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EXTREMELY SPECIAL IMPORTANT READ-ME-FIRST-TYPE NOTE: If you haven't read any of Mr. GloryholeJunkie's stories, especially his masterpiece <ahem> "Whoring with Dad"...and you like incredibly hot pedo jackoff fantasy stories with the additional attraction of pedo-slanted "philosophical" introductions that are nearly as hardon making at times as the story themselves...then you have missed a major treat for your meat! He is an incredibly talented writer, endlessly pedo inventive, but unfortunately, although he has a hot blog, he apparently isn't writing any more <major sigh>. One of the stories he never finished was a seven-chapter story called "The Littlest Entrepreneur." Be sure to read the note that goes with Chapter 1 of the Further Adventures. THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLEST ENTREPRENEUR Chapter 4. Rudy Phones Sex Rudy was late. It wasn't like the kid had to punch a time clock, and hell, his dad might've decided not to let him work the men's room, uh, work in the men's room any more. And it was only fifteen minutes. But still, Stan was worried. Not, of course, because he was horned himself and wanted another shot, or several big shots in little Rudy's mouth. Just pure concern for the welfare of a little boy...cocksucker. He adjusted himself surreptitiously, but not enough, as the man in his center chair chuckled. "Thinkin' about the kid, Stan?" "Uh, no. Just, uh, an itch." "Looks like a pretty big itch to me, don't it to you, Marky?" Thus appealed to, the man to Stan's right nodded and said, "Yeah, boss." The ass-kisser then went on to say, "But not as big as yours, of course." The man in the center chair laughed again. "So, Stan, this kid Frankie said, he for real?" Having conned little Rudy into sucking down Stan's grampa milk right from the source, he definitely knew the boy was for real, but still, he was a grampa, and sort of supposed to look out for the kid, and no good grampa would admit mouth fucking a little seven year old boy. On the other hand, honesty was occasionally good for tips. So he nodded. The man leaned forward just a little as Stan continued putting the polish on the extremely expensive Italian leather, spoke so only the three of them could hear. "You think the boy will be good for this?" And he reached between his legs, squeezed and released. Stan's eyes naturally went to the large bulge. Shit. So far as he knew, Rudy had only sucked one cock, his, and Frankie's friend was definitely bigger. So how the fuck could he know whether the kid would be able to deal with that meat? He might only get part of the dick in his hot little mouth and then not be able to get it all. He'd start choking and gagging, and then the man would have to hold his little boy head tight, and fucking force his cock down into that seven year old throat. Stan felt his dick spurt precum at that image. It looked like little Rudy was going to have to deal with this guy's dick either way, assuming he showed up. He only hoped he got a chance to watch. He nodded again. "Good, good. Ah...and here he is." Stan stopped what he was doing and looked over his shoulder. Rudy had just come through the inner doors to the men's room. Three men gulped. Three right hands shot to crotches that were suddenly bulging bigger than ever. Three hands squeezed lovingly. An automatic reaction, hardwired into every man when he sees pussy he not only wants but is fairly sure he's going to get in the very near future. Rudy stood just inside the door, lil Gianni diBianchi just behind him. The three men at the shoe shine stand recognized the well-sexed, satisfied look on lil Gianni's face. They also recognized the well-fucked lips on the boy. Yeah, the boy had naturally plump lips, but no kid's lips were that puffy unless he'd been getting skull-fucked pretty damn recently. They also noticed the way the air conditioning had made the boy's nipples erect and push out the tight white tee he was wearing. And the boy bulge in his very tight white shorts. And his smooth bare legs. And the way his sandals showed off his beautiful toes on his bare boy feet. And the light in his eyes as he noticed where their hands had gone on seeing him. "Sorry the little c...kid's late. I had a stop to make and it took longer than I thought." He winked at the three men, his smile and his own casual groping of his thick, visible meat confirming exactly the kind of stop it had been. "Stan, youse got a tip jar for little Rudy here? His back pocket is bulgin', too." The three men smiled at the last word. Stan had indeed thought of that. On a small table next to the shoe shine stand was a large glass jar, with a hand-lettered sign saying "Tips" taped to the side. "C'mere, son, and we'll put your money in right now. So, you earned some tips already today, huh?" Rudy smiled and nodded, turned his head to say, "Thanks for the ride, Mist' Johnny," and then walked over, pulling the crumpled bills out of his back pocket. He handed it to Stan who counted it out loud as he dropped the bills in. "$100, $20, $20, $20, $20. So, $180? That's good, Rudy, real good." Although Stan was wondering what had gone on that would make lil Gianni tip with twenties rather than the usual hundreds he threw around like they were dollar bills. "Well, it woulda been more, Grampa Stan, but I...." Rudy suddenly stopped and blushed. "That's okay, kid," lil Gianni said. He looked at the three men. "The kid here earned tips for, ah, services rendered. `n so did my driver. Though not for his drivin'." Lil Gianni snickered. A mental eavesdropper on all three men would certainly have got a hardon from the surprisingly accurate visuals of the little boy sucking off both the mobster and his driver, and then the driver giving the kid a blowjob! And getting a lousy $20 after. Lil Gianni nodded, winked again, and left. The three horny, crotch bulging men turned their attention to the littlest entrepreneur. "So," Stan said, "I'm Grampa Stan, huh?" "Unh ha. Since daddy's friend is Uncle Dan I figured you could be Grampa Stan, `cause my real grampa is in Florida, `n my other grampa is in heaven." "Oh, that's fine by me, boy, fine by me. Here, let me set the backpack right here, where it'll be out of the way. Wow, what's in it?" "Daddy said to bring a change of clothes, in case I got dirty and we go out to dinner or something." He smiled up at his new grampa. "Can I wash up here if I get dirty?" The mental eavesdropper's hardon would have been aching and leaking precum at the three visuals of a cum-covered cocksucking slut boy getting naked and washing up (only after another blowjob or twelve) and getting dressed again. All three men nodded. Rudy grinned. And looked at the three big bulges. He knew they were for him. Hadn't the men played with their big dickies just like Mr. Johnny did when he got in the limo? He already knew what Grampa Stan's dickie was like; he wondered about the other two. The man in the middle chair had the biggest bulge. He stared at it and the man spread his legs, just so Rudy could get a good look. Rudy did. He looked up again. Three hundred hundred fifty dollars on the hoof. He had to remember that Grampa Stan got a discount. He leaned in, the men leaned in, the boy smiled brightly and said, "Who's gonna m'lest me first?" Instead of one of them saying he'd go first, Rudy got an entirely different reaction. Their mouths dropped open, their hands dropped away from their bulges, and they looked, well, kind of frightened or something. They were. It's not every day that a pedo hears a little boy call a pedo spade a pedo spade, even when, yes, all three of them, right up to that very second, had had every intention of molesting the boy slut cocksucker in front of them. But "molest" was such a...harsh...word. So full of...negative meanings. Like publicity and trials and jail and getting raped in jail over and over and over again. Definite hardon killers. Except for the ass-kisser who found the over and over and over part strangely attractive. Although he was, of course, straight. With an immediately stiff-again dick and a fleeting image of a burly man behind him in a prison shower, telling him roughly to "take my cock in your cunt, bitch!" while other stiff men watched and waited their turn. Rudy's eyes began to fill with tears. What had he done wrong? "B...b...but, Mist' Johnny said he liked m'lesting me. That I was a good little slut cocksucker." It was amazing Grampa Stan and the man in the middle chair didn't pass out from the speed with which the blood rushed south and filled their fucking hardons fuller than it felt like they ever had been before. Even more than that "more than ever" moment a moment or so ago. Grampa Stan ruffled the boy's hair, and pulled him close, in front of him so that his stiff grampa dick was pressing into the back of the boy's head. He said just as softly, since there were men coming in and out of the men's room, heading to and from the toilet and urinal area, "Of course you're a good slut cocksucker, Rudy. Why, that's exactly what I was telling these men while we waited for you, wasn't I, guys?" Two bobble-head dolls on the shoeshine stand did their thing. "See, we were just surprised to, uh, to know, uh...." "Oh!" Although Stan couldn't see little Rudy's face, he could tell from the other men's expressions that the boy was smiling again. "You didn't know I knew the daddies' secret word." "Secret word?" "Unh ha." Ruddy nodded vigorously, doing all sorts of wonderful things to the aching old man meat behind him. "Mist' Johnny said that's the daddies' secret word for when they sex their little boys, `n he said how much he liked m'lesting me, `n I said how much I liked him doing it, `n..." "Yeah, Rudy, that's exactly right." Anything to shut the kid's mouth with talking about molesting and opening the kid's mouth to get on with the doing. Stan looked at the two other horny pedos and mouthed "Handicap stall." Both men nodded and smiled. After the wait and all this buildup and all this talk, no fucking way would two of them wait out here for a turn at the kid's mouth. The two men got off the stand, and Stan quickly put the two tip jars into the cabinet below, locked it, and then propped up the "On a Break! Back in 15!" sign. He took Rudy's hand, and led him around the corner and into the urinal area, closely followed by the other two men with their blatantly bulging crotches. As usual, there was a brief freeze as the several men at the urinals who were cock cruising paused, checked, realized the newcomers were horny like them, and went back to their business. Almost. Mouths dropped at the sight of good old Stan, the grey-haired grandfather type who shined shoes, marching through toward the stall area, holding the hand of a gorgeous, dark-haired little boy in tight white shorts with a bulging little crotch, and followed by two men, one middle-aged, slightly graying, kind of bulky; the other younger and a little geeky looking. No fucking subtlety at all about the hardons on the quartet. Men with hardons who'd been furtively jacking into a urinal, or maybe showing off stiff meat just a little, turned and displayed their cocks to fucking God, country and the other horny men, as they watched the foursome go into the very large handicapped stall. "Holy shit!" was one whisper when the stall lock snicked. "You mean that story about the kid is fucking real?" another man whispered to the grey-haired, big-bellied man next to him who was staring at the closed stall door, at all the feet visible below, and jacking his short, fat cock. "Guess so," said the fat man. It suddenly occurred to him that there was a gloryhole between the handicapped stall and the next one, and none of these other horny pervs had thought of it yet. His belly and his dick leading the way, he quickly walked to it, got in, shut the door, dropped trou and plopped his white, fat, hairy ass down on the toilet seat, and still holding his dick, peeked next door.   The adults were wasting no time in dropping trou either. The man in charge had a nice hefty eight-incher. Ass-kisser Marky had maybe six. Grampa Stan was seven and leaking like he was pissing. The fat man stroked, as little Rudy opened his mouth and fucking swallowed the biggest prick. *** He wasn't going to do it. He was. He wasn't. But still, all the while he'd been arguing with himself, himself (a/k/a his fucking dago daddy hardon) was moving his body into the staff elevator, punching the third floor button, exiting the elevator, walking down the hall, pushing open the men's room door, pushing open the inner door, and getting him right where he wanted, or didn't want, to be. He inhaled through his nose, carefully not admitting to himself that even a straight man like him, married, never unfaithful (queers didn't count), could find the smell of piss and disinfectant and man sweat and cum and other tearoom smells was a fucking turnon. His long thick meat twitched. He looked around. Feet in the first stall. Jeans...and no undies...puddled around the ankles. Okay. He would do this. Get himself a blowjob. Just...not the other. And fuck this coy is-that-really-a-cocksucker shit. He unzipped, hauled his thick nine inches out, hard and dripping, and his big hairy balls, stalked over to the occupied stall, and said, "Open up, man, I need a fucking cocksucker." The lock clicked immediately, the door swung inward. Was he in luck or what. It was his "blowbuddy" cocksucker from Tuesday. The guy who'd been sucking dick since he was a little kid. As he stepped inside and got the door shut behind him, the man was fondling his own balls and meat. Tony stepped forward, between the man's spread legs and the man leaned in, his talented tongue lapping at Tony's oozing pee lips, and then opening wide and sucking his whole cock down. Tony sighed. Just what the fucking doctor ordered. He looked down at the slightly balding head and caressed it with his left hand. Always be nice to the man sucking your cock. A little kindness and appreciation generally gets you a better blowjob, unless, of course, the mouth whore wanted it rough. Tony had given it rough from time to time. Enjoyed the fuck out of it, too. The only problem with having this particular cocksucker was the reminder of the Tuesday blowjob, and the sick, perverted thing he'd done. The thing he wasn't going to do again. He tilted his head back, closed his eyes as the mouth went up and down on him. "Aw, man, you suck cock so good. All those years doin' it, huh?" Shit, shit, shit! He wasn't going to bring that subject up. But the cocksucker was no dummy. He remembered this guy's reactions the last time, when he found out how young he'd been when he'd first started sucking dick. He pulled his head off Tony's dick, a long strand of mouth slime connecting his lower lip to Tony's knob. He broke the connection with a lick. Looked up. "Since I was two, man." "Unh!" Tony couldn't help the lust-filled grunt as his cocksucker, now handjobber, stroked his dick, using his thumb to slosh the steadily leaking precum around the knob. "Well, at least that's the earliest I remember. Hell, for all I know I could've been sucking my real daddy's dick from the day they brought me home from the hospital." An image flashed across Tony's mind of how gorgeous his little boy had looked that first day home, his plump lips, what it might have been like to push even part of his knob between them, to have that tiny, tiny tongue slurping his slit. He groaned again. "But daddy left us, my mom said, about when I was one. And then she hooked up with Jack, the guy who became my step-dad. `course, at the time, he was just one of the guys she was dating. But yeah, he was the first to fuck my face." With that he swallowed Tony's meat to his pubes and began sucking. Fuck, but Tony wanted this blowjob, needed to cum bad, but, well, it was also such a sick turnon to hear about this shit. He had to ask. "So, uh, how did, well, did he seduce you or something, or...." The cocksucker slowly slid his mouth off Tony's slimy prick; reached between his own legs to play with his not-too-shabby uncut cock. He smiled broadly. "Seduce me? Jack? Fuck, no. Jack took what he wanted. He told mom he wanted a special meal, knowing she didn't have the makings and she'd have to go to the grocery store, and a specialty meat store. Mom liked his cock in her cunt from the way I heard her screaming to fuck her and fuck her hard when he was in her room, so she did what she was told. "As soon as she was gone, he picked me up, marched me into the bathroom, set me down, stripped me naked and sat me on the stool. He unzipped and hauled out this huge, well, huge to me, stalk of man meat, though it was probably only six or seven inches, and big hairy balls. `You seen your mom suckin' my dick, kiddo?' "Well, he knew I had. About a week or so earlier, I was supposed to be taking a nap, but I got up and went into the kitchen and there was mom on her knees, sucking off Jack and playing with his balls. I just stood there, my mouth gaping, and all of a sudden I had a stiffie, and my hand was on it, squeezing it instinctively. Then Jack saw me. I almost bolted and ran, but something in his eyes held me still. "He put his hands on her head and started talking to her. `Oh, yeah, you're such a fucking cocksucking slut, bitch. Eat my meat, whore.' Only he was looking at me, and it was like he was saying those things to me. He held her head in place and started thrusting his hips and I could see his shiny wet dickie going in and out of her mouth. "Mom moaned. `Touch your tits, bitch. Twist those nips. Hard.' At first I didn't know what he meant, but I knew he was talking to me, too, so I did what my mom did, put both hands up to my tiny boy-nips, and used my thumb and forefinger to pinch and twist. And it felt really fucking good. Made me feel all tingly." The cocksucker stopped talking and began sucking Tony again, which was, of course, fucking great, but Tony was hooked on the story. Reluctantly, he eased his sticky meat away from the sucker's mouth and didn't notice the guy's grin. The guy sat back on the toilet, spread his legs wide, continued jacking a short fat cock sticking straight up over a tight ballsac, surrounded by graying pubes. He tugged his tee-shirt up so his thick hairy belly was on display. "Wanna hear about the first time I remember having dick in my two year old boy throat? First time I had cock in my boy cunt?" This was sick. Perverted. Tony nodded anyway, helplessly jacking his own aching prick, not realizing he was also staring at the cocksucker's jacking hand. "Well, guy, I sure love sucking that dago daddy meat, but if I'm gonna talk I need some, uh...incentive." Tony jerked his head up to look the guy in the eyes, then followed the cocksucker's glance down to the man's leaking prick. He shook his head. "No. No fucking way. I'm not, I'm not...." "Not what, man? A fucking pedo wannabe pervert who gets off a huge fucking load of daddy milk talking to his little boy on the phone while he's getting sucked? Blowing a wad when he has his precious little boy say that he loves big Italian sausage? Pretending my mouth was your son's? "Fuckin' up to you, man. Tell me `no,' and you get a goddamn great blowjob. Drop to your fuckin' knees and suck your first man meat and I'll get you so horned up you won't be able to stand it, and then we're gonna call your little boy again while I'm sucking you off so you can blow a wad like the last time." "No! We...we can't call him." Tony suddenly shut up, as he realized by saying that, and just that, he'd admitted he was going to suck his first cock. Drop to his knees in this oddly smelly toilet, almost as if it was kept that way by management, and suck the short fat dick in front of him. Thank God Roddick might know he came in here and stayed long enough to get a blowjob, or, fucking give one, but the cameras wouldn't show him eating dick. The guy nodded with satisfaction. "Suck my prick, dago daddy. And keep your hands to yourself. I don't want you cumming unless it's in my mouth." Tony nodded, dropped to one knee and then the other. Put his hands on the man's knees, leaned forward, opened his mouth, hesitated and then gulped the cock down when the man grabbed his head and shoved it down. The smell of the man's pubes was thick and raw; Tony knew since his nose was buried in them. They smelled like...Tony's own ripeness when he'd been working and sweating, and his asshole was itching, and he reached inside and wiped with his fingers and then had a good sniff. He knew he didn't like teeth on his own cock, so he kept his lips over them and began to work the cocksucker's cock. The man stroked Tony's head, then held him lightly in place while he started a gentle up and down hip movement. "Fuck, man, virgin mouth on my prick feels so fuckin' good. But I promised ya a story, a real fuckin' true story. "So there I was, hurting my little boy tits and watching Jack fuck my mom's face, `n he told her to reach between her legs and play with her little clittie. To get it all stiff, to stroke it. So that's what I did, too, reached inside my undies and played with my boy clittie since that was what Jack wanted, and hurt my boy tittie and suddenly I was shaking, having my first ever boygasm, and Jack raised his voice in louder, filthy things to say to my mom so she couldn't hear me gasping and whimpering, `n all the while he was staring at me, and he was shoving his thing in and out of her mouth faster and faster, and talking more `n more dirty then he just held her mouth all the way down to his hairs and threw his head back and bellowed out that he was fucking cumming. `n when he was done he still held mom's head in place, making her clean him off like I later learned how, and still starin' at me. Then he mouthed `get the fuck out' at me and tilted his head and I did. "We both remembered all that later, when he had me naked on the toilet and asked me that question. But Jack didn't really care too much about the answer. He just told me I'd better not ever tell anyone about anything we did or he'd hurt me really, really bad. I just nodded. Then he said he was gonna teach me how to be a dick sucking slut whore just like my momma. "He told me to open my fucking mouth, so I did. And to keep my goddamn teeth off his daddy dick, and swallow him down. And I did. He just slid his big old thing right into my mouth and down my damned throat. That's when I found out I didn't have a gag reflex. I guess mom didn't either, or else with all her years of experience she got around it, `cause, man, Jack was fucking impressed with his two year old cocksucker. Told me what a hot fucking slut boy pussy mouth I had while he held my head and fucked my little brains out. Oh, man, that was my first conscious taste of cum and I was fucking addicted. Crazy, actually. I just went berserk on Jack's meat, instinctively knowing it was my job to clean him up and get rid of all the mess once he'd finished sliming my mouth and throat. "Oh, yeah, man, suck my fucking prick. You like that, doncha, pervert? Thinkin' about man meat goin' down a little boy's throat, a fuckin' two year old; wonderin' what it woulda been like to fuck your little boy's throat that way. You fuckin' pedo pervert cocksucker." Tony winced inside but knew the man was right. So he kept on sucking. And the man kept on talking. "From then on, at least until Jack left, he took care of me, `n my dumb shit mom didn't have a fuckin' clue. She was so pleased to find a man who wasn't pissed about her having a little boy; so pleased that Jack was a good father figure, telling me bedtime stories, giving me my bath and into my jammies when she was tired from work or tired because he'd fucked her cunt raw, taking me to the park, babysitting when she had to work late. "And all the time he was molesting my tiny two year old body. Fucking my mouth over and over and over until whatever slight gag reflex I might have had vanished. That went on for about a month and then he decided he ought to share his good fortune. So instead of going to the kiddy playground at the park he took me to the cruising area, stripped me and put me in a diaper, which I hated because I was a big boy and knew how to pee-pee the right way, and little sandals, and walked down the trail, holding my hand and flashing a huge hardon under his jeans. "First guy we saw was this old man, white haired, scrawny, little bit of a belly, leaning against a tree a little off the trail, groping himself. His mouth dropped when he saw us and he asked Jack if he was out of his fucking mind bringing his baby boy along while he was looking for dick to suck. Jack just laughed and said he never sucked dick but his little boy sure did, and would he like some. Man, he couldn't get his dick out of his pants fast enough. Got that picture in your mind? This old man with a long skinny dick with a big fat knob fucking the throat of a two year old toddler in diapers out in the fucking park. Moaning real loud when I took him all the way down to his smelly pubes. "He held my head to his crotch with my throat full of old man meat, as he bent over, stretched his arm out and shoved his hand down the back of my diaper, his fuck finger playing with my crack and then rubbing my baby hole. `You fucked him yet?' he asked. John said he hadn't and then, well, he offered my boi pussy to the old man. That was my first fuck. On my knees in a park, in leaves and dirt, diaper around my ankles, my own spit on his dick for lube, and he just shoved his fucking cock in, because what Jack had really said was whether he'd like to rape him some virgin kiddie cunt. "Never gonna forget my first fuck, man. How I screamed from the pain, and then he clamped his hand over my mouth, and started fucking me hard and fast, only the sound was enough to attract some more men, and suddenly there were three more men watching as this dirty old man fucked a baby boy, watching and hauling their cocks out to jack. And then he was shooting my cunt full of cum, panting over me. When he pulled out, Jack told the other men he wanted to see his baby boy pull a train, so he let each of them have their turn fucking me, filling my tiny hole so full that cum squished out with every stroke, all the while Jack was urging them on, telling the men to rape my baby cum whore hole. "It was Jack's turn, then. He had the biggest dick of them all and he just used the cum and slime from my cunt as lube as he leaned against the tree, pants around his ankles, and sat me down on his cock, shoving his meat up my hole, reaching around to hurt my titties, and the men stayed to watch and jack again cumming all over my face while Jack filled my cunt." He put his hands on Tony's head, held him down and began thrusting his hips up and down from the toilet seat, then shoved him back, stood, grabbed Tony's head again and began fucking his face hard. Tony's own meat was hurting. He was sucking dick, for Christ's sake. And the images in his head were swirling, a two year old baby boy getting gang fucked in a park, but suddenly the faceless boy had a face, his own son's, his precious Rudy, being molested by men while his daddy watched and jacked, and his sucking became more frantic. The cocksucker felt the difference, which tipped him over the edge and he began filling Tony's mouth with thick, almost bitter seed, forcing him to swallow again and again, until he was finally done. Dazed, Tony almost instinctively licked and slurped the softening cock clean, then dropped on his haunches. The cocksucker sat back on the toilet seat, his meat dangling between his again spread legs. Tony stared for a moment at the first cock he'd ever sucked, realizing it probably wasn't going to be the last, and then he put his hands flat on the stall walls and leveraged himself up again, his knees only a little shaky from contact with the cold tile floor for so long. He wasn't really paying much attention as the cocksucker, the other cocksucker, unbuckled him, unbuttoned, unzipped, yanked his slacks and briefs down around his ankles, freeing his nine inches, and large hairy balls. "Call him." That got Tony's attention. He shook his head. Even though he'd thought about it all the way here. How hot it had been having his dick sucked by this expert while his son was on the phone with him, how perverted it had been, how horny it had made him, how much of a load he'd blown when he got his precious seven year told to tell his daddy how much he liked big Italian sausage. The cocksucker pulled on Tony's dick and Tony shuffled forward until he was in dick sucking range. The man swallowed Tony's meat and Tony gasped as the hot, talented mouth went up and down a couple of times and then pulled off again. He looked down at the cocksucker, who looked up with a wicked grin. And a cell phone in his hand. "Your kid's the boy I've been hearing about? The one working the men's room downstairs?" Tony wanted to correct him, to tell him little Rudy was just working in the men's room, and not even that, he was helping to shine shoes in the entrance to the men's room. He wasn't working it. Not like the very classy hookers worked the bars in the Palace. But the phrase planted more images in his head. Of Rudy maybe wandering into the toilet area when he wasn't shining shoes, seeing all those cocks, some soft, some hard, some pissing, some not. Of some strange man offering his cock for little Rudy to look at, to touch, to taste. He couldn't not do it. He took the phone, punched in the number of Rudy's cell, half hoping it would go to voicemail, despite his having insisted Rudy keep it with him at all times in case of emergencies, half hoping he'd hear his beloved son's voice while getting his cock expertly sucked again. A man answered. A fucking man answered his fucking son's phone. Saying, "Rudy's phone." "What the fuck are you doing with my son's phone?" The man who'd answered paused, then said with a certain sly undertone, "Sorry, sir, but Rudy here is really busy right now, so I just picked it up for him. If you wait just a moment, I'll...he'll be done and he can talk to you." "He can talk and shine your shoes at the same time. Put him on." There was a muffled sound, as if someone was choking, or choking back laughter. The stranger said, "Well, you know, he's concentrating really, uh, hard, right now, on his back and forth movements, and you, ah, wouldn't want to break his concentration would you?" Tony didn't respond immediately, mostly because he was listening to the background noises. Rudy's phone was top of a very expensive line, with a sensitive mic. And the sounds Tony was hearing from his boy's phone were the same sounds he was hearing right in this toilet stall. Wet slurping sounds as a mouth went up and down...fucking back and forth...on a large cock. Ragged breathing from the man getting sucked. Rudy...Rudy was sucking dick in the men's room, with who knew how many perverts watching him. And Tony wasn't furious because of that. He was pissed because he wasn't there to see it. "Turn the cam on." The man who'd answered the phone sure the fuck wasn't expecting that. He blurted out, "His daddy wants the cam on!" At least two other men were close enough to hear and gasp in their turn. "My son is sucking your cock, isn't he?" There was a shaky "yes" in response, and Tony went on, "Then I wanta see him do it. Put it on speaker, man." Tony did the same to his phone, holding it down so both he and his cocksucker got a good look plump, puffy, spit and precum slimy lips sliding up and down the full length of a respectable length of man meat. There was a look of near ecstasy on the kid's face. "Rudy. Baby boy, you like what you're doing?" Rudy stopped sucking and looked at the phone cam. He nodded, smiling brightly. "Unh-huh, daddy. I like getting m'lested." Then his eyes widened as he saw his daddy's side of the vidcam. "Oh, daddy, you're getting m'lested, too!" Tony couldn't help grinning, though his upper head was out of sight. The cocksucker apparently had no qualms about being on video, displaying his skills. "Anyone else, uh, molesting you?" Another big smile, another eager nod. "Mr. Marky, `n Grampa Stan." There was a small groan from off-screen. Tony now had a pretty damned good idea just what kind of milkshake Stan had fed his son yesterday. "Do you mind if daddy watches the men molest you, son?" Rudy shook his head, and Tony told him to start sucking again. "Show me the men molesting my boy," Tony told the man holding the phone. The phone jumped as if the man shrugged his shoulders, then shifted and Tony saw Marky, half naked since his pants were around his ankles, jacking a slender six or so inches, and then "Grampa" fucking Stan, also half naked, jacking a more than respectable seven thick inches. He looked both embarrassed and defiant. "Is Rudy naked?" "," Stan said. "Well, if a little seven year old boy is going to be a cum slut cocksucker for three men, don't you think he ought to be?" The man getting sucked in the handicap stall wasn't happy about another interruption, but it was only a moment or two before his precious son was standing naked, his feet bare against the floor of the toilet stall, his tits puffy and fucking Christ what a beautiful little stiffie he had. Tony aimed his phone at his own shiny slimy cock so Rudy could see his daddy's hardon for the very first, and very definitely not last, time. He loved how big Rudy's eyes got when he saw the nine fat inches his daddy was hefting. "You want daddy to molest you too, son?" The boy's vigorous nod caused the man whose cock he was sucking to moan. "Well, daddy can't do it right now, because this nice man is molesting daddy's dick. But I still want you to be a really good cum whore for these men. You gotta earn the C-notes they're gonna tip you." It was Marky's turn to moan. How perverted things had become. Perverted to start with since he and the boss had come to the men's room intending to find out if they could get sucked by a little boy. But now the kid's dad was on the phone, watching them molest and mouth fuck his son, and telling them how much to pay the kiddie whore? Precum spurted out of his dick. More spurted as he heard Tony's voice explaining he wanted to see the cum in his son's mouth before the boy swallowed it. Tony and his cocksucker were just playing with their own cocks as they watched little Rudy get thoroughly molested in the handicap stall two floors down. The first man didn't hold out very long once Rudy got working on him again, and the third floor men's room viewers got a good look as the man's balls battered against Rudy's chin and then he was grunting with Rudy's nose buried in his pubes, pumping out his baby batter. Tony moaned when his boy turned toward the phone cam and opened wide to show the thick slime coating his teeth and tongue and gums. Marky took the next molesting turn. He was even quicker. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, my dick's getting' sucked by a kid whore, oh shit, gonna seed him, oh, fuuuuuccckkk!" Once more Rudy proudly showed daddy the man slime in his mouth before swallowing it. Then it was Stan's turn. Tony tapped his cocksucker's head, and when he looked up, mouthed, "Old man." The man's eyes widened a bit as he caught on, and they looked back at the cam with that long ago image in both their minds, almost overlaying the reality of Stan's grandfatherly cock started a rapid, deep-throating fuck of Rudy's throat, and Rudy took every inch of it like the pro he so obviously was. "Oh, yeah, Tony, your fuckin' kid is such a fuckin' cum slut little whore. Frankie just came on his face, but me, I took him upstairs, fucked his little mouth, took his cherry, Tony, got your fuckin' son's fuckin' boy cherry, fed him his very first hot daddy milkshake, just like, oh fuckohfuckohfuck, you watchin' Tony? I'm feedin' your fucking whore son another load of grampa cum!" Stan's was obviously the biggest load, with some of his hot sauce drooling out the edge of the boy's even more puffy lips. The boy put his finger up to catch the drops as he swallowed the old man cum. Tony was about to speak, when the speaker picked up another voice. "Hey, uh, will, uh, the kid suck me, too?" Marky shifted the phone to show the moderately large gloryhole and the partial face visible in it. It was Stan who got down to essentials. "You got a C-note for the kid?" The mouth dropped. "You mean he really is hooking?" Stan laughed. "Ain't nothin' free in Vegas, man. So, you got it?" The face disappeared and Stan bent down to look through the hole. He saw the fat man frantically going through his wallet, counting the bills, heard the big sigh when he obviously reached one hundred. He quickly announced he had it. "Rudy, why don't you just crawl under the stall and suck the nice man. He's got some daddy milk for you, too." Stan grabbed the phone so Rudy could watch his son's naked body wiggle and squirm until he was into the next stall, and then the image got weird before it settled down to a looking-down shot of the stall next door. Tony figured Stan was standing on the handicap toilet. Fucking Christ, the man was huge, and sweating, and balding. Not exactly a man Tony would have selected for his son to suck, but then, he had the cash, and Rudy wanted to earn money for his piggy bank. They couldn't really see the suck, as the man's belly was in the way, but they got glimpses of the boy's head bobbing as he knelt in front of the toilet. The fat man, clutching the wad of bills in his left hand, resting as much as it could on Rudy's head, played with his big flabby tits with his right and moaned and then started swearing, before cutting off with a loud "oh-oh-oh!" as he unloaded into the kid's mouth cunt. Tony was ready for his turn to get molested, while his boy watched him get his cock sucked. But that wasn't quite yet. The fat man panted and gasped, and handed Rudy the crumpled bills. Rudy swiveled on his knees to crawl back to where his clothes were, but the new sight stopped him. A pair of knees were under the door to the fat man's stall, actually, a lot more than knees, in fact, legs all the way up to the open zipper with the leaking uncut cock standing up. There were all eight fingers clutching the bottom of the door, two of which held a hundred dollar bill. Rudy was a math whiz. He already had $180 from the car ride. And $250 soon from the three blowjobs, and the hundred in his small fist, and now some other man wanted to molest him and give him a hundred bucks. That would make $630 and he hadn't even finished his two hour shift yet. He crawled over to the kneeling man, plucked the note to add to the wad he carefully held in one fist--a fist that carefully stayed on his size of the door--and gave the anonymous stranger the finest blowjob he ever had from a seven year old slut. When he was done, and the man had scrambled back, probably horrified at what he'd done so publicly, but perversely proud in a way, Tony called out to Rudy to get back. Rudy wiggled under the stall again, and stood up. Stan made sure to give Tony a great front view of his naked boy whore son holding two hundred bucks. "Come watch daddy get molested," they all heard Tony say. The boy and his three molesters crowded together to watch as Tony held the phone down for a clear view of the talented cocksucker deep throating all nine inches. "See daddy's dick, baby boy? See that big old Italian sausage going down his cocksucking whore throat? Remember when I asked you on the phone if you liked big Italian sausage and you said you did, well this is the one I was talking about, and he was sucking my dick like he is now. Get a good look, son, because this big old dago daddy dick is gonna molest your little boy mouth, and...and, oh fuck, yeah, the dick that made you is gonna breed you, too, gonna fuck your little boy cunt long and deep." He felt himself getting close, felt his balls drawing up, he began panting. "Tell me, baby boy, tell daddy!" Tony heard his cum slut whore son's voice saying, "Oh yes, daddy, I love big Italian sausage. I wanna be your cum slut whore boy. Please, daddy!" And the phone began jerking crazily as Tony went into ramming speed and spewed an even bigger load than last time down the cocksucker's throat. After a moment, he slowly drew his almost hard meat out of the man's mouth, letting his son and the other men get a good look at the cock that made the boy they'd just molested. He turned the cam off, and put the phone up to his ear. "Well, son, I gotta get back to work. So, uh, do you." He heard three adult snickers, and one little boy laugh. And then they both hung up. He handed the phone back to the man on the toilet, who asked, "You really gonna do it?" "Molest my boy? Fuck his mouth? Fuck his boy pussy?" The man nodded. "Goddamn fucking right." He paused in zipping up. "You want some of it?" The man hesitated. Nodded. "Man, I haven't had kiddie cunt of any sort for fuckin' years. So, yeah, but, I don't have C-notes to spare." Tony chuckled. "Well, my boy will have to learn that sometimes his daddy likes to give away freebies to his little kid cunt." Another slight pause. "I think I'd like to see the first dick I ever sucked fucking my little boy's pussy." There was a sly smile in response. "While you fucked mine? Thinking about my toddler cunt getting raped in the park by all those men?" He groped his own again hard cock, and squeezed Tony's crotch. "Goddamn right." The two put the numbers into their cells, and then Tony opened the door and left. Thinking about the work he had to do, but perhaps thinking a little more about how to best arrange the time and place to molest his own son for the first time. *** Roddick was a mess. Or rather, his suit was. But that's what he kept several changes of clothes in his office for, though he hadn't really thought he'd need it. All he'd intended was just a little jacking off, just playing with himself. One of his staff had made a wisecrack about horndog Tony heading to the third floor john for a blowjob, so he'd come back to his office, and did what he needed to do to pull up the john Tony was in, and then the cameras and microphones inside the stall. The cameras only he and a very select few knew about. Not all that long later he was frantically entering commands on the keyboard to split the screen so he could first see Rudy getting molested in the handicap stall, and then to the next stall with the fat man and the under-the-stall blowjob. But what blew the wad that messed up his slacks and shirt and tie was Tony's admission that he was going to fuck Rudy's boy pussy and share the fucking slut. He was definitely going to get a piece of that little hot piece, now that he knew Tony was a pedo, too.