“’k, bye.  I scooped up both our empty trays and dumped them on my way out.

Chapter 40

I asked Trisha for the resident statistics on religion.  She had one of her girls compile it from the resident database for me.  We had 38% Catholic, 43% Lutheran, 10% Baptist, 8% Jewish, and 1% Agnostic.  There was also 1 person who was a Buddist.  No Mormons.

Religion was a problem that I wanted to nip in the bud.  I had Trisha call in one of her architects, who was the mother of one of my marines and was now living on the grounds.  I proposed another venue like the mall, near the mall and connected, with five churches or temples in a circle off a central open area.  The architect said that she needed to contact members of the churches to make sure that everything was kosher, no pun intended.

While I would normally delegate such a task, I wanted to go along and recruit the two pastors, the priest, and the rabbi.  They had to be VERY liberal, and I wanted to take care that I got along with them.

The Catholics and the Baptists wouldn’t talk to us.  I talked it over with Trisha and she said that we should then get a military pastor.  Apparently, they handled Catholic, Lutheran, and Baptist all at once.  I liked it.  Trisha knew of a paraplegic ex-military pastor who she thought would be perfect.  He was technically a Lutheran, but did Catholic and Baptist services as well.  I asked how he ended up in the chair, and she said that it was an IED in Iraq.  We talked for a while, and she said that she thought that he could handle our setup here.  I took time off of school (I was getting straight A’s anyway), and we flew out to meet Reverend Mark Jensen.

I liked him immediately.  A jolly man, without the fat, he was friendly.  After greetings, he asked, “So why are you here?”

Trisha said, “We are looking for a military pastor, and you were my unit’s pastor in Iraq.  And I like you.”

I added, “We are a new community and need a person of your talents.  About half the community lives in a commune, while the other half are regular small town types.  We would like to make sure that you are okay with that.”

“I can’t say that I would be thrilled, but it is something I can work with.  What is there by way of a church?”

“You get to design and build it, it is underground, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue.”


Trisha said, “This is a high security walled community.  Half of the personnel are marines.”

“I see.  Then you are looking for me to do multiple christen services?”

I answered, “Yes.  There will also be a synagogue next door.  We are looking for a Rabbi as well.”

“I would love the job, but you realize I am stuck in this chair?”

I asked, “Pastor Jensen, can I have your word that you will not reveal what I am about to tell you?”

“Yes, young man.”

“We can easily fix you so that you can walk.”

“How is that possible?”

“We have a full hospital.  Also we have a drug called TMJ that will heal any injury.”

“That is hard to believe.”

“That is how our community got started.  We healed vets, like Trisha, and they set up the security.  Even the President visits once in a while because it is so safe.”

“Hmmm.  If what you say is true, I have both a Catholic Priest for you and a Jewish Rabbi.  Both are in chairs like I am, and both are essentially benched like I am.  We play wheelchair basketball once a month together.”

“Are they both liberal enough to handle the social setup I described?”

“They were both injured working together in a soup kitchen that got bombed by a nut group.”

“Sounds like who we want.  Do you or either of them have any issues that would come up in an intensive background check?”

“I am ex-military, and those two...  I doubt it.”

“So you will take the job?”


“Please call your two friends then and set up a meeting.”

About two hours later, we were meeting with Father John Patrick and Rabbi Dean Stanislaw.  The two of them leapt at the chance.  Father Patrick said that he had to get permission, that he was not permitted to just open a church.  He would come and help design the church, and await permission to preach.

I gave them each three TMJ tablets and a patch.  I told them to get ready, that they could come back later for their stuff, but that we were leaving tomorrow morning.

The next morning the three of them walked onto the plane carrying their suitcases.  They were practically skipping.

They sat down with the architect and designed the layout.  One thing that they pointed out was that we should make two empty spaces specifically east-west aligned for any future Muslims or Buddhists.  They said that their religions didn’t mind not being perfectly magnetically aligned.  They designed five spaces, the sixth was the tunnel in.  The center was to be a big garden with streams, little bridges and gazebos.  I liked it and okayed the plans.

Since it was too late in the year to begin digging, we planned to break ground next spring.  Until then, the three of them made use of the theater in the mornings.

That Friday, Cat and I attended the grand opening of the Theater.  It was a single Theater, considering it was only for a population of around a thousand.  They were showing Avatar, a bit second run, but a fun starter film.  Cat held my arm and leaned on my shoulder through the whole movie.

I walked her home and exchanged a kiss at her doorway.  She smiled and went inside.  I walked back home.

Chapter 41

Helen happily joined me for the night next time she came over for dinner on Sunday.  She and Jenny both took turns trying to wear me out.  I beat them both when they collapsed and hugged me tightly from both sides, simultaneously saying, “I love you.”  We dozed off.

I awoke to Amanda riding me.  Helen and Jenny were both still cuddling.  Soon I left a load deep in her.  We all got up, Jenny had to take off for her shift at work, and Amanda and I had to get ready for school.  Helen just watched me get ready, and then wandered out to the kitchen with us.

That evening, I swung into the hospital.  Cat was working the desk again.  I folded my arms on the high counter and rested my chin on them.  A minute later Cat noticed me.  She stared for a second, then said, “Just who are you anyway?”

Crap! Someone has been talking.  I kept a poker face and asked, “What do you mean?”

“How is it that I mention that we are missing a church, and a day later ground breaks on one?”

Hmmm, she is smart.  “I brought it up at dinner.  It was a good idea.”  It technically wasn’t a fib...

“Just because you brought it up at dinner, it was done?”

“The head of the estate and the head of security liked the idea.”  I didn’t mention that I was the head of the estate.  “Now, how about a hello kiss,” I grinned.  She gave me a peck.  I asked, “Why, don’t you like rich dudes?”

“No, not really.  Reena’s high school boyfriend was rich, and he was a real asshole.  He slept around on her and then when she dumped him, he stalked her 24/7.  She eventually joined the marines to get away from him.”

“Hmmm, well I am very rich and because of the way I live, there are a lot of girls I hang out with.  I think it is really bad that she told him to go away and he stalked her though.  If you told me to go away, I might see you once in a while since we are neighbors, but that is it.  If you want to, I can make his life miserable, just say the word.”

“That brings up so many issues.  Can we meet this Friday evening to talk about things?”

“Of course.  How about six o’clock at the Chinese restaurant.  We can have dinner and talk.”

“Sounds good.”  She turned back to her desk and I left.

That evening I mentioned the bit of Reena’s history to Trish and a few guards.  One of them coldly said, “We will take care of it.”

The next evening, Val had a bandage on her arm.  That was so rare that I peeled it off and saw a nearly healed gunshot wound.  I asked, “What the hell happened?”

Val replied, “No one has to worry about the asshole who stalked Reena any more.  Quince Xavier Young is no longer a concern.” 

As usual I thought that it was really bad to get on my girls’ bad side.

Friday at six, I met with Cat at Chung’s Chinese.  Like Penny before her, she threw herself into my arms crying when she saw me.  “Tom!”  She sobbed into my shirt.

“What’s wrong, Cat?”

“I don’t care if you have other girls!  I love you!  I want to be with you no matter how I can get you, even if I have to share!”

“Wow, Cat, I love you too.  But what brought this on?”

“At first I was angry, if you will forgive me for that.  You said that you had other girls.  I was really jealous.  Then I realized, they are your girls, you cannot leave them.  I really, really want to join them and be one of your girls.”

I lifted her chin and kissed her.  “As one of my girls, you never need to bow your head to me.”

“Hmmm, I understand.”

“Now, let’s get some dinner.  Tomorrow you can come over and see the main house.”

We ate.  Afterwards, I said, “Go talk to Reena’s honor guard; find out what it is like to be one of my girls.  If you still want to be one, come over to the house tomorrow morning and join your new sisters.”

“Yes, Tom.  Anything you say.”  She watched as I headed out down the hall.

The next morning I awoke to Cat giving me a blowjob.  Soon I shot my load into her mouth.  She immediately zoned.  “Cat, you love being one of my girls.  You now realize it is what you were born to be.  You love all your new sisters.  You like that they were your natural sister’s love sisters too.  You love me beyond all belief and ache to be with me and around me as much as possible.  If I am happy, you are happy.  Since your love sisters Jenny and Helen run the hospital, you think it will be wonderful to train to work with them.  Now wake up.”

She blinked, then said, “I love you so much it hurts.”  She snuggled up to me.  I laid her back then slid home, popping her cherry in the process.  I waved Wendy over to be next to Cat and make her feel like one of the girls.  After I came and she lay there semi-conscious from her multi-orgasms, I fucked Wendy to oblivion.  Cat held her hand and smiled. 

Afterwards, I commented, “Your sisters went and took care of Quince.”  She smiled again.  “When you have recovered a bit, why don’t you and Wendy join us for breakfast?”  I threw her a smile and headed to the kitchen.

Chapter 42

Christmas/Hanukkah was fun.  There were toddlers and babies everywhere.  Since they were all spoiled nary a one cried.  Jenny’s kid was talking up a storm.  She would run from person to person, she called all older women, “mommy”.  Jenny was “mommy-mommy”, and, I was “daddy-daddy”.  My grandpa was just “daddy”.  As my father still didn’t come around the main house much, she really never met him.  Cat was an enthusiastic member of the household, as was Helen and Candy.

In February, Emily disappeared.  She had failed to report in.  All attempts to contact her failed.  Trish reported to me.  “Master Tom, Emily has gone missing.  We cannot contact her.”

I knew she was visiting her cousin in Wisconsin, so I said, “Trish, prepare the jet plus a team.  We are going to go get her.  Be ready to lift in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes, sir.”  She knew me well enough not to argue my inclusion in the operation.  We were on our way to Wausau with a plane full of commandos in less than the fifteen minutes.

As I donned my gear, I said, “Nobody, nobody messes with my girls.”  Every single one of the commandos nodded in agreement.  Nobody messes with one of their sisters either.

As that we were not worried about wasting fuel, we were landing in half an hour.  The estate was on high alert and the control room team had called ahead.  There were two big SUVs waiting when we landed.  So was the sheriff.  He took one look, swallowed, and asked, “Anything I can do to help?”

I growled, “Yes, please take us to 4713 Higgs Drive.”  We were there in five minutes.  The team surrounded the place while Trisha and I went up to the door and knocked.  It was less than an hour after she was reported missing.  I was proud of my girls.

A frumpy lady answered the door.  She took one look and slammed it.  We could hear her running into the back of the house yelling, “George, there are G.I. Joes at the door!”

We heard him get up and approach the door.  He opened it and as he saw us plus the police outside, he asked, “How can I help you?”

Trisha barked, “Emily Thomas.  We want to see her, now!”

He looked at her and said, “No”, then he slammed the door.

We went and talked to the Sheriff.  He had us hold up our right hand, plunked a badge in our left, and swore us in as deputies on the spot.  Then he went with Trish and me to the door.  He pounded on it.  “This is the police.  Open the door or we will be forced to break in!”

There was no answer, so he nodded to us.  One kick and the door was flying off its hinges.  We stormed the house.  In the back room there was an unconscious Emily tied to a bed with an I.V. dripping into her arm.  We had the aunt, uncle, and other wimpy little man there bound and handcuffed in under five seconds.  Trish slammed the older guy up against the wall, “What the hell are you doing to Emily?”

Panicked, he started to babble, “This is an intervention.  She got herself brainwashed by one of them cults.”  He kept babbling.  “She was returning to marry Vance when she got captured and brainwashed.  We tied her to the bed, but she went unconscious after two days.”

I asked, “Did you remove her patch?”

“Of course.”

“Morons.”  I asked Trisha, “Got any spares?”

“Yes, back at the plane.”

“Give her yours.  You will be back on the plane long before it affects you.”

“Good idea.”  She dropped the guy, reached into her sleeve and pulled off her patch.  She applied it to Emily’s arm.  Then we untied her. 

A minute later she let out a gasp and suddenly sat up.  I handed her my camo jacket which she gladly put on after she yanked out the I.V., cursing the whole time.  “Goddammit!  Those assholes.  I told them the reason I didn’t come back to stay was that I didn’t want to.  I also told them that you would be here to get me if I didn’t go back.  They didn’t believe me.  Now maybe they do.  I can’t believe they actually thought I would come back to this cesspool to stay after being a marine?  Fucking morons.”  She huddled against me.

The sheriff asked, “Just to confirm, you were here against your will?”

“Hell yes!”

He turned to the three on the floor.  “Just so you know, I checked and these commandos have clearance up higher than I can even check, and I even called a buddy of mine at the Pentagon.  So feel lucky to be alive.  I certainly wouldn’t want to kidnap one of them when even the Navy is scared of them.”

Trisha and I exchanged looks.  She shrugged.  I guess the Secret Service or President had given us some sort of high level classification.  First I had heard of it.

I led Emily out as several more commandos arrived to take out the prisoners.  We dumped all three in the back of the Sheriff’s SUV.  Emily got bits and pieces of a uniform from her sisters, who all went back to the plane.  Trisha, Emily and I went with the Sheriff back to his station to give statements.

We had to return for the court dates, but we gladly boarded our plane and headed for home.  Emily muttered, “So much for next Thanksgiving,” then she hugged all her sisters and cried on the way back.

Jenny was waiting at the ramp and took Emily over to a cart and drove her to the hospital for the night.  There wasn’t much known about TMJ depravation and Jenny wanted to make sure.  All my girls knew that Jenny worried about them and so obeyed her when she gave a medical order.

Emily was up and about the next morning.

Chapter 43

In June, the world watched in horror as Al-Qaida set off an Iranian nuke in an American base in Kuwait.  36 hours later we got a call from the President.

“Mr. Johnson, Dr. Franks, how does TMJ work with radiation damage?”

Jenny and I glanced at each other, then back at the screen.  Jenny replied, “We have no idea, Mr. President.  The issue has never come up.  I give it a 50/50 chance of working.”

He thought for a moment, then stated his problem.  “I need some answers, and there are a lot of soldiers who are in bad shape who have those answers.  Unfortunately, they cannot be transported far and there are a large number of them.”  He paused, “What is the potential supply of TMJ?  Assuming we can cure these soldiers, can we keep up the supply of TMJ to keep them alive?”

“Hold on for a minute, Mr. President.”  Jenny hit mute and stepped off monitor.  “Tom, we are close to max production right now.”

I also stepped off camera.  “We only need the support chemical, right?”


“So, you have me coming in three times a week right now.  What if Grandpa came in three times a week as well?”

“I would need more assistants, but that would double production.  I suppose in an emergency, we could dip into our cryogenically frozen backup supply, since the dosage per patch is much lower, so there is enough frozen to last fifty years.”

I stepped back on camera and un-muted the call.  “Mr. President, we can support a maximum of about 150, but that is stretching it.”  In reality it was more like 500, but I wanted options.

With a grimace he replied, “Since there are only 38 survivors, that isn’t a problem.  How soon can you get a supply and be here in D.C. to catch a flight to Ramstein, Germany?”

Before Jenny could answer, I said, “We will have to bring our own security detail, all marines, sir.”

“No problem.”

“Then we will be in D.C. in four hours, Sir.”

“Good,” clunk.  He hung up.

We were airborne with a four person marine detail in less than 45 minutes.  It was a week until my 17th birthday.  I was finally old enough that people didn’t constantly comment on how young I was, at least not any more than the general comments about the age of my marines.  Trisha stayed behind to run things, it was her decision, and she was reluctant, but with me gone for potentially weeks, she knew that she was needed there.

As we flew into D.C. I noticed that there were was a patch on the fatigues.  The American flag on the sleeve, of course, but on the left pocket was a patch with a shield and tree on it.  It looked very official.  I asked Wendy what it meant.

“Family,” was her one word answer.  The working fatigues were very official looking, name tags above the right pocket and all.  I even had a set with “Johnson” above the pocket.  Cool.  I immediately changed into them.  I saw Jenny changing as well.  We all had camo duffels and there were two large medical coolers.  There weren’t any large weapons (except for the cache on the plane, of course), but we all had sidearms.

As we got off the plane in D.C., we were met by a pretty blonde woman dressed in a business suit who was “sir-ing” into the phone.  She suddenly thrust the phone at me and asked me to talk to the President. 


“Mr. Johnson, I am authorizing you to fill in Agent Farrow on TMJ.  She is an intelligence analyst and will be accompanying you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Clunk.  He hung up again.  I checked out Agent Debora Farrow’s credentials and then waved for her to follow as we were led to another jet waiting for us.  My marines hand carried the medical coolers on board while other marines and soldiers stood guard.  We were airborne again in ten minutes.

As the plane rapidly approached 480 knots at 45,000 ft, Debora Farrow turned to me and said, “Okay, what the hell is going on?  I have spent the last two days analyzing the nuke in Kuwait, and then the President tells me get to the base and catch this flight, or else.  I repeat, what the hell is going on?”

“You are going to interview the survivors at Ramstein.”

“I was given to understand that they are in such bad shape that it was impossible.”

“That is why we are going.  This is above Top Secret, do you understand?”

She looked surprised as she nodded.

“We have a drug that boosts the bodies’ immune and other systems.  It can repair almost any injury.  We are going to test it to see if it works with radiation poisoning.  If it does, they will hopefully be able to talk to you by tomorrow.”

“What?  You creating some sort of Universal Soldier, or something like that?”

“In a way, except that it doesn’t affect the mind.”

“Hmmm, if it wasn’t the President of the United States who shoved me on this plane, I would think that you have seen too many TV shows.”

“Sorry, this isn’t ‘Fringe’.  We are just a group of civilians that developed a drug and are doing the President a favor.”

“You mean that you aren’t in the military?”

“No, although all of my task force here except Dr. Franks are Marines who were medically discharged.”

“You mean...”

“Yes, they were all terminally ill, paralyzed, or otherwise impaired.  They agreed to test TMJ.  They have all been where the personnel you are interviewing are, so you may want to talk to them about it.”

“I’ll do that.”  She got up and headed back to talk to my marines.  I was startled about half an hour later by a loud giggle.  Turning around she was chatting away with the girls like she was an old friend.

I dozed the rest of the way, waking up as we were landing at Ramstein.  We got off the plane and got into the omnipresent black SUVs.  They took us to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

As we got out of the SUVs, a small group was waiting for us.  The man at the head of the group exclaimed, “Is this a joke?  I am to turn over treatment of my patients to a bunch of teenagers?”  He glared at the doctor next to him.  “Bob, you told me that there was a crack medical team sent by executive order.  Very funny.”  He turned and walked back inside.

Jenny was seething.  The rest of us were merely angry.  She asked the two doctors still standing there, “Who was that jerk?”

The one on the left shuffled his feet and said, “That was the head physician, Doctor Higgs.”

Agent Farrow pulled out her phone, hit a quick dial number, then started murmuring into the phone.  A minute later she put it down and smiled hard.  “Wait for it...” she said.

Two minutes later a full Colonel was at the door.  “Dr. Franks, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Farrow, welcome to Landstuhl.  I am Colonel Zane.  I apologize for Dr. Higgs, he can be a bit arrogant at times.”

I said, “Just keep him out of our way.”

“Yes, Sir.  I am under very clear orders to have him removed if he does not cooperate.”

Jenny said, “Colonel Zane, we are under a time crunch here.  Could we please be taken to the patients ASAP.”

“Of course, Dr. Franks.”  He led the way down the hall, the two doctors left behind from the greeting party scrambling to keep up.  We passed through security where we all got security badges, then through three more security checkpoints.

At the last one was a problem.  Waiting for us was Senator Tennison.  Crap.  He stepped forward and said, “I hear that you folks are a crack medical team.  What do you hope to do that the doctors here couldn’t?”

Not wanting to deal with him right now, I said, “Sorry Senator, but you are not cleared for that information.”

“I am cleared for all information, boy.”

“Well, MAN, you are not cleared for this.  If you do not remove yourself, these marines will be forced to do so.”

He started sputtering as we marched on.

I said to Jenny and my marines, “That was fun.” 

The Colonel snorted.  “I have wanted to do that since he showed up two days ago, sticking his nose in everywhere.  He has some pretty high level connections.  I hope you know what you are doing.”

“We are under direct Presidential order not to reveal this to anyone.  I will allow you to be there if you don’t ask questions.  And we are civilians doing this voluntarily, so the Senator can, with all due respect, go to hell.”

He chuckled until we got to the ward.  Then it became a grimace.

There were 39 patients.  Three had died, but four more had been found.  We started going through them, one by one.  It was pretty awful.  34 of the 39 got three TMJ tablets.  The last five got an experimental injection version since they were unable to take it orally.  The burns were unbelievable.  Several of them I was surprised that they were still alive.  Jenny held off on the patches, hoping that many of them would have clearer skin, more viable for a patch, the next day.

I took up post with my marines, guarding the entrances to the ward alongside the marines posted by the Colonel.  We only had to stop the Senator twice, other personnel about six times, and somehow a paparazzi got in.  The Colonel’s marines marched her away, presumably for questioning.

The TMJ seemed to be working, albeit much slower than usual.  Jenny and I discussed that, and we figured that it was the extent of the damage.  Every single cell in the body needed replacing with new undamaged equivalents.  Plus the new immune system grown by TMJ would be from damaged material and needed to be updated itself.  What a mess.  How could anyone, even a fanatic like Osama Bin Laden, do something like that?  We had an excuse in WWII, we didn’t know what would happen, but anyone setting off a nuke since then should be tried as a war criminal.

Agent Farrow was able to talk to most of them after a day.  She slowly pieced together what had happened.  Apparently a delivery truck full of fresh fruit arrived just before the blast.  One of the survivors had been a gate guard who survived in his stone gate kiosk.  He had noticed that the driver was new.

That was enough to focus the investigation.  The usual driver was found dead with his wife and three kids.  It wasn’t that simple though, the replacement driver used had been vetted.  It got very political after that and I wasn’t really interested.

By the second day, the soldiers were recovering exponentially.  As they got healthier, their bodies had less work to do, and the TMJ started working at its usual speed.  Several of the soldiers wanted to get back to duty.  A few whiners wanted to go home.  A few had been in so bad a shape that they were still in bed for another day.

Jenny went to each one of them, explained that the patch was necessary and that they would need them for the rest of their life.  A few of them frowned at that, but didn’t say anything right away.  It was a day later that a group of them sent in the ranking officer, a lieutenant, to complain to Jenny.  “Why did you do this to us?”  That was his essential question.

I had been expecting the question, but I was still pissed off.  I waved Jenny back and replied.  “Mister, 90% of you were blind.  70% of you would already be dead.  50% of you would have never walked again, if you were still alive.  All of you were severely burned over most of your bodies.  You are damn lucky the President decided to ask us to give you this chance.  If you don’t like it, I can dump you in the hospital incinerator and you can be a charred almost-corpse again.”

He took a step back.  “I apologize; I didn’t realize things were that bad.”  He rallied a bit and said, “The problem is that this will affect the rest of our lives, and we weren’t given any choice.  That really bothers most of us.”

“Boo-hoo.  So you have to wear a monthly arm patch.  You are made into supermen, with centuries to live, in exchange for having to wear a patch on your arm.  Any of you can peel it off and die in a few days like you would have anyway.  Your choice.”

“Supermen?  What are you talking about?”

I glanced over at Jenny.  “You didn’t explain that part?”

“Not yet, Sir.”

I turned back to the lieutenant.  “In addition to healing fast, you will live several centuries, you have almost unlimited endurance and four times normal strength.  That is why this is all top secret.”

He stared at me disbelievingly, “Are you serious?”

“Yes I am.  Can you see why you can never tell ANYONE about this?”

He shivered.  “Hell yes, I understand.  I shudder to think about a politician getting their hands on this.”

“Exactly.  If you can make the rest of the soldiers understand all this, we can let you out of this ward; talk to your families.  Also, there is a Senator waiting outside the guard posts to interrogate you guys.  Make sure the boys and girls know not to say anything to him.”

He shuddered again.  “Yes, sir.  I will make sure they understand all of what is going on.”  He went back into the ward.

He was a man of his word.  He made sure they all understood.  A few were a bit thickheaded, but he managed.  I was a little worried, the Senator could be very persuasive, after all he was a politician, but when the soldiers emerged, they all pointedly ignored him.  When he got persistent, I heard the lieutenant tell him, “We are all feeling great.  That is all we can tell you.”

That evening, Agent Farrow gathered them all in the visitor’s lounge.  She jumped up on a coffee table and clapped her hands to get their attention.  “Gentlemen and Ladies!”  They were all suddenly quiet.

“I just got off the phone with the President.  He would like to send you his congratulations on such a speedy recovery.”  She grinned and got a few grins back.  “You each have a choice to make.  One, you can rejoin what is left of your unit.  Two, you may take a medical discharge.  While you are perfectly healthy, you are the only living survivors of a nuclear explosion and that buys you a medical discharge.  Or third, the President has ordered the creation of a special unit named the ‘The Mushroom Clouds’.  It is open to all those who have survived a nuclear blast.  You all may join it.  Since you are all now resistant to most toxins and because of your other abilities, the unit’s duty will be primarily search and rescue in hazardous situations.  Its secondary duty will be special guard duties.  Thank you.”  She got down.

She mentioned to me that the President had pulled some strings to get the unit created.  He had to get the name officially registered at the Center for Military History and get it signed off by the Secretary of the Army.

By the next day, there were 34 members of the new unit, two who requested discharges, and three who wanted to go back to their units.  The new unit were already calling themselves “shrooms”.  Somewhere they had found patches with a mushroom cloud on them for their fatigues. 

As they were shipping out, Agent Farrow handed me her phone.  I said, “Hello.”

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson.  That makes five that I owe you.”

Chapter 44

The religious center was almost complete.  The Lutheran and Catholic churches along with the synagogue were essentially built inside the area provided so that once you were inside, you couldn’t tell that they were built underground.  They had strong lights outside the stained glass so it appeared to be sunlight.  With big wooden beams and polished pews, they were beautiful.

Father John Patrick got permission to preach at his new church.  I had to sign a waver to allow in a bishop and several other priests for the dedication ceremony, however.  The Lutherans and Jews weren’t as anal and just said, “Okay.”  The Catholics argued for a while about land ownership, but in the end I kept the property.  They finally consecrated the place similar to a chapel on a military vessel.

The Bishop I had been afraid would be upset, but he turned out to be a little amused by all the security.  During his visit he had one of the few male guards, Chris (big brother to Amy), who was also Catholic, so that worked out perfect.

Since I was officially Lutheran, I attended the Sunday morning services.  It made my mother and grandpa happy.  They had both been a little upset that I had been missing church.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to humor them, so I went.

The cost of living was so low that I didn’t have to supplement the offering income for the Rabbi, Priest, and Pastor.  They got free housing like everyone else on the estate.  The Rabbi, now that he was established, needed to find a bride, and he rapidly fell for one of the lady vets.  Fortunately she wasn’t one of mine.  His wedding was the first in the new synagogue.  The Pastor kept his eye out, dated a few times, but there was nothing hot and heavy.

In July Cat discovered she was pregnant.  She was overjoyed about being pregnant, but a little upset about missing her schooling.  I pointed out that there were plenty of online schools, and that was solved.

Also in early July, Nancy came back for the rest of the summer.  Since we had the churches now, her dad said that she had to go.  She rolled her eyes, but went.  She was surprised at how her stable project had grown.  She got a part time job working in the stables.  I overheard her bragging about how she got a job to her parents.  I bet she was the first First Kid to ever have a part time job.

Chapter 45

We had a population now, so we threw a big 4th of July celebration.  Last year we had joined the main city’s celebration, but this year we wanted to try our own.  It was small, but fun.  The guard towers reported that people from the city were on their rooftops watching the fireworks in our compound.  Sheila, in charge of the civilian population, had really thrown quite the party.

Cassie’s gymnasium was doing great business.  I hadn’t been over there for a while, so I stopped by one morning in August.  I jogged over to the gate into the gymnastics compound.  There was a hand painted sign next to the gate that said, “Cassville, Population 216”.  As I entered I was struck by the way the whole place looked.  It gave the appearance and feel of an English town.  The rowhouses were reminiscent of English rowhouses, they even had some laundry hanging in the big back yards.  A group of kids were running in the streets kicking around a soccer ball.  Another bunch were playing on the fancy playground equipment in the small park.  There was a pub, convenience store, and Johnson bank next to the gate.  At the end of the walled sub-town was the giant gymnastics complex that looked a lot like a castle.

I wandered down the street.  Suddenly the kids kicking around the ball stopped and stared at me.  One of the older ones asked, “Are you Tom Johnson?”


“Cool.”  He and the others stared at me until I went in the big door on the gym.  As I went in, I realized the way the door was designed that the effect outside was deliberate.  Cassie had always been an avid reader of fantasy like ‘Avalon’ and ‘The Once and Future King’. 

The gym complex had everything.  Multiple gymnasiums, Olympic size pool, indoor stadium.  A sign directed me to the main workout gym.  The hall came out into a large observation room, snack machines and all.  It was full of parents, each taking an area and personalizing it with their own desk, computers, easy chair, etc.  Every once in a while a parent would jump up and shout something down to their kid.

I went to the railing and looked down.  It was chaos.  Boy and girl gymnasts everywhere.  Wandering among them was Cassie, tweeting her whistle, giving a suggestion, seemingly everywhere.  I waited until she was walking from the beam over to the horse when I yelled out, “Hey, Cassie!”  She looked up, saw me, and waved me down.

It was only fifteen to twenty feet down so I just hopped over the railing.  Cassie was waiting with an eyebrow raised.  “What are you doing here?”

“Just looking around.  I like your Avalon theme outside.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t resist.”

“It’s pretty cool.  How is everything going here in Cassville?  You know you need to come over to the main house for dinner more often.  I miss you.”

“It is really busy.  I have two nationalists right now that require almost constant attention.  It was nice that two of the marine’s fathers were coaches so I have extra help.”

A petite girl appeared at my elbow.  “Are you Tom?” she asked.

What is this?  “Yes I am.”

She giggled and ran back to a group of girls who were all staring.  I looked at Cassie and commented, “The same thing happened outside just before I came in.  Do you know what is going on?”

“Yes, I do.”

I gave her the look.  She went on.  “You are considered the ideal.  All the girls have a big crush on you, and all the boys want to be just like you.  I think your last school picture has been copied hundreds of times and all the kids have it posted in their lockers.  Every little thing you do, and many you don’t do, are gossiped about constantly.  Many of these kids probably know more about you than you do.”

My first thought was ‘ridiculous’! Then I realized it didn’t hurt anyone, and was a bit flattering.  I decided to leave it alone.  I gave Cassie a quick hug and kiss on the forehead, then headed for the door.  I waved at the group of girls and said, “Bye, ladies!”  They all tittered, pressed their hands together and got hard nips.  They were all pretty, but underdeveloped for my taste.

As I walked to the door, in came the exception.  Wow.  She was hot, tight, about my age, with a good C cup.  She was too filled out for gymnastics, I offhandedly thought.  I didn’t want to piss off the other girls, so I just said, “Hello.”

She stared for a second, then whispered, “Hello,” back to me.

I smiled at her, walked past and out.  After the door closed I peeked in the window.  She was frozen and the other girls were hopping around her, “Oh, he talked to you”, “Tam, you are so lucky”, “I wish I had boobs too”, “he is such a hunk”.

Cassie came over, smiled, then got a neutral look and said, “Break it up girls, back to work,” and shooed them back to practice.

I slipped into Cassie’s office and looked up Tam in the database.  Tammy Himmbach was of good but not great talent, and she had rich parents who paid her whole way.  She was one of those girls whose parents didn’t realize that she would never be the star.  I left a note for Cassie that I wanted to meet with her as soon as possible.  I suggested in her pub at eight.

The pub was nice.  There was a traditional pub area with the bar in the center, and on the other side was a family oriented area with a few video games.  I sat in the bar area at a table and ordered a Coke.  The bartender didn’t recognize me, or at least pretended not to recognize me, which was good.

At ten to eight, Cassie came in and joined me with a Sprite.  We sat in silence for a few minutes, I could visibly see her relax.  Then she asked, “Whazzup?”

“Cassie, this is a minor intervention.  You need to cut down on the number of girls or increase your staff.”

She slumped back a bit.  “Yeah, I know.  But I don’t want to hurt any of the girl’s feelings by kicking them out, and with our unusual living arrangements, finding staff is difficult.”

“I agree.  I will admit that I had an idea after I saw Tam today.  Since she, and I assume there are more like her, will never be a national or world class gymnast, can you convert her to being a trainer or something like that?”

“I think I can do that.  But we will lose the money being paid by her parents, and there is a good chance her parents will take her and place her with another coach who will have no compunction to taking their money.”

“I understand.  It is just that you are trying to do too much.  As much as we would like to make money, your health is more important.  TMJ takes care of your physical health, but your mental health is another matter.”

She grinned, “Yes, sir.”

I grinned back, “You are sassing me aren’t you.  I like that.  Anyway, let me know how it goes with Tam.  Offer her full residency, house, unrestricted access to the mall, hospital, etc.  If she accepts, swear her to secrecy about anything she sees on the grounds.  If she works out, make the offer to other older gymnasts who are going nowhere.”

She grinned again, “Besides, she is pretty, isn’t she?”

“I will admit I thought about that, but you come first.  I could just claim her as a sister, but I will wait until she decides to stay or not.”

Suddenly Cassie jumped in my lap and hugged me.  “I love you, Tom.  Thank you for letting me have my dream.”

“Of course, you are my big sister and I love you too.”  I hugged her back.

I heard that Tam took the offer.  She apparently had been telling her parents that she wasn’t a good enough gymnast for years, but they wouldn’t listen.  Tam was a little older than me, just over 18, so she instantly decided to jump at Cassie’s offer.

I saw her in the mall a few weeks later in Grandma’s dress shop.  I went over to her and said, “Hello, Tam.” 

She jumped and turned around.  “H-Hi, Sir.”  Her eyes dropped.

“I heard you are now working over at the gym.  How’s that going?”


Wow, was this girl shy.  She needed to get some peer pushing.  If I got her to meet me later, maybe the other girls in the gym would talk up her courage a bit.  “Why don’t you meet me for dinner at George’s tomorrow?”  George’s was a new restaurant that was an actual restaurant with tables, menus, and waitresses.

Her head shot up and her eyes opened wide.  She tried to say something, probably to say no, but nothing was coming out.  I smiled and said, “Good, see you over at the Cassville gate at seven.”  Before she could say anything, I said, “Gotta go.  See you tomorrow!” Then I left and slipped into the Radio Shack next door, peering around the corner.

Tam stood there frozen for about two minutes.  Then Grandma May came over and asked, “Are you alright, dear?”  Tam blinked and murmured something.  “I didn’t hear that.”

Tam looked at her with big eyes and exclaimed, “I have a date with Tom!”

Grandma May smiled and said, “Well, then we need to find a pretty dress for you.”  She led her deeper into the store.  Good.

The next evening, I put on a black suit and drove my cart over to the Cassville gate.  Waiting there was Tam in a beautiful blue dress.  I could feel the eyes watching.  Glancing around I could see at least eight different sets of eyes.  So I played it up.  Getting out of the car I went to Tam and kissed her hand.  Then I escorted her to the car and helped her get in.  Then I went around and climbed in myself and then took off slowly.  I could hear a few sighs behind me as we drove off.

I played the perfect gentleman all evening.  Pulling out chairs, opening doors, letting her prattle nervously on, I even walked her to her door.  I was having fun playing the romantic gentleman.  We exchanged a quick kiss at her door, and again I heard several sighs around us.  I grinned to myself as I walked away.  The poor girl would be grilled for half the night.

Two days later she was leading a bunch of gymnasts on a perimeter jog, so I came up behind her and pulled in next to her with a hearty, “Good morning, Tam!”

She struggled for a second, then said, “Good morning, Tom.”

She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top.  I looked up and down and commented, “Looking pretty nice this morning.”

She blushed and murmured, “Thanks.”

“When do you finish practice?”

“Around seven.”

“See you at the gym for a nice walk at seven.”  Again before she could protest I took off, passing the gymnasts with a “Good morning, ladies.”  I sped ahead amongst the titters and disappeared around the corner.  Again I snuck around and watched, this time from the bushes.

They were swarmed around Tam.  “Girl, he likes you!”  “Wish I had boobs.”  “Hot!  An evening stroll, making out under the stars.”  “Damn, you are lucky!”  “Tell us how big he is!”  That last one was from a cute redhead.  Hmmm, maybe in a year or two...

That evening I found Tam by the entrance of the gym.  She still was wearing the shorts and tanktop.  I took her hand and led her out the back entrance of Cassville.  Rather than go along the road that was fenced on both sides, I led her towards the interior.  There was a boardwalk over the edge of the lake, and along with the sunset it was beautiful.  There was even a whooping crane that took off.  I turned to Tam, cupped her face, and kissed her.  When she responded, I opened my mouth and French kissed her, she opened her mouth and responded to that.

Soon we were sitting on a bench making out.  I squeezed one of those beautiful boobs and she just kissed me harder.  Suddenly she kneeled in front of me and pulled down my shorts.  “Wow,” she said, staring at my cock.  She reached out and encircled it with her hand, then leaned forward and took it all the way down.

Slowly she deep throated me, then pulling back, she licked every bit of my cock and balls.  I commented, “Damn, you are good at this.”

“We practice a lot with carrots.  This is more fun though.”  She grinned and deep throated me again.  She lost all her shyness with my cock buried in her throat.  “Hmmm, Bev said this is fun.  She was right!”

With her enthusiastic work, I was soon filling her mouth with cum.  “Yum!  This is even better than Bev said.”  She swallowed and zoned out.

“Tam, this was the most wonderful thing you have ever done.  You love Tom’s cock.  You will gladly tell the other girls how wonderful Tom and his cock is, including encouraging them to keep up the practice with carrots.  You really love Tom, your whole body aches with need whenever you are away from him.  He is so wonderful, you think about him constantly.  You know in your soul that he owns you now, and you will do anything he wants.  You are happy to be one of his girls like Cassie and the most of the guards.  All Tom’s girls are sisters to you now.  Your purpose in life is to do what Tom wants, and he wants you to assist your sister Cassie.  You will dream about Tom, being with Tom, and making love with Tom.  Don’t forget to talk to Cassie about getting your arm patch.  Wake up.”

She blinked, then some of her shyness came back.  She looked down and murmured, “Thank you.”

I lifted her chin, looked her in the eyes, and said, “You are one of my girls now, you never need to bow your head to me or anyone.  And you are entirely welcome.”  I wanted her there, but I needed to get back to the house.  So I escorted her back to her place, she leaned on my shoulder gripping my arm the whole way.

As I dropped her off at her door again, I gave her a long French kiss and squeezed her beautiful ass amongst the titters around us.  I walked away and then jogged back to my house.

Nancy had to leave in the morning, so I spent the rest of the evening and night with her.  She flew out first thing in the morning.

Chapter 46

I had cut way back on my recruitment of personal girls.  Tam and Cat were the only new ones in a while.  I had 157 girls.  There were close to a thousand more people on the estate at this point.  I felt that I had plenty for now.  Maybe 1 or 2 a year.  With the rate that kids were being born, 65% of which were mine, it is not like we were a stagnant population.  Heck, even Grandma Susan and Grandma Alice were both pregnant.  Grandpa Joe was overjoyed, both by having more kids of his own, and also with having close to 75 grandkids.  My mother was also pregnant.  She was happy about it, but my dad was a bit miffed.  He was happy in his retirement.  He grumped, “Eternal youth has it’s drawbacks.”

My barefoot and pregnant squad were all happy.  They were well into their second pregnancy.  Even Sandra had managed to get pregnant, to her delight.  They all worked full time in the nursery.

We had added to the main house, it was now almost double in size with nurseries and small bedrooms like those the marines had for the older kids.  Jenny’s girl, Theresa, was almost three.  She was extremely smart like her mother.  She was already looking forward to when she was four, then she could go hang out at the hospital with her mom.  She was practicing wearing clothes, although she didn’t like them, and felt she was ready.

My senior year started like usual.  There were a lot more kids on the bus, we had a full sized bus now, full of high school students, all from the estate.  There were two pickups, one at the loading docks which were close to the commercial section of the estate, and one at the main gate where the main house and Cassville was.  On the way to school, I pondered the idea of naming my town like Cassie had.  She had told me that someone had put up the sign, and the name was immediately adopted.  It sure would be convenient.  I would try to think up a name.  Johnsonville wouldn’t work, it sounded like a sausage; maybe Susberg after my other sister?  That didn’t sound too bad.

My first period class was one of my electives.  I took Anthropology.  There were several hot girls in the class, all of which were mine already.  Vanna sat next to me.

Second period was History of American Literature.  Looking over the syllabus, they were covering books I had already read long ago, Scarlet Letter, Huckleberry Finn, etc.; so I checked out the girls in that class.  There were a few cute ones.  Two were mine and one wasn’t.  She was pretty, I would recruit her if I got a chance, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

Third period I had Physics.  A class I thoroughly enjoyed.  There were a few hotties in there.  Again, only one that wasn’t mine already.  Like the girl in English class, she was pretty, but I would only recruit if had a plumb opportunity.

Fourth period was citizenship class.  It was a required class for all seniors, so it had the best selection of hotties.  Of the eight sex bombs in the class, four weren’t mine.  Three of the four were worth rectifying that.  I’d have to remember a box of chocolates for tomorrow.

Lunch I sat with a table full of kids from the estate.  A couple of freshmen next to me were discussing how different it was from the estate school.  I listened, but mostly they were disappointed because the classes were too easy.

After lunch was PE.  We had football.  Like usual, a lot of us had to restrict our physical output to hide our strength and speed.

Last period was Calculus, somehow Vanna was still next to me.  I had asked her once, how with her “father’s” training, that she was in all the advanced classes.  She had said that school was her escape.  He hadn’t cared as long as she didn’t get in trouble.  Vanna whispered to me that she had a “cousin” in the school, and that I might want to help her.

After class, I asked her what she meant.  She said that a girl she recognized as a fellow trainee with a different “father” had just started as a freshman.

“Shit.  Why are there so many of your ‘cousins’ in this small city?  You would think that they would be in New York or something.”

“I have thought long and hard about it.  I think it is easier to hide here since no one would expect it.”

“So how many of your ‘cousins’ are there around here?”

“I am not sure.  We were brought in as a batch of four.  Brooke said she was in a batch of six, and Drew doesn’t remember.”

“Well, take a few of your sister marines with you and investigate.  Find out if she was an illegal adoption to a nice family or in a situation like you.  If it is another for sale type thing, buy her and any sisters she has – get the money from the house safe.  If the guy is a dirtbag like your ‘father’ was, offer him a TMJ chocolate, but no arm patch.  Worked great for your dad.”

“Yes it did.  I forgot to thank you for that.”  She gave me a hot kiss.

“Oh, and if you can, trace this to the source.  Selling children really makes me angry.”

“Me too, especially since I was one of them.”

The next day, in last period, Vanna said that she was going to follow Farrah home after school with the help of a couple of sister marines.  “Good.”

That evening, Vanna came in to my den where I was doing my homework.  “Master Tom, I need $600K... and a box of chocolates.”

Without a word, I went to the safe, handed her $600K, then handed her another $100K, “Offer this for his source.”

She nodded, gave me a quick kiss, and left.  Two hours later she was back with two pretty girls, Farrah who was 15, and Betty who was 12.  “Master Tom, here are my cousins.  Please take care of them.”

“Of course.  Please make sleeping arrangements for them.”  She nodded and left.  I turned to the two girls who were standing quietly.  “Get undressed and give me a blowjob.”  I sat on the couch as they quickly undressed and scurried over.  They were both very pretty.  They worked as a team, taking turns deep throating me and playing with my balls.  Soon they were taking turns slurping down my cum.  As they zoned out I began, “That was the most fun you have ever had.  You love your new master and his cock.  You love your new home and all your new sisters.  You know you will never be alone with all your sisters.  And to be near your new master, Tom, is more than you have ever dreamed of.  You ache to be around him.  You dream about Master and having his cock buried somewhere in your body.  You will masturbate several times a day thinking about making love to your Master.  Wake up now and go join your sisters for dinner.”

As they scampered off out the door, Vanna came in.  I hugged her and gave her a long wet kiss.  “I am proud of you.”

She suddenly went weak in the knees.  “Thank you, Master.”

“Any luck getting the source?”

“Yes.  I was just discussing that with Trisha and Wendy.  I don’t think money will do more than get whatever kids are in the queue.  We need to find all of them around the city and also follow this back to the source.  We feel it is time for a black op or two.”

“Fine with me.  They are the experts.  I want to go, but I know that Trisha would never let me.  They are your cousins, go rescue them.”

She saluted, “Yes, sir.”  She turned and left.

An hour later she was back with a computer, and six six-year-olds.  We sent the kids to the nursery, and sat down with the computer.  The idiots didn’t even have anything encrypted!  Every sale was listed, as was the six kids in inventory.  The bastards were using standard bookkeeping software for human trafficking.  There was even a list of sources, mostly overseas.  Of the six kids, four were rated “Prime”, meaning that they were cute and went for $50K apiece.  Two were “Average”, meaning that they were average looking.  Looking through the sales, the average ones were sold for illegal adoption.  The Prime ones were sold as sex slaves.

That night, Vanna was very busy.  She went through the database, getting the names and addresses of all her “cousins” who were sex slaves.  Then she deleted the ones who were under 16 (when they were typically resold to brothels) and also deleted all the “Average” types.  Illegal adoption wasn’t a concern to us.  All that were left were the ones that had been sold on, which surprisingly were in the database, those who had died, and all the sources.  She copied it to CD and had Trisha use one of her contacts to anonymously mail it to the FBI.

The next night, she spent another eight million dollars, and passed out 17 boxes of chocolates.  She brought home 31 kids ranging from six to sixteen.  She insisted that I claim all of them.  If they were ten or older, I did.  As I had said before, they had been raised as sex slaves and knew nothing else.  I really didn’t want all these kids, but I was getting tremendous pressure from Vanna, Trisha, and even Wendy.

The next morning Vanna had added them all to the morning rotation.  That brought each of their time down to once a month.

The news was full of reports a few days later.  The local story was the rash of people found in their houses, dead.  The national news was about the bust of an international people smuggling ring.  The FBI actually uncovered a baby farm, similar to a puppy farm, where women lived in little rooms and gave birth to one baby after another.  They had no choice and usually died within ten years.  It wasn’t pretty.

Chapter 47

We still had an income of about $45K a day, but an outlay of around $55K a day, not including large expenses like plane fuel.  My accountants were loving keeping track with the micro economy on the estate.  One commented he hadn’t done anything as interesting in accounting for sixty years. 

Since things like salaries were spent right on the estate, they cancelled out.  Also cancelling out was the farm production.  Our expenses were household items like electronics, city sewer, maintenance supplies (we had all the supplies in storage, but only for emergencies), and luxury items.  Internet bandwidth and phone were by themselves $1000/day.

We were selling electricity at about $7500/day and had a small income from the $10K/day for the mansion rental and the gymnast training fees.  We were also getting the percentage from the bank loans.  That was about it.

When Helen and Jenny came to me with an idea, I loved it.  We were charging for the high security mansions.  Why not charge for high security, state of the art, hospital care?  After all, we had five floors sitting empty in the hospital.  The bottom three were for the executive personnel (me and the President), the next floor was the kitchens and laundry, the next five were empty, the next four were pediatrics and maternity, and the last two on the top were the ER.

We needed to hire a few more doctors, Jenny and Helen were good, but they were wearing several hats.  We needed a surgeon or two, at least one more general practitioner, and about 20 more nurses.  Just to start.  Both Jenny and Helen knew we were approaching the maximum production limits on TMJ, so we couldn’t do full recruitment; at least for the nurses, although I wanted to for the doctors.  I told Jenny and Helen to begin searching for doctors who needed TMJ, preferably for female and pretty doctors, but any doctors.  Also for nurses, especially if they were as good as Candy.

They had a list two weeks later.  For the doctors, there was only one that fit the pretty female category, and she was actually a military surgeon who, like many of the guards, had been discharged due to illness.  She was an automatic stamp of approval.  There was another surgeon, Dr. Frank White, MD, who was also terminally ill.  He had been still consulting and teaching up to a few weeks before when it became too difficult.  Like Jenny, he had worked as both a surgeon and general practitioner.

Apparently terminally ill nurses were a dime a dozen.  We had our choice of the cream of the crop.  The two of them had picked 20 nurses who were drop dead gorgeous, and had perfect résumés. 

I loved going recruiting, and so on fall break, Friday evening, I hopped in the jet along with Candy, Wendy, three more my marines, plus the pilots, and we left for Bethesda, where Dr. Olivia Yates lived in the NNMC.  Candy and I were in normal clothes, but my girls all wore their fatigues with the tree patch.

We arrived and parked in our reserved hanger.  Waiting for us was the omnipresent black SUV.  It was still fairly early, only seven o’clock, so we headed for the Medical Center.  Apparently my presidential security clearance was still in place, because when the gate guard punched me up on his computer, he snapped to attention so fast I thought he would pull a ligament.  We got assigned a guide, even though my ladies were intimately familiar with the place. 

I left the troops except for Wendy and Candy in the SUV and headed inside.  Dr. Yates was in the tower.  We went to her room.  She was on the bed hooked to several machines, she was in very rough shape.  We waited until the attending nurse left.  I approached the bed.  “Dr. Yates?”

She opened her eyes and peered at me.  “Yes, young man?”

“My name is Tom Johnson, and I am here to make you a job offer.”

She actually began to giggle.  “What do you want me to do?  Jump in a volcano to appease the orange cola gods?”

I liked her immediately.  “Sorry, no.  That didn’t work too well for Joe, I understand.” 

She grinned again, then got serious.  “As you may have noticed, I am not in the best of shape.  What do you have in mind?”

“This is Top Secret, Presidential clearance level, do you understand?”

She got a really curious expression, and said, “I understand.”

“We would like you to work at a private hospital, and in exchange, we will cure you.”

“Really?  How are you going to cure me?  We don’t even know what I have.”

“We have a drug that will cure anything.  It’s called TMJ.  That is what is Top Secret.”

She gave me a speculative look.  “If we weren’t in a hospital that requires security clearance just to get into, I would say you are crazy.”

“Tell you what, with me is Staff Sergeant Wendy Zimmerman, Retired, she was in a similar situation.  Also with me is the head nurse Candice Smith of Johnson Hospital.  You can talk to them if you would like.  They are both alive because of TMJ.”

“Yes I would like to talk to them.”

I waved them over and stood back.  The three of them talked for almost an hour.  Mostly about things completely unrelated.  Who can figure some people’s logic?

She looked over at me, “I will take your offer.”

I pulled out three tablets, put them in her hand, and quipped, “Take these and call me in the morning.”

She did a laughing harrumph and took the pills.  I said, “We will leave you now and come back in the morning.”

The six of us, Candy, the four marines, one of the pilots, and I got a room at the Best Western outside the gates.  Since the pilot, Barb, had to get back and relieve the other Pilot, Tanya, I ravished her first.  As she laid there drooling with a cream pie and a dazed look, I bent each of the others over the bed and took them, giving each a load deep in her tight pussy.  I pulled them over to me on the bed and fell asleep in a pile of beautiful women.

After the other pilot gave me a nice wakeup blowjob, we headed back to the hospital.  Dr. Yates was standing at the Window, looking out.  “It’s a changed world, isn’t it?” she asked as we came in the door without turning around.

“Yes it is Dr. Yates.  Uncle Shawn would say so too.”  I referred to her Seabiscuit quote.

She turned around.  “According to umpteen million tests and scans this morning, my illness is gone.  Something thousands of doctors and the best science available couldn’t even diagnose, much less cure, and you took care of it overnight.  Just who are you, kid?”

“I’d lay off the kid part, Dr. Yates.  One of the side effects is that you will look like a teenager in a few months as well.”

“Cool.  That is like... hoppin’!”

I grinned, “There is one negative side effect, and quite a few positive ones.”

“Bad news first.”

I handed her a patch in its wrapper.  “You need to wear one of these monthly patches for the rest of your life.”

She tore it open and put it on her arm.  “That isn’t so bad.  What’s the good news?”

“That life will probably be centuries.  TMJ gives you the optimal body.  That is your late teens.  It maintains it.  Also you get four times the strength, almost unlimited endurance, and immunity to everything.”

“Holy shit!  I can see why it is Top Secret!  Why me?”

“Because I give preference to vets.  And our head doctor recommended you based on your résumé.”

“How did she get my résumé?  I have never written one.  No.  Don’t answer.  Anyway, what is the schedule now?”

“You can either come with us now, or fly out later this week.  Depends on how long it takes to make arrangements.”

“I am a military doctor.  I can be wheels up in under an hour.  However, if you can give me a few hours to see my family and tell them I am in remission, that would be great.”

“Tell you what.  I’ll play tourist today, and we can take off in the morning.  Also, for reference, we provide large fancy apartments for any family you have, and there is an apartment in the hospital for you.  There even may be a house left, I would have to check.”

“No, I left my failure of a husband years ago.  My children are married with kids of their own.  That won’t be necessary.”

“Since the hospital is part of a walled community, it is standard to bring in your family.  If any of your kids or grandkids needs a new place or job, and aren’t a major security risk, the offer is open.  The other big perk is that you get a signing bonus of whatever you need to pay off your debts.  Let us know that when you get there and you are settled.”  I handed her my card with my cell number on it.  “Give a shout when you are ready to go.  Wheels up at 0900 tomorrow.”

“Thank you.  I will see you tomorrow morning.”

I gave a half salute.  “Later.”

We must have looked strange wandering about the capital, visiting the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.  A little parade with Myself, Candy, Wendy, the three troops, and one of the pilots.  While they were watching out, they were playing tourist as well, all except one of the marines, Maddie, who was from D.C. and was jaded.  It was an interesting afternoon.

At about four, I asked Maddie, “These are your old stomping grounds, why don’t you show me where you used to live?”

She turned red and said, “If you really want to, Master, but I am a little embarrassed.  I joined the Marines to get away from there.”

“Your parents can’t be that bad.  You came from there.”

“Thank you, Master.  But my parents are dead.  I was embarrassed at what I used to be myself.”

“You know better than that.  We are your family.  We don’t judge you by what you have done in the past.  But like all family, we want to know.”  I gestured at Candy, Wendy and her other two fellow Marines.  The pilot had returned to the plane.

“I will take you there.  It has been many years since I was there.”  She took the wheel and drove us.  We were all super curious by now.  She drove us deeper and deeper into the back streets.  We arrived at a block that was extremely well lit up with neon.  The big sign said, “Jerry’s”.  We parked and followed Maddie over to the place.  She led the four of us around to one side.  Standing there smoking cigarettes were three pretty women.  Not as pretty as my girls, but close.  One of them, about 30 years old with green tinted hair, saw us, shrieked, and yelled, “Mads!  Is that you?”  She came rushing over.  I was surprised she could move so fast on the high heeled things she was wearing.

Maddie smiled and said, “Hi, Queenie.”  They threw themselves in each other’s arms, crying and sobbing.  The other two women wandered over, and so did the side door bouncer who had been eying our approach.  As Queenie let go of Maddie, Maddie looked up at him and said, “Hello, Ronnie.  See you are still watching the back door.”

He smiled, “It’s a job.  Long time no see, Mads.”  He nodded at the rest of us.  “Who’re your friends?”

Maddie pointed out each of us, “These are my sisters, Wendy, Harriet, Lin Su, and Candy.  This is our Boss, Tom.”  She turned and said, “These are Ronnie and Queenie, two old friends.  Queenie, who are the new girls?”

Queenie answered, “Gertie and Penny.  They aren’t so new either.  It has been almost ten years, Mads.”  Then she brighted up again.  “Look at you, some kind of soldier!  You really did it.  Wow!”  She grabbed Maddie’s hand and pulled her towards the door.  “You have to come see the girls.  Val, Beenie, and Caitlin still are working, and I have a surprise for you.”

Ronnie, the bouncer guy, just smiled and let us in.  We entered a hallway, then she led us through a door on the right.  We were in a dressing room full of nearly naked women.  Maddie froze then was the one who shrieked this time, “Kit!”  A beautiful woman about 25, wearing only a pair of earrings, ran over.  The two of them were instantly hugging and crying.  This time they kept it up for several minutes.  Maddie exclaimed, “I have been searching for you for twelve years!  Where the hell were you?”

“I had to move to California with my foster family.  When I turned sixteen, I left them and came back here looking for you, but you were already gone, and no one knew where you were.  The girls here took me in.  I have been living in your old apartment for the last nine years.”

Maddie turned to me, “Master Tom, this is my little sister, Kitty.  Kitty, this is some of my family, Tom, Candy, Wendy, Harriet, and Lin Su.”  We each gave her a hug.  Very nice.  I was seriously thinking of recruiting her and maybe one of two of the others.

Kitty said, “I have to go on stage now, but afterwards we’ll get together.  Why don’t you come out and watch the show?”

Maddie said, “Sure.  And save Tom here a few VIP lap dances.  You won’t regret it.”

Kitty smiled and gave me another hug, rubbing against the large bulge in my pants.  “You bet I will.”

We headed out and down the hallway.  I asked Maddie, “Why are you so embarrassed about working here?  Doesn’t seem all that bad to me.”

“It doesn’t to me right now either.  I seem to be remembering it worse than it was.  Not a great job, but nothing to be embarrassed about either.”  She stopped and looked at me.  “Master, I hope you are planning on recruiting Kitty.  I want her with us.”

“I was seriously thinking about it, if you want it, I will gladly recruit her, and anyone else that you want.  You seem close to Queenie...”

“Really?” she squealed.  “Thank you, Master.  I love you so much.”  She gave me a big hug.  “Please recruit Kitty, and I will ask Queenie if she is interested.”

“Any ideas on how to recruit Kitty?”

“Just tip her very well during the private lap dance, and she will recruit herself.”

“Okay.”  When we got up front, my crew found a table next to the stage.  I went over, used the bathroom, and got $2000 out of the cash machine.  No daily limit when you own the bank!

I went and sat down.  Candy, Wendy, Harriet and Lin Su, between having to fend off all the guys asking for lap dances, were looking all over in curiosity.  Queenie came over and sat in my lap, rubbing her fine ass all over my pant bulge.  She said to Maddie, “Kit will be out in a minute.  Her stage name is Kitten.  Not much of a change, but she is the best dancer here since you left.”

I commented, “Maddie, you are going to have to show me your dancing sometime.”

“Of course, Sir.”

As I stroked Queenie’s leg, she and Maddie caught up.  The DJ came on and said, “Put it together for Kitten, our headline dancer!”  Kit slowly came out from behind the curtain in a G.I. outfit, cap pistols and all.  Maddie exclaimed, “That’s my old act!”  Kit was very popular.  I left several $20’s on the stage and she concentrated her act on us.  All the other shmoes were tipping a $1 or $5, so I kept dropping $20 after $20.  I already was feeling protective of her, even though I knew she had been doing this a long time.

As Kit picked up her piles of cash, Maddie asked Queenie, “Would you be interested in relocating?  I will back you on opening that Beauty Parlor you always wanted.”

I felt Queenie stiffen.  “Girl, are you serious?”

“Yes I am.  Tom here owns a mall, and it needs a Beauty Parlor.  We will back you all startup expenses plus free rent.”

“You bet I am interested!  Shit, I gave up on that dream years ago.”

“Then only one more question, do you want to have your own place, or would you like to live with Tom, me, and the rest of my sisters?”

“I can’t stand to be alone for long.  I will gladly join you.  Is he the only guy who lives with you?”  She wiggled her ass on my hard-on.  “He obviously isn’t gay...”  I squeezed her beautiful thigh.

“Go with Kit and take Tom for a full VIP treatment.  It will show you why we are gladly living with him.”

“Is Kit moving too?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t know it yet.”

“I see.  Well, one last VIP dance won’t hurt.”

“I think you will find it to be the best dance of your life.”

Queenie gave her the raised eyebrow.

She slithered off my lap, took my hand and led me toward the back.  Kit was starting to come out; Queenie grabbed her as she led me to the room across from the dressing room.  Inside was a deep plush couch.  She sat me on the couch.  She sat herself down on one side, and Kit sat on the other.  Both of them pulled off their tops, then leaned over and pulled off mine.  They started kissing and licking my shoulders and upper chest as they ran their hands up and down my chest.  Kit commented, “Hmmm, nice and muscled.”

As the next song started they pulled down my pants and undies.  Queenie commented, “Nice one,” as they began to dance.  Queenie rubbed her g-stringed ass all over my hard cock, and it got harder.  Kit seemed fascinated as she wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly stroked it as Queenie continued to rub.

The two of them suddenly licked from the base to the tip of my cock.  One on each side.  All three of us gasped.  Me from pleasure, and the two of them as they got a taste of pre-cum.  They fell to it with a gusto.  I could have held out for a while, but decided to let go.  I filled their eager mouths with cum.

They zoned out.  I gave my spiel.  “You love this cock before you and you love Tom, the man before you.  You know that all of your life has been in preparation to serve Master Tom and his wonderful dick.  You love him more than life itself.  Your pussy aches for him.  You want to be with him forever.  You will gladly live with your sister cum slaves just so you can be near Master Tom.  You love your sister cum slaves almost as much as Master Tom.  They are your best friends.  Except to visit family for short periods, you cannot be away from your sisters or Tom for very long.  You are happy whenever you are with them.  You cannot disobey anything he says.  You want to do anything he says.  Now tell me, who do you love more than life itself?”

“Master Tom!”

“Good answer!  Now wake up, lick me clean, and cuddle with me.” 

The two of them blinked, then smiled.  Queenie said, “Maddie was right, I do understand why she lives with you.  You and your cock are the most wonderful I have ever seen.”

Kit said, “Hmmm, hell yeah!”  They both quickly licked me clean then each of them climbed up on a leg, rubbing against me.  I cupped a butt-cheek in each hand and gave them a squeeze.  They were dripping pussy juice all over my legs.  As much as I wanted to fuck both of them, I put them down and said, “Now girls, you need to go home and pack.  Do either of you have any family you need to take with you – husband or kids?”

They both murmured, “No,” as they cuddled down on my chest.

“Where do you live?”

They both answered, “Upstairs.”

“Anything large that you need to take with you?”

Kit said no while Queenie said, “Yes.”

“What is it, Queenie?”

“I have my grandmother’s trunk.”

“Anything else?”


“Then change and get your cute butts upstairs to pack.  We will take everything, including the trunk, with us.  After you pack and we have your stuff in the SUV, you can quit your jobs here and say goodbye.”

“Yes, Master Tom.”  The both reluctantly got up, but then eagerly took off. 

I went back up front.  “Maddie, the two of them went upstairs to pack.  Why don’t you grab a sister and go help them load up the SUV.”

“Yes, Sir!”  With a big smile, she grabbed Harriet and they took off in back.  I settled back to watch the current dancer with Candy, Wendy and Lin Su.  Half an hour later, Maddie came back in and told me that they were packed and saying their goodbyes.  We got up and headed in back where they were all crying and carrying on.  I watched for a minute.  The owner, Bobby Joe, and the bouncer were also there, hugging the girls.  They obviously cared and treated them well.  I nudged Wendy and asked for the checkbook.  I wrote out two checks and went over to the owner.  I handed him the first check.  “This is for taking care of Maddie’s little sister.”  He took one look and goggled.  I handed the other to the bouncer, Ronnie.  “This is for taking care of the ladies.”  He also goggled.  I looked at the girls, “Ladies, if you ever need a job, I am sure Queenie will hire you in her new Beauty Salon.”

I stood back and let them go at it for a while, but the girls had to get back to work, and so it finally broke up.  We hopped in the car and headed back to the hotel.  Queenie commented, “Why haven’t I had a craving for a heater?  It has been several hours.”

I let Candy explain things to Queenie and Kit as we got out and headed to the room.  When we got inside they all stripped, Queenie and Kit eagerly following the lead of the others.  We all stank of cigarette smoke, so we took turns climbing into the shower in pairs.  I ended up with Kit, who eagerly took the washcloth and cleaned me, giving a nice kiss to my hard cock.  I returned the favor, then backed her against the wall and slid into her dripping pussy.  Surprisingly, I took her cherry doing so.  As I stroked in and out of that tight wonderful pussy, she exclaimed, “Oh, Master, I love you so much!”  Then she came, and came hard, collapsing.  I had to catch her before she hit the soap dish.  Then I filled her now non-virgin pussy with man cream.  I picked her up and carried her out of the shower to the bed.  The room air on her wet skin woke her up as I put her down.  “Oh, Master, that was wonderful!  I love you so much!” she repeated.

I turned to Queenie, who had come over to see how Kit was.  I said, “Now it is your turn!”  I grabbed her, laid her back on the bed with her knees up, and slid home.  She wasn’t a virgin, but she was close.  I respected Jerry’s more and more.  The girls gave an occasional BJ, but that was it.  I was glad I gave that check for $100K to the owner.  Queenie turned out to be multi-orgasmic.  She started having mini-orgasms with each thrust.  When I came, filling her up with warm juice, she had a massive orgasm, wrapping herself tightly around me and gasping as she passed out.

I took care of the rest of my hotties, then relaxed on the bed with Candy and Wendy snuggling on my chest and Kit playing with my cock.  It was Saturday night so there wasn’t much on TV, so I watched a PPV of the latest Harry Potter movie.

The next morning, Sunday, we all headed back to the plane.  Dr. Yates had called and we told her which hanger to meet us in.  We loaded Queenie’s trunk and her, Kit’s and Dr. Yates’ bags.  The pilots did a final walk around, then we buttoned up and took off.  Since our next stop was all the way across the country, we stopped at home first to drop off Dr. Yates, Queenie, and Kit.  Maddie stayed to get reacquainted with Kit, and we picked up Erin, another redhead like Wendy.  Erin usually worked in the control center, I was a little surprised that she was on this detail.  Maybe she needed an escape from her two year old.

Chapter 48

This time we headed west to Boise.  It was still eleven in the morning with the time change, so I hoped to be out of here by this evening.  This city appeared to be as dead as Fargo was for night life, especially on Sunday evening.

We hopped in the white minivan.  Wendy said that there weren’t any SUVs available, that there was some sort of convention going on and they were all rented.  I laughed, “Wendy, think about it.  What is better security wise for camouflage, the black SUV or a minivan?”

“Good point.”

Dr. Frank White lived in a starter mansion in the “North End” (although it was actually the east side of the city), near the rehabilitation center where he had worked.  We pulled into the driveway and got out.  Harriet and Lin Su disappeared, probably scouting the perimeter, and the rest of us knocked on the door.

A large woman in a nurse’s outfit answered the door.  “May I help you?”

“Hello, we are looking for Dr. White.”

“He is indisposed.  May I pass him a message?”

“Could you please tell him that I come with a job offer.”

She gave me the eye.  “You realize that he is terminally ill.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Please wait.”  She headed back into a room off the main hall.  A minute later she was back.  “One of you may come in to talk to the Doctor.”

Wendy looked upset.  I asked, “If she waits outside the room, can Wendy here also come in?”

“I suppose.”

Wendy and I followed her to the room she had gone into before.  She looked at Wendy and said, “Wait here.”  I followed her in. 

Dr. White was a tall emaciated black man.  He smiled as I entered.  “I don’t get too many visitors besides the occasional student these days.”

“Hello, my name is Tom Johnson.  I represent the Johnson Hospital.  To come straight to the point, we would like to make you a job offer.”

“You do know that I have terminal Hepatitis and only have a month or so left to live.”

“Yes, sir.  I know.”  I glanced at the nurse.  “If we could speak alone for a minute...”

He looked up at the nurse, “Sadie, could you give us a moment, please?”

“Sir, are you sure that is a good idea?”

“Yes, Sadie.  What is he going to do?”  As she harrumphed and left, he rolled his eyes.  “Now what?”

“This will sound crazy, but please hear me out.”

“I will listen.”

“We will return you to full health as part of your job.”

“Okay, I don’t believe you, but I am still listening.”

“Johnson Hospital is in a walled community.  The community was founded to support the families of volunteers who used a drug called TMJ.  It is a system booster, and will heal any injury; everything from radiation sickness, toxic poisoning, organ damage, CNS damage, and all illnesses.”

“That is quite the claim.  Why isn’t it on the market?”

“Two reasons.  One, the one side effect it that it requires a support bio-chemical once it has been introduced; which difficult and expensive to manufacture.  Two, we are under government order not to release it.  In fact, I am breaking the law just telling you about it, but I am hoping that you will come and work for us so it won’t matter.”

“You mentioned full health.  What does that entail?”

“You will be perfectly healthy, more so than at any point in your life.  Rebuild a little muscle mass, and you will be able to run a marathon.”

“I am thinking about parental custody.  I have two daughters, but I was unable to take care of them because of my illness.  They are now living with my aunt, who is really too old for a pair of teenagers.”

“We will provide an apartment at the hospital, I believe they are three bedroom apartments, and you will be easily able to take care of any kids you may have.  There is a K-8 grade school on the grounds, and the high school is nearby.  Like I said, it is high security, so your girls could wander safely.  There is a mall, farm with stables, theater, and church also on the grounds.”


“Catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish.  Whichever you prefer.”

“How long does this ‘cure’ take?”

“If I give it to you now, you will be 80% cured in a few hours, 100% cured by morning, not accounting for muscle mass, of course.”

“Of course.  I understand that, I worked in a rehab center.  One final question, if I don’t take this support chemical, what happens?”

“It is in the form of a monthly patch.  If you remove it, you will be fine for two days, then lapse into a coma.”

“I’ll take you up on your offer then.  I have nothing to lose.  It will take me several days to get my girls back and to move, though.”

I handed him a pack of three TMJ pills and two sealed patches.  “Take the pills now and put on one of the patches.”  He did so.  “I will check in on you in a few hours.  Then you can move at your leisure in the next week or two.”

The girls and I went and got some dinner at a Denny’s.  I noticed that the girls in Boise were prettier on average.  I wondered a bit about that.  A few of them tempted me, but after recruiting Queenie and Kit, I was able to resist.

We returned to Dr. White’s house.  He was all energy, running around doing things.  He answered the door.  “Hey, Tom!  This stuff really works!”

“Sure does.  You can discuss the medical stuff and your position with Candice here, she is the head RN, TL at the hospital.  I am happy that you are up and around.  After Candice answers your questions, we will leave you to get organized.  The hospital will reimburse you for all moving expenses.”

I left Candy there and went outside and sat on the porch bench.  About an hour later she and Dr. White came out.  “Well, Tom, I am impressed.  I need to get my girls and put this house on the market, and then I will be driving out.”  He shook my hand.  We took our leave and headed back to the airport.

Wendy and the other marines looked unhappy.  I asked them what was wrong.  “We are disappointed that we aren’t staying the night.  It is really fun to stay the night with you on these trips.”

“Yeah, it is.  But I don’t want to stay in Boise.  Nothing to do here.  Call the pilots and ask how difficult it would be to change our flight plan for a trip to Vegas.”

She whipped out her cell and hit speed dial.  Fifteen seconds later she said, “Vegas flight plan filed.”  Then she called the estate security.  She mentioned that we were taking a side trip to Vegas.  I could hear the girl on the other end, “You are so lucky.”  The security office at the estate called the Empress Casino (Sam Farnsworth had mentioned it at one point) and set us up for the night.

We flew down to Vegas.  A limo from the hotel met us as we parked in our hangar.  I guess they knew who I was.  The marines pulled out super sexy dresses from their flight bags, they even had an extra for Candy.  I watched them change, very hot.  I also couldn’t believe how much hardware they were able to carry under those dresses.  Each one of them had a small handgun on one thigh, a Rambo knife on the other, and two small ones that fit on the edges of the brassiere.  Otherwise it looked like I had six Victoria Secret models with me.  The pilots had pulled straws, and the loser had to stay and guard the plane.

As we got out of the limo, a very polished looking man rushed over followed by a whole entourage.  “Mr. Johnson!  Welcome to the Empress Casino.  We have our best suite waiting.  This is Clio, she will take care of your every need.”  He waved forward a pretty brunette in a Romanesque dress and a Cleopatra haircut.  She was almost as pretty as my girls.  He grabbed my hand and shook it, “Have a great time at the Empress!”  Then he bustled off.

I looked at Clio and asked, “Could you show us our suite, please?”

“Of course, Sir.”  She headed towards a bank of elevators.  She had a very sexy walk.

I said, “Call me Tom.  Is Clio your real name?”

She smiled and said, “Tom, my real name is Emma.”

We got on the elevator and she pressed the top button.  “So, Emma, how long after my people called did the hotel figure out I was a potential whale?”

She flashed another smile.  “The computer told us when we entered your reservation.”  She hesitated a second, “Are you really the sole heir of Sam Farnsworth?”

“Yes, he was a good friend.”

“Horrible what happened to both him and his fiancé.”

“Yes.  It was.  Did you know Sam?”

“Yes.  Pam was my sister.”

“Oh, I am sorry.  She was a very nice and very smart lady.  I’m glad the bastard who did it got what he deserved.”

She looked startled, “You know who killed Pam?”  She led us to a door across from the elevator.

“Well, yes.  It was a contract put out by Sam’s son, Robert.  Trisha, my head of security, arranged for his painful demise in prison.”  I was surprised.  I had thought it was general knowledge.

She opened the room door and rushed in.  Then she started bawling.  I collected her into my arms.  My girls quickly fanned out and checked the room while I comforted Emma.  She sobbed out, “I am s-sorry about t-this, but there are s-security c-cameras in the hallway.”

“Are you kidding?  Beautiful women can hug me all they want.”  I grinned.  “Besides, you just got some very emotional news, I understand.”  I patted her back.

She gave me a feeble smile back.

I asked her, “Are you taking care of only me, or do you have other whales to take care of?”

“Just you.  I usually work in the front office, but the computer cross-referenced you and me, via Sam, so I got some quick training and was assigned to be your hotel assistant.”

“Then you, Wendy here, and I will have to have a drink.  She also knew your sister.”

Emma turned and hugged Wendy.  She looked up, “I need to go tell my parents.”

“Don’t worry.  If anyone asks, I sent you on an errand.  We’ll hang out here for an hour or two until you get back, then we’ll go downstairs and blow a lot of money in the casino with you there so you look good.”

She smiled.  “Thanks.”  Then she practically ran out the door.  We had fun ordering room service.  We all tried, but decided that we didn’t like caviar.  Some of the hor’devours were good though.  An hour later she was back.  “Thank you,” she said as we let her in the room.

I asked, “So, what’s your cut on what we blow downstairs?”

“I don’t get a cut, but I may get a bonus.”

“What if I try to steal you from the casino?  Is that frowned upon?”

She smiled, “Not unless you are another casino.  Why, you interested?  I’m more of an office manager than anything.”

“Good, we need one of those.  Maybe I will later.  Now I want to go blow some money.  Are there any good poker games with say, a $30K minimum?”

“We could set one up.  Or there are house games like Blackjack or Roulette that we could set a minimum on.”

“Why don’t you call down and set up a Blackjack table with a $10K minimum.  We’ll head down in a few minutes.”  She got on the phone.  A minute later we left and headed down to the casino.  I was a little surprised they were letting me gamble since I wouldn’t be 18 for another eight months, and also that they were letting my girls into the casino with guns, but being a whale has its advantages.  Emma led us to a table that had a nice view overlooking the indoor theme park.  I wrote a check for $500K and sent Lin Su and Emma to go get some chips.  They were back quickly with a rack with 50 $10K chips.

I gestured Emma to one side and Wendy to the other while the rest of my girls gathered about me.  Before I even began to play, there was a crowd.  A group of girls that looked like supermodels gathered around a table will do that.

I rapidly lost $150K.  Then I made $200K.  I bounced up and down $100K for about an hour.  I was down $100K when the dealer and shoe were changed.  I rapidly lost another $100K.  That wasn’t any fun.  I commented loud enough for the dealer and security to hear, “Clio, I’ll come back later.  This isn’t fun anymore.”

So Emma would have it good, I rapidly blew until I was $400K down.  It took a little while, I even made a little back at Roulette.  Finally, I put $70K on black zero, and lost it.  Total, $470K.  I gave a chip to Emma, one to the spinner, and one to my original dealer whom I saw dealing another table.

I headed upstairs with all my girls behind me.  Including Emma.  I had enjoyed Kit in the shower the night before, so I asked Emma, “Would you care to join me?” as I was heading to the shower.  She put her hand in mine and followed. 

She had the prettiest clit I have ever seen.  I lapped her through several orgasms, then she sucked me off.  As she zoned out I said, “Emma, you find that you love Tom so much it makes you feel bad to be away from him.  He is wonderful, like a Greek god.  You love everything about him, especially his wonderful cock.  You really like being with him and with his girls.  You are happy to be one of his girls, your new BFFs.  You know you need to move and go live with them, just to be near Tom and them.  You will masturbate at least twice a day dreaming about Tom and his wonderful cock.  You will quit as soon as you can without getting in trouble, then go live with Tom and his girls on his estate. Wake up.”

I filled each of my girls, including Emma, with a cream pie.  As I was relaxing, I gave each girl a check for $10K and told them to go have fun.  They all went, leaving their guns in the room.  I never did find out if they won or lost money.

As we were leaving, the boss came out to see us off.  I timed it so he heard me say to Emma while shaking her hand, “Thank you.  That was the best concierge service I have ever had.”  I looked up and “saw” the boss.  I shook his hand.  “That was fun.  I’ll be back.”

He smiled.  I knew that he knew how much I had lost last night.  “Too bad you can’t stay longer.  Come back the Empress any time, Mr. Johnson.”

I climbed into the limo with my girls, and we headed for the airport.  I commented to my girls, “You ladies need to wear dresses like that more often when we travel.”

Wendy smiled, “They are a little something that Grandma May made up.  Nice, aren’t they?”

“Yes they are, not quite as nice as when you wear your birthday dress, of course, but almost as nice.  You had every guy in that casino drooling, including me.”  I had a brainstorm.  “Do you think that she could sell to more than just you ladies?  That might be a source of income.  I’ll have to mention it when we get back.”

After we landed back home, I headed over to the hospital to check on Dr. Yates.  She was in the main café scarfing down a big bowl of chili.  She saw me come in.  “Mmmm, Tom!  Come sit with me!  Mmmm, this is so good.”  She scarfed another spoonful.

“So how’re things here at the hospital?  You fitting in okay?”

“No problem.  Everything here is so militarily structured I fit right in.  I haven’t had to do any surgeries yet, but everything is so state of the art that I don’t foresee any problems.”

“Any personality issues?”

“No.  Frankly I am very impressed with Dr. Franks.  She is possibly the best doctor I have ever worked with.  She is everywhere and does everything.”

“Yeah, I know.  That is why we insisted that she find more people like you to help.  She used to run this place by herself with a couple of EMT marines.”

“You’re kidding!  That is ridiculous.  The three of us plus Dr. White when he gets here will cover the base er... compound, but if we are going to take consignment patients like the Mayo Clinic does, then we still need at least five more doctors to have this whole place running.  And while we are supplemented by EMTs, we need nurses.”

“Supposedly there are 30 full RNs that we are recruiting.  I don’t know the status of that though.”

“Good.”  She went back to her chili.

I took that as a dismissal, and went to check the building blueprints.  I was curious.  Trisha had designed in the nice three bedroom apartments for each of the doctor’s offices on the 12th floor, ten in all; overlooking the atrium where the VIP pool was.  I wondered what she had done for the nurses.

I pulled up the blueprints on Jenny’s computer, there was a nurses’ dormitory where they each had a studio apartment, up to 20 nurses, then there was a common area with private rooms and common bathrooms for an additional 20.  I headed over to see them, they were on the floor above the doctor’s apartments.  They were on the top of the atrium, all the floors above were full sized.  Maybe we had a little less space than I had thought.  I had thought we had five unused floors, but we actually had only three.  According to the door labels, Candy had one of the apartments.  The rest were all empty.

I went to find Jenny.  She was up in ER taking care of another broken arm from a kid who fell off a horse.  I asked her, “What’s the word with the nursing hires?”

“Oh, hi Tom.  We really aren’t anywhere yet.  We have been so busy.  It is a chicken and the egg problem.  We are too busy to hire new nurses, but more nurses would make us less busy.”

“I still have six days of break left, should I go recruiting for nurses?”

“That sure would help.  Although, could you leave Candy here?  I am sure she is good for the recruiting, but she is needed here, at least until we get more nurses.”  She finished up with the kid and sent him on his way.

“Sure.  I’ll go pull the recruit list from the computer.  Any specific order?”

“Not really, until they are all here, we can easily wear multiple hats.”

“Okay, I’ll leave in the morning.  Now, com’mear.”  I pulled her to me and kissed her long and hard.  A minute later I had her on the edge of the patient couch with my hard cock buried ten inches deep in her hot pussy.  I rammed home at an angle so I rubbed my cock along her hard clit.  Soon she clutched me hard and came, quivering.  I spewed into her hot oven, dumping a huge load.  She sobbed into my chest as she clutched me, “I love you so much!”  I just stood there holding her until she recovered.  A few minutes later she sat up and I pulled back with a loud “shlorp” sound as my cock slid out of her.  For some reason we both started giggling.  We were both still snorking as we got dressed again and she continued on her rounds.

Wendy was smiling as I left the room.  “I love it when you take care of a sister,” she said to my lifted eyebrow.  “It is almost as good as when you take care of me.”

I pulled her to me and planted a big kiss.  Then I said, “We are going recruiting for nurses tomorrow morning.  I need to go check the computer to find out where though.”  She nodded.  “Sorry, no trips to Vegas this time unless a recruit lives there.  We only have five days to get as many done as possible.”

She called it in while we headed for Jenny’s office again.  I called up the list of potential recruits, sorted it by location, then printed them out.  “Looks like the first stop is Miami.”  She called that in too.

Chapter 49

We took off at seven a.m.  It seemed that Val, Patty, and Gabby won the coin toss, they were there and all excited about going.  Of course Wendy and the pilots, Beth and Maria, were there too.

Our first recruit was Kristin Sucheck, the former head nurse from Miami Dade general.  She lived in Hollywood with her sister, just north of Miami.  There was a note that her sister Kathy would be a good recruit as well, but that she didn’t need TMJ as that she hadn’t gotten stuck with a combination HIV and Hepatitis needle years ago as had our potential recruit.

We did the usual perimeter with Val and Gabby.   Patty waited while Wendy and I knocked.  A pretty woman who perfectly matched the photo on the file answered the door.  I asked, “Kristin?  Kristin Sucheck?”

“Sorry, that is my sister.  I am Kathy Sucheck.”

“Hmmm, my file didn’t mention twins.  My name is Tom Johnson, and I would like to speak with Kristin please.”

“We aren’t twins, everyone used to think so before she got sick, but I am a year older.”  She led us into the house.  “What does the military want with Kristin?”

“We aren’t exactly military.  We are a civilian company.  We have a job offer for her.  Maybe you too.”

Kathy led us into a bedroom.  Kristin was in a chair next to the bed watching TV.  She wasn’t as far gone as Helen and Candy had been, but she was in rough shape.  She muted the TV.  “What kind of job?”

“Second Nurse at a hospital.”

“I am not exactly qualified any more.”

“We are aware of your illnesses.  Theoretically, if you were able, would you be interested?”

“Of course.  But theory aside, I can barely move from this chair.  My poor sister has to help me to even take a crap.”

“If I could help you with that, would you be interested then?”

She stared at me for a minute, then said, “Yes.”

“Then all I ask for now is that either of you do not tell anyone.  Take these,” and I handed her a packet of TMJ tablets, “and I will be back in a few hours.”

“What is TMJ?”  she asked, reading the packet.

“I’ll explain when I return.  Please keep it to yourself until then.”  I smiled at her, “Look at it this way, what do you have to lose?”  I turned and left.

Next on our list was an Irina Pyoterlova, another nurse who found an open needle in a bed she was changing, who currently lived in a hospice in Miami Gardens.  We knocked and asked for Irina.  Like Helen and Kristin, she was in a big chair watching TV.  I guess there isn’t much else to do when you can hardly move.  I called out, “Irina Pyoterlova?”

She looked up, “My, my, you are handsome; if I wasn’t dying I’d do something about that.”  She grinned.

“Tell you what, you take these,” and I handed her a TMJ packet, “and you can do something about it in a few hours.”

She looked at the packet, said, “Why not?” tore it open and took the pills.  “Hmmm, those are good.  Got any more?”  Like I had noticed before, the really sick didn’t zone out with TMJ.

“I’ll be back in a few hours; then we can talk about it.”  I smiled at her then left.

We had time for one more before heading back to the Sucheck house.  Anna Donnelly lived in North Miami Beach in another hospice.  Unfortunately, she had died the night before, so we returned to Hollywood.

When Kathy answered the door, she asked, “What were in those pills?  We tried looking them up, but couldn’t find anything.  Kristin finally just took them, and now she is happily taking a crap on her own for the first time in six months.”

“Shit!  You tried to look it up?  What did you do?”

“Just punched TMJ into Google and into the online Merck’s Manual.”

“Damn, I am going to have to be more specific when I say to not tell anyone.  I am surprised the NSA isn’t at your door.  The data mining computers will spit out your address to them any minute.  I hope that they decide that you are a nurse and were just looking up treatment for a sore jaw.”

She was very surprised.  “Just what the heck is TMJ anyway?”

“Let’s go see your sister and I will explain.”

We headed back to Kristin’s room again.  Her sister wasn’t exaggerating, she was walking out of the bathroom as we arrived.  She looked at me and said, “Wow, mister, whatever this stuff is, I like it!  I am feeling better every second!”

“First off, my name is Tom.  I am a recruiter for Johnson Hospital.  Secondly, I would like to reiterate that you do NOT tell anyone about TMJ.  That includes typing it into Google again.”


“TMJ is classified Top Secret.  I am recruiting you, so I could get away with mentioning it.”

“I see.”

“Don’t worry, you will get a full briefing when you arrive.  I assume you are taking the job?”

“I think so!  If I continue to feel this good, I can even be a full time nurse again!”

“Don’t worry, you will never be sick again in your very long life.”


“Yes.  You have to wear this monthly patch,” and I handed her a wrapped TMJ patch, “but otherwise you will be in better than perfect health for many years to come.  In fact, your body will change to be in its perfect form over the next few months, ending up with you being physically 18 or 19, just like Wendy here.”  I gestured at Wendy standing in the doorway.

“The job consists of you being second in command under the head nurse, maybe take alternate shifts.  You have a studio apartment provided for you in the hospital itself.  I have no idea what the pay is, except that it will be pretty good.”  I looked at Kathy.  “Kathy, if you want a job, you will also be provided an apartment.  I am afraid that all the info I have on you is a notation in Kristin’s file that says, ‘recruit if you can’, so I don’t know what position you would fall into.” 

She harrumphed, “If you think I will let Kristin go off by herself after being as sick as she was, you have another thought coming.”

“Good, I will reserve the apartments and we’ll be expecting you in a week or two.  We will pay all moving expenses, just call the command center.”  I handed them a generic estate card.  “The hospital and the surrounding town are a high security gated community due to the TMJ, so security will take care of everything.  You can tell all your friends that you have had a remission and are moving with your sister to keep your health.  It is the truth.”

We took our leave and headed over to see Irina.  She was pacing in her room.  She saw me in the doorway and exclaimed, “What the hell were in those tablets?”

“A Top Secret drug called TMJ.”

“Well I feel almost normal, if a bit hungry.”

“TMJ will make you feel normal for the rest of your life, which will be a long time.  You are hungry because you are so emaciated that your body needs food to repair things.”

“Who the fuck are you and why me?”

“My name is Tom and I am recruiting for Johnson Hospital.  We want you to work as a nurse there.”

“Hell yes, I’ll take the job.  Anything to get out of here.  And if you can do this, I want to work there.”

I handed her the patch, “Put this on.  Now, do you have much to pack?”

She put the patch on her arm.  “No, I gave away almost everything to my brother and nieces.”

“Then you can come right now if you want, or we can pick you up somewhere near here in the morning.”

“I will pack, and if you can drop me off at my brother’s house about a mile from here, I will be glad to go in the morning.”

“We’ll wait for you outside.  The rule is that you cannot tell anyone about TMJ, you just tell people you went into remission.”

“Hell, no one would believe me anyway.”

I went outside, dropping a check for $100K into the donation box on the way.  Five minutes later she came out with a box and we hopped in the SUV.  Her brother was only a mile away like she said.  When she got out of the car, she was mobbed by two drop dead gorgeous girls about fifteen, and a guy around forty.  I called out, “Pick you up at seven!” and we drove off.  After hitting a Wendy’s for dinner, we got a room near the airport at an Embassy Suites.  The girls rapidly stripped.  I got undressed quickly as my hard cock got uncomfortable.  I hadn’t taken one of my girls from behind in a while, so I had them line up bent over the edge of the bed and I went down the line, leaving a deposit deep in each of their beautiful pussies as they collapsed forward drooling and unconscious.  I pulled Wendy and Gabby over to cuddle and watched Castle on TV, dozing off during the news afterwards.

I awoke to a nice paired blow job from Val and Patty.  The pilot, Maria, had already left to help the other pilot, Beth, prep the plane.  I soon filled Val and Patty’s mouths.  As they zoned out, I said, “Wake up girls, we gotta get going.”

It looked like Irina hadn’t moved, she was standing in the same spot with the teen girls and the guy hugging her.  I got out and walked over.  The girls stared and me and whispered things to each other and giggled.  The brother gave me a hard look.  “Are you Tom?”

“Yes, I am,” I confessed.

“You take care of my baby sister.  Y’hear?”

“Sure do.  You know that family can get a free apartment on the compound.  It is pretty nice.  Irina can call you about that if you are interested.”

“We’ll see.”  He gave Irina another hug and said, “Goodbye, Sis.”

She and I climbed into the SUV and we left.

“So where are we going?” she asked.

“We are on a recruiting run, so we have several stops.  This was the first.  Next we stop in Atlanta.”  I had six nurses to recruit in Atlanta, and one in Macon.

When we landed, I asked her, “You can stay with the plane, hang out in our hotel room, have your own room, or come with us today.”

“I’ll come with you, and I don’t need a separate room.  If all of you are in one room, I can join you.”

I left the pilots to get a room like usual, then went recruiting.  All six signed up.  They weren’t all senior nurses, so only one of them got an apartment offer, the other five got individual rooms.

We were going to pick all six up in the morning, so we grabbed dinner at McD’s, then headed for the hotel room.  When the girls and I started stripping, Irina joined right in.  Even emaciated, she wasn’t bad.  I asked her, “Join me for a shower?”  She took my hand without hesitation and followed me into the bathroom.  As I soaped her down, I could see that she would be very beautiful when fully recovered.  I asked her, “Why didn’t you hesitate when I asked you to join me?”

“My life was over.  You gave me a new one.  It belongs to you.  I learned from the girls during the flight here that you are the inventor of TMJ.  I owe everything to you, and getting a handsome guy to soap me down in the shower is a perk.”  She leaned forward and kissed my chest.  She kept kissing it, working her way down until she got to my cock.  “Hmmm, nice one,” she declared as she started kissing and licking it.  She deep throated me while she still licked my balls.  Wow.  Soon I was filling her eager mouth with cum.  She quickly zoned out.

“Irina, you realize that you have fallen completely in love with me.  You want nothing but to be around me for the rest of your life.  Your pussy aches for me, you want my cock buried in one of your orifices but you are happy just being near me.  You love being one of my slave girls, it is completely fulfilling.  You love being a nurse in my hospital, because you know I like to help people, so you like to help people.  You know you will never be alone again because of all your slave sisters.  I, Master Tom, am the subject of all your fantasies, you will masturbate to me at least twice a day.  You are the happiest you have ever been just being in my presence, and if I decide to fuck you, that is unbelievably wonderful.  Now wake up and join your new family.”

She blinked, and then licked me clean with that fantastically long tongue.  A minute later we left the bathroom, and there must have been some sign, because all the girls were hugging her and welcoming her to the family.  All the hotties hugging each other naked got me hard fast, and I lined them up with their knees on their shoulders and gave each and every one of them, including Irina, a cream pie. 

The next morning we picked up the happy recruits, then dropped them off at the estate.  Wendy stayed with me, of course, and Amy, Fawn, and Tamara were the support for this last recruitment before fall break was over.  We headed out for Dallas.  There had been a shooting spree several years before, and there were three nurses that were paralyzed or otherwise seriously injured to varying degrees.  There was also one hospice AIDS patient on our list.

When we arrived, we found out that the hospice patient had died the week before.  That was always sad since if they had just lived a few days longer, they would be living centuries longer.  What a waste.

We moved on to the first name on our list.  She was a bit of a gamble, because she had been in a coma since the shooting.  We could easily revive her, but memory loss could be a large problem.  Jenny had thought it would be worth it though.  Apparently, Consuela “Connie” Guerra was an old friend.  That was enough for me, we’d take care of her whether she worked for us or not.  Jenny had called the family.  We were meeting them at one o’clock at the long term care center.

Her entire family showed up.  Father, Mother, four sisters, Grandmother, Aunt, and two cousins.  I asked, “Just what did Jenny tell you anyway?”

The father, Manuel, said, “Jenny said that you might be able to wake up Connie.  If that happens, we all want to be here.”

“Did she tell you how we were going to do it?”

“She said, ‘Don’t Ask’ and that if anyone wanted to know, you were never here.”

“Good, that is exactly right.  Does everyone understand that?”  I looked each of them in the eye.

They all nodded.  Then Manuel led everyone to Connie’s bed.  She was beautiful, even with the big scar on her forehead where the bullet went in.  I told them, “This may take up to an hour to work.”  I took out a needle with the liquid TMJ in it, unwrapped it, checked for air bubbles like Candy had shown me, then injected the TMJ into Connie’s IV.  I recapped the needle and pocketed it.  I wanted nobody getting their hands on even a drop of TMJ.

Thirty eight minutes later she suddenly sat up.  All the alarms went off around her bed.  She frowned, then turned and hit the silence buttons on all of them.  “Those things are always so fucking annoying,” she commented.  She looked around at her entire family staring at her with big eyes.  “I take it that I have been here a while.”  She grabbed her clipboard from the bottom of the bed and started paging through it.  “Six years! Well...Shit.”

Then she was swarmed by her family, each and every one laughing and crying at the same time.  I let them hug for a while, and then stepped forward.  “Excuse me.”

Everyone turned and looked at me.  I said, “Before all the doctors get here, I need to speak with Connie, alone.”

Manuel, the practical one, said, “Let’s go wait outside.”  He herded his family toward the door.  He looked at me and said, “I will run interference.”  I waved my crew, who were standing in the corner, to go help.

Connie looked at me.  “Who the hell are you?”

“You remember Jenny Franks from college?”

“Yes.  She is a good friend.”

“She and I came up with the medicine that just woke you up.  Now listen closely, we don’t have much time.”  She nodded.  I continued, “I am going to give your dad some arm patches and Jenny’s phone number.  You need to wear the arm patch at all times starting tomorrow or you will be back in this bed, do you understand?”


“Along with waking you up, the drug, called TMJ, also repairs things like muscle atrophy, so you won’t need PT, no matter what the doctor says.  Also, TMJ is secret, and I was never here.  Do you understand?”

She nodded.

“In a few days you will go home, once you do, find an untraceable phone and call Jenny.”  I smiled at her.  “Enjoy your second chance, Consuela Guerra.”  I left, waving my guards to follow. 

I nabbed Connie’s dad, Manuel, and pulled him aside as all the doctors rushed in.   I handed him two unopened TMJ patches and Jenny’s card.  “Manuel, give these to Connie tomorrow.  No matter what, get these to her tomorrow.  If there is a problem, call the number on the card.”  He nodded.

I left, and we piled back in the SUV.  I commented, “Nice to do a good deed once in a while.”

Wendy said, “Uh-huh,” while the other three just nodded.

I looked at our list, and we headed out to meet the next lady, Victoria Rodriquez.  She was still working at a nursing help line, even though her spine was shattered halfway down.  She was happy to get a full time job and have use of her legs again.  I left her with TMJ and went on to Rosaria Castinista, who was quadriplegic, and was also happy with the idea of walking again.  We gave her the TMJ, then went back to see Vicki.  She was running all over the house.  I gave her the hospital card to arrange moving and an arm patch.  Returning to Rosaria, she hadn’t been keeping up with her therapy, so she could barely walk, but she was up and about.  We also gave her a card and an arm patch.

It was only five o’clock, and there were two more over in Ft. Worth.  We hopped on I30 and drove west for an hour.  Surprisingly busy for a Saturday Evening. 

The next one on the list was iffy.  Donna Casteel was a medical prodigy who had been in an auto accident and lost much of her ability to learn new things.  She had been an RN who was working her way through medical school.  Now the file was marked, ‘employment unknown’.  We had her last address which we headed to.  As Amy, Fawn and Tamara did the usual perimeter, Wendy and I went up to the door and knocked.

The door was opened by a lady in her mid-50s.  Not bad looking.  “Hello, may I help you?”

“We are looking for Donna Casteel.  Does she still live here?”

She started crying, “No,” she sobbed.  Wendy hugged her until she calmed down a bit.  “She felt that her looks were all she had left, so she works and lives with some of her friends now.”

“Do you have an address?  We have a job offer for her.  And, yes, we know about the accident.”

“Really?  Anything but what she is doing now.  She is at 1232 Elvis Street.  About eight blocks that way.”  She pointed northwest.  “Please call me if she takes the job.  I can’t stand where she is working right now.”

“We will bring her by here if she accepts, Ma’am.”

“Thank you.”

We left and headed to the address she had given.  Wendy commented, “I wonder what she does that her mother hates so much.”

“I am afraid that I have a good idea what it is.  We might have problems getting in to see her.  I may have to go in by myself.”

Wendy raised an eyebrow.  Then she said, “Put this in,” and handed me an earwig.  She put on one herself and handed them out to the other girls.  I also stopped at a cash machine and got the machine’s maximum, $10,000.  When we arrived, they fanned out like usual, but Wendy waited next to the SUV as I went up to the door and knocked.

It was answered by an attractive middle aged lady.  “Hello there, handsome.”

That alone told me my suspicions were correct, but I played dumb.  “Hello, I am looking for Donna Casteel.  I was told she lived here.  May I speak to her please?”

“Sorry handsome, but her time is at a premium.  Now there are some other pretty ladies you would enjoy meeting...”

I smiled and said, “No, I need to see Donna.  Would this help?”  I put ten $100 bills in her hand.

She immediately had a bigger smile.  “Come on in, sir.”  She seated me in some sort of lounge and told the girls there, “Take care of him while I find Donna.”  I was immediately swarmed by five scantily dressed girls.  They were pretty, but didn’t even approach the standard of my girls outside.  That is except for the quiet one in the corner.  She was obviously new and didn’t really want to be there.  She was also the prettiest of the bunch.  I crooked my finger and signaled her over.  She got up and came over.  Fantastic legs.

“What is your name, miss?”

“Candy Cane,” she said quietly.

“When I am done talking to Donna, I want to talk to you.”

“Yes, sir.  I will be here.”

I looked at the other girls, “Ladies, I will pay for her time, but no clients for her until I get back, okay?”  I handed each of them a $100 bill.

They all nodded eagerly.  The Madam came back and retrieved me, leading me back to a room.  Sitting on the bed was a girl who was easily as beautiful as my ladies.  She tentatively smiled up at me.  I sat down in the easy chair and said, “Donna, I am here to talk.  My name is Tom.  And as much as I want to jump you right now, business first.”

She smiled and relaxed a bit.  “That is okay.  I usually don’t take clients anyway.  I am the nurse and bartender here.”

“Your mother would be happy to hear that.”

“My mother?”

“Yes, she is the one who told me where to find you.”

“Oh my god.  She must think...”  She turned red.  “You are right, I will call her ASAP.”

“Good.  Now some personal questions, if you don’t mind.”


“Your brain injury, how does that work?”

“I am fully functional during the day, but don’t remember things too clearly day to day.  My long term memory is not very good.  I can remember everything before the accident, but not much since.”

“Your nursing and bartending skills you learned before the accident then?”


“Well, the reason I am here is to make you a job offer.”  Her eyebrow went up.  “I work for Johnson Hospital.  We are a combination standard hospital with some research facilities.”

“How did you get my name?  I have been out of the mainstream for several years.”

I pulled her sheet out of my jacket pocket and said, “I don’t know, but you are on my list.”

“My RN license has expired.  I am not able to learn enough to take the required maintenance classes to keep my license.”

“That is not a problem.  The reason you are on the list is that we have developed a treatment for your condition. We will even pay for you to resume any classes toward your MD.”

“Is this something new?  I don’t recall any such treatment before.”

“Yes, and it is secret.  If you are not interested, then I was never here.”

“Oh, I am interested.  What if the treatment doesn’t work?”

“We will hire you anyway.  But on the 40 or so other people with brain injuries, many of which were much worse than yours, it hasn’t failed yet.  Do you want the job?”

“Hell, yes!”

“Do you want to leave now, or stay the night to say your goodbyes?”

“Give me a half hour to pack and say goodbye, then I will go with you.”

“On another topic, I also saw a new girl downstairs who really didn’t want to be here.  Working name of Candy Cane, you know who I mean?”

“Yes.  She just started today.  I don’t think she had even had a client yet.  Real name Tracy.  Her father left, her mother is busy shooting heroin, and she needs to support her little sister.”

“What if I was to offer her mother $10K to sign the two girls over; then take them with us?  There are plenty of places for them to live.”

“Hell yeah, that is a good idea.”

“How do we handle you and Tracy leaving here.  Do I need to make a donation or something?”

“No, if I explain things, that will be enough.  A donation would always be appreciated I am sure, though.”

“Good.  Oh, and take these.” I handed her a packet of TMJ pills.  She took them without a question.  She was in pretty good health, so she zoned out.  “Donna, you find yourself falling head over heels in love with me.  You realize I must have many girls who love and live with me, and you just want to be one of them.  You will realize that you love having all these girls as sisters.  You want to do anything I ask, just so you can be near me.”  That should do the trick.  The pill zoning never was as strong, and with a damaged memory, I would redo it later anyway.  “Wake up.”

She blinked.  I said, “Follow me downstairs and explain it all to the madam so there isn’t any confusion.” 

We went downstairs.  Donna took the madam aside as I squeezed a couple of butt cheeks.  The madam gave Donna a big hug.  The girls immediately wanted to know what was going on.  The madam said, “Donna got herself a job in a hospital!”  They all hugged her.  The madam went on, “We are so proud of you.”

“Oh, Thank you!”  Tears were flowing everywhere.

After a few minutes, I said, “And Tracy,” the young girl who was standing with a bowed head looked up in surprise, “I would like to offer you and your sister full scholarships to live with all the other kids in my walled community.  That includes school, room, and board.”

Her eyes got big. “What is a walled community?”

“It is a neighborhood with walls around it so there is no crime.”

“And you say that you will take my younger sister too?”


“She has FAS and needs a lot of medical care.”

“Not a problem.  The hospital that Donna is going to is right next door to where you are going to live.”

“Then we’ll go.”  She blinked then suddenly was jumping up and down with excitement.  It was nice to watch, she was extremely hot.

I turned to Donna, who was watching.  “Why don’t you and Tracy go pack; get Facebook addresses for your friends here too.”  They ran upstairs.  I turned to the madam.  “Sorry about the loss of business.”  I handed her the remaining $9K.

One of the girls saw the wad of money and said, “Know what this means?” The other girls squealed together, “Pizza Party!”  They all start hopping about.  Nice.

I commented to the madam, “Wow.  Wish I could stay.”  She grinned.

A minute later, Donna and Tracy come bouncing down the stairs.  They all did hugs, then followed me out to the SUV.  Wendy gave Donna a big hug.  “Welcome to the family.”  As the rest of my girls appeared the all gave Donna big hugs. 

Tracy was standing there alone.  She asked, “Why don’t I get hugs too?”

Wendy said, “Donna joined our sisterhood.  You haven’t yet...  although you are pretty enough that Tom here will probably invite you this evening.”

“Oh.”  She looked thoughtful.

I said, “Well, we need to swing by Donna’s Mother’s house, then we need to go see Tracy’s mother and rescue her sister.  We also need to find a notary around here.  Any ideas?”

Wendy said, “Why don’t we just check the phone book while Donna is talking to her mom?”

I slapped my forehead.  “Duh, why didn’t I think of that.  Been around computers too much, I guess.  Thanks, Wendy.”  I gave her a kiss.

We drove back over to Donna’s Mother’s house.  Donna went in.  The last I heard was, “Mama, I need to talk to you.”  I stopped at the door, but I saw a phone book on the stand near the door, so I snatched it.

We went through and found several notaries, but when we called, none of them had guardianship forms.  We finally called a law firm.  The after hours recording gave us another number.  We called that and talked with a lawyer.  After explaining things to him, he said that he would prepare the paperwork and meet us at the address of Tracy’s mom.

We stopped at another cash machine, then drove over to the address.  It was a ratty apartment building, light bulbs dangling from frayed wires, half of them burnt out, bums in the halls, and the whole place smelled like urine.  We waited for the lawyer.  When he showed up, he really didn’t want to go in.  I said, “Think of it this way.  You are being paid to be a hero and rescue two girls from this horrible woman.  I will pay the dry cleaning on your suit.”

He made a face, but we went in.  My girls followed me, Val staying with the SUV to guard it.  They went at full alert with P90s at the ready.  The stairs were crumbling concrete.  At apartment 310 we knocked.  Tracy said, “Forget that, no one will ever answer.”  She opened the door and we followed her in.  The place was almost empty.  A card table was the kitchen table.  A dirty mattress was in the middle of the living room floor with a dingy, very obviously high, gray haired woman sitting on it staring at the wall.

Donna rushed to the back of the apartment.  The bedroom door had a lock on it, not to keep people in, but to keep people out.  She pulled out a key and opened the door.  Inside was a normal girl’s bedroom.  Bed with pink sheets, desk with laptop, and a girl who could have been pretty if she lost a little weight playing video games on the laptop.  When we came in she whipped around and practically flew into Tracy’s arms.  A minute later she looked up at us and said, “Are you from social services?”

Tracy said, “No, Darla, but I did find us a wonderful new home.  We will never have to lock our door or go hungry again.”

Darla started sobbing, “Trace, are you joshing me, you really found us a home?”

“Yes I did.”

I heard a sniffle from behind me and looked back.  The lawyer was crying and had a very angry look along with it.  He saw me looking and said, “No one, especially a child, should live like this, especially in America.”  He whipped a form out of his briefcase, and then said, “Let’s get this signed.  No charge for this one.”

Tracy gave us her mother’s full name, her sister’s full name, and her full name, we filled in the guardianship form, Donna was the guardian.  Then we went to the zombie in the living room.  I waved the $10K in front of her.  That woke her up.  She looked up at me, yellowed teeth with several missing.  “Blowjob for the money, mister?”

“No.  But I will give you the money if you will sign this paper sending your kids to school.”

She blinked at the form before her, and signed it.  I handed her the money.  Looking up at Tracy I said, “Pack fast before she comes out of it.”

They were gone only about 45 seconds.  They had two large bags.  Tracy saw my questioning look and said, “These are our emergency bags.  We just had to stuff the laptop and a few dolls into them.  We are ready to go.”

We left, leaving the woman staring at the wall again, a pile of money in front of her.  I locked the door behind us and hoped that she wouldn’t have it all stolen right away.

There was a Days Inn near the airport.  We got a room.  Donna, Tracy, and Darla followed the other girls when they all stripped.  I kissed Donna, and then laid her back on the bed and slid deep into her.  She gasped in ecstasy.  She was nice and tight, and I let myself rapidly cum in her, giving her a cream pie.

I looked at Tracy standing there watching, her nips hard as rock and her pussy dripping down her leg.  “Tracy, do you want to be part of our family?”

“Oh, god, yes.  More than anything!”

“Wendy, give Tracy and her sister a fingerful of TMJ from Donna, then tell them both what it means to be a sister, and how much a sister loves me.”

Wendy went over to Donna, got two fingerfuls of cum fresh from her twat, then went over to Tracy and Darla and fed them both a fingerful.  They both went, “Ummm...” licked their lips then zoned out.  I relaxed on the bed with Tamara, Val and Fawn; with Beth nuzzling with my hard cock, occasionally taking a lick. Donna had fallen asleep in the fetal position in a corner of the king size bed with a big smile on her face.  Wendy spent the next half hour explaining how wonderful I am, how much they love me, and how great it was to be a sister.  She laid it on even thicker that I ever did.  After about forty minutes, the two girls were nodding, saying “Um-hmm,” and their eyes were wandering a bit.  I figured that they were with us again.

I had added Tracy because she was so hot, she was sixteen or seventeen.  Her sister wasn’t.  She was a bit dumpy.  I knew that was common with FAS, so she was another experiment to see if TMJ could fix her.  She was only about twelve, I guessed, so she had half of her adolescent growth left, and I hoped that the genetic damage wasn’t so deep that TMJ couldn’t root it out.

I said, “Wendy, welcome your new sisters and send them over.”  She gave each of them a big hug, and then they excitedly came over and crawled on the bed.  I motioned Tracy over and she eagerly straddled me and sank down.  She wasn’t a virgin, but she was close.  I let her go for five orgasms before I filled her up.  Tracy climbed off and Darla climbed on.  She was a virgin, but aside from the original wince as she sank down, she had orgasm after orgasm, finally collapsing twitching on my chest.  I gave her a load, then moved her to the side next to her sister.  Next Val climbed on and I filled up all my girls in turn, laying them out one by one.  I curled up next to Wendy and went to sleep.

The next morning I was awake first, so I got to see Donna wake up.  She stretched, smiled and said, “Good Morning, Master Tom.”  Then she sat up and said, “Holy Shit!  I remember yesterday!  That stuff really worked!”  She jumped on top of me, kissing me like crazy, tears flowing, saying, “Thank You!” over and over.  Soon her kisses turned passionate, and she slid back, impaling herself on my hard pole.  “I love you so much!”  She cried.  Soon we both came and I filled her up again.

We drove back to the plane, where Darla was hopping around, apparently she was a airplane fanatic.  She wanted to know everything, and her sister pilots enjoyed showing her.  On the flight back, they even let her fly for a while.  She nearly passed out from happiness.  I commented, “Well, I guess we know what she wants to be when she grows up.”  Everyone laughed. 

I mentioned to Tracy, “She doesn’t seem to have the learning disabilities common to FAS.”

“That is funny, because she sure had problems up ‘til now.  She doesn’t seem to have the mood swings like she used to have either.”

Good.  TMJ was working.

We landed and we took Donna to the hospital to check in.  I got her a full doctor’s office, because she needed it.  She was only a semester behind before her internship, and so she could start early.  Also since Tracy and Darla were officially her kids now, the three bedroom apartment was perfect for them, although they would probably be spending a lot of their time over at the main house.

While we were there, Dr. White arrived with his two daughters, Keisha and Nichelle.  Both super hot girls 12 and 13.  Darla and the two of them immediately were dashing off exploring.  I said, “Don’t go too far.  School starts in the morning.”

Tracy wanted to come with me, so I let her follow me back up to the main house.  I think she was a bit overwhelmed at the sixty or so girls who ran out to greet me.  I spent the evening taking care of girls until even my enhanced cock was sore.  Happy, but sore.

The next morning I took care of a couple of the young ones after my shower, like usual.  Breakfast was raucous, again like usual.  All of a sudden Tracy started bawling.  Immediately ten sisters were asking if she was all right.  “It is just so wonderful here!” she sobbed.  All her new sisters nodded knowingly.  I went into my study, grabbed my backpack, and headed out to catch the bus.  I snagged Tracy and had her borrow some clothes and follow.  She had to get registered for school.

Chapter 50

By Christmastime, Darla had shot up like a rocket.  She had a full figure, was nine inches taller than she had been and had a more oval than round face.  She was starting to turn heads like her sister, to her enjoyment.  There was no sign of any learning disability.  Her sister Tracy was also a genius, acing everything in school.  And to think I found her in a Texas whorehouse and her sister in a crack house.

With all the help at the hospital, Jenny was happy that she had time off.  Especially now that she was seven months along.  She still loved to be bent over things and fucked silly.  Helen was four months along and Candy was only one month along.

Val, Fawn, Maria, Charlene and Tamara had all benefited from the increased attention during the recruitment and were two months along.  With the fact that I fucked Wendy an average of twice a week, I asked her why she wasn’t pregnant.  “I use a diaphragm, Master.  If I get pregnant, I can’t guard you properly.”

I was a little taken aback by that.  Since TMJ precluded oral birth control, and I don’t use condoms, I had never thought of birth control.  “Just so sometime after things calm down, after I am out of school, you give me at least one kid.  You are too wonderful not to reproduce.”

She started crying.  “Yes, Master.”  I hugged and kissed her.  Laying her back on the divan in my study, I fucked her to oblivion.  I reached into her cream filled pussy, and broke the seal on her diaphragm, making sure several large gobs of semen got past it.  I don’t know if it was her time of the month or not, but it made me hotter when I thought about getting my girls pregnant.

Sure enough, Wendy was pregnant a month later.  I danced around overjoyed.

Darla was definitely turning heads now.  She was a bit of a missionary, too.  First she started bringing around Keisha and Nichelle.  Peer pressure made them strip down when they were at the main house.  Since they were both drop dead sexy, I didn’t mind.  One day, Darla came in, hopped in my lap and fucked me until I came deep inside her.  She got up and left the room.  Curious, I followed her.  I saw her take fingerfuls of my cum from her pussy and feed it to the two White girls.  Then she started telling them about how they belonged to me now, how wonderful I was, how they loved me, and how great the sisterhood was.  I decided to let it go, since I was planning on recruiting them anyway.  Over the spring semester, she recruited a third of the girls in her school, all the hotties. 

Susie just rolled her eyes when I mentioned it to her.  She said, “All the girls have crushes on you anyway, so what difference does it make?  You could walk into the school and any girl older than eight would gladly jump your bones.  That includes most of the female teachers, and one male teacher I know of.  I’ve heard that most of the high school girls feel that way about you too.”

That matched what I had seen with Tam and the gymnasts.  Problem was, with all the recruiting, both mine and Darla’s, we were approaching the limit on TMJ patch manufacture.  Susie and Cassie were down to popping one pill a month to stay healthy, but the rest of my original girls still had to wear the patch for more than a three day break.  Wendy and I guessed it was because the two of them were my sisters and had some sort of self support anyway.  It turned out that Grandma Susan could also go for a month with only one pill, she was my biological grandaunt after all.  When we checked with my mom, she said she had been down to a pill a month for a while now.

All that was great, but it didn’t solve the TMJ manufacturing problem.  Both Jenny and Donna were putting a lot of hours into solving the problem.  Both of them were medical prodigies, it was fun to watch them work and discuss things.  They took turns “milking” Grandpa and me every other day.  The two of us didn’t mind, although it was inconvenient sometimes.  They would process the ejaculate into TMJ1 and TMJ2 tablets.  TMJ1 from Grandpa was only useful for processing into liquid TMJ supplement which was put into a machine that made patches.  TMJ2 could be used for initial TMJ use or for processing into liquid TMJ, both supplemental and full form.

They had moved their lab into one of the fancy hospital labs.  The manufacture was almost fully automated at this point.  For the TMJ supplemental maintenance dose, one tablet could make about 10 patches.  To make the tablets, one jack off session (usually with a nice hot assistant), got enough to make around 75 tablets.  A lot of the TMJ2 tablets were cryogenically frozen for emergencies.  All of the TMJ1 tablets were made into patches, the two of us “manufactured” enough TMJ supplement for about 2200 patches a week.  Half of those went into cryo-storage, which left 4800 a month, if both of us were there, in reality it was about 3800 a month including the days we were off someplace and couldn’t donate.  There were currently about 3000 people on TMJ.  We were reaching our safety limits.  We had enough stashed for the next 30-50 years for everyone, but we didn’t want to break into that unless we had to.

They had managed to grow TMJ supplement in the lab, but it took weeks to make enough for one patch.  We needed a bio-chemist.  We also needed to trust any bio-chemist we found absolutely, so we needed one that was idealistic as well as a being a hot female.  That way we could recruit her like I did Jenny.

I contacted Horace since he had ties with the chemical industry.  His wife Tammi was still close friends with Lizzie.  They traded news about their babies constantly.

“Hey, Tom, long time no hear!”

“Hey, Horace.  How’s the kid?  Did you survive the terrible twos?”

“He.  Barely.  What’s up?”

“I need a really good idealistic female bio-chemist.  Any ideas?”

“Is this to further research on TMJ?  Thanks for the patches by the way.”

“Yes.  We need to somehow duplicate the maintenance chemical in the patches.  But we need someone who is so idealistic that we can trust her with it.  Oh, as a side issue, send back most of your TMJ tablets and we’ll convert them to patches for you.”

“I’ll do that.  And I have just the person for you.  She worked for a testing lab of one of my competitors, but created a stink about animal testing.  Suddenly she had a ‘lab accident’ and got acid spilled all over her.  She was forced out because she was blind.  I hire her occasionally to consult because she is so brilliant, even if she can’t see.”

“I already like her.  I hope you took down the bastards that did that to her.”

“I personally took care of ruining the company and making sure their more disreputable practices came out into the open.  Their CEO and several of his officers are in prison.”

“Good.  Email me her file if you would.”

“I should of thought of TMJ for her case.  Glad you did.  Thinking about it, I know of a few others who deserve it too.  I’ll take care of them.”

“Just remember to keep it secure.  I don’t know if Lizzie passed it on, but we are under a gag order here.”

“Really?  From who?”

“President Pendelson.”

“Woof.  Okay, I’ll bump up security and make sure no one mentions it on any open communications link.”

“Yeah, he was concerned over the political ramifications of the youthening effect.”

“Shit, I hadn’t thought about that.  He’s right.  If it got out, we could have World War III.”

“No kidding.  Oh, by the way, when are you marrying your lady there?”

“Soon.  Actually I have had the ring in my pocket for about a year, waiting for the right time.”

“What’s the right time?”

“I don’t know.”

“How about Henry’s third?  Isn’t that in a few weeks?”

“Now that is a good idea.”

“Let me know how it works out.”

“I will.”

“Well, got to go now.  Good luck.”

“You too.  Bye.”

The dossier arrived a few minutes later.  Dr. Jane Turches, PhD.  Very impressive résumé.  Her before picture was nice too.  She had been very pretty.  Her after picture was horrible.  I immediately scheduled a flight to Chicago to recruit her.  Since it was Friday afternoon, we were wheels up in an hour.  Wendy was two months along, but she came anyway.  Fawn, Emily, and Poppy won the draw to go with me this time.  Maria, one of the pilots, was five months pregnant, but she also came along.  Beth was the other pilot.

 We arrived, and waiting for us was a dark green SUV.  I glanced over at Wendy; she shrugged and said, “They were out of black ones.”  I rolled my eyes and got in.

Jane Turches lived on the west side, in a flat above a Chinese restaurant.  I hit the buzzer.  A minute later a woman’s voice asked, “Who’s there?”

“Hello.  My name is Tom Johnson.  May I speak with you?  Horace sent me.”

“How’s his wife?”

I smiled.  She was taking no chances.  “He isn’t married, although he is going to propose to Terri in two weeks.”

“I didn’t know that.  Okay, come on up.”  The buzzer went off.  I grabbed the door and Wendy, Emily and I trampled up.  Jane opened her door to let us in.  It was pretty horrible, her entire face was burned off and scarred.  I was surprised that she was still alive.  After we filed in, she said, “Who is with you?”

“My bodyguards and friends, Wendy and Emily.”

“Okay.  Now what can I do for you, Mr. Johnson?”

“I think we can help each other, Dr. Turches.  According to Horace, you are the best in your field.  We need your expertise to reproduce artificially a natural bio-chemical that is in short supply.”

“And how can you help me?”

“That chemical I mentioned is a maintenance chemical for a substance called TMJ, which can give you your eyesight back.”

“Is this some sort of joke?”

“No it isn’t.”  I dialed Horace’s number on my phone.  When he answered I said, “Horace, could you please talk to Dr. Turches?”

“Sure.  Hand her the phone.”  I did so.

“Hello?  Oh, hello, Horace.  Really?  Okay. Bye.”  She handed the phone back.  “I guess you are legit, although I still don’t believe it.”

“Okay, theoretically, if I was correct.  Would you be interested in the job?  No animal testing, unless you count human volunteers, of course.”

“Harrumph, the worst animal of all.  If your medicine can do what you say, I will gladly join your research team.”

“Hold out your hand.”  She did so.  I put a packet of TMJ in her hand.  “Take these and I will call you in the morning.  Please do not contact anyone about this at least until we talk again.”

She got up and went into the kitchen.  Got a glass from the cupboard, poured some water, then tore open the packet and took the pills.  She froze.  I waited a minute, then said, “Jane, can you hear me?”


To test things, I asked, “Who was your last sex partner?”

“Bob, but he left me when I was injured.”

Good, she must be under, she wouldn’t have answered so easily otherwise.  “Jane, you are feeling surprisingly attracted to me.  You know I have many girls that love me and sleep with me, and you want to try it.  You find yourself wet and excited just thinking about it.  You realize that you are actually falling for me, Tom.  Now wait until you hear us close the door and wake up.  You will eagerly anticipate my return tomorrow.”  That should be good enough to get her into bed after she was cured, where I could deepen things.

We headed out to get some nightlife.  Again, it is amazing the places we could get into considering I was three months short of 18.  The girls changed into their killer dresses again.  They all looked fantastic.  You couldn’t tell Wendy was two months pregnant.  I was escorted by the five most beautiful and deadliest girls in town.  We went dancing and saw a few stage shows.  My name was even on a few of the lists at clubs!  It is nice being rich.  We got back to the hotel where I gave each of my beautiful ladies a pussy full, then we curled up together and went to sleep.

The next morning we went over to Jane’s house.  She was sitting on the front step in a light jacket even though it was only 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, just watching everything, tears flowing.  There were a few things still healing on her face, but most of the damage was repaired.  When I got out of the SUV, she said, “Are you Tom?”

“Yes I am, Jane.”

She threw herself in my arms, sobbing against my chest.  I held her as she cried.  “Thank you, oh thank you!  I never realized how beautiful the world is.  Thank you for my eyes.”  After about ten minutes, she turned, ran up the steps and grabbed a bag from inside the door.  “Let’s go.”

We jumped back into the SUV and headed out.  I asked, “What about the rest of your stuff?”

“I’ll send for it later.  I am just so excited right now.  Just a chance to be on a team that is working on such a miracle cure, I would sell my soul.”

I laughed, “Well, you don’t have to go that far.  You do need something to eat though, I bet you were so excited that you skipped breakfast.”

She muttered, “Yeah.”

“We’ll stop and get something.  Your body needs material to rebuild with.”

“That makes sense.  Since we are on the tollway, we can swing into one of the sky-restaurants on the overpasses.  I think Wendy’s is coming up soon.”

We had lunch, Jane ate three sandwiches.  She commented, “Geez, I am still hungry, something is sure working overtime!”  With a giant frosty to go for her, we headed for the airport.

As we flew out of O’Hare, she jumped up and started pacing.  “I just have so much energy!”  She exclaimed.  I stood up and gave her a big French kiss.  She melted into my arms.  Before we were halfway home she was naked on the seat and I was buried deep in her.  Soon we both came, hard.  I filled her up as she had a seizure like orgasm.  I looked at Wendy and asked, “How about making her a sister and explain things again?”  Wendy eagerly got a fingerful of cum and fed it to the semi-conscious woman.  Then she spent the rest of the way home telling Jane how great and perfect I was, how she loved me, how great it was to be a slave sister.

When we landed she got dressed, gave me a hot kiss, then bounced off the plane.  She was so eager that she was off before anyone else and had to stop because she didn’t know where to go.  The airport can look intimidating, it was an airstrip (albeit a large one) in the middle of the woods with just a tower and a hanger door.  Nothing else around but trees.

We led her to the door at the base of the tower.  Inside was the personnel elevator which we took down several stories.  Before us were several carts.  We hopped in and drove to hospital.  I showed her the mall, churches, theater, control room, and barracks along the way.  I left her in Jenny’s capable hands as I headed back to the main house.  I had a report due at school.

That evening Jane joined us for dinner, she was still excited and could hardly sit still.  Both Helen and Jenny had to put their hands on her arms to calm her down.