Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story Title: The Sex Jackers. Author Fertilemind Story Codes: M+m+/F+f+/ extreme ped/incest/caution, underage. Disclaimer Please be aware that the story you are about to read is fiction it bears no resemblance to any event past or present. The Author does not in any way condone the activities referred to in his story and all events are pure fantasy. PLEASE NOTE the story codes and this disclaimer relate to this and subsequent chapters of this story. Enjoy. Twenty-six year-old Vivian Bynum was just about done traversing the mall with her two young children. Her 2 year-old daughter Alana was sound asleep in the front of her double stroller, and her 4 year-old son William was babbling as they walked along in the way young children often do when they are bored. She looked at her watch and she realized she had been dragging William around the Mall for nearly 45 minutes. She was hit by a small wave of guilt; she had been daydreaming and widow shopping, and only half listening to William as he went on about Dinosaurs and super heroes and could we get ice cream and who knows what else she had missed. She sighed and thought about the days when she was able to wander the malls and shops for hours on a weekend with her husband before they had started their family. But she smiled inwardly as she thought about how she relished the love both her kids lavished on her and realized she would never want to go back to a time when they were not with her every single day, and how they constituted the biggest part of both their lives. She turned and headed for the underground parking garage where her new Mini-van was, and went through the large glass doors that led there. As soon as she was outside the filtered air environs of the mall her senses were assaulted by the smells of car exhaust and oily pavement. She looked around carefully to be sure there were no people hanging around, especially near her Minivan. She stopped for a moment upon seeing another minivan parked a couple of spaces away from hers. It looked almost exactly like her girlfriend Tracy's, well actually it was exactly the same, except it had different plates, huh, it must be a coincidence. They were very popular vehicles for families and she envisioned some other Mom wandering around the mall pushing a baby carriage just as she had been doing. It made her smile. What Vivian didn't know of course was that her girlfriend Tracy was indeed in the van, and that the tags had been changed for just this reason. They were here for Vivian and her kids, Tracy, along with a man named Nathan Rawlings and his friend Tom, and several other members of their very special group. Tracy and the men had been waiting for Vivian since Tracy had followed her to the mall after turning down her girlfriend's invitation to go shopping with her. Vivian hit the remote and the sliding side door opened silently, her back was to the other van, the one that looked like Tracy's. She picked up William and put him in his car seat and buckled him in securely, sometimes it seemed like a parent needed a degree in engineering to figure out the darn car seats. Then she picked up her sleeping daughter and turned and put her in her seat, being careful not to wake her pretty little girl and then repeating the complicated process of securing the car seat. As she was clicking the last straps into place she thought she heard a noise. As she started to turn someone clamped his hand over her mouth with a strong smelling rag. Vivian struggled and tried to scream, but as she took a breath to try and scream she sucked in the vapours emanating from the rag over her mouth and everything quickly went out of focus and turned to black. William watched wide-eyed as his Mommy closed her eyes and was about to start crying when Tracy quickly stuck her head in the van and smiled at him. He knew his Aunt Tracy and his fears were calmed but he didn't know the men and he was still confused about what was happening. Tracy gave him a bright smile, "Hi William, your Daddy has a big surprise for Mommy, that's why we're here sweetie! Mommy's fine buddy, don't you worry about her one little bit, we don`t want her to know about the surprise that`s why we made her go to sleep. You know your Aunt Tracy would never let anything bad happen to your Mommy or to you or your sissy, so don't be afraid. Just relax honey and we'll be home soon for the big surprise and you and Alana can play with Jill and Rachel when we get back!" William felt better, Aunt Tracy was his Mommy's friend and she always came to visit and he played with her daughters sometimes when they visited to. Rachel and Jillian liked to play board games, and Will liked to play with them. Alana was too little to understand but sometimes Jill helped her play and all four of them had lots of fun. He watched as they put a pillow under Mommy's head and covered her with a blanket. He calmed down as he saw the man making his Mommy comfortable and wondered why the man was touching his Mommy all over as he did but Mommy looked okay. Tracy smiled and said, "I'm going to drive my van to your house now William, you be a good boy for Mommy's friends and we'll be home soon. Bye bye!" Will smiled and waved and the man smiled as he finished feeling up Vivian's breast's under the blanket, his cock was already hard as he climbed into the van waving lollypops and William's eyes got wide as he saw them. The man smiled and said, "Hi Will, my name is Tom. I'm a friend of your Daddy. Daddy has a big party planned for your Mommy, and it's a big surprise for Mommy so we are here to help your Daddy get everything ready!" William smiled looking at the lollipops, "A party, like a candy and cake party, a birthday party, like that?" Tom grinned and said, "Yea, that's right, gosh Will you sure are smart! Here buddy, here's some candy for you to eat right now." Tom gave the 4 year-old a lollipop, "You can eat that while we drive home, but don't tell mommy I gave it to you cause there'll be lots of cake and ice cream to eat and she'll worry that you had to much sugar huh?" Will nodded, his Mommy was always saying too much sugar was bad for kids, but he loved sweet stuff and so did his sister. He wouldn't tell and he put the tasty pop into his mouth and started sucking, unaware of course it was a special pop coated in a very mild sedative that would have the little boy asleep in no time. The other man grinned as Tom went on, "And when we get home, Mommy will be very surprised, and you can eat more candy and we'll have ice cream and cake too like I said. Do you like ice cream and cake Will?" William nodded and thought that was a silly question, who didn't like ice cream and cake? He sucked his lollipop the two vans started up and both men gave each other a high five. They waved to Tracy as the other van pulled away. The man who was driving turned to smile at William, William thought he looked nice. The mans voice sounded a little funny to Will as he spoke, like it was coming from far away. "Hi Will," Will's eyes were getting heavy as he sucked on his lollipop, "my name is Nate, and when we get home we're going to have seven big hard cock lollipops for you and sissy to suck, cream filled lollipops Will! We're gonna turn Mommy into a real nasty fucking cock whore, and you and your sissy are gonna learn to be cock sucking cum eating little fuck sluts, ha!" Nathan laughed and went on as Will dozed off, not understanding what few words he had heard, "You and your sissy are gonna be little blow job machines until we can get your tight little fuck holes stretched enough to start fucking the both of you!" Tom grinned at his friend as Nate continued talking to the little boy who was falling fast asleep now, "Yea Will, you're gonna love sucking on some nice big hard cock pops, and learning all about sucking juicy cunts and eating loads of hot fuck juice, its way better then ice cream!" The men laughed and Nathan added, "Relax Will, take a nap, we're going home and a bunch of us are going to gang fuck your Mommy, and you and sissy are going to learn some interesting new things." Tom spoke next, even though they were talking for themselves more then for either child, as both were sound asleep, "Yeah Will, like Nate said, you and your sissy are going to learn lots of neat stuff. Like how to lick and suck pussy, how to suck off and jack off big hard man cocks, and eat lots and lots of hot tasty cum!" They laughed hard and Will smiled as he drifted off to sleep the lollipop, with its coating of sedative having done its job, was still grasped in his little hand but was stuck to his shorts where it had landed when the boy had fallen asleep. The two men were congratulating themselves as they drove to the Bynum house. Tom grinned at Nathan, "Man, Tracy nominated a real fucking fox huh? I saw her picture but fuck she looks even better in person. Her fucking tits are primo, nice and firm, and her nipples are huge and they haven't even been sucked on yet! I can just imagine them when they're hard as little fucking rocks, ha!" Nathan replied, "Yea man, she sure picked a fucking sweet one didn't she. Hey you know this is our fourth "Sex Jack", and everyone of them has been successful. Each and every family has taken the bait and turned into incest loving pedo freaks! It's like this irresistible candy no one can live without once they taste it huh?" It seemed to be getting easier as they brought more women and their husbands and kids into the deviant sexual circle Nathan was creating. Admittedly the very first one, Donna, had been a little disorganized, but went real smooth after her husband decided to come along quicker than his wife had, especially after his introduction to child porn. One of the other original five men who started the "Sex Jackers" along with Nathan and Tom was Martin. Martin was a computer wizard who was a friend of Donnas' husband Hank. He had infected Hank's computer with special email attachments that contained "normal" porn the men sent back and forth to each other, as some men sometimes do. The attachments had planted programs with access and passwords to child porn sites. Hank had freaked out at first but after the original shock of seeing it, it hooked him right in his sexual gut. And once Hank had become hooked, his own two hot little preteen girls proved to be to strong a lure to resist. At every opportunity Hank was ogling his daughters, 8 year-old Trudy, and his 6 year-old Olivia. He had actually started molesting both when Donna was brought into the action. The child porn had done its trick, and after that, they had Donna with no problems. She tried resisting a little at first, feebly, but once she'd been dosed with GHB and shared a bed with her daughters and Hank, and then seeing her girls sucking off Nathan and Tom and others, it was all she wrote for Donna. Next to come was Elaine, who Donna had nominated as their next candidate. It had been Nathan's idea that the woman should always pick the next candidate for a `sex jacking'. Because Nathan figured women knew each other better in terms of sexual desires and secrets shared between them, and that would lead to more successful `jackings'. His instincts had been right. Elaine was a single Mom with an 8-year-old boy. Elaine had been an easier target, because of the fact that she was single and raising a boy on her own. Donna knew Elaine as a woman she met at the kids school, just another single parent struggling to raise her child. Through their shared intimate conversations as they became good friends, Donna learned that Elaine had been denying her own sexual needs and urges for a long time. Relying instead on masturbation and standard free internet porn, late at night when her son was sound asleep. That was the kind of information Nathan could never discover on his own had he set his sights on Elaine and tried to date her or draw her into his perverted group. Once the seeds were planted, Donna drew Elaine into a bi-sexual relationship she was only to ready for. Donnas' husband then joined the relationship, and soon Elaine was the centrepiece of sexual activity for Donna and Hank and some of their special friends, like Nathan. Nathan and another of the original five, Jessup, had turned Elaine into a cock slut, ready to try more and more sexually extreme things as she was introduced to GHB and ecstasy. Then with Donna and Hank helping, they turned her on to child porn after an especially good dosing of GHB. Then had her mix it up with Donna and Hank and their two young daughters and Elaine quickly became hooked on the taboo of sex with children, just like Donna and Hank had. So it was no efforts at all to have Elaine accept her son Derrick into their twisted but growing sexual circle when the time came. After all, Elaine had watched and participated as Donnas' preteen daughters joined their sex play. As a horny 10 year-old boy, Derrick had already discovered the joys of masturbation, and was egged on by Hank and Nathan when he was given his own notebook computer and directed to some internet sites to visit along with the passwords. Passwords he needed to see things his Mom would never would have allowed, prior to her own introduction to incest and pedophilia. Derrick was super enthusiastic when it came to humping his sexy Mom or Donna and her young daughters, and really enjoyed helping her suck off hard cocks. The boy took to cock quickly, enjoying the act of sucking the adult men and having his own thin 3 inches of hard boy cock sucked in return. And he even turned out to be one of those boys who took to anal sex right away. Elaine then nominated Tracy, another hot young Mom with two young daughters, Rachel who was 5 and Jillian who was 7. Tracy, who was Vivian's good friend, was in the Minivan behind them, probably giving blowjobs to her husband Dan, and the other four men in the van with her. They had remained hidden in the dark recess of the van during the sex jacking but were there to join the party that would be taking place shortly at Vivian`s home. Crowded into the van with Tracy was Jessup, Martin, and Randy, the other three of the five original sex jackers, as well as Dan and Hank. Not included in today's introduction of Vivian to their perverted world, was Donna, Hank's wife, and Elaine, and all the kids. They would be back at Elaine's place waiting to hear how the introductory jacking had gone before becoming involved. They drove quickly and carefully to Vivian's house and pulled both vans into the large garage and closed the door behind them before attempting to get out. They half carried and half walked Vivian into her house and carried the kids inside, and in a short time the fun had begun! Vivian was enjoying the dream, oh God was she enjoying the dream, it was just like the more explicit fantasies she and Matt had been enjoying when they made love. Ooohh fuck, she was being doubled, double fucked by two hard cocks. It was something she and her husband Matt had talked about all the time now in their fantasies when they made love. Vivian was loving the feeling of two hard cocks penetrating her at the same time, she loved regular sex, and loved anal sex, and Matt had used toys in her ass as he had fucked her before, but this felt so real, it had to be the best dream she'd ever had! Aaaahh Vivian had never realized how good it felt, how could she have know the truth, the actual feeling of being penetrated vaginally and anally, at the same time by real men with thick cum filled hard cocks? All she and Matt could do was fantasize about it when they made love. Ooohh fuck, it was heaven being sandwiched between two hard male bodies, their big cocks penetrating her in both her holes at the same time. Vivian's husband Matt was well hung; over 7 inches, but these men, aaaahh fuck both felt as big or even bigger then her husband! Mmmm, oh God please forgive her slutty nature, she needed to keep it under control, and she felt so naughty, almost ashamed and wishing they had done it sooner. She felt herself rising toward wakefulness, and was moving along with the sensations in her dream hoping it wouldn`t end until she came! It was so real, the fullness in her cunt and ass, the smell of men's cologne, someone kissing her wetly, the taste of bourbon on their tongue. Suddenly she was able to open her eyes, in her dream everything was still kind of fuzzy, the feeling between wakefulness and sleep. She heard herself, making noises, moaning and sighing, what was happening, who....she heard a voice, the man behind her, oh it sounded so real, but it had to be her dream. Who, who's voice was it, she tried to sleep, she didn't want to know, "Well sleepyhead, it's about time you came back to us." He added an extra deep thrust into ass as he spoke softly, "You were napping while we were fucking you, in and out of the new world you live in now. You were awake when we started silly, and having so much fun being such a slut. Keep telling us those dirty fantasies you have Vivian, God no one knew you had such an inner slut locked away inside your filthy brain baby!" She tried to speak, the words felt thick in her mouth, "Who, aaah I mmmm, please, wait I don't, aaaah......fuck that feels good, soooo good, mmmm, fuck me harder, aaaahh please.....harder, in my ass, aaahhh, aahhh, in my cunt, yessss.....who, who....?" The male voice continued soothingly, "Yea, that's it sweetie, enjoy it, get into it, you wanted to be doubled so badly, aren't you glad we obliged you baby? If we'd have known how bad you wanted to be double fucked we'd have all done you this way, all day long lover. No Vivian, you don't know us yet, not by name," said the voice from behind her, the one in her ass, "but you will soon." Then she heard another voice, a woman's voice, close to her ear, she felt a kiss and a lick on her earlobe, felt her warm sweet breath and heard the soft words said, "Relax sexy, relax, get into it, feel them inside you, enjoy it, stay with it lover. Feel their big cocks in your cunt and your sweet ass, its fucking great isn't it Viv? Hmmm, two cocks at once, what a slut you are baby. Cum Viv, cum again for us, cum again baby, cum like you've been cumming all afternoon slut." Oh Christ, there is was, Vivian groaned from deep down inside and she felt the waves of orgasmic pleasure crashing over her! Oooohhh fuck, aaahhh Gaaawd, fuck fuck fuck, she was cumming so fucking hard. She screamed, not recognizing her own voice! "Uuuunnngggggod! Cumming! Aaahh fuck, cumming, cumming! Fuck me, ooooohh God fuck me; fuck me, aahh aahh aah cumming, cumming, cumming!" Tracy smiled to herself as she watched the transformation of her friend, watched as they turned her into a cock loving whore first, and soon an incest loving pedo mom. Tracy loved this life now, wondering how she had lived before discovering incest and pedo love. Before she knew the obscene thrill of tasting her preteen daughter's juicy little cunts, before seeing the smiling as they worked their mouths over the heads of adult men's cocks at their sex parties. Before seeing them learn to orgasm and seeing semen shoot into their hungry little mouths or drip from their overstretched little holes. She whispered to Vivian, "You've been having so much fun sweetie, relax and keep enjoying yourself baby. Keep cumming, keep fucking, you're just like the rest of us baby. We all love this life, and all our kids love it too Viv. Just like your kids are loving it Vivian, they're having lots of fun, they`re learning so much baby." Her kid's, oh my God her kids, she tried to struggle, to move but they had her sandwiched between them, they were relentless, she was feeling things she shouldn't be feeling, like the build up of another intense orgasm. Oooohh God no, it couldn't be, Jesus she was barely over the last one! Oh fuck how it could......., aaahhh God it was building there again, in her belly, waves of lust emanating from her clit. Oh God how could it be? The sweet sexy voice again, Vivian knew it, who....? "I always suspected you were a slut way down deep Vivian, your husbands a lucky man getting his cock into you whenever he wants, he won`t mind sharing from now on I`m sure, once he gets home from his `business trip'. The woman giggled softly then, like she'd said something funny, she knew the voice, but Vivian was having trouble concentrating. Her body was betraying her, she should be screaming for help, not looking forward to the release of another incredible orgasm! Vivian felt the two men picking up the pace, the one behind her started saying filthy nasty things, about little girls and little boys, and how quickly they learned to be good cock suckers. How eager kids are to learn new things, new sensation, new tastes, to learn grown up things. The one in front was breathing hard, thrusting and throwing his weight into each stroke. They were pounding her relentlessly, making her shudder in pleasure, ooooh there were those kisses to her ear again, aaaahh someone was pulling her nipples, mmmm they were so hard, her nipples burned with pleasure. Oh God, no please aaaah fuck, no no, aaaaah God it was happening again as her head was turned and a sweet pretty female face was looking into her eyes as she was kissed wet and deep by the woman! She tried to scream again but instead had her tongue sucked by the woman as her orgasm rolled over her in waves, emanating out from her cunt, milking the cocks in her body without her even knowing. Oh fuck, oh fuck this was so good, but it had to be wrong, it had to be wrong! Vivian heard both men yelp and grunt together as they began filling her with their hot cum, in both her holes. Oh man, she felt it, she felt the hot thick liquid being injected into her body, felt the heat as it was filling her vagina and her ass. She was shaking with shame and pleasure, unable to comprehend what was happening to her, unable to stop herself from loving every second of what they were doing to her! The world was spinning out of control as Vivian came down slowly from an orgasm as big as any she could remember ever experiencing. The four adults lay for a moment in the bed, their breath and pulses slowing as they recovered. Silently the two men slipped their softening cocks from her seeping holes and left the room. Vivian felt suddenly empty, bereft and ashamed as she realized she wanted more, want them to fuck her again and again so she could cum again and again. She groaned in shame and lay back and felt the warm soft sexy body of the woman who lay next to her. As she turned onto her back among the ruffled sheets the woman kissed her deeply and tenderly. Her vision was clear now and she knew she was in her own bedroom, in her and her husband's bed, staring into the eyes of her girlfriend Tracy. Oh God Tracy, one of her best and closest friends. Tracy saw the uncomprehending look in Vivian's eyes and smiled and kissed her friend again, so deep, so wet, she tasted so good. Tracy slid her fingers into Vivian's hot sloppy cunt. Vivian sighed, unable to keep from opening her legs to Tracy's touch, unable to stop feeling pleasure as Tracy softly massaged her swollen clit. Tracy looked into her friend's eyes and lowered her mouth to Vivian's nipple and sucked it and flicked it with her tongue making Vivian hiss and suck in air as she started into her friends beautiful eyes. She did the same to Vivian's other nipple all the while looking into her girlfriends eyes and softly massaging her friends hard fat clitoris. When she released her delicious hard nipple she spoke softly, "I know you don't understand what's happening Vivian, so just relax baby, feel my fingers in your cunt, feel the way I'm touching your hard clit lover, feels good doesn't it? Feel it lover, just let go and feel the pleasure your body is feeling, enjoy it, and I'll explain what's happening to you, and why." Vivian spread her legs wider without being asked, she sighed and let herself sink back into the sexual haze she was swimming in and Tracy knew that was a good sign. Her two fingers were heavily coated with semen, and after she gave Vivian's clit a good rub she brought them to Vivian's lips and Vivian opened her mouth instinctively, sucking and licking Tracy's fingers clean. Tracy kissed her then, sharing the flavour as she returned her fingers to Vivian clit and then dipped them again, deeply into the wet slippery folds of soft hot flesh, deep into her friends dripping cunt. She brought them back to Vivian's mouth again and the two women licked them clean together sharing wet cum and cunt cream flavoured kisses. Tracy smiled and went back to masturbating her girlfriend as she asked her, "Taste good lover," and kissed her lips again. Vivian nodded and sighed, "Ooooh Tracy, I feel so, oh God, I`ve never felt like this before, yessss, oooh yessss, what's happening to me, I've never been so horny in all my life? It tasted so fucking good Trace, so nasty, like when Matt cums in my mouth. Oh God I love eating his cum, it makes us both so fucking hot." Tracy smiled, "That's cum from six different men lover. You've been a busy little bee, a very horny one too. You have an inner whore that's just been released Vivian, a genie we can never put back in the bottle baby. Six times Vivian, six, that's how many times your cunts been fucked so far. Well, the last two just decided to DP you and you really enjoyed that. So I guess there`s only five loads of fresh cock juice in your cunt baby, and one in your sweet ass." Tracy giggled and then smiled and kissed her friend again as she continued masturbating her swollen wet cum filled cunt. "Your kids are fine Vivian, safe and sound and enjoying themselves. You know I`d never let anyone hurt them, no more then I'd let someone hurt my own little girls Jillian and Rachel." Vivian stiffened at the mention of her children, waves of fear and guilt and shame washed over her and she started to cry. Tracy hushed her, "No no Viv, don't cry baby, in a little while they'll come in and you can see for yourself, don't feel bad, you couldn't have stopped what's happened, and now that is has, yours and Matt's lives will never be the same." At the mention of Matt's name Vivian wondered how he would react to what was happening. Tracy saw the confused look in her friend's eyes and said, "Honey, Matt isn't on a business trip, he's spending the week with a family of five, the Connelly's, and he'll be fucking all three of their young preteen kids, all week long. Yes, fucking them baby, a 9 year-olg girl, a 6 year-old boy, and another 4 year-old girl. The entire family practices incest and hot pedo sex Vivian." Vivian's eyes got wide at this and Tracy went on, "He doesn't know you know, but you do now sweetheart. Its how it all works, first the husband is introduced to the lifestyle, then the wife. Without fail so far, once either one has tasted that luscious forbidden fruit, the other wants to taste it as well. And once both have tasted the forbidden fruit, neither can ever imagine going back to the way it was before." Vivian found her voice, Tracy, I...I don't understand, what's happened to me, how did I get here, why can't I fight back? Her face felt flushed as she felt ashamed again, "I don't understand, why, oh God Tracy why am I enjoying it so much, why do I want you to make me cum again!" Tracy smiled and kissed Vivian again, for a long time, until Vivian was moaning into her mouth and pushing her cunt up to meet Tracy's fingers. Tracy smiled, "We drugged you Vivian, as soon as we got you home we gave you a nice dose of GHB, the date rape drug." She smiled and looked at her friend, "It works wonders for releasing the pent up sexuality we all have inside us. It worked for me and Dan sweetie; I'm a whore beyond belief now. I always thought you would be too, if you only had the chance to experience it." Vivian groaned as she listened and felt another orgasm building inside of her as Tracy went on. Tracy shoved a third finger into Vivian and mashed her clit hard as she hisses, "As to how and why it happened," Tracy smiled, "you were `jacked' baby, `sex jacked', kind of like a car jacking; only the goal being to do what we are doing to you right now, turning you into the slut I always thought you could be." Vivian was confused, her mind was racing as she tried to comprehend what her friend was telling her as her orgasm continued to build. Her brain was engulfed, swimming in the pleasure chemicals a body released when it was sexually excited. Vivian felt like she was drowning in lust. Tracy went on, "It's sort of a club baby, and every new woman initiated, nominates the next to be initiated, so I nominated you." Tracy smiled wickedly, " And I'm glad I did because you are a fucking wild woman in bed, and your babies are very hot and horny little fuck toys too." Tracy moved now, straddling Vivian as she groaned from hearing her little children called fuck toys. Tracy leaned over to the bed stand and grabbed a stack of pictures. She kissed Vivian again and began to hump her shaved naked cunt down hard onto Vivian's making her girlfriend groan again. She leaned down and rubbed her own hard breasts and nipples against Vivian's as she kissed her wetly once more and found her girlfriends hand and pressed a small stack of Polaroid pictures into it. Vivian's heartbeat quickened as she brought them to her face and her eyes focused on the pictures in her hand. She looked at the first one with a sense of disbelief as Tracy's moved again and looked at Vivian looking at the pictures. She slid off of her friend and spread Vivian's legs open wider and started fingering her friend's cunt again with both hands. The fingers of one were thrusting deep into Vivian's dripping wet hole while the fingers of the other were circling her clit, rubbing it and coating it in a mixture of cum and cunt juice. Vivian could not believe what she was seeing as she looked at a picture of herself. Oh God, she was on her knees, surrounded by men, sucking a hard cock and jacking two more as she did. Ooooh fuck, it was like something out of one of her fantasies, but it was real, it was her doing it with all those men! The next one showed her naked, a cock in each hand as she tried to get the both of them in her mouth while men crowded in around her their cocks touching her shoulders and arms and rubbing her face! She moaned loudly as she looked at the third one, oh no, ooohh God nooooo! It was her son William, her 4 year-old son, naked and smiling at the camera, his little cock was as hard as she'd ever seen it, he was so completely naked, and his small hands were wrapped around the thick shaft of a slick hard cock. He was smiling, he was enjoying himself, having fun, she knew the look on his face, and he was excited to be playing like that! Oh God, she knew what would be next, uuunnngod her cunt felt so good, she didn`t want to look, aaahhh fuck! It was what she knew it would be, a picture of her little girl Alana, her sweet innocent 2 year-old daughter! Oh Christ, ooohh yesss, oooohhh yesss, it was her baby girl, so naked, so happy, her pretty eyes shined with a smile as her small hands were holding a very hard adult cock! Aaaahh fuck, noooo, oh nooooo, it couldn`t be happening, why was she cumming? Aaahh fuck, aaahh fuck, why, why was she cumming as she looked at a picture of her baby girl sucking cock, her little girl, her 2 year-old daughter, struggling to get her small mouth around the head of the cock she was holding with both her tiny hands! Ooohh fuck, aaah fucking Christ, her baby, her baby was sucking cock! She arched her back and screamed again as she dropped the pictures across the wrinkled sheets. Vivian thought she had cum hard before but now she was rocked again. Rocked by what she though was another of the hardest cum she had ever had! An incredible orgasmic rush of pleasure, triggered by seeing her own young children, her 4 year-old son and her 2 year-old daughter being sexually molested.