Sarah's Double D or

The Phases of Sarah

by Al Hilton

© 2011

Story Code: MF+ cons cheat 1st anal

Continuing a family tradition a mother asks to have her other daughter's education completed.


The usual warnings apply. This is an adult story, about an adult topic, written for adults. If you are too young or prefer not to read this type of material, then don't. This story contains material of an explicit nature about the relationship between people. It is not for children. The author does not advocate, encourage or promote real world practice of the acts depicted within, especially those which pertain to non-consensual or unprotected sex.

Now if you have gotten past the warning, join me as I pull another fantasy out of that dark place in the back of my mind where I keep all my fantasies.

Note to Reader: This story starts from the middle of the “Viagra Bounce”. To make this story complete by itself, or to refresh memories, I've included a part of the “Viagra Bounce” as a starting point.

From the “Viagra Bounce”

Meeting of the Virgins

After the others had left ,Amanda (Wendy's mother) stood up and said, “Okay ladies and gentleman, let's move this meeting to the Green Room.” With that I followed everyone to the Green Room.

The Green Room was a room provided by the hotel for special functions. To get to it you had to walk through the Ballroom and enter a door on the opposite side from the main Ballroom entrance. It was decorated in a very light green color.

Once the door was closed and everyone was seated Amanda rose and said, “Welcome ladies and Al. Let me give a short round of introductions for Al's benefit. Al you already know my daughters Wendy and Sarah. Here's my sister Rebecca Plummer and her daughter Jill. And here's my other sister Hilda Jackson and her daughter Penny. Now since Wendy has other things to do, does anyone have any questions for her about her Double D and Al?” For the next fifteen minutes Wendy answered questions about her Double D. She showed everyone the jewelery that she was wearing that I had given her.

There was the toe ring for her first orgasm, the anklet for me taking her pussy cherry, the bracelet for taking her ass cherry, and the ring on her finger for completing the Double D. She also showed them the silver rope necklace I had given her after her bondage session, explaining that it might raise some sticky questions if she wore it today.

Since all present had read Wendy's diary about her Double D, the questions revolved more around my treatment of her during our time together. Wendy responded to the questions with very favorable answers, telling everyone that I was and am a perfect gentleman. Since Wendy needed to go everyone thanked her for sharing and she left the room.

Once the door closed Amanda added her confirmation to Wendy's answers by telling everyone about Ashley's and mine current relationship. She told them about Wendy's Bachelorette Party and how Ashley had lost her virginity during the party. She also told them that Ashley and I had spent the night together afterwords. And that we seemed inseparable today.

Looking at her watch Amanda said, “Okay time's getting short. Let's let each mother and daughter meet with Al separately so that each group can finalize plans. Hilda, your the youngest, so why don't you and Penny talk to Al first. After that Rebecca and Jill, then Sarah and I will go last. So Rebecca, Jill, and Sarah follow me out into the Ballroom and let the others have some privacy.”

For the next hour and a half I made plans with each group. Once I was finished talking with Amanda and Sarah I quickly went to find Ashley.

Now “The Phases of Sarah”

Planning Meeting

As soon as Rebecca Jackson and her daughter Jill left the Green Room, Amanda Lawson and her daughter Sarah entered. Everyone quickly got seated and Amanda asked, “So what've you planned for Sarah’s Double D?”

I grinned back at her and Sarah and said, “This is the third meeting and the same question has started each meeting. And like I told the others let’s slow down.” I paused before continuing, “Now like the others, Sarah has participated in Wendy’s Bachelorette Party and have seen someone a tad undressed. But unlike the others she has touched.” I watched Sarah’s face blush as she remembered. “So this is what I propose to help level the playing field.” Looking straight into Sarah’s brown eyes I said, “Strip.” I then leaned back to wait for the oncoming objections.

Amanda started, “She won't! You’re only to see her that way during the Double D.”

I quickly responded, “So what about me? Is she to see everything of mine before?”

“But it has never been done this way.”

I then looked Amanda straight in her brown eyes and said, “Then get someone else to break her cherry.”

Now Sarah spoke up, “Mom shut the fuck up. Al has a valid point. I’ve seen him naked, it’s only fair that he see me naked too.”

So Sarah stood up and unzipped her peach colored bridesmaid gown. She pushed the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and let the gown fall to the floor to pool around her ankles. She stepped out of the gown and squatted to pick up the gown. She, like the other two before her, was wearing a peach colored strapless bra, peach colored panties, and pantyhose. (Oh, I hate pantyhose!) She hid her assets by squatting down with her right side towards me. Well I just needed to wait patiently. She picked up the gown and laid it carefully over the back of a chair. She now removed her shoes and placed them on the chair seat. Now she wiggled out of her nude colored pantyhose and laid them on top of the shoes. She now faced me and as she looked into my eyes as she unclipped the bra and laid in on top of the pantyhose.

I gulped as I whispered, “Damn.” I was looking at a pair of 36Cs that I wanted to touch so much. And those nipples, ooooohhhhh man, I just wanted to nibble on them. Now she shimmied out of her panties and dropped them on top of her bra. She had a very pretty brown bush that matched her long brown hair. I was now looking at a replica of Wendy except this one had brown eyes and brown hair. She had a face and smile of an angel. Wide hips just right for making babies. Ass, oh so fine, not to large and not too small and it looked very firm. Beautifully sculptured legs. I gulped again and whispered, “Sarah turn around, slowly, one time, please.” I watched as she slowly displayed her blemish free back and beautifully firm ass. Once she had finished her pirouette I softly said, “Thank you. You can now get dressed.” I watched as she quickly got dressed hoping to see more but she dressed way too fast.

After she sat back down, I asked, “First thing, let’s figure out when. Either of you have a suggestion?”

Amanda answered, “After looking over her calendar the next safe time would be the weekend of July 30th through 31st.”

I answered, “Too soon, I won’t get everything ready by then.” doing a quick calculation I said, “What about August 27th weekend? I can adjust it a week either way.”

Amanda looked at the calendar and said, “Let’s pencil it in but depending on when Sarah starts this month we might need to adjust it.” Sarah was blushing again.

“Okay I will set it up with work and my wife. Let me know as soon as possible if we need to move the date.” I turned to Sarah, “Sarah, your mother and I need to finish up some private details, so you may leave now and help get things ready for the reception.” I rose as she got up to leave. “But before you go, you owe me something.”

I gently grabbed her bare shoulders and pulled her to me and I kissed her. At first she was cold and stiff. But she soon warmed up as I lightly licked her lips. Her lips parted as I thrust my tongue between them. When our tongues touched, she gasped in surprise at the pleasure of our kiss. I gently wrapped one arm around her neck and the free hand gentle cupped her breast. We moaned together as we kissed with more passion. I now dropped my hand downwards lightly brushing over her gown until I found her pubic mound. I now firmly pressed my fingers into that private junction and tried to rub her button of passion hidden under those layers of cloths. She groaned. I stopped and sat down. She groaned again.

I said, “And that's for last night’s touch.”

Sarah shuffled toward the door when Amanda spoke up, “Sarah honey, you might want to freshen your makeup. It looks like you’ve been sucking face.”

Both of us watched Sarah blush again as she left the room. Once the door was closed I said, “Amanda, I've struggled ever since your call on how I could, no, how we could top Wendy’s Double D. Everything Wendy and I did the first night was planned to help relax her, then after that it was spontaneous. I let nature take it's course. I don’t think Wendy had ever seen a man naked or anyone having sex until that night. Don't you agree?”

“Yes, I believe that's right.” Amanda answered.

“As for Sarah, she's read the Double D diary, and to make matters worst, she has seen me naked and having sex. She is more comfortable around me and will not be frighted by seeing me naked. The tricks I used the first night for Wendy would disappoint Sarah.” Amanda was looking concerned. “So I came up with an idea that might work. But I'm going to need some help to pull it off. Let’s start the Double D a week early but not tell Sarah.” Now Amanda looked really confused. I then gave Amanda a paper with the following:

The Dozen Phases of Sarah

  1. 1.Lip Locking 

  2. 2.Breast Touching 

  3. 3.Ass Fondling 

  4. 4.Pussy Grinding 

  5. 5.Tit Nipping 

  6. 6.Butt Kissing 

  7. 7.Twat Licking 

  8. 8.Boob Sperming 

  9. 9.Bottom Sperming 

  10. 10.Cunt Sperming 

  11. 11.Jilling Sarah 

  12. 12.Loving Sarah 

She looked it over and asked, “So what's this?”

Over the next fifteen minutes Amanda and I talked and adjusted my plan. And when we were done Amanda had an evil grin and said, “She won’t know whats coming until she cums. I like it. I like it a lot. Okay, it’s agreed, we'll start August 20th.” We exchanged contact information and hugs and then I ran off to find Ashley.

Saturday August 20th

Phases Start – Lip Locking

It was a beautifully clear Saturday morning and I was hiding. I was crouching down behind some tall shrubs watching and waiting. And then they came out the front door. They were both chatting as they hopped into the car. Now I made my move. I quickly slinked up to the front passenger door. In one swift movement I opened the door, cradled the back of that beautiful head in the other hand, and mashed my mouth against that very shocked mouth. She struggled for a few seconds while I licked those luscious lips. But Sarah finally knew who was attempting to kiss her and she relaxed. As she had done before, her lips parted as I thrust my tongue between them. We french kissed about thirty seconds before I broke our embrace and left saying, “Kiss.”

I left the passenger door open and heard Sarah sigh as I went to my car. As I drove to my next destination, I tried to improve on the plans that had been made by rehashing them in my mind. I had cleared my calender for the next nine days. It was tough, but I had done it. Work was fairly easy, just schedule vacation time. But home was trickier, I finally told my wife that I needed some alone time and I wanted to go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. She told me that she didn’t like us being apart that long but she had noticed that I was a little distant recently and hoped my time alone would help. I parked the car and entered the mall and waited.

I sat in the food court and watched, but my mind was on my next attack and not on all the fine honeys walking around me. Then I saw Sarah and Amanda walk passed me as they continued their shopping spree. I now followed at a safe distance. As I followed, I watched for the right moment. After stalking my target for about fifteen minutes I saw an opportunity. Both Amanda and Sarah were standing at the railing overlooking the food court talking.

I made my move and I swiftly crept up behind them. I now lightly tapped Sarah on the shoulder away from her mother. As she turned her head to see whom was tapping, I slipped in between them. As her head turned back to ask her mother who'd just tapped her, I cradled her face into my hands and pressed my lips into hers. She was in the process of talking when our lips came together and I shoved my tongue into her open mouth. For a split second a felt her start to close her mouth but then her tongue found mine. We now kissed until I felt her passion building and then I left saying, “Lips.”

I now disappeared into the mall but not before I glanced at Sarah standing there kissing the air. Per my plan with Amanda, I circled back as she led a stupefied Sarah to the food court. Amanda got them some drinks and they sat down to recover. After about a minute, as Amanda watched, I walked up behind Sarah. I now tapped her again on the shoulder and as she turned to looked, planted another kiss onto her lips. This time there was a bit of a flinch with the unexpected kiss, but no delay with Frenching me once she recovered. I now caressed the back of her ears and neck as we smooched in front of her mother and the whole mall. After a minute I broke free saying, “Smooch.” and quickly left the mall.

Amanda had somehow made arrangements with her sister to let me have use of a mansion for the next few days. So I went there to recover and wait for my next assault. I was told not to break anything, otherwise I was to use it to it’s fullest. I now wanted to check it out until my next scheduled encounter. I pulled up to the entrance and whistled. Damn it was big and expensive. I used a code to open the security gate and parked in front of the main entrance. Over the next three hours I unpacked the bags and checked out my haunts for the next several days.

Suddenly I received a text message from Amanda and I called the number she sent.

Amanda answered, “Hello.”

“Amanda, this is Al.”

“Hello, I called to give you directions to where you can find Sarah.” I wrote down the directions she gave. “Al, I just wanted you to know, it’s working. Sarah's so spooked she’s wetting her panties.”

“So how many days will she last?” I asked.

“My bet's for late Thursday. Wendy says late Wednesday.”

“We’ll see. All I know is that if she goes much further than Friday noon, I might have to take matters into my own hands. Talk to you later. I have an appointment to keep.”

I locked up and hurried across town to the address Amanda had provided. I figured that I wasn't going to be able to surprise Sarah this time but I wanted her to squirm a bit. I now approached the party that was being held for her friend's birthday and rang the doorbell. A young lady answered and I said, “I’m here to give Sarah Lawson a gift.”

“She’s in the back.” came the response as I was let in. I followed the lady through the house and out the back door. I immediately saw Sarah talking to a group of girls and confidently walked over to her. Everyone in Sarah’s group stopped talking and looked at me. Sarah spun around and noticed me approaching. She said, “Well hello strange....” And I shoved my lips against hers before she could finish. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed as we passionately kissed in front of her friends. She was getting much better at French kissing and I lost track of time. When I felt her hands dropping down my back and I broke away saying, “French.” And I left the party with her to explain me.

I went to dinner and then went over to Amanda’s house. I waited in the car for Sarah to return home. I didn’t wait long. She pulled up in her car and got out. Quietly I sneaked out of my car and caught up to her as she was trying to open the door to the house. I gently spun her around and forced her against the house. I saw the lust in her brown eyes as she knew what was coming and we kissed. She now actively participated in our tongue wrestling match. Her hands were brushing my neck, shoulders, and back. We kissed on her front porch.

I now started phase two. I cupped her right breast. I fondled that firm breast hiding under her blouse and bra. I now switched to the left side and found the same firmness there. She moaned into our kissing mouths at this new sensation. And I suddenly stopped and left saying, “Breasts.”

I struggled to leave, but I did. I wanted to caress those magnificent mounds of flesh all night but instead I went back to the mansion and watched television for the rest of the night. I was so worked up that I had to take a sleeping pill. Normally I would just masturbated to relieve the tension but Amanda wanted me to abstain until 'The Twelfth Phase of Sarah'. It was going to be a tough few days.


Breast Touching

The next morning found me again at Amanda’s house waiting for my prey. This time I was on the porch waiting. I had to wait almost an hour before I heard the door open. As Amanda and I had planned, Sarah came out first. I pounced, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her. She squeaked in surprise as she found herself in my waiting arms. I now mashed my lips into hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth. As we kissed I heard Amanda close the door and walk to the car. I now caressed those breasts as I pushed her against the house. I was now fondling both of her breasts using both of my hands. She was moaning as I rubbed her tits staying away from her nipples. She was wearing a satin light blue blouse and I felt l very shear bra under it. I broke away saying, “Boobs.” I heard her moan as I left.

I had some time to kill so I went to the coffee house and surfed the internet for a couple of hours. Around lunch time I received a text message from Amanda giving me the necessary information for my next attack. I left to get myself all worked up again.

I arrived at the restaurant Amanda had sent me in the text message. I noticed Amanda and Sarah eating with a group of people. So I hid in the hallway to the restrooms and sent a text message. A few minutes later I saw Amanda get up from the table and talk to Sarah. Sarah then rose and they both headed my way. I slipped into the woman’s restroom and waited.

Amanda came into the bathroom followed by Sarah. I again grabbed her wrist and spun her into my arms. She grunted in surprise and then started kissing me. I immediately rubbed her tits as we kissed. She rubbed my back as she moaned. Using my fingertips I now played with her nipples. I now moaned as I felt them rising under her shear bra. I felt her hands drop to my ass and I broke free saying, “Tits.” I left the woman’s restroom passing up Amanda standing guard. I gave her the thumbs up as I left the restaurant.

I now had more time the kill, so I went to the movies. I though a movie might take my mind off of what I was doing but it didn’t. Every woman I saw on the screen reminded me of Sarah and those soft mounds of tit flesh. After the movie I went to dinner and ordered a stiff drink to calm my nerves.

Once I had finished dinner I went over to Wendy’s apartment and standing outside her apartment sent a text. A couple minutes later Wendy opened the door with a big grin. She gave me a wink as I slipped into the apartment. I now followed her to the dinning room where Amanda, Sarah, and Wendy’s new husband James were sitting and eating dinner. Just as Sarah turned to see who had entered the room, I grabbed her wrist, pulled her out of her seat, and over to a vacant wall. I pressed my lips into hers and my hands into her full breasts as I pushed her against the wall. We both groaned as her ass crashed into the wall. We now kissed as the whole room watched. They saw me paw at her clothed boobs. I now felt her nipples pop up and started worked on them.

I now moved to phase three.  I left one hand mauling her tits as my other hand found her full butt cheeks. Now I fondled her ass cheeks. I felt her underwear under her tight jeans. I followed the path from one side to the other side. Then I stopped saying, “Ass” and I left the apartment.

I was hard as a rock as I sat in my car waiting for my next appointment. After about forty minutes I was able to drive and went back to the movies. Now I purchased a ticket to the same show that I had seen earlier. The movie had started ten minutes earlier, so I stood in the dark hallway until my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I finally located Sarah, she was on the aisle sitting with Wendy and James. I now planned my route up and around the theater seats so that I would not be seen by Sarah. I slowly followed my path around until I was seated four rows behind Sarah. I sat and watched both her and the movie, but mostly her. I looked around the darken theater to notice it was mostly empty. The movie was getting to a love scene. I waited until the two actors were in the throes of passion and I made my move.

I sneaked down the three rows and seized Sarah’s wrist pulling her out of the seat. With one hand I clutched her ass and the other cupped a breast. Then kissing those beautiful lips, I forced her against the wall of the theater. Her nipples were already erect. She was breathing more rapidly. And she was aggressively kissing me. I now had a tiger in my arms, so I attacked back. I roughly mauled her tits. I mauled her ass. And I fought her tongue with mine. I was now moaning as she was grabbing my ass and trying to pull me closer into her. I had the presence of mind to keep my body twisted so that my hard cock was not getting involved, yet. I stopped and whispered into her ear, “Ass.” I then broke free of her clutches and left the movie.

I went back to the mansion for the rest of the evening. I knew it was going to be tough going to sleep without beating my meat. So I made myself a very stiff drink and climbed into the hot tub. I relaxed and listened to some music for a couple of hours before going to bed.


Pussy Grinding

I woke up with the alarm blaring and in a pool of cum. The last time I remembered having a wet dream was ten years ago when I was dating Angie. Well at least I didn’t do it intentionally.

I got ready for phase four and drove to Sarah’s high school. Amanda and I had disagreed about this location. She said everything would work as planned and after last night’s tigress I now starting to believe her. I now stood leaning against a tree near the door Sarah was to enter. Shorty I saw Sarah walking towards me. She had seen me first and already had an evil grin on her face. When she was about fifty feet away, I started walking towards the football stadium. I waited for Sarah on the other side of the stadium gate. She soon caught up with me and we embraced. Our lips locked together as our tongues danced. I was now fondling her breasts and ass. She was stroking my nipples and crushing my ass. We moaned as we tried to light a fire between us. I searched for her nipples hidden under her shirt and bra. She was already playing with mine. I broke the kiss and ground my fingertips into her crotch searching for her button of joy. I grunted, “Womanhood” and left her standing there moaning.

I quickly left her school and went to eat some breakfast. I had four hours to kill and a cock to soften up before I was to strike again. I went to the public library to surf the net and to do some reading. It helped kill the four hours and reduce my sexual urge for that eighteen year old vixen.

Now Sarah was in a work program so she only went to school half days. So I went back to her school for my next onslaught. I waited by the same tree until I saw Sarah walking to her car. She had not noticed me and had already passed me up. So I wolf-whistled her. She spun around to see whom had done it and noticed me grinning at her. She squealed and started running for me. Surprised that she was running towards me and not wanting a public scene, I turned and ran for the stadium.

She caught up with me as we entered the gate. She spun me around and ground her lips into mine. (I thought that was what I was to do?) I now embraced her as she was grabbing my ass and forcing us closer. I went straight for her nipples and found them hard under her shirt and bra. She was pinching my nipples under my shirt. She was trying to separate my ass cheeks hidden under my pants and underwear. I tried to separate her butt cheeks under her tight jeans. Hell they were so tight I couldn’t figure out what type of panties she was wearing, if she was wearing any at all. I now ground my hand into her crotch and rub it up and down her slit. She groaned into my mouth. I groaned as I broke our kiss and said, “Pussy” and ran away.

I left the school not looking back. After a quick lunch I went back to the library to relax. A few hours later I got a text with only a phone number. I went someplace private and called.

Amanda answered, “Hello.”

“Amanda, this is Al.”

“Sarah has changed her plans and I wanted to tell you. She just went swimming with some friends at the public pool.” Amanda then told me which one and where.

I replied, “I know the one. So how long should I wait?”

“Oh give her about 45 minutes to settle in, then you can drop in on her.”

“How is she handling it so far.” I asked.

“Not too well. When she came home today she told me that I was an ‘Evil Bitch’ and went to her room. I heard the bed creaking as she masturbated. She did it twice before she got a phone call from her friend. Then I heard another round before she left. She did apologize to me on the way out. So how are you doing?”

“I haven’t done anything intentionally.”

“What do you mean ‘intentionally’?”

“Well last night I had a wet dream and I woke up in a pool of semen. So I am a bit better today after that release.”

She laughed and said, “Oh, you poor baby. Well well talk later.”

I took my time driving over to the pool and arrived a bit early. I found a location that I could watch the action in the pool without being seen. I soon located Sarah sunbathing on the other side of the pool. She was wearing a turquoise string bikini that left little covered. She was chatting with a redhead wearing a black bikini. Soon I watched Sarah get up and dive into the pool. For the next several minutes she horse played with a group of teenagers. I waited for my chance as she enjoyed herself with her friends.

Suddenly she exited the pool and headed for the ladies changing room. Since her towel was at the other end of the pool I assumed she was in need of using the facilities. I moved closer and waited for her return. She shortly reappeared and I snatched her by the wrist and led her between the buildings. Out of sight of everyone I stopped and let her crash into my open arms. We locked lips as I palmed her wet breast and ass. With both of her hands she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled us tighter together. My hard cock rubbed against her hip as I was now rubbing her bikini clad pussy. The cloth was thin and I was able to trace her pussy lips. I broke away from our tongue wrestling match as I said “Twat.” in her ear. At the same time I pinched her hard nipple poking though her top and grounded my thumb on her hard clit popping up under her bottoms. She grunted in pleasure as I left.

I went to dinner and then back to the mansion. To help me relax, I worked out and swam laps in the pool. I then drank two stiff drinks and watched television until I fell asleep.


Tonguing Sarah

Sometime during the night I must have struggled back to my room and set the alarm because I was awakened on time for my next encounter. I arrived at Amanda’s home at the scheduled time for phase five and softly knocked on the door.

Amanda quietly let me and whispered, “She’s just about ready for school. Why don’t you wait over there and surprise her when she leaves. I'll wait in the kitchen until you leave.” I nodded in agreement.

I waited behind the doorway by the stairs for Sarah to appear. Then I heard her bouncing down the steps and shouted, “Mom, I’m off to school, see you about 11:30.” I now snatched her into the living room. She did get out a “Damn.” before I got my lips pressed into hers. She fought back for a few seconds until my hands attacked her breasts and nipples. She now kissed backed and rubbed my butt. We kissed and fondled each other until she felt my cock pressing into her crotch. Then she grabbed it and started stroking it through my pants. Now I pulled up her shirt and pushed it over her bra. Stilling kissing her lips, I reached behind her and unclipped the bra. I uncovered her tits and sank my month into one as I cupped the other one. She let go of my cock and wrapped her arms around me forcing more of her tit into my sucking mouth. I licked my way over to the other tit and sucked on that nipple. She groaned. I rubbed her pussy covered jeans trying to find her clit. She groaned again. Now I shoved my hand into the front of her tight jeans, under her panties, and rubbed her pubic hair. I stopped sucking her nipple and whispered hotly into her ear, “Shave.” As I removed my hand from her crotch I gently tugged her pubic hair, and left the house.

I stopped on the poach leaving the door cracked and listened. A couple of minutes later I heard Sarah choke out, “Mom I'm going to be late getting to school, can you write me a note. There’s something I need to do.” And I heard her stumble back up the stairs. I closed the door and went to my car. I waited about a half hour before I saw Sarah drive off. I waited another fifteen minutes before I knocked on Amanda’s door.

She let me in and gave me a big hug. Afterwords she asked, “Do you want some breakfast? You look a little stressed.”

“Sure, it might help.”

She led me to the kitchen and gave me a cup of coffee while she cooked up some bacon and eggs. We talked about general things, the weather, politics, the economy staying away from our present task. After we finished eating she asked, “Ready to ransack her room?”

“Better do it now since I’m a bit calmer. Seeing her room and clothes will probably raise my blood pressure again.”

Amanda lead me upstairs and showed me the rest of the rooms, pointing out Sarah’s room, the bathroom that Sarah used, and the master bedroom. We then went into Sarah’s bedroom and over the next few minutes packed a suitcase full of clothing for me to take. Then Amanda examined all of Sarah’s bras and panties. Using some rules I provided, we removed all of the unexceptionable ones. After we were done Sarah had only one bra and three panties left in her underwear drawer.

Amanda said, “It looks like someone needs to do some shopping.”

Looking at my watch I said, “Amanda if you don’t mind, I need to calm down before starting the next phase. Being here with you in her room has gotten me all worked up. I’ll be back before Sarah gets back. I'd take it you’ll explain her lack of underwear when she finds out.”

Amanda pecked me on the lips and said, “Will do. See you in a bit.” Amanda pinched my butt as I was leaving. I went back to the coffee house to relax.

Ready for phase six, I knocked on Amanda’s door at 11:20 and she let me in. She gave me another hug pressing her full breasts into my chest and said, “I’ll be in my bedroom until you leave. Have fun and make her squirm.” And she disappeared upstairs.

I waited and waited. And just as I was getting ready to find Amanda I heard the front door open. As soon as I heard the door slam shut I snatched Sarah. She dropped some bags she was carrying as I spun her into the living room. We kissed as I pulled up her shirt to be stopped by her arms that were wrapped around me. As we continued kissing I tried a couple of more times to get her shirt removed. Frustrated I grabbed her arms and placed them over her head. I quickly pulled up her shirt as we broke our kiss to allow the shirt to pass between our lips. Once her shirt was thrown across the room we resumed our Frenching. She was fondling my pants covered cock and balls as she rubbed my chest and nipples.

I now unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans. I pushed them down over her hips and butt and let them fall to the floor. We still kissed as we fondled each other. I now unclipped her bra and moved the straps off her shoulders. I now pulled down on it and she dropped her arms allowing it to fall to the floor on rest on her jeans. My lips now dropped down and attacked those beautifully uncovered breasts. She wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders with a moan. I was a wild man wanting to caress more and more of her flesh. I now pushed her panties down in the back to uncover her firm butt. They still held there place in front hiding her pubic mound. I now spun her around and forced her breasts into the wall as I dropped to my knees and sucked on her butt. We moaned. I then switched my lips to her other butt and gently nipped it. She groaned. I rose up and pressed my chest against her back. I slipped my hand into the front of her panties to find a freshly shaved pussy. I laid my index finger over her clit and pressed my covered cock into her butt. Pressing her into the wall and my finger I licked behind her ear and whispered, “Smooth.” I now ripped my hand out of her panties allowing the pressure of my trapped hand to force my finger to bump her clit. Before I left her grunting against the wall, I stood back to stare at her leaning against the wall. She was naked except for her jeans twisted around her ankles and her panties bunched up in the crevasse between her legs and butt. I loudly slammed the door as I left.

I went back to the mansion and had a couple of beers as I ate lunch. I then worked out in the gym for about an hour and swam some laps in the pool. By that time I was reasonably back to normal so I drank another beer while I enjoyed the hot tub.

I went out for dinner and as I ate went over the plan for phase seven tonight. Amanda wanted the encounter to occur at Sarah’s work. She didn’t want Sarah to pull the trigger too soon and knew that being at work would prevent any problems. I had my concerns that she might get fired if caught, but Amanda said she would clear the way. So I was given specific instructions on when and where the encounter was to occur.

Sarah worked at a department store as a salesperson. I arrived at the store ten minutes early to make sure I could locate her. At a good distance away I pretended to shop as I watched her. Tonight she was wearing a lite blue blouse and black skirt. At the appointed time, I watched a lady approach, and then Sarah left her station to go on a break. Now was my time to strike. I walked swiftly towards her, coming up behind her. Just before she passed up the man’s dressing rooms, I grabbed her arm and led her into a vacant dressing room. I forced her against the mirror and she struggled as I attempted to kiss her. She was trying to push me away. I grabbed her hands and pushed them against the wall as I ground my crotch into hers. Once she felt my hard cock trying to burrow a hole though our clothes into her pussy, she gave up and returned the kiss. As I felt her tongue now responding to my tongue I let go of her hands so that I could unbutton her blouse. Once it was unbuttoned I shoved it backwards over her shoulders and down her arms. I threw it someplace. I now reached behind her to unclip her bra to find only a strap. Thinking quickly, I cupped her breasts and found the latch in her cleavage. I unlatched it, forced the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. I threw that puppy somewhere too. She was now naked from the waist up and we hadn’t even stopped kissing. I fondled her breasts for a bit as I felt for the skirt zipper. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then my fingers felt her thighs encased in nylons. She moaned in pleasure as I groaned in frustration. I was frustrated because she was wearing my worst enemy, pantyhose. I knew I would deal with those later I just needed to get back to her boobs. As I was playing with her tits, I used my feet to drag her skirt away from her. Her standing in the middle of it prevented me from do much until she got the point. She first picked up one foot and then the other, losing both shoes in the process. I now flipped the skirt away using my foot. We were still kissing. I now attacked the pantyhose and grabbed the back of her ass to find just a strap. Confused I broke our kiss and glanced down. She wasn’t wearing pantyhose, she was wearing thigh high stocking. Happy with this discovery I resumed our kiss as I pushed her thong down her legs. She helped a bit by separating her thighs until they too fell to the floor. I again used my foot to drag them away. She again helped by dancing out of them. I flipped them away. She was now nude expect for her stockings. I now let my hands wander all over her nakedness. She groaned with pleasure as I played with her body.

I broke our kiss as I started kissing all over her body. I kissed her breasts. I sucked on her nipples. I rotated her so I could kiss her ass and then rolled her the other way to kiss the other ass. I kissed her thigh at the top of her stocking. I kissed the other thigh. And then I said, “Cunt.” as I licked her pussy lips. She groaned and tried to grab my head. I left.

I didn’t turn back and I didn’t stop until I got back to the mansion. I tried not to think about tomorrow but this game I was playing was sexually frustrating. It took me hours to calm down enough to get some sleep.


Sperming Sarah

The next morning found me ready for phase eight at Amanda’s house before sunrise. Per my plan I was wearing a sweet smelling cologne. Using a key that Amanda provided, I let myself into the house. I crept up the steps and listened at the top. I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I unzipped my pants and removed my hardening cock from them. I now waited beside the bathroom door for Sarah. I heard the shower stop and a couple of minutes later she came out. I grabbed her arm and spun her into my arms and at the same time yanked off the towel. She screamed until I could get my mouth over hers. She tried to push me away as I forced her against the hallway wall. She froze as she felt my naked cock press into her belly. She reached down and grabbed my cock as she started kissing me back. She felt my member as I felt her tits. She cupped my balls as I teased her ass cheeks. She stroked my member as I rubbed her pussy. I now quickly sucked on both hard nipples. I broke free of her grasp on my cock to drop to my knees. I spun her around by her hips, kissed both ass cheeks, and licked down her ass crack stopping short of the asshole. I spun her back around and lightly licked her slit from bottom to top staying clear of her clitoris. I now stood up and stepped back squirting her tits with cum from a dildo and said, “Ejaculate.” I left her standing in the hallway with cum dripping down her chest with a look of lust on her face. I stopped at the bottom of the steps to arrange my hard cock into my pants and zip up. I left the house and drove away.

I ate some breakfast and went to the coffee house until Amanda arrived for our meeting. I rose as she approached and asked the waiter to bring some coffee for her. We sat down and started talking.

“Al that was great this morning. I watched the whole thing. She had no clue what was happening until you left. She just stood there a couple of minutes until she stumbled back into the shower. Her shower seemed to take longer than normal. By the way was that real cum?”

“Yes, 100 percent pure.”

“Who’s was it?”

“Mine.” and I saw Amanda raise her eyebrows in a questioning look. I continued, “I have been freezing my cum over the past month. This morning I thawed out the first batch and loaded the dildo with it. I’ve got seven more rounds before I run out. I hope this finishes before that or else she might get some fresh rounds.”

Amanda giggled at the thought. Then she asked, “Did you have any trouble last night?”

“No, it went just as you planned. I had her naked in minutes. It slowed me down a bit when I ran into that front closure bra. So when did she pick that baby up. It wasn’t in her stash or on her earlier that day?”

“Once she discovered her missing undergarments, she demanded that I take her out and replace them. I told her about your tastes and we had fun picking out some that you would enjoy. We even picked out some stockings.”

“Yes I was pleasantly surprised to find those thigh highs on her. At first I though I was going to fight a pair of pantyhose.”

“Yes, I remembered your demand with Wendy about ‘No Pantyhose!’” Then she said, “I don’t think she’s going to make it until tomorrow. Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready since we started. Are you and Wendy ready for later?”

“Yes, James is going out tonight with the guys. So she is having us girls over.”

“Okay, it’s about time for phase nine. You go ahead home and be ready in case she breaks. We will spring number nine on her when she gets home. Are you sure she’ll go to her room first?”

“She always does, but if not I’ll get her there. See you in a bit.” She pecked me on the cheek and left. A few minutes later I left for my rendezvous with Sarah.

After reapplying some cologne, I let myself back into Amanda’s house and went upstairs to Sarah’s bedroom. Once in her room I again extricated my harden cock from my pants. As I waited to spring phase nine on Sarah, I opened her underwear drawer. For the next several minutes I felt and looked over all of the new bras and panties in her drawer. I imagined how they would look on Sarah and I absentmindedly stroked my hard cock.

I heard the front door slam shut as Sarah shouted, “Mom, I’m home.” And I heard her bound up the stairs. Leaving the drawer open I slipped behind her bedroom door and waited. I saw Sarah walk into the room and stop once she saw the open drawer. I shoved the door closed with a bang as I pulled her into my arms. She was more ready this time for my attack and kissed as soon as she recovered from the surprise. I positioned her against the wall and started removing her shirt. She now helped me as we broke our kiss to throw the shirt away. We restarted our Frenching as I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. She helped wiggle her butt as I pushed them down her legs. I stood on them as I tapped her leg. She understood what I wanted and pulled her feet out of her jeans leaving the sneakers trapped under her pants. I kicked the pants away and ground my cock into her panty covered pussy. I now reached between her cleavage and unclipped her bra. I now pushed the strap off her shoulders and she let it drop to the floor. I now pushed my face into her uncovered boobs and she hugged me to force more of her into my mouth. I sucked on her nipples as I pushed her panties down. She stopped me and tugged on the strings that tied the front to the back. The panties fell away to the floor. I now dropped to my knees and spun her around to nibble gently on both butt cheeks. She spun back around and thrust her crotch into my face. My nose dripped into her pussy until I recovered and thrust my tongue into her twat. After a couple of laps, I rose up, squirted her tits with cum turned her around and pushed her cum strained breasts into the wall and sprayed her ass with cum saying, “Seed.” She groaned as I left the room. I again stored away my cock at the bottom of the steps before I left the house.

I now had seven hours to kill before phase ten. So I did what I had done the past couple of days and went back to the mansion to calm down. After about five hours I got myself calmed enough to go get some dinner.

After dinner I headed over to Wendy’s apartment for phase ten. I again freshen my cologne before I left the car. As we had prearranged, her apartment door was unlocked so I silently slipped in. I waited inside the door and listened a few minutes. Shorty I determined the women were in the living room talking. Wendy had shown me the lay out of her apartment early last week, so I knew her bedroom was the second door to the right. The living room was after that. I now crept into her bedroom and thought over my options. I now untangled my hard cock from my pants and took a couple of very deep breaths. I hoped Sarah was seating where she was supposed to be or else the wrong woman was going to be grabbed.

I swiftly left the bedroom and entered the living room. I now pounced on my prey and dragged her back to the bedroom squealing. I shoved both her against the wall and my mouth into hers. Our tongues started their dance of passion as I pulled up her camisole. Our tongue dance paused as I removed the chest cover and threw it across the room. My mouth dropped down and attacked her tits as we unbuttoned her button fly shorts. She pushed them over her hips and I shoved them down her toned legs. I fell to my knees and licked her bellybutton. She kicked them away. As the shorts flew across the bedroom, I reached for her panties to find none. She had been barefooted when I snagged her, so now she was completely naked, as I kissed around her stomach and crotch. We both moaned. I rose up to again kiss her lips before I turned her into the wall. I now cupped her breasts as I laid against her forcing her chest into the wall and my hands. I kissed my way down her back sliding my hands down her ribs. I kissed and nibbled both ass cheeks before kissing my way back up her back. I played with her breasts as I nibbled her neck and ear while I rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack. She was constantly moaning and groaning as I caressed her hot body. I stepped back and squirted her butt with cum. I gently turned her to face me as I sprayed her tits. With lust in her eyes she looked at me as I aimed the fake cock at her pussy. I squeezed and said, “Sperm.” and coated her pussy in my cum. I left.

I remembered my exposed cock as I was running down the apartment stairs. I stopped halfway down to get everything put away and zipped up.

I drove to a bar and ordered a very stiff drink and waited. I nursed some drinks until I received a text: ‘she in bed’. I left for phase eleven.

I parked my car in front of Amanda house and removed my shirt, socks, and shoes. I also freshen my cologne.

Wearing only my pants, I again let myself into Amanda’s house and sneaked up to Sarah’s bedroom door. I now removed my pants and laid them on the floor. Now I was completely naked since I wasn't wearing underwear. I silently opened Sarah’s bedroom door and slipped in leaving the door open for my rapid escape. In the dim light from her window, I saw Sarah lying in bed with her back towards me. I silently crept towards her with the fake cock in my hand. About halfway to her bed, I heard her take a big whiff of air and then she jumped out of bed. Even in the dim light of the room I could see the lust on her face as she stood there naked. She yelled, “You.” and charged me. We wrapped our arms around each other as she crashed into me. Our lips pressed together as we crashed backwards into the wall. I dropped the dildo during the attack and I let my fingers do the walking. They walked all over her breasts. They walked all over her ass. And they now walked over her pussy and tickled her clit. She grunted into my mouth and she grabbed my cock when she felt this new sensation. I stopped touching her clit so that I could kiss everywhere my fingers had walked. Her boobs were kissed, her ass was kissed, and then I kissed her pussy. She moaned. As I rose back up to kiss her mouth I gave her clit a long slow lick with my tongue. She grunted as I did. As we kissed I now rubbed her pussy and clit. Very quickly I felt her grab me around the shoulders and break our kiss in preparation for her sexual release. I now did the hardest thing I have ever done to a woman. I broke our embrace, stepped back, and using the dildo I had picked up, shot her with six cum spurts. The first shot hit her right breast. The next hit her left breast. I then shot just below her cleavage. The fourth shot coated her bellybutton. And as I said, “Creaming.” as I shot her pussy twice, trying my best to hit her clit. I ran out of the room and snatched my pants off the hallway floor. As I left the house naked, I slammed the front door behind me. I ran the thirty feet to my car, naked, holding my pants in one hand, and the dildo in the other. I hoped nobody saw me. I got in the car and drove away still nude. About a mile away I found a private spot and parked.

For the next several minutes I collected my wits and put on my clothes. Once I was decent and a little more calm, I drove back to the mansion. I took a sleeping pill, set the alarm, and waited for the sleeping pill to kick in.


Breaking Sarah

I awoke the next morning groggy and late. I quickly got ready and left the mansion. When I had gone about a mile I received a text message that said: ‘number?’ Knowing Amanda wanted to call me, I turned around and went back to the mansion. I texted her the number and waited. A couple of minutes later the phone rang and I answered, “Hello.”

Amanda said, “Al, don’t come over. We’ll talk in about an hour.” and the line went dead. I now had some time so I went into the kitchen and made myself some breakfast.

As I was relaxing watching television, the phone rang. I answered it, “Hello.”

Amanda said, “Hello Al. Sorry about earlier but I needed to stop this mornings event.”

“Okay, so what’s wrong?”

“Sarah, she’s too worked up this morning after last night. I thought it better to skip the next round. We’ll pick it back up at lunch time. Okay?”

“That’s fine by me. I need the break as well. I almost went too far last night.”

“You should have heard her scream when the front door slammed. I heard her run downstairs and outside trying to catch you, but you'd already left. I wonder what would have happened if she caught you outside?” Amanda chuckled and then continued. “When she found you gone, she slammed the door and shouted curse words all the way back to her room. Remind me later to wash her filthy mouth out with soap. So I decided she needed a little break before her next round.”

I asked, “So do you think shes ready?”

“Oh yes, she’s very ready. Just before I sent you the text I heard her alarm go off. I decided to peek out my door to see how she looked. I would have wet my panties if I was wearing any. Her whole front was covered in dried cum. You did an excellent job sliming her. She looked like a zombie all morning, her mind is elsewhere. I hope she doesn’t have any tests at school today because she’s going to fail them. Oh damn, I've got to go, I need to be someplace right now. Al, see you around lunchtime, bye.”

I decided not to hang out at the mansion, so I drove to the coffee shop to kill time. About 11:00 am I left for my next confrontation.

I parked the car in the back alley and removed all my clothes except for my pants. Then I applied some cologne and walked barefooted up to the back door of Amanda’s house. I saw Amanda through the window so I tapped on it.

She let me in and gave me a hug. She then said, “Sarah should be here soon. Hide upstairs in my bedroom.”

“Will do.” I said as I left the kitchen.

She slapped my butt as I went by and said, “Go get her, tiger.”

Once in Amanda’s bedroom I got myself ready for my next round. I removed my pants and placed them on a chair for a quick collection. I now sat on the bed to wait for my target. I didn’t have long.

I heard the front door open and Sarah said, “Hello mom I’m ….” she paused and then growled, “Where the fuck is he!”

“Who dear?” came a chirpy response from the kitchen.

“Al! Where is Al! I smell his cologne. Where the fuck is he!”

“Oh him. He’s upstairs in my bedroom, dear.”

I heard Sarah running up the stairs and I closed the door to wait for her. I waited longer then I thought I needed for her to crash though that door. Worried that she had misunderstood her mom about which bedroom I was in. I reached for the door to check and right then it burst open. I dropped the dildo in surprise. Standing in the doorway was Sarah, completely naked. She looked at me and said, “You won’t be needed that thing any more.” She growled and leaped at me. I grabbed her with my arms and stopped her forward motion. Using my weight I shoved her backwards against the wall and kissed her. My cock poked her in the belly. She grabbed it and forced it downwards until I felt a wetness envelop my cock head. We both groaned.

She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “Please, shove it in. I don’t want to wait until Saturday I want you now.”

I pulled my hips back, slipping my cock out of her wet hole and whispered in to her ear, “If you want it you’ll need to work for it.” and I licked her neck.

She groaned in frustration saying, “What do I need to do? Tell me please. I just want your cock. NOW!”

I broke our embrace and crawled on the bed. I laid down on my back and while looking in her lust filled eyes, said, “Mount me.”

She smiled with the knowledge of what I meant. My playing her was over, I could now lay back and watch the18 year old pop her own cherry. I stared at that smooth pussy walking toward the bed. Those pussy lips puffy with her excitement. I watched as she crawled up the bed, her tits hanging down swinging from side to side. I watched as she straddled my hips and positioned my cock into her very wet hole. I watched her face grimace as she started her slow descent down that hard cock.

Due to the excitement of finally getting my cock into some pussy, I must have lost my mind. I suddenly held her hips and bucked my butt off the bed. This had the undesired effect of speeding up her deflowering. My cock ripped right though her hymen and she screamed out in pain. She fell forward onto my chest as my cock traveled the remaining distance into her cunt. Her descent was stopped when our pubic mounds ground together. I froze with concern.

I whispered while stroking her forehead, “Sarah, I’m so so sorry. It wasn’t supposed to go that way. I lost my head in the heat of the moment and moved things along to quickly. Do you want me to pull out?”

“Hell no. Don’t you fucking dare. Just give me a moment.”

I waited and then felt her wiggle her hips a bit.

“It’s feeling much better.” And she wiggled her hips even more flexing her butt up and down a bit. “It still hurts but it’s feels so good to have you buried in me.”

I pushed on her forehead so that I could look her into her eyes, “Let’s see if we can get rid of the pain. I promise I won't move an inch. Why don’t we lie here like this while you tell me what you’ve been doing every night.” She gave me a questioning look. “Your mother tells me your bed squeaks every night, and more than once.”

Her face now blushed with being caught in her secret. “There’s nothing to tell. I’ve been getting myself off because of you.”

“Show me.”


“Yes. Just put your hand between us and start rubbing yourself.” I paused. “Please.”

She raised up a bit to allow her hand to slip between us and then I felt her start rubbing her clit. She started slowly and I lightly stroked her back with my fingertips. I now felt her flexing her hips more and more forcing her to raise up and down on my cock a bit. She was now rubbing herself more rapidly as she rode more and more length of my cock. With her free hand she pushed herself up so that she was now seating on me. She was now bouncing up and down on my pole. I watched her tits rock and roll with her movements. Her eyes were tightly closed as she kept playing with her sensitive bump.

“Sarah, open your eyes.” She looked at me while she bounced. “I want you to stare into my eyes when you cum. I want see the cum pour forth through your eyes. Your very first cum with a cock deep inside you.” Her clit rubbing got faster. Her bouncing got higher. She looked into my eyes. “Sarah, do you know why we’re on this bed? Do you know why your mom wanted your cherry broken in her bed?” Sarah shook her head no. Her hand was a blur, rubbing. “She wanted you to lose your virginity in the same bed as you were conceived.”

She grunted, “Oh my God, oh my God, that’s so hot.” She closed her eyes and started cumming.

I barked, “Open your eyes, Sarah, open your eyes. I want to watch you cum with your eyes open.” Her eyes snapped back open and she stared into my eyes as she came.

She grunted, “Oh damn, oh damn.” and quaked all over. I felt her cunt squeezing my cock as she continued riding me. Her stomach fluttered and her clit rubbing softened. She was descending from her climax. Looking into her eyes I asked, “Sarah, do you mind if we roll over? It might hurt but I want us to try the missionary position.”

“Okay, how do we roll over?”

“Just lay on me and let me show you.” She laid on my chest and we gently rolled over. She was now under me as I slowly plowed my cock in and out of her pussy. I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Oh yea, still hurts a bit, but it feels great.”

“Well hold on, it might hurt some more, but I’m too close. It won’t take long now. Just go for the ride.” I now slammed my cock into her trying to pull the orgasm out of my balls. I just kept hammering my cock into that young pussy. She kept grunting with the force I was using. I said, “Oh yea, oh yea, I’m close.” And then we both grunted as I slammed my spurting cock into her. I kept pushing into her as my cock kept spraying into her cunt. I grunted with each cock spasm. I kissed her lips and cupped her breast as my orgasm diminished. Once I was done, I gently pulled out of her and rolled to one side of her. I now whispered into her ear and said, “Now it’s my turn to make the pain go away.” I nibbled on her neck as I rubbed her clit.

“Oh yes, that feels good.” she said, as she clutched me.

I rubbed and tweaked her button of pleasure as my lips kissed their way down to her breasts. She continually groaned as she felt my lips walk her chest. I could tell she was close because she tightened her grip around me and was shaking her head side to side. I stopped kissing her breast and whispered into her ear, “Sarah, you have a week’s worth of sperm swimming inside your pussy.” She moaned with acknowledgment. “I’m going to rub your pussy until your uterus sucks that sperm deeper into you.” She moaned louder. “Maybe my sperm will find your egg and you’ll get knocked up, just like your mother 18 years ago in this same fucking bed.” Sarah’s eyes popped open and then closed as the impact of what I just said became clear. She grabbed my neck as she started her second climax. She moaned out, “OOOOhhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, oohh ddaammnn oohh.” She grunted as I kept rubbing her clit. Her hips bounced her ass off the bed and I watched her stomach contract as her uterus squeezed. I couldn’t help but say, “Sarah do you feel your womb pulling in my spunk. Oh baby, someone might be having a baby.” She squeezed my neck harder as her orgasm continued. I just watched her as I rubbed her button. I lessen my stokes of her pussy as she lessened the grip around my neck until she muttered, “Okay enough.” and slapped at my hand at her crotch. We cuddled as she recovered from her climax.

She turned her head, looked into my eyes, smiled and said, “Damn that was great.” She gave me a quick peek on the lips and continued, “What’s next, since you've made me into a woman.”

“Look who’s talking. You're the one that mounted me. I just shoved when I wasn’t supposed to.” I hugged her. “We need to see your mother and then leave for your weekend.”

“Weekend? I thought we were only spending one night together.”

“Who told you that?”

“Well we weren’t going to get together until Saturday and I have school early Monday morning, so I assumed one night.”

“Well you assumed wrong. We have until Sunday noon to be together. So let’s find your mom and get on the road.”

She squealed with delight at her new discovery. She said, “Give me a second to find my clothes and get dressed.”

I replied, “Were to stay naked until after the ring ceremony.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look, “It wasnt that way in Wendys diary.”

“And your snooping is the reason things were changed. Wendy still had her virginity before the ring ceremony. You’ve already lost yours. Now let’s find your mom before I shove something up your pussy again.”

“Promises, promises.” she said as she grabbed my hand and led me though the house.

We found Amanda sitting in the living room waiting for us. She stood as we came down the stairs.

She gave her daughter a hug and said, “Congratulations Sarah on becoming a woman.” She gave me a quick hug and continued, “I heard the scream and rushed upstairs. I was worried the something had going wrong but I stopped when I saw that Sarah and you were coupled at last. I hurried back here to wait for you. I guess you two want to leave so let's get this ceremony over with.” She then held up two rings and read the following:

“By my giving this first ring to Sarah, I, Amanda Lawson, give my blessing to her to participate in the ‘Débutante Depucelate’.” At which point she put the ring on Sarah’s left ring finger. She then gave me the second ring, and told me to repeat after her.

“By my giving this ring to Sarah Lawson, I, Al Hilton, understand the terms of ‘The Double D,’ and I will not have any other future expectations from her.” I slipped the ring on her finger, right beside the first one.

“Sarah, the wearing of these rings, shows that you have consented to ‘The Double D.’ You agree that you have no future expectations from Al after ‘The Double D’.”

“Al, these rings symbolizes that Sarah gives her body to you for both of your pleasures. They also symbolize your commitment to Sarah’s training.”

As Amanda handed me two wrapped boxes, I said, “Now comes my part.” Taking notice of the marks on the boxes I handed one to Sarah and said, “For you first orgasm with a cock shoved up very tight pussy.” Both Amanda and Sarah blushed at my detailed comment. Sarah opened the gift to find a delicate toe ring with a small embedded diamond. She kissed me and I said, “I would be my pleasure to put it on your toe.” She gave me the ring and I knelt down to put it on one of her right foot toes.

Rising back up I gave her the other wrapped box and said, “This one is for losing your virginity.” She now opened that gift up to find an anklet that matched her new toe ring. I then took it from box and attached it around her right ankle. We then had a passionate kiss right there in front of her mother. Breaking the kiss I said, “Now for the last part of your beginning ceremony. We are to dress each other in front of your mother.”

Amanda now handed me a red satin g-string but before I could lean over to put it on Sarah, Amanda said, “Wait a second.” and left the room. She came back with a damp washcloth and towel. She was about to wash Sarah’s privates when she through differently. Embarrassed she handed me the washcloth and mumbled, “I was going to wash the blood off.”

I looked at Sarah’s bloodied pussy and said, “Momma always told me to cleanup my messes.” I then gave her a kiss, reached between her legs, and washed her pussy with the cloth. After I had dried her with the towel, I told her, “I should have licked it clean upstairs but I forgot.” I now positioned the g-string onto Sarah while we kissed. I made very sure that the clothe covered her smooth mound and the butt string was deeply imbedded in her ass crack.

Amanda now gave Sarah a pouch g-string for me. Sarah now started positioning it on me and stopped just below my crotch. She giggled and said, “I need the washcloth now. Somebody else is bloody mess.” She now washed my genitals. After she had her fun she pulled up and adjusted my g-string just like I had done hers.

Amanda now handed me a red blouse that I put on Sarah and buttoned it up. I gave her hard nipples a tweak once I was finished. Amanda handed Sarah a red shirt for me. Sarah put it on me and licked my nipple before buttoning it up. She also tweaked my hard nipples too. The rest of the clothes went on in a similar manner as we teased each other in front of Amanda. Once we were dressed, Amanda said to both of us, “Now go and enjoy the rest of Sarah’s ‘Double D,’ I will see you both back here Sunday at noon.” and then I led Sarah out to my car.

Loving Sarah

On the way to the mansion Sarah and I had a quick bite to eat. During the meal Sarah asked, “So what have you planned for the rest of the weekend?”


“What stuff?”

“To stuff you full.”

“Oh I know that, silly. What else are we doing this weekend?”

Being coy, I said, “Stuff.”

“Oh alright, I get the point. It’s a secret.”

I looked at Sarah with a serious look and said, “Dear, I have some ideas, but just like the time I had with Wendy, I am going to be flexible. We will learn what works and what doesn’t. Our lust will lead us for our mutual pleasure.”

She grinned back at me and nodded, “Yes I understand. Now lets go.”

We arrived at the security gate of the mansion and as I was opening the gate with the code Sarah said, “Wow, why are we here?”

“Your aunt arranged us to use it for the weekend.”


I drove up the long driveway and parked at the front door. I quickly got out and hurried around to open Sarah's door. As I helped her out I got a good look at the red satin covered pussy. I saw a wet slimy cum stained outline of her pussy lips. Out of habit Sarah pulled down the hem of her black mini-skirt once she was out of the car. I led her into the mansion and upon entering she said, “Damn this is a big place. So what the plan now?”

“Stuff.” We giggled. “Why don’t I show you around and then we’ll take a swim.” So we started in the basement and finished the tour in the master suite. In every room she said, “Wow.” But when she saw the master suite she said, “Holy shit. This isn’t a bedroom it’s an another house.”

The master suite started with a sitting room that had a mini-bar and luncheonette. There was a fake gas fireplace with a flat screen television above it. There were two rooms off of the sitting room. One was a guest bath. The other was the master bedroom. It had a king sized, four posts, canopy bed. The canopy was covered in a maroon velvet. The bedspread matched the canopy. In front of the bed was another flat screen television attached to the wall. There was another door in the bedroom that lead to a huge bathroom with a tub for two, a shower for two, a two basin sink, a toilet, and a bidet.

After Sarah had seen everything I got our swimsuits from the bags. I dropped the suits on the bed and grabbed her saying, “Let me help you get into that fine bikini you worn the other day. It really didn’t hide much then.” She giggled and we kissed. I unbuttoned her blouse. She unbuttoned my shirt. I removed her blouse and set it on the bed. She did the same with my shirt. I licked and sucked on her nipple. She moaned and then did the same to my nipple. It was my turn to moan now. I knew we had all night and I also knew my limits, so I helped her tie on her bikini top covering up my temptations. Once she was covered I looked into those chocolate brown eyes and squeaked out, “Sarah, darling this isn’t going to work for me. Can you finish dressing in here, while I changing in the bathroom.”

She giggled out, “Sure.”

I grabbed my suit and hurried to the bathroom. I removed the rest of my clothes and put on my swimsuit. I adjusted my cock in my suit before I yelled out to Sarah, “Are you ready?”

I got a “Yep.” back in response. I joined her in the bedroom and we walked holding hands to the pool.

We stopped beside the pool and kissed each other and then I felt her shove me into the pool. I came up sputtering and asked, “What was that for?”

Laughing she said, “For teasing me all week.” I swam over to the edge as she squatted down. Her knees parted and I gazed on that stretched pussy covered only by a thin cloth as she leaned over wagging her finger in my face saying, “You’ve been a very bad boy teasing poor innocent Sarah.” I looked up and was stopped by those mammaries poking in my face.

“I had help.” And I grabbed the bikini string under her cleavage and pulled. The next thing I knew, I had her top in my hand and she was now in the pool. She now came up sputtering as I swam over to her. We hugged each other as I continued, “Your mother had some devilish changes to my original plan. And Wendy wasn’t innocent in this either.” We now kissed as I played with her breasts. I then asked, “Didn’t you like what we planned?”

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and licked my neck saying, “At first I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. You would appear and steal a kiss from me and then run away saying one word. Then you started copping feels. After that I was just fucking horny and didn’t care where and when you would appear. I just wanted you to fuck me. Then you started coating me with stuff that looked like cum. By the way what was it?”

As I untied and removed her bikini bottoms, I whispered in her ear, “It was 100% my sperm.” and I slipped a finger into her slit.

She moaned, “Damn if I had known that, I would have shoved it into my pussy and not washed it down the drain.” She started bucking her hips up and down on my finger. “Then last night you started to rub me off, I thought I was going to get some relief a last, and then I found myself coated again as the front door slammed shut. After that I was determined that you weren’t getting away again.” I now got a second finger into her cunt as she bounced up and down in the pool. She now whispered, “Oh damn, oh damn.” I now licked and kissed her neck as I rubbed her butt cheeks. She just kept bouncing up and down on my fingers, groaning “Oh, damn, oh.” I now nibbled on her ear and let one of my free fingers brush against her clit. That got her over the threshold and she came grunting in my arms. I held and finger fucked her as she enjoyed her orgasm. She pressed her breasts into my chest as she tried to squeeze more out of her orgasm. She finally released her grip on me as her cum subsided and then she felt my hard cock. She whispered into my ear, “Can we make love again.”

With my fingers still buried in her slit, I pressed them into her g-spot and said, “Go lay down in the grass.” She grunted in pleasure and understanding.

I removed my fingers and followed her out of the pool. She laid down in the grass and lewdly spread her thighs so I could look at my present objective. Not wasting any time, I removed my suit and knelt down between her open thighs and placed the tip of my cock into her wet slit. Looking into her eyes I slowly forced myself deeper into this almost virgin territory. I had to wiggle a bit to open up the way until we were completely joined. Once she felt my balls tap her ass, she wrapped both her arms and legs around me and forced her tongue into my mouth.

I was still behind with my pussy quota after being denied for the past week and with this vixen forcing both her tongue and pussy at me, I let her have it. I flexed my hips up and my cock slipped out until her legs took up the slack. Then I dropped down slamming myself into her and made her grunt with the force of our contact. We kissed as I kept pumping in and out of her. I didn’t last very long, she moaned and I groaned as I felt my cock start pumping my cum into her. I kept grunting as I kept trying to shove my cock deeper into her with every spurt of my cock

I could tell she had been close to an orgasm when I went over the edge, so as soon as I was comfortably finished, I pulled out of her and laid in the grass beside her. I now kissed her and rubbed her clit. It didn’t take me long to get her over the edge as well. She now grunted in my mouth as her hips bounced in the grass. She threw her arms over my shoulders as the climax started and tried to break our kiss. But I followed her month and kept my tongue playing with hers. I kept rubbing her and felt her stomach contract as her orgasm continued. I felt her grip on my shoulders lessen as her climax also lessened. Soon her was laying there in the grass spent from her cum.

I’m an evil person at times and this 18 year old wasn’t done yet. I crawled down between her legs, spread apart her pussy lips and started eating her out. She moaned as she felt my oral ministrations. I licked all round her pussy and then had my tongue do some laps around her clit. Her hips bucked a bit trying to release her next climax. I decided it was time and I licked and sucked on her clit.

She now started to have her third orgasm of the afternoon. She grabbed my head and tried shoving it deeper into her bucking crotch. She very quietly said, “Oh damn, oh damn.” as the orgasm racked her soul. I kept working on her clit until she was silent and her hands flopped beside her. I now left her there in the grass as I hopped naked into the hot tub.

More Sarah

About five minutes later Sarah got up out of the grass and joined me in the tub. We kissed a bit and cuddled enjoying our post-orgasmic state. For the next several minutes we enjoyed our quiet time together. I felt Sarah start to caress my cock and I said, “Sarah, can we take it a bit slower? I’m not as young as I used to be and if we keep going like this I’ll be drained so much that we’ll both be disappointed later.” She quickly let go and said, “We can’t have that now can we.” We kissed and cuddled some more before I said, “I’ve had enough of this heat for the moment. Why don’t we watch a movie on the big screen.”

Sarah said, “That sounds like a plan.”

“Why don’t you find a movie you want to watch, while I'll go make us some drinks and popcorn.”

“What movies do you like?”

“Sarah, pick one you want to watch. I’ll enjoy watching both you and it.” I gave her a peck on the lips before collecting my suit and hurrying to the kitchen.

Upon my return to the living room with the refreshments, I found Sarah wearing her damp bikini. She was sitting on a towel to prevent the sofa from getting wet. I placed the drinks and snacks on the coffee table front of the sofa. Then I sat on the floor in front of Sarah between her legs. We both watched the movie as we snacked. Every few minutes I would cock my head back and we would both kiss. During one of these kisses I reached behind her neck and untied the bikini string. As she leaned back up to watch more of the movie, I watched her breasts as the bikini top peeled down. She grinned at me as she untied the other string and removed the top.

Now when she wanted to kiss, she would softly place her hand under my chin and pull my head back. Since we were doing more kissing than watching and I was dry. I slipped up and sat beside her on the sofa. We now leaned against each other and stroked each others body. As we kissed I cupped and fondled her breast. Wanting more of her fabulous boobs I leaned over and licked on the hard nipple. I heard her softly moan. I now untied both sides of her bikini bottoms as I kissed and licked her tits. I pushed her suit bottom away from my current objective, her clit. I now slowly and lightly rubbed her button of pleasure as I kissed her lips and tits. As her passion increased, so did my rubbing and kissing, until I heard her grunt and felt a climax start. She held on to me as she enjoyed her orgasm. I kept sucking her tits and rubbing her clit as I let the orgasm play itself out.

I was rock hard and didn’t care if I could get it up later. I stood up and grabbed Sarah’s legs. I pulled her forward until her ass was barely on the sofa. I then pushed her legs back until knees were on her shoulders. Her slit opened up a bit and I stuffed the head of my cock into it. Now I slowly pushed forward as I leaned down to kiss her. She was bent in two, her legs over my shoulders, as my cock finally stopped it’s forward penetration. My thighs had run into her butt cheeks. I held her legs as I pumped back and forth in her cunt. I pumped slowly at first but my pace picked up as my passion built. I watched Sarah’s breasts jiggle as I slammed her back and forth against the sofa. I could see the passion in her face building as my cock pummeled her pussy. I was close to my peak and she was close, so I helped push her over the edge, I rubbed her pleasure button. She started cumming and I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze. That was what all I needed to start pouring my seed into her. We both grunted as I tried to force more of my spurting cock deeper into her. I just kept on pushing more and more of me into her until my climax disappeared. I waited until hers also finished before I pulled out of her and collapsed to my knees.

I rested a bit before I saw that sweet clit standing there all alone. I leaned forward and kissed it. She squeaked in surprise and I couldn’t stop with just one kiss as I now licked and sucked it. Sarah started another orgasm as my lips and tongue played with her clit. She hollowed out, “DDDDaaaammmmnnnn iiiitttt.” The heels of her feet were now tapping my back as her orgasm continued. I stuck two fingers in her pussy so I could feel the contractions of her orgasm. Her hands pressed my face deeper into her privates as she continued enjoying her passion. Shortly her hands lightened up and the heel tapping slowed as her orgasm diminished. I lessened up on my attack of her clit and cunt. Soon we both stopped as her orgasm completed.

I now sat beside that satisfied woman and held her as she enjoyed her post-orgasmic state. We both watched the rest of the movie holding each other. After the movie was over, I said, “Why don’t we get a shower together and then get dressed for dinner.”

“Okay, I am getting a bit hungry now after all that fun.”

We walked holding hands upstairs naked. In the shower we both helped wash each other. We paid special attention to areas of special importance. She worked on my chest, ass, and crotch. I worked on the same but spent too more time on her breasts. Once finished we went our separate ways and finished getting ready for dinner.

I finished dressing first since I didn’t have makeup to put on. I was dressed in a white dress shirt with thin blue stripes and tan dress pants. Sarah was dressed in a red camisole and a black mini skirt. I watched her getting her face ready for the night. Then she got up and said, “Okay, I’m ready, let’s go.” We held hands to the car.

Meeting Cindy

In the car on the way to the restaurant, Sarah asked, “Is it always that good?”


“Making love.”

“With the right person, always.”

“Well I definitely found the right person.” and she reached over and gave my cock a squeeze through my pants.

“Your flattery will get you fucked later.”

“Promises, promises.” She paused a second before asking, “Who’s the better lover? Me or Wendy?”

Without hesitation I replied, “My wife.”

She slapped my forearm and said, “No silly, I mean it. Whos the better lover, me or Wendy?”

“Sarah, you both are fantastic in bed. If my life depended on selecting only one of you, I would be a dead man.”

Sarah stopped pressing the point and cuddled against me. A few minutes later we arrived at the restaurant.

The waiter sat us in a booth and we ordered our meal. We cuddled and necked while we waited for our dinner which arrived sooner then I wanted. At that time I was busy trying to figuring out what Sarah was wearing under her skirt. I had just found a pair of skimpy red satin thongs.

During the meal Sarah noticed a woman waddle by who was about eight months pregnant. Sarah grabbed and then squeezed my hand, hard. After the woman was out of sight, Sarah released my hand and said, “Oh that reminds me, I need to call Cindy. Be back in a second.” She scooted out of the booth and left to make her call.

She soon returned and after eating a couple of bites said, “I hope you didn’t mind but I invited Cindy to meet us at the under 21 club for some dancing.” I gave her a concerned look and she replied, “She hasn’t had a night out for over six months so I didn’t think you mind if we had a guest for an hour or two.” She then kissed me passionately while rubbing my privates. She whispered in my ear, “We’ll have plenty of time for this later.” as she squeezed my hardening cock.

I grunted, “Okay.”

We toned it down for the rest of the meal since plans had been made. After dinner Sarah directed me to the club. On the way, she told me that Cindy was her best friend and being such Sarah had told her about her being teased by her ‘boyfriend’.  Holding hands we walked towards the entrance as Sarah looked for Cindy.

“There she is.”


“At the door.” she said before she shouted, “Cindy over here.”

I then noticed a tall blond searching for the voice and then she caught sight of Sarah. She waved and shouted, “Hi Sarah.” As Sarah and I approached, I noticed a face that was truly gorgeous, it even radiated beauty. Her blond hair was cut fairly short but was perfectly styled. This creature was wearing a light blue strapless sun dress. Her dress did nothing to hide her large breasts or big belly, as she was at least six months pregnant.

Sarah and Cindy hugged, then Sarah introduced us. “Al, this is my bestest friend, Cindy. Cindy, this is the ‘boyfriend’ Al.” she quoted boyfriend with her fingers. Cindy and I shook hands. Sarah re-held my hand. “Cindy I love your dress. Where did you get it on such a short notice?”

“My mom had it. When she heard I was going out she let me borrow it. When she gave it to me she told me that the last time she had worn it she was about eight months pregnant with me.”

Sarah squeezed my hand when she heard this. Then Sarah said, “Let’s get inside and dance a bit.” Sarah led us all up to the bouncer and said, “Good evening, Bruce, got room for some more?”

“Hi, Sarah. There’s always room for Wendy’s sister.” As Sarah was pulling me passed the bouncer, he held out his arm to stop me, “Who’s this guy?”

Sarah looked at me stunned, trying to explain our relationship.

I replied, “Her bodyguard.” Then Bruce looked at Cindy.

Cindy took my free hand and used it to rub her belly. Then she said, “And the daddy.” Laughing they both pulled me passed a stunned Bruce. I noticed Sarah crushing my hand when Cindy joked with Bruce.

Both were still chuckling as we found a table and ordered soft drinks. Sarah immediately pulled me out to the dance floor and we danced sexually. After a couple of dances Sarah got Cindy to dance with me. As she and I danced she kept probing about Sarah’s and my relationship. I was a bit standoffish not knowing how much information I should give her. Then Sarah joined both of us during the next dance.

For about an hour, I would first dance with Sarah rubbing ourselves against each other. Then I would dance with Cindy keeping a polite distance back, and finally I would dance with both of them. After one of those three way dances I excused myself to use the restroom.

When I came out, Sarah was waiting for me with an angry look on her face. She said, “Why are you being such a jerk to Cindy? Is she ugly or is it because she’s pregnant?”

Shocked I asked, What are you talking about?

“You dance with her without touching but your hands are all over me. And she said you won’t answer any of her questions.”

I breathed a sign of relief, “Now hold on a second. Sarah I’m your escort for the night and not her's. I don’t belief a gentleman should make the moves on one woman while being with another. How do you think I should act? As for her questions, well I don’t blab either. So what do you want me to do and just how far do you want me to go?”

It was her turn to be shocked as she pondered my question. Then she said, “Can you treat her exactly as you would me.”

“Are you absolutely sure.”

She replied, Yes, definitely.

“Okay then let’s see if we can repair the damage that I made.” And I led Sarah over to Cindy. When Cindy saw us approaching she got up and said, “Look guys I seem to be a third wheel, so I’ll be going now.”

I told her, Can you please give me a minute to explain myself?

Cindy angrily responded, No Al, your feelings for me are perfectly clear, so Ill be going.

She turned to leave and as she did I gently grabbed her arm and said, “I popped Sarah cherry this morning and she might be pregnant.” Cindy spun back around and sat in her chair. It was her turn to be shocked now.

I turned to Sarah and said, “Can you bring Cindy totally up to speed while I find us some more drinks. And I mean everything, including what happened here.”

It took me ten minutes it get the over priced drinks and return to the table. Upon my arrival both women were laughing and having a good time.

I slipped between them and said, Did you two get everything worked out?

Sarah jumped up and gave me a big hug, “Oh Al I’m so sorry I called you a jerk. I should have known better.”

Cindy opened her arms and asked, “Can I have a hug too? I don’t move like Sarah with a belly full of baby.” After we hugged she said, “Al I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have pried into Sarah’s and your business. Let alone get mad about it.”

I now kissed both ladies on the forehead and said, “Now it’s my turn to apologize. I’m sorry I didn’t get the ground rules set. I was being a little jealous about changing my plans for the evening. Now before we all sit down and cry. Sarah, are you jealous of Cindy?”

Sarah said, No.

“Cindy are you jealous of Sarah.”

Cindy said, Yes, a little bit, she has you.

“I thought so. Well Cindy shortly Sarah is going to be jealous. So for the rest of the night, talk to each other about your feelings before it gets like it was a few minutes ago. Okay?” I saw both heads nodding yes. I continued, “I’m going to start and give the both of you something to think about. If I had to select who was the prettiest lady at this table I would select Cindy.” I paused then looked at Cindy and said, “Now Cindy I’m not your baby’s daddy.” I rubbed her large belly. “But we’ll talk more about that later.” I turned to Sarah and rubbed her flat belly, “But we might have a bun in this oven. And yes we’ll talk about that later as well. Now do you care to dance with a jerk?” Sarah grabbed my hand. Before Sarah and I left for the dance floor, I turned to Cindy and asked, “Can you hold something for me until I return?”

“Why sure. What?”

I leaned over and gave Cindy a kiss on the lips. I caressed her lips with my tongue. Breaking the kiss, I pulled Sarah to the dance floor and shouted back to Cindy, “Take good care of it, I’ll want it back when I return.”

Sarah and I danced very close. I kept touching her hips, stomach, and butt as we danced together. After the music stopped I lead her back to the table. I said, “Cindy your turn, but before we go.” I kissed her lips and this time got a bit of tongue as well. Breaking the kiss I turned to Sarah and said “Hold this.” We kissed a few seconds before I led Cindy to the dance floor.

I danced with Cindy as close or closer then I did with Sarah. I was all over her ass, hips, and belly. We danced so close my cock kept brushing the underside of her stomach. Then the music stopped. I lead Cindy back to the table and kissed both ladies as Sarah pulled me to the dance floor.

Sarah and I danced so close that I felt her breasts rubbing my chest. I was grinding my cock into her ass, hips, and lower stomach. I copped a feel of her boobs and the music ended before I could go lower. Cindy met us coming off the floor and I kissed both ladies before going back on the floor.

I now crushed my body into Cindy and got my first real feel of her 38E tits. The strapless bra encasing them struggled to keep them contained. I now explored every inch of her ass and hips. I felt hiphuggers panties. Then the music quit and Sarah arrived. I kissed Sarah to reclaim my ‘hold this’. They I said to both women, “I need to use the restroom. I’ll meet you both back at the table.”

It’s a struggle to remove one’s underwear in the stall. Remove shoes, pants, and then tight underwear. Then put on pants being extra careful with a boner and shoes. I met the women at the table and sat between them. I took a quick drink, then said, “I bet my underwear.” and I placed my underwear on the table.

Sarah giggled and said, “Match your underwear.” and slammed her red thongs on the table.

Cindy laughed, “Match both of you.” Placing her’s on the table. “And raise a bra.” Now tossing her massive bra on the table.

They both laughed as I sat there dumb founded staring at all the underclothes on the table.

Cindy finally calmed down enough to talk, “Sarah thought you might be doing something like this, so we went to the bathroom as well.”

Sarah croaked out, Hes so predictable.

“If I’m so predictable, then you can wait here while Cindy and I hunch each other on the dance floor.” I collected the underwear and shoved them into Sarah lap, “Hold these.” I dragged Cindy still laughing to the dance floor.

I stepped it up a notch. I figured if we got kicked out so be it, I wasn’t planning to come back here.

Once we hit the floor, I kissed Cindy as passionately as I could. We started dancing as we kissed. She was grabbing my butt pulling me into her belly. I cupped her tit and pussy at the same time. We moaned in passion. She cupped my balls and the music ended. We groaned in frustration.

I turned and Sarah grabbed my head and smashed her month into mine. The music started and we danced or should I say hunched. Still kissing, I grabbed her butt and ground my crotch into hers. I now pinched her nipples while she grunted. She pumped my cock while I groaned. I slipped my hand under her dress and shoved two fingers into her wet slit. The music ended and we moaned.

The DJ made an announcement that the next song was the last for the evening and it was going to be a slow dance. I turned to see Cindy heading for us and as the music began I kissed both women. We slow danced closely together. I held Sarah as we danced feeling Cindy cuddling from behind. I spun around to hold Cindy as Sarah now cuddled my back. As I would shift from lady to lady I would fondle their breasts and pussies. All too soon the music ended to three groans.

Cindy Visits

The two women whispered among themselves as we walked to the door. Once outside Sarah asked, “Al I want to show Cindy the mansion. Do you know how we can get her car there?”

I thought a second then answered, “I would like to learn a bit more about Cindy. Do you mind driving her car and following us?”

“That sounds okay.”

Once we were on the way I asked Cindy, Did you have fun once we worked out my problem?

“Yes, I loved the attention. I’ve been a bit lonely recently.”

“Sarah did mention that you haven’t been out for six months. Why? A beautiful woman like you should have dates every weekend.”

She rested her head on my shoulder before saying, “Well once my boyfriend found out I was pregnant he dropped me like I was a slut. And no one wants to date a pregnant girl.” She sniffed.

“So why is he such a jerk?”

“He thinks it’s someone else’s kid. He says that it couldn’t be his because of the blood. We only did it once without a rubber and he knows blood kills the sperm.” I placed my fingertips under her chin and raised her head up. I saw the saddest bluest eyes looking at me, we kissed at a red light. Once the light changed she continued, “Once Ellen is born, my parents are going to get a paternity test done and prove to the jerk he’s the daddy.”

“So you know you’re having a girl. When are you due?”

“I had an ultrasound and it’s definitely a girl. I’m due next month. I gave Scott my virginity for a Christmas gift. Three days before Christmas I surprised him. My parents went out-of-town to visit relatives and I told them I was going to spend the night with Sarah. So I had the house to myself. I got myself ready and called Scott. I asked him to come over so he could get his gift. When he came over we watched TV as we made out in the living room. Once I got my nerve up, I told him to wait a second for his gift. I came back wearing a Christmas teddy and his eyes bugged out when he saw me. I told him that I was his Christmas gift and that he could unwrap me early. I led him upstairs to my room and laid on my bed. I had placed candles all around the room. Scott quickly got undressed and was ready to get in bed when I gave him a rubber and told him to put it on. He told me he wanted to start without it but he would pull out and put it on before we finished. I thought it was a good idea since it was going to be my first time and I also wanted to feel what it felt like natural. Well that was a stupid idea. As soon as he slammed passed my cherry he started cuming. He grunted as I tried to push him off. He freaked out when he saw the blood from my cherry and he left. I spent most of the night douching and crying. Well as you can see the douching and crying didn’t help. Well Scott and I did it again four more times before I found out I was pregnant. Every time with a rubber and as quick as the first time.”

“So how old is Scott?”

“He’s 22 and I was 17, so my parents are thinking about getting him arrested for statutory rape. I found out that I was pregnant on my eighteen birthday.”

Pulling into a drug store parking lot, “Cindy I need to pick up some milk for tomorrow morning. Be right back.” I rushed inside and picked up some milk and other items. Coming back out I saw Sarah talking to Cindy through their open car windows. I yelled at Sarah, “Next stop, the mansion.” and I drove away with Sarah still following.

Cindy said, “Sarah asked if you were behaving yourself and I told her you’ve been the prefect gentleman. She seemed a little put off that you weren’t putting the moves on me.”

“Well Cindy the conversion didn’t lend itself to do much did it? I am also driving. Makes it a little difficult to put the moves on someone.”

“Yes I see your point on both counts.”

I pulled over to the side of the road and parked. I then pressed my lips into Cindy’s and we started kissing. I softly cupped her breasts as we continued kissing. We tongue danced as I fondled her breasts until Sarah blew her car horn. I broke the kiss and continued driving. I said, “Cindy when I first saw you tonight standing in front of the club I said to myself, ‘Wow she’s gorgeous.’ The more I get to know you the more I hate Scott and what he's done to you. You are very beautiful inside and out, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now let’s frustrate Sarah some more.”

I again pulled the car over to allow Cindy and I to kiss some more. This time I first fondled her boobs and then rubbed her pussy under her dress a bit until Sarah blew her horn. I gave Sarah the finger as we drove off.

We got to the mansion a couple of minutes later. After getting both cars though the gate, we parked at the front door. Sarah jumped out and shouted, “Hey I want some of that too.” And she rushed up to me to crush her lips into mine. We kissed a bit while I caressed her breasts. We stopped after Cindy cleared her throat and said, “Sarah care to show me around inside?”

For the next few minutes Sarah showed Cindy around the mansion as I put the milk away and got some wine ready for later. When Cindy saw the pool she mentioned, “I wish you told me about the pool, I would have brought a suit.”

Sarah said, “You can borrow mine. Ill find something else upstairs. Lets go change.”

I shouted, “Sarah, if you don't mind I’ll join you ladies. Can you throw down my suit. I’ll change down here.” A few seconds later my suit appeared over the railing. After I changed, I jumped into the pool to wait for the ladies. They both appeared a few minutes later wrapped in bath towels.

Sarah removed hers first and she was wearing nothing. She said before she dove into the pool, “I couldn’t find a thing to wear. Besides you’ve seen everything already.” She swam over to me and we started kissing.

Cindy now removed her towel and she was wearing Sarah’s turquoise string bikini. The bikini didn’t hide much as she also drove into the pool. I saw her readjust her bikini top as she came up. She now came over to Sarah and myself and I switched kissing partners as Sarah swam away. So for the next few minutes the ladies would swim a lap so the other could be explored by my tongue and hands. I was fondling breasts, asses, bellies, and pussies. I was now getting a couple of fingers into Sarah’s slit during our sessions. But as for Cindy she wouldn’t allow me to move her suit to gain access to her privates this included her breasts. I could feel and rub all I wanted to as long as it was covered. But as soon as I tried to move or slip my fingers under the clothe she would push my hands away and readjust. She would whisper, “Please I'm not ready. Soon.” and swim away.

As Sarah and I were clutched together with two of my fingers deeply embedded in her, she grabbed my cock and moaned out, “Please I need to cum, don’t stop.”

I carried her to the shallow end of the pool and with my fingers still in her cunt I laid her on the pool deck. I now kissed my way down her stomach and started lapping at her pussy. She was constantly moaning as she clutched my head forcing my face into her crotch. I licked and sucked on and in her pussy. I took my time and teased her a bit. I played with her breasts as I kept licking around her clit. I felt her trying to force my head towards her nub as I danced around it. She growled in frustration before I gave her with she wanted. I licked and sucked her button of pleasure. She exploded with her climax. She shook all over yelling out, “Hot damn it, damn, damn it.” Her stomach fluttered as her uterus contracted. Her breasts shook from side to side. I lessened my attack to match her level of orgasm. Soon she was done and I swam away.

Cindy said, “Damn that was hot.”

I turned to her and said, “Now it’s your turn.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sarah prop herself up on one elbow to watch. I caught up with Cindy and held her. We kissed as I slid a finger up and down her slit. I rubbed her bikini covered clit.

She moaned, “I want too, but.”

Still pressing her clittie I said, “But what?”

She moaned, “I dont what you to see me this way.”

“What way?”

“Fat and with someone else’s baby in me.” she groaned.

“Cindy you're a beautiful woman and I want to see you nude. But first I want to see your beautiful breasts. I want to touch and rub them. I want to taste and suckle on them like your baby will.”

“I want you to see my tits. I want you to feel them but not yet. I just want your mouth on them.”

I got behind Cindy and cradled her pregnant belly in one arm. I lifted her up a bit so my cock would rest under her ass cheeks. I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit, “Cindy, I want to see your gorgeous pussy. I want to sink my fingers into your pussy. I want to taste your sweet pussy nectar.”

“I do want you to see me completely naked. I want to prance around this house with nothing on but not yet. I want to feel you hot fingers deep in my pussy trying to find the baby buried in my tummy, but not yet. I first want your tongue between my legs sucking my honey out of my honeypot.”

Sarah spoke up, “Cindy would it help if Al was tied and blindfolded?”

“Oh yes, oh yes. Please, please, blindfold and tie his hands so he can make me shake all over just like he did to you.”

Sarah ran indoors to get what was needed. I would normally watch a naked woman run but I had my hands full with a firecracker. I spun Cindy back around and resumed our kissing. I was all over her boobs, ass, and pussy. I also rubbed her big belly. I slowly moved us up into the shallow end and against the pool wall. Then Sarah returned, “Cindy here are the cuffs.” Cindy was so excited she struggled to get them on my wrists so Sarah had to help. Now the women blindfolded me.

I heard Cindy struggling to get up on the pool deck. Then Sarah guided me between Cindy’s legs and helped guide my head until my mouth crushed into Cindy’s uncovered pussy. I went to work licking and lapping all around her slit. I felt Cindy going wild. Her legs wrapped around my shoulders trying on pull me in. Her hands were digging into my hair as I stuck my tongue deep into her slit. Then I felt Sarah nibble on my ear as she reached into my swimsuit and start pumping my cock. I had to stop eating Cindy’s pussy to say, “Sarah, don’t do that please. I’m about to cum and I don’t what to disappoint you later. Work on Cindy. Go lick her breasts for me, I only wish I could.” And I went back to licking pussy.

I heard splashing Sarah got out of the pool. Then I felt Cindy flinch with surprise. I could only imagine what the two woman were doing as I licked my way around Cindy’s clit. As I was licking around her crotch I noticed that she had very fine covering of pubic hair. I was too worked up to tease her like I had Sarah and I licked across her clit. She started kicking my back and her ass bounced as her orgasm started. I heard her muffed scream as I kept licking and sucking her clit.  I tried to stay in contact with a bouncing twat. Her orgasm didn’t seem to lessen, oh how I wished I could have seen that orgasm. It seemed to go on and on. Suddenly she stopped and I stopped. I then swam backwards, away from them. I didn’t go far since my hands were bound. I just waited and listened to the heavy breathing.

I then heard a splash and Sarah said, “Al let me get you uncuffed.” She undid my hands and removed the blindfold. I now saw Cindy laying on the pool deck with her legs hanging in the water. The bikini bottoms were untied but they covered her pussy. A towel laid across her chest and belly. Sarah said, “Why don’t we try the hot tub while she rests a bit.” I followed Sarah out of the pool and over to the hot tub.

Once in Sarah sat on my lap and we kissed. Shortly I heard Cindy come over and get into the hot tub with us. Cindy said, “I’ve never came so hard in my life. I didn’t know it could be that good.”

Sarah slipped off my lap and sat on the other side of me. She said, “Cindy I know what you mean, even with my limited sexual experience, I think this weekend with my Al will be hard to top.” And she leaned over to kiss me on the lips. I felt her fondle my cock and balls through my suit.

After she sat back I said, “Excuse me ladies but I need to get more comfortable.” I removed my suit and threw it out of the hot tub. Suddenly I felt two hands fighting over my now free cock. They finally came to an unspoken agreement and worked together. I now kissed Sarah on one side and then switched to Cindy on the other side. After a few minutes I told the ladies, “I need some refreshment be back in a sec.” I heard Cindy gasp as I exited the hot tub.

I bought back the bottle of wine and three glasses and as I was pouring the first Cindy said, “None for me thanks. I don’t want to take a chance and harm the baby.”

I finished filling the second glass and said, “I know just the thing for you then.” I left and then returned with some sparking grape juice and poured Cindy a glass. As I was filling her glass I saw her staring at my cock. I asked Cindy, “Is there something wrong with my cock?”

She blushed and replied, “It looks so big.”

“Just a tad bit bigger than normal, but it’s not all that big.”

“Scott’s look a lot smaller.”

Sarah giggled and said, “Cindy didn’t you know, Scott got a pencil dick. Claire knows and told all the girls.” I climbed back into the hot tub and resumed my kissing.

While I was kissing Sarah and playing with Sarah’s boobs, Cindy said, “I need to get more comfortable too.” And then I caught a glimpse of the bikini top flying through the air. I then switched sides and looked at Cindy’s breasts free at last of the thin covering.

I then looked her in the eyes and asked, “Are you okay if I touch and kiss you most magnificent breasts?”

She grabbed my hand and forced it into her boob and said, “They are yours to do with as you please.” And then she kissed me. I wasted no time exploring my new territory. Oh they were wonderfully large and soft. Knowing not to pay too much attention to Cindy, I shifted sides and latched onto Sarah’s boobs now. But I now got two fingers into her pussy and slowly finger fucked her. Sarah now leaned back to force more of her boob into my mouth and floated in the water. I looked over at Cindy and she was staring at Sarah’s pussy floating in front of her with my fingers stroking the tunnel of pleasure.

I stopped my caressing of Sarah and turned my attention again to Cindy. I latched onto her boob and rubbed her slit under the bikini bottom. I then felt Cindy untie the bottoms and then she tossed them out of the hot tub. I gently stuck one finger into her slit and slowly pumped it in and out of her cunt as I kept sucking her boobs.

I now stopped and sat away from the two ladies and said, “Okay before I make a mistake like I did earlier this evening I would like a couple of answers to some questions. Cindy, do you wish to spend the evening in our bed?”

Cindy answered, “Oh please, yes.”

“Sarah are you willing to let Cindy have one of your rides?”

Sarah said, “I didnt think of it that way, but yes.”

“Okay either of you girls have a condom?”

Both girls looked at me with a shocked look and said, “Why?” at the same time.

“I’ll need to use one with Cindy.”

Cindy replied, “Why? Im already pregnant.”

“Just like you and the wine, I’m not taking any chances. The only one I am doing bareback this weekend is Sarah. She wants to be knocked up and might already be.” I saw Sarah quiver at my statement. “I’m doing it to protect myself and others from STDs. Until this morning Sarah was a virgin and clean. And Cindy you should be clean but what about Scott? If I went back home with an STD my ...”

I stopped myself but Cindy completed it, “Your wife would cut your dick off.” I was shocked at her knowledge of my personal life. Cindy helped fill in the gaps, “Sarah told me that you're married. She also mentioned your three kids. And I do understand why you want to use a condom, I don’t agree, but I will except it. I just need some cock tonight. Sarah do you have any?”

Sarah shook her head no and said, “No I dont carry one in my purse, yet.”

Cindy hearing the word purse said, “Oh yes I remember, I have one in my purse upstairs. Do you want me to get it now?”

I said, “No you can have it ready for later. First unless someone has a better plan we’re going to play a game to see whom gets the first ride.” I paused to sip my wine. “The winner will be taken upstairs and be given a massage by the loser and we’ll take it from there. Afterwords most likely both of you will need to work on me and then the loser will get their massage. Does that sound okay?” Both ladies nodded their heads yes. “Okay the first one to cum using a hot tub jet is the winner. Now ready, set, go.” I leaned back to watch the reaction as I sipped my wine.

Both women looked at me stunned and then I saw Sarah moving around to find a jet. When she adjusted her body just right her eyes lit up with the knowledge of how good it was going to be. She then closed her eyes and went for her ride. Cindy watched Sarah and saw what she needed to do and soon found her jet of pleasure. Both women started moaning as I sipped my wine. I saw both pair of tits waving a me as the women moved their clits around the flowing water. I then noticed Sarah pull forward and calm down a bit. As for Cindy she was going for the gusto. Her eyes were shut and she was starting to quiver. Her breasts wobbled as her motions increased. Sarah was now finding her sweet spot again and moaned. Cindy started grunting as her orgasm started, she rocked back and forth riding that jet through her orgasm. She kept on grunting as her climax lessen. She leaned back to enjoy the afterglow as Sarah said, “OOOhhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, ooohhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, ooohhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn.” when her climax started. She also rocked her hips a bit to move the jet around her button and she continued saying, “Oohh ddaammnn, oohh dddaammnn.” She now flopped backwards to enjoy her afterglow.

I sat there a few minutes sipping my wine before saying, “Damn that was hot. And we have a winner. So Sarah when you're ready take Cindy upstairs and give her a massage. The oil is in my bag and you will want to put it in a sink of hot water to warm it up. Start on Cindy’s back and I should be up there before you're ready to turn her over.”

Both women helped each other out of the hot tub with a bit of help of my hand rubbing their butts. They then disappeared from my view holding hands. I sat there for about ten minutes trying to calm down enough so that Cindy would not be disappointed. I meandered upstairs to find Sarah sitting with her butt on Cindy’s butt. She was rubbing the oil deeply into Cindy’s back. I sat down on the bed and watched Sarah work. She started at Cindy’s shoulders and stroked down her spine across her lower back and up the ribs. I leaned over and gave Sarah a kiss while she was stretching forward to start her circuit. I cupped a breast and followed her lips as she raised up with her stroke downward.

I then leaned over and kissed Cindys neck and asked, “Where's the condom?”

She pointed and said, “On the bedside table.” I then noticed it.

I asked, “So how is Sarah doing?”

“She’s doing wonderful.”

I sat up and kissed Sarah again. I then motioned for Sarah to move on. Sarah slipped off of Cindy and now massaged Cindy butt cheeks. As Sarah continued her massage of Cindy, I shifted from lady to lady and kept kissing them.

Sarah stopped and said, “Im ready for her to turn over.”

I looked at Cindy laying there with a coating of oil all over her and I said, “Just a second, I see a section you missed. Let me get it.” I poured oil at the top of Cindy’s butt crack and rubbed it into the crevasse. I skipped over Cindy’s asshole a couple of times before I rubbed oil around the rim. As I kept running my finger around her asshole I laid down beside her and said, “Cindy relax, I’m going to put my finger into your asshole. Just relax and let it play inside your butt.” I now slipped my finger passed the entrance and slowly moved it in and out of her butt. I kissed her as I got more and more of my finger into her. I now placed a second finger at the entrance and felt her clench up. I softly said, “Just relax, just relax.” As I felt her relax I gently got the second finger into her asshole. I slowly pumped the two fingers in and out of her butt until she was relaxed and not fighting the intrusion. I then removed my fingers and said, “Cindy you can turn over now.” I went to the bathroom as she flipped over.

Upon my return I saw Sarah massaging Cindy’s arms so I went and started massaging Cindy’s feet and legs. I followed Sarah’s movements and stokes so it would feel to Cindy as one synchronized motion. For the first time I was able to see Cindy completely undressed. I saw the look of pleasure on her 18 year old face as Sarah and I worked on her. I now stared at her breasts as they shimmed a bit from our strokes. They had flattened out a bit due to her lying on her back but they where still mountains. Suddenly my attention shifted down because the baby in her stomach moved. Dropping my view lower I now saw her very blond pubic hair. It looked as fine in texture as it had felt. Barely hidden under that light coating of fur was both her slit and clit. I now knew it wasn’t going to be long before I felt the pleasure of her wet slit.

Sarah was just finishing the massage of Cindy’s arms and looked at me for guidance. I pointed at her chest and stomach nodding my head yes. Then I pointed at her breasts and nodded no. She smiled and gave me the okay sign. She straddled Cindy’s hips and started massaging Cindy’s upper chest. I stood beside the bed and watched. Sarah was massaging Cindy chest the same way she had done her back, start at the top, rub down the middle of the chest, in the valley formed by Cindy’s breasts. Over the top of the stomach and sweeping across the hip bone. She then rubbed up Cindy’s side and started the circuit again.

I opened up the condom foil and put the condom at the foot of the bed for later. And then I climbed up on the bed and kissed Sarah as she worked on Cindy. I played with her tits a bit before turning my attention to Cindy. Cindy had her eyes barely open as I kissed her. While we kissed I stoked around her breasts. I broke our kiss to lightly lick over her hard nipples. I barely heard her moan. I now dripped the oil on her nipples and allowed the oil to coat her breasts. Once they both were coated I massaged her breasts. I squeezed and rubbed them. I circled the nipples while I rubbed oil into her aureoles. I rubbed oil into her nipples by rubbing them between my fingertips. She lightly groaned.

I moved to the foot of the bed and dripped oil directly onto her clit. I rolled the condom on my cock as I rubbed oil into her pubic hair and pussy. I now rubbed around her slit working the oil into her skin. I tapped Sarah on the butt and I motioned for her to get off. As she swung off of Cindy I rubbed Cindy’s clit. Cindy’s hips bounced on the bed. I continued my massage of her clit as her orgasm started. Her mouth was open but no sound came out. Her hands were pulling at the sheets as her hips bucked into the air. I kept rubbing her button. Her orgasm continued and I thought I saw the baby’s outline more clearly as her stomach contracted. I felt her climax suddenly stop and I removed my fingers from her clit.

I knew it was time for me to enjoy her. I crawled on the bed and rested my cock head barely in her slit. I slowly wiggled my way into her tight tunnel. I finally got my cock all of the way into her before we kissed. As we kissed I slowly pulled my cock out and then pushed it back in. Each time became easier and easier as my cock loosen up the path into her. I was now gently making passionate love to this beautiful woman. She was enjoying the loving she was receiving for the first time. This wasn’t her first fuck but it was her first love session. I kept it slow so we both could enjoy our union together. She was actively thrusting her hips up as I was dropping down, making us slam together and forcing her butt to bounce the bed. I quickly glanced at Sarah as she watched her lover and friend make love in front of her. She was absentmindedly playing with her breast and pussy as she watched. I was getting close to my orgasm and was about to help Cindy get hers started, when she whispered, “OOOhhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, ooohhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, ooohhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn.” You could barely hear her. I saw her start shaking all over and her hands gripped the bedsheets. Her hips started a rapid bucking as her orgasm continued. I sped up my pace to catch up, forcing her orgasm to become stronger. I then shoved us both down into the bed as I started cumming into her. I grunted and shoved as she shook under me. We both felt the other climaxing. I gave out a final grunt and waited to see if she was done before I pulled out of her. I rolled over between her and Sarah and rested a couple of minutes.

I felt Sarah lay down beside me and she lightly stroked my chest. Not to disturb us too much, she whispered, “That was so beautiful. I didn’t know making love could be so romantic.”

I whispered back, “It should be most of the time. There are exceptions but I don’t know another more intimate union then to be coupled together having intercourse.” I then kissed Sarah’s lips.

I felt Cindy roll towards me and wrap an arm over my chest and then said, “Until tonight I thought differently, but it takes a man to do the job right.” then she cupped my chin and forced my head to face her so that she now could kiss my lips. Between kisses she said, “Thank you.”

“You're very welcome.” I mumbled also between kisses.

Sarah said, “Okay you two its my turn.”

I rose up saying, “I need to use the restroom and then get something to drink. You two can plan on how to get my cock in the mood. Then Cindy and I will give miss impatience her massage.” and I left the room to let the two women plot the demise of my penis.

I went downstairs to use the bathroom and get a drink. I flushed the condom and did what I needed to do before going back upstairs to see what the women had planned for me. Upon entering the room I saw Sarah and Cindy sitting on the bed chatting. They stopped talking and Cindy said, “Al, we decided that it’s your turn to get a massage. So come other here and lay down on your belly so we can start.”

I crawled onto the bed and laid between both ladies. They both started rubbing me down with oil. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the attention of the two sexy ladies. I felt two sets of hands working on both arms and hands. Then a felt someone straddle my hips and sit on my ass as a set of hands started rubbing oil into my back. Another set of hands worked oil onto my legs and feet. I was really starting to relax.

I felt the person rubbing my back switch positions after moving my hands to my sides. They knelt beside my arms as their ass lightly sat on my shoulders. I now felt four hands working on my lower back and ass cheeks. Oh this felt real good. Then I jumped a bit when I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart and a tongue rimmed my asshole. They swirled around it a few times before the tongue was pushed in the asshole. I groaned as I felt my cock start rising from the dead. I then felt a switch occur as I felt the person on my back take her turn rimming and tongue fucking my asshole. I bucked a bit and groaned again. Now oil was poured into my ass crack and it was rubbed in by all four hands. I felt two different sets of fingers being stuck into my asshole and being swirled around in my rectum.

I heard Sarah say, “You can turn over now.” after the person on my back slipped off the bed.

I slowly rolled over and quickly glanced at both women waiting to continue their massage. I now watched Sarah work the oil into one arm as Cindy worked on the other arm. I closed my eyes again and just relaxed as the ladies did all the work. Once they had finished I peeked as Sarah sat on my stomach and start rubbing oil into my neck and shoulders. I felt Cindy working on my legs and feet. This was feeling very good. I now felt Sarah start working on my chest and my eyes popped open as I felt Cindy start sucking on my dick. I now closed my eyes and moaned at this new feeling.

Both women worked on me as my dick got harder and harder, Sarah was now really rubbing my nipples as Cindy was tonguing my cock head. Then I felt Sarah sliding down as Cindy stopped sucking and suddenly my cock was slipping into Sarah’s pussy with Cindy guiding it in. Sarah now kissed me as she impaled herself on my cock. When I felt my cock totally in her, I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over so that I could love her the same way I had Cindy earlier. As we continued kissing I slowly pulled my cock out and then slowly sank it back in. I was now making passionate love to my second beautiful woman of the evening.

She was responding to the loving she was receiving. I kept it slow so we both could enjoy our coupling. She like Cindy was actively thrusting her hips up as I was dropping down, making us slam together and forcing her butt to bounce the bed. I quickly glanced at Cindy as she watched me make love to her friend. She was actively rubbing her pussy as she squeezed her breasts. I continued to give Sarah I slow ride since I had just climaxed a short time ago. I could tell that Sarah’s passion was building as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her. I now played with her tits as they rocked a bit from my pumping. I felt the bed shake and heard Cindy grunting. I quickly saw Cindy bouncing on her knees with no sound coming out of her open month as another orgasm racked her body. I could see the outline of her baby bouncing in her stomach. I then noticed Sarah looking at her friend’s passionate state and then her eyes closed as I felt her own orgasm start. She screamed out, “OOOOOhhhhhhh ddddddaaaaaammmmmmnnnn.” Her hips bucked and her stomach fluttered as her orgasm continued. I just closed my eyes and listened to the passion around me as I kept pumping my cock in and out of that contracting cunt. Then it swept through me as I suddenly shoved my cock as deep as I could into her and pumped my seed into her. I grunted with each spurt and shoved hard each time, unconsciously trying to get my sperm deeper into her. We both felt the others climax as we kissed. After my last spurt I stayed buried in her as we kissed a few more minutes.

When my cock slipped out of her, I slipped down and started licking the cum that was dripping out of her pussy. As I was doing this, I started rubbing her clit with my fingers. I felt Sarah’s passion build as I worked my tongue into her slit. I swirled my finger around her pleasure button until I felt her ready to cum. I then stuck a finger deep into her pussy as I rubbed her clit and she exploded with her next orgasm. She moaned out, “DDDDaaaammmmnnn IIIItttt, ooohhh dddaaammmnnn.” As her hips bounced I got another finger into her to help the climax along. I slowed down my manipulations as her climax lessened until she was laying limp.

I quickly scampered up and gave Sarah a deep kiss before I kissed Cindy. Then I kissed my way down Cindy’s chest, taking a side trip to her nipples, until I found her clit. I wanted Cindy to have another climax so I started licking and sucking that erect member. She grunted and grabbed my head as her second climax of our current session started. I now felt the bed bounce as two women were climaxing because Sarah was moaning “Oohh ddaammnn, oohh dddaammnn.” She was laying on the bed with two fingers in her twat while she also rubbed her clit. It seemed the more both women grunted the more it caused the other to grunt. I just went for the ride tonguing that sweet spot of Cindy’s. All too soon both ladies stopped their grunting and laid silently in bed. I crawled between them and fell fast asleep as both women cuddled against me.

Nature Calls

I woke up about 3:00am to find the bed lacking one woman. I slipped out of bed and followed the sound of Sarah peeing. She jumped a bit when she finally noticed me watching her urinating. She then put on a show by spreading her legs so I could watch. Once she had wiped herself and got up off of the toilet. I took my turn and she watched my show. Done, we both kissed before I asked, “Isn’t there anybody at your school that is interested in Cindy? She’s such a beautiful woman I hate to she her all alone.”

Sarah fondled my cock as she answered, “Yea there's always been Zek. He’s been interested in Cindy before she become popular. The boys seemed attracted to her big boobs. Well Zek is very shy around any girl but when it comes to Cindy he’s petrified, but you can tell he really likes Cindy.”

“So do you think Cindy would like Zek?”

“I think so. He’s very cute in a Cindy sort of way. He’s not a jock or nerd, he’s just Zek.”

“What do you think about getting them together? Would he care that she's pregnant?”

“From what I noticed, he would walk to the ends of the world for her, if she asked. I do like your thinking and I'll see what can be done.”

We both kissed again and held each other as we walked back to bed. We both heard Cindy crying as we got closer to the bed.

Sarah said, “Cindy dear whats wrong?”

Cindy sniffled, “I woke up to find both you and Al gone. I then heard you two in the bathroom so I decided to wait for you both to return. As I was waiting I remembered all of the fun I'm having tonight and I wanted some more, but I remembered that Al was using condoms and I don’t have anymore. Oh how I want to feel Al stuffed into me again.” and she resumed her weeping.

Cindy started cradling Cindy trying to calm her. I swiftly retrieved a box and gave them to Cindy. She looked at the box and squealed, “Condoms!”

Both her and Sarah gave me a dirty look as I tried to explain, “I picked them up earlier tonight in hopes that Cindy was going to spend the night. As for the little act downstairs, I was using that as a lesson to show both of you the need of carrying your own supply. But it backfired in my face. Cindy I’m very sorry to put you through that. Is there anyway I can make it up to you?”

Cindy paused and then said, “Just make love to me again.”

“I would love too. But we need to work together. You two ladies are sucking me dry and I have one cum left until daylight.” as I was saying this I got a vibrator out. “What I think will work, if you both agree, is that I make love with Cindy while Sarah uses this vibrator. Then we will switch and I will finish with Sarah as Cindy finishes with the vibrator. Is this okay for both of you ladies?”

I could see the disappointed look on both of their faces but they both nodded their heads yes.

I climbed up onto the bed and started kissing Cindy first. Then I switched to Sarah. For the next several minutes we fondled each other as we moved around on the bed finding the right positions. We all knew that we needed a few minutes of foreplay before we could really get started. I was having a hard time trying to play with four breasts and two pussies while the girls were fighting over one cock. I finally got Cindy to touch one of Sarah’s tits. And after an initial hesitation on both girls account they both seemed to enjoy it. After a few minutes I got Sarah to touch Cindy’s wet slit and they both moaned as they stroked each other. I sat back and watched the two friends get more acquainted as I rolled a condom onto my cock.

I then broke the party up by kissing Sarah backwards until she was laying on the bed. I then switched and kissed Cindy backwards until she too was laying flat on the bed. I then went back to Sarah and kissed her as I wiggled the vibrator into her tunnel and then turned it on. I led one of Sarah’s hands to the vibrator and then turn my attention back to Cindy.

I kissed her as I positioned myself between her open thighs. She spread them wider as she felt my cock touch and then enter her slit. The baby in her belly wiggled as I wiggled my cock into Cindy’s cunt. I finally could go no deeper and started my slow pull out. Both women were moaning with pleasure as our small orgy progressed. I figured that with all of the sex I had that day that I might last a bit longer than normal. So I made love to Cindy as slow as I could, taking very long and deep strokes. I hoped that Sarah’s vibrator ride might trigger both girls' orgasm before I needed to switch.

My hopes came to fruition as Sarah started grunting with her climax. She grunted out, “DDDDaaammmnnnn DDDaaammmnnnn OOOOhhhh DDDaaammmnnn.” I reached down and ground my thumb into Cindy’s button and she grunted. Cindy's mouth then opened but no sounds emerged. I didn’t move my cock. I didn’t need any more stimulation. I just kept rubbing Cindy’s button as she bucked and came under me. Sarah’s bouncing and grunting was slowing as her orgasm subsided. Cindy’s climax was finished as I pulled out of her and ripped off that condom.

I slowly removed the vibrator from Cindy’s pussy and gave it a quick cleaning with my mouth and tongue. I then gently but swiftly stuffed it into Cindy’s spasmming cunt and turned it on. Cindy snatched it from my hand and started fucking herself with it. I crawled over two sets of legs and rubbed my cock over Sarah’s clit. She grabbed my cock, shoved it downwards, and bucked her hips up. I then felt my cock head slip into her and I dropped down imbedding myself into her.

We all three were close to cumming and it was a race to see whom came first. I was going slow now as I hammered in and out of Sarah making us both grunt with the force of my thrusts. We heard Cindy slamming that vibrator in and out of her cunt. I lost it when I saw those 18 year old breasts bouncing around. I shot those sticky ropes of cum deep into her friend's unprotected 18 year old cunt. I grunted and then I felt Sarah say, “OOOOhhhhhh DDDDDaaaammmmnnnn.” as her orgasm started. I bucked my hips down forcing both of us to be joined closer. Even after my cum was done I tried shoving my cock deeper into Sarah as her climax slowed. Then we heard Cindy thrashing and grunting, and knew she too was having another round of pleasure. Sarah wrapped her arms around me to prevent my escape as we both watched Cindy enjoy herself. Soon Cindy let go of the vibrator as she went limp. I reached over and turned it off. I left it buried in her as Sarah and I kissed before I rolled off of her and fell asleep between the two ladies.


Training Sarah

I woke up when Sarah’s cold feet touched mine as she was getting back into bed.

I mumbled, Where have you been?

“Seeing Cindy off. She decided we needed some alone time, so she left a few minutes ago.”

I pulled Sarah closer to me and said, “She’s a very smart and beautiful lady.” Then we started kissing as our hands wandered over each other. After necking a few minutes, I took the lead, and gently forced her onto her back.

Lying beside her I kissed her luscious lips as I cupped one of her firm breasts with my right hand. My left hand played in her silky hair. Our tongues danced together as my right hand caressed her breasts and nipples going from one breast and then the other. We moaned with our mutual pleasure.

I was a bit surprised as I felt her passion rapidly increasing, so I stepped up my attack. I broke off our kiss, so that my lips and tongue could find a new partner with her right breast and nipple. My right hand had to vacate that lovely mound of flesh. It made a trip over her firm stomach and hair free pubic mound to start a slow invasion of her slit.

As my hand cupped her crotch, I was surprised to find most of her crotch covered in wetness. I made a mental note to ask her what happened between her and Cindy when I was asleep.

I now slowly inserted a finger into her very wet cunt. As I fucked her cunt with my finger, I raised up onto to my knees and started kissing and licking her left breast. She now discovered that my cock was free and her hand found my hard shaft. She groaned as she pumped my cock. I moaned as she started bucking her hips off the bed. I slipped a second finger into her tunnel just before I simultaneously nipped her nipple and ground my thumb onto her erect clit.

She started her climax as she squeezed my cock with her fingers and squeezed my fingers with her cunt. She grunted out, “OOOOhhhh ooohhh oooohhhh ddaammnn.” She bucked and grunted as I kissed her nips while her orgasm continued. As her orgasm softened she relaxed her grip on both my fingers and cock.

I now slipped down the bed and shoved her legs over my shoulders so that I could bury my face into her crotch. My tongue now drank all of her cream. Once she was cleaned some, I shifted my attention to her clit. When she felt my tongue on her button of joy, she squealed out, “GGGoooddd dddaaammmnnn iiittt.” and grabbed my head. As she started cumming again, she pushed my face deeper into her crotch. Her heels tapped my back trying to get more pleasure out of her climax. I just kept working on her clit until I heard a big grunt and she flopped still.

I slipped back to see that she had passed out. I was very tempted to crawl forward and sink my very ready cock into that winking pussy. But instead I got off the bed, covered her up, and left the room.

I was somewhat angry, I had planned to make love to her right after her second orgasm and ride her through a third but her unconsciousness changed that. I was horny and I needed to cool off. So I headed out to the pool and drove into the cool water. After I swam about 20 laps, I was limp and calm enough to continue the rest of the day.

I went to the kitchen and made breakfast for both of us. Once the breakfast was ready, I took it upstairs.

“Sarah darling, wake up. I have some breakfast for us.”

She struggled to wake up.

“Come on Sarah, I need you to sit up, so that I can put the tray down.”

She finally woke up enough to sit up in bed. As she sat up the cover slipped off her chest and her breasts came into view.

“How long was I asleep?”

“About an hour.”

“I don’t remember anything after that second orgasm. Did we do anything after?”

“No, you passed out. I almost raped you then, but I decided that it could wait until after breakfast. So eat up, you’re going to need all the nourishment for our next encounter.”

She grinned and started eating her breakfast. We both ate while we talked about last night and her friend Cindy.

Towards the end of breakfast Sarah asked, “So whats the plan after breakfast?”

Laying beside her on the bed I replied, “Well I planned to do what your sister and I did our first morning together.”

Sarah interrupted, “Oh I remember, she wrote about making love all over the bedroom that morning. It seemed that you both made love in a dozen different positions.”

“Yes, I tried to show her as many positions as I could in one session. But if we did the same right now, I think it will be a very short session.”


“Someone left me horny as hell. I had planned to empty my balls and then to love you properly after I recovered.”

Sarah moved the breakfast tray to the floor giving me a lovely view of her ass before saying, “Well since I was a bad girl, let me see if I can correct my manners.” And she sexily crawled over to me and then started sucking my cock.

I was surprised at the turn of events but I wasn’t going to refuse Sarah her attempt to correct her bad manners. I groaned with pleasure. I slowly caressed her hair and stroked her back as she continued licking and sucking on my hard member. “Hot damn, Sarah, you’re good, too good to be a first timer.”

“Al, we’ll talk later. My mama told me not to talk with my mouth full.” And she stuffed my cock back into her mouth and let her tongue swirl around the head. I again groaned in pleasure. I now slipped a hand under her breast so that I could fondle it while I received a very good blow job.

I closed my eyes and just rested against the headboard. I ran my fingers through her soft silky hair with one hand, with the other I cupped a mound of womanly tit, and I thought about yesterday. I suddenly shouted out, “Sarah, I’m going to cum.”

I then grunted as my orgasm was sucked out of my body. I grunted a few more times as my sperm poured out of my cock into Sarah’s waiting mouth. Before I was completely finished Sarah rushed to bathroom and I heard her gagging and then the toilet flushed. I waited in my post orgasmic state as I heard her gargle and rise her mouth before she crawled back in bed and cuddled beside me.

I leaned over to kiss her lips and we french kissed several minutes. Our tongues played together as our passion increased. I broke the kiss to start nibbling on her neck and ears, Sarah sighed and softly asked, “Why could you kiss me after I sucked you off?”

I paused to look into her eyes and said, “What do you mean?”

“Well every-time I suck off my boyfriends they won’t kiss me afterwords. They say it’s gross or something”

I grinned with comprehension as I resumed my nibbling. I whispered my answer between kisses to her neck. “That is the difference between a man and a boy.” I licked behind her ear and felt her shiver. “Boys think that it makes them look homosexual to taste sperm. Men know that they should love those lips that gave them oral pleasure.” At that I licked back up to her lips and we kissed for a few more minutes.

Now I licked and kissed my way down her throat to the valley of her breasts. I kissed my way around one of her tits as I mumbled, “Not that I really need to know, but just how many boys have you sucked off.” I started to slowly rub her pussy trying to coax the answer out of her.

She moaned saying, “Oh damn, I can’t keep a secret, when you’re torturing me this way.” She sighed as I slid a finger inside her slit. “I had no interest in the opposite sex until after my 16th birthday. At that time I started to watch what I ate, started excising, and dressed a lot nicer. After a bit I started getting attention from the boys and started dating. Everything was cool and calm and I only allowed some kissing until after I read Wendy’s Double D Diary and then I let the dates go to another level.” She paused as we kissed a bit more.

Once I returned my attention back to her tits, she continued, “Then I allowed my dates to touch my breasts. Things would then heat up on both sides until the only way to cool things down was to make my date cum. At first it was jacking them off but once they had me naked from the waist up I started sucking them off. I did this to protect the rest of me from becoming naked. It worked until Wendy’s wedding and you came along. Then you got me completely naked and rubbed your hand on my pussy. Before that no one had touched me there, and you did both right in front of my mother. I almost came right there in front of both of you.” And she moaned as another finger entered her pussy.

Softly I blew in her ear and asked, “Did you suck their cum out of their cocks like you did mine?”

Moaning she answered, “The first boy I sucked off was Mark. When he started cumming I moved my face away and sperm flew everywhere. It was a mess to clean up and he didn’t help sitting there spaced out. Well the next time I just took a couple of spurts in my mouth before I pulled off and let the rest splash against my lips. And that is the way I have done the rest until tonight. I thought I would try to suck yours down but I just couldn’t do it.”

“Well it was great.”

“But Wendy drank yours when she sucked you off.”

We now hugged as I attacked her lips with mine. Still embracing her I finger fucked her pussy and softly replied, “Sarah stop comparing yourself to Wendy. You’re both so different and you suck cock a lot better then she did.” I groped her some more before removing my fingers from her slit and asked, “Sarah slide down the bed and rest on your side facing away from me.” We both slid down and got ourselves arranged so that my chest was pressed in her back. I started kissing the back of her neck and continued playing with her breasts. She tried reaching for my cock with her hand but ended up hunching my cock with her ass crack. I then felt her pussy and then asked, “Love, raise your leg.” In response she raised her leg and I made my move. I arranged myself and placed the tip of my cock into the entrance of Sarah’s hot pussy.

I heard her sigh when she felt my cock enter her pussy. I slowly started fucking her, allowing more and more of my cock to bury itself in that tight cavern of pleasure. Still kissing her neck and fondling those magnificent breasts, I sped up my thrusting, in, out, in, out, faster, and faster. I felt Sarah’s fingers feeling my cock and reaching for my sack of balls. We were now at full steam, working together for each others pleasure. Sarah was rubbing both my cock and balls and her clit, I was hammering into her pussy stopped only by my pubic bone grinding into her ass cheeks. Then I stopped and pulled my cock out of her, she started to whine, but before she could say anything, I replied, “Okay, love, against the wall.”

She looked at me knowingly as I helped her out of bed and positioned her ass against the bedroom wall. I had picked this particular wall due to the mirror on the opposite wall. Then I bent my knees and got my cock positioned into the entrance of her pussy and started shoving upwards and inwards. She squealed with joy, wrapped her arms around my neck to steady her, and then noticed the view in the mirror behind me. So while I continued thrusting my hard cock into her soppy pussy, Sarah was watching everything in the mirror. After a few well placed thrusts, Sarah wrapped her legs around my hips, and I held on to her thighs. I continued using the wall as a bed for several more deep strokes, then with my cock buried deep in her pussy; I turned to carry Sarah back to the bed.

As I turned to put her on the bed, I glanced at our reflection in the mirror. There was one hot picture of lust. Me with my cock deeply buried into an 18-year-old’s cunt. She was holding on to me with her legs and arms, trying to get more of that hard cock into her. Me holding her up with my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart enough to see her ass hole winking at me. Both of us covered in a thin coating of sweat.

I then gently placed her on the bed saying, “On you hands and knees, love.” Sarah scrambled into position. She quickly crawled forward, allowing me room at the foot of the bed. I then pushed her shoulders down and again positioned my cock into the wet entrance of her pussy. I then released my cock, grabbed her shoulders, and slowly sank my cock into her pussy in one slow continuous stroke. After my cock could go no farther, I restarted ramming my cock back and forth trying to shove my cock into her womb. Sarah had raised her face off of the bed and was on her hands continuously moaning with pleasure. Reaching under Sarah I started rubbing her clit. I could feel her passion building; her breath was becoming more rapid, her stomach muscles tightening. I too was getting very close to dumping my load deep into her cunt. Then I pulled out and in a demanding voice said, “On your back.”

Sarah screamed in displeasure, but she flipped over, lying on her back. “Spread your legs wide,” I demanded. She then spread her legs wide. As I was diving for her clit, I quickly noticed how red and puffy her cunt looked, she was very close. I then attacked her clit with my tongue, no need to go slow, she and I were both ready. In about thirty seconds, Sarah started her orgasm. She mumbled, “Damn, damn, damn, oh damn it.” She shook all over and pushed her crotch into my face. I licked my way through her orgasm. Slowly I cleaned up her cunt with my tongue and started kissing her thighs.

I slowly returned back to her clit and very carefully continued my oral ministrations. She resumed quaking as the pleasure of my oral attack returned. While I worked on her clit, one of my hands found its way to her beautiful breasts and started mashing them. The other hand dropped under my chin and two fingers dug their way into her wet hot cavern of love, soon a third one joined the other two inside her cunt. Now she went wild, her fingernails dug into my head trying to force my face deeper into her. The heels of her feet kicked the back of my shoulders, and she started yelling, “Oh damn, oh damn, ooooohhhhhh.” For the second time in five minutes, she came, and from her reaction this one was stronger then the previous orgasm. After she peaked, I slowed my attacks down to a loving caress.

Right after Sarah’s orgasm subsided; I quickly crawled up and sunk my hard cock into her. I was not gentle about it because I was hornier than hell. I then started hammering her pubic bone with mine. Again Sarah responded to my attack, she pulled my face to hers and started kissing, finding my face, lips, and mouth coated with her sex secretions. She then wrapped her arms and legs around me locking our sexual union. Her fingernails really started to dig into my back, so I grabbed one of her hands and guided it between our pubic bones. With some forceful guidance, I finally felt her hand start rubbing her clit. I was very, very, close to my release.

All of a sudden Sarah thrust her crotch into mine trapping her hand between us, her belly contracted, her mouth opened as she silently screamed in pleasure, and then her cunt started squeezing my cock. That did it, I deeply grunted and I sprayed my cum deep into her. We held each other tightly both enjoying the remainder of our mutual orgasm. I collapsed on Sarah and then gently rolled over keeping us joined together so we could face each other. We cuddled for several minutes while gently kissed and stroked each other before we both fell to sleep.

Anally Sarah

After my nap I opened my eyes to see a lying Sarah staring at me. I felt her hand playing with my limp cock. She said, “Hello lover. Did you have a good snooze?”

“I must be getting old. A beautiful woman in my bed, playing with my dick, and I’m limp as a noodle. What’s wrong with me?”

“Don’t you start complaining because you just fucked the shit out of this old hag. Every orgasm you gave me took a year off my life, they were that intense.”

We kissed before she sat up and said, “Okay the days a wasting. I know you’ve got something planned but I would like to change the order around.”

My mouth opened in surprise as I asked, “How do you know what I've planned?”

“I know you’re going to do me anally, I just want to do it next and someplace public, preferably outside.”

I now relaxed understanding her logic. “Okay I think I can adjust my plans.” I then jumped out of bed and grabbed the breakfast tray. I now left the room as Sarah sat there watching me. She yelled out, “Where are you going?”

“Taking a swim before getting you ready to be fucked in the ass. Care to join me dear?”

She swiftly caught up. We quickly took care of the breakfast tray before we walked to the pool holding hands. We continued holding hands as we both dove naked into the pool. For the next fifteen minutes we frolicked around in the pool. At one point Sarah reminded me about Wendy’s and my time in Branson at the lake. She tried to recreate the moment but shortly decided it wasn’t going to be the same.

I grabbed and hugged Sarah. We kissed a minute before I goosed Sarah, just barely tapping her asshole, and said, “I’m going to warm up in the hot tub before I head upstairs and get things ready. In about fifteen minutes I’ll come to get you.” And I hopped out of the pool and slipped into the hot tub. I watched Sarah floating on her back and watched her two tits bob up and down in the water. After a couple of minutes I had to leave before I needed to poke her again.

It didn’t take me very long getting things setup and I went downstairs to retrieve Sarah. I found her laying beside the pool sunning herself. She looked up and saw that I was ogling her body. “Like what you see?”

“Why of course, you Lawson women are beautiful.”

With an evil grin she asked, “Which one is prettiest?”

Without delay I answered, “Whichever one I've got my dick in of course.” I ran as she leaped up and chased me up the stairs. She caught up to me as I dove onto the bed. We wrestled a bit until we locked lips and kissed. After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, I broke away and said, “Time to get you ready. Into the bathroom.” Sheepishly she followed me to the bathroom with the knowledge of what was coming next.

Upon entering the bathroom she saw the towels on the floor and the full enema bag. She took a deep breath and laid down on her stomach. I lit some candles, turned off the bathroom light, and turned on some soothing music. Then I adjusted a folded towel under her pelvic bone to raise her butt up slightly in the air. This would help give her stomach some room to expand as the water filled her bowels. I now lovingly applied some lubrication into her anus. She started breathing rapidly as I insert the enema nozzle into her rectum.

I laid beside her and gently rubbed her back. I softly said, “Sarah, love, calm down. I’m going to do this as gently as I can.” I waited a bit before adding, “Do you want to skip this part?”

She looked into to my eyes and took another deep breath and said, “No, just hold me, okay?”

“Why of course.” I leaned in to kiss her as I let the water slowly start its trip into her ass.

It took longer than usual to empty the bag into her but I wanted this to be as painless as possible. As her bowels slowly filled with water, I massaged her. I applied some warm massage oil all over her backside and quickly spread it out. I rubbed it over the back of her arm and legs, then her back, and lightly over her butt. Once she had a thin coat of oil all over I started to work the oil in deeper. When I felt her tense up due to enema, I slowed the water flow, whispered encouragement, and rubbed her back. When she calmed down some, I increased the flow of the water, and I continued massaging her arms and legs.

Only after the bag was empty, did I even start massaging her pretty ass. I left the nozzle in her as I rubbed her ass cheeks and back. I tried working all the tension out of her for the next ten minutes. I only paused to lean over for a kiss. I would softly talk to her when her bowels cramped. After the ten minutes were up, I removed the enema nozzle from her ass and very softly said, “Sarah darling, let me help you over to the toilet.” I helped her to the toilet. I heard her release her bowels before her butt hit the seat. We hugged and kissed as the water and shit poured out of her. I kept flushing the toilet to help reduce the odor.

When Sarah felt she was empty she again laid down on the towels. This time she laid on her back. I was refilling the enema bag as she was getting comfortable. As I approached her, I said, “Sarah raise your legs up so that I can insert the nozzle.” I again lubed her asshole and gently inserted the nozzle into her. I now helped lower her legs to the floor before slipping up and kissed her lips. Once our tongues started dancing I let the water flow slowly into her.

I broke our kiss so that I could now apply massage oil to her front side. I controlled the flow of the water while I massaged her arms and legs. I had to pause several times to kiss her lips and once to refill the enema bag. Before the second bag was finished, I started massaging her chest and stomach. I was careful when working on her stomach but I wanted to push the water deeper into her bowels. This caused her some discomfort because it caused more cramps. Once the bag was empty the second time, I continued my massage of her but now I also massaged her pussy and clit. Sometimes when we kissed I would slip a couple of fingers into her and she would then grab my cock. After the bag had been empty for about 10 minutes I removed the nozzle and helped her over to the toilet.


This time she was firmly on the seat before the water dumped out of her. Again we kissed as I flushed and rubbed her clit. Suddenly she grabbed me and shook grunting with a climax. I didn't stop what I was doing until her bowels were empty and her climax was over. I left her there on the toilet as I started the shower and retrieved some items. I came back to a very relaxed Sarah and helped her into the shower.

The shower seemed to revive her and we helped wash each other. I gave her the razor and I watched as she shaved her armpits, legs, and pussy. I tried to help with her crotch to see if she missed a spot but she slapped my hand away saying, “Not now love, later.” But she gave me a very passionate kiss to make up for her denial.

After we both were done, but before we turned the shower off, I held up a butt plug and said, “I believe you're expecting someone.”

Sheepishly she said, “Yea.”, turned around, bent over, and spread her butt cheeks apart with her hands. I soaped up the plug and her asshole. I then slowly inserted the plug into her butt by pushing it in about an inch then letting it slip out a half inch. I did this a few times before the taper at the end of the plug made the rest of it pop into her butt, where it stayed.

“Sarah it's in, you can get up and rinse. I'll get the towel ready for you.” And I left the shower as she rinsed the soap off her butt.

I patiently waited and then I heard the shower stop. Sarah climbed out of the shower and I quickly wrapped her in the towel and started drying her. As I was doing this she commented, “I now know what Wendy meant by it feeling weird.” She grabbed my erection saying, “But I also see it does turn you on.” She then stroked my cock as she gave me another passionate kiss. Just as I was getting used to it she stopped and walked out of the bathroom. I just watched that beautiful butt walk into the bedroom.

I retracted my tongue into my mouth as she disappeared into the bedroom. I caught up to her as she got her hair dryer and headed back to the bathroom. “Dear, can you put your hair into a pony tail for this afternoon?” I asked.

She replied, “Okay.” as she walked passed. I watched her disappear before I got our clothes out for our next encounter. I was dressing when I heard the dryer stop and a few minutes later Sarah came walking back in with her hair dry and face made up. Since I had just finished dressing, I said, “Come over here and let me help get you dressed.”

After she was standing beside me I opened my hand and said, “You know what to do with these, don't you?”

She looked at the Ben Wa balls and said, “Yep.” Taking them out of my hand she made a show out of her stuffing them into her pussy. After she was done, I inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy to force the balls deeper into her. I then took my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off of them. I then handed her a pair of leather panties and she felt the front before she put them on and adjusted them. I double checked her placement before handing her a leather bra.

She gave it a puzzled look before she recognized it. Looking at me she grinned and said, “The matching bra.” She then felt in the cups and said, “There are the vibrators right at the tip.” I helped her get it on and adjusted. I now gave her a white blouse and helped get it buttoned stopping just above her cleavage. I now gave her a Kelly green skirt where the hem stopped halfway down her thighs. It was pleated so if she spun around quickly it would bellow out and you could see her panties. I gave her some shoes and then took her over to the mirror.

I now cupped her tits and said, “I selected this blouse because you can see the bra underneath.” I let her take in the view before I raised her skirt and swatted her butt saying, “Now let's go get something to eat and have some fun.” I grabbed her hand and lead her to the car.

We talked about nothing special as we drove to the restaurant. I had selected a place not too far away and in a few minutes we arrived. I helped her out of the car and she made sure to give me a good view of her panty clad pussy. We held hands into the restaurant and were seated very quickly. We ordered lunch and continued our talk.

When our lunch came and we were eating. I waited for the right time and I turned on all of the vibrators. Sarah dropped her food onto the plate and squealed loudly. I kept eating and left the vibrators running as the waitress hurried over and asked, “Is there something wrong dear?”

Sarah looked up at her and stammered out, “No nothing, just thought of something I needed to do.”

“Okay, just let me know if you need anything.” said the waitress but before she could walk away, she noticed the sound of vibration. “What's that noise?” Sarah looked at me with a worried look.

I replied, “That's her phone. It's set on vibrate. She has no pockets, so she stuffs it in her bra.” I then looked at Sarah and said, “I always wandered if you get off having the phone shake your tits.” The waitress quickly left not wanting to hear any more.

Sarah gave me a mean look before she closed her eyes as the pleasure mounted. I gave her a few more seconds before I turned all of the vibrators off. She grunted in displeasure as she opened her eyes to return the mean look. She opened her mouth to say something but before she could speak I turned the vibrators back on. She grunted and quaked as I teased her. During the next several minutes I continually teased her so that she couldn't verbally chastise me. I liked watching the bra vibrators shake her full tits.

We both eventually calmed down and finished our meal in silence. I kept her guessing which vibrator was going to turn on and for how long. She did get out a comment, “Damn, I now know how sis felt.” I paid the waitress and helped Sarah stumble to the car. I quick drove to a park I remembered and lead Sarah down a path into the woods. I kept up the vibrator attack as she held onto my arm.

I found a spot overlooking a baseball field with a game going on. It looked like it was a game between two high school boys teams. Sarah seemed to be in a haze due to her heightened arousal, so I whispered in her ear. “I think this is a good spot to fuck. Is this public enough for you love.” She moaned. I continued as I played with one of her boobs, “You can watch those strong virile boys as we fuck.”

She moaned out, “Oh damn.”

I now helped down onto her hands and knees. I got her positioned so she could see the boys but it would be tough for someone to see us. I now raised her skirt up over her ass and rubbed my crotch against her butt. I was fully erect but still in my pants. I dry hunched her as I fiddled with the vibrator control. She groaned. I unzipped and fished my cock out and resumed hunching her. Now she could feel my hot cock flesh against hers.

Now I pulled aside the leather panties and tried stuffing my cock into her pussy. I nearly came when my cock head ran into the vibrating Ben Wa balls. I quickly removed my cock and fished out the balls before stuffing my cock back into her pussy. I felt her cum as soon as I got myself fully into her cunt. I just slowly fucked her as the pleasure washed through her. She was quietly saying, “Oh damn, oh damn.”

Knowing I wasn't going to last long, I waited until her climax was finished before I removed my cock from her cunt and slipped the Ben Wa balls back in. I now rearranged her panties so that I could get the butt plug out. Just as soon as it was out I slipped my cock head in. I now slowly plowed my cock into her ass as I said, “Oh baby you've got one tight hole.” I grunted as I pushed in and out of her butt. I grabbed her pony tail and pulled so I could get more of me into her.

She grunted and had a small orgasm as I struggled to get my cock deeper. My crotch finally ran into her ass cheeks. I now let go of her pony tail and wrapped my arms around her waist as I slowly pulled out of her ass. During this struggle I had turned off the panty vibrator but left on the bra and ball vibrators. I now rearranged her panty so that the vibrator was on her clit. I now grabbed her pony tail again, turned on the panty vibrator, and slam my cock back into her tight ass.

We both started cumming as I fucked her ass. She let out a loud “OOOOhhhh...” before I clamped my hand over her mouth. She bit into the palm of my hand as I pulled on her pony tail. I wanted more hands so that I could mash her boobs but I just kept them where they were as I pumped my sperm deep into her empty bowels. We kept bumping each other as the baseball game continued. We both started our slow decent from our orgasmic high. I just kept my hand over her mouth until she start kissing and licking it.

I now let go of her pony tail and mouth as I pulled my softening cock out of her butt hole. I turned all the vibrators off as she fell to the ground to recuperate. I rubbed her ass before pulling the skirt back down covering her firm ass. I just sat there with my cock hanging out in the open and watched her and the game.

After several minutes she sat up and said, “Fuck that was a damn good fuck.” She looked at my cock and said, “You really know how to use that thing.” She then reached over and fondled it saying, “I can't wait to feel it stuffed back in my pussy.” Still fondling me she leaned over and french kissed me a bit and then she cupped my balls. We then heard voices coming our way and we scrambled to get straightened up.

When the two teenage girls came by us a few minutes later all they could see was a couple sitting on the hill watching the baseball game. After the two girls left, Sarah and I got up and walked hand in hand to the car. She laid her head against me as we walked and drove back to the mansion.

Sarah's Special Dinner

After we got back to the mansion, I gave Sarah another wrapped gift. Inside she found a bracelet that matched the other two pieces of jewelry. I placed it on her wrist with a kiss. Then Sarah and I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. We swam a bit and lounged in the hot tub. Then we cuddled together in the living room and watched some television. About an hour before dinner I gave Sarah a wrapped box.

She asked, “Whats this for?”

“Something for tonight.”

Sarah ripped the paper off and opened the box. Inside she found a matching set of sheer green underwear. The set included a shelf bra, garter, and G-string panty. Also in the box was a pair of charcoal colored stockings. She looked everything over and then looked at me saying, “Isn’t this the same underwear your wife was wearing that night I watched your kids?”

“Bought another set just for you tonight.”

“Does this mean I’m going to look just like she did, really fucked.”

“We’ll see. Your blouse and skirt are upstairs and we need to leave for dinner in 30 minutes, so let’s get ready.”

I left Sarah to dress by herself and got dressed in another area of the mansion. I wanted to be surprised later. I waited downstairs for Sarah who soon appeared wearing the light blue blouse with gold buttons down the front. The top was cut low to show cleavage and on Sarah you saw her cleavage. She was also wearing a black mini skirt with the charcoal stockings. She had chosen makeup that made her brown eyes shine brighter. I stopped her at the bottom step and we kissed. I slipped my hand under the skirt and cupped her ass checking out the garter strap. I said, “You look beautiful and you feel beautiful too.”

“Thanks, I love the underwear, I hope you do too.”

“Oh I’m sure I will, I don’t think I couldn’t love anything you wear. Let’s go to dinner before I decide to eat some pussy on the steps.”

We just barely arrived on time for our dinner reservation. It didn’t help that I pulled over to the side of the road a couple of time to make out with Sarah. We were seated, as I had requested, at a table in a remote location. As we looked over the menu I ordered a bottle of wine. The waiter was about to card Sarah when I said, “One glass.”

Once the waiter had served the wine, I ordered our meal. After he left I placed the glass between us and said, “Sarah, sip all you wish.” As we sipped the wine waiting for our soups, we talked about my children, her school, and other items.

The waiter brought the soups and as we ate them I asked, “Sarah can you unbutton the first button on your dress?” Looking into my eyes she unbuttoned the first button. I could now see a little more of the tops of her breasts along with more cleavage. We continued talking as we continued eating our soups.

The waiter brought the salads and I refilled the wine glass. I asked, “Sarah can you unbutton your dress again?” Now she glared at me with a puzzled look on her face. “Please I want to see more of your breasts.” She unbuttoned another one. Now I could see the fringe of her bra as more of her breasts came in view. It didn’t seem to bother Sarah as much as it did my wife as we kept talking and eating our salads. But I think it was bothering me more as I stared at those lovely young mounds.

Just after we finished our salads I gave Sarah a roll and held onto her hand as she took it. Looking into her eyes I asked, “Can you undo another button?” Without hesitation she reached between her breasts and unbuttoned the next button on her blouse. I reached over the table and opened her blouse a bit. You could definitely see a lot of tit flesh and bit of her aureoles.

Shortly the waiter bought the main course and took his time cleaning off some of the plates while we both stared at Sarah’s chest. After he left I said, “Sarah, I have another gift for you.” I showed her a small box.

“Oh you shouldn’t have.” and she held her hand out for the gift.

“I’ll give it to you but first I need to touch both of your nipples.” as I grinned at her.

She thought about it for a few seconds as I rattled the box. She then hopped out of her seat and came over to me. She leaned over and with an evil look shook her chest before attaching her lips to mine. I reached into her blouse and played with her breasts and nipples until she broke away and sat back down.

Stunned I handed over the gift as I tried to recover. She opened the box and took out an earring with a green emerald attached. She bounced in her seat allowing her breasts to shake in front of me. Then she stopped and looked at me and asked, “Where is the other one?” I then showed her the other box and shook it saying, “You get this one when you allow me to suck on your nipples.”

Again she pondered the situation before she again hopped out of her chair. She now held open her blouse as she forced her breasts into my face. I took my time sucking first one nipple and then the other. Meanwhile Sarah quietly moaned, as she allowed me to suckle her tits. After about a minute she broke away and covered up. I then gave her the other box with the earring inside. See quickly looked inside and then said, “I’m going to put them on, I’ll be right back.” and she quickly left.

I continued eating my meal and shortly Sarah came back wearing her new earrings. She had re-buttoned her blouse by a button during her departure. She sat down and said, “They are very lovely. They match my underwear.”

“They look very pretty on you. But then again anything you wear is pretty.” I said grinning. I then got out of my seat and gave her a big kiss. As we kissed I slipped one of my hands into her blouse and played with her tits. After the kiss I sat back down and we continued our meal.

The waiter came back and cleared off the meal and asked if we wanted dessert. I ordered a slice of cheesecake and two forks. I also ordered two cups of coffee. Soon the waiter returned with the coffee and cheesecake. As we were eating the cake I put another box on the table. Sarah looked at the box and then at me and asked, “What do I have to do to get that one?”

I grinned and said, “You tell me.”

She said, “To see my pussy?”


“To touch my pussy?”


“To lick my pussy?”

“Oh I think someone licking a certain something will get you a prize.”

She sat back puzzled as she thought about what I just said. Then she said, “Lick your cock?”

“Not just to lick my boy but to suck on him.”

“Okay let’s go to the woman’s room.” and she slipped out of her seat.

I just sat there and said, “No, here and now.”

She dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants. She had to work to fish out my cock since in was buried deep in my pants and underwear. But very shortly she had it out and was sucking me off right there in the restaurant. I just sat there and enjoyed my fun for several minutes before I said, “Okay Sarah put everything back and get your gift. I want to save that load for your pussy later tonight.”

She quickly stuffed my cock away before she grabbed her gift and sat down in her chair. In the box Sarah found a necklace that matched her earrings. I rose up to clip it around her neck and then I gave her a kiss. We continued our conversation as we finished our dessert and coffee. After I had paid the waiter I asked, “Are you ready for some dancing?”

“Okay, let’s go.”

So we went to a dance club that I had taken my wife too. Sarah and I danced a few dances before I led her over to a hidden spot. I backed her into the spot and started kissing her. While we kissed I fondled her tits though her blouse and then I reached inside her blouse to play with them. She moaned and then whispered into my ear, “Can we dance some more. If we keep this up we’ll need to find a place to fuck.”

“Just a second, I need to do something.” and I continued kissing her. I kept playing with her nipple with one hand and with the other hand I attached a nipple clamp to that nipple.

She squeaked in pain and said, “Ow, that hurts, what the hell is it!”

I grabbed her wrists and said, “Its a nipple clamp. I wanted to see how well you dance wearing them.”

Her eyes got big, “Them, you mean....” and before she could finish I quickly attached the other one to her other nipple and re-grabbed her wrists. I now kissed her as I ground my hard cock into her crotch. We kissed a few minutes until she stopped fighting me and said “I guess I can try to leave them on while we dance.”

Now I led her back to the dance floor. We danced though several more songs, some fast and some slow. On the fast ones, Sarah seemed to struggle a bit with the pain when her tits bounced. On the slow ones, she kept moaning in my ear as I rubbed my chest against hers. After the end of a song I again led her back to the hidden spot and I backed her into the corner again. I kissed her but she quickly broke our embrace and asked in my ear, “Okay what does my evil lover have on his dirty mind.” At that I raised up the front of her skirt to gain access to her pussy. I then moved the G-string out-of-the-way so that I could gain access to her clitoris. I held her clitoris in the fingers of one hand and I attached a clamp to her clitoris with the other hand.

I had to drop everything to catch her wrists when she tried to remove the clamp from her clit. We struggled for a few seconds until she calmed down from the shock.

Groaning she said, “Damn it that stings. Is that it? Or are you going to put clothespins on my pussy lips next?”

“Oh I think that’s it. You should dance a lot better now. Now let me get everything tucked into place.”

I again raised her skirt up to gain access to the clamp. I laid the clamp along the valley formed by her pussy lips. I now covered it with her G-string. I rubbed the front of her G-string to make sure the clamp was still attached to her clit.  Done I let her skirt drop, covering her up. I then led her back to the dance floor. We danced through that song and the DJ went right into a slow song.

I cuddled with Sarah as we continued the slow dance. I softly asked her, “Are you okay wearing the clamps?”

As she felt my hard cock, “I guess I’m okay for now. It seems you’re enjoying them on me.” and then we kissed while she fondled my cock though my pants. Giving my cock a hard squeeze. “Al, can we leave after this song.”

“All right.” and we danced cuddled together through the rest of the song.

Once the song ended we left the dance club. We slowly walked arm in arm to my car. When we arrived I said, “I need to get something from the trunk.” I quickly retrieved a bag from the trunk and placed it on the backseat. I approached Sarah and put two wrists cuffs onto her arms. She gave me a puzzled look but didn’t stop me. I clipped them together in front of her and guided her towards the front seat.

Just before helping her into her seat, I dropped to a knee, I reached up her skirt, and grabbed her G-string. I then pulled it down and let it fall to the ground. I stood up and helped her into the front seat of the car. I made sure to pull the back of her skirt up so that she sat on the seat with her bare butt. I buckled her seat belt and I tied her hands over her chest using the head rest of her seat. Her hands rested on her right collar bone supported by her wrist cuffs.

We drove away but not before I picked up Sarah’s G-string from the ground. I now reached over and pulled her skirt up so I could see and play with her pussy. She asked, “Where are we going?”

I gently pulled on the clamp attached to her clit and said, “I going to McDonalds to get a drink.”

She groaned with both pleasure and pain, “What the fuck?”

“I going through the drive thru for a drink. Do you want one?” as I tugged on the clamp again.

“No I don’t fucking want one. Can you please stop pulling on that clamp.”

“Oh yes, I see what you mean.” and I reached over with my right hand and unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse. Then I opened up the blouse to expose her nipple clamped breasts. I then flicked both clamps and said, “There, is that better? Thank you for telling me of my mistake.”

Before she could say something I pulled up the intercom and ordered, “A medium coke. Sarah, do what anything?”

Glaring at me she said, “No thanks, Im a bit tied up.”

The male voice over the intercom said, “That will be a $1.57. Next window please.”

As we headed for the next window, Sarah started shouting, “Please Al no. I don’t want anyone to see me this way.”

Grinning, I stopped the car, fondled her breasts and then covered her up with a blanket from the back seat. I said, “I wouldn’t squirm too much if I were you. The blanket might fall and you might cause a guy to cum in his pants.”

Pulling up to the window, I paid and then received my drink. Sarah was looking out her window so that she wouldn’t make eye contact with the young man. I said, “Here dear take a drink.”

“I don’t want it.”

“You look a bit hot so take a drink or I’ll remove your blanket.”

Hearing her choices she turned her head towards both me and the young man and took a sip from the drink. I could tell she was deeply embarrassed by her red face. And then I pulled the blanket off of her. She spit her drink all over herself and me.

I quickly asked the guy staring at Sarah’s tits, “How do you like nipples? Hard or soft?” And I took a sip of my drink before I drove off towards our next stop.

After we left McDonalds, Sarah said, “That's mean.”

“What's mean? Me showing your tits? Or me showing your tits to that boy?”


“Oh I don’t think that boy minded. I bet he’s telling everyone there what happened. And by the end of the night his story will have your tits huge. And tonight in bed he’s going to beat his meat just thinking all about those two lovely tits staring at him. As for me being mean to you, we can go back to the mansion right now.” I let her think about it before asking, “Well what is it? Continue or stop?”

She grinned back at me at shouted, “Continue.” and then she shook her chest. She forgot about the clamps and grunted in pain as the clamps pulled at her nips. I continued playing with the clamps as I drove the car. Sarah was almost constantly moaning. Arriving at our next destination I said, “We are here. Is my lover nice and horny yet?”

“Oh my God, yes.” came the response.

“Well wait right here and let me get some things ready.” as I grabbed the bag from the back seat. I now went over to some trees about thirty feet beside the car. Around the tree that I had used for my wife, I attached two ropes. The first I laid on the ground. The second rope I tied about eight feet off the ground.

I went back to the car and opened the front passenger door. I stared at Sarah for a few seconds enjoying the vision of her tied there in the front. I knelt down and attached cuffs to her ankles. I spent a few seconds rubbing her stocking clad legs and thighs. Moving on I played with the garter straps before I followed them up and over to twist and tug on the clamp attached to her clit.

I now rose and untied her hands from the head rest. After her hands had been freed, I leaned in and started kissing her. As we kissed I cupped and fondled her breasts. She moaned into my mouth. I now twisted and tugged on the clamps attached to her nipples. Then I did the same to her clamped clit. She now groaned as we kissed.

I broke free of our kiss and quickly buttoned one of the buttons on her blouse. The blouse now covered her breasts but gave me a good view of her cleavage though the unbuttoned hole. Now I helped her out of the car and closed the door.

I slowly guided her over to the tree while I fondled her ass. At the tree I turned her around and forced her butt against the tree. I unclasped her wrist cuffs and quickly attached them to the rope above her head. Then I attached the ankle cuffs to the rope on the ground, forcing her legs apart and the skirt up her legs. I noticed the skirt stopping just short of showing off the clitoris clamp.

We started kissing with her tied to that tree. As we kissed I stroked, rubbed, and fondled everything on my lover. During the different caresses I unbuttoned all of the blouse buttons and exposed as much of her as I could. Noting that I needed more of her exposed, I unzipped her skirt and started pushing it over her hips and down her legs. It stopped short of the ground due to restrained and spread legs.

I tucked her blouse behind her and we resumed our kissing while I now had almost complete freedom to caress her restrained body. I rammed two fingers into her pussy and felt her moan as we kissed. Accidentally my wrist bumped the clamp between her legs as I was finger fucking her and her moan turned into a grunt.

I was just too horny to continue so I stood back to look over my handy work. Sarah was now tied spread eagle to the tree quivering in pleasure. Her new earrings and necklace sparkled in the moonlight. Her ankles wobbled while she stood on the grass in her high heels. The green garter held up her charcoal colored stockings and framed her pussy with the clit clamp swinging between her thighs. Her breasts were held up by the green shelf bra making them seem a cup size larger than normal. As they shook with her continuous rocking back and forth against the tree, the nipple clamps swung back and forth.

Our eyes met and even in the darkness I could see the lust in her eyes. I removed a vibrator from my bag and stepped forward. Turning on the vibrator I licked and whispered in her ear, “Now to finish you off.” I then forced the vibrator into her cunt. The vibrator I was using was a G-spot type. It's made to rub her G-spot and had shelf for the clit. I knew that her clit would rest on top and the vibrator would shake the attached clamp. It took her about thirty seconds before she came once the vibrator was fully inserted into her cunt.

Sarah now shook her head from side to side and grunted out, “Damn, damn, oh damn.” She bucked against the tree and me as her climax continued. Her hips rocked back and forth causing the vibrator stuffed into her to rock back and forth. It would touch her G-spot and her hips would change course only to force the vibrator to touch her clit and then her hips would switch course again only to repeat everything again.

Just as she her orgasm started, I removed the clip attached to her clitoris. I believe it was for this reason that she started shaking all over. I pressed my body against her’s as she continued cumming. I did this to prevent her from hurting herself bucking against the bark of the tree. Shortly her orgasm lessen as her grunts softened with the waves of rolling pleasure. I slowed my attack on her cunt with the vibrator. And as her orgasm disappeared I turned off and removed the vibrator from her pussy with a slight slurping sound.

Not wanting to spoil her afterglow, but with my need to move on, I silently unclasped her from the tree. I held her up while I removed her blouse and re-clipped her wrists together behind her back. I placed a flannel jacket over her shoulders and zipped it up to her neck. This jacket hid all of her assets stopping right under her ass cheeks and slit. I now helped her over to the car and buckled her into her seat. I quickly retrieved all of my items around the tree including her skirt and then drove to our next destination.

During the short drive I kept my hands off of Sarah, not that I didn’t want to touch, but we both needed a little break. Sarah just looked out the side window with a glazed look.

We arrived at my place of employment. I did a quick scan to see that the building was empty before I parked. I grabbed the bag of toys and helped my lover out of the car. I pulled the jacket down over her ass since it had risen up during our quick trip. I didn’t need the cameras inside to record her privates. I then noticed the cuffs on her ankles and I quickly removed them. Again I didn’t need questions from the security people looking over the videos. The restrained hands were behind her back and covered up by the jacket.

I helped her into the building, opening the doors with my access card. She seemed to be in a stupor from her earlier orgasm. I guided her to my bosses office and had her sit in the spare chair. I got out a set of door restraints and set them in position over and under the door. I then closed and locked the door. I reattached the ankle cuffs on Sarah’s ankles. She had been watching what I was doing and asked, “What are you doing?” I then helped her over to the door positioning her back against the door. I clipped the ankle cuffs to the door restraints.

I now responded, “Getting setup for round two.” as I said that I slowly unzipped the jacket exposing her for my eyes. I removed the jacket from her shoulders reached behind her and unclasped the wrist cuffs. I reattached them to the door restraints hanging over her head. I now retrieved a pocket rocket from my bag of tricks and put it in my pocket for later. Then I attacked her while she was hanging on my bosses office door.

I kissed her mouth. I kissed her neck. I licked and kissed her breasts bumping into the clamps on her nipples. I rubbed and fondled her body as I kept kissing her. I rubbed her breasts. I flicked the clamps. I stuck my tongue into her bellybutton. I caressed her armpits, her neck, her earlobes. I just stayed away from her crotch for the moment.

She was moaning and groaning due to my torturous kissing and stroking. She kept thrusting her hips forward trying to get some pressure on her womanhood. When I though it was time, I fished out the pocket rocket, and turned it on. While applied it to her clit, I looked into her now very surprised eyes and said, “Cum for me.” And she came.

She started bucking that door and vibrator, shaking all over. She shouted out, “OOOOhhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, dddaaammmnnn, ddaammnn.” Her eyes were now closed in her passionate throes. A few seconds into her orgasm I removed the clamp from her left nipple. Her eyes suddenly opened in pain as the blood returned to her nipple. Her eyes then closed tightly as she attained another level in her orgasm.

She squirmed and bounced around on that door, shaking her bounds, trying to shake free. Only after her climax was done did I stop using the vibrator on her sensitive clit. She was just hanging there in her post-orgasmic state.

I carefully unclasped her from the door and sat her back down in the chair. I again clipped her hands behind her back and recovered her with the jacket. I let her rest in the chair while I collected my toys.

After about five minutes I collected both my bag and Sarah and headed further into the building. About half way to my final destination we came to a long dark hallway. When we came to the half way point, I dropped my bag on the floor, shoved Sarah against the wall, dropped to my knees in front of her, and then buried my face into her crotch. As I was licking and tongue fucking her pussy I used my hands to move her feet to allow better access to her clit and cunt.

As soon as I licked her clit, she started bucking and shaking with another orgasm. I was going to fondle her breasts but I had to hold onto her hips to prevent an accident. She grunted, “DDDDaaaammmmnnnn, GGGoooddd dddaaammmnnn iiittt.”  I did manage to reach under the jacket and remove the clamp from her nipple. She bucked more as her orgasm and pain increased. I continued my oral ministrations while her strong orgasm continued. I lessened up my attack as her orgasm subsided. Just as she finished I rose to continue on to my objective.

I had to almost carry her the rest of the way. I propped her up beside the computer room door as I entered the code and swiped my card to gain access. I struggled to get her over to a rack of computers that were about the right height. I needed some relief, so I quickly removed the jacket from Sarah and forced her to lean over and rest her breasts on top of the blade server. As her sensitive nipples touched the cold top she groaned very loudly.

I needed sexual relief. I shoved her legs apart with my feet as I unzipped my pants. I fished my throbbing cock out of my underwear and using my hand I guided my cock to her wet slit. I rammed it into Sarah’s cunt. I didn’t stop forcing my cock into her even as she howled until I felt my pubic mound slap into her ass cheeks. Oh it felt good to have my cock buried deep into a pussy. Normally I would build up to a fast tempo, but tonight as soon as I hit bottom my hips reversed and I shifted into high gear. I came in less than a minute due to my heightened state of arousal.

I just kept pumping my cum deep into my lover as she moaned laying across that blade server. As I finished my orgasm I laid on her back crushing her bond hands between our bodies. After a several seconds she squirmed under me so I got up to relieve the pressure. My wilting cock now slipped out and dripped cum on the computer room tiles as I got out the last toy for the night.

I gently inserted a Jack Rabbit vibrator into Sarah’s cunt and turned it on. This was the same vibrator her sister Wendy Lawson used in the van to Branson. Sarah started her fourth orgasm of the evening as I fucked her with the vibrator. She moaned, “Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn.” I moved it in and out through her orgasm. As her orgasm lessened I slowed down the vibrator along with the in and out movement. At the end of her orgasm the vibrator was fully off but it was fully stuffed into her cunt.

After thirty seconds of calm, I turned the vibrator back to full power and swirled the vibrator in her pussy. At the same time I stuck first one finger and then another into her asshole. Her whole body shook as she came again. I felt her asshole try to squeeze my fingers out. Her chest bounced up and down on top of that computer. Her mouth was open in a silent scream. When her orgasm lessened I slowed the speed of the vibrator until both Sarah and the vibrator where quiet.

For the next 15 minutes I kept up my attack on Sarah’s pussy. She came and came until she suddenly stopped. As I had planned Sarah had passed out from all of the orgasms, so I removed my fingers from her ass and the vibrator from her pussy. I now placed a necklace that looked like a silver rope around her neck.

For the next few minutes I straighten up from our sexual adventure. First I gently stuffed my cock back into my underwear and pants and zipped up. Next I turned off the vibrator and stored it back into the bag. Then I unclipped Sarah’s hands, removed the cuffs, and gently arranged her arms to rest beside her on the top of server. Finally I sat in a chair to wait for my lover to awaken.

After about five minutes she stirred and said, “Its cold in here, can we go?”

“Yes, let me help you.” I helped her to stand and then got her arms into the jacket. I carefully zipped up the jacket being careful of her tender nipples. I put the chair back and helped her out to the car, grabbing my bag as we left.

As I was getting her into the car the jacket slipped up over her hips as she sat down into the seat. I didn’t want to disturb her so I ignored it. As I was driving, I wished I had covered her up because I kept glancing down at her slimy pussy that was now winking at me. As for Sarah caring; she slept in the front seat all the way back to the mansion.

We arrived back about ten o’clock and I helped Sarah into the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom. I now stood Sarah in front of the full length mirror and unzipped her jacket.

“Look Sarah, take a look at your reflection in the mirror. Don’t you look just like my wife looked?” I saw Sarah looking at herself and she was looking at her breasts. She looked at the tits being held up by the green shelf bra with very red nipples poking at her. Sarah’s eyes now dropped to her pussy and she saw the cum oozing out of her.

I now maneuvered Sarah to the bed and undressed her. After I removed what little clothes she had on, I placed her in the bed under the covers. I undressed myself and did my nightly routine. Once I was finished I went to the bedroom and while Sarah slept deposited another load onto her pussy.


Nature Calls, Again

It took me several seconds to remember where I was when I woke up around 3am. My bladder was yelling for some relief. I glanced over to see a beautiful Sarah lying beside me sleeping soundly. Not wishing to disturb her, I gently crawled out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom. As normal with my evening constitutionals, I had to wait for my erection to subside slightly. When I had finished my business and cleaned up, I went back to bed. While I was headed back to bed, the memories of the last couple of days replayed in my head. This made the blood flow back into my cock, making it impossible to get back to sleep.

At this point my brain transferred control of the helm to my cock. As the blood flooded back into my cock, I could do nothing but start crawling up the bed toward my sleeping target. The closer I got to my target, the stronger my missile throbbed, and the less control I had.

I gently parted Sarah’s thighs as I adjusted her on the bed. The alarm bells in my head signaled target acquired as my eyes honed in on Sarah’s cunt. I continued my stealthy advance until my torpedo was lined up with its objective. I now slowly entered the main objective and then backed out. Ever so gently I continued my attack, gaining a little ground, and then retreating, always stopping short of a complete withdrawal. I now noticed Sarah’s arousal, her breathing was heavier and I could see her nipples becoming erect. I continued my attack and with each stroke I was going deeper and deeper. Then I heard a moan, and Sarah opened her eyes to see her attacker. She smiled and I smiled back as I plowed deeper into her hot flesh.

“Do you mind?”

“Mind want?” she replied coyly.

“Mind me using you to get rid of my erection,” I grunted.

“Oh, is that what you're doing? For a second I thought I was getting fucked,” and then she threw her arms and legs around me pulling us closer together.

I took that as an affirmative sign and I increased my attack with deep full strokes. She responded with moaning and pelvic thrusts. We fondled and kissed without missing a stroke as I increased the tempo. Sarah’s cunt was extremely tight and her cunt walls kept sucking the life out of my cock. Our pubic bones crashing together as I approached my objective. All of a sudden I thrust forward with a deep grunt, grinding our pubic bones together and my missile exploded depositing my payload deeply into my target.

After I had finished my multiple deposits, I gently withdrew my spent weapon from its sheath, and after I kissed Sarah I commented, “Thank you love, I needed that.”

Rolling over to cuddle she replied, “Anytime, lover, and I mean anytime.”

We both fell asleep holding each other again.

Syruping Sarah

I woke up a bit confused. I was having an erotic dream about Beth and me fucking in the clouds when I woke up with Sarah riding my cock. I groaned real loud and she noticed that I was awake. She stopped on the down stroke and leaned forward to give me a kiss. As we kissed she kept squeezing her cunt muscles and rocked her hips back and forth.

She finally broke the kiss and whispered into my ear, “Last night was just fucking fantastic. Where do you get your ideas?”

I grunted out my answer, “It just comes to me. But it takes some beautiful women to give me my inspiration.” And I started bucking my hips to force my cock deeper into her.

She said, “I want you to fuck my ass again.”

“Okay but I first want to taste some cunt. So slide that twat up here and sit on my face. Then I'll ream you a new asshole.” She giggled as she slid off my cock and slipped over my mouth. I now feasted on her horny pussy as she kept saying, “Damn, damn. Oh damn.” I enjoyed myself as I cleaned the juices from her pussy and lapped the same from her cunt. I then went to work on her clit and she grunted as she bucked my tongue. I could tell she was deep into an orgasm as I continued. She yelled, “OOOOhhhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn, hhhooottt dddaaammmnnn.” Her bucking slowed, her orgasm lessened, her moaning softened. She slipped off saying, “Enough, now stick your dick up my butt.” She got on all fours right beside me and waited.

I got in position and rubbed my cock along her butt crack. I struck a couple of fingers into her pussy to coat them with cunt juice before I slipped them in and around her ass hole. Once her hole was lubricated I started pushing my cock head into the tight hole. After several seconds I felt the head slip in and I waited. She had grunted in pain as I struggled to get in but with me waiting she calmed down.

I now told her, “Okay it's your turn.”

She questioned, “What do you mean?”

“I got the head in, now you're to get the rest in.”

She knew what I wanted, so she wiggled backwards pushing my cock deeper into her. I just stayed still and caressed her back and butt. As she fucked more and more of me into her ass, I noticed that her body was now coated with a thin layer of perspiration. We finally bumped together as she got all of my cock deep into her ass.

I now leaned over her back and grabbed her breasts. I hollowed out, “Now it's my turn to ride 'em, cowgirl!” I let my hips swing into overdrive. For the next few minutes all you could hear was flesh slapping and grunting as I fucked Sarah's ass. Just before my climax started, I let go of one of Sarah's tits so that I could rub her clitoris. She grunted as her climax started, leaving me about thirty seconds behind. I held on to her as she shook in orgasmic throws. Just as her climax lessened mine started so it was her turn to wait for my pleasure to complete. I kept hugging her as I kept shoving my cock in as deep as I could, trying to impregnate her bowels. After I was finished I let go and pulled out of her ass. Sarah just flopped forward and fell fast asleep. I got out of the bed, covered her up, and left the bedroom.

I used the downstairs bathroom to empty my bladder and freshen up. I took a quick dip in the pool before going to the kitchen to make breakfast. I was busy making bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes when a naked Sarah strolled into the kitchen. She came up behind me as I was flipping the pancakes. She wrapped her arms around my chest and snugged against my back. She kissed my shoulder blade and said, “Honey that was just great.”

Being coy, I said, “What was great?”

She then grabbed my balls and squeezed, “These.”

I quickly turned around breaking her lock on my privates, “Oh, I thought you meant the fuck.” And I shoved two fingers into her pussy as I pulled her into my chest so that we could kiss.

Just then the bacon popped, splattering grease on my butt and I yelled, “Ouch.” and I spun around to turn the burner off.

Sarah broke out in laughter at my predicament. For the next few minutes I worked on getting the food under control as she had a belly laugh. Suddenly I felt her put an apron over my head and tie it behind me. She kept snickering as she got plates down and set the dining room table. Then I felt her smearing something on my ass. I looked over my shoulder to see her rubbing some aloe over the grease burn.

I asked, “Where did you find that?”

“In the refrigerator. Must be there for sunburns.”

“Thanks, that feels much better. Breakfast is about ready.”

“Well I'm more interested to see if your dick is ready.” And she slipped her hand under the apron and fondled my semi-erect cock.

“Girl is that all you think about?” I said, as I collected the food and started towards the Dining room.

Not letting go of my cock, she grabbed the pancakes from me and then lead me to the Dining room. “Are you sure you what to eat first or fuck.” she said as she placed the pancakes on the table.

I placed the bacon and eggs on the table. I then poured some syrup on an empty place. Puzzled, Sarah watched me as she started stroking my cock which was almost fully erect. Before she knew what I was doing I said, “Eat first, fuck later.” At the same time I dipped the palm of my hand into the syrup and then smeared her full breasts. Surprised, she let go of my cock and looked at her syrup covered tits. Just then I smeared syrup over her pussy with my other syrup covered hand. Then I grabbed both ass creeks with my very sticky hands and pulled her to me so we could kiss.

She fought for a second and then let me take control. As we continued kissing, I moved her away from the dishes and sat her on the table. I now dropped to my knees and shoved my face into her syrup covered pussy. She moaned. As I lapped the syrup off her pussy, I reached up and pushed on her chest. She got the message and laid down on the table so that I could feast on her pussy.

As I licked the syrup off of Sarah's pussy, I remembered Ashley and our breakfast in bed. I now stood up and grabbed the plate of pancakes. I took one and tore it up into little bite size pieces and sprinkled them over Sarah's syrup covered breasts. I then pour more syrup on top and added more pancakes. While I was doing this Sarah was watching me lustfully. I didn't help reduce that look of lust because I was sliding my cock along her slit and clit.

I now fed her some pancakes from her chest. Then as she was eating I fed myself. After we had finished off all the pancakes, I now poured the scrambled eggs on her chest and tits. I now fed her and myself the eggs using my fingers. As I was eating the eggs I thought the flavor was a bit bland so I added some flavor by coating my fingers with cunt juice. Sarah wiggled a bit as I shoved my fingers into her cunt but she seemed to enjoy the new flavor.

Now we had bacon strips left. So I took one and gently slipped it into Sarah's cunt. I had to spread her cunt lips apart so I could slip the strip into her but once it was in place I let it soak in her flavor. I fed her a strip while I licked the plate clean paying good attention to clean the nipples. I sat in a chair and ate the bacon strip out of Sarah's wet cunt. I put another strip into her to soak and I fed her another strip. Now I licked and sucked on her clit. Surprised she jumped but then she started moaning and trashing about. I continued my oral assault and very shorty she started having an orgasm.

She shook and bounced on the table as I lapped her clit. She grunted out, “OOOhhh, ooohhh, ooohhh.” as I tweaked her nipples. The bacon in her cunt waved at me as her orgasm contract her cunt walls. I slowed my assault as her orgasm weakened until she said, “Enough, please, enough.”

I softly said, “I need to finish my bacon.” With that said, I lowered my face and ate the bacon from her pussy. She squealed out, “That feels weird.” I just ignored her and ate the bacon. After I had finished eating the pussy bacon I licked the juice out. She pushed my head away and said, “Stop.”

I stood up and slid the chair back. I grabbed her legs and put them against my chest. I shuffled forward until my cock pierced the folds of her pussy lips. Before she could say anything I grabbed her hips and pulled us together. My cock sank into her quickly and she yelled, “What do you think you're doing?”

“I've finished eating, now I'm fucking.”

Sarah replied, “I said enough.”

“Well that's fine for you but what about me.” and I let my hips do some more talking. I really started ramming into her. My crotch kept slapping her thighs. We looked into each others eyes. She must have seen the lust on my face because she just held on for the ride. She closed her eyes and my eyes shifted to her tits. Both of them were quivering like jello. Just before I relieved my lust into her cunt I though I saw Sarah have a small orgasm.

As for mine it was strong. I grunted as the semen poured out of my balls, through my cock, and deep into her cunt. As each rope spurted out I shoved my cock deeper into her. Then I collapsed into the chair behind me and a couple of spurts shot under the table. We both looked at each other for several minutes as we both calmed down from our intense session.

Sarah then rose up and said, “I get to get a shower. Someone has made me all sticky.”

“You might want to douche also. I think I felt some loose bacon bits.”

She rubbed her crotch, “Gee thanks, and your dressing is leaking on the table.” She then waddled off to get cleaned up.

I sat there a few more minutes before I got up. I cleaned up breakfast and then used one of the other bathrooms to get my shower.

Making Alberta

After I finished my morning grooming, I got dressed and went to the Living room and watched some TV.

Several minutes later Sarah appeared dressed in a cute blouse and bluejeans.

Sarah said, Al do you mind if I take over for a while?

“As long as it’s doesn’t involve the ‘gates of hell’ again. Twice is enough.”

“No I have something else planned. It does involve bondage.”

“I don’t mind being tied up. Just don’t like raping women.”

“Can you find something to do while I do some research?”

I said, “Sure, I need to recover anyway from a sex fiend I know.” and I went back to watching the big screen TV.

For the next hour I heard Sarah use the computer and make a number of calls. Then suddenly she came out and said, “We need to do some shopping. Meet you in the car.” I quickly got my shoes on and met her in the car. For the next hour and a half, all I was, was an ATM. She picked up a package at a medical supply store, another big one at her work, another at an adult store, and she dashed into the drug store we had used earlier. Then she drove back to the mansion. After she parked she said, “While I get these packages put away, I want you to get undressed and meet me in the shower.”

I did as she asked and shortly she appeared in the bathroom wearing her bikini. She started covering me with some lotion. She covered me from my neck to my feet. She also made real sure to get my privates and ass crack. I think she used three bottles of lotion. Then she started the shower and using a washcloth started wiping the lotion and my hair off.

Concerned I said, Hey whats that stuff?

Still wiping she said, Hair remover.

“What the hell am I going to tell my wife?”

She stopped, looked me in the eyes, grinned and said, “That’s your problem.” and then continued wiping me down. After she finished wiping the lotion off, she scrubbed me down a couple more times to make sure that all the lotion was off. She then said, “We might need another round but we'll let your skin recover some. I’ll take another look after a swim and lunch. So you take a swim nude. I’ll make lunch and bring it to you.”

It felt weird swimming totally nude and with no hair. Sarah soon brought lunch and placed the meal beside the pool so I could stay in and eat. After lunch Sarah said, “Let’s do another round.” She played with my butt as she guided me to the upstairs shower. She did another round of hair remover and after she washed me twice said, “Go back in the pool, I’ll meet you there shortly.”

About fifteen minutes later Sarah showed up, still in her bikini, with a couple of beers. She said, “Care to join me in the hot tub? I have a couple of cold ones for us.” We drank the beers together as we made out in the hot tub. After a while Sarah said, “Time’s a wasting, let’s get you ready the rest of the way and go get some dinner.”

She again played with my ass as we walked upstairs. She swatted my hand when I tried to touch her butt, saying, “Not now.”

As we entered the master bedroom she said, “I want you face down on the bed.” As soon as I was ready she started applying lotion to me. I noticed it was body moisturizer and it had a rose scent to it. After she rubbed lotion all over my the back of my body. She said, “Can you turn over? I need to do your front.” I flipped and then she rubbed in the lotion, but she stayed clear of my genitals. Once I was covered she said, “To the bathroom. Time to clean out your shitter.”

I knew what she meant as I got mentally prepared for my enema. Noticing a towel Sarah had placed on the bathroom floor, I laid face down on it and waited for her to fill me up. I didn’t have very long to wait as she inserted the nozzle in my rectum and released the water.

As I felt my bowels being fill with warm water, Sarah caressed my back with her fingertips. She controlled the flow of water to help reduce my cramps. When she felt me tighten up, she stopped the flow until I was relaxed. Soon I felt her gently remove the nozzle. She just kept on stoking my back while I laid there looking at her camel toed bikini bottoms.

She suddenly whispered, “Time for you to use the toilet. Can you do that, while I get the bedroom setup?”

I got up and sat on the toilet. I started dumping water before Sarah got completely out of the bathroom. For the next few minutes I would flush the toilet as my bowels emptied the water and waste. Before I was done Sarah came back in and filled up the enema bag.

Finished I laid back down for my next filling. She quietly said, “Please, turn over onto your back.” Once I was repositioned she inserted the nozzle and let the water flow. We now kissed as her fingertips danced on my chest and stomach until the enema bag was empty. We returned to our kissing as soon as the second load of water was rushing into my bowels. She was now fondling my cock and balls as my belly rumbled and groaned.

She removed the nozzle from my butt once the bag was empty. She gave me a wicked smile as she licked my cock and rubbed my belly causing me to cramp. I groaned in both pain and pleasure. For the next few minutes she toyed with me. She would suck on my cock and just as I was starting to enjoy the feelings, she would shove on my extended belly and cause me to cramp. All of a sudden the pleasure from my cock overcame the pain in my belly and my hips shot up. Sarah stopped and sat back and watched me in torture as I now fucked the air. Once I had calmed down from almost climaxing, she said, “Now you know how I felt the other night. You can use the toilet when you’re ready. I’ll just stand by the door to make sure you don’t jerk yourself off.”

As I rose I groaned in frustration and pain. Again as soon as my butt touched the toilet seat I let the water loose. I finished quickly since it was more water than waste. Once I was finished I followed Sarah to the bedroom and she said, “Lie on the bed.”

Sarah started attaching cuffs to my wrists and ankles even before I was situated on the bed. She now stuffed a gag into my mouth and buckled it very tightly. Then she tied ropes to the cuffs and then to each post of the bed. And damn, she tied them very tight. She grinned her evil grin and then blindfolded me.

I now felt her sweet mouth sucking on my cock. And just before I started to cum she stopped again. I now shook at my bounds and grunted again in sexual frustration. For a few seconds I didn’t notice the bed shifting until a hand steadied my cock and a cunt sank down on my shaft. I couldn’t do much but enjoy her ride of me. It didn’t take before I was shooting sperm into her. She continued her ride as I stiffened and grunted with each cum shot. She only stopped once I was laying limp on the bed.

She dismounted and I felt her clean my privates. I then felt her roll something on my cock, I assumed that it was a condom and I was wondering why? She now felt around between my legs just under my scrotum and I felt her fingertips find a cavity. Then I jumped as she softly pressed one of my balls into that cavity. Now she softly pressed the other one into the same cavity. She now folded my soft cock over the cavity opening preventing my balls from popping out. Now I felt her pull the crotch skin on both sides of my penis until they actually covered it. I felt her apply some tape to hold the skin in place. Over the next several minutes she kept pulling my scrotum skin over my penis and taped it in place. Soon Sarah stopped taping and ran her hand up and down my crotch. I could feel her touch my cock head buried under my butt.

I now felt her doing something to each toe on my feet and I smelled nail polish. Why was she putting nail polish on my toenails? She reapplied another coat to each toenail once she had finished the first round. I now felt she apply false fingernails onto my fingernails. I felt her slip something under my lower back and then she took a few minutes hooking it together. When she was done I felt something wrapping my waist that was about 18 inches wide.

Sarah now untied my arms and legs and said, “Turn over.” She sat on my butt and said, “Put your arms behind your back.” She then slid something up my arms and clipped my wrists together behind me. For the next few minutes I felt Sarah pull on something behind me and the stomach belt got tighter and tighter. Then I felt her stop pulling and tie it. Next I heard a couple of clipping sounds.

She said, “You can get up now.” Once I was sitting on the bed I felt her work with item she had slipped on my arms. I figured out it was some sort of chest harness. She spent a few minutes adjusting straps and testing the fit until she was satisfied with the fit. She then reached under the front of the harness, cupped my breasts with her hand, and pulled up. She did this to both sides and then she fiddled with both breasts until the harness held them in place. She now removed my blindfold.

I saw Sarah standing in front of me grinning. I looked down and was shocked to see cleavage. I looked at the harness around my chest and it looked more like a bra. It held my squeezed chest skin in place giving the appearance of boob cleavage. I quickly glanced at toenails to see them in bright pink. Looking over the fake cleavage I found a waist cincher squeezing my guts. I looked lower to find my cock replaced by taped skin. I was now as smooth as Sarah pussy. I looked at Sarah with the realization of what she was doing.

Sarah held up a garter belt and some stocking saying, “Yep my big strong man Al is going to be a sweet girl for tonight. Hello Alberta.” She then put the stockings on my legs and had me stand so she could get the garter belt around my waist. Now she attached the stockings to the garter and adjusted the straps. Then she attached an anklet to my right ankle.

Now she put a pair of thongs on me that matched the garter belt. She took her time adjusting it just right so what needed to be hidden was covered. She now rubbed her hands over all of my covered parts feeling see if there was a problem.

Still gently rubbing my body, Sarah said, “Here is what I have planned for us this evening. We will get dressed and go out for a romantic dinner. After we eat we’ll go back to the club and dance awhile. Then we’ll see where the night takes us. The fun part is this: Earlier this week you had ‘The Twelve Phases of Sarah.’ Well this evening we are having ‘The Twelve O’s of Sarah.’ You’ll only get your rocks off once you have given me 12 orgasms.” She waited for her statement to sink into my lust filled brain before continuing, “Now one rule is: each orgasm must be 15 minutes apart. Another rule is: you talk you lose one. And since I'm so horny I’m going to let you earn your first right now. Now I don’t want to mess up all my hard work, so get on the bed so that I can ride your face.”

Once I had arranged myself on the bed she said, “I’m going to blindfold you again.” She recovered my eyes. Sarah now said, “I’m going to remove your gag but the are not to talk the rest of the evening, it will spoil the effect to hear a man’s voice coming out of a woman’s body.” Once the gag was removed Sarah’s lips attacked mine and we kissed for a few minutes.

Sarah stopped and I felt her slide up. Then I felt her wet slit against my lips as she said, “Lick the pussy. Suck on Sarah’s wet horny pussy.” I now went to work munching on wet pussy.

I licked my way around that wet slit, lapping up all of the juice that covered her hairless pussy. I now licked along the slit pressing my tongue deeper and deeper into it each time. Sarah was moaning while flexing her hips, forcing her pussy to rub along my face. I slurped and lapped as much of her pussy juice I could find until I moved upwards to lick round the clit. She groaned and rocked around trying to get my tongue to brush her clit. I felt she was ready, so I licked her clit and she grabbed the top of my head and grunted. From the grunting and the shaking I could tell she was having her orgasm. She rode my face and tongue until she was finished and laid beside me.

I listened to her breathing as it returned to normal. Shortly Sarah removed my blindfold and then said, “Go sit at the makeup table. I need to work on that ugly man face and turn it into a face of a lady.” For the next 15 minutes she worked on my face. First she shaved me to remove my five o’clock shadow. Next she trimmed my eyebrows to make them look more feminine. I now needed to explain that to my wife. Now she put on me a set of false eyelashes. And then she worked with all sorts of creams, brushes, and powders until she was satisfied with my face and eyes. Next she worked on my lips. And finally she put on me a shoulder length wig of red hair. Done she moved to let me see myself in the mirror.

I saw a woman with brown eyes and red hair looking back at me. She had thick long lashes, purple eyeliner, and bronze eyeshadow around her eyes. On her full lips she wore a rust colored red lipstick. In my mind I looked weird.

Sarah said, “Let’s get you dressed to rest of the way. But first I’m going to remove the cuffs from you wrists. Keep your hands to yourself until you told.” She removed the cuffs and then put a corset top on me. The top had shoulder straps that covered up the other straps. Sarah hooked and zipped the front closed, then she stuffed the bra cups with some fake silicon breasts. She now cinched up the corset tighter then I thought I could take it. She stopped every once in a while to check out the position of the fake breasts and cleavage.

Satisfied she handed me a ring box and said, “Can you remove your wedding band and swap it with the ring in this box. It is a two caret fake but it will do for tonight.” I did as she requested and found out the new ring was a perfect fit.

Sarah now had me put on a beige pleated skirt that stopped mid calf. It barely covered the tops of the stockings. She now had me put on a necklace, bracelet, and watch. Then she clipped an earring on each ear. Now she applied some perfume to various places on my person.

Now Sarah held up a pair of silver open toed shoes. I saw that they had what looked like a four inch spiked heels. She helped put them on my feet. She stood back to look over her creation as I wobbled trying to stand on heels for the first time. Sarah giggled at my struggles and said, “I originally selected some flats for you for tonight because of you height, but I really wanted to see some definition to your butt and calf muscles, so I switched to high heels. It’s definitely the right choice. Now while I get ready, I want you to walk around the house and get some practice.”

I wobbled around the house as I heard Sarah getting a shower. Then I remembered my goal for the evening and clumped back to the bedroom once I heard the shower stop.

Sarah was finishing drying as I came into the room and said, “You’re walking much better. By the end of the night you’ll not know that you have heels on.”

I now grabbed her wrist and flung her into the bed. I followed and crushed my lips onto hers as I wiggled a finger between her pussy lips into her tunnel of love. We kissed as I worked another finger into her and sawed my fingers in and out of her pussy. I shifted my lips lower to her firm breasts and suckled them as I pumped my fingers buried deep in her cunt. She was groaning as she pulled my skirt up so she could grab my butt cheeks. With my thumb I rubbed her clit and her hips started bucking as her orgasm continued building. And then her orgasm started, she grunted, thrust her hips up, and I pulled away from her.

She screamed, “Wait a fucking minute. That’s not fair.” I held up two fingers as I now sat on the side of the bed. “I should make you start over at one for that trick, but you did follow the letter of the rule but not the intent. So I’ll let it stand at two, but the next ten better be damn good ones or else no pussy for you tonight, Alberta.” She got up snicking, “Now I have 15 minutes to get ready before you can try for number three. So go practice walking some more while I get ready.”

I left the room to get more comfortable on my spikes. About ten minutes later Sarah yelled, “Alberta, I’m about ready, you need to come and freshen your face.” She was waiting for me as I strolled into the bedroom. She was wearing green sleeveless blouse. It was unbuttoned enough to see much of her cleavage. She wore a straw colored mini skirt with pleats in the back.

She grinned saying, “It looks like your walking much better. I just hope I can do as well on my six inchers. Now sit in front of the mirror so I can show you how to freshen your face. I won’t be able to do it for you later and I think you're going to mess it you a few more times before the end of the night.”

She quickly showed me how to reapply my makeup finishing with my lipstick. As she finished with each item of makeup she placed them in a purse. Done she handed me the purse and said, “Here’s your purse. I’ve added some things you might need, including paper and a pen, so you can communicate. Now go add your wallet and keys and meet me at the car.”

I quickly added my keys and wallet to the purse. I also included a couple of special items I might need for later. Still getting used to the heels I maneuvered though the house to the car. Sarah already had the car started and before I even finished closing the car door she put it in gear and stomped on the gas pedal. We roared onto the highway.

She said, “I’ve got one stop to make before dinner.” And a couple minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of our favorite drugstore. She said, “Come inside with me, I want to show off my date for the evening.” I followed her through the store watching her struggle a bit with her heels. Then she picked up a box of menstruation pads and we left the store after paying for it. I now followed her as she passed the car and around to the back of the store. Now She pulled up my skirt and pushed down my thong so she could place a pad on it. Then she pulled the thong back up and rubbed the bump of the pad and said, “That’s much better, can’t feel any man parts under there now. Now let’s get something to eat.”

But I had a different plan as she let go of my skirt to leave. I spun her around and forced her against the wall as my tongue found it’s way into her mouth. I now pulled up her skirt and shoved her thong to one side to allow me to find her clit. She moaned into my mouth when she felt me start rubbing her clit. For the next few minutes as we kissed out behind the drugstore, I would rub her clit a few times and then finger fuck her a few times. I repeated the process getting her closer and closer to an orgasm. The other hand played with her boobs and nips. She was now constantly groaning with pleasure. Suddenly I felt her knees weaken and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. She grunted into my mouth as her orgasm caused her to shake against me. I now pinched one of her nipples hard as I flicked her clit. The extra stimulation caused her to buck against the wall and forced her to have a stronger orgasm. She grunted and bucked again when I did the same to her other nipple and flicked her clit. I kept pinching and flicking as she bucked until she shoved me away and leaned against the wall saying, “Damn it enough already.”

She rested a few minutes before she composed herself. As she straighten her thong and skirt she said, “That one made up for the last one. Hell that one was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had! I didn’t know pain could feel so good. We better get going before you draw attention to us.”

As Sarah drove to the restaurant, I laid my head on her shoulder and gently fondled her breasts. At first she tried to stop me but she gave up since I was so pushy. She pulled up to the restaurant just as I was starting to suck on her nipple.

Sarah said, “Let’s fix our faces before going in.” We both freshened up and Sarah made a couple of suggestions for my face before we left the car.

The waiter sat us in a booth and Sarah ordered our dinner. I then searched through my purse until I found the paper and pen. I wrote, “I need to use the bathroom. How?”

Sarah read the note and giggled, “Your a woman now. So piss like a woman.” I gave her a puzzled stare and then she said, “Hell I need to piss now too. Let’s go together, but bring your purse.”

We both hustled to the woman’s room. Checking to see that we were alone, Sarah said “It’s not hard. You pull your panties down, sit on the toilet, and then piss.” She opened a stall, pulled her thong down, sat down, and then I heard a stream of piss hit the water in the bowl.

As she went, I re-found my paper and pen and wrote, What about my cock? Its covered.

Sarah read the note and said, Just pull, sit, and piss.

So I did as she told me. I went to the other stall, pulled my thong down, sat on the toilet making sure my skirt wasn’t under me, and I let my piss go. I was surprised to hear my piss also tinkle in the water. I looked up to see Sarah grinning at me, “See you piss like a girl now, enjoy. Now don’t forget to wipe.” Once I finished I did wipe and stood up adjusting the thong in place. Sarah waited as I washed and then I pounced.

Our lips met as I forced her against the door. I think she was expecting this attack as I pulled up her skirt and pulled her thong to one side. I slipped two fingers into her as I fumbled in my purse. Finding what I wanted, I turned on and then applied the ‘Pocket Rocket’ vibrator to her clit. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced with each other. She now reached under my skirt and fondled my ass. I kept the vibrator against her clit as she started a gentle bucking motion. I wanted to fondle those wonderful breasts but both my hands were busy, as was my mouth. I then felt her start her climax as her knees began to buckle. The fingers in her pussy helped hold her up. I kept the vibrator going until I knew she was done and then I turned it off and dropped it back in my purse. Only after the vibrator clattered to the bottom of the purse did I stop kissing her. I then spent a few minutes touching up my face.

Once I was done, Sarah mumbled, “I need to make a call, I’ll meet you at the table.” and she slipped aside to let me out of the ladies room. As I was waiting I wrote a few questions down that were puzzling me.

Sarah shortly appeared and we starting eating. I pointed to the first question: “How did you know my clothing sizes?”

Sarah answered, “Oh I called Wendy to see if she knew. She told me to call the tuxedo store that was used for her wedding and ask for Beth. Wendy commented that you needed a special measuring for some of her selections. Well I got all the clothing sizes I needed from Beth, even your ring size. She even helped convert those measurements into women clothing sizes. She did ask some pointed questions that you might need to answer if you see her again.”

I now pointed to: What did you roll on my penis? It felt like a condom but it isnt.

“It’s called an external catheter. It’s looks like a condom with a tube at the tip. The condom part has an adhesive to prevent it from slipping off. It’s used for incontinent men to allow them to pee in a bag attached to their leg. I read on-line that cross-dressers use them to pee without unwrapping their package.” As she said this she reached under my skirt and gave my crotch a squeeze.

She saw the next question: Do our garters and thongs match?

“You're very observant. Yes we match, even the stockings are the same. I thought it would be cool and sexy. It also turns me on to know that we are going to fuck each other while wearing matching garters and stockings.” She then snapped my garter strap.

We continued eating in silence since I wasn’t allowed to talk. While we ate our main meal I wrote, “Please remove your thong.” I pointed to the note and held out my hand.

Sarah grinned as she wiggled out of her skimpy panties and handed them to me. I placed them in my purse after noticing the wet spot on them. I ate a few more bites before I slid under the table.

Sarah softly said, “What the hell are you doing?” I crawled in front of Sarah’s legs and tried prying them apart. She whispered, “Al, not here, not now.” I slapped her thigh and she yelped. She then spread her thighs apart. I could now smell my goal but it was still out of reach. I pushed her skirt up and pulled her thighs forward until I could sink my face into her pussy. I went to town eating wet pussy. Sarah was trying to be very silent and still, so no one would notice what was going on beneath the table. Soon I felt her trying to spread her legs further apart and her hands tried pressing my head deeper into her cunt. I then moved to her clit and I felt her bounce her butt. She was really shoving my face into her clit as her orgasm started. I kept working on her clit with my tongue as she came as quietly as she could.

Just as she started lightening up the pressure on my head, I heard, “Is there something wrong miss?” She quickly sat up and her hands dropped to her lap.

I heard her squeak out an Everything is fine.

“Why is the lady under the table? Did she drop something?”

I grabbed the napkin from Sarah’s lap and waved it at the waiter as I crawled up from under the table.

“Let me get you another one.” and he left. I wiped my face with it and noticed a lot of makeup on it.

Sarah giggled, “Alberta, you better go freshen up before he gets back.” I quickly left for the ladies room, just to return for my forgotten purse.

Upon my return we finished our meal and then Sarah ordered dessert. Sarah commented, “I need something sweet, unlike someone that’s been eating dessert under the table.”

After we finished the tasty cheesecake, Sarah and I started necking at the table waiting for the waiter to finish the paperwork. While we were in a really passionate kiss with my hand in her blouse cupping her tit, he came back to drop off the card receipt. “I want to thank you two ladies for stopping by this evening. I hope you come back.”

Not letting go of her tit I gave Sarah the pen. I then undid three more buttons on her blouse and peeled it away from her boobs. I now sucked on one as I fondled the other. She moaned and signed the receipt. “Oh I think we’ll be back.” she said to the waiter. After about a minute she grabbed my head and raised it so we could kiss. Then she said, “We need to go before you get us arrested.” And she covered up her chest. I noticed her struggling to keep her blouse closed as we slipped out of the booth. She kept her blouse unbuttoned as we walked hand in hand to the car.

Once we were at the car. I gently shoved her chest on the hood of the car and pulled her skirt up to exposed her butt. I now got the ‘Jack Rabbit vibrator out of my purse and reaching between her legs I slid it along her slit. Now knowing what was to happen, Sarah spread her legs more allowing me to slip the vibrator into her cunt. Once it was imbedded I turned on its low setting. Unlike some of the earlier sessions, I now took my time. While I was slowly fucking her with the vibrator, I also caressed her butt.

I heard her softly moaning as she laid across the hood of the car. Her wrists were crossed over her head as if they were bound together. I increased the speed of the vibrator as I also increased the tempo of my pumping action. I now rubbed her back as I kissed her butt cheeks. Her moaning now increased as her climax got closer. I switched all the buttons on the vibrator to high and let her start groaning and bucking some trying to find the start of her orgasm

To force it out of her, I first rimmed her asshole and then stuck my tongue as deep as I could into it. She started grunting as the orgasm found her. She was quietly saying, “Oh damn, damn, oh damn it.” I pressed down on her butt to prevent my loss of control as I kept fucking that sweet ladies pussy with the vibrator. My tongue rode in her ass as her orgasm peaked and then softened. Once I felt her relax I stopped and pulled away from her to help us both to relax. I turned off, cleaned, and then put away the vibrator.

I sat in the car and watched the young lady sprawled out on the hood of the car. Sarah finally struggled up off of the car and came around to get in. Just after she opened the driver's door I handed her back her panties. Absentmindedly she just stood in the middle of the parking lot and put them on giving me a good view of my main goal. Oh how I just wanted to sink my cock into that slit.

Sufficiently recovered Sarah drove us back to the dance club. Taking my hand she led me to the door and said to the bouncer, “Good evening Bruce, got room for two more?”

“It’s getting a bit crowded in there, but for you Sarah go ahead. So where’s your bodyguard?”

Pointing to me, “In drag.” and pulled me though the door as Bruce looked me over with his mouth open with surprise.

Sarah led me around a few minutes looking for someone until she found Cindy sitting at a table.

Cindy said, Hi Sarah. So is this the friend you want me to meet?

“Cindy meet Alberta. Alberta you already know Cindy.”

Cindy’s eyes bugged out and her mouth fell open as her brain processed the conflicting information. She still stumbled for words as Sarah and I sat down. Cindy finally said, “Sarah what the fuck is going on?”

“Having a blast.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well Alberta has given me six orgasms tonight and she still needs to give out six more before Al will get his.”

“So how is his or her cock holding up. I would think it would have shot off all ready.”

“Alberta stand up and show Cindy your pretty undies.”

With embarrassment showing on my face, I stood up, and raised my skirt so Cindy could look.

Cindy rubbed her hand over my thong and said, Sarah were the hell is his cock?

“Her cock. Until later, her name is Alberta. It’s what they called ‘tucked’. I found the information on the Internet. Cross-dressers fold their cocks under themselves and tape everything in place. You can feel the cock head between her thighs.”

“Oh I do feel it under the tape. What about her tits?” Cindy was now squeezing the fake breasts.

“Their silicone inserts. The cleavage is real. I think it needs some help. Alberta you can drop the skirt and bend over.” After she reached between the cups and pulled on both nipples, she said, “See real cleavage. Now Alberta take Cindy dancing, but remember no talking.”

Cindy lead me to the dance floor and while I stumbled around on my high heels, we bumped and ground though the dance. Sarah took over as the next dance started and I let her do most of the leading. The ladies kept me busy until I gave them a gesture that I needed to sit. I watched the two women enjoy themselves through a couple more songs before I grabbed Sarah’s hand and dragged her to the ladies room.

Once in the bathroom we kissed as I shoved her thong down. She removed it the rest of the way as we continued to kiss. I unbuttoned her blouse so I could play with her tits. Once I had her blouse open my two hands went to work loving those cones of flesh. I now pushed her around the room until her butt was positioned against the sink top. I pushed her skirt up and then set her ass on the counter-top. I now squatted down and started sucking on her pussy.

Right then someone came into the bathroom and said, “Oh excuse me.” I wasn’t going to stop unless she starts hollering. She then said, “Just keep doing what you're doing. I’m going to watch as I take a piss.” I kept lapping Sarah’s crotch as I heard the lady piss in the toilet behind me. Then I felt her beside me as I was digging my tongue deep into Sarah’s slit. I felt her rub my thongs and press the pad into me saying, “Looks like you to are having some fun. Can I play too?”

Sarah growled out, Sure.

I felt the lady squeeze my fake boob as she stood up. I glanced up as I was moving my lips upward to Sarah’s clit and saw the lady now kissing Sarah as she was fondling Sarah’s breast. I now licked and sucked on Sarah’s clit and Sarah shortly started grunting and shaking as her climax started. The two of us played with Sarah until her orgasm stopped. The lady asked, “Who’s next?”

I stood up and we locked lips. We both played with each other breasts as our tongues played together. I found a pair of size B contained in a very padded bra. I now pulled up her skirt and found a pair of bikini panties which I started tugging down. She tried to do the same but I gently smacked her hands away. She wiggled her butt and the underwear fell to the floor. She stepped out of them and tried again to pull my thong down. I smacked her hands again.

Sarah quietly said, Dont do that, shes on her period.

The lady broke our kiss and said, “I know that, I felt the pad. I don’t care, I just wanted to play with her clitty.”

“Today is the worst day of her period, it also makes her horny as hell.” Sarah said as I plopped the lady on the counter-top beside Sarah. “So just relax and let her eat your pussy.” I flipped her skirt up and I dived into that dark brown bush. She started moaning as I began licking her wet slit. I felt and heard both ladies kissing and touching each other as I now had my tongue into a strangers pussy. I could tell the stranger’s heat building as Sarah and I worked on our new plaything. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the lady's cunt juice was very tasty. So I spent more time than I should have trying to lap out that sweet nectar.

Knowing I needed to move on before more women joined the party, I slipped my tongue upwards as I stuck two fingers into the new pussy. As I was licking and sucking on that clit, my fingers were trying to locate her g-spot. I suddenly felt her orgasm start as her cunt walls started squeezing my fingers. Sarah was groaning as the lady was grunting into each others mouths. Both women were crushing the others breasts. After a bit the contractions of the stranger’s cunt diminished and then stopped. I stood up and slowly slipped my fingers out of her. With the lady leaning against the sink mirror staring into my eyes, I sucked the juice off one finger and then fed Sarah the other one. Then we both left our new friend in the restroom as we returned to our table.

Upon our return Cindy asked, “What took you two so long?”

Sarah answered, “There was a line.” She thought a second then she looking at me saying, “I'm making a rule change. Instead of you giving me 12 orgasms, you now need to give 12 orgasms. This means the lady in the bathroom was number eight and now go make Cindy number nine.”

Cindy was puzzled when I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the restroom. Once in the restroom I forced my lips onto hers and she responded back by forcing her tongue into my mouth. We kissed a bit until I began to play with her tits. To my pleasant surprise, I found out that her bra tonight was a front clasp. I pushed her sweater over her breasts and unclipped her bra. I now buried my face back into those big tits that I played with two nights ago. While I worked on her top half, I was trying to get into her bottom half. I rolled down her panties until they fell to the floor and then buried a finger into her pussy. Now that I had found my way into her pussy I fell to my knees and began nibbling on her pussy.

My tongue was getting sore from all of the cunt sucking I was doing and I want to bury my face back into her breasts so I dug back in my purse until I found the ‘Pocket Rocket’. Turning on the vibrator, I stood back up and placed it against her clit while I placed my face into her boobs. As I worked the vibrator on her clit, I would suck one nipple, kiss her lips, and then suck on the other nipple. Cindy shortly began shaking all over as the orgasm started. She shook her head from side to side with her mouth open and silent. She kept riding the vibrator and my mouth as the orgasm ran it’s course though her body. I stopped my attack once I was sure she was done.

As she recovered, I reclipped her bra and straighten up her sweater. We then worked together to get her panties back in place. Still looking a bit spent I led her back to the table. Sarah quickly snatched me and lead me to the dance floor as her friend recovered at the table. Sarah seemed more alive and I was more spent as we danced together. She was enjoying herself as she turned the tables on me treating me as I did her two nights earlier. Between songs she whispered in my ear as she held me close, “Just relax honey I’ve got the rest of the night planned.”

The music commenced and we continued our dancing. About half way Cindy joined us and we all three danced together for the remainder of the song. Once the song was over Sarah said, “It’s time to move on. Cindy do you want to play some more or are you done for the night?”

“I think I would like to play some more if you don’t mind a third.”

“Okay follow us to the car and I can tell you my plans for the rest of the night.”

I was led out to the car by these two beautiful ladies, as Bruce gave me another once over. At the car I was slammed against the car door as Sarah cuffed my wrists behind my back, then she spun me around and kissed me. She opened the passenger door and helped me get in. Afterwords she buckled my seat-belt and put a blindfold over my eyes. She sneaked another kiss before slamming the door closed. I heard her and Cindy talking a few minutes before Sarah got in the car and kissed me again. Then we drove off.

As she drove she made me lay my head on her shoulder. She caressed my face and now and then she would kiss my forehead. Every time we stopped Sarah and I would kiss before she had to drive again. Soon we stopped and then she and Cindy helped me out of the car and into a building.

Once we were inside Sarah said, “Stay put. Cindy and I need to get things ready.” I heard a bunch of movement and then some romantic background music stated that masked most of the noise in the room. I was soon led a few feet forward before Sarah said, “Knell.” I dropped to my knees and then felt hands on my shoulders pushing me forward. I fell face first over the arm of a sofa and came to rest with my face buried in its seat cushion. I waited and tried to listen but the music hindered my attempt. I did hear some whispering but couldn’t make out what was being said.

I jumped as I felt someone get on the cushion in front of me. I now felt one of their legs between me and the back of the sofa. They started scooting forward until I felt their thighs on both sides of my head. Some hands carefully clasped my head and raised it up and then they scooted the rest of the way forward until my face was buried in Cindy’s pussy.

I now licked my tongue into that fine silky pubic hair as I felt my skirt being raised over my butt. I felt Sarah caressing my ass cheeks as Cindy moaned with my tongue probing her wet slit. I now felt a rope being wrapped around my thigh just at the knee joint. I felt it being tied to the sofa. Cindy now caressed my face cheeks as I continued licking her pussy, while Sarah tied my other leg on the sofa after she forced my knees further apart. I felt Sarah roll my thong over my ass cheeks and stopped when my ass was barely uncovered. Sarah then rubbed some lube around and into my asshole. I now assumed she was going to ride my ass like her sister and two others had done before. There was nothing I could do but relax and let her have her fun.

It didn’t take long for that fake cock to enter my asshole as Sarah commenced her ride. Cindy was controlling my oral pleasuring of her pussy by holding my head. I had no control of either end as both women used me for their pleasure. I could feel each woman’s passion building as they used me. Sarah was pounding against my ass as she leaned on my back. Cindy was forcing my face harder and harder into her clit. I think I felt both women lean forward to pass a kiss to each other.

Cindy came first as I felt her start to quake under my mouth. She lightly bucked as she forced my face tighter into her pussy. She was moaning and grunting. I kept on licking as her orgasm subsided until she let go of my head and slipped back. My face fell back into the cushion as Sarah started grunting on my ass. She grunted out her normal, “Oohh ddaammnn, oooohhhh ddddaaaammmmnnnn.” She bucked and bucked and bucked. I just held on as she kept bouncing that cock against my prostate. Very shortly she collapsed onto my back as her tits pressed into my back.

I waited trapped under Sarah until she said, “Cindy it’s your turn. Come fuck Alberta’s ass, it’s fucking great.” Sarah stood up and moved away leaving the cock in my ass. I felt Cindy get off the sofa and several seconds later I felt one set of hands holding my waist as the fake cock was being positioned into Cindy. Now I felt Cindy hunching the cock and my ass. She was a wild woman as she groaned and ground behind me.

I now felt Sarah repeat what Cindy had done a few minutes earlier and very shortly my face was buried in her smooth pussy. I now licked clean her pussy before dipping my tongue into her cunt. Cindy started cumming saying softly, “OOOOOhhhhh OOOOhhhh.” She then grunted a couple of times and then stopped. She tried to lay on my back but her pregnant belly was in the way, so I felt her pull back causing the cock to pop out of me and then I heard her breathing heavily on the floor behind me. Sarah was going wild when her friend was cumming and I was now sucking on her clit when her orgasm started. She said, “DDDaaammmnnnn, oooohhhhh GGGGoooodddd ddddaaaammmmnnn.” Several grunts later she pulled away from me as well.

Both women calmed down while I was still trapped tied to the sofa wishing I could fuck something. It took both of them several minutes before I heard them moving around. Someone slapped my ass and Sarah said, “That’s 10 and 11 Alberta, one more to go. Now let me say goodbye to Cindy and we’ll move on to the next round.”

For the next several minutes I just waited to be freed. As I waited I did figure out that I was most likely back at Sarah’s house tied to the living room sofa. I heard the front door close and then my thong was pulled back up and adjusted in place. They my legs were untied and my skirt was pulled down to cover my ass. Sarah said, “Okay Alberta let’s get you upstairs for the finale.” She and I both struggled to get me upright since I was a bit stiff. Shortly we were carefully climbing the steps. Sarah was helping by pushing on my butt cheek with her hand under my skirt.

From my knowledge of the house layout, Sarah steered me into her room. She said, “Just stand there and give me a few minutes to get setup.” I now heard her turn on the radio and find the same station that was playing downstairs. I just stood there and tried to figure out what she was doing, but all I heard was some drawers opening and closing.

Every so often she would creep up on me and force her lips into mine, or she would pinch my ass. She was like a bee buzzing around a flower and I was her flower. She startled me when she said, “Alberta please sit on the bed. I’m going to unclip the cuffs and then you’re to lie down.” After she got me in the correct spot, Sarah tied my hands to the bed posts. Now she fastened some restraints on my ankles and tied them to the other bed posts. She spent a few minutes fussing with my clothing to straighten everything up that had got out-of-place since we arrived. She even rebuild my cleavage and after giving me a kiss redid my lips. She then sat on the edge of the bed and lightly stroked me all over with her fingertips.

It seemed like she waited about 30 minutes until the front door opened and closed. I felt her get off the bed. I even thought I heard her leave the room. Barely over the music I heard talking and it was becoming loader. Then I heard Amanda say, “Sarah, who’s that tied in your bed and where's Al?”

“Mom I want you to meet Alberta.”

“Oh my God, you mean it’s Al?”

“No it’s Alberta. Go ahead and touch.”

I now felt a hand rubbing over me. Starting at my stomach and working their way up to my fake boobs. Then I felt my skirt being flipped up to expose my crotch.

“Where is his cock?”

“Her cock is tucked underneath. Go ahead and feel her crotch and see what you think.”

I now felt a hand rubbing my thong and pad. Then they crept downwards until they found my cock head.

“Oh there it is all tucked away.”

“Mom I want you to ride her face before I finish her off.”

“No dear I want you to have your fun.”

“Mom I really want you to have Alberta eat your pussy.”

“Sarah, the only person that gets that is your Dad. I know he’s been gone a lot but I still love him very much.”

“But what about the time in the van with Wendy and Al?”

“That was a mistake, and Al only got my ass then. No I am going back to my room and close the door. You and Alberta have fun.” I heard her leave the room.

Very shortly I felt the bed shift and then I felt Sarah smooth crotch being rubbed into my face. I started licking as she laid down on my chest. Her thighs were laying against my head and on my arms. Her chin was grinding into the pad buried under the thong underwear. I just kept licking and sucking her pussy as she wiggled around on me. The closer I got her towards her climax, the more she wiggled around. She now had her fingers under my thong rubbing up and down on that taped slit stopping when she felt the cock. She was bucking her hips causing her pussy to rub all over my face. I just stuck my tongue out and tried to lick the important parts.

My tongue must have found the right spot because Sarah began grunting as her climax started. She grunted out, “DDDDaaaammmmnnnn ooohhhh GGGoooddd ddaammnn iiiitttt.” There wasn’t much I could do as she rode my tongue though her orgasm. I felt her quiver and shake as she enjoyed her climax. Then her pussy was gone.

I felt her crawl over me and get off the bed. I felt her breathing beside me as she said, “That was number 12 love. Now I’m going to gag you for the rest of the evening so you won’t make a mistake and talk.” I felt the gag at my lips and I opened my mouth. She pushed it in and I raised my head a bit so that she could buckle it tightly. I now felt her pull down my thong until she had to stop mid-thigh because of my spread legs.

Suddenly I felt her peel off the tape on my crotch. I screamed and bucked in pain. Even while I was shaking, Sarah started removing the external catheter, then she stuffed my hardening cock into her mouth. She sucked on it until I was fully erect, then she swiftly mounted me and stuffed it into her tight pussy. She was finding it difficult to find the right spot for her legs as she slowly rode my cock. She laid on my chest and kissed my neck. Afterwords she moaned out, “Damn I missed that cock all day. I think I teased myself more than I did you.” She rode me very slowly for a few more minutes until she pulled off.

She got off the bed and then untied my legs. She now removed my thong and retied my ankles together before she climbed back on, stuffing me back into her. She said, “Oh that’s much better.” She moaned as she still rode me as slowly as before. I just laid there enjoying my ride, wanting to pour my cum into that pussy that had teased me all night. I felt Sarah feeling my chest then she said, “I have something to tell you. Friday morning I woke up as Cindy was getting dressed to leave. I walked her downstairs so we could talk without waking you. It seemed that we both had felt something when we were playing with each other that night as you watched.” Sarah just kept gently flexing her hips back and forth continuing our slow fuck. “Something led to another and before we knew it we were both on the floor sucking the others pussy. We both must have cum three times before we agreed we need to do it some more. So love I want to thank you.” Just when I was getting in the groove she got off of me and the bed.

Frustrated I just waited and then I felt her get back on the bed and my cock. She leaned forward and kissed my neck as her hips ground my cock around inside her. She whispered, “I had to get something love.” Then she sat up and started a little bounce. I now heard a buzz of a vibrator and felt her get more aggressive with her ride. As the buzzing continued she sped up her bouncing as I got closer and closer to my orgasm. I suddenly tried to curl up as the built up cum poured out of my cock. The ropes kept me from bending too much but I kept pulling against them as my orgasm continued.

Once I was finish pumping my cum into her I just relaxed. She was in the middle of her orgasm, grunting and bucking my cock. I hadn’t noticed it start since I was so deeply involved in mine. The buzzing stopped and she laid down on my chest, both sets of our breasts crushed together. She mumbled, “Damn that was good. And I saw that it was good for you too.” She stroked my face as we laid there. Soon she raised her hips up and released my softening cock from the clutches of her cunt. I felt my semen drip out of her onto my hairless crotch.

I felt her get off of me and the bed. Then I felt her untie my legs from each other only to be retied to the bed posts again. I now felt her crawl up between my legs and she started licking the cum off of my crotch. She took her time and did a very thorough job cleaning me up. I assumed we were done for the evening until she was sucking life back into my cock. She kept on sucking until I fought against the ropes binding me, shooting another round of cum down her throat. Once she drained all of the cum out of my cock she left me alone. Now I was done and I just laid there waiting for her to release me.

I must have fallen asleep as I was awakened with someone sucking my cock again. I assumed it was Sarah trying to get another round out of me and I was surprised when my cock stood up in attention. She quickly straddled me and sank down on my cock. I felt her lean forward and remove the blindfold from over my eyes. I now saw her grinning at me as she slowly rocked her hips. She whispered, “Love I’m going to untie you so we can finish this right.” As she kept loving me, she undid the ropes and removed my gag.

After I was untied, she asked, “Can we do it doggy style in my bed? I want to remember getting fucked in my bed doggy style.” She got off and with some effort on my part, rearranged ourselves until I was slowly pumping my cock in and out of her. I now played with the garter belt still around her waist as I slapped my crotch into her butt. I reached over and cupped her breasts that had been out of reach for too long. We made love making her bed squeak as we bucked back and forth. Sarah had turned me into a sex zombie, I just kept pumping my cock in and out of her.

After many minutes Sarah fell forward and then flipped over. She scooted back down and held her arms up waiting for my descent. I moved a bit forward and let my cock head find her slit before I slowly dropped onto and into her. I continued my slow strokes as we hugged and kissed each other. It was a long time before I quickened the pace as I felt the impossible buildup of my passion begin. She too seemed to be gaining as she was pulling on my ass forcing me to pound into her harder.

I think we both came together, but I’m not sure, at least I hope so, because as the cum dripped out of me so did my consciousness. The only thing I remember is both Sarah and I grunting together with pleasure before it went black. I briefly remembered being helped to the car by Sarah and Amanda. Then I remembered being at a stoplight with Sarah feeling me up as I leaned against her. Another time she was sucking on my dick in the car before I pushed her away.

Sarah did get me conscious enough to walk with her to the bedroom. She stood me in front of the same mirror she had stood the night before. I looked at the stranger in the mirror. The person looking back looked a little worn out and well fucked. Sarah pulled up both her skirt and my skirt and snicked, “See we look the same below, hairless and well fucked. We even are wearing the same type garters and stockings. The only thing different is your man parts.” With that said she undressed us both, removed our makeup, and got us into bed. And as I had done to her the previous night, she got my cock hard enough to give herself another ride to orgasm before we fell asleep together. I didn’t even care that I didn’t cum.


Sunrise With Sarah

I was spent after Sarah’s evening. I didn’t stir until the alarm woke me up. Knowing that this was our last day together and that she had read about her sister’s last morning with me, I had planned the same encounter for this morning. After dressing I awoke Sarah, “Sarah, love, it’s time to watch the sunrise. Come on sleepy head wake up.” Sarah got up and I helped get the groggy woman dressed. I now led her outside to the spot I had found earlier.

I had selected this spot on the mansion grounds so we could watch the sunrise as it peaked over a hill in front of us. We sat on the ground facing the rising sun. I had Sarah sit in front of me with her back resting against my chest. I figured it would be another 20 minutes before the sun would peak over the hill in front of us. I whispered to Sarah, “Just watch the sunrise and relax.” I kissed her neck and nibbled her ears. I caressed her arms and legs and stroked her breasts though her blouse. I opened her blouse to expose her breasts to the morning sunrise. I continued my foreplay getting her closer and closer to my objective. I unzipped her shorts and snaked my hand into them to rub her panty clad pussy.

She was reacting to my sexual ministrations by bucking her hips, trying to get more pleasure from my rubbing hand. Her yellow panties were now soaking wet, so I slipped my hand under the waistband to directly attack her wet pussy. I continued kissing her neck and fondling her tits. Her moaning was increasing with every second of my foreplay.

Just before the sun broke over the hill, I whispered to Sarah, “I want the sunrise and you to come together,” and my hands went into overdrive. Both hands were now a blur trying to get her over the sexual peak. Then the sun peaked over the hill at the same time I slipped two fingers into her cunt and I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I also tweaked the nipple on her left breast. She then came sitting there in the grass, grunting, while the sun blazed down on us. I continued to caress her though the remainder of her early morning orgasm.

Sarah whispered, “It plays out much better then it reads.” She then turned to me and said, “Let’s make love in the pool.” She quickly removed her clothes and dove into the pool. I was caught a little off guard but I got out of my clothes and dove into the pool after her. Coming up I found her waiting a few feet away. We both swam towards each other and crushed our lips and bodies together.

I slipped a couple of fingers into Sarah's pussy as she grabbed my cock. We kissed and fondled each other a couple of minutes as we floated over to the side of the pool. When Sarah felt the wall she broke our lip lock and said, “Make love to me.” She then spread her legs and guided my cock to her waiting cunt. I leaned forward to help and she slid the head of my cock up and down her slit until it was right and then she slipped me inside. When I felt flesh wrap around my cock head I shoved it deeper into her. I grabbed her ass to pull her closer and me deeper. Our crotches slowly came together as we both moaned with our underwater joining.

When I could go no deeper into her, I slowly pulled out, just to reverse direction and ram my cock back into her trying to get deeper.  As I was pumping my cock back and forth in her cunt, she tried to hold onto the side of the pool to help steady her body. After a few poundings she said, “Let me flip over and we can try it doggy style.” I pulled back and slipped my cock out of her. She then turned over and held onto the side of the pool. Looking over her shoulder she said, “Try to fuck me now.”

I grabbed her legs and pulled myself towards her cunt again. After struggling some I finally sank my cock back into her and started bucking her again. As I made love to Sarah, I tried to play with her tits and rub her clit but I had to use my hands to hold onto her to prevent me from slipping away. After a few minutes I said, “Sarah, this just isn't working, can you move out of the pool.”

Sarah agreed by saying, “I know just the right place, follow me lover.” We untangled ourselves and I followed Sarah as she slipped out of the pool and headed inside.

I was a bit slower than her, so when I got inside I found her in the living room lying on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. She was laying with her thighs spread apart showing off her bald pussy.

“Damn, I wish I had a camera. You look so beautiful lying there.” I said. Then thinking quickly I added, “Let me get the room more romantic.”

I hurried to close curtains, turn on some romantic music, and finally lite a fire in the fireplace. I then knelt between her spread legs and crawled up to start kissing her lips letting my cock rest over her clit. As we gently kissed I felt Sarah's hand find my cock. She stroked me a couple of times and rubbed her clit with it before she wiggled around and stuffed me back into her. She then bucked a bit as she got her legs wrapped around my waist forcing more of me into her pussy. Slowly I lowered my hips forcing myself deeper into her wet tunnel. Once completely in I slowly pumped my hips up and down.

We enjoyed our coupling. Our tongues danced together. Our hands caressed each other. We moaned and groaned. We kept a slow pace making love in front of that fire. Shortly we both changed positions and Sarah was now riding me.

I watched her raise and lower herself and saw my slimy cock appear and disappear into her pussy. She was facing the fire so I saw the reflection of the flames dancing off her chest. Her breasts jiggled with her motion. She leaned over to kiss and I cupped her ass. I slipped my other hand between us in search of her clit. She squealed with pleasure as I found my goal and started caressing the engorged button. She sat up and then leaned back as a small orgasm flowed though her. Her whole body shook and I could barely hear her whisper, “Oh damn, oh damn.” Those two breasts held my attention as they rolled back and forth until her orgasm subsided.

We again changed positions and found ourselves making love doggy style. We both were facing the fire as we both bucked back and forth. I watched her tits now flop back and forth as they hung down. I gently caressed her back and ass as my crotch bumped into her ass. Knowing she had cum a short time ago, I again went in search of her clit and reached under her. The same time I found and pressed that button, I slipped a finger into her asshole. Then I felt her cunt squeeze as she grunted out another, “Ooohhh ddddaaammmnnn, oh damn.” I held on as this orgasm was much stronger then the last and she shook and bucked all the way through it. Just then I felt a very strong squeeze of her cunt and I shoved as deep as I could into her and grunted, “Hold on babe, I'm cumming.”

We both bucked together trying to extend our orgasms as I poured my seed into her. I was holding onto her breasts as I rutted into her. All of a sudden she fell forward and I fell with her. My dick popped out of her and I shot a couple of rounds of seed onto her thighs. I quickly rolled off of her and laid beside her on the bear rug. Soon she slid over to me and we cuddled in our post orgasmic state.

Sarah's Finale

After we held each other for about a half hour, Sarah and I packed up to leave. It was a very difficult time knowing our time together was coming to a fast close.

Neither Sarah or I talked, as I drove us back to her house. She kept sniffing as she wept quietly.

Back at her house I followed her to the door carrying her luggage. Once inside we heard Amanda shout out, “I’m upstairs, be down in a second.”

A couple of minutes later Amanda came downstairs. She was wearing a blue dress that stopped at her knees. Amanda gave me a hug and said, “Looks like you’re wearing pants again. And Sarah did you enjoy your Double D?”

She just nodded her head, yes.

Amanda looked at me and said, She doesnt know does she?

“Nope, that was our agreement.”

Sarah started looking at both of us with a hopeful look.

Amanda said, “Sarah, my sisters and I wanted Al to come up with a closing ceremony for you and your two cousins. It took a bit of work but the four of us came up with one. Now you are not to tell anyone about this until after Penny’s Double D.”

An excited Sarah said, Sure I wont tell anyone.

Amanda said, Okay lets get this started.

I now removed my clothes starting with my shoes and socks. Then my shirt and finally my pants until I was only wearing an athletic supporter with cup.

Sarah asked, Why are you wearing that.

“It’s what everyone agreed I should wear.” After tapping the cup, “It hides the snake well until released later. Now it’s your turn, strip.”

Sarah now removed her clothes. She flipped off her shoes, pulled her camisole off, and shimmed out of her very tight jeans. Then her mother held out her hand and said, “Jewelry too.” Sarah removed her two necklaces, ear rings, bracelet, anklet, toe ring, and finally the two Double D rings. She gave them all to her mother.

Amanda asked, Are you as naked as the day you were born?

“Yes, mother.”

Amanda continued, “Well shortly you will have you last union with Al. He will leave you with two gifts. His Double D graduation ring and a fresh load of sperm. Now we need to clean you out some more. Follow me to the bathroom.”

Sarah followed her mother up the stairs, I followed Sarah’s beautiful ass. At the bathroom door Amanda told Sarah, “In the bathroom you will find an enema bag, a timer, and instructions. Basically you are to give yourself two enemas and then take a quick shower but just follow the instructions. I warn you now your closing session will include all three of your openings so clean yourself out good or you might be covered in shit. It should take you about an hour to get done. Al and I will be waiting in your room once your are finished. You are to present yourself as naked as you are now.” We left Sarah standing there as Amanda led me into Sarah’s room. I heard the bathroom door open and then close behind me.

Amanda had setup a table and two chairs. On the table was a voice recorder. After we sat down in the chairs Amanda said, “Before you get started Al can I touch you? I want to see how you feel without hair.”

“Go ahead, your daughter did one fine job of de-hairing me.”

Amanda spent the next couple of minutes rubbing her hands all over my body. As she did she mumbled, “You’re so soft, almost like a woman.” When she sat down, I could tell that she was a tad bit excited. Her breathing was more rapid and deep and her nipples were now showing.

I now started this part of the closing ceremony. I now verbally related the events of Sarah’s Double D into the voice recorder. It seemed the mothers wanted a record of their daughters experience from the man's point of view. I was to concentrate on the actual acts and number of orgasms each person had. I also agreed to do the same for Wendy’s Double D and the future encounters.

As I debriefed into the recorder Amanda would ask questions when something needed clarification. I had a timer in front of me to keep me moving but this process was going slower than planned. Before I was finished with my oral report Sarah appeared in the room ready for the next part. I was relating the events of last night at the point where Cindy was riding my ass and my tongue was buried in Sarah’s cunt. I pushed out my chair and patted my lap. Sarah recognized the gesture and sat in my lap.

As I continued my task, she and I took some time out to make out. Amanda watched my fondling of her daughter causing her to wiggle in her chair. It took me another 20 minutes before I was done. Turning off the recorder I said to Sarah, “Ready for the ‘Closing Ceremony’?”

“I’ve been wet since it was mentioned.”

“Did you follow the instructions and got yourself real clean?”

“Squeaky clean.”

“Well before we go into your closing bedroom I wanted you to see your Double D graduation ring.” I reached into the cup I was still wearing and plucked the ring out.

I placed it into her hand, “I’m not very original, just like Wendy’s, it says: ‘Sarah, Grade A, Al’.” She looked it over and got ready to slip it on her finger, when I said, “I'll put it on your finger later after we’re done.” She handed it back to me and I carefully tucked it back in my cup. “Okay let’s go.” and we held hands as I led her to her mother’s bedroom.

I closed the door behind us as the entered the bedroom. Handing her a lighter that was on top of the dresser, I said “Light the candles while I get everything ready.” I checked before I removed the cup and athletic supporter. I slipped the ring out and placed it on the dresser with the rest of the items. Then I helped light the rest of the candles.

After all the candles were lit, I sat on the bed and motioned for Sarah to sit as well.

“In just a minute we are finishing our time together with what I will called: ‘The Sex Trifecta’. There are going to be three rounds. In each round you will cum three times and then I will cum. During each of your cums, in a round, my cock will be in a different hole. I will cum in all three of your holes. You will be in three different positions. The method of your cum will not repeat. After each of our cums you will be bound up. Between rounds we will need to wait until I can get it back up. During the first round you will help after that you’re just along for the ride.” I paused then said, “I known this sounds confusing but it will make sense once we begin. Are you ready for the first round?”

Sarah looked a bit worried but said, Yes.

“Okay first round is doggy style and you are to make yourself cum. You are to use the Hatachi, Pocket Rocket, and your fingers. Now let’s neck a bit to get us warmed up.”

I now pressed my lips into hers and cupped one of her wonderfully firm breasts. She returned the kiss by parting her lips and let her tongue dance with mine. She responded to the breast attack by cupping my hairless ball sack. She moaned as I rubbed her hard nipple. I moaned as she gently played with my balls. Over the next few minutes we slowly caressed each other. Only after I had two fingers in Sarah’s pussy and she was stroking my very hard cock, did I say, “Now hop on the bed and shake that beautiful ass of yours.”

I placed a Hatahi electric vibrator between Sarah’s knees and hopped on the bed behind her. Normally I would have lubed my cock by shoving it up her wet cunt first, but my first penetration was to be her ass. So I applied lube to my cock and her asshole. I now wiggled the head of my cock into that very tight hole.

I stopped my invasion of her ass as soon as my cock head had barely slipped in. I softly said, “Okay Sarah use the vibrator to make yourself cum.” I just waited as Sarah used the vibrator on her pussy. As she became more aggressive with the vibrator she pushed my cock deeper into her ass. Soon I was up to my crotch with firm butt cheeks.

For round one Sarah was to do most of the work, so I just tried to stay still. She finally figured it out and started pulling forward and then pushed back causing my cock to pump her ass. Then she stopped as her butt clinched and she grunted out “Damn, oh damn, damn” with her orgasm. It was a strong one as my cock got tightly squeezed. After a few more grunts she dropped the vibrator and her chest fell to the bed.

I slipped out of her ass, moved and turned off the vibrator, and grabbed some items off of the dresser. I moved to stand in front of her and attached a cuff to her right wrist. Then I said, “Open up.” as I rubbed my cock in her face. I slipped it into her mouth and then slapped a ‘Pocket Rocket’ vibrator in her hand saying, “Use it.”

She now sucked my cock as she used the ‘Rocket’ on her clit. It didn’t take her very long before her second climax started. As she came I pushed on her head to prevent her from sucking so hard on my dick. She stopped using the vibrator and lightly licked my dick once her orgasm was over. As she licked I attached a cuff to her left wrist. I slid my cock out of her mouth. Picked up the vibrator and swapped it with a couple more items on the dresser.

I got back behind her and wiggled my cock head just a bit into her cunt. I said, “Use your fingers and cum for me.” She must have really wanted my cock in her because she shoved back hard. Once she was satisfied she started rubbing her clit as she bucked my cock. I just stayed as still as I could as she rubbed for her third climax. Again it didn’t take long before I heard grunting and felt her cunt squeezing my cock. She said, “DDDDaaaammmmnnnn, GGGoooddd Ddaammnn.”

Before she was done I pulled out and then shoved back into her asshole. Once I was buried deep, I paused long enough to attach a cuff to her right leg. Now all I wanted was to pump my seed into her. As I got myself up to full speed, Sarah was holding on. I helped steady her by holding on to her hips. Using the increase in stability she now resumed her clit rubbing. We both were now on a cum quest. I arrived first but Sarah’s seemed stronger. We both pushed against each other trying to push our orgasms higher. Even after my orgasm disappeared I kept myself buried in her ass until she too was done.

I now pulled out and made sure to wipe some cum around her asshole with my cock. I also attached a cuff to her left ankle. I said, “Okay that’s the end of round one. Now flip over, we’re going missionary.” I noticed her crawling towards the pillow, I said, “Oh I forgot, lay across the bed.”

I now laid beside her and asked, Did you like the first round?

“Oh yes very much. I hope the next two are as good.”

“We’ll try. Now you’ll need to work on me to get me ready for this next round.” So for the next few minutes we did some heavy petting until I felt enough life in my cock to continue.

I now fetched another vibrator from the dresser and then stood in front of Sarah. I positioned Sarah so that her head just barely hung over the edge of the bed. I now waved my cock in her face until she opened her sweet mouth and I forced my into it.

Once she commenced working on my dick, I wiggled the g-spot vibrator into her waiting cunt and turned it on. I felt her teeth as she slightly bit me when the vibrator found the right spot. I kept my cock stuffed in her mouth as I now fondled one breast and attacked her g-spot.

It only took a couple of minutes before I saw her climaxing under me. Her stomach contracted and her hips bounced as the cum flowed through her body. Only after she shoved me away did I stop. She grunted out, “Damn that one was strong.” I just tied her right wrist to the corner of the bed.

I now switched vibrators and crawled between her legs. She said, “Give me a ...” She was cut off as I found my target and sank my cock into her cunt. She howled out, “Damn you pushy.”

“And you're tight.” I said as I raised up a bit to place the egg vibrator on her clit. I Just stayed still with my cock shoved as deep as possible while I used the vibrator to pull out her next orgasm. Again it didn’t take long before her head shook and her body quivered under me. She grunted out, “Damn it, damn, damn it.” I did have to pull out my cock because her cunt was trying to squeeze the cum right out of me. I just kept the egg against her clit until she was done.

I now tied her left wrist to the corner of the bed. Switched vibrators again and grabbed a bungee cord. I attached the bungee cord to both of her ankle cuffs and then crawled between her legs again. But this time I placed the bungee cord against my chest as I moved forward, this caused Sarah legs to be lifted up and back until she was almost folded in two.

I got my cock just barely into her back door before I wiggled the tip of the ‘Jack Rabbit’ vibrator into her cunt. I now forced both dicks in at the same time. She moaned as both entrances were invaded. Only when both cocks found bottom did I turn on the vibrator. I wasn’t playing around since all I wanted from Sarah was another climax, I switched it to high on all buttons.

Again I didn’t move my cock that was buried in her ass, but I did move the fake one in her cunt. Before I knew it her legs were pushing back as her third climax of the second round started. I could ride this one out buried deep in her since her position contained most of her energy.

I slipped my cock out of her ass once she stopped grunting and shoving. She just laid there spent as slipped around the bed to stand in front of her. I now tied her right ankle to her right wrist. The bungee cord was still attached to both ankle so her left leg was still pulled up off the bed.

I slipped my cock back in her mouth and started to actively fuck it. I played with her tits as I pumped her mouth. Shortly Sarah regained enough to lick and suck my cock. I did cause her to gag a couple of times due to the force of my thrusts. But it didn’t take me long until I poured my cum into her mouth. I pulled out before I was done so that I could shoot a couple of spurts onto her face.

I now tied her left ankle to her left wrist. I said, “That’s the end off round three. Now I know you’re a bit uncomfortable tied like that but let me get the room setup for round three.” I now swapped out the items I needed and then shoved a foam pillow wedge under her so her ass was raised off the bed.

I returned to the front of Sarah and said, “Okay babe I’m going to work on the ropes to make you more comfortable but you need to work on me. We can’t start round third until my cock is recharged.”

Sarah understood my meaning and opened her mouth so I could put my soft cock into it. She now licked and sucked on me while I tied the ropes a bit differently and adjusted them so her legs were straight in the air and her butt was laying flat on the pillow. As she continued her attempt to rejuvenate me, I now caressed her and stared at her slit imagining my next trip into it’s deeps.

I was surprised that after a few minutes life returned to my penis. It wasn’t very hard but I was hard enough to continue with my task. I swiftly got between Sarah’s thighs and sank my cock into her cunt. I now spent a few more minutes making slow love to my captive woman.

As our passion built I slipped my cock out of her and then slapped her clit with the head of my cock. This had the effect of driving her passion upwards while it decreased mine. I now fucked her slowly a couple more minutes before I whacked her clit with my cock. I did this a number of times until after one of my smacks she grunted and pulled at her bonds. I then slammed my cock as deep as I could into her spamming twat just to rapidly pull out and slap her clit again.  Every time I did this Sarah shouted, “Oh Damn.”both from the surprise and the orgasm. I must have done this quickly about five times when she said, “Enough, please that’s enough.”

I quickly dismounted and went around to her head. I blindfolded her eyes and adjusted the ropes to pull her legs more towards her head so her butt was raised off the pillow. I again crawled between her thighs and shoved my cock deep into her ass.

I waited a few seconds to allow me to adjust to her tightness before I slowly fucked her butt. Once I got a rhythm established I was ready. At the end of my stoke, right before pushing back into her, I flicked her clit with my fingers. She would grunt and I would shove. On the fourth flick she came. I did only one more flick after that and then I made love to her ass.

I continued my gentle thrusts until I saw Sarah relax after her climax. I then swapped the cock in her ass with a butt plug. I now spent a few minutes rearranging Sarah for the next part.

I untied her legs from her wrists allowing them to fall to the bed. I now tugged on her hips and the wedge pillow under her until her head was on the bed. Now I tied her ankles to the corners of the bed. I tied them tight so that her thighs were stretched and her cunt was opened slightly.

I also tightened the ropes tied to her arms before crawling on the bed with both my knees on either side of her head. I rubbed the tip of my cock lightly against her lips until her mouth opened and I sank my cock into her mouth. At the same time I sank my face and lips into her cunt. She licked my cock and I licked her clit. When she sucked, I also sucked. But when she started bucking with her orgasm, I just shoved my cock deeper in her throat.

I had to pull out of her mouth before her climax was done because I was getting close to my climax. I kept lapping her clit until she was finished. I crawled back off the bed and passionately kissed her lips a few minutes until I gagged her mouth. I whispered in her ear as I lightly stroked her face, “Only one open place to pour my seed into.”

Grabbing some items from the dresser I slowly crawled up between her legs and thighs. I was teasing us both as I kissed her tummy and slowly kissed my way up. I took a quick stop at both tits before finally stopping at her neck when my cock hit flesh. I adjusted my hips upwards until my cock found her wet entrance. Sucking on her neck I commenced wiggling my hips forcing more of my cock into her. I softly groaned, “Damn girl you’re still damn tight.”

I felt more than heard a groan coming from Sarah as I slowly found my way into her. “This feels fuckin great.” Only when I could go no deeper did I slowly retract my cock from her. “Oh baby are we making a baby tonight.” I now took my time making passionate love to this fine woman. “Oh I love fucking you.” I spent at least 15 minutes sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. I counted at least two more orgasms of hers before I felt mine start boiling up. I said, “Oh baby, I’m close. I can feel my sperm getting ready to shoot.”

I tried delaying my climax. “Sarah can you feel my cock growing bigger in you belly. It’s getting ready to pump you full of baby juice.” Then I felt her having another orgasm as her cunt squeezed at my cock. “Oh baby you’re cumming, I’m cumming too.” I grunted and slammed my cock deep into her spasming cunt. My cock poured out it’s first string and as it did I turned my head to one side and held my breath. I sprayed the contents of an aerosol can at Sarah’s face and within a second she was unconscious.

I dropped the spray can and rammed another spurt of cum into the now sleeping woman. I continued rutting into her until I was empty. I slowly withdrew myself and watched my cum seep out of her.

After taking a few seconds to recover, I got off the bed and retrieved two automatic injection pens from the dresser with alcohol wipes. I disinfected Sarah’s left upper thigh and then used the injector pen labeled ‘1’ on that thigh. I now untied her right arm and attached a monitor to her right wrist. This was used to monitor her heart rate during her drug induced sleep. I now put on her left ring finger the Double D graduation ring and untied her left arm. I removed both her blindfold and gag from her face.

After disinfecting the right upper thigh, I used the injector pen labeled ‘2’ on that one. I now removed the butt plug and untied both of her legs. I now carefully picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. I placed her into her bed and covered her up. I went back to the master bedroom and cleaned up the mess I made putting everything away. I got dressed after I got my clothes that Amanda had placed in the hallway. I took another look around the master bedroom before I went back into Sarah’s room.

I uncovered Sarah and took my last few minutes looking and touching that sleeping beauty. I knew she was going to be asleep for about seven hours. The mothers had decided that this would be the best way to get the girls separated from me. I didn’t like it but I still followed through with it. The only thing I had to do before leaving the house was my personal request. I spent the next couple of minutes digging my cum out of Sarah’s pussy and smearing it around her three holes. When her ass, face, and pussy glistened I stopped. When she woke up later she’ll need to clean the crust off.

Taking my last look at Sarah’s nude body, I gave her a kiss, covered her up, and left her bedroom. I then swiftly went downstairs and out the front door.



Date: Wedding July 9, 2005 – Sarah DD starts August 20, 2005

Me: Albert Hilton - 31 years old - Married 10 years - 3 children - Java Programmer for a firm that sells phone billing software. 175 lbs, 8 inch cock, 6 ft 0 inches tall.

Mother: Amanda Lawson (44 years old)

36C-28-36, 5' 9”, 120 lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, white American, trim

Is beautiful in a plain sort of way. Short brown hair, beautiful face and smile, brown eyes, normal figure, nice breasts and butt, shapely legs. She looked like she took the time to work out but not too much.

Sarah Lawson – (18) – Daughter of Amanda Lawson

34C-26-34, 5' 8”, 110 lbs, long mid-back brown hair, brown eyes, white American, trim

Orgasm – When she comes she says, "Oh my God." or "Oh. Oh, OOOhhhh." With each wave of her orgasm she throws her head back, she arches her back throwing her breasts forward, and her stomach concaves inward. If laying on her back this forces her ass off the bed. This gives the appearance of bucking back if being fucked. She orgasms with her eyes closed.

Cindy Moore – (18)

38D-28-38, 5' 9”, 130 lbs, blond hair was cut fairly short but was perfectly styled , bluest eyes, white American

A face that was truly gorgeous, it even radiated beauty.  Big belly, as she was at least six months pregnant.

Orgasm – Silent or quiet cummer. Eyes closed softly. Thrasher. Orgasm just stops.


34B-28-35, 5'6”, 120 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes

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