Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: DexterXavier Title: Callie's First Day Summary: A college girl gets more than she expected at her new waitress job. Keyword: MF, mc, prostitution Words: 4772 ~~~~~~~ Callie stepped out of the employees-only area and back into the cafe proper. She stretched as she went, hoping it would help her shake off sleepiness. Yet, her eyelids were still heavy as she stepped behind the coffee bar. Sarah, her supervisor, bumped her with a hip check. She was a sophomore, and curvy enough to make Callie envious. Her dyed-green hair matched her eyes. Mixed with her tan and ready smile, it gave her a sense of serenity, of being a part of nature. "Hey, new girl," she said. "How was the orientation video?" Callie rubbed her face. "Put me to sleep. I'll have to watch it again later." Sarah grinned. "The video has that effect, yeah. Don't worry, you'll figure out the important things as you go. Like..." She put a cap on Callie's head. "...don't forget your hat." Callie batted her hands away, and fixed the cap herself. Her long, auburn ponytail draped along her back. Honestly, the uniform wasn't that bad, but the principle frustrated her. The cap; a black polo shirt she'd buttoned all the way to her throat; long black pants; and an apron in front. It fit a little tight on her, flattering her short, slim figure. She yawned. "It's great how this place is right on campus. I mean, I can walk to work from my dorm. But do we really need such an early start?" Sarah patted her back. "Oh yeah. You're still just a freshman, but you'll see. Coffee is the lifeblood of a university. And when people crawl out for their first pick-me-ups, we have to be there and ready to give it to them." The door's bell jingled. "Ah! Speaking of, you have your first customer." She looked over. Doctor Notts: the faculty member who single-handedly put Hazel University at the bleeding edge of psych research. He was a middle-aged man, his light-brown hair already balding, with a doughy physique in a simple suit. He found a table with a view of the promenade window. Callie took a deep breath to steel her nerves. Doctor Notts was less intimidating in person than as a name on a research paper, but he was still a main reason she'd tried for Hazel. She put on her best smile and approached him. "Good morning, Doctor!" she said. "I just have to say, big fan. I loved that paper on implanting habits into inattentive minds." He smiled up at her. "Oh, good. Always glad to meet a fan--" He spent a moment looking at the name tag on her chest. "--Callie." She beamed. "Now, what can I get for you today? And don't forget the special waitress menu." She remembered that from orientation, though she couldn't remember the details. He didn't even look at the menu. "I'll have a long black made from Arabica." He took out his wallet. "And a number 1 from the waitress menu. Show me your breasts." He held out a note. She blinked, a blush highlighting her freckles. "E-Excuse me?" She looked down at the menu in front of him. "Oh my god, flashing you is seriously on the menu? And for that much?" She rolled her eyes as she took the note from him. "Oh yeah, I'll totally go for that." her fingers moved, plucking open buttons. "As if..." The kiss of air shivered across her skin. She looked down to see that she'd lifted her breasts clear of apron, shirt, and bra altogether. Nicely above-average without being big, the support from below made them sit higher and rounder. Her jaw dropped. She thought to say something to protest, but it choked off in her throat. While Doctor Notts simply looked at her, a pleased smile on his face. "Oh yes, those are lovely. I'll have a number 2 as well, a good feel." Callie's mouth started moving again. "That'll be ten dollars a minute." Not what she'd hoped to say. He'd already laid the cash on the table. Both hands went to work, squeezing down into her sweet, natural flesh. The firm touch made shivers race through her body, gasps passing her lips. Though unexpected, the sensations weren't all bad. She found herself leaning forward, offering herself to him. By the time his minute was done, her nipples had firmed, poking into his tough, older palms. But he knew his time was up. With one more squeeze, he lowered his hands back to the table. The spell broken, she put her clothes back in place and hurried behind the bar. While she made the coffee, she hissed a whisper to Sarah. "What the hell was that?" "The Doctor's usual," Sarah said. "Always a long black and at least a flash. He likes handling my chest, but he always goes for any new girls. Kind of a completionist, I guess?" Callie glared. "You know what I meant!" Sarah smiled. "Sorry, couldn't resist." She neither looked nor sounded sorry. "Coffee is the lifeblood of the university. Sex is the breath. So we have this nice, convenient source for both. It was all in the orientation video." Callie kicked herself for falling asleep. "I mean, why did I go along with it? He held out the money, and I just..." She shuddered. She wasn't sure how much was revulsion and how much was excitement. Damn her responsive body. "It was all in the orientation video," Sarah said. "I hear you read Doctor Nott's report, the one about implanting habits and connections?" Callie blinked. "That? I thought it was all theory." "Nope. Let me show you how practical it is." Sarah pulled some cash from her apron pocket. "Bend over and let me spank your bare ass." "Oh come on," Callie said. "As if something like that's even really on the menu." She undid her belt, freeing her slacks to open up. She slipped them and her panties past her rear, but held them at her thighs. "As if people would actually pay..." She bent over the counter, and caught up with what her body had been doing. "Fuck!" Sarah giggled, one hand running over Callie's flank. "Ooh, a nice butt to go with nice boobs. And yeah, it's the number 5. Some people like ass more than tits. Have to cater for that, literally." Callie felt antsy. It wasn't just the exposure. She had a niggling feeling of something left unfinished. So she said something she'd never imagined saying to a boss. "Would you just spank me already?" So she did. Sarah's hand made a thundercrack that echoed through the cafe. Callie rolled with the force. Sensations washed over her: stinging on her rear, a rush of endorphins, and more than that, the feeling of a job well done. That confusing feeling didn't stop Callie from pulling her pants back up. She dressed herself the very second she could. "That just feels weird." "You get used to it," Sarah said. "Especially with exposure. Hope you're ready for the morning rush." Doctor Notts had been early, but others had morning classes too. She and Sarah split up to keep up with the influx of customers. Teachers and students on their way to class, grabbing caffeine as they went. Callie thanked her lucky stars that was all that most wanted. Sarah took the brunt of random, compensated gropings, but not all of them. Callie thought she did pretty well. As the rush eased, she brought a cappuccino to a man going at a more relaxed pace. A little older, but still fit -- probably a post-grad student. His black hair had grown a bit thick and shaggy. Glasses covered his green eyes as he read from his tablet. She lay the cup down in front of him. "There you are. Is there anything else I can get you?" He looked up at her. His gaze found her face, or at least her lips. She'd always thought they were on the thin side, but he didn't seem to mind. "One more thing, yeah." He handed her some cash. "A blowjob." She tensed. No other customer had given her more than their eyes and hands. But her body was already in motion. "My pleasure," she said as she knelt under the table. The space underneath surprised her. She could actually fit comfortably, especially after she took off her cap and bowed over his lap. He'd already unzipped, letting her get to his half-hard, chubby cock. It was the first time that programming had made her really act, more than receive. The experience felt surreal. It didn't take over her body and make her move like a robot. It urged her to act, and she filled in the details. First, her hand made a delicate move, lifting him free and stroking along his shaft. But he'd paid for a blowjob, and so she drew her tongue along his side, leaving half his dick wet with her saliva. That drew a gasp, made him throb into solidity. His response sent more thrills through her. She looked up, around the table's edge. He just kept reading from his tablet. Emails? News? She had no idea. Whatever it was, though, he didn't interrupt it just for some fellatio from his waitress. Somehow, that thought relaxed her. It was no big deal. If it didn't bother him, why should it bother her? Besides, the programming made it feel nice. She sunk into it. She took him past the squeezing ring of her lips, and started to suckle just the glans. The suction made him lift his hips, pure reflex, but he still didn't look up (well, down) from his reading. From an actual boyfriend, that would infuriate her. But this guy was just a customer to her. She didn't need a reaction from him. She took her time, head sliding back and forth, lips caressing her shaft. It didn't go any farther than the middle of her tongue, keeping things comfortable. She'd checked the menu; deepthroating cost extra. Though only a slow trickle, his pleasure still grew. Eventually, a hand slid down to stroke the back of her head, feeling her auburn hair. His brow furrowed with concentration; as his hips squirmed, reading got as hard as his throbbing dick. Finally, he exhaled a long groan. His hand tensed on her head, and spasms shuddered along his shaft as he spurted into her mouth. Callie drank down every last drop. Her boyfriends had all loved how eager she was for that salty taste. There was more to it this time. That liquid orgasm showed her she'd done her work well, and pride bloomed in her as well as kinky thrill. She sucked him dry, maybe a little longer than that task really needed. She'd gotten into a zone, and wanted to make sure he was clean and done. Only after that did she tuck him back into his pants. She fixed her hair and put her cap back on before coming out from under the table. "Will that be all today?" She licked her lips. The post-grad nodded, a little dazed. He looked up from his tablet, and she thought she caught a worshipful glance to her shining mouth. "Yeah, that's al." He stayed for a while longer; his blowjob was over, but he'd only drunk half his cappuccino. They were about as important as each other. Sarah looked at her from her position, riding another customer's lap, his mouth on one nipple and his hand on her other breast. "Great work," she said. "That was so hot to watch." Callie smiled. It was still praise from a supervisor, even if under strange circumstances. She smacked her lips. Though she loved handling cum, skin's aftertaste grew old fast. Sarah hugged her customer's head with one arm, while the other pointed. "Mints next to the register, love." Oh, that was nice of them. Callie hung behind the coffee bar while she chewed. Without other customers to deal with, she killed time watching Sarah. Yeah, she was mostly straight, but Callie could appreciate a sexy woman. And Sarah was sexy. Even with her cap on, her hair fell in such bouncy curls, their motion emphasising hers. Her green eyes filled with passion, her soft lips open to let her moans out. She looked like she genuinely enjoyed herself, with or without hypnosis. With her top lifted and her bra MIA, the heft of her breasts wobbled before her customer's face. All because of how she rode him. Her skirt and apron weren't hiked high enough to show their coupling, but the way they moved, the way they moaned left no doubt. Callie fidgeted. She could feel the heat at her cheeks, and more than that, pounding in her loins. Fuck, she was getting horny. Customers had groped her, hands sending stimulation tingling through her breasts -- and once, through her sex, though only cupped over her pants. Now, one had squirmed under her mouth. But nobody had gone all the way. Especially with Sarah moaning so damn loud, it was like watching everyone else eat chocolate cake, but not cut a slice for her. She wanted cake. She wanted sex. She tore her eyes away from Sarah's hot kiss, and jumped when she saw the new customer. How long had he been standing there? He was a reedy thing. Tall, skinny, and shaking with so much anxiety, he looked like a good breeze would knock him over. A freshman, like her, though he must have been younger. Big ears stood out on the sides of his head, and his sharp-featured face blushed redder than his short hair. Now that he had her attention, he acted even more like a deer in headlights. When he didn't say anything, she prompted him with her best customer-service smile. "Welcome!" she said. "How can I help you?" He held up some notes, like a shield between them. "Fl-Flat white," he said. "Double shot, with chocolate syrup." It was a more complex order than others she'd handled, but he was still way overpaying. She waited. He swallowed. "And, while you're making it, I want to have sex with you." She just wanted to pat his head, his shy eagerness was so cute. Seeing it bolstered her confidence, as if he sucked in all the awkwardness for both of them. "Sure thing." She gave him his change and beckoned with a finger. "Come over here. I don't think we're supposed to let customers behind the bar, but I'll make an exception." The red-haired boy looked like he might faint, but he still hurried behind her. Maybe hiding like that helped him. He took his time stepping close, hands going to her sides. She leaned back into him, her head on his chest. "Go ahead," she said. "Get me ready." She busied her own hands filling the filter with grounds. He froze, his fingers in the middle of stroking just below her ribcage. "Um. It'd always thought it'd be a skirt. I'm not sure how..." Well, he'd really thought about it a lot, huh? "Alright," she said. "You get yourself ready, I'll handle me. but this will slow down your coffee." She undid her pants. Just as when Sarah had spanked her, she drew them onto her legs and bent over. This time, she widened her stance, her thighs catching her pants in place. She needed her hands to tamp the grounds down. The more attention she paid to her work, the less she paid to him, the bolder he became. She heard him unzip before he drew up behind her. His manhood felt rock-hard as it brushed up against her thigh. He moved awkwardly, as if not quite sure how to get in her. Callie marvelled at herself. A stranger was about to fuck her, and she just felt like it was about time. He figured himself out, and pressed his thick, unruly dick inside. A stunned, confused moan sounded from his lips, and his body took over, thrusting with raw passion. She hadn't expected how good it felt. Though the boy's body was skinny, his shaft spread her just like she'd been needing. Beyond stimulation, her programming turned every thrust into a 'good job' pat on the back. She could get used to that. But fucking wasn't her only job. The way he rocked her body made her clumsy, so she had to go slow. Her hand shook as she attached the filter to the grouphead. Watching her work spurred him on, slamming his hips harder. Fucking irony. Making the coffee gave her hypnotic rewards, and even better, made him fuck her even sillier. But the sillier he fucked her, the harder it was to make coffee. While she searched for the right cup, he lifted her top, and pulled up her bra's cups. She felt her apron rub against her breasts -- for all of a second, before the boy's hands claimed them. His hands were soft, but his touch was much rougher. His kneading squeezes sent spasms of bliss through her. One of her hands gripped the bar's edge, steadying her while the other got the cup under the filter. She pressed the double-shot button just before convulsions took her. Cock, hands, and programming shoved her over the edge. She went with it, riding the wave. Bumping her hips back into him came much easier than handling espresso. By the time she clawed back into cognizance, her throat was raw from screaming. Still he kept going, humping like he'd only just hit his stride. She looked at the coffee machine. Shit, where was she up to? That's right, she'd just pulled the shots. That first orgasm made it easier to think. Yet, she still squirmed as she steamed the milk, trying not to burn herself with the wand. The boy bent over her, hands still on her chest, hips still sliding. His lips ran along her neck and up to her ear. "Oh god, you're so beautiful," he said. "This is... I... wow. I'm so glad it's with someone like you." Callie bit her lip and tried to focus on her work. Her other work. Damn reward triggers made his whispers feel almost as good as his dick. She just barely avoided spilling the milk. Something changed in his thrusts. He'd kept steady for so long, but now he had a needier pressure in his thrusts. She knew what would happen next. She hurried, enough for a small spill to slosh out of the cup, before she got a pump from the syrup bottle. Right then, his pleasure sloshed into overflow. His scream hurt, right in her ear, but bliss washed all that away. She could down in it. It tingled in her fingertips and toes, and made her breath turn ragged. As he came down, he still leaned in close, and kept whispering those adoring nothings against her neck. When she caught her breath, she lifted the cup: a double-shot flat white latte with chocolate syrup. "Ta-dah?" He blushed anew, but still took the cup. "Thank you. This was a dream come true, seriously." Once he'd fixed his pants, he took a corner table. But she couldn't watch him for too long. Not when she saw who was standing by the coffee bar. Her old friend Mike grinned, his eyes locked onto her chest. "Wow. That really is good service." Callie flushed out to her ears. She really needed to work on her situational awareness. She tugged her shirt back down, her pants back up. No way would she give him a freebie. "Hi Mike!" She put some cheer into her tone. Situation aside, it was still good to see him. "What's up?" His babyfaced features just made his grin look that much cheekier. He only looked at her face once her tits were all covered up. "I think you know what's 'up' after a show like that." She punched his arm. Well, more like nudged it. "Dork." He laughed, and gave her a real answer. "I thought I'd come see how you were doing on your first day. And man, I've heard about work fucking you, but this takes the cake." Her eyes rolled. "It's some gimmick they have here. Apparently, us waitresses are on the menu too." "Wait, seriously?" Mike grabbed a menu and soon found the back page. "What, this thing's for real? Some of the things on here... I mean, number 17?" She groaned. "Don't remind me. I just hope nobody asks me for that one." "But you seriously have to go along with it?" he looked from the menu, to her, and back again. "So, if I went and ordered a... waitress menu number 8?" Conflicted feelings jumped up in Callie. She'd just got used to the idea of prostitution, but not with someone she knew. Mike was cute, in a short, goofy kind of way. But she'd just never thought of him that way. That wasn't mutual; she'd lost track of how many times she'd caught his brown eyes locked onto her chest. Her programming didn't care about complexities like that. Her mouth moved without consulting her. "Cash up front," she said, as her eyes went wide. "Oh." Mike's eyes widened just as much. He hesitated, but he had 'programming' of his own. "What about plastic?" He was such a guy sometimes. While she internally screamed with awkwardness, her hand moved the card machine towards him. "Go right ahead." He swiped the card, and she undid her apron. She stopped resisting -- where was the point? -- and took a back seat, feeling her body move with a mind of its own. Goodbye, apron; goodbye, polo shirt; goodbye, bra. Mike outright stared once she was topless. "Wow. You're really... wow." He took a breath, and found a seat. "So you're just going to..." Her body answered him. She pulled his chair away from the table, giving her more room to kneel. She needed more space than when she'd sucked off the post-grad, as she stretched higher, putting her chest over his lap. His jaw dropped. He went for his jeans -- and unlike her other customers so far, he actually had underwear to get out of the way. "Fuck me," he whispered. "That's a higher price point," she said. Okay, so the programming allowed a little appropriate sarcasm. She cupped her breasts from the outside, squashing them in together. They were just big enough to properly meet in the middle, trapping Mike's hard dick. It turned out to be a nice size, though longer than it was thick. He gasped with sensation, his hips rolling up. Embarrassment spread over his fact, but his body had a mind of its own too. Both controlled, they moved together at a slow, slightly shy pace: he thrusted against her cleavage, while she lifted and lowered her breasts, stroking him. It wasn't something she'd done much before; she barely had the bust for it. Feeling that heat near the centre of her chest was odd, and she wasn't used to the sensation of skin sliding on skin like that. If not for the triggers, she'd have tried to convince him to try something else, but the customer was always right. Yet, Mike didn't seem to mind her inexperience. His body warmed to hers, finding that slow rhythm. As he stared down at her, his blush stayed in place. But enjoyment bloomed in his eyes, too. Huh. So that was how Mike looked when he felt good. She'd never tried to picture it before, but she never would have imagined that crease to his brow. Maybe it was just the triggers in her head, but letting her old friend fuck her tits wasn't so bad. She learned new things about him, like how he squirmed when she made herself jiggle on him. Friend or not, she had fun making a man lose control. Yet unlike her other customers so far, he didn't let himself lose it all that easily. When his edge approached, one hand gripped her shoulder, slowing her down. "I'm close," he gasped, as if his manhood's trembling and his writhing hips hadn't made it obvious. She'd hit her zone. If she had her way, she'd have wrapped her mouth around him and sucked the whole load out without another word. But her programming reminded her who was in charge. "How do you want it?" A dreamy look filled his eyes. "On them." He groaned. "Fuck, this feels so good..." Back she drew, putting her tits in front of him instead of on him. Both hands gripped him, jerking him to kick him over the edge. His spasms pushed him to the point of thrashing on the chair, screaming with orgasm. She kept the best hold of him she could, keeping him aimed at her chest. Warm, sticky seed fired onto her breasts, point-blank. She thought she'd have preferred to taste it, but she found herself quivering. Maybe it was the programming; maybe it was a kink she hadn't known she had; maybe it was the way he looked at her, astonished by his own arousal at watching her take his cum. Her favourite thing about cum had always been what it meant: her partner's overwhelming pleasure. He slumped back, taking heavy breaths. He hadn't exerted himself that much, but orgasms like that still wore him out. With that, though, his lust cleared, and she'd finished her job. They were both free of their programming, and the blushes rose in their cheeks again. "Just for work," Callie said, as she stood back up. "There's us being friends, and you being my customer here. Two separate things." Some napkins helped her clean up. "Right, right, of course." Mike jerked his eyes away. Oh good, the awkwardness was completely resolved. "I'll, uh. Well, I can see the job's treating you well, so. I'll head out now." She nodded. Even after he was gone, and she'd put her shirt back on, her blush stayed in place. During a slow moment, Sarah got her attention with another hip check. "So, looks like you've got the makings of a regular." Callie winced. "Damn, I hope not." Sarah giggled. "I mean the redhead, Callie. He got so sweet on you. You know, when he was around like this..." She stepped behind Callie, and went for a grope. Callie batted at her hands, but still laughed. "I don't know! He got a bit weird." "You mean when he was all in close like this?" Sarah's lips brushed Callie's neck. "Guys get really keyed-up when you hit their kinks, and that looked like a major fantasy you were giving him. What did he whisper? Did he say he loved you?" Callie laughed. "Gah, no! Thank god!" Sarah hadn't paid anything; Callie didn't need to allow that touchy-feeliness. But it felt nice. The clock caught her eye. "That's my shift," Callie said. She only had to work the morning, thankfully. She thought for a moment. Now she knew the truth of the job, the special menu, she didn't think anyone could blame her for quitting. But... "See you tomorrow." She went straight home and into the shower. Goodbye, uniform. By the time she finished -- and got into her old shirt and panties, so comfy -- her roommates had come home. "Hey Vince, hey Haylee." She flopped along the couch, leaving the couple on the loveseat. "Hey Callie," Vince said, a sly grin on his face. "Heard you had your first day at the cafe this morning. Come on, spill the details." Callie groaned, palming her face. "Don't tell me you already knew about that place! I mean, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but I would have liked a bit of warning." Haylee smiled, leaning on her boyfriend. "Thought you knew. You must have been a little suspicious about pay like that for a normal waitress job. So... not as bad as you thought, huh?" Callie nodded. "Yeah. I'll give it a little more of a shot. Going back tomorrow." "Oh good," Haylee said. "Worried I'd got cash out for no reason." She took some notes from her purse, dropping them on the table. "Come on, fuck my boyfriend." "Oh hell no," Callie said as she sat up. "That stuff's for at work." Off went her top. "I just finished a shift." She discarded her panties as she circled the table. "No way am I bringing that stuff home with me." She dropped herself onto Vince's lap, while his girlfriend cuddled up closer to his side. And finally looked down at herself. "Fuck."