Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 6 Over the coming days Daddy, Uncle Rich and Dr Max were planning my 6th year birthday party. They told me it would be the best party ever and that I would get to milk the cum from over a dozen cocks. I was insatiable with desire for all three of their cocks. Morning, noon, and night I would do everything I could to make my daddies hard and have them shooting on my fake tits, mouth, and anus. I was so horny that I would go to sleep with the large horsecock dildo stuck firmly up my ass. I would pass out that way covered in semen. My bedroom was a little girls room, but with the addition of a pedophiles dream shelf. Daddy built me a glass-shelved bookcase that held all of the implements of my molestation and ass destruction. There were buttplugs and many shapes and sizes. The biggest plug was called an Assmaster. It was 12" in diameter and was made out of black rubber. It was too large to fit inside of my asshole but Daddy would shove it up my boyhole as far as it would go. It was good training for the larger and larger dildoes, rubber fists, horse speculums, and double-ended cocks that were constantly shoved up my anus and into my mouth. Daddy was training me to service cocks of varying sizes and dimensions. My prolapse had grown to 7 inches at this time. It was so long that Dr Max could almost cover his 8 inch cock with my bowels and use my pink sock as a jackoff toy. I was dressed all of the time in thongs, lacy bras, bikinis, miniskirts, and stockings of various colors and materials. Dr Max loved me in pink fishnets and black platform shoes. I would dress like a stripper and dance in front of him while he pulled out his cock. The moment he got hard I would get on my knees and suck him down my throat. I lived on a diet of sperm, liquid protein, and female horse hormones. My tits were felt up and molested constantly. I was always dressed like a little slut girl whenever we went out and all of the mothers of little boys and girls would look down at my slutty clothes and give my Daddy dirty looks. He didn't care because with my fake tits I could be explained away as an extremely short teenager. I was whoring myself for my daddies, pleasure and I couldn't wait till the big day of my birthday party. When I woke up on the day of my 6th birthday Daddy had a special outfit for me. He had a bridal gown made for me that was a pure white satin. It was more of a miniskirt then a gown though. It barely reached below my little toddler asscheeks. I put a white petticoat on underneath. I wore black stockings with little white bows in the front, a black tiny thong, and a black little bra underneath my dress. Daddy said that the black lingerie would show the semen that would cover my body better on camera. He had a leather choker made up that said "Breed Me" in rhinestones. I also had a white bridal veil and white 8" platform stripper pumps. My hair was done up in nice curls and my makeup was so thick that I looked like a street hooker. I looked like a hot-to-trot toddler fucktoy. My asshole started to drip precum as I saw myself in the mirror. My cantaloupe fake titties where bursting out of my bra and they looked ready for action. Daddy rented a limousine for the day and it picked us up early in the afternoon. Uncle Rich's cameras and lights were loaded in the trunk and Daddy, Uncle Rich, and Dr Max climbed in the back of the limo. I was so horny that when the limo took off from our house I started to rub my hot men through the outside of their dark pants. They were wearing nice black suits and they had me dripping in my thong panties so bad that I was afraid I would soak through to my dress. My big daddies didn't give in to their lust however because they said I needed to keep my mouth and tiny asshole fresh for all of the sodomizing that would take place today and in to the night. The limo drove up into the higher elevations of the city and we passed through very rich neighborhoods. We drove pass mansion after mansion, each one bigger than the last. We finally pulled through a gated circular driveway and stopped in front of a three story giant house. I was amazed that someone could live in a mansion like this! There were nice sports cars and limos in the driveway. As we approached the large door I could hear the sounds of music and lots of voices. A butler appeared and let us into the house. Uncle Rich was unloading his cameras and lights while Dr Max and Daddy led me into a large den. There must have been 12 or more men in the room and the conversation stopped as soon as we walked in. Their eyes roamed all over my body as they eyefucked me when I walked in the middle of the crowd. All of the men were dressed in black suits like Daddy. Father Don was there too and I couldn't help but notice there were piles of cocaine and alcohol all over the tables. There was a giant glass bowl filled with Viagra and all the men started gulping the pills down as I sat on an overstuffed couch. I was a little nervous because I realized that all of these pedophiles would soon be inside of me, filling my little sheboy holes with cock and semen. Father Don spoke up to the group. "Welcome gentlemen to Candy's first wedding. We are here to marry this little whore on his birthday to some of the biggest cocks in the city. We will fuck, rape, pound, and molest his holes. We will marry his sheboy asshole to our cocks. We will pump gallons of semen into his cherry and mouth. We will record all of this on high definition video. Don't worry about your faces. The camera will mainly be focused in the little faggot and none of your faces will be shown. At the end of the night we will perform a special ceremony but first we need to make sure little Candy here is ready." I was placed on my knees in the center of the room. The men were drooling at the sight of my six year old body with big fake tits dressed as a whore for them to rape. I spread my legs and sat back on my platform shoes. I just opened my mouth and waited for what was to come. A giant black man stepped up in front of me first holding what looked like a foot long cock. It was longer than my Daddy's arm and as he held it in front of my face it sprung up and down with the sheer size of it. Daddy had told me what to say whenever I saw a big black cock to suck and fuck. "Oh yes mister, give me that giant nigger cock. I want to be your little white boy whore. Please breed me like the little sheboy I am. I want that big black cock to rape me mister. Fuck my little toddler asshole, pound my painted lips with your nigger dick. Pump my whore body full of cum." My naughty talk was cut short when he shoved that monster into my mouth. His cock was so long that he could shove half of it into my mouth, lean over me, lift my wedding dress up from the back and spread my asscheeks open. I had both hands wrapped around that big black pedo cock and was slowly stroking him while he slowly pumped in and out of my mouth. Uncle Rich had set up three cameras to catch the nasty action and I was doing my best to put on a good show as Candy the whore bride. I was gyrating my ass in the air as I arched my back down and stuck my pussy up for all to see. The big black man in my mouth held my ass open as someone mounted me from behind. I was in whore heaven as the cocks see-sawed my toddler body back and forth on their cocks. They raped me slowly but very strong as all the other men crowded around us with their cocks hanging out. Daddy later told me that there were 15 men total in that room to rape my body. The first two cocks were almost painfully taking me to the edge. My cherry precum was lubricating my tiny hole as the cock behind me started to pump me with just the tip of his dick. I could feel his cockridge spreading me open with each thrust. I moaned on the giant black cock in front of me. Men were shoving their cocks into the tips of my stockings, rubbing their cocks on my bridal veil, humping my shoes, using my hands to jack off with, wrapping my hair around their cocks and tugging hard on it. They used every part of me to masturbate with. My Daddy was egging them on telling them, "That's right boys, use my little sheboy slut to get off with. I want my son to know what a faggot slut he is. I want him pounded by your thick hard cocks. Slap that niggerloving slut with your grown pricks. Rape his little asshole. I want his prolapse to be hanging out so far that we can jam two cocks into it." I could feel the cock in my ass start to pull my pink rosebud out of my anus. The assraping felt so good. I was precumming out of my ass and from my little cocklet into my panties. The black man fucking my mouth grabbed my painted lips and formed them like a little pussy around the base of his cock. My throat was massaging his large nigger cock when he lost control. He fell to his knees and brought my head down with him. He spread his legs really wide and was pumping up into me. I was choking on his cock as he was pointing it straight up into my throat. My cheeks were sucked in and trying to suck the living fuck out of his black cock. He erupted like a geyser up into me. Semen spilled out of my mouth and down onto the carpet. He yanked his cock out of my mouth and made me lick all of his semen from the floor. The man in my asshole lost control and came deep into my bowels. He pulled his cock out and it was replaced immediately with another one. I barely had time to register the spreading of my asshole dripping with semen when another cock pumped into my mouth. This abuse followed a pattern of cock after cock penetrating my boypussy and mouth over and over. I must have taken all of their loads by the time they decided to put me on my back like a streetwalking whore. My thighs were tied to my upper arms which held my legs open and left me unable to stop the raping onslaught of these gown men. My prolapse was hanging so low that I was afraid my bowels were permanently damaged. After being fucked for an hour in my mouth and ass they untied me and stood me up. I knelt in front of Father Don who covered my face with the veil. My tits were pulled free of my bra and dress. All the men lined up behind Father Don who started masturbating all over my veil-covered face. 15 men came on me and by the time they were done I was sucking the cum through the veil. I was fingering my pink sock and trying to suck the semen from the white taffeta. I had cum running down my chin and into my cleavage. The front of my dress was stained with man juice. This child porno movie couldn't have been nastier and more naughty until the next phase of the sodomy took place. The giant-dicked black man picked me up and impaled me on his cock while I was facing away from him. He walked me outside to the rear of the house all the while moving me up and down slowly on his shaft. I turned my head sideways so he could french my toddler mouth as the child rape party followed us to the back deck. I was placed again on my knees as the main event took place. The deck was huge and a large stallion was being led toward us. I was amazed. I now realized why Daddy had been stretching my ass larger and larger. I was to fuck this horse! As he slowly was led toward us I was getting more and more nervous. In the fading twilight I could see his pale fat cock swinging underneath his black body. It must have been 2 feet long and I wondered what kind of damage it would do to my 3 feet body. My little toddler asshole would never be able to take such a cock, but I would do anything to please my daddies. The horse was led right to the edge of the deck. Uncle Rich lifted the veil from my face and said, "Ok Candy, it is time for your birthday present. I think you know what to do with this hot stallion here. I don't want you to stop sucking and fucking until you have milked this big boy 4 times. I hear he can produce a gallon of semen within the span of an hour and I want you to get this horsecock so hard and so hot that he cums more than that." The glass bowl holding the Viagra was emptied and the men took the remaining pills to keep their cocks hard for more hot raping. I knelt down near the horse's flank and timidly gripped that cock. There was no way that I was going to get my fist around that monster. It was smooth and very stiff. The huge cockhead flared out and must have been about ten inches around. I jammed it into the entrance of my mouth I tried to get all of his cockhead past my lips but my mouth just wasn't quite big enough. Daddy knelt down beside me and with two hand squeezed the horses cockhead together he was aimed that beast at my mouth and slowly slipped it in me. My jaw was stretched to the max and Daddy started putting more and more of it in me. As the constricted tip passed my teeth the head expanded again and completely filled every inch of my mouth. I had done it! I had a giant horsecock in my mouth. I was rubbing his huge cock with my hands. One of the men started fondling his huge balls in the hopes of producing even more semen. I was bent over and raped while sucking that smooth, pale horsecock. Man after man pummeled my asshole as the sight of a six year old sheboy sucking of a gigantic horsecock was too much for them. The Viagra and cocaine fueled the sodomy. It felt like my insides were being ripped apart while I choked more and more of the horse down my throat. My throat distended when the tip bent down into me. Daddy was helping me ram the prick down my throat. I thought I would vomit on the amount of precum that horse dripped into me. I was filled with cum from my asshole and the men used the now empty glass jar to collect as much semen dripping out of my asshole that they could. Men were holding onto the tops of my stockings to get enough leverage to drive themselves past my prolapse and into my belly. One extremely huge white cock managed to fuck me so deep in the doggy position that the tip of his cock pushed through the flesh of my tummy and bulged me so hard that Daddy thought I would break in two. I was pushing back on this cock like a good little whore and when he came the camera caught the ripples of his manjuice shooting deep into the end of my bowels. When the horse finally came in my mouth everyone gasped in shock as my stomach was filled with copious amounts of horse cum. My belly stuck out from the sheer volume of the thick fluid as the horse tried to impregnate me like I was a mare through my mouth. The horse pheromones was driving him wild and I thought I would choke to death on his cum. Daddy finally pulled the cock from my tiny lips and at the same time grabbed the glass bowl full of semen from between my legs and caught most of the horse cum as it came flooding out of my now vacant mouth. The smell of semen was so overwhelming and I wanted it so bad that I grabbed the bowl and drank deep from the juice of man cums. Daddy came right then in my face and Uncle Rich came on my back. I was led, dripping with cum, to a weight bench placed underneath the horse I couldn't believe that Daddy wanted me to know mate with the horse but I would do anything for him and the cameras. I laid down on my back with my little legs sticking out from either side of the horse. Father Don guided the what was now 2 1/2 foot penis into my ass opening. The thickness of the cock pushed my prolapse back inside me and I whimpered as I received the beautiful cock inside of me. I was so in love with cock that I wanted this horse to fuck me until he couldn't fuck anymore. The horse slid so deep into me that my tummy distended all the way to the rib cage. His heavy balls swung against me with every thrust of his enormous prick. Pump after pump of his cock made me shudder uncontrollably. The scent of cherries filled the air as I had my first miniorgasm of my life. I came shooting onto my belly and out of my asshole coating his cock in sweet cherrycum. This drove the horse over the edge and with a whinny he reared his head back and came into my toddler asshole. He flooded my insides so hard that I vomited semen. Dr Max later said that the horse had fucked me so deeply that his cock had penetrated into my stomach and directly deposited his semen into my belly which caused me to vomit up his sperm. The horse had basically fucked me through and through and the fact that I survived the rape was testament to the fact that I was created for cocks. To milk them and be raped by them. If I could be fucked through and through by a horse and live there was nothing I wouldn't be able to do for the child porn industry. Daddy pulled the stud from me and caught even more semen in the glass bowl. I scooped it up with my hands and drank from the glass bowl. I was fed the hot warm jizz and I loved every second of it. At the end of the night all of the men took turns pissing up into my asshole to flood the semen from me. The video we made that night would be called Candy the Horsebride Vol. I and would make Daddy a millionaire before the year was over. I was pissing horse semen for a week after and my drool tasted like horse cum for about 2 weeks later. I was so fucked out that the sodomy had produced a 9" prolapse. Dr Max, after raping it, surgically removed the excess pink sock so they could start over with my tight little ass. I now had less bowels protecting my stomach from cock invasion and the next surgery Dr Max performed would move my transformation into toddler pornstar to a surprising new level..