Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. WARNING/DISCLAIMER Dear readers this story is strictly intended for the eyes of adults only. It is not suitable reading for minor children, or for those readers that might object to any of the story codes listed. The names of the characters used in this story are all fictitious as is the story itself. Although some of the events mentioned in this story have been taken from actual headlines of a terrible natural disaster, no harmful intent was ever intended, and was only used to flavor this imaginary tale. If you object to any or all of this disclaimer, kindly pass this story by and seek reading more tailored to your needs. BROWNIE GIRL SCOUT AMI HAYASHI PART-1 BY: VIC BRUTAL ( M M F g( 7) slow spank humil exam mild pain ) PREFACE In Japan the surname will always precede the first name, so in our story the little Brownie Girl Scout Ami Hayashi would be referred to as Hayashi Ami and she would be the daughter of Hayashi Takeshi her father and Hayashi Aiko her mother. Furthermore, Japanese names have meanings and the name Ami means Asia beautiful, so one might say that the name Ami means beautiful Asian girl. Her last or surname of Hayashi means forest and her fathers first name of Takeshi means fierce, violent, warrior, her mothers name Aiko means beloved. If we in The United States were to interpret the meanings of their Japanese names, it could be said whether correctly or incorrectly that Ami Hayashi was a beautiful Asian girl that possessed a keen interest in forests. Additionally, we could also say that her father Takeshi Hayashi was a fierce and violent warrior type man who enjoyed the forest and all that it contained, and her mother Aiko Hayashi was beloved by both. The other point of interest is that Ami is a Japanese Brownie Girl Scout and since Brownie Girl Scouts cover (grades 1 through 3), around 6 to 8 years, which isn't by itself much different from any other Brownie Girl Scout since these organizations are world wide. Thus the promise and law of the Brownies are comparatively the same in both countries, with the exception being that some words are a bit changed in translation, nonetheless, their meanings are about the same. e "fierce, Japanese girl scout promise: I promise to: Do my duty to God (Buddha); Be responsible for my community, My country and the world; try to be helpful to other people; and live by the Girl Scout Law Japanese Girl Scout Law: I am cheerful and courageous at all times. I respect all living things. I am a friend to all, and a sister to every Girl Scout. I am courteous. I use time and resources wisely. I think and act on my own. I am responsible for what I say and do. I try to be sincere Girl scout promise and law U.S. The Girl Scout Promise On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law. The Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout. THEME For Mr. Hayashi Takeshi the father and Mrs. Hayashi Aiko the mother, and little Hayashi Ami the daughter, living in the Miyagi prefecture at the basin of the Ohkawa river in the Tohoku region on Honshu Island in Japan, was as normal and pleasant as any family of wealth could expect. Ami was encouraged by both her mother and father to become a Brownie girl scout when she became eligible, and that meant the moment she entered first grade and turned 6 years old. Little Ami thrived at being a Brownie Girl Scout and wasn't far from entering second grade. The Hayashi family thrived on the success their hard working principles brought. Takeshi was fierce in his determination to succeed financially, getting up very early in the morning to attend to his fishing business, and if time allowed he would visit the capital city of Sendai in the Tohoku district to monitor his beef cattle businesses. It was also there that he owned two buildings and rented out space to the electronics, appliances, and food processing businesses. Out of necessity his busy day had become routinely ordered, leaving little or no time for matters that would distract or interfere with that order. True to his name he would become fierce almost violent as a warrior would be facing an enemy, if some body or some thing caused an interruption in his ordered daily activities. Likewise, Mrs. Hayashi Aiko also had a very busy day leaving little or no leisure time for herself. She was much to busy being wife to Takeshi and mother to little Ami, she too would awaken early and prepare breakfast for the family. Then after attending to the household chores and preparing little Ami for school, it was off to the shipyard in Miyagi so that she could help her husband with his fishing business especially the oyster harvest. If she managed to complete her tasks promptly enough she would travel to the capital city of Sendai and lend a hand with his beef cattle farm. If there was one thing that neither she nor her husband would or could tolerate, it was a bad report from school or the Brownies that their daughter was misbehaving or had broken a rule. Ami knew only to well that to disappoint her parents meant a most severe punishment. Her training in obedience began from the moment she could walk and comprehend things. Often times it meant a hard whacking over her tender little naked bottom with a bamboo rod, so she grew up with an extremely intense appreciation for following the rules, and obeying those she perceived as authority figures. CHAPTER-1 (incident #1) During the second week of March 2011 there occurred two incidents that were of particular significance to the Hayashi family. The first incident occurred on one of the rare Sundays that the family had planned on going to the Buddha Temple in the capital city of Sendai. They were all in good spirits during their visit to the Temple, while at the Temple, and during their journey back from the Temple. It was after a light afternoon lunch when two visitors came to them unannounced, perhaps their pleasant trip to and from the Temple put Hayashi Takeshi in an agreeable mood. Ordinarily he would treat unannounced visitors with little regard, unless they furnished him with some type of official reason for their family interruption. But not this time, instead he allowed them to introduce themselves and state the nature of their visit. As it turned out their visit was actually semi official. The two men represented the Miyagi prefecture local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts. They were hired to take photographs of the little Brownie Girl Scouts for the purpose of choosing the one child whose photo would be placed in a pool of other photo's for the purpose of selecting the one photo that would represent Japans Brownie Girl Scout of the year. Her photo would then be sent to the United States and join other winners in creating an album of international Brownie Girl Scouts. Needless to say both Takeshi and his wife Aiko were very agreeable in having photos of their daughter taken for such a worthwhile project. The two photographers were anxious to see how the pretty little girl looked in her Brownie uniform for that purpose, or was their an underlying reason for taking photographs of little girls? After a brief personal talk to his wife, Aiko took little Ami back with her to the little girls sleeping quarters and dressed her in the child's Brownie uniform. Meanwhile Takeshi watched the two photographers set up their lighting and camera equipment. But once Aiko returned with little Ami, the attention on the camera equipment was redirected at the pretty little girls entrance. Ami was an adorable little child with black hair worn in bangs that covered her forehead and with braided pony tails that her mother Aiko worked hard perfecting so that they would hang nicely from her daughters Brownie uniform cap. Takeshi spoke first "Now Ami go to the two gentlemen, they will be taking pictures of you like they have done with other Brownie Girl Scouts. You must obey them and let them pose you as they see fit. Perhaps the judges will select you to represent our glorious nation, which would be the highest honor for our family". "Hai" replied little Ami in Japanese. Both Takeshi and his wife Aiko stood off to the side so as not to interfere with the photo session. It was Takeushi Noboru the senior photographer looking directly at Mrs. Hayashi who inquired of her when little Ami was presented before their cameras "Please he inquired "is this your daughters entire uniform? or does she have other parts to it? some of the other girls we photographed had long pant uniforms and camping shorts, and some wore a skirt in place of the Skort your daughter is wearing?" Aiko replied immediately "Ahhh yes there is a skirt and long pants and shorts, please forgive me for not bringing them with me" she lowered her head to the photographers and glanced apprehensively towards her husband Takeshi, who was looking sternly over at her. But it was the camera and equipment man Takaki Katashi who immediately raised his hand and said "Oh please madam do not bother with those other articles of clothing, it is best that we begin our session with what your pretty daughter has on now" He explained that they must first see how she responds to the various positions wearing as little as possible, then realizing what he said he attempted to clarify his statement and said "The lighting and camera focus must first find acceptable the uniform she is currently wearing before we require her to change her uniform. His explanation was sufficient to ease any family tensions that may have existed and seemed plausible. Mr. Takeushi said "Come Ami stand over here and look into that camera and smile nicely" Ami was very nervous, she had never posed for a man all by herself, sure there were pictures taken of her but she was always part of the entire group. The first picture was a fiasco, the look on her face was not of a happy smiling little Brownie Girl Scout, but rather an apprehensive very frightened girl certainly not an image the Brownie Girl Scouts of Japan would ever want as representative. The second and third were no better, and this was beginning to upset her parents. As usual her father Takeshi spoke up and said "why don't you obey these men? do not waist their valuable time they told you to smile now obey them, you know what happens to little girls who do not obey those in authority don't you? I have not brought you up to be disrespectful now obey them" Her mother Aiko then added "Do as your father says child do not embarrass us in front of these gentlemen, their time is important to them and their purpose is only to take pictures of you, which if you do as you are told may bring great joy to our family" The words spoken by her father and mother did the opposite of their intended purpose and made little Ami Hayashi more tense rather then less tense. So that the next three photo shots although not so terrible were nonetheless, worthless. It was at this point that Takeushi Noboru the senior photographer strode over to Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi and proposed the following suggestion "Most little girls are camera shy at their very first photo session, they are even made more nervous when their parents or others are looking on. Perhaps if you will be so generous as to leave your daughter to face our camera's by herself without your presence she might not feel so intimidated. Both Hayashi Takeshi and his wife Hayashi Aiko after thinking that the professional photographer would certainly have the experience to offer up this solution agreed it was a valid suggestion. They both glanced over at their nervous little girl, and it was her father Takeshi who with a stern expression upon his face said "Ami obey these men and do everything they tell you to do, your mother and I have to leave the house and pick up a few shopping items, we will return in two hours. With a stern face the little girl had come to know only to well meant do not disappoint them for if she did her bottom would suffer for it and she would sit with pain for a full day. The moment Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi left the house both the men and little Ami felt a measure of relief, there was less tension. Little Ami felt her parents were not there for support but rather as a warning to her that failure to provide the men what they were seeking would result in a hard bare bottom spanking. But if the little nearly 7 year old child thought that these two men weren't exactly who they professed to be, then perhaps she would have welcomed her parents continued presence. Takeushi Noboru was indeed a senior photographer and Takaki Katashi was the camera and equipment man, but did they really represent the Miyagi prefecture local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts?. These two men were also pornographers and this was the last stop of their assignment, they had already accumulated a nice batch of photos taken of the local Brownie Girl scouts and could pick and choose which to submit to the contest and which to submit to their fellow pornographers. Takeushi Noboru looked over at Takaki Katashi smiled and winked then said "Ami come over here and stand up on this step stool" Ami wearing her Brownie Skort (which was a combination of a pair of shorts and a skirt), light blue button down the front blouse, brown vest, socks and shoes, did as she was told. She stepped up onto the step stool, but was completely unaware that Mr. Takaki had walked behind her and was kneeling down aiming his camera up under her little Skort trying to take photos of her white cotton panties. When Katashi shrugged his shoulders and raised the palms of his hands upwards, Noboru knew that no photos of the child's panties were obtained. So he tried to arrange another camera angle and said "Ok Ami now give me a nice big smile and let me see how you look standing up on that stool without your brown vest. Ami was at ease now that her parents weren't standing there watching her every move and slowly began removing her brown vest. Noboru clicked his camera as the pretty little girl opened her vest. Soon Katashi came around to the front of her and aimed his camera at her too, but said " Ami I'm going to kneel down in front of you to get a better camera angle but I want you to look straight ahead at Mr. Takeushi ok?" Ami was feeling more confident now that she had heard the cameras clicking away and not been criticized by either man, so she nodded her head at Mr. Katashi and replied "Hai" she watched Mr. Takeushi aiming his camera at her standing on the step stool dressed in her brown uniform skort and blue button down the front shirt, heard the noise of the shutter clicking away but was not aware nor concerned at what the kneeling Mr. Takaki was aiming at. Actually he was trying desperately to aim his camera up under the front of her little brown skort but the way it was designed made it nearly impossible to see the little girls panties. Soon Mr. Takaki who was kneeling in front of her stood back up. Once again it was Mr. Takeushi who spoke first, Ami he said "You must go to your room and bring the rest of your uniform out here to us so we can see how they look on you in front of the cameras and these special lights" Pleased with how these men were accepting her without criticism, she did not hesitate and quickly returned with a skirt a pair of long uniform pants and a pair of camping shorts. The two pornographers were elated at the little girls sudden cooperation and attributed it to the absence of her parents. They both agreed that the threat of a good whacking of a child's naked bottom does wonders for gaining obedience. Just the thought of what they had in mind for her was enough to stimulate their libido's and bring the phallus that hung between their legs to attention. The two of them often laughed at how the others in their pornography group said that the meanings of their names made them perfect candidates for the job that they both do. First name Katashi means ---firm, hard....... last name Takaki means....tall tree First name Noboru means---rise, ascend.....last name Takeushi means.....bamboo house So Takaki Katashi was known by his fellow pornographers as the one with the penis as hard as a tall tree and Takeusi Noboru was known by the same group as the one with the penis that rises like a house of bamboo. Both now true to their names stood with their sex poles tenting the slacks they wore but knew the little girl was much to young and innocent to even know the significance of what it was she might be looking at. As in the past Takeushi Noboru spoke first "Ahhhh" he said with a broad smile upon his face, "we see you have brought the other parts of your uniform with you "Hai!, Hai!, Hai!" she responded, Mr. Takeushi clapped his hands together and said "this is very good now let us proceed" Little Ami bowed her head and replied "Hai" This time Takaki Katashi spoke and said "You are doing very nicely little Hayashi Ami your parents will be proud of you" A bit embarrassed perhaps at the flattery but pleased with how she was being treated, and so she again bowed her head brought both the palms of her hands together at her chest and said "Hai, Hai" Takeushi Noboru said "let us begin Hayashi Ami you must remove the skort that you wear and replace it with the nice short little Brownie skirt you have brought out" Ami was about to return to her sleeping quarters to change her uniform outfit, when both men shouted out "NO! NO! NO! CHILD" then in a more regular tone of voice followed up by saying "You must change right here in front of the cameras and lights." Little Ami was taken aback, never before had she been asked or told to change her clothing in front of anyone other then her parents or the doctor. But she reasoned this was such a different circumstance and she distinctly recalled her father Takeshi, who with a stern expression upon his face said "Ami obey these men and do everything they tell you to do" and so Hayashi Ami even though feeling a bit apprehensive nonetheless, began to change her uniform in front of the two men. She removed her Brownie Girl Scout skort, and stood before them with her little white cotton panties completely uncovered. But before time allowed her to change into her Brownie skirt, Takeushi Noboru came to stand inches from her and staring at her panties held up his right hand and said "Hayashi Ami are these panties you are wearing the authorized Brownie Girl Scout panties? before she could reply he turned to Takaki Katashi who was also staring at the little girls panties, asked of him while winking his eye and smiling "Katashi do you recall if these panties little Hayashi Ami is wearing are the correct Brownie Girl Scout panties?" Takaki Katashi scratched his head and said "Ummmmm I am not sure let me examine them more closely" He then also stood inches from the now blush faced little girl and said "Hayashi Ami you may place the skirt you are holding in your hand down on the chair and remain standing where you are so that we may continue our inspection of your panties. It is after all very important for a little girl whose photographs are being taken for the purpose of choosing the "Brownie Girl Scout of the year" to have all the authorized and proper clothing on. Ami placed the skirt she was holding on the nearby chair, and now even more concerned, stood back up trying to stand straight and with as little uncertainty showing as she could muster. Takaki Katashi reached out with both his hands and placed them directly onto little Ami's panty covered buttocks then began squeezing and rubbing both hemispheres of a nearly 7 year old little girls delightfully round firm ass cheeks. "Uhhhhh I'm not sure these are the authorized pair of panties come help me examine them" He said to Takeushi Noboru who eagerly reached out with both his hands placing one on Ami's stomach and the other between her thighs directly onto her tiny little panty covered pussy and squeezing and rubbing. Little Ami could not remain silent and let out an audible "Ohhhhhhh!" of alarm and surprise at the men's probing fingers, followed by a statement of defense she hoped would halt the men's probing fingers "Pease sir these are the panties my mother had me wear" But the two pornographers were enjoying the moment of the poor little girls frightened frustration at something she simply could not control nor even challenge as factual information. Their probing fingers continued to press and rub her most private parts at times even softly pinching the panty covered skin beneath its cotton material which only elicited another audible Ohhhhhhhh! of real concern from the vulnerable little child. Finally recognizing that little Hayashi Ami was in distress Takeushi Noboru pulled his hand back from between her legs and said "I know why don't you take Mr. Takaki into your room and together you both can look to see if you have other panties that are brown rather then white ok?" Little Ami was certain she had no other panties that were brown in color, but the chance to stop the probing fingers of these two men was an opportunity she could not resist. What she hadn't realized was even though she did not own a brown colored pair of panties, she most certainly did own several pair of dark yellow colored panties and when they were discovered by Takaki Katashi he immediately picked one up, looked at it, then smiled and said "Ahhhhhh "Hai" "Hai" these are closer to brown then the white pair you are now wearing. He took the pair with him back out and held them up before the photographic lighting and the cameras and winking back at Takeushi Noboru said "See these will do nicely" At which point Takeushi Noboru then said "ahhhhh yes I think you are right but let us make sure, we will take photographs of little Hayashi Ami wearing her little white panties then see how she appears before the cameras in the dark yellow panties" Takaki Katashi held the dark yellow pair of panties in his hand then went behind the lighting equipment and watched. Takeushi Noboru walked behind the cameras then said "Now Hayashi Ami we want you to take off your blue button down the front shirt also so that we can make certain that all the rules of the Miyagi prefecture local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts are being carried out especially the complete Brownie uniform. Now hurry child time is important we must complete our assignment and return with the photographs so the judges can make their choice. Quickly Hayashi Ami Quickly remove your shirt and look into the camera lens and smile." Again little Ami was uncomfortable with what these men were requiring her to do, what a terrible dilemma she found herself in. To refuse them meant to disobey them and then she would have to face her father who specifically told her to obey these men and do everything they tell you to do. But to obey them and actually remove her shirt and panties in front of them, meant she would be naked in front of strange men. She hated both choices but knew there was only one choice for her, and when she saw them standing behind the cameras and lighting she nervously unbuttoned her blue shirt and slipped it off leaving her wearing a white cotton undershirt. She heard the noise of the cameras and knew they were taking photographs as she was stripping off her blouse, then she slipped her fingers under the elastic waist band of her white cotton little panties and slid them down her legs and off her feet, she continued to hear the drone of the cameras all the time she was undressing. But when she looked over at the chair expecting to find the other pair of panties she was disappointed. The dark yellow pair of panties she looked for was being held by Takaki Katashi who was standing behind the lighting equipment. "OOOOOOH! please sir please may I have my panties" The once calm and confident little Hayashi Ami was anything but, and now was becoming fearful. But the two pornographers were actually pleased at the reaction they were seeing, it made for better photographs to send to their client, who claimed that pretty little naked girls in distress were much more in demand and sold alot quicker. "Now Ami" called out Takaki Katashi holding the yellow pair of panties in his hand, I will let you have these panties but you must first remove your little white undershirt. We must make sure that if we take photos of little Brownie Girl Scouts that they have not broken any of the rules, and you were wearing white panties and a white undershirt instead of brown. Once again poor little Hayashi Ami felt trapped in a corner she could not escape from, the terrible dilemma she found herself in would not go away. She had no choice but to obey, to refuse would mean getting a terrible punishment from her strict father once he found out she was disobedient to those in authority. She sniffed, bowed her head, placed the palms of her hands together brought them up to her chest and said "Hai" and then lifted the white cotton undershirt from her body and now stood completely naked before the eyes of the camera and the two semi fraudulent representatives of the Brownie Girl Scouts. The cameras clicked away and soon both Takeushi Noboru and Takaki Katashi came from behind the equipment. They both stood inches from her moving all around and aiming the cameras at different parts of her naked body. It got worse, for the teary eyed little girl once the pornographers began touching her naked body telling her they were adjusting her position to arrive at the best camera angle. Their hands and fingers were touching all of her private parts, pulling her thighs apart, pulling her arms up and then holding them behind her head, squeezing the tender flesh of her buttocks, and then poking at her ever so tiny nipples. By now the poor little child was crying profusely, never before had anything so terrible happened to her, the tears fell from her eyes like water over a dam. But the two men just ignored her until they were satisfied that they had taken enough photographs to have fulfilled the requirements of both their pornographic mission, and their obligation to the local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts for the contest that was currently running. There was no longer any need for the little girl to try on any more of her Brownie Girl Scout uniform. Both pornographers Takeushi Noboru and Takaki Katashi had what they came for. Leaving the poor crying shocked, bewildered, and dismayed little child standing on the floor shaking from head to toe, the men packed up their equipment and without saying another word just left the house. Hayashi Ami was panic stricken, what was she to do? what was she to tell her parents when they returned? She wiped the tears from her eyes and quickly looked at the clock. she saw that much time had elapsed and there was little left before her father and mother returned. She tried very hard to compose herself, she still did not know that the two men were acting on be half of two two clients, only one was reputable, the other was most definitely not. She continued to believe even now after the embarrassment that they put her through, that they were indeed who they claimed to be. She gathered all her clothing and returned them to their proper place in her room, then quickly washed herself the best she could with the time that she felt was left. All the while trying her very best to concoct a story that was both believable and acceptable. That task was monumental, for her father and mother always knew when she tried to shade the truth from them, even if what she spoke of was just the very tiniest bit untrue, they seemed to always sniff it out. On those occasions it was down with her panties and across her fathers knees and the sting of the bamboo rod across both her tender bottom cheeks. After what she had just experienced the poor little girl did not want to suffer a painful spanking. The best she could think of was rather then lie she would try not to offer anything she was not asked to divulge. Although she was much to young to know of it, what she had in mind was the sin of omission. She redressed herself in the clothing she wore before the two photographers appeared at her house and waited for her parents to return from their shopping trip. The wait was not very long at all. Ami sat in the chair trying ever so hard to compose herself, and then tried equally hard to smile when she saw her parents enter the house. Mr. Hayashi Takeshi entered first followed by his wife Mrs. Hayashi Aiko and to little Hayashi Ami's surprise neither had bundles of shopping with them as she expected from the information they offered when they left the house. Her father spoke first "Where are the two photographers representing the Miyagi prefecture local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts? have they completed their work and left already?" Ami nodded her head and replied "Hai" Her mother Mrs. Hayashi Aiko then asked "did they take many photographs?" again Ami nodded her head and replied "Hai" once again her father spoke "Were you obedient?" and Ami was quick to respond to that question because if anything she certainly knew that she was obedient and replied confidently "Hai" father "Hai" I was most obedient. Both Mr. Hayashi Takeshi and attending to the household chores and preparing little Ami for school, it was off to the shipyard in Miyagi so that she could help her husband with his fishing business especially the oyster seemed very pleased at the way their daughter responded and no further questions were asked of her. CHAPTER-1 (incident #2) Five days had passed since the incident on Sunday March 6, 2011 that so traumatized little Hayashi Ami. Her encounter with the two photographers left her not only embarrassed but fearful that her parents might pursue the details of what occurred in their absence that day. But each day that passed where no such inquiry was asked for, seemed to help Ami overcome the awkwardness of acting obediently on the one hand, yet holding a fear that her parents might consider her behavior as inappropriate. Then there was the fact that the discovery of the true identity of those two men and the real purpose of their visit was yet to be uncovered. Those two facts contributed to the little girls slow healing recovery. When Friday the 11th arrived it appeared to be as normal a day as all other days for the Hayashi family. It may have arrived that way, but it most certainly never ended that way. Hayashi Takeshi awoke early as usual, ate his breakfast then bid his family goodbye and left to attend to his fishing business. After attending to the household chores and preparing little Ami for school, it was off to the shipyard in Miyagi for Mrs. Hayashi Aiko so that she could help her husband with his fishing business especially the oyster harvest. As for Hayashi Ami, after school she went to the local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts in the city of Sendai in the Tohoku district. Ami was happy to meet her friends there and show off her new badge, it was a badge for international friendship and she was proud to wear it on her uniform. She along with several other Brownies in her chapter took classes in speaking English and actually did very well in it. The girls were able to communicate with other Brownie Girl Scouts that lived in America by sending letters and on a few rare occasions even spoke on the telephone with them. That happened when their scout leaders made international phone calls involving Girl Scout business. Ami got to talk to her American contact Vicky and even spoke with Vicky's Scout leader Jack. But most of the information shared by the two little girls was obtained by letter writing, they were just not allowed to spend much time on the telephone it was very expensive to do so. She actually got pretty friendly with Vicky and the two little 7 year old girls wrote long letters to each other about their families and activities. Ami found out that her American friend Vicky had two older brothers one of them was 12 years old and his name was Danny, the other one was 14 years old and his name was Nate. According to Vicky they were always teasing her about her Brownie Girl Scout uniform and running after her trying to lift up her skirt to see if she was wearing brown panties. Vicky said in the letter that when she complained to her parents about it, they only laughed and said Oh Vicky they're just boys and boys will be boys. On this particular Friday after her English class, she and the others were off to their last class which was on camping. But that class was cancelled because the girl scout leader who was supposed to conduct the class became ill and had to leave. This gave the class some free time before they would be dismissed. Ami who always loved to read comic books that had monsters and evil men doing terrible things to poor innocent children, found herself in the small reading room or library created for family members waiting to take home their little girls after classes were over. But this time the small room was empty since the cancellation of the camping class was unexpected. Ami began browsing through the magazines and comic books to find one that grabbed her attention. What happened next was simply shocking to the little girl in light of what she had so recently undergone. While fingering through the magazines she found one that just popped her eyes wide open. It was a magazine of pornographic pictures and stories, little Hayashi Ami was stunned that such a magazine would find its way into a Brownie Girl Scout meeting place. The only explanation she could come up with even at her age, was that the magazine belonged to a grown-up and was left there by mistake. She immediately thought of Mr. Marcel, he was the man who tidied up the building and also took care of the little library. But he was also the man that all the little Brownie Girl Scouts used to point to him when he wasn't looking and giggle and whisper. They would all say they had to be careful how they sat or how they climbed up on things because he was always trying to sneak a peek at their panties and Ami knew this to be true. She remembered one day he asked her to help him put some books away in the library and being such an obedient and respectful little girl she obliged him. He set a small ladder out next to some book shelves and asked little Ami to climb up and then he would hand her the new books for her to put away. Ami did exactly that, but remembered that he would only hand her one book at a time causing him to remain at the bottom of the ladder looking up for what seemed a much longer time then was actually required. It was only when she remembered what the other girls told her about him that she realized he was looking up at her panties on purpose. Somehow the thought of what type of man Mr. Marcel was and the type of magazines he would be reading only made her discovery seem much more enticing to the little girl. Ami looked to see if any of the other girls were near her and when she saw that she was relatively seated by herself, she opened the magazine and began looking at the pictures. Her pulse raced and her face felt warm but she continued to turn page after page looking at the pornographic pictures of little naked girls, some being spanked, others having their private parts pinched or other stuff done to them, stuff she knew was bad but at her age knew nothing of the sexual connection attached to the act itself. Like those photographs of that white stuff coming out from the tips of those pee pee things the men had between their legs, and other photographs of that same white stuff covering the little girls private parts. Then after looking around the room once again and finding she was still unobserved, she began reading the pornographic stories. They were short stories and the words were in Japanese but the stories were about evil American men raping and doing just awful things to little virgin girls. It was then that Ami first found out what virgin and rape stood for, and how important it was for those stories that the little Brownie Girl Scouts were virgins before they were raped. She also learned that the words orgasm and climax meant that the white stuff she saw in those photographs was going to come out of the men's pee pee things. The title of the first story was "Raping the crying Virgin Brownie Girl Scout" Ami was fascinated by the evilness of the story. Her heart was racing and her feelings were mixed, her thoughts went from the two photographers and what happened in her own home only a few days ago, to the story she was reading. She went on to the next story and that one was titled "Virgin Brownie Girl Scout being raped before the cameras" Ami continued to look up and around to make certain that hers were the only eyes peering through the pages of that magazine, satisfied she was not being watched she continued to read on about the evil American men and what they were doing to the little girls. In the third story the bad men were using probes to put inside the poor little girls private parts. The title of that story was "The Probers raping little Virgin Brownie Girl Scouts". She just couldn't stop reading or looking at the pictures, and she continued to do so while remaining where she sat until the second incident occurred. The second incident not only affected the Hayashi family but all of Japan as well. The early radio report announced: (Mar 11, 2011 Japan was struck by a 8.9 earthquake off the northeastern coast of the island on Friday afternoon at 2:46 P.M. local time. A tsunami warning has been issued, with warnings that waves of up to 20 feet high could strike Japan's shores. The Miyagi prefecture, closest to the epicenter, is expected to see the worst of the damage.) Following reports continued to have dire news: (The largest number of deaths due to earthquakes and tsunami on March 11, 2011 were in the Iwate and Miyagi prefectures in the Tohoku region of Japan. Sendai (city in Tohoku district) was hit hardest by the quake, but the tsunami affected many more areas. Police said 200 to 300 bodies were found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai, the city in Miyagi prefecture, or state, closest to the epicenter. But authorities said they weren't able to reach the area because of damage to the roads. Japan's coast guard said it was searching for 80 dock workers on a ship that was swept away from a shipyard in Miyagi.) In addition to the death count, Miyagi prefecture had the largest amount of property damage. The reports continued alarming the populace: (Japan's nuclear safety agency said pressure inside the reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant has risen to 1.5 times the level considered normal, and slightly radioactive vapor may be released to reduce the pressure.) In a matter of hours much of what belonged to Hayashi Takeshi was crushed, flooded, lost, or soon to be contaminated, still he had to consider himself a very fortunate man, for the home he and his family owned and lived in remained undamaged. His greatest concern was his missing daughter Ami. Both he and his wife Aiko immediately set out for the city of Sendai in the Tohoku district where the local Brownie Girl Scout building was located. When they arrived and saw that it had collapsed they were frantic, many of the little girls were injured and some were missing. They searched frantically for her but just like the rescue attempts by the authorities was hindered by the deplorable conditions, those same conditions made it impossible for them to find her. They like so many others sort the help of the Japanese Red Cross Society, and when they were able to listen to a radio they heard Prime Minister Naoto Kan tell a news conference Sunday that the situation triggered by Friday's devastating quake is posing the worst postwar crisis Japan has ever seen. The Prime Minister issued an instruction to boost the number of Self-Defense Forces personnel in quake-hit areas to 100,000, one of the largest deployments ever, Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa said. "I ask for utmost efforts to save the lives of as many people as possible," Kan said at a morning meeting of the government's emergency disaster headquarters. "We will put all-out efforts into rescuing people who have been isolated." The SDF or Self-Defense Forces had dispatched 65,000 personnel to help with the disaster but will increase that to 100,000 in one or two days, Kitazawa told reporters. When Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi heard the report by the Defense Ministry that Ground Self Defense Force troops had rescued about 5,800 people in the Miyagi town of Kesennuma and its vicinity, they made it a point to contact any of those troops they could find and ask if any had information that might lead them to find their daughter, they hoped she was still alive. What they were told was to check with the local school houses that survived and the local hospitals as well. They searched every school and hospital in the local districts with no success and were exhausted from lack of sleep and proper nourishment. They were both very disillusioned and decided to return home to rest before going out again. Among all the dead and injured was their daughter Hayashi Ami, she was struck on her head by some falling object and wandered off aimlessly. She was found unconscious in a torn apart crumbled street many blocks away from the local Brownie Girl Scout building which had collapsed from the earthquake. Since there were no schools or hospitals near where she was found that weren't themselves badly damaged, the search and rescue people that found her took her to the only place that was still operative, and luckily that just happened to be the local police building. Little Ami was still dressed in her torn and tattered Brownie Girl Scout uniform and holding a water soaked brown paper envelope containing her earned badge progress report. That chart had a listing of dates which would after examination tell how long a particular Brownie Girl Scout would have spent in a designated grade. In Ami's case according to the several badges she earned and the dates of occurrence she was nearly at grade 1 for a full year and would be ready to enter grade 2, thus making her age 6 going on 7 years old. But the most disappointing part of finding that chart was its condition, it was water soaked and the most critical information it had, namely the Scouts name was too damaged to be of any use. Because of that the police were unable to make more than just a rudimentary identification, and were hopeful that once the little girl regained consciousness they would be able to help reunite her with her family. But once she did regain consciousness both she and the police had to deal with the fact that she could not remember who she was or where she lived. Apparently the blow to her head caused a partial amnesia. Her torn uniform told what grade she was and what local district she was attached to, but her name tag was missing and must have been ripped off from her uniform when it became torn during the fury of the earthquake and the panic it created when all inside the collapsing building fled. The same must have been the reason she lost her shoes. Her memory remained cloudy and she was still not able to furnish the police authorities her name or where she lived. What little memory she had she kept to herself because it was so very clouded in her mind, she sensed that she was naked and that strange men were putting their hands and fingers all over her naked body. The police had many things to do, they were as busy as they had ever been. Japan had suffered from three horrific life threatening incidents the 8.9 earthquake, A tsunami with waves of up to 20 feet high and the nuclear reactors spewing out radioactive vapors. Heartless as it might seem the least of their immediate concerns was a little girl who seemed healthy enough but just couldn't remember who she was or where she lived. There was however a report they were interested in, People in the United States were offering to take survivors into their homes and the main concern for survivors was to extricate them from any of the so-called possible contaminated areas. Ami remained at the police building for three more days, but on the fifth day a visitor claiming he was representing the International Red Cross paid them a visit. The Man seemed familiar to little Hayashi Ami but she was still recovering from partial amnesia and wasn't sure where or how she may have met him, or even if she ever met him at all. The man showed the police some papers and said he was there to collect survivors and bring them back to a central area much further from the devastation and make arrangements with people living in the United States who would be more than happy to take children into their homes. The local police authorities agreed that man representing the International Red Cross could and should take the little Brownie Girl Scout with him. Once outside the police building little Ami saw that there was another man waiting, he too seemed familiar to her but just as with the first man that familiarity was clouded over by her amnesia. She held her torn Brownie Girl Scout uniform and her water damaged earned badge progress report in a brown paper bundle that the police gave her. They also found some old faded blue jean shorts that were a bit small and skimpy but it was all they had for her to wear, between the very skimpy shorts and a likewise much too small tee shirt she was given, lots of her mid section was uncovered. She heard them speaking to each other about driving her to the "holding area", but didn't know what type of place that was. So she asked about it, and was told by the man whose name seemed just as familiar to her as did his face. "Oh it's a place where little girls who have no parents or other family members to take them are kept until some people in other countries can send for them" She did not know if what these men were saying was good news or terrible news. She did not know whether to smile or cry, to be joyous or fearful. Then once again the men spoke to each other "Why don't you let Mr. Takaki Katashi pick you up and carry you to our vehicle its not very far from here but the streets are all broken and you have no shoes" But before she could reply Takaki Katashi hoisted the little girl up in his arms holding one hand beneath her tight blue jean covered little ass and the other hand around the back of her shoulders. "Its not very far" said Takeushi Noboru, "now isn't that much better than walking in your socks" Even the sounds of their voices seemed familiar, but once again she simply could not overcome her partial amnesia, and clung to Mr. Takaki Katashi's neck as he carried her to their vehicle. She was placed in the front and seated between both men. The drive to the so called "holding area" took nearly one full hour and the drive was not smooth at all, the roads were nearly impassable, and Hayashi Ami was bouncing up and down and side to side, which gave the two men cause to place their hands on the little child's thighs with the pretext that they were holding her in place so she would not slide off the front seat. But they never did remove their hands from her bare legs, and during the long uncomfortable drive those hands became bolder and bolder moving from her naked knees to between her legs and up as high as her groin. She did not like them touching her but felt for a reason she could not fully understand that she had to be obedient, was that because she was a Brownie Girl Scout? or was there something else making her feel that way? how inconvenient her amnesia was she thought to herself. When they arrived little Hayashi Ami felt apprehensive but also happy to get out from between the two men and finally have them remove their hands from between her naked thighs. Both Takeushi Noboru and Takaki Katashi escorted their little deceived Brownie Girl Scout inside a small auditorium where other deceived little girls where taken and had gathered to await a special examination and deployment. Ami was seated on a long bench and once again sat between the two men who brought her. The first thing she noticed was that none of the other little girls were talking to one another, instead they all sat silently but looked sad. In a very short time she found out why the little girls seemed so sad, across from where they sat was a room from which all in attendance could plainly hear crying and an occasional scream of protest followed by the sound of a slap and then more loud crying. When the door of that room opened a little girl emerged crying and trying to adjust her disarranged and partially open clothing. Ami was shocked but in no position to protest, perhaps the little girl was crying and adjusting her clothing because of some medical procedure that was being performed on her. Soon a man came over to them and both Takeushi Noboru and Takaki Katashi stood up and went to him. Just before they moved out of hearing range she did hear the man say to them "only the ones who are pure, tight, and photogenic get to go to America". Ami watched them move further from her and could no longer overhear what was being said. But she did see the two men who brought her here, point to her and then the other man nod his head and point to the room that the crying girls came out of. Mr. Takeushi Noboru and Mr. Takaki Katashi also nodded their heads, and then the man handed over lots of Yen to the men who brought her. After they received the Yen she saw that some funny looking green paper was also given to them, when they returned she heard them speak of the green paper as American money. Soon another little girl was taken into the room that the crying girl came out of. Ami looked intently at the closed door, and soon after the little girl entered, she once again heard the crying begin. The door opened like before and the girl came out sobbing, her clothing was in disarray the same as was the girl before her. A third and fourth little girl was taken into the room and as the girls before them the results were the same. Ami was almost certain that the little girls were being given injections of medicine for the trip to America. As the little girls came out of the room they were taken to the other side of the auditorium and were seated on a long bench just like the ones across from them that Ami was now sitting on. The longer she waited the more anxious she became, she was never very fond of receiving injections in her naked bottom, they always stung and made her wince and shout out from the sting and usually cry. So when finally it became her turn to enter the room she was all prepared to see a doctor wearing his white jacket and a nurse to attend him. The only part of her preconceived visit to the room was that there was a man and a women there. Everything else about them was totally wrong, The women spoke first loudly and sternly. Her voice frightened Ami. "COME OVER HERE LITTLE GIRL TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES AND LAY ON THAT TABLE FACING UP, QUICKLY! CHILD QUICKLY! WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY" So shocked was she that she just stood there looking at the woman and the exam table. But her pause was very temporary, the man in the room had moved behind her and with a quick hard blow to her little firm blue jean covered bottom "THWACK!" Hayashi Ami was caught by surprise and screamed out from the shock of the blow as much as the sharp pain she felt across her round firm little bottom "YYYYEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWTCHH!" Being an obedient little girl even while suffering with amnesia and not understanding why she was but also in a bit of pain from the blow to her rear end she began to slowly remove her clothes. Perhaps she wasn't fast enough for a second and third blow to her shapely little bottom followed "THWACK! THWACK!" this time the blows landed on her panties since she was only able to pull her blue jean shorts down as far as her knees, "OWWWWEEEEEEEEE! YYYYEEEEEEOOOOOOWWW" the tears that followed were ignored by both the man and the women The women again shouted at little Hayashi Ami "I TOLD YOU WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAMN DAY NOW GET THE REST OF YOUR CLOTHES OFF BEFORE WE TAKE A PADDLE TO YOUR LITTLE ASS" Ami could do nothing to stop the flow of tears from her eyes, but to avoid more stinging blows landing on her tender little bottom she just yanked and pulled the rest of her clothing off as fast as she could and then completely naked climbed up onto the exam table and lay there face up trembling. The stern looking women pulled Ami's thighs apart and the man standing on the opposite side of the exam table and wearing thin surgical gloves began to rub some lubricant inside Ami's vagina. Then when satisfied enough had been inserted he began to very slowly insert his long middle finger into the exposed opening. Ami thought she would just die from embarrassment and although she was still unaware of her obedience, the moment the man began to explore her most private part she simply could no longer remain silent, and she just screamed as loud as she could, "Noooooooo! Nooooooo! Nooooooo! Ooooooooh! please stop pleaaaaase! don't do that" The woman with the stern expression on her face who no longer needed to keep little Ami's pussy lips pulled wide for the examination just reached out and twisted her two tiny little nipples and said "SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU LITTLE BRAT OR I'LL RIP YOUR LITTLE "TITS RIGHT OFF" For little Ami the pain to her tender nipples was just incredible and she was unable to keep herself from crying out "OWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE! It hurts please please stop I'm SORRYEEEEEEEEE! OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! I'M SORRYEEE! I'm sorry I'm sorry" Finally the man said "ok she's a virgin and nice and tight just what their looking, for now lets turn her over and check out her asshole if she's tight there also she'll pass and we can recommend her for travel. While still suffering terrible pain in her tender nipples and the discomfort of her internal embarrassing vaginal exam little Hayashi Ami was unceremoniously turned onto her stomach and then had her ass cheeks roughly pulled apart. this time she thought she would die for sure. The mans gloved finger shoved a lubricating gel into her very small anal opening forcing her preteen sphincter muscle to give way. His invading gloved digit moved rapidly in and out several times while the poor pain filled child screamed her head off. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! OWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE! IT HURTS! Take it out! PLEEEEEEEASE! TAKE it out take it out pleeeeeeeeeeease." Then it was over, the man and women now just seemed to ignore her and began writing things down on a form attached to a clip board. As an after thought the man turned back to the exam table and said ok little girl you can get down now, grab your clothes and leave. While sobbing profusely Hayashi Ami scooped up her clothes as fast as she could and began putting them on while at the same time opening the door and exiting that awful room. She was guided over to the long bench where the other little girls sat, some still sobbing. She glanced back at the room she left and saw the man and woman come out and speak to some men while pointing to their clip board. It wasn't very long before both Mr. Takeushi Noboru and Mr. Takaki Katashi came over and then they too were shown the clip board. They both appeared to be very pleased as they nodded their heads, then turned to look over at Hayashi Ami and nodded once again. It wasn't long after that when a group of people came over to the long bench and began selecting certain little girls to stand in one area and others in another area. Hayashi Ami was placed among a group of little girls that numbered one dozen. She heard some of the people from the selection group or committee speak to one man claiming to be an official from another committee, again she saw lots of "Yen" being handed over, this time it was from the members of the selection committee to the one official from that other committee. Finally both Mr. Takeushi Noboru and Mr. Takaki Katashi came over to little Ami, Mr. Takeushi smiled and said "I know you don't remember us but we remember you don't we Katashi?" and Mr. Katashi smiled and answered him with an even broader smile and said "Oh yes indeed we do" then each man gave little Ami's nice round firm ass a great big squeeze, and grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her on her lips while she tried in vain to turn away from them. Within minutes another group of people began coming over to lead the selected little girls away. As Hayashi Ami was leaving she heard Mr. Takeushi Noboru and Mr. Takaki Katashi shout out "Enjoy America Ami we know the Americans are going to enjoy you just the way we did, they have the photographs we sent them. Hayashi Ami thought to herself Ami? who is Ami were they shouting at one of those other girls? and what photographs were they shouting about? END BROWNIE GIRL SCOUT AMI HAYASHI PART-1 Note to my readers: Your review of my story is valuable to me, whether that review is favorable or not. The fact that you took the time to read it and then the additional time to review it requires a thank you on my part. I certainly hope my presentation met with favor.