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Volume I of Family Feud

Family Feud I

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I have recently re-done this story, added additional content, gone over the grammar. This is the first part of a much larger series. Blu-Ray Edition - Now with extended bonus content! We are introduced to the Taylor Family, typical mid-American nuclear family living in suburbia. In the first story , Wendy enlists the aid of her daughter to help motivate her lazy and irresponsible husband and son. Take better care of themselves, take a leadership role in the household again and be ‘better’ men, is all she is asking. At first, it is a somewhat playful attempt at serving the men notice that the Taylor women are done picking up after them, and coddling them. The women write their version of a “Declaration of Independence” spelling out their grievances and what has to change. One thing leads to another, and perhaps drunk on power, things just start to get ‘weird’. The Taylor women find themselves cuckolding the Taylor men. Like something out of the movie “9 to 5” when the secretaries tie up their boss and realize they’ve probably gone too far, it’s just a little too late to turn back. The men surrender their clothes and are under a tight supervision to clean up, get in shape and not watch porn. This story features femdom elements.

Volume II of Family Feud

Family Feud II

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The second story begins less than a week before the events of Family Feud III. The Taylor women realize they've wronged the men in a big way. They make a conscious choice to give them a chance at 'payback' and with some reluctance agree to be the me A sequel to the story: "Family Feud". In Family Feud I, the Taylor women tried to motivate the men to get in shape, take responsibility for their actions etc and in the process managed to cuckold them. In Family Feud II, Turnabout is fair play. The Taylor Men find a way to take back control of the house and the women begrudgingly agree to payback as their slaves. Fair is fair, right? This is a very long story, with hopefully a lot of surprises.

Volume III of Family Feud

Family Feud III

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The third story picks up right where Family Feud II leaves off. The Taylor's are evolving in unexpected ways, and the family dynamic begins to change. The story begins at the county fair with plenty of opportunities for humiliating dares and contests to challenge the girls.

This story is not yet finished.

Family Feud Companion

Family Feud Companion

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I have started to keep notes of important people, places, things, and Easter eggs in my Family Feud stories. This is helpful to me, so that I do not have to hunt for these things and I may not forget them while I am writing. I thought it may be fun and appreciated if I shared my notes and insights with you. This could contain spoilers, especially if you have not read the stories yet. Family Feud to me is a really fun story to write. Stories like this usually have "Bad Guys", but I tried really hard to give motivations to the characters that not only help the reader see that things aren't always black and white, good and bad, but that over the course of the story, people will change. I think for me part of the joy of writing about them is to simply create the characters, create the situation and then play out what happens, without too much of an outline. Things just seem to organically go from there. At times, I've had to rewrite when I wasn't satisfied with where things had gone, but in general this method has served my purposes in writing the characters. They seem to naturally evolve. I don't like stories that are over just as soon as I get to know the characters. I enjoy the concept of a serial of stories about these people. I think that helps me connect to them, gives me an emotional response when they face a challenge, overcome an obstacle, get beaten up, beaten down and ultimately triumph (or fail) by what is thrown at them in the course of the story. Updated through Chapter 25, Family Feud Book III.

The characters of Family Feud

Bill Taylor
Head of household,
Former High School Athlete

Wendy Taylor
Fit, Attractive, Bright, Cheery
Professional Executive Career Track
Pilates, Aerobics

Chris Taylor
The ultimate slacker and nerd
He applies himself to things he enjoys.
He enjoys 'half-assing' things.

Jamie Taylor
Bright and Positive Like Her Mother
“Goody-Two Shoes”, Honors Classes, Cheerleader