Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 1 "Cover my preteen face with your cum Daddy!" I cried as another giant load of hot sperm shot from the tip of the bodybuilder's cock. Long ropes of jism sprayed all over my 12 year old painted face, splashed on my ponytails, and dripped down to my DD breast implants. There was nothing about me that wasn't the epitome of a sexy, blonde, preteen girl except the raging five inch cock in my hand as I jacked myself off into the tiny white thong I wore under a tiny bridal gown. My white stockings were soaked with the semen of 15 men as I coaxed the latest load of the evening out of a giant nigger cock. He was the final rape of the night and this giant black musclehead was fueled by steroids, Viagra, and Cocaine. His bulging muscles were covered in sweat after the 10 minute raping of my ass that he had given me before pulling out and shooting his sticky load on my whore face. This latest adventure of Candy the Horsebride was caught on high definition film in a luxurious Las Vegas penthouse suite by my manager and pimp. I hope we call this movie Candy and the Raping Bodybuilders. I 'm Candy the Horsebride and I am sure that some of the pedophiles reading this will recognize my name as the hottest child pornstar on the West Coast. My underground films are famous the world over and my manager and pimp goes to great lengths to distribute my kiddie porn films to an ever expanding fan base. The fact that my manager and pimp is also my father ensures that the proceeds from my fuck films and the money he makes whoring me to large groups of men stays in the family. I don't know how else we could afford the breast implants, the "special" plastic surgeries, the imported containers of horse semen from Saudi Arabia, the mountains of cocaine, Viagra, and poppers that fuel my rape parties, and the special tailor-made outfits that allow me to live out my dreams as a cockloving, cumeating, preteen fuckwhore hell bent to be throat fucked, raped, molested and abused across the country by fathers, sons, husbands, priests, adult pornstars and sometimes the extremely wealthy who's tastes run into the bizarre. I became a faggot horsecock bride at the young age of five. While most young boys were learning how to play sports and ride bicycles I was an expert at sucking pedophile mancock and taking giant dildos, buttplugs, and other rape devices up my young anus while dressed as a sleazy prostitute or virgin bride. There is nothing I loved more than to dress up in a wedding dress and have a stable of local horses rape my tiny fuckhole and pump me full of hot juice. I became addicted to drinking and choking on fuckslop and I have been insatiable for horsecock ever since my Daddy met a local rancher who let me stay weekends at his spread in Northern California. Every Friday night I would head over to his ranch house with a suitcase full of bridal clothing, hooker outfits and platform "fuck me shoes." After Daddy dressed me up as a preteen fuckbride or streetwalking whore he would send me out to a special barn where I had my pick of 9 horses to fuck and suck. All of it, of course, caught on high definition video. At 12 years old I still visit the ranch quite often and sometimes Daddy can't help but molest my boypussy and fuckmouth after he dresses me up and puts makeup on me. There have been many Friday nights when I show up to the barn covered in my father's cum after having been raped for and hour or two by Daddy and the 20 or so ranchhands that work there. Peter, the rancher, never minds all of the child abuse that takes place and sometimes he will blow a hot load of cum into my preteen mouth before I take one or more of his horses on a cock-milking adventure in child porn and depravity. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this tale, my love for man and horse most likely began when I was five years old. There was something strange about me that never developed into a heterosexual preteen and some of my earliest memories involve my parents catching me sneaking into my 10 year old sister's room and taking her clothes. After raiding her closet I would go into my room, dress myself in her frilly pink outfits and rub my tiny asshole on my wooden bedpost. My father would catch me dressed in micro bikinis, plaid skirts, Barbie panties, ballet tutus, and anything else I could steal from my sister. I would be in my room raping my own asshole with the giant wooden knob that adorned the top of my bedpost. While molesting myself I would dream that I was a girl with big lady titties being fucked my men of all shapes and sizes. Of course I couldn't really get that giant buttplug into my toddler ass, but according to Daddy I kept trying and trying. After a few weeks of my parents catching me rubbing my faggot boypussy on the thick, bulbous end of my bedpost , Daddy couldn't take anymore and my life as a cockslut began. One Saturday night my father and mother had gone to watch my sister's ballet recital and because I had come down with a cold they called over my Uncle Rich to babysit me. He didn't mind watching me because I was potty trained and he spent most of the evening in our finished basement while I fucked myself silly upstairs in my room. What I didn't know at the time was that Uncle Rich couldn't wait to use any excuse to have some time alone with Daddy's computer. Daddy's computer had two user names on it and one of them was password protected. Available to any user who logged on to that account was files and files of the most hardcore, intense kiddie and beastiality porn. He had titles like 5th Grade Cum Pumps, Catholic Schoolboy Orgys, Rape My Child Ass Daddy!, Tiny Farmboys Milking Horsecock, Preteen Gangbang Faggot, and Children Sucking Horses which later became one of my favorites and the cause of my addiction to milking semen from horses into my mouth and gaping asshole. After Uncle Rich had gone downstairs that fateful evening I did my usual raiding of my ten year old sisters closet. What I found in there was a princess costume that she had worn the previous Halloween, complete with tiara, pink taffeta dress, white knee high stockings, and patent leather heels. The outfit also came with black satin elbow gloves and after putting her outfit on I ran to my room hoping to work the bedpost farther into my ass. My little boy cocklet couldn't cum at that age but I didn't know what a cock orgasm was anyway. I seemed to get off on rubbing fingers into my asshole and grinding the tiny pink hole that I think was called a "cunt" on any thing phallic I could get my hands on. Broom handles, toothbrushes, carrots, and anything that would fit past the tiny opening of my rectum went with me and eventually into my six year old hungry boycunt. Looking back on it now I realized that my asshole was a pig and if I could somehow give birth through that love canal I would. Perhaps my love for being raped, molested, and creamed into symbolized my desire to be a woman and be the breeding slut of any man that would take a mouth and pussy, rip it in two and pump hot babymaking juice into it. I am, and always have been, just a fleshpump for man and horse. I am a child hole to be used, abused, ridden and raped. As a child pornstar I have taken hundreds of men and horses over the years, but my desire for cock and cum never ends. The evening of my transformation from horny five year old boy into Daddy's fuckpig started when Uncle Rich came upstairs to put me to bed. There I was straddling my wooden bedpost dressed in my sister's princess outfit. The knee high stockings of my sister were so long on me that they came up to my thighs and I must have looked like a child porn princess to Uncle Rich. With my long blonde hair, tiara and elbow gloves I can imaging that to his pedophile mind I was now something he could put his dick into. After hours of watching child porn on Daddy's computer he was horny as hell and the sight of me fucking myself in my room caused his raging hardon to leak through his slacks. I just stared open-mouthed at Uncle Rich as he came into the room. I didn't care that he saw me trying to fuck myself. I didn't know anything other than I wanted to be a girl and that girls were for men to fuck and use. I know my Daddy used to put his cock into Mommy almost every night and that is what I wanted to happen to me. I wanted to be Mommy for Uncle Rich and my desire to be his five year old fuckbitch caused me to drool on myself and my mind became overwhelmed with the desire to be bred by men. "Well hello there. Is this what you do when your mommy and daddy are gone? Dress up like a girl slut and play grownup?" Uncle Rich asked. I didn't know what to say, but I knew that I had a power over Uncle Rich that was primal in nature. My blonde hair and skinny little toddler body was turning him on. I just stared into his eyes drooling on myself while continuing to hump my bedpost. Uncle Rich came closer to me and I could see something bulging inside of his pants. He slapped me hard across the face further grinding my boy ass onto the wide bedpost. I didn't recoil from his slap, but instead, through streaking tears I said, "I am a girl Uncle Rich." He looked at me and said, "You do look like a little kiddy slut girl to me. I will show you what horny grownup men do to toddler whores like yourself." Uncle Rich unzipped his pants and pulled out what would be the first of many cocks that caused me to drool with anticipation and desire. As he walked closer and closer to me he was stroking himself muttering what he was going to do to my five year old body. "Oh yeah," he said. "It's time for me to get some little toddler boypussy. It's time for some kiddie raping and sucking. Uncle Rich likes this little candyfuck." And that is when I became "Candy." It has been so long that I don't even remember what Daddy used to call me. The name stuck in my head and it seemed like I was born to be cockcandy and a tiny little toddler whore. Just then the front door to our home opened and Uncle Rich and I were startled by the sounds of everyone coming home. He quickly folded his 8 inch cock into his pants and zipped up. I jumped under the covers because I didn't want my mommy and daddy to catch me again dressed in my sisters costume. Before Uncle Rich could leave my room Daddy came in. He must have read something on our faces because he stammered a quick hello and stepped out. Uncle Rich just stood there by the door with his raging hardon concealed within his pants. I'm sure he was trying to decide if he should go or stay, but he ended up heading downstairs to watch some TV with Daddy while Mommy put my sister to bed. I just laid under the covers fingering my five year old boy ass thinking about what it would be like to be a big girl like Mommy and have a nice husband like Daddy to take care of me. Under the covers I rubbed and rubbed my asshole. I was beginning to pant imagining what it would be like to kiss a big man like Daddy and dreaming of my uncle's rigid cock. Suddenly the covers were pulled from me and in the dim light I saw Daddy and Uncle Rich at the foot of my bed. "I told you man," said Uncle Rich. "Your little boy is dressed like a babyslut!" After years of watching kiddie porn and imagining what it would be like to fuck some toddler pussy something in my Dad's mind snapped. He was no longer looking at his little five year old boy. He was now looking at something to be fucked. He wanted to rape me, to act out all of his pedo fantasies and turn me into his little candytoy. "It is time Rich. I'm gonna turn out this candydoll and give him what he wants. What he was made for." At this I became Daddy candy. They both pulled their manly cocks free from their trousers and jumped me. Daddy gripped me by my hair and roughly shoved his 9 inch cock deep into the cavity of my mouth. It was like choking on my own arm. This cock was an angry purple as he sodomized me. The spongy tip of his veiny shaft rammed in and out of my mouth cumhole with no remorse. Uncle Rich pushed up my sister's dressed, pulled down my pink panties and shoved a finder into my budding, pink cunt. My toddler body was racked and raped by these men. Having a finger shoved deep into my bowels while Daddy was brutally raping my face changed me that night into the whore I am today. I wanted Daddy so bad. I loved being fondled and fingered by Uncle Rich. I wanted to be their wife. To service them whenever they wanted and in return I wanted to be their Candy, their little girl. They raped in this way for about ten minutes when Daddy told Uncle Rich that he was going to take my asscherry. He wanted to be the one to first pop my boy hymen. Daddy and Uncle Rich switched places and while my uncle starting raping my mouth Daddy spread my stocking-clad knees apart and lined his giant cock up with my lovehole. He told me that he did love me, that I would make some man a good faggot wife some day. He said that I must have been born a whore or otherwise I wouldn't be dressing up in my sister's clothes. He reached down to my anus and shoved his two index fingers deep into my rectum. I gave out a little whimper but was careful not to be too loud. The pain was horrible, but at the same time I loved the abuse and the attention that my daddy and uncle were giving me. Daddy spread my asshole so wide that my eyes rolled back in their sockets with the pain and pleasure. Uncle's thick cock was now lubricating my five year old faggot throat with precum and I was careful to breath through my nose or I knew I would vomit onto his wonderful mancock. Daddy spread his fingers wide and used both hands to stretch my cumtunnel as wide as it would go. He then raped his dick all of the way into me. I raised up off of the bed as my new lovers rod penetrated every fold, every inch of my bowels. It was the most amazing thing on earth. To have these giant grown men gangraping my five year old boy pussy. I started drooling all over Uncle Rich's cock. Daddy started talking very nasty to me saying that I was his "boywhore" and "sissy faggot." "Oh Candy you will from now on be my little toddler lover. I am going to do all the things to you that I could only dream about. I am going to rape you every night deep inside your little boy holes until I make you my wife. You are going to drink, eat, and worship my cum," he whispered. I knew then that this was what it was like to be a girl. My only reason for living was to service the meat of men. The only reason I had a mouth was to suck cock and eat cum. I had no other purpose in life but to serve Daddy and anyone else he wanted to jack off into and all over me. He taught me that night that I wasn't a five year old boy, but that I was a toddler cumprincess aching for penis and semen. Daddy flipped me over onto my stomach and spread my smooth assglobes apart. Uncle Rich straddled in front of me and spread his thick legs. He grabbed my wrist and wrapped my tiny hand around his cock. It was so thick and veiny that I couldn't get all of my fingers around it. "Uncle is going to show you how to jack a man cock," my Daddy said. "Good little shegirls know how to please their men." The nasty incest continued as Daddy once again jammed his fingers into my asshole and spread my assmouth apart like as if he was using a doctor's speculum. He rammed the tip of his cock in and out of my broken asshole. Jamming, poking and prodding my hot pink insides. Before I could cry out in pain and toddler passion Uncle Rich stuck his giant piss monster into my mouth. He grabbed my head in both of his hands and started humping me with all of his strength. As I began to choke on his fuckmeat Daddy told me to breath through my nose and that little sheboys should always be ready to take any adult that offers his cock into my five year old mouth. The adult men in my life began to seesaw me on their hard cocks. To an outside observer it would look like two evil men molesting a little girl, but in my mind I was finally able to please the men that I loved. I wanted to be their child bride and milk the cum from their pedophilic cocks. This was true love and the burning sensation deeps inside of my bowels proved that I was a good little girl and could take whatever tough love they had to give. "I think we have found us the answer to our pedophile prayers," Daddy said. "This little fuckboy will do any and every nasty thing we want. Perhaps heaven has sent me the perfect fucksleeve to abuse and rape. My young son will become my girly cumdumpster from now on." They picked up their raping rhythm and soon I started to gasp and talk dirty to my lovers. "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little boywhore. I love you and want to be your tiny toddler princess. Make me your preteen fuckwife. Oooh Daddy I love the feeling of mancock inside of my pink holes." Sweating with the movement of the toddler rape my two adult lovers began to moan in true pedo ecstasy. After and hour of this hard fucking, my mouth and sheboy anus rubbed raw and pink with the friction of my lover's over-sized cocks they began to cum in me. Uncle's cock jerked and swelled even bigger and he used my tiny five year old head to jack off into. Daddy filled me at the same time. His pumpings reached animalistic heights as he broke my asshymen and shot rope after rope of hot white semen into my shuddering preteen body. I was bleeding out of both holes as the grown men pulled their spongy softening dicks out of me. Flipping me over onto my back and straddling on either side of my head my family-men rubbed their cum covered dicks all over my toddler fuckface. Streams of postcum dripped from their dicks into my mouth and I took turns sucking the delicious cum from the tips of their beautiful pedo cocks. In my post-incest excitement I began pissing myself. Streams of urine soaked my sister's panties, stockings, and princess dress. I couldn't cum at such a young ass but the release of toddler urine showed that my young body was capable of producing liquid love for my Daddy and his brother. I couldn't help but continue to rub their fleshy babymakers as my own cocklet spouted piss. Daddy said that I was a naughty sheboy that needed to see what real men could produce. He stripped off one of my sister's stockings from my leg and crammed the urine-soaked fabric into my mouth. Daddy and Uncle Rich aimed their cocks at my young raped mouth and pissed into my cumhole. I practiced breathing though my nose as the molestation became extra naughty and my asshole began to throb like a pig wanting more. "Damn Candy you sure are a whore," said my lover Daddy. "Rich and I will show you everything you need to know as you grow up into the most perfect little sheboy around." After making me promise I wouldn't tell Mommy about the incest rape, Daddy and Rich washed the cum and piss of my body and put me to bed with some hot french kissing, their large tongues taking turns probing my well-fucked toddler mouth. I fell asleep sucking my thumb with the other thumb firmly shoved up my hot, pink, raw, five year old asshole.