Sex is a very mysterious thing. Every guy has different triggers
and different sweet spots. The one thing we do have in common is
that sooner or later we'll all end up thinking with our cocks.
We're animals, with animal instincts. I don't say that as a
criticism. I like being an animal, and I think I'm pretty honest
about my needs and desires.

Last year my marriage broke up. It was pretty ugly, and I got
seriously bent out of shape by it. I would have fallen apart
entirely if it hadn't been for the kindness of my younger sister
Lorraine. She took me into her house and into her heart, giving
me endless reassurance, keeping me from giving up when the world
was at its darkest. She gave me her love. She gave me a home.

And finally, although she certainly didn't intend it, she gave me
her twelve-year-old daughter Jo. I used my little niece as my
fuck-toy, abused her outrageously and had a great time doing it.
I'll admit that I felt a little bad at first. Lorraine had shown
me such incredible kindness, it seemed ungrateful in the extreme
to molest her little girl, let alone to rape and ruin her young
body the way I eventually did. But cunt is cunt, am I right? And
pre-teen cunt is very hard to find.

The thing is, I've always had a ferociously strong sex drive. One
of the things that made the break-up of my marriage so difficult
for me to deal with was that I had my wife, Carol, trained to
service my cock in all the ways I liked best. I used to fuck her
in all three of her holes several times a week, fist her, shit in
her mouth, rape her in the cunt and arse with horse dildos, and
do all the things a guy has to do to keep the magic alive in a
marriage that's been going on for nine long years. As my wife
plummeted gracelessly through her thirties and became less and
less attractive my sexual depredations on her became more and
more extreme. And finally one day she told me in tears that she'd
had enough.

So my sex life had gone from being very active and varied to
being non-existent. I was as horny as a stoat, and desperate to
sate my cock's endless, aching hard-on. Don't get me wrong, porn
is great, but sooner or later you need to slam your poker into a
warm, wet hole.

And suddenly I found myself noticing how beautiful Jo was. She'd
always been a cute kid but now, just turned twelve, she was a
seriously sexy little piece of cunt. Her body had just started
those mysterious changes that would eventually bring forth a
woman. Her legs had lengthened, giving her the awkward elegance
of a yearling colt. Her bum and tits were starting to show curve
and volume. Her long golden-blonde hair framed a ravishingly
beautiful face, her enormous blue eyes meeting my gaze every time
I looked at her with the heart-stopping sensuality of perfect
innocence. Jo had no idea how insanely attractive she was, and
what sorts of fantasies she must already be sparking in most of
the men who met her.

I took my dilemma to my good friend Pete, the only guy I know
with extensive personal experience of rape sex. Pete likes
underaged girls, and mostly he obtains them from a local bar
appropriately named the Fisherman's Catch. Pete's method of
choice involves the very popular consent-bypass drug, Rohypnol,
which Pete sources from a pharmacist he knows. He hangs out in
the pub most evenings and waits for teenaged girls to venture in
from the local high school or sixth form college. Any girl who
comes in on her own he'll get chatting to, and if she's too shy
or scared to go to the bar herself and test her fake ID against
the barman's eagle eye, Pete will gallantly offer to buy her a
drink - making a big deal about how he's risking getting barred
and how she mustn't let on that he's buying for her. He stretches
this part out, and does the whole thing so cloak-and-dagger that
the girl kind of has to take an interest in the décor while he's
buying the round in - which means she's not likely to notice the
extra added ingredient in her babycham.

After that it's just a case of waiting until she starts to feel
woozy. Oh dear, the alcohol is going to your head, you need a
breath of fresh air! If the little slit doesn't twig that she's
being rolled, and most of them don't, she'll wake up the next
morning face-down in the long grass behind the bus shelter, with
blood and cum leaking out of her ruined cunt and arsehole and the
taste of her own shit in her spunk-slimed mouth.

Pete respected my scruples about Lorraine's hospitality, and not
wanting to be ungrateful, but he reminded me of how great roofies
are as a sex aid. "It's a muscle relaxant, see?" he said
expansively. "It should let even a kid that young take an adult
cock without getting her holes ripped open. How big is your dick,

"It's pretty big," I admitted. "Maybe eleven inches when it's
fully erect. And about this thick." I made a ring with my thumb
and forefinger.

Pete sucked in his cheek. "That's not small," he agreed. "And
where are you thinking of fucking this little slut? Sorry, I mean
your niece."

"Mouth and arse. I don't want to pop her cherry, for obvious

"Well mouth and arse should be fine," Pete said, sounding just a
little bit dubious. "Use some lube, and stretch her rectum out a
bit first. You know, one finger then two, work your way up to
four. Maybe take a training dildo in with you. Or do her up the
bum with her hairbrush for a bit." He scratched his nose
thoughtfully. "Is her dad still in the picture?" he asked.

"No," I said. "Frank walked out on Lorraine a while back. I don't
know the ins and outs of it, but it's just my sister and her kid
in the house now. And Lorraine sleeps pretty deeply. She's on
Diazepam for stress."

"Sounds like a nice set-up," Pete observed. He slipped a little
bubble pack of pills across the table to me and I palmed it with
effusive thanks. This really was the best gift I'd ever received.
My mind was full of steamy visions of me raping Jo with her own
hairbrush while I reamed out her throat with my massive cock.

"If I can ever pay you back, mate," I said to Pete, meaning it
from the bottom of my heart.

"Yeah, well there's bound to be something," Pete said cheerfully.
"You can get the next round in for a start."

That night I waited until Lorraine made Jo her bedtime cocoa. I
chatted to her in the kitchen and dumped one of the pills into
the hot drink while her back was turned. Pete had said it would
dissolve within seconds, and that a full adult dose would keep Jo
out all night. "Coolest thing of all," he told me, "is she won't
be unconscious. Or not all the way. She'll respond when you fuck
her. You'll know she's feeling it. But when she wakes up it'll be
like her fucking hard drive has been wiped. She won't remember a

The only slight risk was that Jo would stay up after finishing
her drink, and start to get all slurry and drowsy in front of
Lorraine. But most nights she took her cocoa upstairs with her,
and tonight was no exception. She kissed her mum goodnight, and
then gave me a kiss and a hug too. "Sweet dreams, uncle Mike,"
she said. "And you, baby girl," I replied happily. "See you

Which was technically true, because it was after midnight when I
sneaked into her room. I had to wait until Lorraine went to bed,
and then until the light went off in her room. When the little
strip under their door turned dark I padded across the landing
and let myself into my niece's room without knocking.

The sight that greeted me was exactly what I was hoping to see.
Jo had managed to get undressed and had started to put her
pyjamas on when the roofies kicked in. She was lying on her
stomach on the bed, her pyjama top hanging off one sleeve while
the bottoms were hanging at half-mast, displaying her sweet
little arse in all its glory.

I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. "Jo?" I said, in
a low voice that I hoped wouldn't carry. "Are you awake?"

There was no answer. I crept over to the bed and gently turned Jo
onto her back. Her eyelids had come down halfway over her big
blue eyes, so it looked as though she was giving me a frank,
sensuous stare as I gazed down at her naked tits and cunt.

That was the moment when it became real for me. I was going to
rape my niece. Pete's magic pills had done their work and Jo was
at my mercy - except that right then I didn't have any to spare.
I was going to satisfy my cock on her young body, and I was going
to love every moment of it. I'd already decided that I wouldn't
try to get my cock up her arse that night. I'd stick to oral sex,
and blow my wad down my little niece's throat. I thought of the
fairy tale about Sleeping Beauty, who is woken from her sleep by
love's first kiss. Jo was my Sleeping Beauty, and she was about
to get love's first face-fuck.

The first thing I did was to set up my camera to record the
action for posterity - also for Pete, who deserved that much from
me at least!

Then I wasted no time in hauling Jo's pyjama trousers off and
throwing them aside. I parted her legs and knelt between them.
Bringing my face up close to her hairless cunt I sniffed its
delicate, earthy bouquet with mounting excitement. Then I licked
all the way up her crack from her arse to her clit, teasing her
little love-bean in its hood with the end of my tongue. To my
surprise and delight Jo's clit started to swell a little under my
attentions, and her breath started to quicken and deepen so she
was almost sighing. As Pete had promised she was feeling this -
which meant she'd also feel it when she got a throatful of my

But I had another loving task to perform before I orally violated
my lovely niece. I had brought a jar of lube with me, and I
opened it up now and squirted a generous helping of the stuff
onto my fingers. For the next fifteen minutes I played with Jo's
arse, shoving one finger up it and then two and working them
around inside to stretch out her rectal cavity. I was preparing
the ground so I could fuck her up the bum later in the week, but
I was also getting myself ferociously turned on. After the first
few minutes my cock was standing up like a truncheon. I had to
get some relief before I exploded like a fucking zit.

There was still plenty of lube on my fingers, along with dark
smears of shit from up inside Jo's bum. I ran them gently around
her lips, making them glisten enticingly. Then I climbed on top
of her and brought my swollen knobhead up against her mouth.

I held it there for a second, savouring the incredible feel of
her heated breath on the end of my prong. Then I leaned forward,
using my weight to part her lips. My cock penetrated her
twelve-year-old mouth.

I gasped aloud in sheer sexual ecstasy at that first oral
contact. I couldn't believe how fucking good it felt. It had been
over a month since I had a fuck, and now here I was sinking my
dick into the sweet mouth of my little niece. A shudder of
pleasure ran through my body. I knelt over Jo like a worshipper
at an altar, with my fuck-stick between her lips, feeling like
the luckiest man alive.

Any thoughts I had of taking it slow and gentle vanished in that
first moment of blinding lust and delight. Jo's mouth was so warm
and wet and welcoming, I needed to fuck the shit out of it right
now, bring myself off on her beautiful face and blow my wad down
her throat!

With a groan of depraved satisfaction I started to pump my cock
in and out of Jo's mouth. It was a very tight fit. My blood-heavy
glans practically filled her mouth all by itself, and her lips
were stretched tight around my thick, rigid shaft.

My room was in between Jo's and her mother's, and it was just as
well because I was getting really carried away now. Grabbing a
handful of Jo's long brown hair I worked her face up and down on
my cock, the increased momentum allowing me to force my knob past
her tonsils into the narrower confines of her gullet. She was
breathing short and shallow through her nose, and now she saluted
my efforts to fuck her in the throat with a muffled balking
splutter. Her face was going red, and her eyes rolled in her head
a little. It was a very beautiful thing to see.

That thought made me glance across at the camcorder to see what
it was picking up. My fucking Christ, it looked spectacular. The
helpless little girl sprawled out on the bed, her legs splayed,
and the dirty fucking pervert eagerly riding her face. The angle
was perfect: I could clearly see my gigantic hard-on going in and
out of Jo's mouth, her obscene oral violation caught in full HD.

Inspired by that thrilling image I fucked her harder. Gripping
her head in both hands now I wanked it up and down on my cock,
feeling my knobhead slam hard against the back of her throat. The
pleasure was indescribable, better than any sex I'd ever had with
an adult woman. "You whore!" I groaned. "You fucking little
whore! This is why God gave you a mouth! I'm gonna cream in your
throat, you little bitch!"

The foul language was for Pete. I was putting on a show for his
benefit, pistoning my dick in and out of Jo's lovely mouth with
lewd grunts of delight. And I was thinking that for his sake I
should spin it out a little, but at a certain point I just
abandoned myself to the incredible pleasure. My orgasm swept over
me like a tidal wave. With a moan of depraved lust I hunched over
the pre-teen girl's face as my cock went off in her mouth like a
six-gun, shooting spurt after spurt of thick cum down her gullet.

I stayed in that position until my cum-muscle had stopped firing.
Then I climbed off Jo, physically satiated but with my nerves
still thrilling with excitement. I gently tilted her chin down to
make her mouth open fully. I wanted to see how she was coping
with my load. Pete had told me that sometimes the swallow reflex
would kick in and sometimes not, depending on the dose and the
girl's metabolism. In Jo's case, I saw at once, it hadn't. Her
mouth was a lake of semen, which rose and fell as she repeatedly
tried and failed to breathe in.

Oh shit! I thought. She's going to suffocate on my cum. That was
going to be pretty fucking hard to explain to Lorraine. "I...
left a jar of spunk on my bedside table, to take to the sperm
bank. Jo must have picked it up and... decided to drink it, just
as she had a random heart attack." No way was that going to fly.

Then suddenly the ravished little girl stirred, stiffening a
little with some internal effort. Her chest heaved several times,
and she gave a sound as though she was sucking milk through a
straw. The level of cum in her mouth sank dramatically, sucked
down with great force. The same thing happened two or three times
more, by which time all the spunk had gone. I realised with
lascivious wonder that Jo had breathed my cock-juice down into
her lungs. Unable to swallow it, she had inhaled it instead! It
seemed very right, somehow. It was a natural and beautiful thing
to fuck little girls in the mouth, and I was excited and aroused
to see that even if the girl was unconscious nature had a way of
dealing with the inevitable results.

Jo's breathing was a little harsh now, with a liquid
undercurrent, but otherwise she seemed none the worse for being
face-raped. My cock still tingling and my heart full of lust and
delight, I cleaned her up, taking care to remove all traces of
the lube from her arse and from around her mouth. There was still
a teardrop of cum on her lower lip, but I decided to leave that
there. It would be gone by morning, and for now it made a nice
closing visual for my movie.

Being hunched in one position for so long had left me with an
ache of wind in my lower abdomen. Squatting over Jo once more I
let off a titanic fart right in her face. Then I zoomed in slowly
on the glistening drop of cum. "Sleep tight, sweetheart," I
murmured, again mainly for the sake of the video and my audience
of one. Fade to black, and run credits. Starring Mike Churchman
as the Evil Rapist and introducing Joanne Churchman as the
Innocent Victim.

The next morning I came down to breakfast in a really good mood.
Lorraine commented on it, joking that I had a new spring in my
step. "I got a solid night's sleep," I said. "And I feel really
good about today."

Lorraine gave me a big hug. "I'm glad," she said. "It's great to
see you looking so happy."

Yeah, I thought. You might not be so thrilled if you knew what
put this smile on my face!

Jo, however, didn't seem quite so chipper. She looked tired and
groggy when she surfaced and she had a persistent cough, no doubt
caused by the semen still sitting on her lungs. "I hope you're
not coming down with something," Lorraine fretted.

"She probably just ate something that disagreed with her," I said
blandly. Like my fucking hard-on, I added smugly in my mind.

Jo went off to school, still very much the worse for wear. I sent
Pete the file and got his approving text ("Holy fucking fuck!
Legend!!!") a few minutes later. I resolutely didn't look at the
movie myself. If I watched that footage I would have to wank off,
and I wanted to save up my cum for another session with Jo that
night. It was going to be a long day, I thought with resignation,
and it was.

But not as long as it might have been: still feeling tired, Jo
decided to go to bed early. Lorraine said she'd bring her hot
chocolate up to her room, and I once again succeeded in adding
the roofie without being seen or suspected.

The second night was like the first, except that this time I
adopted Pete's suggestion and raped Jo up the arse with the
handle of her hairbrush, working it vigorously from side to side
as well as in and out in order to widen her anal cavity as much
as possible. As before, this energetic abuse got me very hard
very quickly. I anointed Jo's mouth with lube, climbed onto her
face and slid my straining erection between her glistening lips.
With groans of sincere joy I fucked my sweet little niece in the
face. I held out a little longer this time, which meant that my
orgasm was all the more thrilling when it finally came. I sobbed
with pleasure as I filled Jo's mouth with my jetting spunk.

This time I filmed a hand-held close-up of the thick ejaculate
welling inside her mouth, its surface roiling and heaving until
she succeeded in sucking it down her airway. It was a
spectacularly sexy sight!

On the third night I brought a butt plug and - after a few
minutes of manual manipulation - shoved it up Jo's arse, where it
sat through the whole of our lovemaking.

And the night after that I did something I'd been longing to do
since day one but had done my best to resist. For the first few
minutes I mouth-fucked Jo as usual, but then I turned myself
around so I was kneeling over her in the 69 position. This made a
huge difference to the angle of penetration, especially after I
slipped my hand under her neck and raised it to tilt her head
back. Her gullet was now more or less in a straight line, and
although it was an incredibly tight fit I was able to force most
of my colossally erect prick right down her throat!

Since I've already exhausted all my superlatives in describing my
first oral sex session with Jo, I'm left with no words to
describe this supreme violation. I'd used a lot of lube,
squirting it directly from the tube into Jo's mouth, so there was
no friction at all. It felt as though I was sheathing my huge,
thick cock in the pre-teen girl's oesophagus, pushing past her
tonsils effortlessly into the tight confines of her throat. And
once there I availed myself of the recreational facilities,
fucking Jo's gullet with gasps and grunts of almost unbearable

I had to ration the deep throat stuff, though. Jo always had a
little trouble breathing when I was fucking her mouth, but this
spectacularly deep penetration closed her airway entirely, so
that after a minute or so her face was going from red to purple
and I had to pull out. That was frustrating, but it did have the
useful side effect of slowing me down. I was insanely turned on
from the tight, clinging caress of Jo's glottal membranes, not to
mention the spectacle of the massive bulge my cock made in her
gullet and upper chest as I fucked her, so I could easily have
come in the first few minutes. As it was, because of the stopping
and starting, I was able to ride Jo's face for an hour and a half
before finally letting go and depositing what felt like several
pints of semen down her throat.

I watched anxiously as Jo lay with her lips slightly parted, cum
drooling sexily from the corner of her mouth. She didn't seem to
be breathing, and the surface of the lake of jism in her mouth
didn't stir. Finally, though, a series of tremors went through
her, her upper body arched suddenly and the spunk was all sucked
down in a single spasming in-breath. After that my niece breathed
normally, apart from a throaty gargling sound presumably coming
from the ejaculate pooling lower down in her airway and lungs.

The next morning, a Friday, the consequences of our nocturnal
liaison were unfortunately very much on display. Jo's cough had
been more pronounced each morning. That day her voice was a
pained wheeze and her coughing a liquid gurgle. She was also
really haggard and exhausted, with dark circles under her eyes.
Lorraine felt her daughter's forehead and was mightily puzzled to
find that she didn't have a temperature. "How do you feel?" she
asked Jo.

"I can't breathe properly," Jo said thickly. "It's like I want to
swallow something, but when I swallow it's still there."

"Do you want to stay off school?"

"No!" Jo was appalled. "I can't miss art!"

So off she staggered, my brave little rape victim, looking like
it was an effort even to stay on her feet.

I gave her a rest that night, and on the Saturday, after half an
hour or so of fucking Jo's lovely face, I finally did her up the
arse. My preparatory work with fingers, hairbrush and butt plug
had worked brilliantly and I was able to shove my whole length up
Jo's back passage with only moderate straining. Even so it felt
insanely tight, and I couldn't hold back for very long. After
only fifteen minutes of joyous sodomy I baptised my niece's large
intestine with my cum.

This wonderful session left me with only one more roofie left,
and Pete - who had been following my adventures with great
enjoyment via home movie - said it might take a few days to
source some more. So Jo got another little break from the sex
life she didn't know she had while I waited for news.

But on the second Friday, after six days' abstinence, I fed Jo
the last magic pill and cut loose on her like a maniac. I spent
the whole night in her room, going from her mouth to her bum and
back again, fucking and cumming and getting it up again and
fucking some more. I think I had three climaxes in Jo's rectum
and two in her mouth, and I cut it so close that as I tiptoed
away to my room I heard Lorraine's alarm clock going off!

At the breakfast table Lorraine looked from Jo, who was breathing
like someone on an iron lung, to me, spent and satisfied and
slumped like a drunk.

"I think you're both coming down with something!" she exclaimed.

"I'm fine," I assured her. "Just overindulged a bit last night,
that's all."

"I'll be okay," Jo said bravely. "But I think I'll stay home
today instead of going to Chloe's par... party." A spasm of
coughing ended the sentence, and from where I was sitting right
across the table I caught a distinct aroma of cum on my niece's
breath. I could also see a clotted glob of the stuff in her hair,
but fortunately Lorraine didn't seemed to have noticed. I looked
away, with a little twinge of guilt. Jo clearly wasn't thriving
on her diet of roofies and rape. I should probably ease off a
bit, and I promised myself that I would after I'd enjoyed her a
few more times.

I'd arranged to meet Pete in the Fisherman's Catch that night to
pick up another pack of roofies, but he didn't seem in any hurry
to hand them over. "You remember you asked if there was anything
you could do for me?" he asked me.

"Yeah?" I said cautiously.

"Well there is. Deal me in."

"Pete, I can't do that," I said, shocked and alarmed. "To be
honest I was thinking I'd have to dial it back a bit in any case.
Jo's not looking too clever right now."

"No, fair enough," Pete agreed. "Give it a rest for a week or
two. But when you start up again, I want to have a fuck on her

I tried to hedge, concerned about this escalation in a situation
I felt like I was only just about managing to control. I pointed
out to Pete that I'd be letting him into my sister's house in the
middle of the night, and that if he was caught he might be
mistaken for a burglar.

"Well, I'm more likely to be mistaken for a rapist," Pete pointed
out reasonably. "Seeing as how I'll be raping her kid. I'm not
that worried about a B and E charge, Mike. Anyway, you said she
was on Diazepam. She's not going to wake up at the sound of the
door opening, is she?"

We discussed the logistics. We could arrange a time in advance,
and I could text or call Pete if there were any changes to the
schedule. Likewise, he could text me to tell me he was outside
and I could come down to let him in. All of this practical
planning somehow made me forget the bigger objection, which was
that I was now pimping my innocent niece out to another man in
exchange for the drug that had allowed me to rape her in the
first place!

To stop me from backsliding, Pete handed over a single pill. I'd
get the next one, he told me, on the night when we had our little
orgy for three.

"That sounds like you don't trust me!" I protested.

Pete laughed. "I trust you, Mike. I just want you to feel a
little bit of urgency about this. You've had two weeks of fucking
this little slut, and I can see from the videos that you've had a
great time doing it. I feel a bit left out, to be honest, and I
want my turn to come as soon as possible. That's all it is."

And that shut me up, because I couldn't deny that I'd been
parading my good fortune in front of him every time I sent him
another home movie. I'd shown him the good times that were to be
had in Jo's bedroom, and I couldn't very well complain when he
said he wanted to try her out for himself.

I left it a week, which was as long as I felt I could last
without a fuck. Jo's cough was still loud and harsh, but her
breath didn't smell of semen any more and she definitely seemed
to be getting some of her pep and good cheer back. Finally, as
the weekend approached, I made a decision.

"Friday night," I told Pete. "1.00am unless you hear any
different. We're ganging up on a twelve-year-old."

"Fucking A!" Pete enthused. "I'll be there, dick in hand."

I was really tense all that day. Jo was at school, of course, and
so was Lorraine - she worked as a receptionist at the high school
to which Jo had transferred just that year. I had the house to
myself, and I couldn't resist watching the videos of my previous
sessions with my niece, which of course left me horny and
agitated and restless. In the middle of the afternoon I couldn't
bear it any more and had to go out for a long walk to cool off.
Then in the evening, when everyone was back at the house, I
prowled around like a bear with a sore head, so tense that I
couldn't even have a civil conversation. But I had to stick
around so I could roofie Jo's hot choc.

Then she threw a spanner in the works by declaring that she
didn't want any. She was still having trouble swallowing and she
thought milk last thing at night might be a bad idea. "Well would
you like a glass of water?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"Yes please, Uncle Mike," Jo said gratefully.

I filled a glass at the kitchen tap, dropped the roofie in and
stirred it around. I was worried it might cloud the water but it
disappeared almost immediately. I took it through to Jo and told
her to get her laughing gear around it. She gulped down the whole
lot and I took the empty glass away. A minute later I was getting
my goodnight hug and kiss, the closeness of Jo's lithe, lovely
body making my cock stir and stand in my pants. As she scampered
off to bed I dropped a hand into my lap to hide my burgeoning

"You're so good with her," Lorraine said, giving me a warm smile.

I shrugged. "Well she's my only niece. I'm allowed to spoil her a

"I'm grateful, though," Jo said. "I think it's good for her to
have a man about the house again. Good for both of us."

Well you're going to have two later, I thought.

Lorraine went up to bed at about half past eleven. Normally her
light went out at twelve, but this time it stayed on. There was
still a full hour before Pete was meant to up, but he texted me
at 12.15 to say he was in his car outside.

Lorraine hasn't put her light out yet, I texted back. Let's give
it a bit longer.

Okay, Pete replied. But at 12.25 he texted I'm at the door.

I tiptoed down the stairs and let him in, easing the door to
afterwards so it wouldn't click as it closed. "We said one
o'clock," I reminded him in a whisper.

"Sorry," he said, in a normal speaking voice that sounded like a
shout to my frayed nerves. "I gave it as long as I could. I've
had a raging hard-on for the last three hours, mate. I've got to
get into your niece's cunt fucking right now."

"Well keep it quiet," I murmured. "Lorraine may not be asleep

"Okay," Pete said. "Yeah. Sorry, mate. Quiet as the grave. Lead
the way."

We crept up the stairs, and past Lorraine's door which I pointed
out by means of an elaborate pantomime. I almost had a heart
attack when Pete put his foot down heavily and a board creaked
right outside her door. We froze and listened for thirty
agonising seconds. Not a sound. Most likely Lorraine had taken
her pill and had just forgotten to turn the light out before it
kicked in.

I opened Jo's door and we both tiptoed in. Again I eased the door
to with gingerly care, making sure the latch didn't make a sound
as it closed. I stayed at the door listening for a while, still
scared that Lorraine might be awake and might decide to look in
on Jo before she settled down for the night.


When I turned around I discovered that Pete had wasted no time in
making Jo's acquaintance. He had thrown back her bedcovers and
had his hand inside her pyjama bottoms, eagerly groping her cunt.
His cock was already out of his flies, massively erect. He hadn't
been kidding about how horny he was. His hard-on looked like a
steel bar, the foreskin peeled back of its own accord from a knob
as big and dark as a ripe plum.

"Fucking hell!" he gloated. "There's not a single hair on her

I got a real shock when I looked from him to Jo. Her eyes were
wide open and she was drawing short, panting breaths as Pete
ungently molested her pussy.

"She - she's awake!" I exclaimed in a strangled gasp.

"No she isn't," Pete said. He smacked Jo's left tit, then gripped
it hard and squeezed, the flesh between his fingers showing white
as he compressed it. Jo drew in breath in a sharp gasp, her face
registering the pain, but she made no attempt to defend herself.
"Looks like you got the dose exactly right, Mike. She's right
here with us, feeling everything we do to hear - probably even
hearing our voices - but tomorrow she'll wake up with her hard
drive wiped. She won't remember a thing about this."

 Reassured, and wanting to test the hypothesis for myself, I
gripped Jo's other nipple and twisted it with savage force. Jo
winced, clearly in real pain, but again she lay unmoving on the
bed, not even trying to stop me. Rohypnol had turned her into a
living sex doll!

We got Jo out of her pyjamas and ourselves out of our clothes. Jo
looked very petite and very outnumbered as we got onto the bed on
either side of her, our huge erections casting shadows across her
face and titties. The corners of her mouth tugged down a little,
making her look sad and scared. On some level, I was sure, she
knew that something really awful was about to happen to her.

We both seemed to feel the need to taste her before we fucked
her. We knelt down and put our heads between her parted legs,
feasting like pigs at some heavenly trough. I got my tongue up
her arse, while Pete licked and slurped at her cunt. When we
surfaced for air a couple of minutes later her whole crotch was
drenched with our saliva, which I think had intermingled.

"Right," Pete said, with a lecherous grin. "Let's fuck this
little slit."

He threw his leg over Jo's face, straddling her as though she
were a horse he was about to ride. This put his gigantic erection
right in her face. As he pressed his knob against the lovely
young girl's lips, I held my breath. He was so hugely endowed,
and she was so slight and helpless. Nothing could be so beautiful
as that massive cock raping an innocent child. Raping my niece,
my sister's little kid, while my sister slept unsuspecting ten
yards away.

I wanted him to do it. Wanted to watch him fuck her, almost more
than I wanted to fuck her myself.

In a single forceful motion Pete crammed his blood-gorged
truncheon between Jo's lips. Jo gave a muffled moan of shock and
distress, letting us see once again that she knew she was being
violated. I hoped Pete was right that she wouldn't remember in
the morning. If she did, I was going to get it in the neck. In
the meantime, Jo was going to get it in all sorts of exciting

"Needs a little lube," Pete commented, withdrawing his cock. I
offered him the tube, but he leant down and spat into Jo's open
mouth. He sniffed, hawked up loudly and did it again. I joined
him, the two of us hawking and spitting into Jo's mouth in a
companionable rhythm until it was overflowing, viscous saliva
running in a thick stream down her cheek.

Pete jammed his cock into her inviting oral socket again, making
a very satisfying squelching sound. Spit sprayed as he fucked her
in the face with brutal joy.

"So... fucking... good!" Pete groaned.

And it looked as good as it felt. Jo's mouth was stretched as
tight as an elastic band around the thick, hard rolling pin of
his cock. The exuberant force of his thrusts was bouncing her
head off the bed and then slamming it down again and again.

But Pete didn't forget his manners. After a minute or so of this
outrageous oral violation he withdrew again and tilted Jo's face
towards me so I could feed her my own rampant hard-on. With a
moan of pleasure I took up where he'd left off, fucking Jo's
mouth as though it was a whore's cunt.

We took turns on her for ages, in a happy trance of lust. Then
Pete said he wanted to try out Jo's arse. He took the tube of
lube from me and flipped off the cap. I held Jo's leg in the air
to display her lovely little cunt and bumhole, which we both
admired with fervent lust. Pete set the nozzle against her anal
opening and squirted about half the tube up inside her. Then he
anointed his cock with a wavy line of the stuff as though it was
a cinema hot dog.

I sat down on Jo's face, my arsehole right up against her lips.
her legs behind and just above the knees I pulled them up and
back, holding her wide open for an anal invasion.

Pete took that invitation with alacrity, cramming his massive
fuck-stick up the little girl's back passage. He buggered her
without mercy. Eager to join the party, I fed my cock down into
Jo's gullet and fucked her in the throat. Spit-roasted on our two
gigantic dicks, Jo made muffled hiccuping sounds in time with
Pete's anal thrusting, the breath driven up and out of her by the
force of the back door rape she was receiving.

It was a great fuck, and it had been a long hard week with no
access to Jo's orifices. After only a few minutes of thrusting
into her warm, moist and welcoming oesophagus I groaned,
stiffened, and blew a massive wad right down her throat. It was a
spectacular orgasm that left me weak and dizzy from sheer sexual
pleasure. I pulled my oozing prick out of Jo's mouth and watched
her breathe my thick, creamy load down onto her lungs.

Pete was watching too, and he chuckled in appreciation. "Isn't
nature wonderful?" he quipped.

He pulled out of Jo's arse, and I was surprised to see that he
hadn't yet come. "Do you want a go in her throat?" I asked him.

"No," Pete said. "I'm going to fuck her in the cunt."

I was surprised and alarmed at this forceful declaration. "She's
still got her cherry," I reminded him.

He shrugged. "Loads of girls lose it just from riding a bike
these days," he said. "Nobody's going to know."

"They'll know if there's blood all over the sheets," I pointed
out, very far from convinced.

"Rohypnol is a muscle relaxant," Pete reminded me again as he
squirted all of the remaining lube up Jo's snatch. "Her hymen
will be loose and elastic. It might not even tear."

"Pete - - " I began. But he was already lining up his cock,
pressing its bulbous end between Jo's hairless cunt lips. Letting
all his weight fall onto her, he thrust powerfully from the hips.
His gigantic erection slid frictionlessly into Jo's tiny twat
hole. Her hymen surrendered at once, spraying her inner thighs
with a starburst pattern of blood as Pete's knob powered through

"Oh yeah!" he groaned.

He grabbed Jo's legs and shoved them wide apart, fucking away at
her kiddie playground with manic glee. It was a thrilling sight,
but I was dismayed at his lack of restraint. His gigantic cock
was bringing her vaginal membrane with it on every out-thrust, a
tight pink sheath wrapped around his shaft. She was in imminent
danger of a vaginal prolapse! Not to mention, I suddenly
realised, an unwanted pregnancy.

But it was too late to worry about that. With a grunt of bestial
delight Pete orgasmed, hosing Jo's twelve-year-old womb with its
first plentiful load of cock-juice.

He rolled off her, satiated. "Jesus!" he panted. "This kid is
such a great fuck!" I stared at Jo's ravaged cunthole in
amazement. It was gaping like a tunnel, unable to close, the
little girl's vaginal muscles completely defeated by the gigantic
adult penis it had just entertained. Thick spunk, stained pink by
the blood of her maidenhead, oozed copiously from its lower rim
to pool between Jo's legs.

I had to fuck it, right then and there!

Climbing on top of my niece, I rubbed my knobhead against her
gaping twat until I was fully hard again. Then I slid my dick
into her in one go, meeting no resistance. The interior of her
playroom was warm and wet, slimed with Pete's cum even more than
with the lube. With a groan of delight I fucked her in a brutal,
accelerating rhythm.

Pete watched avidly, his cock stiffening again almost at once.
"Roll her onto her side," he told me.

I did, and he shoved his hard-on up Jo's arse.

Double-teaming her was an incredible experience. We could feel
each other's bulging, thrusting cocks through the thin membrane
of her perineum. We thrust into her like depraved animals, giving
hoarse gasps of raw sexual joy. When I came it was so good I
think I passed out for a second.

I pulled out of her and stared down in delighted disbelief at the
mess I'd made of her cunt. It looked like a raw wound between the
twelve-year-old's legs, red and ragged and all but shapeless, the
rim of it swollen and bruised, the interior a well of discharged

"Little kids have great muscle tone," Pete assured me. "It'll
pull itself back together in an hour or so."

But it took longer than that because an hour or so later we were
still fucking her. Mouth, cunt, arse, an endless merry-go-round
of crazy sexual delight. Even when we couldn't make our cocks
stand up any more we continued to play with our lovely little
fuck-toy, shoving one of her Barbie dolls up her cunt and arse
and artificially raping her with it. Barbie would need a
hairdressing appointment after this, I thought as I worked her in
and out of Jo's rectum. Her long blonde tresses were plastered
with shit and cum.

Finally we were spent. Jo lay sprawled on the bed, fucked and
used up and comprehensively violated. Her whole body stank of
sweat and cum and sex. We took some after-party photos, then set
to work bed-washing her and changing the sheets. I took the dirty
ones away with me to be dry-cleaned. No way was Lorraine getting
a look at the blood and cum and shit stains that liberally
decorated them.

Pete thanked me for a great night. But he did two more things
before he left. He gave me a blister pack of roofies with his
blessing, and he punched Jo several times in her tits and

"What's that about?" I asked him.

"She's going to have a very sore cunt tomorrow," Pete said. "If
she's sore in other places too it will be a sort of smokescreen.
Make it less likely anyone will think she's been raped."

This made very good sense. Rolling Jo onto the floor we gave her
a bit of a kicking, hopefully not severe enough to leave visible
bruises but cruel enough to leave her aching. I twisted her left
arm high up behind her back too, and then her right, and Pete
gave her tits another mauling, twisting them half off her chest
in his enthusiasm. Finally we rolled her onto her stomach and
took turns to stand on her back, resting our full weight for
minutes at a time on her lower spine.

In the middle of this process I realised that my cock was
starting to show signs of life again. Beating up a little girl is
surprisingly arousing! "One more for the road?" Pete suggested,
and we finished the night by each fucking Jo in the face once
more. Despite our earlier exertions we gave a good account of
ourselves, blowing two more very substantial loads down my little
niece's throat to join the offerings we'd given her earlier.
After I orgasmed I got off her and leaned in close to make sure
she was breathing. A harsh, gargling sound met my ears: Jo's
lungs were so full of cum that her breath sounded like a pot
bubbling on a stove.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked Pete.

By way of answer he grabbed hold of Jo's tits, one in each hand,
and dragged her upright on the bed. Then he spat in her face and
let her drop again.

"No, Mick," he said. "I think she's fallen into the hands of a
couple of filthy pedos. Her troubles, I'm happy to say, have only
just begun."

Pedos! The word reverberated in my mind. I'd never really thought
of myself in that way before. And yet I had just spent a couple
of wonderful hours enthusiastically raping a pre-teen girl. There
was no getting away from it. And I discovered to my surprise that
I was happy and even proud to accept the label. A pedo was just a
man who didn't like limits, and was honest with himself about his
sexual appetites. He did what most guys dream of doing.

I watched Pete's spit trickling down Jo's face, and both my heart
and my thoroughly flaccid cock glowed with what I can only call

Pete took his leave at last and I crawled into bed, exhausted by
my amorous labours. It was almost dawn, but I hoped even an
hour's sleep would take the edge off my weariness.

As it turned out I slept for five hours. When I woke up Lorraine
was beside herself. She told me that Jo had come down with flu in
the night.

"Flu?" I repeated, confused.

"She's got that cough back," Lorraine lamented. "Worse than ever.
And she's got aches all over her body. She can't even get out of
bed. It's got to be flu, Mike!"

"It does sound like it," I agreed, straight-faced.

Jo stayed in bed all day, and I visited her a few times to see
how she was. I was really afraid the first time that she might
remember my nocturnal visit and the outrageous abuse I'd
inflicted on her, but she smiled when I entered, genuinely
pleased to see me. "You're always so kind to me, Uncle Mike," she
said, her voice a breathless gasp. "I'm glad you came to live
with us."

I stroked Jo's hair tenderly and told her, with absolute
sincerity, that I was glad too.

The next day was a work day for Lorraine, but Jo still wasn't
well enough to go into school. I assured Lorraine that I'd stay
home all day and look after her. Then as soon as she'd gone I
called Pete and asked him if he was interested in a fuck party.
He responded with a question about the pope's religious
credentials and the domestic habits of bears.

I took Jo a roofied Lemsip, encouraging her to drink it all down.
As the glass slid from her hand I took it gently away from her.
She was still staring up at me with slightly glazed eyes, but a
hard, twisting squeeze of her tit proved that she was safely

I let Pete in and we spent most of the day in Jo's room, fucking
the shit out of her. The morning was very much a repetition of
our first session with the gorgeous little twelve-year-old, but a
little after noon, very much to my surprise, the doorbell rang.

I was terrified that it might be Lorraine, popping back during
her lunch break to check on her little girl. Hurriedly pulling on
my shirt and trousers over my naked, sweat-drenched body I made
it to the door in a state of holy terror, to find two men
standing there.

Special branch? Oh dear sweet Jesus! They didn't look like cops -
one was heavily overweight and the other had a docker's broad
shoulders - but maybe they were undercover.

"I - - I - - " I stammered helplessly. "I'm - - "

"Mick Churchman?" the docker asked, holding out his hand. "We're
here for the party."

"The... the party?" I faltered.

"Exactly." He stepped inside, driving me before him by force of
weight and will. The fat man closed the door.

"Where is she, then?" he leered, unzipping his flies.

"Where is who?" I asked lamely.

"We're here to fuck the little girl, mate," the docker said.
"Your sister's kid, isn't it? Come on, stop playing silly
buggers. We know all about it. And the sooner you let us have a
fuck on her, the sooner you can relax and stop worrying about us
telling tales out of school."

I took them up to the bedroom, already suspecting the truth even
before Pete greeted them as long lost mates. He had his dick
deeply embedded in Jo's face when we entered and was fucking her
hard in the throat, but he pulled out and gave both men
enthusiastic high-fives.

They looked down at my drugged niece with grins of lustful
approval. "Nice," the fat man said.

"Bloody gorgeous," the docker agreed. "I'm gonna fuck the arse
off this little whore."

"Pete..." I said, giving him a meaningful look.

"Oh yeah," Pete said. "Sorry, mate. Introductions are in order.
This is Barry, and this is Jack." He indicated the docker and the
fat man respectively. "They're really good friends of mine. I was
down the pub with them the other night and we got talking about
little Jo here. I thought you wouldn't mind if they had a go on
her. They're both pedophiles just like us, and the only sex
they've had in ages has been with their fucking wives."

"Apart from that little sweetheart we met up on the common last
week," Jack allowed.

Barry shook his head with a smile of happy reminiscence. "Fuck,
that was a tight little cunt," he said wistfully. "Well, it was
when we started, anyway."

Both men chuckled.

Pete apologised to me afterwards for not getting my permission
before he boasted about our little fuck parties. He assured me
that both Barry and Jack were men of discretion, absolutely to be
relied upon, and that not a word would ever escape their lips
about this illicit bit of afternoon delight.

They hogged Jo for most of the afternoon. It was a real pain in
the arse. Probably more for my niece than me, though, given that
Barry had a cock that would have looked at home on a racehorse.
At one point he was raping Jo up the arse while Pete fucked her
cunt and the fat man rode her face. I was forced to wait until
Pete shot off before taking his place, although I admit it was
pretty hot to be making my twelve-year-old niece airtight.

"Can I take a shit on her?" Jack asked as we lay sated on the bed
and on the floor around it.

"Well I don't think that's a very good..." I began.

"That'd be well hot, mate," Pete said, getting out his camera,
and Barry chimed in with "Fucking yeah!"

The fat man squatted over Jo's face and strained. The first
result, inevitably, was a gigantic fart, followed by an arc of
piss that splashed down on her tits and her belly. Jack's face
grimaced as he strained, and finally he extruded a massive,
steaming turd, which snaked down to lie across Jo's cheek and
mouth and chin, one end dangling into her hair. He gave a grunt
of satisfaction as he nipped it off. Lowering his bum to sit on
Jo's face he worked his excrement into her mouth and nose by
rocking his hairy arse from side to side.

"Nice one," said Barry appreciatively, and Pete applauded. As the
one who was going to have to clean up the mess I didn't express
an opinion, but I had to admit that I could see the erotic side
of using Jo as a toilet. I was glad that Pete had filmed it,
anyway. And along with the other three guys I was happy to fuck
Jo in her shit-smeared mouth, tamping Jack's faecal tribute down
her throat with my cock until I washed it down with my semen.

It was getting on for 4.30, which gave me an hour to clean the
spunk and shit off Jo before her mum got home. The fat man and
the docker went off to the pub and they dragged Pete off with
them, leaving me to wash Jo and change her sheets. I had another
fuck on her while I was doing it, soothing my bruised feelings by
shooting my load over her shit-caked face.

She was as clean as a whistle when Lorraine got home, but still
sound asleep. I suggested we let her sleep through. "She'll
probably get better quicker if we let her batteries recharge..."
If her batteries ran on spunk, I thought, she'd be like the
Duracell bunny right now!

My suggestion didn't do much to alleviate Lorraine's concerns.
She said if Jo was no better the next day she'd call a doctor. I
really didn't want that to happen, fearing that he might diagnose
a recent, brutal gang bang. "She'll be fine," I said weakly.

But the next day Jo couldn't even talk. Her breath was a liquid
gurgle and her cheeks were flushed. She told Lorraine in a
breathless whisper that she hurt all over. Her back, her breasts,
her tummy, between her legs...

"Flu," I said firmly.

"But it seems to be getting worse," Lorraine fretted.

She called the doctor just before she left for work. Of course I
said I'd wait in for him, and assured her that she didn't need to
wait. Since she was the only breadwinner in the family it wasn't
easy for her to take time off work. Eventually, despite her
misgivings, she allowed herself to be persuaded.

The doctor arrived at about eleven. He was a stern, middle aged
man, very upright in his bearing, and he looked as though he was
full to the brim with moral responsibility. He took Jo's
temperature and blood pressure, listened to her chest, frowned as
he examined her throat and upper torso.

"Are you the girl's father?" he asked me gravely.

"No," I said. "Her uncle. But we're... very close."

"I'd like a word," he said. "Downstairs."

In the kitchen he set down his black bag and turned to regard me

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked. "I can't say. She has
pneumonia, caused by a substantial mass of fluid on her lungs."

"Fluid," I repeated. "On her lungs. What could cause that,

"Many things." He wrote a name on a sheet of paper and handed it
to me. "Take her to Newsom General. See this man. He's a chest
specialist and he'll see you at once if you mention my name."

So that afternoon I took Jo to hospital, wondering miserably at
what point this had all gotten out of hand. The specialist, Dr
Hawthorne, took Jo behind a screen with a nurse in attendance and
did a lot of things to her. Then the nurse took us both to a side
ward where Jo dozed on a gurney and I sat, stood and walked
around restlessly, full of foreboding.

Finally Dr Hawthorne came in. He carried a manila file folder and
his manner was cheerful and relaxed. "Which one of you is Jo?" he

"Me, Doctor," Jo croaked, with a weak smile.

"And I gather you've been feeling a bit under the weather."

Jo nodded.

"Hard to breathe? Feel a bit chesty and congested?"

"Very," Jo agreed, in the same croaky voice.

"Well we'll soon sort all that out," Dr Hawthorne promised
blithely. "But I'm going to have to examine you, and it's
probably best if you're asleep for some of it. Okay?"

Jo nodded again, gratefully.

The doctor had brought a syringe with him, which he injected into
Jo's arm. "This is a cocktail of antibiotics," he said. "And a
light sedative. You'll be a little drowsy for a while, but it
will make you feel much better soon."

Jo's eyes were already starting to close. She went out like a

I looked from her to the doctor, who was flicking through the
notes in his file folder. "Well I took a sample of the fluid in
your niece's chest cavity," he said, a little absently.

"And...?" I prompted.

"It's semen. A man, or probably several men, have at some point
ejaculated down
her throat, presumably while she was asleep or drugged, and their
seminal fluid has built up in her lungs. An incredible quantity
of it, in fact. We're talking a great number of orgasms."

I tried to form a sentence, but no words would come. "Someone
must have... got in and raped her during the night," I suggested

"I don't think so," the doctor said calmly. "Let me show you."
Without ceremony he threw aside the sheet and pulled Jo's
hospital gown up to her waist, exposing her naked body. He leaned
in, took an ankle in each hand and draped Jo's legs over the two
sides of the gurney, spreading her legs extremely wide.

"Jo's vaginal and rectal muscles have been overstretched
repeatedly," he said. "That's why they open so readily when her
legs are spread, as now. And there's swelling to her perineum, do
you see. There's similar swelling to the lining of her throat,
and bruisemarks on her breasts consistent with them having been
grabbed and

I was only half-hearing all this. My eyes were riveted to my
niece's gaping twathole, and in spite of myself I was getting a
massive hard-on. I shifted position to hide it.

"Are you... are you sure?" I asked, feigning a sudden interest in
the charts on the walls.

"Oh yes. Look here. Please, take a close look." He obligingly
pulled Jo's labia open a little wider, and he waited until I
leaned in to examine them. "You see how red and angry the flesh
is here? That's friction from sex, with a very large adult penis.

From this close up Jo's gaping cunt looked luscious and inviting.
It smelled good too, a faint but intoxicating aroma of young girl
pussy along with an undertone of sweat and sex. I should have
washed her up better after the last fuck session.

"So..." I faltered, "You think... what...?"

"I think someone's been having a very good time with this little
girl, not just once but repeatedly. Drugs were almost certainly
involved, with Rohypnol the front runner."

I suddenly realised that as he was saying this he was staring
down at the massive bulge in the front of my trousers. "Happy
memories, Mr Churchman?" he asked sardonically.

I threw out my arms. There was nothing I could say.

"Okay," I admitted, "I had sex with her. But I didn't intend for
things to get this far." The words sounded hollow, almost

"No," Hawthorne agreed. "I'm sure you didn't. Anyway, I'm going
to prescribe antibiotics to clean up the chest infection. And I
can bring down the swelling around her cunt and arsehole with
steroid injections."

His inappropriate language finally registered. "Her cunt and
arsehole?" I echoed.

"These are colloquial terms," the doctor said, "for your niece's
vagina and rectum. Do you want me to point them out to you again?
I feel sure you must have noticed them when you had your cock
inside them. Anyway, the most important factor as far as her
health is concerned is the half-litre of semen you ejaculated
into her
lungs. I can drain that off with a chest tube. But I'd like to
have a go on her myself first, if you don't object. I've been
desperate to fuck this little slit since she was first checked

He unzipped his flies and took out a massive cock that was
stiffening towards full erection.

"Well, I - - yes," I managed to get out. "Of course, doctor."

He was already climbing on top of Jo. With a lascivious grin he
slid his foreskin back from his purple bell and inserted it
between her lips. "I love them this age!" he panted as he
face-fucked her.

"Me too," I agreed happily, unbuckling my belt. Since Jo's mouth
was fully engaged, and since her legs were still invitingly
spreadeagled, I rammed my needy dick up her snatch, got a good
grip on her tits and fucked her like a whore. The view wasn't
pretty in a conventional sense, but it was quite arousing. Dr
Hawthorne's hairy arse rose and fell in front of my eyes as he
rode Jo's face with grunts of perverted delight. His incredibly
thick cock stretched Jo's lips into an O of inadvertent worship
as he drove it into the moist depths of her throat.

"I'm so glad... I was on duty tonight... Mr Churchman!" he gasped
as he passionately raped her face. "This has worked out... very
well... for both of us!"

That was the last coherent thing he said for a while. He was
reduced to groans of sexual ecstasy and then to a hoarse yell as
he orgasmed down Jo's throat.

As soon as he climbed off her, spent and happy, I took his place
and gave Jo a celebratory face-fuck myself, feeling as though I'd
just dodged a very scary bullet. Jo's mouth was slimy with the
doctor's cum, which it seemed had been very copious indeed. So
was mine. Relief turned to pure pleasure and I lost control with
a moan of joy, inseminating my niece's gullet with jet after jet of thick sperm.

Dr Hawthorne wanked as he watched me, teasing and manipulating
his cock back to full hardness. As I climbed off he got back on.

"This is the best medicine for little whores," he observed,
thrusting hard into Jo's now overflowing mouth. Under the
circumstances I let the slur on my niece's reputation go by
without comment. After all,she had been with a lot of men for a

Jo improved rapidly after her lungs were drained, and Dr
Hawthorne prescribed a much better date-rape drug, Galinox, which
leaves "the lucky lady" (his words) with a robust swallow reflex.
"Even if you're throat-fucking her," he said, "peristalsis will
kick in and deliver your cum to where it needs to be. She'll even
get some nutrition from it. Of course I'll need to see her every
two weeks to monitor her recovery."

"Of course," I agreed. "And in between times, doctor, feel free
to pop in at my sister's house between 1.00am and 6.00am any
weekday. Those are Jo's visiting hours."

That was seven months ago. Jo's sex life has been very active
indeed throughout that time, with Pete introducing many more of
his "best friends" to our nocturnal fuck parties. Jo's health is
far from robust, and she hasn't been back into school since that
amazing night when Pete and I first double-teamed her, but Dr
Hawthorne's diligent attention has prevented her condition from
deteriorating too far. He has told Lorraine that Jo has a rare
nervous disorder that causes a great deal of muscular pain,
occasional swelling of the throat, tenderness in the lower
abdomen and physical exhaustion - all of which, coincidentally,
are also symptoms of getting the shit fucked out of you all night
and every night by men with massive cocks and relaxed
consciences. Dr H encourages Lorraine to be optimistic, and he
continues to prescribe bed rest. With a straight face. Jo's
regular prescription includes strong antibiotics after she got a
dose of gonorrhoea from one of Pete's mates. It used to include
the contraceptive pill, too, but Hawthorne says Jo's womb has
been more or less fucked to pulp by all the massive cocks she's
had inside her. There's no danger of her getting pregnant any

Lorraine still works full-time so I'm at home a lot, looking
after my sick niece. "I don't know what I'd do without you,
Mike," my sister said to me just last night, hugging me tight. "I
can see how tired you are, how much of yourself you give to Jo.
And I'm so grateful."

"I really like it here, Lorraine," I assured her. "I've never
been happier, or more fulfilled." And I meant it. Abusing Jo and
managing and enabling her abuse by other men has become my life.
Well, I say men but there have been more than a few women, and
just last week two spectacularly endowed German shepherd dogs who
one of Pete's pervy mates - to our huge delight - persuaded to
fuck Jo in the cunt and arse at the same time. I love this stuff.
Really, really love it. Maybe on some level Jo is standing in for
my ex-wife and every other woman who ever pissed me off. But
that's just cheap cod psychology. The truth is that using and
ruining a stupid little cunt who still loves and trusts me just
makes me feel good on a great many levels.

It's not like the fairy tale, I know. Sometimes Sleeping Beauty
doesn't get to meet her prince. Sometimes some other horny
bastard gets in first. I have to say, though, it still feels like
a really happy ending to me!


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