(Note: This is a rough draft that will undoubtedly undergo
numerous revisions before completion.  Major sections may end up
deleted and/or rewritten.  Therefore, you may wish to wait for
the final version to be posted in my main directory to avoid
ruining the surprise.  The choice is yours.) WARNING: Please do
not read this work if subjects containing rape and violence
offend you.

   Defiled Little Stepsister

   By The Cryptkeeper

   "You really need to get your act together," Tiffany told her
older stepsister, Kelly.  "The people you're hanging out with are
nothing more than animals, disgusting street thugs.  Why are you
doing this to yourself? Don't you want to attend college, meet a
nice man, settle down and have a family like I'm going to do?"
Tiffany continued as she unpacked her clothes from the suitcase.

   Kelly stared back at her beautiful, younger stepsister with
contempt, but said nothing.  What made Tiffany think she could
just move in and dictate the way Kelly should live?  By animals
and street thugs she really meant black people, Kelly thought.
Tiffany always had a superiority complex exacerbated by her
stunning looks.  The 20-year-old college student had moved down
from Maine to attend the University.  She also wanted to help
Kelly get her life back on track.  Kelly resented Tiffany's
presence. But Mom and Dad insisted her younger stepsister stay
with her.

   The doorbell rang, giving Kelly a welcome excuse to break away
from Tiffany's lecture.

   "Oh, that must be Darrin." Tiffany shouted as Kelly walked
toward the door.  Kelly opened the door and gazed into Darrin's
blue eyes momentarily. Tiffany's fiancé was a handsome package,
alright - but probably not Kelly's type.

   "Hi.  Come on in," Kelly said with a big smile as she stood
aside and Darrin entered.

   "Hello," Darrin replied as he walked by Kelly to greet his
fiancée, Tiffany.

   Kelly eyed Darrin's muscular buttocks as he walked by to hug
Tiffany and kiss her on the cheek.  At least he would distract
Tiffany for a while and the lecturing would stop.

   Tiffany became increasingly difficult for Kelly, always
watching and judging her.  It seemed like nothing Kelly did met
Tiffany's high standards.

   "Perhaps my perfect sister needs a little flaw," Kelly said to
her friend and drug dealer, Reggie Johnson, one night as the two
shared a joint. Kelly knew Reggie was a black stud that had a
huge appetite for young, stuck up, white girls - just like
Tiffany.  "Maybe you should stay with us for a while and meet my
little sister," Kelly suggested to her dark, muscular friend as
she showed Reggie a photo of Tiffany.

   Kelly noticed a large bulge form in her black friend's pants
as he stared at Tiffany's picture.  "Tell me what you have in
mind," Reggie asked.

   "This is my boyfriend, Reggie.  He's going to stay with us for
a while," Kelly said with a grin as she introduced the big,
burly, black man to her unsuspecting stepsister a few days later.
 Although Tiffany attempted to conceal her feelings, Reggie
noticed her mortified expression.

   "Hi," Tiffany coldly blurted, out of social obligation rather
than from any sincere gladness to meet the dark stranger.

   "What's up?" Reggie replied as his black eyes roamed every
inch of Tiffany's nubile body - her silky blond hair, sapphire
eyes, fair skin, splendidly tight ass that stuck out just the
right amount, and perky tits. She looked better in person than in
the photograph Kelly had shown him previously.

   Kelly happily observed Reggie's prolonged stare at her
oblivious stepsister, like a hungry wolf watching its potential
prey.  If all went as planned, soon naïve Tiffany would be too
preoccupied to continue nosing into Kelly's business.

   Tiffany wondered how Kelly could date a black man and invite
him to live with them.  She wanted to call Mom and Dad and tell
them about it right away.  "This will devastate them," she

   Tiffany mistakenly decided to wait until after speaking with
Kelly alone before calling their parents.  "Hopefully, I can talk
some sense into my sister."

   Tiffany watched Reggie and Kelly quickly bring a few of his
things into the house while maintaining their ruse.  "I love you,
Baby," Kelly said as she wrapped her arms around Reggie's neck
and gave him a deep French kiss for Tiffany's benefit.  With her
hands firmly on her hips, Tiffany's lips closed tightly and she
shook her head side-to-side displaying her disapproval of the
interracial couple making out in front of her.

   Darrin arrived later that evening for dinner with Tiffany. The
two couples briefly made each other's acquaintance in the living
room.  "Hey, Dog," Reggie said to Darrin with his large hand
extended.  The two shook, Darrin noticing Reggie's firm grip as
the dark, muscular athlete towered over him.  The contrast
between Reggie and Darrin seemed obvious: Reggie looked much
stronger than Darrin - like he could easily crush Tiffany's white

   After dinner, Tiffany and Darrin went into Tiffany's bedroom,
where their kissing slowly turned into heavy petting.  A bit of a
prude, Tiffany was not very comfortable having sex, but made an
occasional exception for her boyfriend.  Darrin placed a condom
over his modestly sized penis, the only male organ fortunate
enough to ever win the prize of Tiffany's little vagina, and they
quietly made love.  The rare times they had sex with each other,
Darrin always used rubbers.  Tiffany's vagina never made direct
contact with his small, unprotected penis and remained unsoiled,
the way Tiffany planned to keep it until they were married.

   Reggie and Kelly sat together in the living room quietly
giggling to one another when Darrin and Tiffany came out of her
room after only ten minutes. Neither Tiffany nor Darrin realized
Reggie and Kelly laughed at their expense and the brevity of what
they thought was a secret sexual encounter.

   From the sofa, Reggie watched Tiffany's punk-ass fiancé kiss
her goodbye on the cheek for the evening.  "That fucker must have
a small dick, which he doesn't even know how to use if he was in
there only 10 minutes," Reggie thought.

   "I'm going to miss you, Darling," Darrin told her.

   "Say hello to your parents for me.  When does your flight
return?" Tiffany asked.

   "On the 23rd at 5:15 pm."

   "Well, call me and let me know you arrived safely," Tiffany

   A grin formed on Reggie's face as he realized the fortunate
turn in events that coincidentally occurred so soon after moving
in.  Darrin's absence for two weeks would provide ample time with
Tiffany.  "By the time her foolish honky boyfriend returns, her
pussy will have an acquired taste for my big, black cock," he

   "I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning for work.  I won't be
back until late," Kelly informed Tiffany after Darrin's

   "Okay," Tiffany answered, her mind obviously elsewhere -
probably Darrin's trip - as she meandered back to her room.

   Kelly turned to Reggie and whispered, "Looks like you'll be
having fun with my little sister soon, Stud."

   Kelly stroked Reggie's cock early the next morning while he
slept, watching his black snake grow in response to her caresses.
 "That's it, big boy, get nice and hard for my little sister,"
she whispered.  As the virile organ burgeoned beyond what Kelly
imagined possible, she wondered how the hell he fit the thing in
his pants.  "You're going to give Tiffany quite a treat," she
continued as she held the hefty appendage with both hands.

   Kelly's fondling finally woke Reggie.

   "That feels good girl, but what you doing?  I thought you
wanted me to fuck your stepsister," Reggie asked.

   "You will, stud.  I'm just getting you ready," Kelly answered
before attempting to fit her lips around the head of Reggie's
cock.  With some effort, she managed to open her mouth wide

   "Mmmmmmm," Kelly moaned while sucking on Reggie's vascular rod
for a few minutes.  When she pulled her mouth away, Kelly
continued, "Tiffany is a lucky girl.  I heard her enter the
shower about 20 minutes ago.  She's probably shaving her pussy
for you right now, Stallion."

   Reggie raised his eyebrows at Kelly's suggestion.

   "Well, I'm off to work now," Kelly said as she abruptly got
off the bed and straightened her clothes, leaving Reggie
unfulfilled and badly needing relief.  "How about some of that
rock you promised me in exchange for my sister's tight, white

   Reggie pulled up his boxers and got out of the bed; but Kelly
still saw the thick head of his hard cock extend slightly beyond
the top of the waistband almost reaching his navel.

   "Here you go, girl," Reggie said handing Kelly a vial of crack
he retrieved from the dresser drawer.

   "Thanks," Kelly said with a wink.  "I put the stuff you gave
me last night into Tiffany's coffee like you said.  It's waiting
on the counter for her to drink now.  It better be good shit or
she will fight you," Kelly remarked.

   "By the time your little sister realizes what's going on,
she'll be all over my cock and won't know we drugged her.  That
junk is pharmaceutical grade, magic crap.  I've used it before on
chicks and when they come down from it, they never know they was
high and think they just got carried away," Reggie replied.  "If
she resists, she won't remember," he added with a smirk.

   "Okay, stud - have fun then," Kelly said.  "I 'm going to
party with Lashonda and Tanesha after work tonight.  I won't be
back until tomorrow morning - so you'll have time alone with

   Leaving Reggie in the bedroom with a boner and achy balls
needing relief, Kelly sat at the kitchen table eating a bagel for
breakfast before work.  Tiffany - dressed in a pink t-shirt
tucked into a pair of nicely fitting designer jeans that
highlighted her willowy figure - grabbed the cup from the
automatic coffee maker and joined her.

   "I'm glad I caught you alone for a second," Tiffany started.
"What are you thinking inviting that black guy to live with us?
Are you crazy?  You know how Mom and Dad - and I feel about those
types of people."

   Kelly quietly listened to Tiffany with a newly acquired
patience knowing what soon awaited her goody two-shoes step

   "If you don't tell your boyfriend to leave, I'm going to call
Mom and Dad and tell them about the two of you," Tiffany

   "Okay, Tiffany.  You're right.  I'll tell him he has to move
out when I get home.  But can he stay until he finds someplace
else to live?" Kelly asked.

   Surprised by Kelly's unusual obligingness, Tiffany agreed to
Kelly's request.  "Fine, but he has one month to find a place."

   Kelly watched Tiffany unwittingly finish her coffee.

   "I'm off to work, Tiff.  Have a nice day," Kelly said with a
smile in her voice as she left her prim and proper step sister
alone in the house with a very horny sexual predator.

   Between semesters at school, Tiffany planned on taking
advantage of the idle time performing some needed house cleaning
for Kelly.  She went into the living room to get started and saw
Reggie sitting shirtless on the sofa in a pair of gym shorts.
Tiffany's eyes momentarily focused on the large muscles defining
Reggie's arms, chest, and stomach.

   "You need to wear a shirt around here," Tiffany
condescendingly said to Reggie.  "I don't want to look at your
bare chest."

   Reggie remained on the couch hungrily staring at the
vulnerable Tiffany and blatantly rubbing a humongous bulge in his
shorts without responding to her arrogance.

   Reggie observed Tiffany's pupils begin to dilate as she
continued, "Hello?  Do you hear me?" She was definitely a
beautiful, stuck-up, white, bitch who thought she was too good
for a nigger - the type of girl whose pussy he enjoyed spoiling
for white men.

   Unaware of her defenselessness as she succumbed to the potent
drug in her coffee, Tiffany stood her ground while Reggie
approached her with a menacing expression.

   "What are you doing you filthy animal?" Tiffany exclaimed.
Reggie held her thin waist firmly with one arm while rubbing her
crouch with his other hand.

   "No!  Stop it!" Tiffany yelled trying to push Reggie's hand
away from her privates.  But Reggie easily overpowered Tiffany.
The drugs she had unknowingly ingested affected her sensory
perception and libido first. Touch felt really good.  The more
Reggie rubbed her, the harder it became for Tiffany to resist
him.  Her vagina never reacted this way before.  She was all warm
and wet down there and didn't understand why.

   Reggie pushed Tiffany down onto the couch and began
unbuttoning her jeans.  Tiffany tried kicking Reggie away

   "Please, don't do this to me," Tiffany cried as Reggie pulled
off her pants, revealing a bright, red thong she wore.

   "It gonna be okay baby," Reggie reassured Tiffany as he slid
his hand down her firm, white belly and inside her panties. "Does
that feel good?" he asked as he delicately messaged Tiffany's

   "Oooh, please don't" Tiffany murmured clasping Reggie's wrist
but unable to pull his hand out of her.  More of the designer
drug absorbed into Tiffany's bloodstream, blocking her short term
memory.  She didn't know why she was on the couch or how Reggie's
hand got in her panties.  Something didn't seem right about this
situation.  But Tiffany found it impossible to think about
anything except the wonderful feeling from her pussy.

   Reggie slowly pulled Tiffany's thong down her long, sleek legs
and greeted her small, smoothly shaved, youthful cunt.  She
obviously took great effort grooming her femininity.  A narrow,
neatly trimmed strip of short, blond, pubic hair extended a brief
distance from above her pink, pencil eraser sized clit, below
which were her moist, pink, labial folds.

   Reggie swiftly removed Tiffany's shirt and bra to see the rest
of his new prize.  Tiffany's firm tits were not huge, but they
were large enough and would maintain their perkiness without
becoming saggy with age.  Light, pink areolas that matched the
color of her labial folds - slightly larger than quarters -
capped the pale globes.

   The new designer drug worked really well on females, making it
easy to bring them to intense, multiple orgasms.  Reggie enjoyed
watching Tiffany's young body respond with growing pleasure as he
fine tuned the way he played with her inexperienced pussy.  Her
small hands dug into the sofa and her body squirmed just from his
thumb tracing gentle circles around her special love button.

   "Naaaaah, please oooooh," Tiffany moaned as Reggie continued
masturbating her while slowly coaxing her legs further apart.  He
was determined to teach this snooty, little white bitch a lesson.

   Reggie eventually managed to spread Tiffany's legs wide open
"That's it, baby, cum hard for me," Reggie taunted his oblivious
victim as he peeled open her pink, juicy lips with his black
fingers and delved his tongue into her wet pussy and over her
sensitive clit.

   "Oh, God, what's happening to me?" Tiffany cried in delirium.
Reggie saw her vagina spasm.

   The time arrived to fuck this white bitch.

   Reggie removed his boxers and placed the large, bulbous head
of his charcoal cock against Tiffany's small, slippery, pink

   Tiffany felt an uncomfortable pressure and looked down at her
pussy in dismay.  Reggie's long, vascular cock looked like a
thick, heavy pipe.  "Oh God, no!  That can't fit in me.  Please

   She could not close her legs with Reggie already between them.

   "Don't put that in me," she begged to no avail.  Reggie
continued pushing and Tiffany helplessly watched his cock
overcome her pussy's tight resistance and snugly slither its way
into her.

   "Owe, it hurts," Tiffany sobbed as Reggie started gently
thrusting. "Please don't push any deeper."

   "Shush, girl.  It will start feeling good again soon," Reggie
promised. Tiffany felt the monstrous organ penetrating deeper;
but, she remained powerless to stop its unprotected invasion into
her vulnerable pussy.

   "Please take it out," Tiffany begged.  But Reggie patiently
continued the assault, his large, black cock seizing more
territory inside her.

   Gradually, Tiffany felt Reggie's heavy testicles slapping
harder against her asshole without realizing the significance -
her female anatomy adjusting to the larger size of its new mate.

   Darrin's dick had to be no larger than a cigarette because
Reggie fucked virgins who were not as tight; but his cock
ultimately overcame the last remaining resistance in Tiffany's
pussy, forcing her female organ to accept his cock's entire

   Reggie's thick, black cock, repeating its lengthy journey in
and out of its newly conquered white territory, glistened with a
heavy coat of Tiffany's juices.

   For Tiffany, the surrender allowed the pain to abate into mild
discomfort.  Reggie listened to her cries diminish into moans
that hinted at growing pleasure.

   "Do you like having my black cock in your pussy?" Reggie cooed
in Tiffany's ear.

   "Oooooh, nooooo - please take it out," Tiffany answered, her
petite body writhing beneath him.  Reggie felt her erect nipples
poking into his chest.

   The drug caused Tiffany to immediately forget the pain she
previously experienced.  Once more she momentarily sensed
something very wrong with her situation.  But she could not
concentrate on anything outside her pussy. Tiffany's legs locked
around Reggie's buttocks while her arms clutched his back.  Her
pelvis responded to his cock by grinding into him. Reggie felt
her pussy squeezing his rod in uncontrollable fits.  This high
and mighty white princess wasn't too good for a Nigger right now.
 Soon she would come down from the high and find herself cumming
on his cock.

   Reggie loved watching their confusion when these white girls
became lucid from this drug.  The enhanced sense of touch lasted
longer than the effect on their memory.  So the victims
remembered being unable to stop cumming like crazy, causing them
to mistakenly conclude they were willing participants in their
actual rape.

   Tiffany's awareness began returning.  What was she doing
allowing a disgusting black man to fuck her?  She couldn't stop
herself from cumming, nor could she relinquish her tight grip
around him.

   "Ooooooh, ooooooh, oooooooh, no, please stop," she kept
repeating.  But Tiffany's body contradicted her moans, her legs
remaining locked around Reggie and her pussy still grinding on
his cock.

   Tiffany noted her new partner's acceleration but didn't
realize he wasn't wearing a condom.  She then felt Reggie's cock
enlarge and pulsate followed by strange warmth flooding inside

   Reggie's movements slowed; his huge prick relinquished some of
its previous size and firmness.  When he pulled his long flaccid
cock out of Tiffany, her eyes grew large and gazed at his
enormous, unsheathed, manhood.

   "Oh my God: You weren't wearing a condom and you came in me?"
Tiffany asked, reaching down to the large opening left by
Reggie's absence.  White slimy cum on her fingers answered her

   "How could I let myself get carried away like this?" Tiffany
wondered. The jism leaking from her pussy seemed like a lot of
cum to Tiffany, especially compared with the small amount left in
Darrin's rubbers, but represented only a small fraction of a much
larger batch of potent goo Reggie's lengthy cock ejaculated deep
inside her.  Darrin's seed would no longer be the first to enter
Tiffany's precious, white pussy - as she had intended - now that
Reggie stole the honor.

   Although Tiffany attempted to stop Reggie's further advances,
boundaries had already been crossed and reestablished; and the
lingering effects of the drug prevented her from exercising her
usual self-control.

   Before Tiffany knew it, Reggie resumed skillfully masturbating

   "Kelly will be home soon," Tiffany reminded Reggie in an
effort to get the sex-addicted Negro off her so she could get
dressed and put the entire affair behind her.

   "Don't you worry, baby.  She told me she won't be home till
tomorrow morning," Reggie replied positioning his cock at
Tiffany's entrance again.

   "Can you wear a condom for me this time?" Tiffany asked.

   "Sorry, Baby.  I don't have no raincoats - never use `em.  You
can't feel nothing with `em on," Reggie responded.

   Tiffany found herself in Kelly's bed reluctantly fucking her
sister's boyfriend throughout the evening.

   Tiffany awoke on top of Reggie early the next morning.  The
drug's effects had vanished.  She remembered that from a variety
of positions his cock had been inside her most of the night. What
had she done?  How could she allow something like this to happen
with a disgusting black man?

   Tiffany got off Reggie while he slept before her sister
returned and proceeded to shower.  Neither Kelly nor Darrin could
ever learn about what had happened between her and Reggie.
Soothing water from the shower flowed down her unblemished skin.
It sickened Tiffany to think about Reggie's cum inside her
instead of Darrin's.  How could she have been so careless?  She
tried to clean herself but realized much of Reggie's nasty, slimy
seed dwelled beyond reach.

   Finished showering, Tiffany put on clothing again - the first
thing she had worn in 24 hours.  She exited the bathroom and was
met by Kelly who recently returned from partying all night.

   "Jesus, Tiff, you look as tired as I feel," Kelly said.
"Didn't you sleep well?"

   "No, I kept tossing and turning all night," Tiffany answered.

   Kelly barely managed to keep a straight face listening to
Tiffany's lie.

   Reggie slept as Kelly quietly came into the bedroom, stripped
down to her panties and bra, and slid into bed next to his
muscular body.  She sniffed Reggie's cock and smelled the sweet
scent of Tiffany's pussy on him. "Mmmmm, you taste good, Tiff,"
Kelly whispered as she licked her step sister's juices off
Reggie's dick.

   Reggie opened his eyes and looked down at Kelly.  "What you
doing, girl?" he asked.

   "My little step sister looks like she needs a break today,"
Kelly answered, giving Reggie an incredible blow job.

   Tiffany sat on the living room recliner studying one of her
science textbooks when Kelly and Reggie plopped down on the couch
across from her. She recalled Reggie making her cum on that sofa
the previous day.  Tiffany felt uncomfortable sensing Reggie
undressing her with his eyes.  They shared an intimate secret
Tiffany wished did not exist.

   "Lateesha invited us over her place if you want to go," Kelly
suggested to Reggie.

   "Lateesha is always up to something good," Reggie replied.
"Let's go."

   Tiffany lacked her prior bossiness and didn't try to interfere
with Kelly's plans.  The fucking from Reggie obviously calmed her
down a bit, Kelly thought.

   Kelly and Reggie went to Lateesha's, probably to get high. For
the first time though, Tiffany welcomed Kelly going off somewhere
to get stoned with her black friends because she took Reggie with
her.  Tiffany needed time alone to clear her mind. She still
didn't know how she permitted herself to sleep with Reggie, but
hoped he would leave her alone now.

   Unfortunately, with Kelly's encouragement, Reggie was far from
through with Tiffany.  Kelly and Reggie returned from Lateesha's
party late while Tiffany slept soundly in her room next to
theirs.  Kelly stripped naked for Reggie and climbed on top of
him in their bed.  She wasn't a bad looker either, Reggie
thought, although Tiffany had her beat by far.

   Kelly unexpectedly began sucking Reggie's cock again.  "Oh,
yeah, keep that up, girl," Reggie said as he became hard.  Kelly
rolled Reggie's heavy balls in her fingers as she drew on his

   After getting Reggie aroused, Kelly suddenly stopped.  "Okay,
stud, you know our deal.  We're just friends.  I may give you a
little head here and there as a bonus, but you fuck Tiffany, not
me.  It's time for you to take care of Tiff," she said.

   Reggie ached for pussy.  He got out of bed with his full
erection and headed for Tiffany's room.

   "Are you forgetting the other part of our deal?  How about
some more candy for that fine, white pussy you're going to get
from Tiffany?" Kelly reminded him.

   Reggie gladly tossed Kelly another vial of crack and then went
to relieve his hard cock.

   Reggie spit on his fingers and stuck his hand in Tiffany's
silk thong to prepare her for some more loving.  For a few
minutes, Tiffany continued peacefully sleeping while her pussy
autonomously enjoyed the attention Reggie's fingers gave it.

   Reggie's free hand quickly muffled Tiffany's attempted plea
when she awoke, "What...  mmmmmmmpppppppphhhhhhh!!!".

   "Be quite or you'll wake Kelly," Reggie warned Tiffany as he
pulled the skimpy thong off her legs and removed his hand from
her mouth.

   Startled and confused from a deep sleep, Tiffany didn't know
what to do. If she resisted, the sound might wakeup Kelly and she
would find out Reggie had slept with her.  But she did not want
to have sex with Reggie again.

   Paralyzed by indecisiveness, Tiffany quietly whined, "Nooooh,
Reggie, I don't want to have sex with you anymore."

   His cock still coated with Kelly's saliva as extra lubricant,
Reggie lifted Tiffany's right leg from the knee and entered her
silky pussy from behind anyway.

   Kelly held her ear against the bedroom wall and listened in
delight to Tiffany whimper as Reggie further spoiled her pussy.
While Kelly enjoyed fucking a large black cock herself,
fortunately she never had to take someone as large as Reggie.
Soon Tiffany would be unable to enjoy a white man's normal sized
penis because of him.

   "Aaaah, aaah, aaaah," Kelly heard Tiffany exclaim, imagining
Reggie's big, black cock sinking into her step sister's tight,
wet pussy each time. Kelly closed her eyes, reached into her
soaked panties and began masturbating.

   Tiffany didn't understand how Reggie could do this to Kelly.
Why did he keep fucking her when Kelly loved him?

   Reggie reached around and began fondling Tiffany's clit.  "Oh
no, please, stop," Tiffany cooed from the added stimulation.  Her
pelvis responded as well, momentarily sliding her pussy up and
down his slick shaft a few times before catching herself and
stopping, and then unconsciously repeating the movements a few
moments later.

   "If you want me to stop, you have to cum for me, Baby," Reggie
muttered in Tiffany's ear.

   Tiffany knew she was betraying not only her sister, but also
Darrin. But she didn't have a choice.  If Kelly woke up and found
out, she would definitely tell Mom and Dad; they would disown
her.  She would also tell Darrin and he would leave her.

   Tiffany realized she could not match Reggie's stamina and self
control. The longer Reggie stayed with her, the greater the
likelihood that Kelly might wake up and catch them together.

   Tiffany gave in to the coital movements she had earlier
suppressed in order to satisfy Reggie's demand.  It was bad
having repeated sex with a strange black man and being forced to
orgasm for him.  The lack of barrier protection, the enhanced
intimacy of their genitals making direct contact with one another
and sharing bodily fluids, things she had not even experienced
with Darrin - made it even worst.

   "Oooooh, ooooooooh, oooooooooooooooh, why are you making me do
this?" Tiffany mewled, unaware of being duped and manipulted by
her sister and Reggie.

   Reggie's cock and Tiffany's pussy gracefully met and parted
each other in an erotic dance of union that went on without
further interruption. Tiffany's mouth opened slightly, her
breathing increased, and a long series of strong vaginal
contractions - her pussy showing its affection by hugging the big
cock inside it - signaled to Reggie her compliance.  She was
cumming for Reggie like he wanted.  But Reggie ignored his part
of the deal, delayed his own climax, and enjoyed making the
arrogant, white bitch succumb to his seduction instead.

   "You like cumming on my cock," Reggie stated.

   Tiffany quietly moaned in reply but her body provided a much
more definitive response.

   Lying in bed with her ear still up against the wall in the
adjoining bedroom, Kelly heard every sound and marveled at
Reggie's stamina.  Perhaps they would set a record.  Kelly found
the idea of her prejudiced stepsister reluctantly cumming for a
black man hung like a stallion extremely arousing. This was by
far the best idea she ever had.

   Tiffany lay supinely on top of Reggie with his arms around
her: one hand softly stroking her clit and the other tweaking her
tight nipples.  In her arousal, Tiffany had temporarily forgotten
her anxieties until she noticed Reggie's thrusts accelerate.

   "Ooooh, ooooh, don't cum in me.  Ooooh, please take it out,"
Tiffany groaned.  She tried to dismount Reggie, but his hand
pushed against her pubis making it too difficult; and her pussy,
with a mind of its own, continued dangerously dancing with
Reggie's virile cock to another series of orgasms.

   The now familiar feeling of Reggie's extremely large cock
expanding and pulsating, followed by the flow of his warm seed
deep inside her, returned while Tiffany experienced her own

   "Oh...., no...you came in me again," Tiffany said catching her
breath. She never considered taking birth control because she
didn't need it.  The few times she had sex with Darrin, they
always used condoms.  Tiffany remained naively unprepared for the
relationship quickly developing with Reggie.

   The deed having been done, Kelly thought Reggie would return
shortly. After approximately 20 minutes of silence, however, she
heard Tiffany complain, "What are you doing?  No, I don't want to
do it again."

   "Kelly will hear you," Reggie warned as he pried Tiffany's
legs apart and softly ran his finger around her special weak spot
that would make her come around in a few moments.

   "But I already had sex with you and did what you said,"
Tiffany softly griped.

   Reggie ignored Tiffany's protest and inserted his hard cock
back into her.  Tiffany had the finest, white pussy Reggie ever
fucked and he was going to keep fucking it.  "One more time,
baby, and I'll stop."

   Unfortunately, one more time really meant the rest of the
night, as Reggie, relieved by the previous two intense orgasms
that day, had plenty of stamina now.  The remainder of Tiffany's
evening consisted of being copulated to Reggie's cock and
experiencing intermittent mixtures of light sleep, wet dreams,
and multiple orgasms.

   Reggie maintained the charade and pulled out of Tiffany
slightly before dawn.

   "Huh?" Tiffany groggily grunted from the suddenly unexpected

   "I got to go back before Kelly wakes up," he said.

   Relieved that Reggie had left without Kelly catching them
together, Tiffany drifted back to sleep.

   Glistening wet with Tiffany's love juice on it, Reggie's rock
hard cock towered from his body when he returned to Kelly.

   "Mmmmmmm: My cute stepsister has the sweetest tasting pussy,"
Kelly remarked licking Tiffany's secretions off Reggie's heavy
cock and finishing him off with another fantastic blow job.


   The annoying ring of the phone woke Tiffany from a deep sleep.

   "Hello?" Tiffany dazedly answered.  Sunlight flooded the room
and confirmed the afternoon hour displayed on the nearby clock.

   "Did I wake you, Honey?" a familiar voice asked.  It took a
moment for Tiffany to recognize the caller as Darrin.

   "Hi Sweetheart," Tiffany answered.  She looked down at
Reggie's dried, crusty seamen between her legs and on the sheets.
 Still naked, Tiffany spotted her panties bundled in a wad across
the room where that black bastard threw them the previous night.

   "I was just taking a little nap," Kelly answered as she hopped
out of bed and put her panties back on.  "How are your parents?"

   The telephone conversation with Darrin went awkwardly for
Tiffany, but she did an adequate job convincing him everything
was fine given the circumstances.

   Tiffany found the house empty.  Kelly had to work until 7:00
pm; and Tiffany didn't know where Reggie went, but was glad he
was not home. Tiffany decided to finish the housecleaning she
failed to complete two days ago.  The day passed peacefully and
she felt like she accomplished a lot. From the living room window
Tiffany saw Reggie's car pull into the driveway around 5:00 pm
and the huge, black hulk stroll up the walkway.  He had the build
of a professional linebacker that completely contrasted Tiffany's
petite, ballerina-like figure.

   She might have a petite, feminine body, but Tiffany was
determined to stand her ground.  Her heart belonged to Darrin.
Even a big, muscular, black man like Reggie would not intimidate
her into having unwanted sex and betraying her fiancé and
stepsister.  The past two days were mistakes. Tiffany would make
Reggie understand and stop him if he attempted further
intercourse with her.

   Tiffany sat on the living room sofa, her legs tightly crossed,
and tried ignoring Reggie's lustful stare.  Although she had
prepared for confrontation, she hoped it would not be necessary.
She briefly glanced at Reggie rubbing the tremendous protuberance
in his pants, and then averted her gaze to avoid embarrassing eye
contact with Kelly's obnoxious boyfriend.

   Tiffany's fine, white pussy caused the protrusion in Reggie's
pants. The horny Negro had thought about her tight, little body
all day and anticipated sinking his cock back in her snug, pink
cunt again.  Reggie moved on to the couch next to Tiffany, and
put his arm around her shoulders.

   "Don't touch me please," Tiffany firmly told him.  "I want you
to forget what happened between us; it was a mistake.  I'm
engaged to Darrin, you're Kelly's boyfriend - and you're black."

   Reggie disregarded Tiffany's refusal and attempted to unbutton
her jeans. Tiffany flailed and tried ineffectually to push Reggie
away from her. "No, get your hands off me!" she shouted.

   With a little effort, Reggie managed to unfasten her jeans. As
he tried to pull them down, Tiffany began kicking, causing her
sandals to fly across the room.  The blows from her feet made
little impact on Reggie other than delaying the inevitable a few
extra moments - Tiffany's jeans, along with another sexy thong
made of blue silk, came off despite her determination to keep
them on.

   Tiffany squeezed her legs tightly together to prevent Reggie
from touching her while he wrestled off her shirt and bra,
uncovering her youthfully perky tits and firm, flat belly.  He
then started pulling her legs apart.

   In desperation, Tiffany finally threatened him with her last
card: "You're going to jail for a long time if you don't stop."

   Reggie called Tiffany's bluff, "Go ahead and tell the police.
Then everyone can find out how you came for me and how you fucked
a Nigger."

   "You sick bastard," Tiffany replied.  For the first time in
her young life she had truly lost control.  She had difficulty
acknowledging the checkmate Reggie placed her in.  She simply
could not face having Darrin, Kelly, her parents and the rest of
the world learn the details of her affair with him - how he had
been inside her numerous times (without a condom) and made her
cum.  She didn't want intercourse with Reggie.  But she found
herself forced into having sex with him anyway to prevent the
dirty secret from surfacing.

   Her legs opened slowly.  When Reggie separated them enough, he
started to rub her clitoris, knowing it to be an Achilles' heel
for Tiffany that lowered her resistance.

   "No, stop it!" Tiffany objected, reluctant to relinquish
control of her body to Reggie again.

   "It'll be okay girl.  I want to be your friend.  No one has to
find out about us," Reggie replied in a soothing tone.

   "But I don't want to do this.  I'm not that type of person,"
Tiffany said, reduced to whining like a school girl to him.
Reggie coaxed her legs a little further apart giving him better
access to work his magic.

   Tiffany closed her eyes and between deep breaths murmured,
"Oooh...no...not again."

   A smile formed on Reggie's face - Tiffany was giving in to
him.  He admired his new plaything as she sat there on the couch,
her legs gradually drifting further away from each other granting
him greater intimacy with her.  He witnessed Tiffany's tiny
clitoris swell indicating its affection for his touch Tiffany
attempted to conceal.

   Reggie kneeled between Tiffany's legs, gently stretched her
labia open, and peered at her wet mucous membranes, a beautiful
pastel pink.  Her small anal sphincter, similar in color, was
also visible.  Reggie thought light skinned young Caucasian girls
like Tiffany had the prettiest colored genitalia.  Reggie could
not resist delving his tongue into Tiffany and lapping up her
juices.  Kelly was right about Tiffany's pussy tasting sweet.

   Tiffany's hands clutched the sofa cushions as Reggie orally
assaulted her.  Darrin never did such dirty things.

   "Oooooh, what are you doing?  Stop, that's nasty," Tiffany
uttered.  But Reggie would not stop.

   Reggie ran his hands up Tiffany's flat abdomen and kneaded her
firm flesh.  He relished touching her smooth, unblemished, white
skin and controlling her involuntary reactions.  Doing this to an
arrogant white girl - exposing her most private areas, making her
cum and accept his seed against her will - made up for the years
of injustice his race had suffered at her race's hands.  Now she
was a black man's plaything.  With his mouth on her pussy, Reggie
watched Tiffany's cute belly button move as she silently
squirmed.  Like other white girls he had victimized, it wasn't
easy taking the fight out of Tiffany to allow him to fuck her,
but once he got in her pants, she became relatively compliant,
save for a few token protests here and there.  And this would
probably be the way things would work in their relationship for a
while, Tiffany initially resisting, but then faced with no other
choice, surrendering to Reggie.

   But each encounter Tiffany's initial resistance would wane a
little as she grew accustomed to copulating with him.  It played
out this way with other prejudiced white girls he turned as well.

   Reggie resumed masturbating Tiffany and moved his mouth up to
her perky tits, sucking on each of her nipples and making them

   "No, no, no," Tiffany softly repeated turning her head side to
side with her eyes closed.  She didn't want to believe this was
happening to her.

   While Tiffany acquiesced to Reggie's molestations, Kelly
returned from work early, suspecting Reggie might be at it again
with her stepsister. She crept to the living room window.
Fortunately, Kelly never replaced the crappy blinds, which
provided an excellent view of Reggie and Tiffany through numerous
cracks.  Kelly saw Reggie push Tiffany's knees up to her tits and
then plunge his hefty meat into her wet pussy.  As a pair,
Tiffany and Reggie's genitals couldn't be more different:
Tiffany's petite cunt tightly stretched around Reggie's thick
shaft, its moist, pink, mucous membranes adhered to his dark
appendage moving in and out of her.  Kelly watched more of
Reggie's cock disappear inside Tiffany's pussy with each thrust
until he fed her the entire thing and only his big, heavy, ball
sac remained!  It seemed physically impossible for such a massive
cock to fit inside such a small girl.

   "That a boy," Kelly commented to herself watching Tiffany
close her eyes and bite her fist.  "Give it to her good.  Her
naïve stepsister probably didn't realize how frequent sex, like
drugs, could be addictive.  Kelly figured at this rate, with
Reggie fucking Tiffany so often, it would not take long before
her stepsister craved his enhanced masculinity to achieve sexual

   "Aaaah, ahhhhh, ooooh, aaaaah, naaaah, please Reggie, stop.
Kelly will be home soon.  Ooooh, aaaaaah, aaaaah..." Tiffany

   "You know the deal, baby.  You gotta cum for me good before I
stop," Reggie told her.

   "Ooooh..., nooh..., please..., don't make me do that again,"
Tiffany answered, taking in deep breaths between her words.

   Tiffany already appeared to be reluctantly experiencing small
orgasms to Kelly, but Reggie wanted to control the unfortunate
girl further.  Kelly watched Tiffany's pussy start meeting
Reggie's thrusts more enthusiastically while coating his shaft
with a shiny film of its affectionate essence.  Tiffany's dainty
hands released the couch cushions, hesitantly landed on Reggie's
sides, and then glided up his back, slowly embracing the black
giant.  Her mouth opened and her moans grew louder.

   "Aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaaah, nooooooh, please, don't make me cum,
oooooooh noooooh," Tiffany repeated over again.

   But Tiffany was obviously already cumming hard for Reggie, her
finely manicured hands grasping Reggie's shoulders as if for dear
life, her brain in conflict with her body.  Tiffany's slender
legs locked around Reggie's waist securing her union with him.
Rather than allowing himself to orgasm and stop as promised,
Reggie held back his own climax savoring Tiffany's defeat -
another victory for the black race as he remained joined to her.
With a little luck, he would knock up the white bitch.

   This scene of Tiffany's humiliating submission to Reggie did
not change much until the setting sun's last rays shone over the
horizon, past Kelly's anticipated time to be home.  Tiffany
released her hold on Reggie, her hands seemingly pushed at his
sides as she arched her back trying futilely to position her
pussy away from his cock.

   "Please take it out.  Don't cum in me again.  I might get
pregnant," Kelly overheard Tiffany say.  Reggie grunted then his
white cream squished from Tiffany's full pussy down the crack of
her ass.

   Reggie finally pulled his long cock from Tiffany's cunt and
ran its smooth head - a few residual globs of jism still
ejaculating from it - over her clitoris.

   "Why do you keep cumming in me?" Tiffany whimpered.  Reggie
didn't answer.

   Wishing to sustain this deception, Kelly waited until Tiffany
hurriedly dressed before loudly fumbling with the door handle and
entering the house.

   "Hi sweetheart," Kelly said to Reggie, wrapping her arms
around his neck and giving him a big kiss, acting completely
unaware of what just occurred. "How was your day?"

   "Great!" Reggie said with a big smile revealing his white

   "Hi, Tiff.  You look a little flustered - everything okay?"
Kelly asked.

   "Everything is fine," Tiffany responded trying to sound as
usual and not realizing the disarray in her silky, blond hair.

   "Oh, okay.  I'm going to take a shower, and then Reggie and I
are going out for the evening," Kelly said as she turned to
Reggie with a knowing smile.

   Tiffany felt Reggie's slimy cum saturating her thong, and
impatiently waited as Kelly took her time in the bathroom,
prettying herself up nicely for a night of partying with friends,
and not finishing until Reggie's cum in Tiffany's panties had
turned to crust.

   "Reggie's not feeling well tonight, Tiff.  I'm going without
him so he can rest in bed," Kelly mentioned as she prepared to

   Dread instantly seized Tiffany.  She feared Reggie feigned
illness for an ulterior motive.  "Well, wait," Tiffany barked as
Kelly opened the door. "Can I come with you?"

   Kelly's eyebrows rose displaying her surprise,"You don't like
the people I hang out with, Tiff.  Besides, I'm late and you're
not even dressed yet.

   "One more thing, Kelly," Tiffany continued, trying to delay
her sister's departure and the inevitable.  "Did you tell Reggie
about moving out like you said you would?"

   "Yea, I wanted to talk to you about that.  I mentioned it to
him and he said he was working it out with you, whatever that
means.  I thought you might change your mind once you got to know
him.  I'm glad the two of you get along okay," Kelly said
hurrying out.

   Tiffany knew exactly what Reggie meant and was at a loss for
words as Kelly drove away.

   Eager to wash off Reggie's dried semen, Tiffany headed
straight for the shower painfully aware that her body carried
Reggie's seed inside it from their numerous, unprotected
encounters, and would likely receive more from him unless she
could find a way out of this horrible situation.

   Tiffany finished her shower, went directly to her room, and
shut the door - no lock she regretfully noted.  Maybe the earlier
sex satisfied Reggie as it would any normal man.  Tiffany
remained hopeful, but not optimistic, wearing loose-fitting
pajamas and brushing her flowing hair in front of the dresser
mirror before bed.

   Still brushing her hair, Tiffany saw Reggie's reflection
appear in her mirror.

   "What are you doing in here?  Don't you knock before entering
someone's room?" Tiffany angrily asked.

   Reggie was a hypersexual black man and Tiffany was the finest
piece of white pussy he ever had.  He wanted to fuck her as often
as possible.

   "I just wanted to see how you was doing and maybe tuck you in
to bed," Reggie said with a grin.

   "I don't need you to tuck me in and I would appreciate it if
you didn't come in my room again.  Now get out please!"

   Reggie stepped next to Tiffany's back and put his hand on her

   "Don't touch me!" Tiffany said, turning around and stepping
away from him.  Reggie lunged and caught her.

   "Let go of me!" Tiffany yelled entwined in Reggie's bulky

   Reggie's hand followed down Tiffany's tight tummy and inside
the waistband of her pajamas as she struggled to free herself
from his grasp.

   "No, please don't do that to me again.  I might get pregnant.
Stop it." Tiffany begged.  Reggie's fingers easily circumvented
her thong.

   "You don't want Darrin and Kelly to find out about us, do you,
Baby?" Reggie asked as he fingered her.

   Tears ran down Tiffany's face as she stood in Reggie's arms,
"Oh God, I don't want to keep having sex with you.  Why are you
doing this to me?"

   Reggie continued sawing his finger in and out of her pussy
without answering.  "In a few minutes her sobs would change to
moans of ecstasy," he thought.

   Soon the sound of Reggie's fingers splashing in her wet cunt
became embarrassingly audible to Tiffany.  She could not believe
her body's reaction to this disgusting act being performed on
her.  She struggled against Reggie as he maneuvered her toward
the bed.  But practically three times her size, the 6'3", 220
pound mass of muscle also had the advantage of inertia and
Tiffany found herself falling backwards into her mattress with
Reggie on top of her.  They landed with a soft thud.

   Reggie's fist clasped the waistbands of Tiffany's garments and
roughly yanked them down.  Tiffany held her legs tightly together
in an unsuccessful attempt to keep her clothing on.  Her pajama
bottoms and panties turned inside out as Reggie pulled them down
Tiffany’s long legs like pealing a banana.

   Having grown tired of futilely resisting physical intimacy
with Reggie, and somewhat used to his enormous presence inside
her, Tiffany soon found herself reluctantly watching him part her
sensitive folds and enter her again. During the long evening
Tiffany could not stop the big, strong, black man.  She had no
choice but to accept being joined to him, her susceptible, white
pussy becoming further spoiled by his nigger cock which spewed
more of its dangerous spunk inside it.

   Kelly made herself conspicuously scarce over the next two
weeks, providing plenty of opportunity for Reggie and Tiffany to
become well acquainted with each other.  Reggie took Tiffany
repeatedly.  As Reggie had anticipated, Tiffany’s resistance
waned considerably – to the point of offering only minor
opposition at the beginning of their frequent encounters, which
Reggie interpreted as playing hard to get, followed by relative
cooperation on Tiffany’s part during which she would quickly cum
hard for him multiple times. Fucking Reggie’s big, black cock was
becoming an unwanted habit for the promising, young, white girl.

   Kelly briefly returned home several times to get some personal
items unobserved by her preoccupied little stepsister.  Through
the walls Kelly heard the familiar chorus of Tiffany’s mattress
loudly squeaking accompanied by moans of pleasure masked in
denial, “Oooooh, nooooooh, please, I can’t… No, don’t make me cum
again, naaah, ooooooooh!”

   The young girl would no doubt beg her sister to stop Reggie
from raping her if she realized Kelly was there.  But Tiffany was
cumming so intensely for Reggie that she never knew about Kelly’s
presence in the house. Kelly wondered how Tiffany would deal with
Darrin, now that her pussy was thoroughly spoiled by nigger cock.
Tiffany would soon learn, to her dismay, that average size white
penises no longer satisfied her sexually, Kelly mused as she
listened to Tiffany’s objections to pleasure through the wall,
“Noooooooo.   I’m not cumming again.  Oooooh, noooooooooooooo,
aaaaaaah, please.”

   Tiffany still wanted to be the good little white girl. But
things were far too along for that.  Tiffany’s once pure, tight
pussy was now well tainted by Reggie’s abnormally large nigger
cock, Kelly thought with a smile on her face.

   The long anticipated day of Darrin’s return arrived.  But
against her will, Tiffany had grown accustomed to frequent,
unprotected sex with Reggie, and accepted his constant presence
in her body.  Tiffany’s perception of Reggie’s cock had gradually
changed, no longer viewing the virile organ as a monstrous alien
invader but as an affable guest. Subconsciously the poor girl now
looked forward to the orgasms Reggie forced her to experience.

   Consciously, however, this was the day when the horrible
nightmare would finally end for Tiffany.  The unwanted affair
with a disgusting black man would finally be over with Darrin
back, and her life as the fiancé to a successful white man would
resume, Tiffany thought.  Perhaps they could even expedite their
wedding.  Tiffany showered, paying extra attention to her
feminine grooming.  She put on her sexiest silk thong and bra in
anticipation of making love to Darrin soon.

   Having completed a major drug sale, Reggie returned to the
house early.  Tiffany mistakenly thought the car she heard
pulling in front of the house was Darrin and ran to the door to
meet him, prepared to give her fiancé a big hug and kiss.
Tiffany’s chin practically dropped to her chest in disappointment
when Reggie greeted her instead.  She looked extra appealing to
the horny black stud, who quickly realized the reason why Tiffany
dolled herself up.  Reggie grabbed Tiffany’s arm and led her
straight to her bed.

   “What are you doing?  Darrin will be here any minute!” Tiffany

   “According to my watch, his flight ain’t due in for 20
minutes, and they’re usually delayed at least an hour anyhow,”
Reggie responded as he shoved Tiffany into the bed.  Tiffany
needed a good fucking before her lame, white boyfriend returned,
Reggie thought as he pried her legs open and peered up her dress
at the outline of her pussy through her sexy silk thong for a
moment, before reaching up and pulling the undergarment down her
legs. Reggie appreciated and would soon enjoy the preparations
Tiffany made to herself that were intended for Darrin.

   “Nooooh, please, Darrin will be here soon,” Tiffany sobbed as
Reggie ran his tongue over her smoothly shaved cunt while
inhaling the sweet aroma of her perfume.  Tiffany’s pussy
betrayed her by instantly becoming soaked in response to Reggie’s

   “Yuse know how this works, baby.  As soon as I think you’ve
cum for me enough, I’ll finish.  We ain’t stopping until then,”
Reggie answered.

   Tiffany understood that resisting would only prolong the
encounter and increase the chances of Darrin catching them in the
act.  Reassuring herself that this would be the last time she
would need to endure Reggie’s unwanted affections, Tiffany
reluctantly relaxed and allowed Reggie unfettered control.  He
quickly removed her dress and bra, tweaked her nipples to
attention, and went to serious work on her pussy with his mouth.

   Reggie knew how to make Tiffany’s body respond, and soon had
her climaxing uncontrollably.  “Okay, oooooh, I’m cumming for
you.    Oooooooooooooooh, please.  We need to stop before Darrin
or Kelly get here,” Tiffany pleaded.

   Ignoring Tiffany’s ecstatic pleas, Reggie unzipped his pants
and fed her hungry pussy his nigger sausage.

   “Noooooh, Reggie.  Please, my boyfriend will be here soon.
Please don’t cum in me this time.  Take it out,” Tiffany implored
to no avail.  Again, Tiffany’s body contradicted her words and
divulged her secrets to this black tormentor, her pelvis replying
to Reggie’s thrusts by grinding back on his meaty cock with equal
fervor, her fingers digging into the muscular flesh of his back
pulling him to her.  Reggie would make this cute little white
girl greet her fiancé with a large batch of his nigger sperm
swimming in her womb.

   This erotic scene of contrast between Tiffany’s beautifully
petite, white body entwined with Reggie’s dark, muscular strength
had been repeated often during Darrin’s absence.  The two
remained coupled past Darrin’s expected arrival.  Tiffany finally
felt Reggie’s enormous cock swell even bigger and begin its
familiar throbbing as it filled her pussy.  Tiffany silently
accepted Reggie’s seed, closing her eyes and biting her fist as
her chest rhythmically rose and fell from her heavy breathing.
Reggie pulled his long cock from her wet cunt, and rubbed her
clit with its smooth head as the few customary residual rounds of
jism shot out.   Some of his cum also landed in her belly button.
Without complaint, Tiffany automatically scooped the white cream
out of her naval and licked it from her fingers the Reggie had
trained her.    Tiffany glanced at the clock and realized
Darrin’s flight should have landed 45 minutes ago.  She barely
finished dressing when the doorbell rang.

   Tiffany tightly hugged Darrin, giving him an unusually
enthusiastic French kiss when she answered the door.  But she
felt Reggie’s sticky cum leaking from her still wet pussy and
saturating her silk thong.  Nothing could change her dark secret:
that no matter how much she loved Darrin, Reggie had forced her
to cum.  Her pussy had received Reggie’s sperm many times over –
not Darrin’s! It had been Reggie’s Negro DNA that first inundated
every aspect of her susceptible, white femininity.

   Tiffany’s pussy felt differently to Darrin as he entered her
for the first time in several weeks.  She lacked her former
tightness and seemed sloppy and much wetter inside. But between
wearing a condom and cumming so quickly – as usual – it was
difficult for him to tell if perhaps he was imagining things.

   For Tiffany, the encounter was both a physical and emotional
disappointment.  She had habituated to the enhanced intimacy of
unprotected sex Reggie forced on her, as well as the increased
friction from his abnormally large penis, but received neither
from Darrin.

   “Well, honey, I guess I should be leaving.  I have to be at
work early in the morning and I still need to unpack,” Darrin
said as he pulled up his pants.

   Tiffany had hoped Darrin would stay and protect her from
Reggie.  Instead, her heart pounded in her chest with insecurity
and disappointment. “But you’ve only been here an hour,” she

   “I know.  I’m sorry.  But I came here straight from the
airport.  I need to get ready for tomorrow,” Darrin replied,
oblivious to Tiffany’s vulnerability with Reggie.

   How could Darrin leave her alone with Reggie again?  If only
Darrin knew the things Reggie was doing with her – how he was
forcing her to have unprotected sex and to cum for him. She could
end up pregnant with a black baby, but all Darrin cared about was
getting home and unpacking.  Tiffany needed help; however, she
could not possibly confide in anyone about the disgusting, dark
secret.  She dressed and accompanied Darrin to his car.

   In despair, Tiffany watched Darren’s car disappear in the
distance as an unfamiliar car approached.  As the vehicle pulled
up Tiffany recognized Kelly sitting in the passenger seat beside
a strange black man.

   “Hi Tiff,” Kelly happily exclaimed as she and the black man
exited the car.  “I’d like to introduce you to my new boyfriend,
Harold,” Kelly continued.

   “Boyfriend?” Tiffany inquired.  “What about Reggie?  I thought
he was your boyfriend,” Tiffany continued while following Kelly
and Harold into the house.

   “No, we broke up, but we’re still friends,” Kelly nonchalantly
responded.  “Harold will be staying in my room now.

   Kelly turned to Reggie sitting on the living room sofa.
“Sorry, Reggie, you’ll have to find somewhere else to sleep.
Maybe you can stay in Tiffany’s room,” she said with a quick

   “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Tiffany replied.

   “What do you mean, Tiff?” Kelly asked.  “We’re all adults
here.  Just because you’re sharing a bedroom doesn’t mean you’re
having sex with him.  Besides, we can tell Darrin that Reggie’s
sleeping on the couch if you think he might get the wrong idea.”

   Tiffany was speechless.  The fact of the matter was that
Reggie pretty much shared Tiffany’s bed already and frequently
fucked her.

   “I’m not comfortable with this,” Tiffany started to say but
then paused as she looked at Reggie.  Reggie stared back at
Tiffany shaking his head with a threatening look of disapproval
that hinted at disclosing the secret if she continued with her

   “Oh, it will be fine, Tiff.  We all know you would never do
anything inappropriate,” Kelly said.  “Do you mind staying in
Tiffany’s room?” Kelly asked Reggie.

   “No, I’ll sleep on a blowup mattress if it will make Tiffany
more comfortable,” Reggie answered with a poker face.  “I’ll
sleep on the sofa tonight and we can buy one tomorrow,” he

   Tiffany, Kelly, and Reggie each knew he would not sleep on the
sofa that evening, nor would he ever sleep on the blowup
mattress. But each of them maintained the ruse for their own

   Tiffany went to bed and Reggie quietly lied next to her.  His
hand slid into her panties to fondle her clit.  Tiffany silently
opened her legs in cooperation rather than struggling and risk
having Kelly and everyone else learn of her embarrassing
relationship with him. Reggie plunged his hard cock into
Tiffany’s familiar wet territory while trying to French kiss her.
 Tiffany turned away from Reggie a number of times attempting in
her own way to prevent complete intimacy with him. They had
already travelled down this road together before. For a fleeting
moment though, Tiffany only fooled herself into believing she had
some control left in this relationship.

   “Open your mouth and kiss me bitch,” Reggie said.  His raised
voice jeopardized the secret by being overheard by Kelly and
Harold. Tiffany obeyed Reggie; his tongue entered her mouth and
she was forced to swallow his saliva.  Combined with the direct
contact of their genitals, ultimate intimacy with Tiffany needed
one more ingredient – her orgasm – to be achieved. Unlike Darrin,
Reggie refused to use condoms and exchanged lovemaking fluid with
Tiffany. The friction from Reggie’s bare, giant cock aroused
Tiffany’s pussy in a way that Darrin’s ordinary penis could no
longer do.

   “I can’t cum for him again.  I’ve got to stop this,” Tiffany
kept thinking to herself with Darrin’s recent visit fresh in her
memory. Tiffany realized her orgasm fed Reggie’s desire to
control her, and confirmed her body’s acceptance of him as its
preferred mate – which she was not ready to admit yet. “Why
couldn’t Darrin stay with her instead of hurrying off to unpack?
This would not be happening again if Darrin were here,” she
thought.  “How could Darrin be so blind as to allow a nigger to
rape his fiancée repeatedly?” she wondered.  Her pussy
autonomously and gently squeezed Reggie’s cock interrupting her
musings and bringing Tiffany back to the reality of the moment.
She was starting to cum for Reggie anyway.  It was no use trying
to fight him anymore.  Darrin allowed her to be taken by this
black man who spoiled her once tight pussy with his huge nigger
cock. Tiffany locked her legs around Reggie’s ass.  Reggie broke
their kiss briefly and Tiffany accidentally uttered the
unthinkable while in the midst of an intense orgasm – “I love
your black cock inside me.”

   Tiffany immediately regretted what had slipped from her lips.
But it was too late to take it back. She was cumming hard for
Reggie and at that instant her body wanted him more than her mind
despised him. She would feel differently once their passion ended
and her reason returned.  But for the moment the only thing that
mattered was the union of his cock with her pussy and their
movement into each other.

   The longer the situation with Reggie persisted, the more
aroused Tiffany became each time he forced her to have sex.  Yet
she remained in denial.  She knew the situation was wrong. She
had to end it soon.  “I want to move in with you and get married
as soon as possible,” Tiffany almost begged Darrin the following
week when he came to visit.

   “Honey, we have a plan and we need to stick to it.  With
marriage come bills and children.  We agreed to finish college
and establish our careers before marrying,” Darrin replied.

   “Can I come live with you?” Tiffany asked.  “I don’t like it
here with Kelly, Harold and Reggie.  Reggie gives me the creeps,”
Tiffany continued.

   “Why does Reggie make you feel uncomfortable?  He’s quite, but
seems nice enough.”  Darrin asked.

   Tiffany feared arousing Darrin’s suspicions.  No one could
ever know about her and Reggie.  She quickly changed the
direction of the conversation:  “I just want us to be together.”

   “I know, darling,” Darrin answered.  Lately he had been having
second thoughts about his relationship with Tiffany.  She didn’t
seem like the same person anymore.  The strong, independent young
woman had been replaced by a more submissive and needy
personality.  In bed, however, Tiffany seemed like a nymphomanic,
forcefully grinding into Darrin because she couldn’t get enough
of his inadequate penis to reach an orgasm.  She attempted to
remove his condom a couple of times. Was she trying to get
herself pregnant?  Darrin remained silent about living together
because he didn’t think it was a good idea.

   Sharing a room with Reggie kept Tiffany too occupied to worry
about Kelly anymore.  “Oooooooooh… stop … fuckiiiiiiing…
meeeeeee.  Not again. Oooooooh you bastard,” Tiffany moaned as
Reggie’s cock worked its magic in her.   Kelly and Harold noticed
the squeaks from Tiffany’s mattress grow louder each evening,
although they pretended not to hear them.

   “It sounds like my little step-sister is starting to enjoy
fucking a black man, even though she’ll never admit it, doesn’t
it?” Kelly jokingly asked Harold as they sat on the living room
sofa watching television.

   “Reggie is legendary.  There are a number of white girls in
the hood I know personally who were permanently spoiled by him.
Reggie has a special talent for turning prim and proper white
girls into nigger loving sluts.  Your step-sister may not admit
it to anyone, but I know she is one now too,” Harold replied.
“She’ll never be satisfied with an average-sized cock again.”

   Kelly quietly pondered what Harold said for a few minutes with
a sense of awe and satisfaction in what she accomplished. After
all these years, Tiffany was no longer her superior. Reggie
successfully coerced her bossy, arrogant, little step-sister –
who always looked down on blacks – into accepting one as her
lover, boyfriend, fuck buddy, whatever you wanted to call it.
Because of Kelly, Reggie drastically altered Tiffany’s life,
permanently spoiling her pussy with unprotected sex and his
gigantic black cock.  “She will never be satisfied with an
average guy again,” Kelly echoed in her mind.

   Darrin scarcely visited for a while, leaving his fiancé
isolated, psychologically vulnerable, and subjected to Reggie’s
continued perversions of forced sex.  Reggie’s physical intimacy
inflicted Tiffany with pleasurable orgasms that, while initially
unwelcome, filled the void of Darrin’s absence, causing her to
gradually forget the sex with Reggie was ever unwanted and to
emotionally bond with him.

   “Hi darling” Darrin said. He hadn’t been by for several weeks.
 Tiffany stood close to Reggie as she chatted with Darrin,
treating her fiancé with indifference.  Darrin noted her
aloofness.  He had forgotten how beautiful Tiffany was – the
gentle curves of her petite figure, her soft, unblemished skin,
high cheek bones, and bright blue eyes.  Darrin sensed that he
had lost her.  The human nature of wanting what we can’t have
rekindled Darrin’s desire for Tiffany.

   Tiffany missed several of her periods and a bulge formed in
her once flat stomach.  Darrin visited more frequently again and
observed her belly grow round.  Darrin remembered the last time
he had sex with Tiffany three months earlier.  They always used
condoms even though Tiffany wanted to stop using them the last
couple of times.  “How could she get pregnant,” Darrin wondered.

   In six months, a black baby boy that looked just like Reggie
answered Darrin’s question.