Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. (Note: This is a rough draft that will undoubtedly undergo numerous revisions before completion. Major sections may end up deleted and/or rewritten. Therefore, you may wish to wait for the final version to be posted in my main directory to avoid ruining the surprise. The choice is yours.) WARNING: Please do not read this work if subjects containing rape and violence offend you. Defiled New Employee By The Cryptkeeper "Ooooooh, you fucking bastard! Noooooh, please don't cum in me," Linda pleaded as the male organ drove deep. Her black boss had ruined the youthful secretary's sex life with her husband. She would never have dreamed of being with a black man before. But Reggie Johnson coerced the beautiful, white secretary into having sex with him or losing her job. After working for Reggie for over a year, Linda's pussy became spoiled by the repeated encounters with his ridiculously large cock, to the point where she could barely feel her husband's average size penis when they had sex. Fortunately, Linda's husband remained ignorant to her forced affair with her nasty boss. Linda wanted to end her relationship with Reggie Johnson before her husband found out about the affair and it destroyed her marriage. But with her husband out of work because of the lousy economy, she needed to keep her job. Linda didn't have a choice but to tolerate Reggie's frequent amorous attentions without much hope of things changing. After a few moments their simultaneous climax passed. Linda regained her composure, slid off Reggie's desk, and searched for her panties with his disgusting cum inside her. Reggie Johnson had an obsession for pretty, young white girls - especially ones who he perceived as coming from good families that would be intolerant of an interracial relationship. He took extreme delight in tainting white pussy. Linda was merely Reggie's latest conquest in his ongoing war against the white race - another payback for the years of injustice black brothers and sisters suffered because of the white man. But things unexpectedly looked better for Linda when a black secretary named Shaquanda announced retirement, because Reggie put Linda in charge of Shaquanda's replacement. It dawned on Linda to find the most attractive, young, white girl possible, regardless of her qualifications, for Reggie to pursue. He would then lose interest in Linda and she could save her marriage. Because of the Great Recession, Linda received hundreds of applications from some very qualified people. However, she narrowed the selection down to five young, Caucasian females based entirely on their looks. Linda knew Reggie's sexual appetite for petite, young, white girls - like herself - would doom the one unfortunate girl she selected for the job. She felt guilty about her ethical dilemma. They were all so young and innocent - like she used to be before Reggie defiled her. But there was no other way, she realized as Reggie shouted from inside his office. "Linda, come here and close the door behind you," Reggie barked. Linda glanced at the clock. It was 5:00 pm and the other employees were leaving. She had remained hopeful that this would be one of the rare days when Reggie wouldn't fuck her. Linda hesitantly entered Reggie's office. As she approached Reggie's desk, its cleared surface further indicted Reggie's intentions and confirmed Linda's fear. She turned around and faced Reggie. He gently guided her backwards until her firm little butt bumped into his desk. She leaned back slightly, her hands holding its edge for support. "Please, Mr. Johnson, I don't want to keep doing this. I'm married," Linda whined as Reggie began unbuttoning her blouse. Reggie's hands cupped Linda's perky tits through her sexy pink silk bra before descending down her open blouse, softly brushing her firm tummy on the way to unfastening her skirt. "No, I can't do this with you again, Mr. Johnson," Linda pleaded as he pulled down her skirt revealing the silk panties that matched her bra. He relished fucking white bitches like her against their will. "You don't have to stay here, Linda. You is always free to leave," Reggie responded with a grin. He knew she couldn't afford to lose her job. Reggie admired Linda's smooth, white skin. He unclasped Linda's bra allowing it to slowly slide from her perfectly shaped tits as he proceeded down to her panties. Linda weakly clasped the dainty undergarment for a moment, but then slowly released it as Reggie coaxed it from her fingers and pulled the silky material down her long legs. Taking off Linda's clothing was like unwrapping delicious candy. Her pussy was cleanly shaved except for some short, neatly trimmed pubic hair - dark brown - above her precious cunt. He simply loved forcing her to cum and betray her whitey husband. "It's okay, baby. Your husband ain't ever gonna find out about none of this," Reggie reassured her as he lifted her up on the desk and parted her legs. Linda fell back on her elbows and helplessly watched Reggie part her lips and begin stroking her clit, her light pink slit already glistening with wetness. "Noooooooooh, please Mr. Johnson, I can't," Linda softly complained as she squirmed from Reggie's contact with her very special spot. Reggie knew how to make her body react the way he wanted. He knew exactly where and how she liked to be touched and exploited that knowledge fully. Reggie masturbated the defenseless wife to a series of small orgasms then proceeded to perform oral sex on her. Linda hated the way Reggie made her body respond against her will, causing her to experience multiple orgasms. But she remained powerless to stop him and endured the molestation. Linda heard the sound of Reggie unzipping his pants. She looked down at his black monster cock in disbelief even though she was quite familiar with it. Her anatomy had adjusted to his size a while ago and she stopped experiencing discomfort from his penetration. But Linda hated the thought of not only a black cock - but a gigantic, black cock - occupying her pussy. Sex was supposed to be a sacred act enjoyed exclusively by husband and wife. Reggie was not her husband, yet he forced her to cum hard and his large cock caused her to lose the enjoyment she received from having sex with her husband. "Ooooooooooooh, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, please," Linda exclaimed as Reggie put his cock inside her. She felt every inch of Reggie's thick, long, pole as it slowly filled her. Reggie increased the tempo of his thrusts. Linda couldn't stop from locking her heels around his waist and embracing him with her arms. Reggie was making her cum again and all that mattered at the moment was her pussy. Reggie wished Linda's lame honky husband could see her cumming on his big black cock. Linda felt Reggie's dick become larger, and then pulsate, filling her with his warm, slimy seed. He pulled his long, wet cock all the way out and rubbed its head over her clit, skeeting a few residual rounds. After her humiliating orgasm subsided, Linda sat up on her elbows and looked down at the white, slimy mess Reggie left on her flat belly. There was nothing to wipe it off with. Linda spread the jism out on her tummy with her hands as much as she could and then wiped them on her legs as she sat up on the desk. The deed was over for today at least. Linda watched with relief Reggie tuck his big, flaccid manhood back in his boxers. Sometimes he would fuck her several times and she would have to call her husband with an excuse for being late. Fortunately, Reggie was satisfied fucking her only once this evening. "How's that search for my new secretary coming along?" Reggie asked as he tucked in his shirt and zippered his pants. Linda gathered her garments from around the room while answering Reggie, "I've narrowed it down to the five best candidates." "Good. I'd like to meet the one you select before making a hiring decision," Reggie replied. Linda put on her clothes and Reggie escorted her to her car. Even though she was eager to move Reggie on to other pastures so he would stop fucking her, Linda waited before deciding who to hire for the new secretary position. She wanted to make certain the girl she chose wanted the job badly enough to tolerate Reggie's advances. Otherwise, Linda would be in a worse predicament with an angry boss. After several days, the job applicants started calling back. One of the candidates Linda was considering for the position - a very attractive 20-year-old girl named Becky - called several times sounding desperate for work. Linda believed Becky might be the right choice and had her come in for a second interview and possibly meet Reggie. Linda carefully studied the slender, young girl's features for a second time when Becky returned. She was pretty alright - slightly younger and perhaps even more attractive than Linda - just the way Reggie liked them: petite, fair skinned, with nicely feminine proportions. "Tell me about yourself, Becky." Linda asked the young girl sitting across from her. For a few moments Linda stared right into her sky blue eyes as Becky spoke, admiring the way they sparkled, complimenting her fine facial features and fiery red hair. While Becky recanted a long list of her qualifications, Linda noticed a modest engagement ring on Becky's finger. Perhaps she wasn't the best pick, Linda thought. A girl in young love would be prone to reject Reggie's advances even if it meant losing her job. Becky suddenly added, "I really need this job and will do anything to work here." "That's a beautiful ring," Linda commented, hoping to learn more about Becky's private life. "Thank you," Becky answered. "It's an engagement ring. I'm planning to be married in May." "Oh how nice. I've been married going on two years myself," Linda replied. "How long have you known your fiancée?" "We've been dating for three years. We met as seniors in high school," Becky said. Linda felt a connection to the girl sitting across from her. They could even be friends. She decided to spare Becky from Reggie's perversion by not hiring her. She would be doing Becky a favor even though Becky would never realize it. "Well thank you for coming back, Becky. I'm very impressed with your application. We'll be making a decision in the next few days," Linda said as she walked Becky toward the door. Reggie unexpectedly stood outside the office as Linda opened the door for Becky. "I was just coming to see you, Linda." Reggie said with a big grin on his face as he eyed Becky. "Is this one of the applicants for the secretary position?" "Yes, I didn't know if you had time to meet with her now or not," Linda replied. "Of course I have some time to meet with this fine young lady," Reggie said as he walked in. "My name is Reggie Johnson, I'm the owner, president, big cheese around here. What's your name?" Reggie undressed the beautiful, young white girl with his eyes as she introduced herself. He admired her petite figure, tight firm ass, and flowing curves. Her perky tits looked appetizing. "Becky tells me she's getting married in May," Linda added. "Is that a fact? What's your fiancée's name?" Reggie asked. "Kevin Thompson," Becky replied. "What does he do for a living?" Reggie continued. "Right now he's looking for part-time work. He's a full time student finishing up his BS Degree in Chemistry." "I see," Reggie exclaimed. "Well I think you'll fit in perfectly here. When is she starting?" Reggie asked Linda. Becky's face lit up with joy, revealing her perfect teeth. Linda was lost for words momentarily. She knew what Reggie was up to and wanted to warn Becky but couldn't. "I hadn't got that far with her yet Mr. Johnson," Linda finally said after a short pause. "Can you start Monday?" Reggie asked Becky. "Yes, thank you so much! What time should I be here?" Becky asked with a bright smile. "We start at 8:00 am. Now before you get too excited, realize that there will be times when you will have to work late. You can ask Linda about the frequent overtime," Reggie said with a smirk that sickened Linda. "You will also be required to accompany me on some business trips out of town. So you may have to be away from your fiancée for a little while sometimes. Are you okay with that?" Reggie asked. "Yes, yes, yes, of course. Thank you so much. I'll be here first thing Monday Morning Becky said as she shook Reggie's hand and then Linda's.