Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. WARNING/DISCLAIMER Dear readers this story is strictly intended for the eyes of adults only. It is not suitable reading for minor children, or for those readers that might object to any of the story codes listed. The names of the characters used in this story are all fictitious as is the story itself. Although some of the events mentioned in this story have been taken from actual headlines of a terrible natural disaster, no harmful intent was ever intended, and was only used to flavor this imaginary tale. If you object to any or all of this disclaimer, kindly pass this story by and seek reading more tailored to your needs. BROWNIE GIRL SCOUT AMI HAYASHI PART-3 BY: VIC BRUTAL ( M m b(12) F g( 7) inter humil 1st spank sad rape ) CHAPTER-4 ( Lights! Camera! Action! ) Her mind was suddenly brought sharply back to the reality of the moment when she was suddenly yanked off Mrs. Probers knees and held tightly against the nearly naked body of Mr. Jack Prober. She could easily feel his erection pressing against the sheer material of her skimpy panties. Still sobbing and still physically trembling she heard him say "Ok we have enough photographs, now its time for our film". He then told his wife and his two sons to proceed with the scene in the same way as in all the previously done scenes. He got behind the cameras and shouted out "Lights! Camera! Action!" Vicky grabbed little Ami and shook her finger at her yelling "Why are you out of bed you naughty little girl, look you woke up your brothers from their sleep now go over to them and kiss them on their lips and beg them not to give you a hard spanking" Ami shook her head vehemently and while sniffling and crying managed to spurt out "Nooooo Noooo Nooooo they're not my brothers and I don't want to do this terrible movie, I want to leave this place" Vicky looked directly into center of the three cameras and at her husband who was standing behind it, she was wondering if he was going to yell out "CUT" because of what Ami was yelling. But then realized they would simply edit out anything objectionable that the child said or might say that would have a detrimental effect on the film they were making. So she continued with the dialog and said "You naughty naughty little girl go over this very minute and kiss both your brothers right on their lips, you better beg them not to spank you also, go on do it now or else" Again Ami shook her head from side to side and started to take several steps away from the "X" spot on the floor. Poor little Ami was doing precisely what they hoped she'd do and that was to defy what she was being told. Mrs. Prober grabbed her and while holding her tightly said to her two sons "Boys your bad sister woke you up and now refuses to beg your forgiveness so we must teach her a lesson" and with that being said Vicky Prober dragged the now twisting and squirming and sniffling and crying little girl wearing that skimpy sheer "Baby Doll Nightie" over to the "SPANKING BARREL" bent her over it face down then shackled both her wrists and both her ankles to each end of the barrel. Ami began screaming "NOOOOOOO!NOOOOOOO!NOOOOOOO!NOOOOOOO!" STOP! STOP! STOP! let me up pleeeeeease STOP!" But stop was simply out of the question. The pretty little 7 year old Japanese Brownie Girl Scout was dressed in a most provocative and revealing "Baby Doll Nightie" tied to a spanking barrel and the Prober family was committed to producing a pornographic movie. Down deep little Ami knew from having read about those pornographic movies in that magazine back in Japan that what ever was happening to her was the same things that happened to those little Japanese girls in those films. From a wave of their fathers hand coming from behind the center camera, and a big emphatic nod of the head from their mother the Prober brothers began to spank little Ami. the first blows were landed by the older boy Nate who had no trouble at all getting to her panties, the "Baby Doll Nightie" was so very short all he needed to do was flip it up just a bit to reveal the child's entire sheer pink panties. He swung his hand down with enthusiasm striking her tender ass cheeks with a sound that echoed off the basement walls and brought a scream of utter pain from the little girls lips. "Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The two Prober brothers took turns spanking the poor little girl. first it was Nate then it was his younger brother Danny "THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "YYYYEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWTTCHH! OWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE!" When it was over they released her from the "SPANKING BARREL" but not from the basement studio, for there was one more humiliation they intended for her to suffer through. Ami was very shaky on her feet after the terrible spanking and naturally thought that the two boys were helping to steady her on her feet when they grabbed her and held her tight against their bodies, Nate in the front of her and Danny behind her. But then she heard Mr. Prober shout out "OK BOYS DRY HUMP HER" and Ami felt the two boys pressing themselves rhythmically against her body, they both had erections and with the sheerness of both her panties and that "Baby Doll Nightie" she could very easily feel them pressing against her little round and firm spanked ass cheeks and her panty covered virgin pussy. Again and again they dry humped her but then suddenly she as well as the boys and their mother heard "CUT" "CUT" "CUT" and then they saw Jack Prober come from behind the center camera and shout out "OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE THAT'S NOT DRY HUMPING ITS MORE LIKE CUDDLING" he walked over and said get away from her I'll show you how to dry hump a little girl. Once the boys stepped away from Ami, Jack stepped in front of her and grabbed her sexy pain filled ass cheeks with both his hands, squeezed them and pulled her hard against his body. He too had an erection and he drove that erection against her panty clad pussy, he humped her so hard he nearly lifted her feet off the basement studio floor. The only words out of little Ami's mouth were "OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! her body trembled and she nearly forgot about the pain in her ass cheeks, She was feeling embarrassed and humiliated but even worse than that, was this strange sensation in her body. A sensation she had felt when she was in the city of Sendai in the Tohoku district while at the local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts in the library, reading those pornographic stories and looking at all those pornographic pictures of little girls being sexually punished. Funny how she remembered that, there it was again another piece of remembrance tugging at her lost memory. Her reverie was broken when Jack Prober finally released her and said "I think our little girl needs some rest lets call it a day" Ami was in no condition to stand on her own feet and nearly collapsed on the floor, but was grabbed by Mrs. Prober who was standing close to her. They shut down the bright lights and secured the cameras and then all of them left the studio and returned back upstairs. Ami was taken into the bathroom and washed down by Vicky Prober then was brought into the master bedroom and undressed. Mr. Prober came in and gave little Ami's naked ass cheeks a little squeeze. Ami winced and cried out "OOOOWWWWWTCH!" And Jack laughed then said "that was your first porn film little girl how'd you like it?" Ami lowered her head and said "PLEEEEEEEASE! I don't like it I don't want to do that its naughty PLEEEEEEEASE! Mr. Prober don't make me do it again" Both Vicky and her husband Jack just laughed and said come child its time for some dinner you had better where this little school girl uniform. Ami looked over at the very skimpy uniform and having very little choice, it was either that or the little picnic costume which was even skimpier, she just lowered her head and said "Hai". When they entered the dining room both Nate and Danny ogled Ami wearing the skimpy and seductive little school girl uniform. They were served and ate another American meal, this time instead of the hamburgers and French fried potatoes they ate frankfurters and French fried potatoes. After dinner they all retired to the living room where little Ami in spite of her mild objections, was forced to sit on 14 year old Nate's lap, he of course was overjoyed. The entertainment for the evening was planned for in advance, not only of this evening but rather several days before Ami Hayashi even arrived in America. Jack Prober got up from his armchair and said "Now I want all of you to be patient while we go and get a few things, boys I know you will just love what we have to show you, and as for you Ami, why your just going to be the most surprised person in this whole house. While both Jack and Vicky Prober were away from the living room, Nate took advantage of their absence and placed his left hand directly over Ami's covered little breasts squeezing and rubbing them while driving his right hand under the hem of her very skimpy school girl skirt then shoved it all the up between her thighs to her groin and rubbed her panty covered little virgin pussy while she struggled and tried unsuccessfully to close her legs. Her panic only lasted a few minutes and so did Nate's pleasure. He quickly withdrew both his hands from poor little Ami's body the moment his Mother and Father reentered the living room. Jack Prober said "Ok children just keep your eyes on the screen, He then grabbed a projector while his wife Vicky set up the stand and the large screen. The boys and even little Ami had their eyes focused on the preparation of what they had been told was the evenings entertainment. They did not have long to wait, Mrs. Prober took a seat facing the screen and watched as her husband turned the living room lights off then with just the light from a very small lamp near the projector he switched the machine on. The children watched intently as the first picture on the screen was that of a girl wearing a "Brownie Girl Scout" uniform and standing on a step stool, her face wasn't showing, but she was wearing a "Brownie Skort" (which was a combination of a pair of shorts and a skirt), the rest of her uniform consisted of a light blue button down the front blouse, brown vest, socks and shoes. The second slide showed the girl without her blouse and without her "Brownie Skort" The little girl on this slide was not standing on the step stool but rather on a carpet, and she stood there wearing a little white cotton pair of panties. Once again the child's face was not shown. The third and fourth slides showed a Japanese man who's face was also not shown with both his hands placed directly onto the little girls panty covered buttocks and appeared to be squeezing and rubbing them. There too was another Japanese man who had one hand on the child's stomach and the other between her thighs directly onto her tiny little panty covered pussy, and as in the other photo appeared to be squeezing and rubbing. The fifth and sixth slides showed the little girl unbuttoning her blue shirt and slipped it off leaving her wearing a white cotton undershirt. The seventh and eighth slides showed the child slipping her fingers under the elastic waist band of her white cotton little panties and sliding them down her legs and off her feet and standing there with nothing more than her white cotton undershirt. The ninth slide showed the little "Brownie Girl Scout" standing there without her white cotton undershirt she was now completely naked. When Mr. Jack Prober put in the tenth slide and it appeared on the large screen a loud gasp could be heard coming from the mouths of all three children. There before their eyes for the first time was the face of the little Japanese Brownie Girl Scout who's body was on display and that little girl was Ami Hayashi. The instant she saw her own face appear on the large screen she screamed and wiggled off Nate's lap and fell to the carpeted floor crying hysterically. "Oooooooh Buddha Oh, Oh, Oh, OH Buddha Nooooooooo! How terrible how awful Ooooooooooooh! Buddha help me". As she lay there on the floor crying so hard she began to receive another flash of remembrance, she was standing inside a small auditorium she believed was called the "Holding Area" and she was still feeling the pain of a rough physical examination of her most private parts. People came over to her from a special selection committee and began to take her with them, when she remembered the words of those two Japanese men that continued to pop in and out of her head. One of them yelled out "Enjoy America Ami we know the Americans are going to enjoy you just the way we did, they have the photographs we sent them. The living room lights were turned back on and Vicky Prober bent down and pulled little Ami to her feet then said "Come along child I think you have had enough for one day its getting late now and tomorrow will be another busy day". They left the room while Jack had his sons help put back the screen and projector. Once back in the master bedroom Vicky removed the little "School Girls Uniform" Ami wore to dinner. Then said "Now lets get you back into these sexy little pink panties and this "Baby Doll Nightie" you can wear to bed" Ami was just much to upset to protest and did not want to chance another spanking, her little bottom cheeks were still sore from what they did to her when she was shackled over that terrible "SPANKING BARREL" She lay there in bed wearing the "Baby Doll Nightie" and waited in dread for when Mr. Jack Prober would appear. When he did arrive he removed all his clothes and joined his naked wife in bed, placing himself on one side of little Ami with his wife on the other side of the little girl. When the bedroom lights were switched off, Ami again felt fingers and hands roaming all over her body it was just like her first night there. She had to wait several hours before she was able to sleep. When Ami awoke it was the morning of the third day in the home of the Probers. She had spent her second night there, But it did not matter whether it was day or night, she was tormented mentally by her lack of full knowledge of her past due to her partial Amnesia, and further by the embarrassment and humiliation this family of Americans was putting her through. Her physical torment came from the pain she suffered at the hands of all the members of that family. After breakfast she was taken down to the basement studio, this time attired in the same skimpy little "SCHOOL GIRL UNIFORM" she had worn to dinner the night before. The routine was the same as it was the day before. Both boys abused her by spanking her bottom, squeezing her poor tender little breasts and nipples and pinching her puffy little pussy lips. Her crying and pleading was ignored as it always was. The bright lights shown upon her nakedness and the cameras focused on her torment. By afternoon the only thing that changed was the costume she was forced to wear, this time she was scantily clad in the "LITTLE PICNIC GIRL" clothing. By days end her body was sore and stung mightily from the spanking and punishment it received by all the members of the Prober family. She was exhausted by night time and for the first time in several days fell asleep the moment she got into bed. CHAPTER-5 ( That Very Special Brownie Girl Scout Creation ) Marcel their very special costume man promised no more then three days to complete his special "Brownie Girl Scout Uniform" and he kept his promise. Jack got up early the morning of the fourth day and traveled a long time to Marcel's place, but was rewarded when he was shown how the uniform looked hanging from the mannequin in the back of the store. The costume was one of the hottest he had ever seen. Jack thought while standing there looking at Marcel's creation that there would be no costume that they could force little Ami to wear that would be any sexier then that most revealing "Baby Doll Nightie" she wore for her first forced porn film. But he had to admit this special Brownie uniform was as arousing to look at as any he had ever seen. The panties were white not brown because Marcel thought that white panties would show up clearer on the screen then brown panties. He also said that with the measurements he was given, that these particular pair of white bikini panties were tight enough to show a lovely camel toe puffy little pussy. Jack knew he was right because he could see the camel toe through the white panties worn by the Mannequin. On top of the white panties was the micro mini Brownie Girl Scout skirt. It was so short and skimpy that it hung down from below the waist and only reached the top of the thighs, the belly button was not covered and lots of skin was showing. The top of the uniform was even more revealing then the skirt, it was nothing more than a Brownie Girl Scout Sash that draped down from the right shoulder covering one half of the right breast and then cutting diagonally across the chest beneath the left breast leaving that breast totally exposed and then finally attaching to the micro mini skirt at the left hip. The rest of the costume consisted of a Brownie cap and brown shoes which were optional and left up to the film makers wishes. Jack was so excited that he couldn't wait to return back home with the uniform costume. He thanked Marcel and with the costume wrapped and placed next to him in the front seat of his car he speeded off. Back in the probers home Ami Hayashi awoke a bit late in the morning of that fourth day, to her surprise she was alone there in the master bedroom. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Prober were there with her, and she still wearing that skimpy sheer "Baby Doll Nightie" that she hated so very much. She lay there in bed thinking of all the bizarre things that she had gone through since that amnesia took over her recollection, her power of remembering was only recently beginning to flash in front of her inch by inch. But that process was not organized or clear, things she thought she remembered where mostly confusing especially names. When she thought she remembered a name it was not attached to a person she recognized. It was like the name "milk" oh she remembered the word milk very well, but instead of appearing on a bottle of milk, it appeared on a can of fish. Even the Prober family name seemed odd to her, maybe she thought because It was an American name, but yet she thought that name sounded so familiar to her. Her mind continued to spring back to Japan and to the local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts, that building was in the city of Sendai in the Tohoku district. At times her memory was clear enough to recall herself reading a pornographic magazine in their little library. But then it got so very cloudy when it came to the names she tried to identify. When she thought about that magazine she also thought about the man who tidied up the building and took care of the little library. She thought his name was Marcel, but wasn't that the name she heard Mr. and Mrs. Prober call the man who was supposed to be making her new "Brownie Girl Scout Uniform"? There were other names of confusion that plagued her as well. Jack Prober and Vicky Prober? Jack? Vicky? Prober? She didn't know how long she lay there on the big king sized bed. Her memory began flashing a story she was trying to recall reading about in that pornographic magazine. It was about bad men who were using probes to put inside poor little girls private parts. The bedroom door suddenly opened and Vicky Prober walked in. Ami's attention was drawn to the bedroom door and away from a possible revelation of past events. Ami closed her little fists tightly and tried so very hard to refocus, she nearly did. But in the end it was like so many of her other flashes, just out of reach. All she could get were the pieces and not the ability to put them together. Just words, like "Probes" and "Raping" and "Virgin" and "Brownie Girl Scout". "Good Morning Ami I see your awake, you slept a long time but its time now to have some breakfast, and then by that time Mr. Prober should be back with your brand new "Brownie Girl Scout Uniform" wont that be nice?. I know you were sad when your old uniform was taken away from you and brought to the uniform store, but now you should be very glad that we have replaced it with another one. So lets get you out of that Nightie and into one of the other costumes". Ami nodded her head and said "Hai", she was indeed happy that her old ripped and torn uniform was being replaced, it was about time she thought to herself. She just hated how they forced her to wear those other clothes, she was always so scantily clad dressed in them. She was happy to remove that "Baby Doll Nightie" she had on, even if it meant wearing one of the other costumes. She hated to wear any of them but they were better than the nighty. Vicky choose the "Picnic Girl Costume" for her to wear to breakfast. She knew how much her two boys loved making that film with Ami wearing it yesterday, and even though Ami did a lot of crying during the filming, Vicky was more interested in her sons pleasure rather than Ami's displeasure. Vicky tossed a pair of little girls black and white poker dot bikini type panties at her and said "Get these on Ami my boys thought you looked so hot wearing them" again Ami nodded her head and replied with the traditional Japanese "Hai". Next Vicky said "Ok now lay down on the bed so I can help pull these extremely short and tight fitting pair of shorts on for you". After a struggle the very short and tight pair of shorts was pulled up and over Ami's poker dot bikini panties. The last part of the "Picnic Girl Costume" was the top, and that was a skimpy sleeveless pull over that just about covered her flat breasts and tiny nipples, leaving much of her chest and belly and hips without any covering at all. Mrs. Prober smiled and thought her sons would just love looking at the little 7 year old Japanese girl sitting at the breakfast table. But to insure that their perverse interests were being served well, Vicky did not allow little Ami to close the button and zipper of her tight fitting pair of pants, allowing for a clear view of those tiny pair of poker dot bikini panties she was wearing beneath them, Vicky simply explained that those tight fitting shorts Ami was wearing were snug enough to remain in place and would not slide off. Once again poor little Ami had to endure yet another embarrassing meeting with Mrs. Probers two sons. As expected both 14 year old Nate and 12 year old Danny teased the little girl all through breakfast, to Vicky Probers delight. At one point with their Mothers urging the two boys who were still wearing their pajamas stood up and moved over to where the little embarrassed child sat and showed off their erections. By the time breakfast was over they had successfully driven Ami to tears. Vicky was just as pleased as ever thinking it was just good practice to keep the little girl in tears, after all today was the final day of filming, and the title of todays filming would be "Raping the crying Virgin Brownie Girl Scout" and Vicky just couldn't wait for her husband to return with Marcels very special "Brownie Girl Scout Uniform". By the time Vicky and little Ami returned to the master bedroom, Jack Prober had just parked his car and was on his way into the house carrying that prized package under his right arm. When he saw his two young sons he greeted them and said "Boys get yourselves ready todays the day we all get to rape our little "Japanese Brownie Girl Scout" Both the boys said "Can we see it? can we see the Brownie costume huh? please Daddy can we see it?" But Mr. Prober shook his head from side to side and said "You'll both see it soon enough now go put something on, not to much maybe a pair of underwear and nothing more" Both boys smiled broadly and headed to their bedroom. Jack opened the master bedroom door just in time to see his wife Vicky pulling down little Ami's poker dot bikini panties. Both females were elated to see him with the package under his arm, but for completely different reasons. For Vicky Prober seeing that package meant they were finally ready to film the rape scene they had been preparing for the last couple of days. For Ami Hayashi however, that package meant she would finally be able to wear a brand new "Brownie Girl Scout" uniform and she was simply overjoyed and couldn't wait to try it on. Jack smiled as he laid the package down on the king sized bed and said "Good morning Ami are you ready to try on your new uniform"? Ami smiled, nodded her head and quickly replied "Hai""Hai". It would be the last time the little 7 year old "Japanese Brownie Girl Scout" would ever smile again in the Prober house. Vicky moved close to the side of the bed that her husband Jack was opening the package and little Ami anxiously stood on the opposite side of the bed. Jack took the special uniform out of the package and laid out on the bed. Vicky's eyes popped wide open as did her mouth and she exclaimed in joyous tones "OH! WOW! OH! WOW! HOLLY CRAP!" Little Ami Hayashi's eyes also popped wide open, but from her wide open mouth came something very much different then a joyous tone it was a shriek of despair and bitter disappointment ""Noooooooo! Nooooooo! Nooooooo! Ooooooooh! Nooooooooo! this is not my Brownie uniform, I wont wear it! I wont! I wont! I wont!" Then she began crying. Unfortunately for the poor little child, all her tears and all her protestations would never dissuade the American couple from reaching their goal of supplying a pornographic rape film they would name "Raping the crying Virgin Brownie Girl Scout". In seconds they both had the naked crying little 7 year old child laying face down on that big king sized bed of theirs, and were spanking her little round firm ass cheeks with a hair brush while at the same time twisting her tiny little nipples between the thumb and forefingers of their hands. "THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!" "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Ami screamed out in pain as each blow with the hair brush landed on her tender ass cheeks and screamed even louder as her tender little nipples were being twisted "YYYYEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWTCHH! OWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE!" The little girl lay there on their bed crying her eyes out but never agreed to wear that unbelievably hot sexy costume. Both Jack and Vicky stopped punishing the little girl and decided to dress her themselves, to which they struggled to accomplish, but finally did in spite of the child's uncooperative attitude. Once attired in the costume both Jack and his wife Vicky simply couldn't believe just how fantastically alluring, how fantastically enticing, how sexually appealing, and unbelievably hot she looked wearing it. Vicky held the crying child upright while Jack leaned into her and hoisted her up over his shoulders carrying her with her head hanging down over his back and her legs hanging down over his chest. He held his right hand over the backs of her knees and his left hand across her ass. With his wife Vicky leading the way Jack followed with the now screaming and crying child bent over his right shoulder. Ami continued to scream and twist her little body causing Jack to holler out "Vicky come back here and give me a hand with this child, she twisting so hard I'm having a hard time carrying her" Vicky was well prepared, she on more than several occasions had to deal with children who resisted their part in the making of these humiliating and embarrassing and sometimes painful pornographic films. She swiftly turned and came close to her husband and stood directly in front of him facing little Ami's ass that was slung over Jacks right shoulder. She reached into her pocked and pulled out a long sharp hair pin and proceeded to stick it in the screaming crying twisting little child's left ass cheek then pull it out and stick it in the child's right ass cheek. "YYYYEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWTCHH! OWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE! YOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! OWWWWEEEEEEEEE! IT HURTS" suddenly Ami stopped squirming and twisting her little body but continued to cry. Her crying posed no problem to her being carried over Jack Probers shoulder, and he managed to bring her the rest of the way down to the Prober basement photographic and film making studio. He set her down on the floor and she immediately sank to the floor in a fetal position, but wasn't able to maintain that position for more then a few seconds because Vicky Prober yanked her up by her two pigtails and held her that way until her two sons arrived. When Ami saw them enter the studio wearing nothing more then their cotton briefs she cried out "LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS! PLEEEEEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO THESE THINGS ANYMORE PLEEEEEEEASE! LET ME GO!" But when 14 year old Nate and his younger brother 12 year old Danny saw Ami wearing that special "Brownie Girl Scout Uniform" They could not control their enthusiasm and the older boy Nate began begging his father Jack to let him be the first one to rape little Ami, and when Ami heard him say that she began to scream ""Noooooooo! Nooooooo! Nooooooo! Nooo rape! Noooo rape! I am virgin girl I am virgin girl Pleeeeeeease Pleeeeeeease Nooo rape! Noooo rape!" But as always her cries of protest and mercy were ignored, Jack Prober looked at his two eager young sons and said "Your mother and I have already decided who will be first and our choice is based simply on the physical condition we are facing and on the experience we have accumulated over the time we have been making these films". "To put it simply, my cocks much too big and fat to shove into her tiny little 7 year old virgin cunt without causing a mess that we don't want to have on film, Although Nate's cock is smaller, Your mother and I have decided that Danny has the smallest cock and he should be the first to break her little cherry, and we will all help him rape her and also contribute to the rape with some asshole fingering and nipple work. Then after Danny shoots his load, Nate can have a shot at her, and I'll go last with your mother using a strap-on to give her asshole a good hard fucking. Poor little Ami just screamed and screamed and screamed "Noooooooo! Nooooooo! Nooooooo! Nooo rape! Noooo rape! Pleeeeeeease! Pleeeeeeease! Nooo rape!" Vicky Prober held onto Ami while Jack tended to the lights and cameras at a signal from Jack the boys pulled their cotton briefs off and stood with their erections swollen and throbbing. Then when Jack thought the lighting and camera focus was just right he shouted "ACTION" Poor screaming Ami was held in position by 14 year old Nate grabbing and pulling her right thigh out to the side while his father Jack did the same to her left thigh. Vicky grabbed Ami's pussy lips and spread them and then shoved some Vaseline in her tiny cunt. It was now time for 12 year old Danny to do what he'd been hoping for ever since he first set his eyes on the adorable little 7 year old Japanese girl. He moved into position and holding his hard cock in his right hand placed the tip of it against her lubricated pussy lips and with his mother saying "NOW! GO ON DO IT NOW! SHOVE IT IN HER CUNT AND RAPE HER" and that's exactly what the 12 year old boy did, he raped poor little 7 year old Ami Hayashi. For what seemed an eternity little Ami Hayashi was raped by the entire Prober family, she was no longer the "Crying Virgin Brownie Girl Scout", she was now just the "Crying Raped Brownie Girl Scout". Full of that white stuff she saw in those porn pictures and read about in that magazine, it seeped from her raped vaginal area, lay upon her stomach and even some had landed on her little breasts and nipples. CHAPTER-6 s ( The Aftermath ) Ami Hayashi was in pain but yet her body seemed to betray her, those funny feelings came to her again. The same strange stirrings in her little body when she thought back about reading those pornographic stories in that magazine, or looking at all those photographs showing other little girls being tortured and raped? But she was more frightened then she was confused. The Prober family was raping her, and she could no longer claim to be a virgin girl, a good girl, a decent girl, The Americans were raping her. The Probers were raping her, Jack was raping her Nate was raping her, Danny was raping her, even Vicky was raping her. There they were again those names those names if only she could remember where she knew them from. Probers, Vicky, Jack, Nate, Danny, even Marcel it was just so awful that she couldn't remember so confusing. But then the raping and the bad things they were all doing to her, and those terrible photographs and all that white stuff on her body the pain but yet the strange feeling between her legs and then the darkness and the shaking. The constant shaking and then the voice AMI! AMI! AMI! AMI! the darkness sweeping over her the shaking the shaking the constant shaking and again the voice AMI! AMI! AMI! she knew she must be dying and she also knew that it must be the great Buddha who did not want her to die it must be the great Buddha who was calling her name. "Ami! Ami! Ami! wake up wake up child Ami! wake up" yes it must be the great Buddha who is calling her who wants her to wake up from her death. How could she defy the great Buddha so she opened her eyes. Mrs. Hayashi Aiko, little Hayashi Ami's mother stood over her bed shaking her and calling her name "Ami wake up what is wrong with you child?" Wake up you were having a nightmare, that terrible bump on your head you received when the Brownie Girl Scout building collapsed from the earthquake, must be more serious then we thought. Your father is waiting to drive you to school, the school buses no longer can drive along the damaged roads, it will be a long time before the damage from the earthquake and tsunami can be repaired. Now hurry up and get out of bed, and why do you have your hand between your legs like that? Ami looked down between her thighs and quickly pulled her hand away. But not before her mother noticed a few drops of blood on the bed sheets. Mrs. Hayashi said "is that blood I see on the bed sheets? have you been bleeding there between your legs?" Ami of course could not answer her mother and just looked down at her own fingers and could see that there was indeed some blood on them. Mrs. Hayashi called out for her husband Hayashi Takeshi to come into Ami's sleeping quarters. When he got there Mrs. Hayashi showed him the blood on the bed sheets and the blood on his daughters fingers. He immediately asked his daughter if anybody put anything between her thighs, he emphatically pointed to her vaginal area and again asked "did anybody touch you there?" Poor little Ami was in shock she had just been told she was having a nightmare but how did she get blood on her fingers from her own vagina? she answered her father with a confused reply and said "Father I don't know I cant seem to remember" Well that seemed to confirm in his mind that they needed to take little Ami to the doctor and have her examined. He looked at his wife Aiko and said "I will feel better if you examine our daughters vagina to see if she is still a virgin, I will leave you in privacy but I want you to tell me the moment you find out" His wife Aiko replied "Hai" and Takeshi left the room. Mrs. Hayashi Aiko said "spread your legs wide apart for me, I will not hurt you, but your father and I must know if you remain a virgin or not". Obedient little Hayashi Ami did as her Mother ordered and opened her legs wide. In seconds Mrs. Hayashi knew what appeared very obvious. Her daughter Ami no longer had an intact hymen, the thin membrane was no longer protecting the little 7 year old child's vaginal entrance. Mrs. Hayashi looked into her daughters face and asked again "Ami did anybody put anything here in your vagina?" Now even more confused and a bit intimidated by the same question being asked by both parents, all Ami could do was answer what she felt was the truth and she repeated what she told her father, "I don't know I cant seem to remember" After being told what the findings were by his wife, Mr. Hayashi Takeshi made arrangements to bring his daughter Hayashi Ami to the Gynecologist. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi agreed that a thorough examination of their daughters vaginal area was necessary. It took several days to arrange and then confirm the appointment date, but during that time both Takeshi and his wife Aiko noticed that their daughter Ami was acting oddly, she did not seem to be as she used to be before the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami struck. She even reclined to go and meet with her favorite friends the other "Brownie Girl Scouts" claiming she did not feel good and went to lay down in bed, and most surprising was she did not want to put her "Brownie Girl Scout uniform" on. When asked why, she claimed she had grown and the skirt was too short. But the most shocking of all their daughters behavioral oddities was when she was told that the two men represented the Miyagi prefecture local chapter of the Japanese Brownie Girl Scouts, who were hired to take photographs of the little Brownie Girl Scouts for the purpose of choosing the one child whose photo would be placed in a pool of other photo's for the purpose of selecting the one photo that would represent Japans Brownie Girl Scout of the year. Well she was told "Your photographs were chosen and now an invitation for you to go to America has been sent to us, isn't that wonderful?" Ami screamed "Nooo! no! noooooo! Noooooooo! Noooooooooooo! Nooo! I don't want to go to America Nooooooo! Noooooo! I don't like America it's a bad place" "STOP THAT THIS INSTANT, YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO AMERICA!" yelled her father Takeshi. Then her mother Aiko said "What is wrong with you child?" Ami just cried and ran to her sleeping quarters. Finally the day arrived when they had that appointment with the Gynecologist and both Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi were very anxious to find out the results of his examination. Because of their concerns and the age of little Ami the doctor allowed both of them to be present during his examination. He lifted Ami onto his special gynecology exam table then opened and pulled the blue jeans down that she had worn to his office, next he tucked his fingers under the elastic waist band of her white cotton panties and slid them down and off her feet. He then turned to Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi and asked them for permission to remove Ami's tee shirt saying that a complete and thorough examination of her entire naked body would be best. Both her mother and father said "Hai". The doctor then set Ami's legs onto the leg stirrups which were on each side of the table. This automatically kept her legs spread apart and open wide for the vaginal examination. He reached for his speculum and when he began to dilate Ami's vaginal opening she cried out "OWWWWEEEEEEEEE! IT HURTS" The doctor apologized to her and made an adjustment on the speculum which seemed to quite her protests. The doctor then proceeded to go about his business, using the tools at his disposal to thoroughly examine little Ami's vagina. When he completed Ami's vaginal examination he repositioned her body so that he could give her an anal examination as well, and when that was completed he continued to withhold his findings until he finished examining her entire body. Once again he repositioned little Ami on his exam table and now she lay face up. The doctor next proceeded to examine Ami's little budding breasts and tiny little nipples. He wasn't surprised to see her nipples harden when he handled them, knowing the hardening would occur naturally in most cases when the tiny little protuberances were touched. When he completed his examination he told Ami to get dressed and then go back out to the waiting room while he discussed his findings with her parents. When Ami left the exam room, the doctor began to tell Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi that his findings were very peculiar and disturbing. He said he needed to know from them how often or for how long was their daughter out of their control or guidance. They told the doctor that both of them were hard working parents that worked many days and went to Buddha's temple weekly always with their daughter Ami present. They assured the doctor that when they were both at work their daughter Ami was either in school and under the supervision of her teachers or at the local Brownie Girl Scout building and equally being supervised by scout leaders. The Gynecologist scratched the back of his head and with a wrinkled brow indicative of a gesture of puzzlement explained to both Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi that their daughter Ami had bruising on her breasts and nipples as well as marks across the both cheeks of her buttocks that would indicate many severe spankings. Then looking at the Hayahi's he asked how often they spanked their daughter? Both parents insisted that Ami was a very well behaved little girl and very obedient so the need for discipline was rare and that a bamboo spanking although painful usually consisted of no more then five or ten strokes. Again the doctor shook his head and appeared confounded by the lack of any explanation for his findings. He next asked them if the recent natural tragedy that befell their village would have caused their daughter to be out of their protection for any length of time. Again his query resulted in a negative response to his quest for an answer to his findings. The Hayashi's told him that when they heard the news that the "Brownie Girl Scout" building had collapsed, they searched for hours to find their daughter and then after almost loosing all hope they prayed to the great Buddha and were rewarded. They at last found her laying unconscious in a torn apart crumbled street many blocks away from the local Brownie Girl Scout building which was now just a pile of rubble. The Gynecologist said I am sorry that I cannot offer you any explanation for my findings, they continue to remain both peculiar and disturbing. I find there is evidence that shows your daughter was raped many times both vaginally and anally there is the presence of seminal fluids or spermatozoa in her vaginal cavity and outside as well, this sperm is also present in her anal opening. In addition to that my findings show that she was also spanked unmercifully and mildly tortured. But what is baffling and so very mysterious and profoundly upsetting is the fact that none of my findings could possibly occur in less than 36 continuous hours, and your daughter Ami was only out of sight for no more then 8 hours. and usually less then that. So I can only offer this far fetched poor explanation. Perhaps when your daughter received the blow to her head and wandered off eventually falling unconscious in that broken street or alley she may have sustained injuries and the presence of the sperm may have been the result of her landing or rolling over some discarded prophylactic. I know it isn't much of an explanation but it is all I have to offer. Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi left the Gynecologists office with their daughter Ami having more questions than answers, When they returned home they felt that they had some good news to offer their daughter. Mrs. Hayashi said "Ami you wont have to go by yourself to America for being selected as Japans Brownie Girl Scout of the year. Your grandmother who lives there, has heard of the danger we may be facing from the escaping radioactive vapors from the reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant and has invited us to come stay in America with her until it is safe to return to our beloved Japan" "Nooo! no! noooooo! I don't want to go to America Nooooooo! Noooooo! I don't like America it's a bad place I told you that before why don't you believe me? Noooooooo! Noooooooooooo! Nooo! I wont go! I wont go! they will rape me they will rape me". She stamped her feet on the floor and ran off to her sleeping quarters. Both Hayashi Aiko and her husband Hayashi Takeshi shook their heads while looking at each other and wondering how a blow to the head of their daughter could create such a mystery. They thought what really did happen to their daughter Hayashi Ami the little "Japanese Brownie Girl Scout" END BROWNIE GIRL SCOUT AMI HAYASHI PART-3 Note to my readers: Your review of my story is valuable to me, whether that review is favorable or not. The fact that you took the time to read it and then the additional time to review it requires a thank you on my part. I certainly hope my presentation met with favor.