The Cotton Candy Collection

Hi, I'm Candy. It's hard to believe that I just received my BS degree and that I'll be a married woman in the fall. Life is good!



We gave it a shot but no one will publish my autobiography in todayís climate.  So itís your lucky day to be able to read it free for a limited time as so many have before on these pages (click on the book cover at left to open).But if you know of a publishing house that would dare to touch it, please shoot me an e-mail.


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Candy has been my nickname since I was a little girl, when my dad started calling me that. I hope you like reading my fiction below as much as I enjoyed writing them all.


 "Surf's Up"   (Mg, MF, MFg)   She wanted him to teach her to surf...he taught her much more than that


 "Four"   (FF, Ff, ff)   Two mothers...two daughters...and a whole bunch of potential combinations


 "Kat"   (Mg, virgin, mg, ped)   She asked for his help...he gave it to her


 "Violated"   (rape Mg, Mf, MF, hanging)   The sanctity of their home was violated, and then they were


 "Adam & Eva"   (Ff, MFf, virginity, swinging, MMf, mf)   They introduced her to sex and their lifestyle


 "The Best Dad a Girl Could Have"   (Mf, Mf+, virginity)   A dad was open with his daughter about sex, and then she 'opened up' her friends to him


 "Shelly's Mom"   (Fm)   He dated Shelly, but it was her mom he really lusted for


 "Aliya"   (Mg, fg, Mgg, Mf)   Even as a nudist, the young girl still had things to learn


 "Ruthie"   (fg)   Her brother's girlfriend became her sex teacher


 "Sarah Gets It"   (MF, M+f)   Sarah loses more than her virginity


 "Pretty Little Thing"   (MF, Mg, prostitution)   Her mother taught her the business...she was a good student


 "In April, In Paris"   (Mff, virginity)   Two girls seduce their chaperone on a European trip


 "Licks"   (gsolo, gg)   Two cousins make discoveries together


 "Gary"   (Mg)   He was a decent guy, but he couldn't withstand his step-daughter's relentless seduction


 "1909"   (Mg)   Young Elizabeth learns first hand about race relations in 1909 America


 "Uncle Luke Keeps His Promise"   (Mg)   Conclusion of "My Uncle Luke" ...yes, he does!


 "Georgie"   (Mg, gsolo)   Georgie may be a tomboy, but she so wants to learn about sex


 "Invisible"   (mf)   If I can write about a sex-vampire or sex-werewolves, why can't I write about an invisible boy and sex?


 "Ho-Ho-Ho!"   (MF)   I was writing a Christmas short story for school when I got naughty!  My teacher would have blushed if I had turned this in!


 "Growl" Fiction (mf, full moon, orgy)


 "My Uncle Luke" Fiction (Mg)


 "Fresh Blood For Mr. Farnsworth"   This was my first fiction story.   It's kind of crazy: a sex-vampire?