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Timmy 2 I was the proverbial "this far" from finding a pipe or a wrench or something in the garage and then killing my coward asshole cunt cuckold son, by the time he finished his story. Only there wasn't time for that. There were only five minutes left before Jerome's arrival, and Diane was bringing my precious grandchildren into the kitchen. Fuck. My naked precious grandchildren. The two children acted like there was nothing unusual for their father to be in the kitchen with a hardon visible under his robe, and clearly naked beneath it, and for their mother to be naked, as they were. Fuck, it probably wasn't. Amy and Bobby got up on stools across the table from me and sat in identical positions, both with their legs spread wide, both playing with themselves. Bobby had a nice little cock, probably about three inches. Amy had a puffy slit that she was expertly working with three fingers. Amy smiled up at me with that adorable smile that wrapped me around her little slit...finger...when she was dressed and wanted something. "Mama said you wanted to see my pussy and Bobby's dickie. Are you gonna fuck us, too, Grampa?" "Well, we'll see, honey, but first I want to know if Jerome, well, hurt you." She nodded and smiled again. "Uh huh. It hurt real bad the first time he put his cock in my pussy, but he told me that I had to act like a big girl and stop screaming if I wanted to be a special little cum whore for him. But he just fucked me harder so I couldn't stop yelling and finally he told me it was really okay to yell, that he liked it when his little girl sluts yelled loud. I was still kinda hurtin' when he filled me up with his stuff. But the next time it didn't hurt so much. Well, except...." Her voice trailed off and I said, "Except what, Amy?" "Uh, well, it hurt really, really bad the first time he fucked my ass cunt. He said little girls had to know how to get fucked in all three of their holes if they wanted to be good sluts, and I wanted to be a good slut, Grampa, `cause Uncle Jerome makes me feel so good." "And does your daddy ever fuck one of your holes?" She just nodded, and looked like she was afraid to say something. So I reassured her she could say anything. "Daddy's not as good as Uncle Jerome." "Why not, honey?" " `cause his dickie is so small. I like a big cock in my cunt. Mama says big cocks are always better, `n I like having Uncle Jerome's big cock, and when I get older I'm gonna have Uncle Jerome's baby just like mama did." I kept my face impassive and my voice friendly. "What about you, Bobby?" He just snickered and kept right on working his dick. "Jesus, Grampa, what the fuck do you think? I like getting fucked anywhere and everywhere by Jerome. I like getting dicked in toilets and parks by strange men. I like making dad eat my cummy asshole when I've been fucked by five or six men. I like making him suck my cock, or bend over so I can fuck him, or piss in his mouth or up his sloppy man cunt." He scrambled around so his knees were on the edge of the stool, his legs spread as wide as possible, and he was bent over, looking at me over his shoulder, bracing himself on the back of the stool. His asshole, no, his boy cunt was brown and the ass lips thick and I could tell his hole had been fucked frequently and fucked hard. "I'm a fucking slut, Grampa. A cum whore just like Uncle Jerome wanted. You gonna fuck my pussy, too, and do a better job than my wimp father?" I was saved from having to answer that question immediately by the doorbell ringing. I told the children in my best don't-fuck-with-me courtroom voice to sit quietly on the stools while I went and answered the door. I assumed Jerome actually had keys to all the entrances; if he was making free with all the holes in my family it was only logical he'd want to be able to come and go, in both senses of the word, as he pleased. Astute of him to not use his key. I opened the door, jerked my head toward the kitchen, and after locking it, followed him. When I reached the kitchen he had just dropped his coat onto a counter, and was leaning into a deep French kiss with Diane, one huge black hand twisting a tit painfully, and several fingers buried in her cunt. Very effective technique. A nice show of independence, and who was really in charge. He was aware I was in the doorway. They all were. But Jerome and Diane pretended to be absorbed in the kiss and the cunt fingering. I did the obligatory throat-clearing bit, and the two slowly ended the kiss. When he took his fingers out of her pussy, he held his hand up and she licked and slurped his fingers clean of her juices. The smug smile was in Jerome's eyes, not his lips. If he was this good in court, and I'd never seen him in action, just heard the stories from attorneys who had, either there to watch or opposing him, then his reputation was justified. So was mine. "Jerome, I'm going to make a few statements. I want you to keep your fucking mouth shut. When I'm done you'll tell me if the statements are accurate, and if not, where they're wrong. No flights of fancy, no theatrics, just a simple statement of accuracy and a simple explanation of inaccuracy, if any." I didn't give him a chance to respond, but went on. "You gave my son a partnership in your firm in exchange for fucking him and turning him into a cuckold who does what you tell him to when it comes to sex. You gave him a raise that was dependent on fucking my daughter-in-law, getting her pregnant, taking my little granddaughter's virginity, and taking my grandson's virginity while you made his father watch and help you. True?" "Yes." Excellent. Answer just what you're asked and nothing more. The first rule of being questioned. "There's no crime you can be charged with for adultery with my whore daughter-in-law, and no crime in getting her pregnant. True?" "Yes." "However, you've been fucking all three of Amy's little holes, and both of Bobby's for about two years now. Which makes you a child molester in the eyes of the law. True?" "Yes." "So if I turn you in to the cops, and I mean all three of you, you're going to go to prison for a very long time. And convicts of either gender tend not to like child molesters very much. True?" There was just the tiniest flicker of...something...nervousness? fear? his eyes before he regained his stone face and acknowledged the truth of what I'd just said. I nodded and looked at each of the adults, forcing Alan to look me in the eyes with a snapped command that he do so and continue to do so until told otherwise. "Here's the deal, Jerome. So far, I haven't done anything. Not with you, not with Amy and Bobby, not with Alan or Diane. Definitely not with little Timmy here. If I go to the cops and tell them what I know, a lie detector will prove I'm telling the truth about my innocence, and any story you make up about me being involved will go right down the crapper since none of you could pass a lie detector test to save your souls. I've got all three of you by the balls, or tits, right now. "Now, I never thought I'd ever say this, but, fuck, yeah, I'd like to get into my grandson's pussy, use him for a blowjob or a toilet. And my fucking wimp son, damn right I know I want to use him, too. Mostly for a toilet, I think, since I'm sure Bobby has a tighter, better ass. And he'd be fun to humiliate, make him watch and help while other men use his wife, use his little girl, keep his cock caged so he can't cum unless I let him. But shit, I'm ready to walk away from all that if you don't agree to what I'm going to offer you. "Don't make the mistake of thinking this is something any of you can negotiate. It's purely, or impurely, take it or leave it. "I fucking win either way. I turn you in and the three of you rot in prison for molesting this innocent little girl and boy, and planning who knows what horrid abuse for the nigger baby. And me, I'm grandpa, the hero who sacrificed his own family to save his precious grandbabies. And the kids wind up with me anyway. Oh, I wouldn't do anything to them before your sentencing. Probably not for a while afterwards. And since they'd be recovering from such trauma, little Bobby won't be slutting himself around in men's rooms, and little Amy won't get any more cocks to put in her tight little cunny or up her equally tight ass. Not for months. Maybe years." I smiled inside when my two slut grandkids moaned at being deprived of adult cock. "Or, we can share the four of them." Jerome is as astute as I am at picking up on wording. "Four?" I nodded. "Alan, Diane, Amy, Bobby. You want them to service you here, Jerome, some toilet, fuck, on the courthouse steps, they're yours. You want to give one of your thug clients a last taste of boy pussy or man pussy before prison or a welcome home taste when they're released, they're yours. Anywhere, anytime, any place, any way at all. But Timmy here is mine. None of you touch him, none of the men using any of you, will touch him unless I okay it first." Jerome smiled. A lawyer's shark smile. "What do you have in mind?" I gave him the smile back, doubled. "The better question is what don't I have in mind?" "So I just give my son to you?" "So? Diane is fertile. We can breed another one for you. Hell, I might even father my own next grandchild and let you use him or her. Or, fuck, wait a little while and you can breed Amy as soon as she's able. And have a fucking hot time fucking her until she takes." "But I still want to be sure little Timmy will be treated right." The deal was done. Once they signal "maybe" and start negotiating, it's in the bag. Jerome's eyes signaled the handshake we didn't need. I looked down at the way his thick cock was making his slacks bulge. Maybe it was the idea of breeding little Amy that got him so hard and leaking. "Well, of course. A father is always concerned that his son will be used properly. Or perhaps...well used?" I'd tugged my shirt out of my pants, and was unbuttoning it as I stepped out of the sandals. Jerome began getting naked, too, dropping his clothes on the kitchen floor. Damn but that was some fucking huge slab of nigger meat jutting out. My cock oozed at the idea of watching that dick slide into my grandson's boy cunt. I stood by the table, right next to little Timmy, still naked, on his back now where everyone could admire that fine little boy meat and little baby balls. "But before I give Jerome a sample of my thinking...Alan, didn't you mention that you have a cock cage in your room?" "Aw, dad, please, no." Christ, I never thought I'd be turned on by the sound of my wimp thirty-three-year-old son whining. "You know, son," I said in my kindly courtroom voice, the one I use right before I cut off someone's balls, "you're not too old to be paddled. Or maybe whipped. Hard. So don't you think you better crawl to your room and do as you're told?" "Y...yes, sir." I paid attention just long enough to make sure that he was indeed on hands and knees and crawling away before I turned my attention back to the table. Although I did toss an instruction over my shoulder to bring it back in his mouth. It didn't take him all that long, but time flies when you're having fun. I was gently face fucking Bobby while we waited; Amy was sucking Jerome. Diane was fingering her own cunt and whimpering a little. I shoved Bobby off my dick, reached down to pat Alan's head, which he carefully kept bowed...Jerome had taught him well...and took the cock cage. "Would you like to cum, son?" "S...sir?" Jesus, you'd think after, what, a year of being used by Jerome, he'd have picked up on a few things. How he became such a good lawyer is beyond me if this was a sample of his thought processes. "You know, son, when one of the men who owns your ass and everything about you, offers to do something nice for you, like letting you cum, you really ought to pick up on that generosity and answer him properly. Either with a polite `yes, sir' or a polite `no, sir.' But since you're new to being owned by me, well, Christ, it only just happened, didn't it, that you became a piece of property owned by two men.... Hmmm. What do you think, Jerome? Shall we own them as joint tenants with right of survivorship? Avoid all those messy probate proceedings?" Jerome and I laughed at the joke; Alan caught it but fortunately he was smart enough not to join in the laughter. The children and Diane just looked puzzled. Fine. No need for them to understand everything. That wasn't their place. Women and little children should be fucked and not heard. And all they need to understand is just enough so that they can do what they are told, promptly and well. "Well, son, I'll give you one more chance. Would you like to cum?" "Oh, yes, please, sir. Thank you, sir." "Better. Much better. Bobby, suck your father off, and make it quick. I don't give a fuck if it's a good cum or not, just drain him enough so that wimpy little piece of meat can get locked up where it belongs. After all, your father takes whatever he gets and he's going to be damned grateful for it. Right, Alan?" "Y...yes, sir." He kind of moaned as Bobby crawled under him so that they were in a 69 position, if I'd allowed them to 69. Alan's head was down, of course, staring at the nine-year-old stiff dick, wanting desperately to bend further and chow down on his boy's meat, but knowing he didn't dare. And also knowing from my tone of voice, even if that tone was in a brand new context as of today, that he damned well better do what I told him and do it damned fast. Within a minute, two at the most, Alan grunted, moaned, and obviously came in his son's mouth. Bobby scrambled out of the way, and I let Alan sit up on his haunches. Damned if I was going to let anyone know that while I knew what a cock cage was, and was holding one in my hand, I was a cock cage virgin. With not a fucking clue how to get it on right. So I asked Bobby if he wanted to cage his daddy's cock. Only he stammered that he didn't know how. Fuck! "You mind if I do it, Steve?" Jerome's deep voice had only a hint of chuckle in it, so I kept my lawyerly reveal-nothing face on. "I've had so much fun doing this over the past year, it'll be fun doing it again." Well, shit, I owed him for this. And owed him even more when he squatted down to lift up Alan's cock and balls to put the cage on, but did it in a position that I could observe how it was done. Then Alan was back on all fours. By straining he might be able to see the table top and get a little bit of an idea what was happening. I was just going to start on Timmy when there was another interruption. Bobby wanted to know if he could fuck his father while we played with his new baby brother. My automatic response was "I don't think so." "But why?" Bobby almost wailed. "Uncle Jerome always lets me use daddy whenever I want." "Hmmm. I didn't know that." Christ, what a great humiliation for my son. Getting used by his own little boy whenever the boy had a whim to do so. But still.... "I'm wondering, Jerome, if it's really right for a young child to...well...have the right, if you will, to use an adult so freely. Even an adult like my son. Perhaps they ought to earn the right?" "Aw, grampa!" I leaned over, grabbed his arm, yanked him to me, and gave him a really hard swat on his naked ass. "The men who own you are talking, you little slut, so be respectful." A single tear trickled down his cheek. More from surprise than actual pain, though I'd hit him a hell of a lot harder than I'd ever done when disciplining him before. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir." I looked back up, and Jerome was nodding and smiling while he stroked his cock, which was oozing thick clear precum onto one of Diane's better tablecloths. And now it was going to have cum stains. Her problem, not mine. "Yes. You're right. It will give them an incentive. The better sluts they are for their owners, the more likely we are to reward them with the right to use an adult." "Good. That's settled. Now, any other problems before I get started on Timmy?" Given the silence, I reached down and placed my hand gently on my newest grandson's cock...I'd decided he'd be my grandson, just as the others Jerome and I would be breeding would be our children and grandchildren regardless of whose seed or womb were used...and his little dick got hard. No going back. I was now as guilty of molesting a child as the other adults around me were. My knees wanted to give out with that touch. Christ, I'd never known any real pedo desires until today, or at least not realized I had them, and now here was a baby boy, mine to raise, mine to use for whatever depravities I could come up with. And I have always had a depraved mind. A very depraved mind. I sucked my little baby boy, my tiny baby grandson, and raised his plump legs, spread them wide and lapped at his baby hole just as my son had done earlier. Timmy loved it; got hard, stayed hard. Put his legs down, fondled him. Put a hairy finger in his mouth, just a little and he eagerly started suckling on it. Pushed it further, feeling that tiny, tiny tongue lapping and getting it wet. Pushed it a little further, to my second knuckle, a little bit past and he started gagging and choking. I left my finger there for a moment...after all, he had to learn to take big cocks down his throat so he might as well learn early...and then pulled it back and out. I turned him on his tummy, had Alan pick up my shorts and shirt so I could wad them up beneath Timmy and raise those gorgeous chocolate brown ass cheeks up in the air. I used one hand to spread those melons wide so I could see his hot little hole, so they all could. Tongue fucking a baby's hole is easier when their asses are raised like Timmy's. I felt the ring open and let part of my tongue in. Fucking heaven! I raised my face a little. "Alan, how often have you been tongue fucking your baby son's cunt?" "Uh, once a day, sir." "You've done an excellent job, but from now on you need to do it more often." I slurped and tongued his hot pussy, felt it relax again. "After all, we need to loosen the cunt up so it doesn't hurt, well hurt too much, the first time I fuck his baby hole." I got my finger wet and gently eased just a bit of it into all that hot tightness. I almost felt ready to cum. And I was just getting started. I pushed it in a little more, just past my first knuckle, then eased it out, then in and out with a gentle fucking motion. "He needs to get accustomed early on to being used, right?" "Fucking right," Jerome rumbled next to me. He'd changed position so that his huge meat was jutting out over the table, over my grandson's body. I pushed my finger in to the second knuckle. Baby Timmy whined, started whimpering. I pulled it out, then back in again, started slow repeats. "If he's going to be a cumsucking whore slut before he's two, he needs to be broken in right." "Two? You're going to fuck him when he's two?" I'd never seen Jerome shaken like that. And from the way his hand speeded up the jacking and the ooze became almost a steady stream, he must have liked the idea. "Actually, I plan on fucking him before that. I plan on having both his pussies ready for you...or at least a good part of his second birthday." "Christ, man, you're a sick fucking pedo perv." I looked at Jerome as I continued the steady in, out, in, out plundering of my baby grandson's hole as I finger fucked him. "Is this where I do the `it takes one' bit?" Amy was sitting on one of the stools, Diane behind her, three fingers buried in the little girl's twat. Bobby was next to her, stroking his hard little meat. "Would you like to fuck your little brother, Bobby?" "Huh?" Bobby's stunned expression was mirrored by everyone else in the room. "Well, you like to put your dick in your daddy's cunt, don't you, Bobby?" "Oh, fuck, yeah, grampa!" "Then just think hot and tight your baby brother's cunt will be. But if you don't want to...." "Oh, no, grampa, I want to, I want to." "Kind of thought you would. Now get up here on the table, and lay on your back." I picked the baby up, still with one finger buried in his hot little hole. Jerome looked at me while Bobby scrambled to do my bidding. "I thought you were going to take my son's cherry?" I chuckled. "I am, Jerome. But I figure it this way. Boys will be boys, especially boys who are used by pedo men, and who are pedos in training. So I figure what's a little boy-on-boy experimentation? It's not until he's used by a real man..." and I glanced down at my fucking wimp son to make sure he got the point "that he loses his cherry." Jerome knew what needed to be done and quickly moved to the other side of the table so that there were two of us to support and guide Timmy as he started his first boy-on-boy "experiments." The first of fucking many, I was sure. Diane was at the end of the table to help us balance Timmy as we lowered his plump butt onto Bobby's face. Little Amy was on a different stool...Jerome had lifted her up and over...resting against the back, her slender legs spread wide and dangling as she fingered her little girl cunny. "Dad, please." I looked down at Alan, who was smart enough to keep his head bent as he let just his voice grovel for permission to stand up and watch. Oh, what the fuck. "Stand up, son," I said in a kindly voice. He sort of staggered when he got to his feet, stood at the opposite end from Diane, with his head down but looking at the baby boy getting his soon-to-be-a-pussy hole pleasured with nine-year-old tongue. After a few minutes, though, I figured he was wet enough. We carefully lifted the naked baby up, and still with his back to Bobby's face, carefully lowered him onto Bobby's fine young cock. From the expression on Jerome's face he was as near to cumming as I was when those two inches of nine year old meat turned the baby's rectum into baby boy cunt. We raised and lowered the tiny boy on Bobby's cocklet, while the baby squirmed and grinned and his own pricklet stayed nice and hard. Damn, but I guess loving to get fucked was bred into him, whether from my slut daughter-in-law or the nigger beside me. And wasn't that a thought I'd have to remember. Bobby grabbed Timmy's plump brown waist and started thrusting on his own, then moving a little faster, whimpering, moaning, babbling, "Oh Grampa, Grampa, Timmy's hole is so fucking hot, so tight, not like Daddy's cunt, oh, Grampa I'm gonna cum!" And with a loud shriek he went into a body-wrenching dry cum, plunging his two inches up tight into the baby's hole...while the baby went through what appeared to be a small dry cum of his own. Jerome and I lifted little Timmy off Bobby's temporarily-exhausted little dick, and Bobby turned, nearly fell off the table, caught himself, got off, staggered, and plumped his ass down on a stool. I took Timmy into my arms, cradled him gently while my fuck finger went back to rubbing his little boy hole, and then I laid him on his back on the table, right at the edge, holding his legs up and wide so I could move in and rest the head of my aching, leaking cock on his tiny, tiny pussy. Jerome gasped. "Fuck, man, I thought you were going to wait. You'll kill him." Apparently Jerome was not as astute as I'd previously believed. "I'm neither stupid, nor greedy, nor looking to pay you an outrageous amount of money to defend me." The "you dumb nigger fuck" which finished the sentence was only in my head. "Diane." She dragged her eyes away from the table where her three-month-old baby nigger had just gotten fucked by her nine-year-old son. Looked at me. From the glazed expression and the hand between her legs, she'd definitely gotten off on the sight. Her lower lip was swollen, as if she'd been biting down hard to keep from screaming when she came. "What?" "Do you have any dildos? Preferably black, preferably with a suction cup on the end?" Her expression turned to disgust and a sneer. "Jesus, dad. You're just another fag who needs his asshole crammed with cock, aren't you?" I never hit my late wife. Not once in all the years we were together. I never needed to. She knew her place before we married. I fucked her mouth, her ass and her pussy on her fourteenth birthday, cumming hard in all three holes, and we got engaged the next day. Her pussy was definitely virgin, but I could tell her other two holes weren't. She was too talented a cocksucker to be new at it, and there was clearly no pain when I shoved my prick into her asshole. I figured maybe it was her older brother, who was a year old than me, but more likely her dad. I didn't ask, of course, since a man has a right to use what he owns, as long as he leaves the cunt alone so her husband can have her cherry. By the time we got married six months later, on my nineteenth birthday, Elaine was well broken in. On our wedding day, in spite of all that don't look at the bride shit, I made sure we had some private time together at the church before the ceremony. Since I wouldn't allow her to wear panties under her wedding gown, it was easy to bend her over the desk in the pastor's office and alternate fucking her holes until I came in her pussy. And being such a special day, I knew she'd want to share the joy with her family, since I'd made her admit to me one morning while I had my dick up her ass that her daddy and her older brother Ray had been fucking her mouth and her ass since she was real little. I made her daddy wear a condom since he wanted to fuck her cunt, and I knew damned well I wanted to be sure it was my baby who eventually popped out, and not anyone else's. Her older brother just fucked her asshole raw. I was going to offer her to the preacher, since I really didn't have enough money to pay him, but my about-to-be father-in-law told me not to bother, he'd take care of the preacher for me. Well, a man's got to pay his debts, so I had him and Ray join Elaine and me for our wedding night. I'm not sure if she enjoyed getting all her holes used as rough and as often that night as the three of us did, but whether she did or not didn't really matter. She was being bred by the man who owned her and the men he allowed to use her and if she got some cums out of it, which she actually did, that was just the fucking icing on the fucking cake. If we'd had a daughter, I'm sure Elaine would have trained her in the proper respect for the man of the house. Clearly, Diane's mother, an uptight society bitch, hadn't bothered. My wimp son, despite the subtle examples I'd provided all his life, either wouldn't or couldn't teach her. So that left me. Spare the rod, and spoil the child was the way my father raised me. It was the way I'd raised Alan. It was the way I was going to train Diane, as Jerome had also clearly been unable to accomplish that feat. With my left hand gripping the table edge tightly, bracing myself so that there was no way Timmy could slide away, I quickly leaned forward and did not spare the "rod." I slapped the bitch. Hard. Not hard enough for permanent damage, not even a bruise. But hard enough for her head to whip to the right and for there to be an imprint of my hand on her cheek. Diane putting her left hand to her face, and the start of tears glittering in her eyes was almost simultaneous with Alan's, "Christ, dad! You can't...." The backhand cut him off. What the fuck was with this rebellious shit? First Bobby, then Diane, though I'd put up with it for a while, and then Alan. In a way I was proud of Alan for speaking up, although of course if he'd been a real man in the first place, the problems with Bobby and Diane would never have occurred. On the other hand, if he'd been a real man I probably wouldn't have my very own nigger grandson to train to be a proper little cum dump cock whore. The kitchen was, not surprisingly, very, very quiet. Except for the sound of Jerome's hand sliding back and forth on his thick nigger dick. I looked at Alan and Diane and they both looked away. Amy looked nervous. Bobby, well, Bobby looked avid, as if he was about to cum really hard since his prick was standing tall and he was vigorously stroking it, staring at his father's cheek, almost as if he were reliving the blow, perhaps imagining himself as the one who had done it. Perhaps Bobby could be taught what his father had so obviously never learned. Control is always about violence, which is not, as some writer once put it, the last resort of the incompetent. If you negotiate, as indeed you must in life, and often in my profession, you are not in control. You give up something to achieve your goal. But if you are in control, if you do as you wish without the need to regard the opinions or desires of those you control, you do so with an understood, though sometimes subconscious, threat of violence if you are not obeyed. "I will hurt you," are the four words you project in everything you say and do when you are in charge. Not that the "hurt" you warn of always has to be physical. It can be violence to the soul, violence to the heart, violence to the other's reputation or finances or emotions. Violence to establish and maintain control can be as creative as the dominant mind can devise. But sometimes physical violence is necessary. One of Jerome's clients killing an employee who betrayed him, to serve as a warning to the rest. The cliché client who won't repay a loan shark and gets knee-capped as a warning to others. The little boy who is insolent to his father and gets a bare-assed spanking to change the direction of his thoughts. A bitch slap for an insolent bitch. A backhand for a wimp son. Necessary, here and now. I picked up my naked grandson and cradled him in my left arm; squatted down beside Amy. I made sure my voice was gentle and I had the loving Grandpa look on my face. "Amy, did you know that little boys have pussies, too?" She got a wide grin at that, and said, "Uh huh, daddy's got one and so does Bobby. Uncle Jerome fucks their pussies a lot. But he says I'm the lucky one, `cause I got three pussy holes for him to fuck, and daddy `n Bobby only have two." I tousled her hair. "And I'm sure you're a very good little fuck, too, honey. But you know, sometimes men like to put other things in pussy holes. Do you know what a dildo is?" She giggled at that. "Sure, Grandpa." "What are they?" "Rubber dicks for a girl's pussy when there aren't any real ones." "Does mommy have any?" She nodded. "More than one?" Amy nodded again, smiling and relaxed once more. "How about you go and bring back three of the biggest ones, honey. Can you carry them by yourself?" "Sure, Grandpa, I'm a big girl now." She scampered off and my expression must have told Diane and Alan to keep their damned mouths shut at this point. In a few minutes Amy was back with three definitely large dildos. One of them very large, very black, not tremendously long but as wide as my fist, I thought, and my hands aren't exactly small. Diane's eyes went wide when she saw it. "Alan. Get the Crisco." He did, tugged off the lid, started to hand it to me, stopped at my look. I took one of the nigger dildos from Amy's hand...very long, fairly thick, slightly curved. I handed it to Alan and told him to use the suction cup to attach it to the smooth steel door of the refrigerator, at just the right height so someone could back into it and get a nice dildo fuck. He looked at his caged cock, then up at my face and recognized the futility of pleading with me. He stuck the dildo on the door, slicked it up with Crisco, grabbed a hand towel to wipe his hands, and then holding the base very carefully, slowly pushed back until his man cunt was impaled on the nigger dildo. Damn, but that was fucking hot. Especially the look of agony on Alan's face since his pussy was dildo-filled, he knew I was going to make him fuck himself, and no matter how much he hurt, his cock wasn't going to get hard and he wasn't going to cum unless I let him. I think he knew that was not going to happen. I stood up and with my free hand picked up one of the stools and walked over, set it in front of my pussy-fucked son so he'd have something to brace himself on. Not that I was being kind. By being able to brace himself he could fuck the dildo in and out of his cunt a lot harder than otherwise. Alan's look told me he knew precisely why I'd given him the stool. He may be a wimp, but at least he's smart. "Amy, have you ever helped mommy get a dildo into one of her holes?" She shook her head "no." "Well, honey, that's what mommy wants you to do right now, just as soon as mommy gets naked and down on the floor with her ass in the air." Diane had by now figured out who was in control. She did as she was told. She still hadn't lost the extra pregnancy weight, and her breasts were full from feeding her nigger baby, but with a little, ah, encouragement from her father-in-law she'd get back in shape in no time. And lose the cunt hair as well. I'd never allowed it on Elaine once we got engaged and saw no reason to allow it on Diane. I didn't particularly care whether the other men who would be using her liked or disliked my decision, and it wasn't as if I was going to be spending a great deal of time dicking her, but if and when I did, I wanted her cunt the way I wanted her cunt. I handed the smaller of the two dildos to Amy and told her to put it into her mommy's ass pussy. We all watched as Amy, with an obvious skill far beyond her years, used the Crisco to get her mommy's rectum all greasy, and then started shoving it in. Diane clearly wasn't a virgin back there, but from her groan she was still pretty damned tight. With not too much struggle, Amy got it buried all the way to the large fake balls. She started to pull it back out, and although watching my six-year-old granddaughter dildo fuck her mother's ass was a real turn on I had something else in mind. Something that didn't make Diane very happy, but then I don't think I looked like a man who gave a shit right then. I made her turn over and sit on the floor with her back resting against the cabinet doors under the sink, kind of slouched, with her legs spread wide. "Amy, honey, would you take this dildo to your mommy, please? And give her the Crisco, too." "Sure, Grandpa." Such a delightful, eager to please child. "Now, Diane, I want you to teach your little girl the proper way for a slut to get a dildo that size up into her pussy. Set a good example for your cum whore little girl." "Sir, please, I...." She stopped at my smile. It was a genuine smile, this time, showing my appreciation for the attitude change that shifted from a sneering "dad" to a respectful "sir." "Haven't you experimented with your nice big toy before, my dear?" "" "Has it been in Alan's pussy?" "No, sir," came from both Diane and Alan. Though Alan's voice was a little strained with the dildo fucking. "Well, we certainly can't have any virgin dildos in this house, can we?" Diane quietly agreed. "Then get the fucking dildo into your pussy before I just jam it up there." "Y...yes, sir." We all watched as Diane struggled and gasped and moaned as she got her pussy stretched wide enough for the width; she obviously didn't have any problem with the length since the dildo was not as long as the nigger dick that got her pregnant, just far, far wider. I had that fist image in my head but decided I'd save that fun for another time. I was down on the floor, too. Alan dildo fucking himself to my right, Diane double dildo fucking herself in front of me, so I told Amy to get down on her hands and knees next to me on my left. "You've been such a good little girl today, dear. Would you like Uncle Jerome to put his big fat dick inside you?" Amy squealed with joy. "Jerome, just go ahead and plug her little cunt, I'm sure she's plenty wet by now." He actually did it. The dumb nigger fuck. That was twice. I'd have to make the third time a special occasion. A very fucking special occasion. But that was down the line. Here and now I was going to mark my little nigger cum dump baby whore as mine, while almost everyone was cock fucking or dildo fucking and watching. Bobby was very willing to help Grandpa by jacking Grandpa's dick while Grandpa played with Timmy's oh so tiny oh so tight little boy hole. I greased Timmy's hole with the Crisco and was amazed again at how easily my fuck finger slid in and out of his little pussy. Not all of it, of course, but the boy was definitely getting a finger fucking. But with all this fucking buildup I knew I wasn't going to last too long. Which was fine. When I recharged I figured I'd sample Bobby's pussy. I maneuvered the tiny boy so that I could hold him fairly comfortably but with his legs up and the piss slit of my cock right up tight against his greasy baby hole. It was an awkward position for Bobby to be jacking, but that wasn't my problem. I began talking to him as Bobby steadily stroked me nearer to my cum. "Grandpa really didn't want a half-nigger grandson, Timmy, but Grandpa has one now, and he's gonna love you and take care of you and raise you as the finest nigger slut boy whore cum dump that ever was. You're gonna drink cum with your formula, and learn to suck Grandpa's cock and swallow his cum. You're gonna have your pussy played with and fingered, and fucked by your brother Bobby. Later on, once I've fucked you long and hard and busted your fucking cherry with Grandpa meat, I'll let other men use you like the little cum pig you're going to be. Oh Christ, my nigger baby fuck whore cum dripping cunt bitch...FUCK!" And with that loud bellow I came hard, literally harder than any cum I can ever remember. Hard enough that the first volcano spurt went a little way inside his baby cunt, and then the rest covered his little pricklet and ball bag, his belly, even some on his face. Jerome was grunting and Amy was squealing deliriously as he followed with a cum into her little girl cunt. Diane screamed with her own double-dildo cum. And Alan...Alan went on and on fucking himself on the dildo, grinding his hips, using one hand to take turns twisting his nips hard, babbling almost incoherent pleas to have the cage taken off and someone jack him, suck him, let him shoot his cum. His eyes were glazed over, his breathing was heading toward hyperventilation, and then all of a sudden he froze, every fucking muscle in his body rigid, and then began gasping and panting and heaving as his muscles rippled and twisted and twitched. Jesus. My boy had fucked himself to a dry cum. I left Alan, Diane, Jerome and Amy to clean themselves up, or maybe fuck or suck some more if Jerome wanted to use one or more their pussies. I picked up my cummy mess nigger grandson and ordered Bobby upstairs to his bedroom. I figured it would be a turn on to fuck my nine year old grandson in his own room, bent over his own bed, and cum up inside his well-trained slut cunt while he was sucking on the dick of his baby nigger brother, and cleaning up his grandpa's cum. Goddamn, when I'm right, I'm right.