The Rogue Riders      2014 Re-edit

By FertileMind


Fredrick led Christine into the cool interior of the Chapter
House and Christine's only thought was that Fredrick was so
handsome and she was so lucky to have him all to herself. She
didn't have a clue how easily she had been set up, or how denying
herself all these past years would lead to her entrusting herself
to a man who would soon take possession of her very life, and the
lives of her three preteen daughters. She was about to become his
property, she and her daughters were about to become his

Christine had unwittingly delivered her entire family, herself
and her innocent and virginal preteen daughters, to an entire
motorcycle club made up of pedophile's and perverts, and she'd
delivered them on a silver platter. She and her daughters were
about to be sexually devoured, and there was nothing Christine
could do but allow it to happen. Since what was about to happen
to her was something so far removed from what a normal person
could imagine, she had no way to defend against it.

Her nipples were hard and aching as Fredrick stopped and turned
her toward him, kissing her deeply as he untied her bikini top.
He let it drop between them pulling the material down and tossing
it away. He enjoyed the feeling of Christine's firm breasts and
hard nipples against his muscular chest. He was grinding his hard
cock against her pubic mound as they kissed and she moaned into
his mouth as his hands went down the small of her back and inside
her bikini bottom to caress her sexy firm ass. She groaned into
his mouth as he kissed her, she had no idea what was happening to
her, only that she liked it.

Fredrick was excited, his cock throbbed with a perverted lust,
his mind filled with the knowledge of what he was about to do to
this woman and her daughters. His cock beat with a rhythm as he
envisioned Lilly, Grace and Trinity, naked and cum stained,
stoned on drugs and used like the little girl fuck toys they were
about to become. He wanted the girls addicted to semen, he wanted
to make them slaves to cock and cunt. They were going to be his
sexual servants, made to service all comers, mouths open and
little legs spread, always available for the use of the members
of the Rogue Riders Motorcycle club.

He wanted to share their sexy mother with all his brothers and
sisters, see her gang fucked in every hole over and over. He was
going to break her down and make her into a sexual doormat for
all the men and women of the club. He and he alone would own her
and her girls entirely, own her soul and her daughters hearts. He
wanted to see her used and debased, sexually pulverized like a
blow up fuck doll. Filled with cock after cock until their
collective seed ran from her body in rivers, used until
consciousness left her body and then used some more. Again and
again until her mind was shredded and her body owned by everyone
but her. He was going to turn her life upside down and make her
the whore he was sure she could be. And whether she wanted it or
not, this was her fate.

He pulled her into the party area where there were a lot of
people and she felt a jolt of panic breach the fog of her desire.
The desire that encompassed her mind and corrupted every cell in
her brain. She realized for a split second how many men there
were here in the cool dark confines of the club house. She heard
the din of voices, the sounds of laughter, and smelled the
pungent odor of marijuana that Fredrick allowed during the clubs

Christine should have reacted differently but the drugs she had
already ingested had done their job well. Instead of experiencing
fear or trepidation or caution she was entranced by what she felt
in her belly, by the ache there, the need, and the freedom of not
caring who was seeing it or what was happening. She'd never felt
so liberated in her life, but then she'd never been drugged with
ecstasy before either, it was to be her downfall for certain.

Her brain froze for another second as her eyes focused and she
saw two women she had yet to meet just a dozen feet from where
Fredrick held her in his embrace. Both women were attractive and
sexy, their naked bodies adorned with tattoos and piercings.
Christine's drug fogged mind snapped a clear picture of the two
women, they were on their knees sucking the cocks of several men
standing around them in small groups. She groaned inwardly as she
realized the women, even as they hungrily sucked the men's cocks,
and all of the other men in the room were looking at her with
hunger in their eyes. Christine shivered involuntarily and then
Fredrick kissed her again and pulled her deeper into something
she was never expecting.

His kisses inflamed her and she let herself sink into the
sensations they were creating between her legs and deep in her
raw exposed drug fueled libido. Christine felt her bikini bottom
being pulled down, instinctively she felt she should reach for it
but she did not. Her reaction time seemed to be in slow motion as
Fredrick put one of her hands on his cock, and someone put her
other hand on another cock. Both of them were thick and hard, hot
pieces of male flesh, pulsing with a heartbeat and a life of
there own.

Not hesitating at something she'd never done Christine squeezed
them both and enjoyed the heft and hard thickness her warm hands
felt when she did. She'd never been with more then one man in her
entire life, and instead of being afraid she felt like she was
ready for this, and more. How could she possibly know what
awaited her and her daughters, because her daughters were the
farthest thing from her mind?

Oh God, what, what was happening to her? A jolt of electricity
seemed to send a shiver of lust up her spine as she felt still
another cock press against the small of her back and she again
felt the heft and weight of the hot hard shafts of flesh she held
in each hand. Never experiencing the feeling before, she had the
desire to have both hard shafts of man cock and that desire made
her quiver with excitement. They were pulsing with the men's
heartbeats and Christine imagined them emptying themselves into
her body. They were alive with lust for her and that thought
excited her and she squeezed both cocks in her hot hands. Hearing
the sighs of desire from the men as she squeezed their hard
pricks energized her even more.

Oh God this was wrong, all so very wrong, but she was helpless to
fight what was happening to her. The drugs made her feel like
doors she did not know were within her were crashing open. The
locks she had unknowingly placed there were being smashed to
pieces and the doors were opening wide, allowing her to let go.
She wanted to invite them in, she wanted these hard cocks, she
was ready to step through the door. In her minds eye she was
seductively crooking a finger at these two hard shafts of cock
flesh and inviting them between her open legs.

Christine wanted to be bad, very bad. She wanted to know what it
felt like to do a really bad thing for just one time. She wanted
to be violated and sued and fulfilled, but she had no idea she
was taking the first step in a journey that would span the rest
of her adult life. No idea what she was committing herself, and
her three innocent daughters to, a life of sexual servitude that
all of them would eventually come to know and love beyond all

Fredrick's hot mouth engulfed her rock hard nipple next, sucking
it into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. It sent another
wave of lust ripping through her belly and between her legs and
through her drug addled brain. She felt fingers and hands
touching her all over her body, stroking squeezing and rubbing
her hot skin. Her eyes were glazed and she thought she could see
and feel small sparks coming from the men's fingertips as they
touched her all over.

Someone turned her head and another mans mouth crushed her own
and she then she was hungrily sucking his tongue and tasting
whiskey. She heard a chorus of many voices, voices of men, like a
choir of filthy whispers telling her unspeakable things, dirty
things. Thrilling taboo insane things that made her ears burn as
she let go of her inhibitions. Christine decided then that she
was in a obscene dream, a debauched dream, a fantasy. She
couldn't see why she shouldn't enjoy it? Only it was happening
for real and it was feeling too good to want to stop it.
Christine groaned as someone's fingers found her clitoris and
still another mouth latched on to her other nipple. She gasped
and she felt like she was slipping away, floating away to a place
she needed to go, if just this one time. She closed her eyes and
was gone then, gone from the bounds of her own sexual sanity as
she gave herself over to the lust of sexually insanity.

As Christine let herself go inside the clubhouse, outside her
three preteen daughters were being well cared for. They were all
three proving very eager to learn their own new lessons. Each
sister was positioned in the lap of one of their female minders.
The women were seated in low cushioned beach chairs, a naked and
excited sister held by each. All three of the girls were flushed
and aroused at being naked in front of all these strangers, they
thought they were ready for what was to come though not a one had
a clue what it would be.

Excitement filled their smooth soft bellies because they felt no
shame at being naked with their new friends, yet some shred of
their young minds knew that they should be ashamed. Their drugged
minds could not process or understand what they were seeing. The
girls eyes were wide and bright staring at naked adult men with
hard pieces of flesh sticking straight out from between their
legs. Not understanding why the men were looking at them with
burning eyes full of obscene hunger that the sisters could not

Plied with alcohol and drugs the sisters gaped at the sight of
the naked men and their big hard angry looking penises pointed at
them. Lilly had and idea what they were for, Grace may have
thought she knew, and little Trinity was simply amazed by it all.
Their penis' were so big, so stiff looking, sticking out straight
from the men's muscular bodies with pearly drops of clear fluid
weeping from the little hole at the tip. The girls were unable to
think clearly with their innocent drugged minds as they were
corrupted further with small sips of sweet wine coolers as they
were coaxed willingly into and introduction to a life of sexual
submission and perversion. A world they could never have realized
they were going to inhabit for years and years to come. For
perhaps a lifetime.

The women holding them had spread their slim firm and very young
legs wide. It thrilled the young sisters with the naughtiness of
it, letting adults look at their naked bodies, and between their
open legs. The scary feeling of exposing their private places,
their pee holes, their virgin vagina's to the men and women fired
their imaginations. Their immature bald vagina's were glistening
with previously unknown lubrication from the tongues of the other
girls who knelt in front of each child, kissing and licking and
fondling their tender intimate flesh. Juices were forming a sheen
on their innocent vagina's, juices their own bodies were
producing, but could not have known on their own, not yet, not at
such young ages.

Unknown and unfamiliar, yet very pleasurable sensations were
raging through their brains and therefore through their bodies as
the women holding them gently rubbed small circles around their
little erect clitoris'. Unimaginable sensations of lust, of
desire, of wanting to learn what they innately knew should have
been forbidden to them. Unbeknown to them, their young bodies
were experiencing a sexual response to what was happening, and
because they were so naked, so vulnerable, and so exposed for all
these men and girls to see, it excited them even more.

The three girls that had first been in the pool with Lilly and
Grace and Trinity were each between one of the sisters legs. They
were smiling and praising the sisters as each teen slut literally
feasted on each child's tasty sweet virgin pussy. As the three
sisters watched their brains overflowed with chemicals that
caused sensations they'd never imagined to erupt from their
bodies. They liked what they felt as they watched their sweet
flesh being devoured. They had no idea how to react to the
feelings stirring between their legs and in their tummies. Their
delicious innocent preteen flesh had never been touched, much
less tasted by anyone prior to this fateful day.

And of course that was as it should have been, for they had been
innocent children up until this day. But they would never be that
again. The days of innocence were at and end for these three
sisters, a new day was dawning for them.

The three adult men that had been assigned by Fredrick for this
very pleasant first task were looking forward to their jobs.
Helping the little girls to start their sexual educations simply
by providing their cocks was no difficult task. They had
positioned themselves straddling each child in their small chairs
standing before the girls. Their cocks were hard and swollen from
watching 10 year-old Lilly, 8 year-old Grace and 6 year-old
Trinity getting their juicy sweet virgin vagina's licked and
sucked for the first time.

They were the lucky soldiers' assigned this mission by Fredrick
to receive the very first blow-jobs from the girls. The three
sisters were positioned so the three chapter sluts could keep
lapping and sucking their hard little clits, while gently
fingering and rubbing their cunts. And it was the task of the
three other girls to rub their small nipples and deliver sweet
kisses and licks to their ears and necks, their backs and their
soft shoulders. The women holding them pleasured themselves as
well rubbing their own hard nipples against the girls smooth
backs and shoulders. And they whispered encouragement and
instructions to the sisters as they gave their first of many many

The three preteens were now sucking on three big hard cocks like
they were delicious sweet lollipop's. It was novel and exciting
and they didn't even think it couldn't be right because they
liked it. The men had used sweet flavored oil on their cock heads
for the girls first taste of cock and all three enjoyed the
tastes of cherry and grape and sweet vanilla. It had the three
sisters marveling at the new and wonderful sexual sensations
bombarding their immature brains as they sucked the men's cocks
and tasted the sweet oils coating these new very grown up treats.

Lilly and Grace had fleeting thoughts, wondering why their mother
had never told them about this stuff. About how being naked and
playing with other girls, and that doing things with grown up men
like this, could be so much fun, so exciting. She never said
anything about seeing big adult men naked and seeing their hard
cocks, and she certainly never said anything about putting them
in their mouths and sucking tasty flavored oil off of them or how
much fun it was.

Their mother had never told them how good it would feel to get
naked with other people and to let those people touch them, and
even kiss and lick them in places they could never have imagined.
To do things with people they had just met, which they were sure
was very naughty but also very exciting. But it must be alright,
wasn't it? Because there mother had brought them here, so it had
to be alright, didn't it? And then the girls were consumed by
their new adventure and none of them was even thinking about
their mother anymore.

Two of the girls that were helping and teaching them to suck cock
were kissing them and rubbing their young nipples as they talked
to each other about how hot and sexy the three sisters were. The
girls sucking their delicious virgin cunts were talking among
each other as well, in between hungry licks and sucks of the
girls tasty delicate flesh. All of them making smacking wet
slurping sounds as they devoured the liquid lust the preteens
were oozing from their virgin slits.

Tracy said to Shelly and Jessie, "Fuck these three are major
fucking hotties. Their cunts are so fucking juicy, and sweet as
fucking honey, I never licked a cunt as tasty as this. Shelly,
Jessie, lets trade so we can taste all three of these sweet baby
pussies before they get filled with cocks and cum and get all
stretched out."

And they did, all of them trading kisses as well to get a hint of
the next delicious flavor awaiting them. One of the women helping
Trinity suck cock was licking Trinity's ear and neck and
whispering to her, she was thrilled at saying such filthy things
to such a little girl.

Her own adult cunt was seeping in excitement as she whispered in
this luscious child's ear, "That's it Trinity, mmmm suck that
cock you sweet sexy little whore. Suck that nice hard man cock
little girl. get as much as you can in your hot little mouth
sugar. Be sure to swallow all the nice tasty juice leaking out of
it, that's good for little girls. We're gonna show you and your
dirty little sisters how to be real good sluts Trinity baby. Suck
it, suck it Trinity, suck it good you dirty little girl. You're
only 6 years-old slut, so suck that hard fucking cock you dirty
little baby whore."

She licked Trinity`s ear again and then stuck her wet tongue in
it and saw the goose bumps rise on the little girl as she
caressed Trinity's tiny pink nipple at the same time.

She whispered again wishing she could frig her own clit as she
did, "That's it Trinity, that's it sweetie, suck it harder, make
it nice and wet, swallow the juice, swallow and then swallow
again. Mmmm, God you're such a pretty girl Trinity, I never met a
prettier 6 year-old cock sucker then you baby. Sucking cocks is
what all little girls do honey. I bet your Mommy's sucking a
bunch of them inside sweetie. Your mommy's a whore baby, you're a
whore too Trinity, did you know that? And so are your sisters
sweetie, all of you are whores. Suck it baby girl, suck that fuck
stick, suck that big fucking dick, mmmm, fucking suck it baby

Trinity couldn't answer, not with a tasty fat cock head in her
small mouth. But the words the woman spoke made her ears burn and
her belly clutched and churned with unknown sensations as the
woman spoke and kissed and licked her ears. Trinity knew she was
saying bad words but that only served to confuse and excite her
even more.

The woman was holding the base of the thick cock and stroking it
as Trinity struggled to keep the fat head in her mouth and wetly
suck it. At the same time her little cunt and clit were being
battered by one of the other girls making Trinity insane with
sensory overload. Then the woman stroking the cock that Trinity
was sucking pulled it away for just a second to turn Trinity's
head towards her and then she hungrily kissed the child deeply.
She'd been unable to resist Trinity small sweet mouth, she wanted
to taste the flavor of the cock she'd been sucking on the little
girls tongue and lips and as she did she groaned at the obscenity
of it.

As she French kissed the child deeply she squeezed the cock at
the base and slowly pulled her fist up to the head with her thumb
at the bottom of the mans cock slit. In doing so she accomplished
her perverted goal of squeezing a large clear drop of pre-cum up
to the end of the big slit.

She broke her kiss with the little 6 year-old and grinned as she
turned Trinity's head back to the cock and said, "Use the tip of
your little tongue baby, use the tip of your sweet pink tongue
and eat that tasty cock juice okay? Lick it and swallow it, then
swirl your fucking tongue around the head to coat it with your
spit, ooooh yessss, keep sucking. Ooooh Trinity, you fucking
slut, you nasty fucking baby whore, you're gonna be everybody's
favorite, there's always gonna be a line for you once we get your
baby cunt stretched out for man cocks!"

Trinity eyes were glazed, the words the woman spoke were just
sounds to her now, but she knew what she was supposed to do to
the fat cock head poised at her lips. As she looked at the large
clear drop of juice at the tip of the mans cock, and the innocent
child had no thought in her young mind but to do as she was told.
All the men and girls groaned appreciatively at the obscene
display of a 6 year-old girl using the tip of her little pink
tongue to gather the big drop of clear seminal fluid from the
mans cock slit. To see the child bring that heavy drop into her
mouth, to see a 6 year-old girl eating pre-cum like a whore made
all of them even hornier as they watched Trinity swallow it and
then return to slathering the mans cock head with her little pink
tongue. Round and round it went on the mans swollen cock head
before Trinity closed her eyes, sighed and opened her small mouth
as wide as she could and engulfed the fat head again, continuing
to suck it.

The woman praised her, "Yea, oooohhh yea, that's fucking good huh
baby girl, swallow and keep sucking Trinity, yeaaaa, good girl."

Lilly was listening to it all as she suckled her own fat hard
cock. The 10 year-old was as lost and overwhelmed by the
sensations coming from her own preteen vagina as her sisters
were. The taste and feel of man cock in her mouth was the most
incredibly naughty thing she'd ever experienced. She had never
heard her `gina called a cunt or a pussy before, Mommy said to
say privates, or vagina, but she liked cunt and pussy better than
vagina. Lilly was the oldest and had indeed touched herself
before, but only in a very limited fashion.

Lilly wanted to be a good girl, and she was always frightened by
what she felt when she'd done it and thought it was wrong to do.
Now she found herself wishing she had explored her own young body
further. But still she was so glad her Mommy had brought them
here to meet these nice girls and learn this cool stuff. In her
young mind she vowed not to be afraid the next time she wanted to
touch herself. Little did she know there were soon going to be no
boundaries as far as touching her own body was concerned, or any
boundaries as to what any man or woman of the Rogue Riders could
do to her body either.

Grace was really enjoying the kissing with the other girls. She'd
only ever kissed her Mommy or her sisters before and only on the
cheek, or really lightly on the lips. It was nothing compared to
what like she was learning to do now, kissing like this, using
her tongue, tasting and feeling the other girls tongues too, wow.
She loved kissing the other girls, she thought their tongues
tasted real good all minty and sweet. She never dreamed of
sucking another girls tongue or letting a girl suck on hers, it
made her tummy do flip flops and she liked the feeling very much.
Their lips were so soft when they touched her nipples and kissed
her cunt. Ooohh God, she'd never dreamed she could feel the
things she was feeling as the girls kissed and licked her between
her legs.

Soon the three men getting their cocks sucked by the preteen
threesome were getting close to cumming. It was more from the
help the older girls were giving the young sisters, but
nonetheless the men were ready to feed the girls their first load
of cock juice. Ready to give the three preteen sisters their
first taste of semen, their first bellyful of hot fresh fuck

Each of the older girls prepped Christine's daughters for their
first taste of hot cum by repeatedly praising them and telling
them what a fantastic and wonderful job they had done. Telling
them to swallow it all with eager abandon, and that they would
help them when the men shot their loads of baby seed. They made
sure to tell the girls it was baby seed and not pee, and that all
girls, even girls younger then them ate baby seed when men shot
it into their mouths.

All three girls were ready, though for what they were not sure.
But even being "ready" could not have prepared them for the taste
and sensation of their first mouthfuls of warm semen. They were
all still surprised by the hot thick jets of cum hitting their
tongues; the taste was different for each for each of them.
Trinity tried to swallow too soon and closed her mouth to gulp
down the hot goo, wanting to please the woman praising her as she
sucked her first cock.

When little Trinity closed her mouth to swallow it caused cum to
splatter against her pretty face as the warm thick and slightly
salty goo filled her tummy. Jessie grabbed the spurting cock and
clamped her mouth over the still squirting prick to contain and
preserve Trinity's cum. She held it until Trinity opened her
mouth again and then she directed the last few spurts back to
Trinity's mouth. After the 6 year-old had swallowed another
mouthful Jessie pulled the luscious little girls mouth to hers
and kissed the little girl wetly. Trinity wasn't expecting
another mouthful but that was what she got as Jessie flooded her
mouth with the semen that Trinity had missed and Trinity drank it
down obediently and then waited as Jessie lapped up the cum
dripping from her face and spat that into her open mouth for her
to swallow.

Grace was alarmed at first, when the cock she'd been sucking
erupted in her mouth she was thinking it was like pee after all,
but the texture was thick and gooey and she knew pee was like
water so she relaxed. She liked the thickness and the slightly
tangy and salty flavor of the warm ejaculate filling her mouth,
as well as the kisses and licks to her ear as she was praised
while she swallowed the whole load. The girl next to her praised
her again and again and told her she was a hungry little whore
and an excellent cock sucker. Grace felt a strange sense of pride
as the warm goo slid down her throat and filled her belly making
her feel all warm inside and very grown up.

For Lilly it was actually a very special time indeed and it could
not have worked out better if they had tried. Orgasm's for young
preteen girls were a hit and miss thing at best during their
first exposure to sexual molestation. But Lilly was quite
accidentally actually experiencing the very first orgasm of her
young life as her mouth was filled with cum. The woman coaching
her saw the young girls eyes roll up in her head and then close.
She heard the deep guttural moan that escaped Lilly's throat and
saw the way her body was shaking and trembling and called
attention to her so the other could see it as it happened.

The woman exclaimed, "Jesus check it out! I think the little
whore's cumming, look! Look at the little slut, put your finger
in her cunt Jess, see if she's contracting!"

Jessie did and Lilly groaned louder as her mouth was filled with
cum, her virgin cunt filled with a finger and her first orgasm
lit up her brain like a fireworks display on the 4th of July. The
sensations washed over her in wave after wave of previously
unknown delight and Lilly thought she would die from the

Jessie grinned, her index finger a good inch or more inside of
Lilly's swollen sex, "Fuck yea! The little whore's cunt is
squeezing me like a vice, and she's still got her fucking cherry!
Whoo hoo, we got us a real whore in the making here!"

The waves of that first intense cum shocked and pleasured Lilly
in ways she could never have imagined. It rolled over her
immature 10 year-old body like the big waves at the beach in
summer, only it felt a thousand times better. The pleasure was
incredible, her immature brain was awash in it as hot spurt after
hot spurt of cum filled her young mouth. Lilly tasted the semen
and swallowed it down as her orgasm hit her with repeated gut
punches of pleasure, making her groan loudly as she drank the
thick fuck seed flooding her mouth. The pleasure she felt had her
mind reveling in the warm gooey texture and taste of the baby
seed as it coated her tongue. Her young brain was committing it
to her memory, attaching the taste and texture of the fresh semen
flooding her mouth to the pleasure of her first preteen orgasm.

Now her young brain was indelibly stamped by the two feelings.
The feeling of hot seed spurting from a hard cock, filling her
young mouth the taste of cum filling her senses. It was forever
embedded in her mind and associated with the intense pleasure of
her very first orgasm. A feeling so good it was rocking her body
in rhythm with the spurts of semen filling her 10 year-old mouth
and making her mew in pleasure as it did.

Every one of the sisters was duly impressed by the start of their
sexual education. All thee girls were offered long drinks of ice
cold wine coolers which they all greedily consumed. Properly
drugged and buzzed the men each picked up a naked child French
kissing them deeply and wetly as they carried them inside to join
the party already in progress.

The girls were in awe as they entered the cool dark chapter
house, their young eyes wide as they were carried into the party
room and felt the chilled air conditioned air on their naked
skin. They flushed a deep pink color as they saw so many adult
men and women without any clothes on. They were to young to know
that they were all looking at them with hungry stares of lust for
their small naked bodies. The men's cocks were throbbing, and the
women, their cunts were oozing, at the sight of the three naked
sisters and their small mouths and virgin cunts and assholes. All
of them, men and women a like knowing that before the night was
done none of the three sisters would ever be the same. Their
sweet young bodies were about to be violated in almost every way
imaginable, and all of them wanted a taste.

Suddenly Fredrick was in front of them and all three recognizing
him instantly were struggling all at once to reach out for him
and to be held by him. He let himself be grabbed by them all and
kissed each wetly and hungrily sucking their sweet tongues and
gauging that they had learned their first lessons very well from
the skill of their kisses. He tasted the wine coolers on their
tongues and could see from the burning light in their young eyes
and feeling the heat of their naked bodies that all three were
lit up with the small dose of drugs and alcohol they'd been

He asked them, "Does everybody feel good, are my little
princesses ready to party" Are you all ready to get your little
mouths fucked all night and eat gobs and gobs of baby seed? Maybe
get finger fucked too and definitely lose your little cherries?"

They all shouted yes though not a one understood what he said.
Their eyes were glazed and their small bodies heated with
excitement as he fondled them and kissed then all repeatedly.

Fredrick smiled and wetly kissed each again before saying "Okay
here's the plan for my sweet princesses, your Mommy is real busy
playing, she's being a cock whore. She's fucking and sucking lots
and lots of big hard cocks like you three just did. Your mommy
brought you three here today so you could learn how to be whores
and sluts for me and my friends. She wants all three of you to
become fuck slaves to the club like she is."

The girls eyes were bright, their small heads nodding, not caring
or understanding as long as they were with Fredrick. They only
knew they loved him and wanted to please him and be with him as
long as their Mommy was having fun too.

He grinned and went on, "So each of you little munchkins is going
to go with a different girl and learn to play all the adult games
we play here at the Chapter House. You're gonna all learn how to
be cock whores and cunt sluts like your Mommy okay? Does that
sound like fun?"

They all clapped and nodded totally unaware of the continued
leers and hungry looks their three naked preteen bodies were
getting from the overwhelmingly male crowd around them. All the
cocks in the club had stiffened noticeably, and all of the cunts
grew even wetter at the sight and sound of Fredrick saying such
wonderfully filthy things to the three stoned preteen sisters.
Many of them were hungrily eying Lilly and the little breast
bumps that her ten year-old body was starting to sprout as she
fast approached puberty. They all wanted to suckle them and twist
and pull and squeeze them, and of course many of the men wanted
to coat them with their fuck seed.

Trinity piped up in her sweet little girl voice, her words
excited and slightly slurred "Can we say hi to Mommy before we
play, please, can we see Mommy?"

Fredrick smiled, "Of course you can sweetie, she's real busy
being a whore and a slut, she's sucking and fucking cocks, but we
can see her. You're going to love seeing your nasty Mommy having
so much fun. You three can all wave to her, I'm not sure she'll
see you because she's so busy whoring herself out to all the men
here, but we can try!"

He pulled all three of them close and kissed each one again
before asking conspiratorially, "How would you girls like it if I
was your new Daddy, if me and your fuck slut Mommy got married?
Then all four of you could be my little fuck toy cum dumps
forever! Would you girls like that? Do you wanna be my baby
whores, and learn how to fuck all my friends and grow up to make
babies for me so me and my friends can fuck them too?"

The three of them were shocked into silence, but only for a
second. They really had not understood what Fredrick had said,
but the word "marry" and "Daddy" had gotten through to their
fucked up little brains, and the word "Daddy" was one they never
got to use because they didn't have one they could call their
own. None of them except Lilly really remembered their real
Daddy, and Fredrick was the closest they had come to an adult
male father figure for as long as they could remember. So all of
them smiled and hugged him, nodding their pretty heads and
telling him excitedly they would love for him to be their Daddy.

He grinned to himself again, he was imprinting himself on these
innocent girls in a most sinister way. He smiled warmly and
kissed each girl lovingly. He was knowingly enslaving them to a
life of incredible perversion and obscenity and loving every
second of it. But it would all become normal for them soon
enough, and there was no turning back for them now. He had
completed another small step in his possession of Christine and
her girls, the rest of the day and night would finish the job.

He looked at Tracy, Jessie and Shelly and handing off the hand of
a child to each of them he gave them their instructions, "Each
one of you stay with the girl you're assigned all the rest of the
day and night understand? Unless I personally bring someone to
relieve you, you stay with them, understand?"

All three nodded like bobble heads as he continued, "Their mouths
are free game all night, be sure they eat enough cum to gag a
fucking horse, if they get sick wash them up give them some
fucking Pepto-Bismol and get hem back to it, understand? Pop
their cherries gently, but no one fucks them in either their cunt
or their ass-hole tonight, except with tongues, fingers and toys,
got it?"

He gave each of them a look, "If anyone tries anything you all
know what to do, use one of the house phone and call me pronto.
I've already given specific instructions and my officers have
been repeating them all night but alcohol can make people forget.
No cocks go in these sweet little cunts or tight preteen
ass-holes tonight."

He paused and gave each girl a stern look for effect, then he
gave each girl a wicked smile and a wink and added, "Until I
decide who, when, and where, are we clear?"

The teenage girls all nodded like bobble head dolls again, except
bobble head dolls were smarter then these three. But they could
and would follow orders and none of them were afraid to stand up
to any of the brothers when they had Fredrick's rule behind them.
Fredrick liked feisty girls and these three had been under his
control for many years, he knew they wouldn't fail him. He then
gave a longer second glance to the three men he had allowed to
have the first use the girls out at the pool. They knew they were
really the ones to enforce the rules if anyone tried to get out
of line with the girls, and Fredrick would take good care of them
for it.

He smiled again and said to the girls, "Okay, you girls go see
Mommy and then you can have some ice cream before we get you even
more fucked up and start you on the road to becoming whores and
sluts! It'll be a treat for all of you before we start you little
fuck sluts sucking cock, eating tons of baby seed and getting
tongue and finger fucked."

They all clapped and laughed as each was picked up by one of the
men and carried towards a large crowd gathered around something
going on at the middle of the room. All three of the little girls
were given another gulp of cold wine cooler, they were already
buzzed from the lightly dosed juice boxes and would be thoroughly
fucked up before their deviant sexual adventure was done. Members
made room when they saw the three girls being carried over and
the crowd parted. As if on cue all three of Christine's
daughter's eyes got real wide when they saw the condition that
their mother was in.

Christine was on her hands and knees on the carpeted floor. There
was a muscular naked man behind her, his hips thrusting, a grin
on his face as he saw the little girls watching. He was slam
fucking Christine's swollen gaping cum oozing cunt, his balls
slapping against her flesh with each hard thrust. On the other
end the girls watched a different man doing what they had just
done. He was getting his big man thing, his cock, sucked by their
mother. Or maybe he was fucking their mothers mouth, they
couldn't tell and it didn't matter. They just saw their mother in
a way they'd never seen her, but in a way they would be seeing
her for many years to come. They just didn't know it at the time.

The girls wide eyes looked around and took in the sight of many
many other naked men, and naked ladies too, all of them laughing,
smoking stuff and watching their Mommy get fucked. The girls saw
that many of the men were stroking themselves, rubbing their big
stiff cocks as they watched their mother, like they were all
waiting for their turn to do what the two men with her now were

Lilly was goggle eyed as she focused in on her mommy's rear end
and saw the size of her Mommy's cunt. Of course she'd never seen
her Mommy's vagina with a mans thing in it, with a cock in it. It
looked way different from the times she had seen her mommy
without clothes after her shower or if she was getting dressed in
her bedroom. She had seen her Mommy naked many times when they
were all getting dressed or something, but it, her mom's vagina,
her cunt, her pussy, never looked like that before.

It was dark pink, real big, and wet looking, all shiny and
stretched by the mans big cock. It opened wide each time the
pulled his thing backward and then jammed it back into her. She
was making funny noises around the one in her mouth too. But her
'gina was all stretched and fat looking and really really wet and
juicy looking. So wet it was dripping gooey whitish gray stuff
every time the man pushed his cock into her 'gina, her cunt. Big
gobs would goop out and drip to the floor with a small splat, or
stretch to the floor until the string connecting it to her cunt
broke. Lilly was amazed.

Grace was equally amazed as she gazed transfixed at what she was
seeing. There were thick puddles of white gooey stuff on her
Mommy's back and stings of runny white stuff was dripping off her
butt. There was white gooey stuff, cum? Yea cum, the same stuff
her and her sisters had tasted just a little while ago. It was on
her Mommy's smooth naked shoulders too, and her neck was streaked
with more of the wet juicy stuff that dripped from all over her
pretty naked body.

Little Trinity was agog of course, her small sexy mouth was open
and she was staring at her Mommy's mouth. Transfixed by the sight
of the mans big thing, his cock, and the way he was shoving it in
and out of her mothers open mouth. Her Mommy's mouth looked like
it was stretched real wide around the mans thing, and she was
dripping stuff from all around her lips and her face. Her lips
were shiny and coated with the gooey stuff, and her pretty hair
was all matted up with goo and sticky looking. And the noises she
was making, and she was making lots of funny noises, but the
little girl thought her Mommy still looked like she was having
fun and was glad.

While they were watching the man fucking their Mommy's cunt made
some funny noises and looked at the girls, "Mmmm, oh fuck yea,
this Mommy whores gonna get another fucking load, God what a
fucking slut, whoring herself in front of her kids, this is
fucking excellent. Look little girls, look, I'm gonna fill your
whore mommy up with more fuck juice, your nasty mommy's whore
holes are already full but we ain't close to being done fucking
your slut mommy, no, not even close!"

Then he was pushing into their Mommy real hard and groaning real
loud, holding their mothers hips tight to his body as he groaned
and grunted some more. When he got quiet he let out a breath and
smiled, "Look, look you little fuck whores, look what I done for
your nasty mommy."

And look the girls did as Fredrick watched them watching their
mother. He grinned as the girls looked on in amazement as his
real long cock came out of their Mommy's hole. When it did a
bunch of that thick white stuff, that cum, poured out in big
gooey globs and dripped to the carpet with a small splat sound.
But in just a second another man with a cock just as big as the
first man they'd seen got behind their Mommy and stuck his cock
all the way in her in one hard push making their Mommy groan loud
too. The he started pushing in and out of her again and again
fast and hard.

Then the man in Christine's mouth grinned at the sisters and
said, "Look here now you little sluts, now its my turn baby
whores. Mmmmm, yea, it's my turn, look at your nasty fuck slut
mommy you nasty little cum dumps, aaaahh fuck, look, see, see me
cum in your mommy's fucking whore mouth, watch her eat my cock
seed you little bitches!"

Then the man did just about the same thing, he pushed real hard
and the girls heard their Mommy make some funny noises like she
was gagging. The man held their Christine's head tightly and
groaned as he ejaculated down her throat. Then the girls watched
as the man pulled out of her mouth and they heard their Mommy
gasp as a bunch of cum came out of their Mommy's mouth. Christine
coughed and gasped for air and the man laughed and jacked his
cock and splattered and sprayed their Mommy's face with still
more of his cum as it shot from his cock in thick ropes. The
girls looked shocked as the watched him paint their Mom's face
with his cum and saw it dripping out of her mouth as she groaned
and sighed.

Christine swallowed a big mouthful of cum, unaware of her
daughters in the audience, watching her as she displayed her
inner sexual demons, demons released by drugs and alcohol and
desires kept pent up for far to many years. God, she never knew
cum tasted so fucking good, so thick, so hot and creamy. She
still had no idea her daughters were watching her, she was so far
gone over and into the sexual abyss that she actually had no idea
she even had daughters by this point. Never mind that they were
about to be sexually molested and violated in ways she could
never even imagine in even her most erotic and perverted dreams.

She swallowed and they heard her say in a voice so thick with
lust and desire that the sisters almost did not recognize, for
they had never heard it before "Yea, mmmm yea fuck my whore cunt,
fuck me motherfuckers! Fuck me again and again, I need it so
fucking bad! Gimme more cock, gimme another cock to suck, someone
fuck my mouth! Goddamn it someone gimme a cock to suck, aaaahh
yea, yea that's it, fuck my pussy motherfucker, fuck it good!"

Another man got in front of her and then Christine was gone to
the world again, a cock in her cunt and another in her mouth and
she was as hungry for them as she'd been for the first six or
eight who'd already had her. Everyone waved as they were told but
Christine was in a different universe, her evening was just
beginning, her daughters forgotten.

Fredrick called a couple of his officers over, "After these two
are done using her, take the mother back to one of the private
rooms, I'm going to dose her with another cocktail and that will
probably be it for the ecstasy. I want her airtight for the rest
of the night. Make sure everyone gets in there to use her."

Fredrick grinned and looked at Big Dick, "Do we have a head
count? How many showed up for the booty call?"

Big Dick smiled, "Fifty-one members in attendance Prez."

Fredrick gave Big Dick a big grin, he asked, "Are all the cams
running, I want every bit of this sexual demolition recorded for
our future use."

Big Dick replied, "Oh yea, for sure man, all the cams are on and
recording. And don't worry about making sure the mom gets used
hard, all of the brother and probably all of the sisters want to
use her bad. Yea man, we'll all use her real good Fredrick, no
need to worry about that!"

Fredrick nodded his agreement and added, "They can use the mother
as many fucking times as they want. I don't give a fuck if she
goes unconscious on us. Just make sure she's not injured in any
way and have them keep hammering her, every hole, over and over.
Got it?"

Big Dick did and he nodded as Fredrick turned his attention
elsewhere. He smiled to himself, God he was a nasty fucker, and
as proud a nasty fucker as he could be. By the time the formerly
prim and proper Ms. Christine Gilbert woke up tomorrow in her own
bed at home, with a copy of the nights events on DVD on the
pillow next to her, the game would be just about over.

Lilly and Grace and Trinity were each taken to a different part
of the club house for the remainder of their initiation to the
Rogue Rider family. Each child's experience would be similar but
different. They'd probably remember some but not all of it and
that was exactly what Fredrick was hoping for. They were going to
be his future allies in the end game, which was making sure
Christine did not wake up and freak out and call the cops. But
Fredrick had a plan for it all, and he was almost certain it
would all work out just like he wanted it to. He grinned as he
watched each naked child being carried or led to their night of
sexual discovery.

Lilly went to the Jacuzzi first, she smiled when she saw it. It
was almost like a small swimming pool and she liked the water.
Someone held a cold bottle to her lips and she drank a long gulp
of sweet cold wine cooler. Then her unfocused eyes saw a girl,
she thought it was the girl from the pool outside and she smiled
at her. The girl was really pretty and had pictures on her
breasts and jewelry in her nose and she told  Lilly to taste the
smoking thing she was holding. She taught Lilly how to suck in
the smoke and hold it as long as she could. Lilly did but it
burned inside her chest and she coughed and her eyes got teary as
everyone laughed. She laughed too and had another sip of wine

The next thing she knew she was in the warm water of the tub with
the pretty girl and naked men all around her. She smiled as she
was passed from man to man in the tub for wet tongue filled
kisses, her lips and face tickled by beards and mustaches and
scratched by rough unshaven faces. Her small breast bumps were
massaged and squeezed, her sensitive nipples licked and suckled
by everyone as she was felt up and fondled all over her young
body. Fingers gently explored all her holes, inside her 'gina,
her cunt, and her butt too. After that she started sucking cocks
as she was pulled to and fro and passed around and around the
tub. She was getting finger fucked and kissed repeatedly by the
girl and getting squeezed and pinched, rubbed and touched by all
the men as she sucked cock after cock.

Once as she was sucking off still another of the big hard cocks
she felt a short but sharp pain down there between her legs as
her hymen was punctured by the pretty girl. But it had happened
so fast and the pain had been so short and had faded so quickly
that she didn't have time to complain as her mouth was full of
hard cock anyway. And as soon as she felt that small shape pain
the cock in her mouth started spurting at almost exactly the same
time and so she concentrated instead on swallowing the hot goo
filling her mouth as she had been taught. She liked hearing them
tell her she was sexy, she liked being praised for swallowing the
men's seed every time she did it. Lilly had already lost count of
the times the men had filled her young mouth with their tasty

Her little nipples were massaged and pulled and sucked again and
again by the girl escorting her and by all the men too. They were
getting kinda sore but it still felt pretty good especially when
her girl or one of the other girls that came to watch and play
would suck on them. Her cunny felt good too, a little sore but
the girl kept rubbing her and playing with her "clit" and her
"fuck button". She got that crazy feeling, that cumming feeling a
couple of times when the girl made the men take a break and she
spread Lilly's legs wide and licked and sucked her down there
while all the men watched and cheered. There was always a man
playing with his cock and ready to feed her his cum when she told
them she was feeling it, when she was cumming. She liked to feel
the cumming and eat the men's stuff at the same time, it felt
like it was supposed to happen together.

Every time it happened, when she was cumming, or when she took a
load of cum in her mouth, or both at the same time, the men
called her all kinds of crazy names and said lots and lots of bad
words. The words started to sound funny and she liked the way
they made her ears burn as they said them to her and called her
strange names. She didn't really know what a whore or a slut was,
but she wanted to be a good one for the men and the girls.

Lilly loved all the attention she was getting, it felt good to
have so many people like her, so many men, adult men like
Fredrick. And except for that tiny bit of pain between her legs
before, and it was gone now, all she felt from down there was
pleasure. Good feelings and delicious sensations were coming from
between her legs, from her cunt. Feelings that came from her
girls fingers touching her there, or her mouth licking and
kissing and sucking her there, and even from funny buzzing toys
they used on her 'gina, her cunt.

She was held from behind every time a man said he was gonna cum
and told to swallow it all and don't miss a drop. They made her
open her mouth wide so the men could shoot their seed in her open
mouth and kept saying things like what a good whore she was and
how they couldn't wait to watch the videos later. She didn't
understand that, the part about watching videos, but every time
they filled her mouth they told her to eat the cum cause that's
what good little whores did, they ate cum, and she did.

Lilly was the first of the three sisters to actually have a cock
pressed against her cunt lips and have a load of semen shot into
her hole. She had not actually been penetrated by a cock, so
Fredrick's rule was being observed. But still she was pretty sore
by now and her little hole was a swollen mess, but since it had
not been fucked by a real man cock, technically it was okay.
Lilly was so far gone by the time her preteen womb had been
seeded she had no inkling what was happening to her very well
used body, nor did the young girl care.

Grace's adventure was a little different. She was taken to the
bar, where she was laid out and had her sweet cunt eaten by a
dozen men and women and girls, all of them taking turns with her,
all of them feasting on her sweet bald cunt meat. She had her
very first orgasm after about twenty minutes of the never ending
oral assault on her vagina. Her impressionable young mind
blossomed like a new rose when she first felt the incredible
sensations coming from her young body. She had no idea what had
happened, she only knew a new pleasure had been introduced into
her life and she was very eager to feel it again.

When it happened a second time the woman between her young legs
was ready to steal the little girls virgin treasure. Grace felt
the same small stab of pain that her older sister had, and it
faded just as quickly as her sisters as the pleasure washed over
her again. She'd had her virginity, something she hadn't even
been aware of, taken from her at the age of 8, her cherry popped
at the same time she was cumming with her second fabulous orgasm.
Young Grace didn't have a clue and didn't care, she only wanted
to feel it again and again, the pleasure, the good feeling
between her legs, inside her brain, was all that mattered. The
little girl hardly felt a thing, and now there wasn't even a
shred of flesh to protect her preteen vagina from the invasion of
cocks that would use her in the not so distant future.

Grace was introduced to shot gunning a marijuana joint next, and
given several gulps of wine cooler as well, to help with the
coughing fit that followed the marijuana shotgun. Then she was
laid out on a poker table like the main course at a roman feast.
Her naked little girl body looked glorious to the pedophiles of
the Rogue Riders, her long slim legs were spread wide opening her
swollen young vagina like a delicious flower. A woman grinned as
she lubed up a small vibrator and gleefully went to work on
Grace's 8 year-old clit. As the small toy buzzed and vibrated
against her sensitive flesh, it sent Grace into a different kind
of orbit. They pulled her naked body to the edge of the table so
her head was hung off the table backwards opening her throat for

Grace did not know what was happening but it would not have
mattered if she had. She was steadily mouth and throat fucked for
the next two hours by as many men who wanted to use her. She
tasted her mothers cunt many times, but did not know that either
as men would come from fucking Christine only to discover her
middle daughter laid out for their use next. Their cocks were
covered with the semen of their brothers in the club as well as
the juices Christine's own body was still producing, unaware of
her own situation. Christine was being gang banged into oblivion
as her preteen daughters were being initiated into their role as
cum dump fuck toys for the club.

At least twenty or more men dumped a load in her mouth but she
could only swallow so much, the rest was simply sprayed all over
her face which was swabbed by a washcloth periodically so it
could be videoed again and again as hard cocks spewed their
potent poison seed all over her pretty face. The real beauty
truly was her pretty innocent 8-year-old face being covered again
and again by jet after jet of thick cum. Ropes of semen
splattering obscenely against her cheeks, forehead, lips, nose
and neck, dripping from her earlobes and down her shoulders and
occasionally globing up her eyes as well as it erupted from the
members hard and very corrupt cocks.

With Fredrick's permission they did the same to Grace's little 8
year-old cunt as he watched. Covering it in semen making pretty
cream pies for the camera's so everyone in the club could watch
it again and again. He was enjoying the show immensely and
wishing he could be there to see the expression on Christine's
face the first time she slipped the DVD he was making into a
player to discover what she had allowed to happen to her three
young daughters. Fredrick let them spread Grace's little cunt
lips every time someone wanted to press their cock up against her
to shoot it in her tight sore little hole. And even though it had
no where to go it was fun to watch it flood her tight little hole
and drool down between her sweet soft white ass cheeks coating
her puckered pink asshole running down between her sweet ass
cheeks to a huge puddle on the table.

Last but not least the youngest little cum dump, fuck doll
Trinity was brought to a bedroom for her first taste as a gang
bang toy. She was placed on a king sized bed, her small fragile
naked 6 year-old body looked like it was on an ocean of cool red
sheets as her very young legs were spread as wide as possible.
With camera flashes popping and video camera's recording, her
young legs were splayed wide as she was eaten by the girl
assigned to her. Her tiny cunt was rubbed and massaged and her
tiny clit mashed with a buzzing vibrator for a long time before
her tiny cherry was popped. Like her sisters she'd been given
several drinks of wine cooler and being so small she was quite
stoned and so did not appear to know she'd been violated as the
girls pinky finger came back with just a pinkish tinge of color
after breaking the little girls hymen.

They couldn't tell if she had an orgasm, but wanted to give their
new fuck toy every chance to feel one. So the girl munching her
delicious baby twat added an even smaller smoother vibrator to
her cunt lapping and held it firmly to Trinity's hard little
clitoris making the sexy 6 year-old squirm, wiggle, moan and mew.
Trinity seemed very much to enjoy what was happening to her young
body, but she was in an other worldly state of being and who knew
for sure what she was experiencing. Being so physically small a
single toke of pot and a couple of sips of wine cooler had her
smashed and ready for what was coming next. But could any 6
year-old really be ready for what she were experiencing?

Trinity was flipped and flopped around until she resembled a tiny
naked puppet. Her supple young body was moved to and fro and
posed in the most filthy and obscene positions possible. It was
definitely an offense to nature, that was for certain, but it was
just a simple act of perverse pleasure for the member of the
Rogue Riders MC. She was filmed and photographed from every angle
showing the most intimate parts of her young body in the
filthiest possible ways. Her face and body from hear to toe
covered and splattered with semen, and spewing cocks filling her
small mouth with goo, she was going to be a very popular addition
to the Rogue Riders indeed.

Six year-old Trinity was made to suck off two cocks at a time.
Try to imagine that. A six year-old girl, drugged, drunk, naked
and compliant in every way, mmmm, a dream come true for the pedo
perverts of the club. Her small silky haired head held firmly by
large rough hands as her little girl mouth was pushed and pulled,
up and down over and over on swollen hard precum seeping cocks.
Her preteen mouth obscenely stretched by the man sized pieces of
flesh being forced into it, yet there was no mercy for little
Trinity, she was the latest and newest fuck toy for the club and
she was learning her first lessons well.

The men and women using her continued to toss and turn and fondle
and squeeze her luscious young body in every fashion imaginable.
They used her hot little mouth as a cum dump again and again. It
was just a hole in which to ejaculate their corrupt seed into,
nothing more. They were inculcating her, feeding her like an
infant needing nourishment from a milk filled tit, only they used
cum filled cocks. They were assimilating her into a fellowship of
pedophile filth and perversion, their newest and youngest member.
They especially loved her fleshy soft white ass cheeks, they
seemed to be everyone's favorite thing to squeeze and fondle,
lick and nip, suck on and caress.

They turned her pretty head back and forth and to and fro and
jammed their fat cocks in her small mouth over and over spilling
their seed into her mouth one after the other. She couldn't
really suck well at all, so she wasn't really giving blow-jobs,
but they made up for it by just fucking their big cock heads into
her open mouth over and over, again and again. Her mouth was a
hole, her throat and her stomach a receptacle for their seed,
that's all she needed to know.

The poor little girl got sick once, after the tenth or eleventh
cock came in her mouth, she was trying to be good and swallow as
much as she could. She was only a 6 year-old girl after all, and
she had tried to swallow as much as she could just like she was
being told to do over and over. But the booze and the pot and the
ecstasy, oh yes, and of course the pint ot two of semen she'd
swallowed, all took a toll on her tummy. So after a short break
to clear her pretty face up and brush her little white teeth they
resumed the fun.

Trinity was again very lightly sedated by Fredrick and all
cleaned up she was then put back to work on cocks. Another dozen
or more hard cocked men fucked her preteen mouth but now most of
them just shot their hot goo all over her face and body. By this
time little Trinity wasn't really an active participant in her
own debauching. She was semi-conscious and seemed to know things
were happening to her. She also seemed to enjoy them, but who
knew for sure if it was pleasurable for her, or by then even
cared for that matter?

Mommy Christine was on the fast track to whoredom and was spared
no mercy at all, as could be expected. She was going to be one of
Fredrick's favorites whores and she needed to be broken in very
very hard her first time servicing the club members. After she
was moved to the separate room as Fredrick had instructed, he
injected her with one last cocktail of date rape drugs and
vitamins. Then he made an announcement over the house PA system.
Any man not currently using one of the new kiddy fuck toys that
had a load left, or even two loads, should come to room 12 for
mommy Christine.

Fredrick let it be known over the PA system that he wanted
Christine to be a three hole slut. He wanted her made airtight,
for the remainder of the party. A cock in her cunt, a cock in her
ass, and one more in her mouth for the remainder of the party,
without exception. By now of course the little gang bang party
sisters were unconscious and passed out, completely wasted. They
were brought by the room Christine was in and each was held while
Christine was made to give each of her daughters sloppy cum
smeared lips a wet deep kiss before they were carted off to be
bathed and put to bed. Each would spend the night with two of the
house sluts in case they woke during the night and needed

Christine had long since forgotten who she was or what she was
doing in this place. She wasn't sure and if she had to ask, she'd
have been confused. Was this hell, or was this heaven? All the
single mother of three girls knew was the constant feeling of
thrusting cocks, of never ending hunger, and desire, and regret,
and pleasure. The feeling of her mouth filled again and again by
thick hard shafts of meat, and hot fluid that she wanted to
swallow to become whole again.

She loved the feeling of heat and wetness filling her no longer
private places, places she had only shared with her lover
Fredrick. She knew only of the hard cocks being thrust into her
again and again in every orifice of her body. She knew she was
being used over and over and over again and was unable to feel
that it wasn't right, that it wasn't what she deserved for all
the years of denial. From one position to the next she let them
have their way and enjoyed the sensations rocking her body as she
was carried away on a sea of lust.

The electric currents of the orgasms wracking her body never
subsided thanks to Fredrick's syringe and his evil and perverted
machinations. Her chemically addled brain was constantly sending
wave after wave of pleasure chemicals to wash over her. The
jangled nerve endings in her clitoris and her nipples and her
anus were sending continuous shock-waves of gut wrenching
pleasure through her sexually saturated brain and body. It was a
feeling she had never experienced before as she was pummeled by
cock after cock. Sexual insanity was now her norm as multiple
orgasms that seemed to never stop slammed into her confused brain
one after the other.

Christine was now officially disabled, handicapped by her sexual
denial, by her ignorance, by her refusal to recognize her own
needs. She was a victim of need, of want, and now, by refusing
her own bodies messages, by turning a blind eye to her own
libido, she and her girls were on a ride into a living sexual
firestorm. She was a young woman who'd stupidly denied herself a
basic human need. She was paying for it in triplicate. Her three
preteen daughters were the price for her for her virtue.

Christine was tired, worn out physically and emotionally, yet she
still desired to be used as brutally as possible. She was sad,
and yet ecstatic at the same time. Each time the currents of her
orgasm's rolled over her she rejoiced, and felt a combination of
fear and excitement at the same time. Each time she tasted the
seed filling her mouth, or felt the hot injections of semen into
her ravaged vagina and ass, she felt like she was home. She was
confused in the extreme, and yet certain that for tonight at
least this was her destiny, with no feelings of guilt, she was
reveling in it, immersed in it, a part of it. A section of her
soul had been consumed by it, she did not recognize it was her
entire soul. She would soon.

Somewhere deep down inside her there was something swimming at
the periphery of her consciousness, she was trying to remember
what it was but there was to much distraction. Distraction,
distraction, why was there so much distraction. Aaaaah, it was
the cocks, there were so many cocks.

There, there it was, a picture in her toasted brain, it was the
afternoon sun, there had been a pool, a pool of cool sparkling
blue water. Aaah yes, it had been so nice, the breeze, the warm
sun and her three young daughters. Mmmm yes, now she was seeing
it, seeing them, her beautiful and naked daughters, in the water.
Gloriously naked and French kissing the other girls and women.
Yes Christine thought, that was such a beautiful and pretty
sight, her daughters, their eyes closed, their mouths full of wet
tongues, their desire painted on their pretty faces. Christine
saw her naked young daughter's kissing those girls and those
women in the pool, yes, that was it.

She was sure they would be fine, just fine as Fredrick led her
away from the pool and inside the club house. Deep down inside
she was sure they were having a good time.