Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Breathless by Adam Bookbinder ( Story code: F/b Back Cover Breathless is an unashamedly graphic account of the seduction of an 11-year-old boy by a young woman. Living out her most decadent of erotic fantasies, she finds herself with a boy who, although virginal and inexperienced, is as eager to learn as she is to teach. Chapter 1 She gazed at the ceiling, hardly able to take in the events of the afternoon. My god, she thought to herself, she'd just been romping nearly naked with an 11-year-old boy on her sofa bed. She couldn't believe what she'd done, but it had been an incredible experience that had left her feeling breathless and yearning for more. Much more. Her heart was still racing since he'd left her apartment, just a few short minutes ago, and she lay there savoring her excitement and the eroticism of the moment. She gently ran her fingertips across her nipples and sighed as she remembered the delicious feeling of his young skin against her own. She had been delirious with excitement after getting him back to her apartment, and had begun to kiss him urgently without either of them uttering a word. The sexual tension was electric. She'd pulled his clothes off without resistance and was delighted as his trembling fingers had helped her with her own. She stripped down to her panties, leaving his underpants on too, to avoid any embarrassment that their complete nakedness might have caused him. A pretty, 28-year-old woman in just her panties was probably about as much as an 11-year-old boy could handle, she thought. Better to keep their genitals aesthetically packaged in cotton underwear than risk scaring him off. He was so sweet. He had to go home to avoid being late for his dinner, but she'd virtually had to push him out of the apartment or he'd never have left. But he'd be back in an hour or so, as soon as he'd eaten his meal, and on Saturday evenings, he'd told her, he was allowed to stay out until 9pm. It was hardly worth getting dressed again, she mused to herself. Maybe she should just lie there as she was, with the front door slightly ajar, so that when he returned he would find her nearly naked and still aroused from their earlier fumblings and her exploring fingers. Next time, she decided, his underpants were definitely coming off, and they'd make love. Her heart raced as she thought about him. She wanted and needed him more at that moment than she'd ever needed anybody before. She chewed her bottom lip as she remembered how good it had felt to explore his lithe, slim body. What sort of girl am I? she asked herself rhetorically as she remembered him lying on top of her, with his smooth, flat tummy pressed firmly against her own. And when she'd kissed him he'd ground his hips against her gently, almost surreptitiously, perhaps hoping that she wouldn't notice. His hardness had thrilled her. She felt it pressing into her through his underpants. I wonder if he'll have any hair yet? she thought. She hoped he wouldn't. She liked the thought of him being completely hairless. It made him seem more of a child, and their encounter somehow taboo. She'd find out soon enough. The minutes were ticking by. Her fingertips traced complex lines across her skin as she contemplated his prepubescent body. It would be nice if he was hairless. She savored the prospect of her tongue finding smooth, hairless skin at the base of his penis, a lovely contrast to the acrid smelling, hairy bush of a man. Such a delicious thought! The minutes were passing. Her fingers slipped below the waistband of her panties as she contemplated their next encounter. He'd be back soon. Her legs spread wider as her fingers found the hard little bud at the top of her moist groove. She breathed deeply. Was that footsteps on the stairs? Chapter 2 The door to her apartment clunked shut behind him. He smiled and she was sure she could see desire in his eyes. He was such a darling. To get back so quickly he must have wolfed down his tea and run all the way without stopping. There were beads of sweat on his forehead and he was panting, which was not surprising since he lived about three miles away. She casually glanced at the clock on the wall. It had just turned six. They had about two-and-a-half hours if he was to be home by nine. Adrenaline shot through her veins like electricity and her pulse raced. She could do a lot with a willing 11-year-old boy in two-and-a-half hours. He grinned at her. She was still lying on the sofa bed in just her panties, her head resting on a pile of soft feather pillows. There was no need to get up. She just grinned back and gave him a seductive look that said, god, I fancy you, and she was sure that even a little boy of Matthew's age would understand its meaning. He was breathing quickly, but he wasn't panting from his run anymore, he was turned on, and he was staring at her with real excitement in his eyes. She liked him looking at her. She knew her body was sexy, and the exhibitionist in her loved showing of, especially to a cute young boy. Zoe was lithe and slim, with small breasts, narrow hips and a flat tummy. When she lay on her back with her arms over her head, her breasts almost disappeared, and you could see the faint outline of her ribcage beneath her smooth, pale skin. One of her favorite role-playing games, with adult boyfriends, was to dress up as a schoolgirl, and she loved the reaction she got when they saw how convincingly young she looked. When she tied her long dark hair into pigtails and dotted a few freckles across her delicate nose, she was so convincing that her boyfriend, Jamie, had said that it was like fucking a real 14-year-old. Zoe had liked that. She liked playing the horny little schoolgirl in bed, and it was nice to know she did it well. It was something she'd done with all her past boyfriends. Apart from the fact that it was good, sexy fun, it opened the door to discussing all sorts of other sexual fantasies. If a guy was turned on by schoolgirls, well, that was what Zoe wanted, a lover with a dirty mind who would accept her fantasies about young boys. Her adult boyfriends had to accept her fantasies, and Jamie positively encouraged her. During the time they'd been together, Jamie had taught her a lot about the sexuality of prepubescent and pubescent boys from recollecting his own precocious childhood. What he'd told her simply confirmed her belief that some young boys really did get horny, a fact she was now discovering for real. Matthew was staring right at her crotch. God he was cute. She spread her legs for him, and her heart fluttered as she watched his jaw drop slightly and his eyes widen. Oh god, this was going to be fun. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She slipped her hand into her panties and her fingers slid down, in-between her slim legs and over her smooth hairless lips. She didn't like pubic hair. As far as she was concerned it got in the way of oral sex, so for years now she'd been having it professionally removed. It was expensive, but the results were worth it. Smooth bare skin, without rashes or nasty little patches of stubble. She wondered again if Matthew was hairless. The memory of his little hard-on was still fresh in her mind from this afternoon when she'd felt it pressing into her as they cuddled. Then, as he'd got up to leave, she'd caught a brief glimpse of it through his pale-blue underpants before he pulled on his jeans. 'You got back quickly,' Zoe said smiling, 'were you missing me?' She spoke slowly, watching him closely, and, while she spoke, her middle finger found her hard, moist clitoris, and she pressed it gently. She knew he could see her hand moving inside her pants. She wanted him to see, and she watched his reaction. Matthew nodded slightly in answer to her question, but his eyes remained fixed on her crotch. He was transfixed, mesmerized by what she was doing. He certainly wasn't scared or nervous. She watched his expression carefully as her finger slid down the length of her slit to her vagina, and then back up to her clitoris. She was very wet, and very turned on. Her courage grew as it became obvious that he was enjoying her little show, and her hand moved more rhythmically between her legs. If Matthew knew anything about masturbation, he must know what she was doing, and from the look on his face he certainly seemed to. He was breathing erratically, and then, in what seemed like a completely subconscious action, his hand moved to his own crotch and he squeezed himself gently through his jeans. Oh my god, she thought, I'm turning him on! In her fantasies she'd hoped above all else that little boys could get horny. Her fantasy boys were always able to get and maintain an erection for long enough to make love. Jamie had told her that little boys could certainly do that, and he'd said that they could have orgasms and almost immediately regain an erection. In fact, he'd told her, when he was a young boy he used to masturbate several times a day, and could bring himself to orgasm over and over again without loosing his erection. This sexual athleticism is lost soon after a boy starts to produce sperm, he'd told her. A lot of prepubescent boys, he'd explained, could cum more like women having multiple orgasms, and keep going afterwards without loosing their erection, or without needing much time before they regained it. They could have more orgasms and keep going for longer than post-pubescent males. He'd based these facts on his own recollections of pre- and post-puberty but he had also shown her some research conducted by Kinsey that backed up what he'd said. After learning these facts Zoe's fantasies about little boys had gone into overdrive. She hoped that Matthew would have this natural, prepubescent puppy-lust. She wanted to make love to him slowly and sensuously and make him cum sweetly in her arms while she kissed him, their tongues entwined. She also wanted to fuck him and fuck him hard. She wanted a really good child fuck. She wanted to cum with his 11-year-old cock inside her while she gripped his tight little buttocks. She wanted to lay him on the bed and jerk him off over and over again. She liked the thought of masturbating a child to orgasm, and she hoped she'd be able to make Matthew cum. 'Why don't you take your T-shirt off like before?' Zoe asked him. He looked up at her and blushed, his cheeks flushed pink. Then, without hesitation, he pulled his top over his head. 'Shall I take my jeans off too?' he asked, a sparkle of mischief in his eyes. It was no surprise to Zoe that he'd asked, after all, they'd got down to their underwear earlier, and Zoe was still only wearing her panties. She nodded enthusiastically, her eyes locked with his, communicating her passion. She sat forward on the bed and grabbed a cool glass of mineral water as Matthew fumbled with his zip. The adrenaline was pumping. He was simply gorgeous. Short blonde hair, big blue eyes, and smooth, pale skin that was so perfect, so unblemished and with that radiance that is lost soon after adolescence. He pushed his jeans down to his ankles and then stood rather awkwardly in front of her wearing just his underpants. Zoe leaned forward slightly to get a better look. Kicking his jeans to one side he shuffled awkwardly from one foot to the other, his eyes alternately shifting between Zoe and a spot on the floor just in front of where he stood. There was no rush, and Zoe savored the view, taking another sip of mineral water, as her mouth was dry with excitement. Despite the fact that she was wearing only the briefest pair of panties, his own partial nakedness seemed to embarrass him slightly. He seemed momentarily occupied with the mark on the floor, extending his right toe and rubbing it, as if trying to remove it. Zoe could hardly believe her luck. It was a dream come true. A real, live, 11-year-old boy was standing in front of her in just his underpants, and this was no fantasy. She admired his near-naked body. He was very slim, without being skinny, and he had a lovely flat stomach with a small, round tummy button that was neither an inny, nor an outy. It was as if someone had drawn it and then stuck it flat onto the surface of his skin. Zoe loved it. It was sexy and cute. She could imagine drizzling honey all around it in a spiral. Then she'd lick it off slowly, the tip of her tongue following the outer arm of the spiral, licking round and round until it reached its centre. His chest was smooth and flat, without the muscle development an older boy would have, and his corrugated ribs were just visible through his pale skin. She liked his nipples. They were small and faintly pink with a tiny knob of flesh in the centre. Although small, they were adorably suckable, and she looked forward to playing with them later. He was staring at her now in what Zoe thought was a very adult way. They'd already romped together nearly naked that afternoon, and, from the look on Mathew's face, he wanted more. God she fancied him. Maybe he'd like to be her other boyfriend. She liked the thought of that. They could go out on dates together. She could take him to the cinema and snog him on the back row when no-one was looking. They'd sit in a corner at the back. Then she'd pull a coat over his lap, unzip his jeans, push his cotton briefs to one side and wank him off. That was sweet. She really wanted to wank a child. She could imagine him cuming in the dark behind rows of people watching the film with no idea what was happening behind them. She imagined Matthew's contorted expression, his bottom lip sucked in-between his teeth as he tried desperately not to make a sound. Zoe flashed him a wicked grin. 'Dare you to take your undies off,' she said, her eyes sparkling. Matthew averted her eyes bashfully, but he couldn't hide the smile that flickered at the corners of his mouth. 'I will if you take yours off first,' he said cheekily. Zoe grinned, she felt as if she was behind the bike sheds at school again. Okay, she thought, if he wants to see me naked he can. God, I want him to see me naked! She stood up, facing him, and slowly pushed her panties down her long, slim legs. Matthew's jaw dropped so that his lips formed an almost perfect circle, his eyes glued to crotch. 'Come here,' she said softly, gently taking his hand and leading him over to the bed. Sitting on it she parted her legs for him to see. 'You'll get a better look if you kneel down,' she said, and, as he did so, she spread her legs wide so that he could get a really good look. There was something incredibly erotic about exposing her genitals so blatantly to this little boy. It really felt as though she was back at school playing you-show-me-yours, but this was a much more grown-up version of the game. Matthew knelt in-between her legs, peering at her most private parts as if he were looking at porn on a computer screen. His eyes were like saucers. The door to the kitchen creaked as Zoe's cat, Mrs Tibbs, brushed past. Zoe idly wondered what she would think of her mistress sitting naked in front of a little boy who was staring intently at her bare cunt. She and Mrs Tibbs were on the same wavelength though and she was sure that the cat would approve of this cute little boy. In fact, she was quite sure that Mrs Tibbs liked little boys too. 'It's wet,' Matthew said, as his inspection of her took him close enough to notice. Zoe was pleased that he was simply pronouncing his discovery, and wasn't disgusted with what he'd observed. 'Of course it's wet,' she smiled. 'I'm turned on. You're making me horny. That's what happens to girls when we get excited. The more turned on we are the wetter we get. Boys get a stiffy and girls get wet.' Matthew was obviously considering this information when Zoe asked, 'Do you know much about sex?' 'Yeah, course I do!' he replied, trying to sound grown up. Zoe was sure he probably did know quite a bit, but by the time she'd finished with him he'd know an awful lot more. 'When a boy's willy gets stiff, he puts it in the girl's vagina,' she explained, 'and the girl's vagina gets juicy so his willy will go in easier. That's why I'm wet. It's lubrication. So your willy can go in if it wants to.' Matthew seemed to think for a while, frowning slightly, then asked, 'What happens after the boy gets his cock in the girl's hole? What happens then?' Zoe reached over for the glass of mineral water. Her mouth was so dry and she was shaking so much she felt sure Matthew would notice. Not only was this whole situation becoming increasingly erotic, she'd now discovered he probably did know quite a bit about sex; calling his willy a cock and referring to her vagina as a hole. 'Well, he uses his hips to push it in and out and the girl moves her hips too. That's what making love is, or fucking, and it's the most exciting thing two people can do together.' Zoe reached out and placed her hand on top of his head as she spoke, her fingers running through his silky mop of hair. Matthew gazed at her wide-eyed for a moment without saying anything, then asked simply: 'Why do they do that?' 'Well, remember when we snogged this afternoon? Remember how thrilling it was kissing with tongues rather than just pressing our lips together?' Matthew nodded in agreement, concentrating on Zoe's reply and gazing up at her with his big blue eyes. 'Well, it got nicer when we took our tops off didn't it? And that's because our bare skin pressed together while we kissed.' Matthew was still gazing at her and nodding in agreement, chewing his bottom lip as she spoke. 'Well, imagine doing that with your cock in my hole as well.' She was so turned on just saying these words that she was finding it difficult to speak. Her voice was breaking up slightly. She paused for a moment as she struggled to find the perfect explanation for why a boy would want to put his cock in a girl's vagina. 'Do you know what masturbating or wanking is?' she asked. 'Yeah, course I do!' 'And, do you wank much? I mean, most boys do. It's normal. And, girls do it too.' Her head spun as she contemplated him admitting that yes, he did wank. Come on, she thought, say yes and be the dirty, horny little boy of my dreams. 'Yeah, sometimes.' His head dropped and he blushed slightly as he made his confession. 'And do you like it?' Please, please say yes, she thought. Matthew's eyes sparkled and a grin broke out on his face. 'Yeah, but it's always nicer when someone else does it for you,' he replied, using a witty line he'd heard one of the older boys saying at school. 'And has anyone ever masturbated you?' Zoe asked, delighted that he thought of masturbating as something nice, and, even if jokingly, he was aware that it was nicer when someone else did it to you. Matthew wrinkled up his nose slightly. 'Nah,' he said, disappointedly, 'I nearly got Erica, this girl at school, to do it, but we got caught by Mister Maxwell and we got into loads of trouble.' 'How far did you get?' Zoe asked, riveted by this little tale of young lust. 'I got my hand in her knickers and she'd undone my zip when Mr Maxwell burst in on us.' There was a note of real disappointment in his voice. 'Where were you at the time?' 'In the theatre, behind the curtains; we never even heard him coming. He must have been spying on us. He's always got it in for me anyway.' 'I bet you were pretty fed up,' Zoe commiserated. 'Yeah, Erica's dead fit. Everyone fancies her.' 'And how old is she?' 'Oh she's 13. She's in year three.' Wonderful, Zoe thought, he likes older women already. Then, deciding there was nothing else to learn about Erica, she decided to continue with her sexual tuition. 'Well, anyway, you know how when a boy wanks, he makes a fist with his hand to grip his cock, and then he rubs it up and down?' Matthew's upturned face nodded his understanding, mesmerized by this pretty woman's lesson in sex. 'Well it feels good doesn't it? And you keep doing it till you cum. Do you know what cuming is?' she asked. 'Yeah,' he replied, pausing slightly to think, 'it's like when the excitement sort of explodes and it feels amazing.' He replied almost accademically and without embarrassment. Zoe was trembling and she took another quick sip of mineral water from the glass. Things were looking good. Not only did he know what masturbation was but he knew what orgasms were too! This boy is perfect, she thought. 'Right,' she said continuing, 'well, when a boy gets a hard-on, and a girl gets wet the boy pushes his stiff penis into her hole and then moves it in and out of her till he cums. 'The in-and-out movement feels a bit like wanking, only a million times better, and that's why girls and boys do it, because it feels good. It feels a million times better than wanking.' Just talking like this was getting her horny, and as the conversation continued she noticed how close his lips were to her exposed sex. How nice it would be, she thought, to grab the back of his head and press her cunt against his moist, pink lips. But, no, no, she had to wait. She had to be patient. 'So,' she continued, 'the feeling of your cock in a girl's hole is a bit like being wanked, plus you get to kiss and press your bare tummies together too!' Much more of this kind of talk, Zoe thought, and she might just have to rape him. Either that or she'd have to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Matthew's cheeks were flushed pink and it was obvious that what she was saying was having a similar effect on him as it was on her. He was thinking about what she'd said and she could tell that he obviously had questions about what she'd just told him. Questions he'd probably never been able to ask before but now felt able. 'Do people suck each other too or is that just in porn?' he asked, with such an innocent expression that Zoe thought she'd explode with lust. Spontaneous human combustion caused by massive sexual arousal. 'Yes they do. It's called oral sex. How do you know about that?' she asked curiously. 'Other boys mostly,' he said, then hesitating slightly, he went on, 'And seen some pictures too. Have you ever...' 'Ever sucked a boy's cock?' she replied, finishing the question for him. 'I have yes, and I love doing it too. I love sucking cocks. It's gorgeous!' Zoe wasn't sure how long she could control herself and she reached for the mineral water, as if taking a break after some arduous exercise. 'The thing is,' she continued, 'I've only ever had sex with adult men, but I'd really love to try it with a young boy.' She sighed again, but nervously this time. She was aware that this statement was maybe a bit risky and she hoped she hadn't gone too far. A broad grin broke out on Matthew's face and his eyes sparkled. He was an intelligent boy and knew immediately what Zoe was trying to get at. 'You don't mean young boys as in like 17 or 18-year-olds do you?' he asked, smiling hopefully. 'No, sweetheart, I don't.' Their eyes locked together in mutual understanding. 'I mean young boys as in, well, like your age,' She had to pause again for more mineral water. This was make-or-break time. 'So, I guess I'm telling you I fancy you,' she croaked, 'and, well, if you'd like to have sex with me, you can. And if you say yes it will be a dream come true for me!' Matthew's jaw had dropped again, and from the expression on his face Zoe could see he was up for it, she was sure, but she didn't want him to feel under pressure and she wanted him to have an easy get out if he felt at all nervous. 'You don't have to answer me right now,' she said gently, 'I'm going to give you a few minutes to think about it while I go to the bathroom, OK? If you don't want to do it then just get dressed, and when I come back we won't say any more about it, OK?' She smiled at him reassuringly, amused by the very slight frown that had appeared on his face. 'We can still be friends and we'll just have a lemonade together and maybe play a game or something and then you can go home.' Matthew's frown was deepening and Zoe was anxious now that he didn't get the idea she was backtracking. 'If you do want to do it then just take your undies off and lie on the bed OK?' Zoe beamed, and there could be no doubt from her expression what she wanted him to do. Matthew nodded, a look of amazement and virtual disbelief on his face. The kissing and cuddling they'd done that afternoon had nearly blown his mind. He just couldn't believe his luck. But for things to have come this far so quickly was totally amazing. All those pictures he'd masturbated to of guys fucking and being sucked by girls, and now it was his turn! Jeez, he felt like dancing in the street! Zoe turned as she got to the bathroom door. 'Just remember though,' she said over her shoulder, 'if you are on the bed when I come back, then we will have sex, and we'll do all the stuff we've been talking about and more besides.' She smiled as she said this and then disappeared into the bathroom. Once inside she nearly sank to the floor as every muscle in her body seemed to be shaking with excitement. She glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror and was pleased with what she saw. Surely he wouldn't say no. She was pretty, slim, sexy, and she just couldn't imagine him not wanting to. After all, they'd already snogged and she knew he'd got a hard-on. What's more, now she knew he masturbated too, and he even knew about oral sex! There wasn't anything she really wanted to do in the bathroom except wipe herself with a towel to get rid of some of the excess wetness. She only wanted to give Matthew time to think. She really didn't want him to feel pressured into doing something he didn't want to do. Her fantasy boys were always very horny and as hungry for sex as she was. She just hoped that Matthew was going to be one of them. Fingers crossed! Time was moving slowly but he'd had five minutes now and in just a couple more she'd open the door and see if he was dressed or waiting for her naked on the bed. In just a couple of minutes there was every chance that she could be having sex with a very cute 11-year-old boy! The prospect was exhilarating. She didn't want to build her hopes up though. He might decide to go home instead. She might have scared him off. She mustn't forget that he was only a child, and the prospect of having sex with a grown woman might seem daunting to him, possibly even frightening. She also had to remember that even if she did try to have sex with him, things might not work out. He might not be able to get a hard-on for instance. He might not like what she did to him and she might have to stop. Sex was never guaranteed to be good with anybody, and there were surely a lot more things that could go wrong with a little boy than with an adult man. On the other hand he might want it all, and it could be absolute heaven. Just like in her fantasies. Chapter 3 Zoe's excitement was so intense that it was almost debilitating. Her mouth was dry, despite having had another sip of water in the bathroom, and her body was trembling. She tentatively opened the door and peered round it cautiously. If Matthew had got dressed then she was going to grab her toweling dressing gown. She didn't want to walk in naked and have to get dressed in front of him feeling rejected. She needn't have worried. Matthew was lying naked on her sofa-bed, propped up on pillows and grinning, slightly nervously, as she entered the room. She swelled with so much lust and excitement that she felt as if it would burst. Of course Matthew was nervous too and she knew he would be. She'd never seen him completely naked before and he was likely to be a bit bashful if nothing else. What she must remember was that this was a momentous occasion in his young life. He was about to lose his virginity. He'd probably remember this day forever and she wanted to make it really special for him. She needed to show him lots of respect, move slowly at first and give him lots of compliments to help build his confidence. There was everything to be gained, for both of them, if all went well. Hopefully it could be the beginning of an ongoing relationship and, if that were to happen, under her tutelage he could become an adept and confident lover. The thought of a little boy who could take the initiative was very appealing. She stood at the foot of the bed and returned his grin. She wanted to let him get a good look at her body and, of course, she was dying to get a closer look at him, now that he'd taken his underpants off. His legs were slightly parted and his flaccid penis was lying on his scrotum. His genitals were completely smooth and hairless, just as she'd hoped. He was perfect, lithe and slim, with no signs of developing manhood whatsoever. He was everything she'd hoped for, and, as she ogled his hot little body her head spun. She was going to have sex with a child. Zoe put some music on and padded barefoot through to the kitchen to get something to drink. She poured some fresh orange juice into a glass jug, topped it up with champagne and grabbed a couple of glasses. A bit of alcohol won't hurt, she thought, and it might help to relax our nerves. Zoe climbed onto the bed next to him. 'You know, you're gorgeous,' she told him, lying down beside him. She reached over to trace fine lines with her fingertips backwards and forwards across his flat tummy and glanced at his cock again wondering how long it would be, if at all, before he was hard again. The feel of his bare skin was electrifying and she clenched her thighs together gently as she continued to caress him. She wanted a good feel of his naked body. Her fingertips circled his tummy button and then pressed it gently, making him giggle. His eyes gazed dreamily into hers and she noted how relaxed he seemed about her touching him now that he was naked. So far so good, she thought. Mrs Tibbs purred contentedly on her armchair as Zoe leaned over and gently brushed her moist lips against Matthew's. His mouth opened and their tongues slid together in a deliciously erotic, adult-on-child kiss. Matthew hadn't forgotten what he'd learned that afternoon, and Zoe was thrilled as she felt his hand press gently on the back of her head. For all Zoe could care the next two hours could last for two months. She felt as if she'd entered paradise and she wished that she could stop time completely and stay there, doing what she was doing forever. As they kissed her hand gently caressed the exquisitely smooth skin of his chest and tummy. Just kissing Matthew was one of the most erotic things she'd ever done. Fuck, she was actually snogging a child, and it was turning her on more than anything she'd ever done before! She noticed that his breathing was becoming a little more erratic, and, when she glanced down his body she was thrilled to see that his little penis was erect. He'd got a little hard-on just from kissing. There was no going back now. This wouldn't end until he'd cum sweetly over and over again. She would make him cum as many times as she could before their time ran out and he'd have to leave to go home. She'd make him cum with her fingers, with her mouth and with his stiff child cock in her wet, grown-up cunt. God, she was going to fuck a child! She'd grip his smooth, tight little buttocks and move his hips up and down to work his stiff little cock in and out of her. It would be like masturbating with a child. It would be like using a child as a sex toy! His penis was gorgeous and it was a perfect size. It was small enough to look right as part of a child's body and big enough to be a fun little plaything. What's more, it looked absolutely rock hard and Zoe thought it was so much more erotic to see a boy with a hard-on than it was a man. Matthew's erection contrasted perversely with his childish innocence, his immature body and his tight, hairless little balls. His pale, white foreskin was slightly retracted, so she could see the deep pink of his glans, and, from what she could see it looked slightly moist. Zoe had to fight the sudden urge to grab his little stiffy and gently masturbate him. But that could wait. She wanted to make him really horny and tease him a little first. She broke away from their kiss and his eyes opened, gazing dreamily into her own. 'Are you enjoying this?' she asked, 'Is it nice?' The boy's cheeks were flushed pink, his lips wet, and he nodded eagerly, a gorgeous smile telling her all she needed to know. She bent down and kissed his ear, alternately nibbling and probing with the tip of her tongue. He sighed as she slid her hand back up to his chest gently pinching and rubbing his small pink nipples. They were puckered into tiny little buds of flesh and she pinched first one and then the other, tweaking them between her fingertips. 'Matthew, will you promise me something sweetheart?' she whispered into his ear. 'Yeah, sure,' he breathed in reply. His words almost a gasp. 'If I do anything you don't like then you will tell me won't you?' Matthew nodded but his wide-eyed excitement told her everything she needed to know. He wanted more, there was no doubt about that. She crawled over him on her hands and knees like a cat about to devour its prey and kissed him again. His mouth opened eagerly and he kissed her back passionately, his hot little tongue sliding against hers. Zoe was thrilled with how skilfully he kissed her and she wondered if he had ever kissed anyone before, or if kissing was something that we all know, something instinctive, like a baby bird flying for the first time. He was passionate and eager, his wet lips glued to hers, frowning slightly and breathing rapidly through his pinprick nostrils. After kissing him for what seemed like an eternity she concluded that snogging an 11-year-old boy was a million times more exciting than kissing a man. He was so gentle and so tender, and his lips were so soft, so wet, so hot, so pliable. And yet there was a passion and hunger behind his gentleness that spoke clearly about his enthusiasm for what they were doing. Without breaking away from their kiss Zoe dropped down onto her left elbow for support and began to caress his smooth chest with her right hand. He sighed into her mouth as she began to gently stroke his left nipple. She rubbed it, scratched it softly with her fingernail and then pinched it between her thumb and index finger. Then she gave his right nipple the same treatment, only returning to the left a few minutes later. She had never played with such small nipples before but they responded just as quickly to her touch as the grown-up variety. Eventually Zoe broke away from their kiss, sliding her lips across his cheek, down his neck, sucking and licking his smooth, baby-soft skin as she went. Then, finding herself in the centre of his chest, she pressed her nose flat against it and breathed in deeply, savoring the unique smell of the child's skin. He arched his back slightly as the tip of her tongue found his left nipple, and her right hand slid down to his flat tummy. His muscles quivered as she raked her fingertips slowly across his skin, being careful to avoid bumping into his little erection, which was sticking straight up at an angle of 45 degrees above his tummy. Zoe liked tummies, especially the smooth, flat tummies of children. She couldn't wait to feel Matthew's pressed firmly against hers, as it had done earlier that afternoon, but that could wait until he was on top of her, with his stiff little penis buried to the hilt in her wet hole. Yummy, she couldn't wait! The young woman pressed her hand flat against the boy's tummy and spread out her fingers. She caressed him slowly, her fingers exploring, up and down and then side to side. As she did so she sucked his nipple, flicking it with the tip of her tongue and then nibbling the small nub in-between her teeth. Matthew inhaled sharply as Zoe trailed the tip of her wet tongue across his chest to his right nipple. His eyes closed and he sighed softly as she sucked it, and he gently placed a hand on the back of her head as if signaling his pleasure. The child sighed and moved beneath her. 'I like it when you do that,' he breathed, 'it's nice.' 'Do you like it when I bite a bit too? I'm not hurting you am I?' 'No, it's nice,' he replied dreamily, gently pressing the back of her head, pushing her back towards his nipple. She glued her lips around it and sucked firmly, biting gently on what little bit of skin she could get in-between her teeth. She was so horny for him, she felt as if she could eat him alive, never mind just nibble his nipples! She had an overwhelming desire to leave marks on his body, her marks, as if she was branding him as hers. Perhaps she could give him a few love bites in places where no-one would see them, and maybe a few scratches from her fingernails and teeth marks that only she and Matthew would know about when he was dressed. The 11-year-old boy moaned as she ground his nipple in-between her teeth and flicked her tongue over the little bud that she had trapped between them. He gasped as she slowly but firmly raked her red fingernails along the entire length of his tummy from his pubic bone up to his sternum, leaving four faint-pink lines across his pale skin. She repeated the process, only this time he arched his back, his body moving like a wave beneath her fingers. It was like playing a musical instrument she thought, as his body responded to her touch. Zoe momentarily pulled away from his chest to look at his body. The skin around his hard little nipples was wet and red from sucking. She rested her cheek on his chest and looked down over the flat plain of his tummy to his penis. She could see it clearly and was delighted to see how hard it was, engorged, swollen and erect. Her head was spinning and for a moment she felt as if she would faint. It was the most erotic thing she had ever seen in her life. It was wonderful. It contrasted deliciously with his immature, prepubescent body and looked so wrong, so naughty and yet so erotic. She looked into his eyes as her fingers trailed down across his tummy towards his erection. She continued to watch him as her fingers encircled his penis loosely like tentacles, and then she gripped it firmly in her fist. His eyes closed and his lips parted as she squeezed him gently. She thrilled at the feeling of it. Real child cock! Erect and hard and stiff in her hand. She was molesting a child, and if she didn't stop right now she would be a child molester because whatever she did next could not be undone in the future. Zoe chose to be a child molester, and her heart raced as she contemplated what she was about to do. She was about to have sex with a child, and she couldn't stop for anything. She squeezed his hairless little penis and watched his eyes widen with excitement. Matthew knew what masturbation was, he'd told her and he knew that she was going to masturbate him, and what's more she wouldn't stop until he reached orgasm. She was going to give him a hot little child cum. She'd never held such a small penis before but it was a gorgeous size. Fully erect he was about the same size as a man's ring finger. Its silky smoothness contrasted sharply with its hardness. Interestingly, just as she'd never held one this small before, she'd never held one this hard either. It was like a little bone covered in smooth silk. Changing position Zoe climbed in-between the boy's skinny legs pushing them apart gently, yet firmly, with a hand on both thighs to give her easy access to his hairless genitals. He watched her intently, his eyes wide and his wet lips parted. There was no sign of any embarrasment or shyness, just excitement, anticipation and lust. she pushed his legs wide apart and he just lay there and let her. She could do anything to him and she knew it. In this position she got an excellent view of his young body and his sexy little genitals. Sexy, hairless child genitals. She felt light headed, as if she was going to faint. Looking down at him in this lewd position with his legs spread and his little cock erect, he was like her very own living child porn and she had an overwhelming desire to masturbate all over him. 'Okay darling, here we go, don't be shy, just go with it, okay?' Matthew nodded eagerly, desperate to begin. With her left hand she cupped his tight, smooth little balls, and with her right she held his penis in-between her thumb and the first two fingers of her right hand. She could hardly believe what she was doing. Oh my God, she was just about to masturbate a kid! This was the hottest and most erotic thing she had ever done in her life. Steadying herself she slowly peeled back his foreskin to reveal a moist, dark-pink glans. It glistened with the secretions of his arousal and Zoe pulled his foreskin right down until it was fully retracted. The boy closed his eyes and he inhaled deeply, holding his breath, almost as if the retraction of his foreskin prevented him from breathing out. His chest expanded with the intake of breath and she could see his corrugated ribs beneath his smooth skin. Oh God, this was going to be fun. She was going to enjoy watching his expressions and the way his body responded to her touch. Holding his penis firmly, she slowly rolled his foreskin back up to the tip, and Matthew exhaled with a long sigh. Then in one swift movement she pulled it down again, but this time she tugged it harder stretching his frenulum. Zoe gazed at his penis. It looked so healthy, fresh and new, and although she'd seen many adult cocks in her life, she wanted to examine this one more closely. Older men had much less attractive willies she thought. She decided that she definitely liked child cock, the absence of any pubic hair being a distinct aesthetic advantage. She grinned to herself. It was time for some kiddie sex. Without warning, she gripped his penis in a fist and began wanking him hard. She held him in a tight grip and jerked his penis up and down so fast that it made the muscles in her right arm bulge. Matthew cried out loud, gripped the sheet on either side of him, and pushed his narrow hips up against Zoe's hands. This was horny, Zoe thought. It was also nasty, and she loved it so much that she found it hard to stop. She wanked him harder, just as she would a man, and she grinned as the youngster looked down at what she was doing, his eyes fixed on her blurred hand as she pumped his little cock. His jaw dropped and his eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head. A grown man couldn't take this kind of furious masturbation for more than a matter of minutes, if that, before cuming, and she didn't want Matthew to cum just yet, because she wanted his first orgasm to be in her mouth. So just as suddenly as she'd begun, she stopped and this time she completely let go of his penis. 'Mmmm,' she sighed, 'was that nice darling?' Matthew nodded, his cheeks flushed red, his eyes wide pleading for her to continue. Zoe knew what exquisite torture it was to masturbate someone furiously and then stop suddenly. It was one of her favorite teases and this young boy was going to get the same treatment as a grown man. She grinned wickedly to herself as she imagined how much he desperately wanted her hand back on his cock, but, before she continued, she wanted to snog him again and so she crawled up over him and planted her lips firmly on his. His mouth opened and he kissed her even more passionately than before. He might only be 11, she thought, but he'd got the hang of kissing as if it was second nature. Propping herself up on her right elbow she slipped her left hand in-between their bodies and grabbed his hard-on, squeezing it while she kissed him. She caressed it lovingly as if reassuring him that it hadn't been forgotten. Then, with her tongue deep inside the child's mouth she began to masturbate him again, but this time slowly and rhythmically, up and down, as if she was milking him. The boy moaned into her mouth, and to Zoe's delight he started rocking his hips in time to the movement of her hand. This was one of the things she'd hoped for, a horny boy whose gorgeous little body would respond to her touch. It was so erotic to see a child's hips moving up and down fluidly, rhythmically and lewdly, in a fucking motion. She stopped again, letting go of his cock and teasing him more. He sighed, his hips thrusting urgently, his penis stabbing at the air as if trying to reconnect with the source of his pleasure. Zoe licked her lips, what a delicous child porn show her little kiddie fuck puppy was putting on for her. In a flash her mouth was on his tummy, her tongue flat against his skin. She licked him from tummy button to nipple and then all the way back down to his pubic bone, his stiff penis moving against her cheek. And then the boy cried out as she took him in her mouth and her lips slid down his stiff little shaft, sucking him all the way to the base of his penis. She slid one hand under his bottom, pushing him up against her as her lips worked up and down his hard cock, coating it in her saliva and making it glisten. Her head was spinning. She was performing oral sex on a child and she was going to make him cum in her mouth. Momentarily she wondered if he would ejaculate or if he would have a dry cum and as the thought crossed her mind she gripped his little balls in her left hand and squeezed them gently. Matthew whimpered and sighed as the adult woman gripped his 11-year-old penis, peeled back his foreskin and licked and sucked his glans like a whore. She concentrated on his sensitive frenulum, her tongue licking it, then sucking it between her lips. She took the entire length of his small penis into her mouth and squeezed his little balls tightly, making him moan and thrust his narrow hips erratically as he seemed to loose control of his movement. 'I want you to cum in my mouth,' Zoe breathed, the child's penis still in her mouth. 'Cum for me baby,' she cooed, 'Cum in my mouth. I've always wanted to do this sweetheart. I've always wanted to make a child orgasm, so cum for me. Cum in my mouth. Child fuck my mouth and cum in it!' Momentarily the words of Matthew's mother ran through his mind. Don't ever let anyone touch your penis, and if anyone ever tries you are quite within your rights to fight them off, to say no, call for help or run away. She had so often warned him about pedophiles and now he knew that he was with one. Why would he want to fight her off or run away? This was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his entire life. He spread his legs impossibly wide and thrust his hips up and down, pushing his cock in and out of the woman's sucking mouth. She squeezed his balls tightly and the boy cried out, his hips quivering, and his legs drumming up and down on the bed as his orgasm shook his body. It was a sweet, sweet dry cum, but the boy came like he had never cum before, with Zoe's experienced mouth sucking his cock and making him explode with pleasure. Zoe crawled up over her child lover's body again, kissing and licking his tummy and chest on the way up. She pressed her forehead against Matthew's and looked deeply into his eyes, misty with desire and arousal. 'I love you baby,' she breathed, her lips brushing his, 'I really, really love you.' 'I love you too,' the boy replied, and the honesty of his statement was there in his eyes, clear for her to see. Their lips slid together and they kissed again, open mouthed, tongues probing urgently, his passion greater now than before, telling her he wanted more. 'That was the sexiest thing I've ever done in my life,' Zoe said, breaking away from their kiss, the tip of her nose against Matthew's. 'I'm so turned on. And do you know why? Do you know why this is so exciting for me, when I'm a grown-up and you're just a child?' Matthew shook his head, no he didn't know, the lust still there clearly in his big, sexually awakened eyes. Zoe licked his lips and then ran the tip of her tongue over his teeth. 'I'm a pedophile sweetheart,' she sighed, licking his cheek, 'Do you understand that? Do you know what a pedophile is?' Matthew nodded, a grin breaking out on his face. 'It's an adult who likes doing it with kids. You're not supposed to do it but you prefer children to other adults.' Zoe kissed him again, hungrily and Matthew kissed her back with a real passion, his mouth open willingly, his eyes closed and his tongue in her mouth, as if telling her that he was happy that she was a pedophile and he was thrilled to meet her at an age when he could make all her fantasies come true. 'You can do whatever you like to me,' Matthew said, when Zoe's wet lips slid away from his. 'Oh you're perfect,' Zoe sighed, 'I want to make you cum again and then I want to cum too. It will be a dream come true for me to fuck a child to orgasm, and we'll do it before you go home. But first I need to make you cum again. I want to molest you to orgasm!' Matthew grinned and spead his legs wantonly. His penis, still wet with saliva, was hard and Zoe remembered what Jamie had told her about how prepubescent boys could maintain their erections for long periods of time with the ability to have multiple oprgasms in one session. All that changed once boys started to produce sperm and ejaculate, but Matthew was still prepubescent and his first orgasm had been dry. Zoe couldn't think of a better sex toy for a woman than a horny little boy with a permanent stiffy! Zoe took hold of his penis again, peeling his foreskin right back and taking the tip of it in-between her lips. Matthew looked down at what she was doing and sucked his lower lip into his mouth. Gently and slowly she sucked his glans like it was a succulent lollipop, curling her tongue around its velvety tip and making him gasp. 'Look sweetheart, look at what I'm doing,' she breathed seductively. The little boy lay back on the pillows and looked down over his flat tummy at the pretty woman seductively sucking his penis. It was like watching porn that he was actually starring in. All the times he had wondered what it would be like to have oral sex, to have his penis sucked, and now he knew. Zoe took the child's penis out of her mouth and began licking it with his foreskin pulled right back, running her tongue from the base of his shaft, up his three-and-three-quarter inches to the very tip where she concentrated on his glans, curling her tongue around it seductively and covering it in saliva. As he watched she expertly licked the most sensitive part of his penis, his frenulum, looking up at him as she did so and letting him see how hot she was for child cock. As she did so she began to masssage his tight little balls with one hand, while holding the base of his penis with the other. His face became a contorted mask of ecstasy, his body went rigid and he sucked his tummy in making it concave. 'Cum for me sweetheart,' Zoe cooed, 'cum in my mouth. I'm a pedophile and you're a hot little child. My ultimate fantasy come true. Just fuck my mouth with your hairless cock and cum for me.' Zoe slipped the boy's wet penis back into her mouth, holding it at an angle of 90 degrees to his body, so that he'd get a good view of what she was doing. His expressions were lovely, she thought, and she watched him licking his lips, his arms straining as he gripped the back of the sofa-bed above his head. He did as she had asked and his hips began to rock again, pushing himself in and out of her mouth as she used her tongue and mouth expertly. Then, the 28-year-old woman peeled back his foreskin so that once again she could suck and lick his shiny pink helmet like a lollipop. Matthew gasped and inhaled deeply, arching his back slightly, his eyes as wide as saucers, as he looked down at what Zoe was doing. Her lips were sliding up and down his shaft, able to take his entire penis into her mouth. His hips rocked up and down rhythmically, and Zoe stopped moving, letting him pump himself in and out of her mouth on his own. She placed her right hand flat on his tummy and stroked him gently, soothing him lovingly as his orgasm approached. Briefly she slipped his penis out of her mouth and gripped it tightly in her fist. She wanked him really hard and fast, her clenched fist making slapping noises against the wet skin at the base of his cock. Matthew moaned, his knuckles whitening as he grabbed handfulls of the cotton sheet. Zoe opened her hand and with his cock on her palm she spat on it for lubrication and then began wanking him again. 'Do you like this?' Zoe asked mischievously, her hand pumping up and down like a little piston on his cock. Matthew nodded, his mouth open wide in a silent gasp, his hands gripping the sheet and his tummy sucked in tight, accenuating the smooth hairless mound of his pubic bone and his narrow hips. 'I know you do baby,' she cooed, 'And I love it. Even more than I thought actually. I think I'm hooked on you, and addicted to child sex. You're going to have to come and see me every chance you get so I can molest you every day. Would you like that?' Matthew nodded enthusiastically, his eyes sparkling, as Zoe's hand slowed on his cock. She didn't want him to cum in her hand, she wanted him to cum in her mouth again. Gripping the base of his little penis she licked her lips slowly, putting on a little show for him and then slipped him back into her mouth. Matthew's narrow hips flicked up and down rhythmically as she squeezed the child's scrotum with one hand and pressed the other flat on his tummy palm down. Zoe had never enjoyed oral sex as much as this. She liked the size and feel of his penis. It was more like a little toy and it was so smooth with no pubic hair so she could lick and suck his entire genital region and all her tongue and lips encountered was smooth skin made wet and slippery by her own saliva. Child sex was delicious. Suddenly Matthew grabbed the back of her head, pushing down gently as his movements became suddenly urgent. He moaned out loud and arched his back, his body trembling and his hips jerking like a little piston against Zoe's face. He was panting now and his tummy quivered. Suddenly his hips stopped moving and he was simply pushing himself upwards, forcing himself into Zoe's mouth. Oh how sweet, Zoe thought, his orgasm was just seconds away. She gently pushed his hips back onto the bed, and, gripping his penis firmly, she fully retracted his foreskin to completely expose his pink glans. Then, keeping his foreskin retracted, she lovingly concentrated all her efforts on the head of his cock. 'Cum for me sweetheart,' she cooed softly. 'I love you and I want you to cum in my mouth.' Zoe was skilled at sucking cock and she knew exactly what to do to blow the little boy's mind. Concentrating now she sucked and licked his glans, holding his shaft with her right hand and squeezing his tight balls firmly with her left. He moaned and his body began to undulate, but this time without any rhythm. Zoe gripped the base of his cock and squeezed his balls tightly as he trembled beneath her. Then, with a final jerk and a loud gasp he arched his back and drummed his slim legs up and down on the bed as his orgasm swept over him. His orgasm lasted longer than an adult male's. He'd reach what seemed like a climax, then calm a little, then just when she thought he'd finished he'd have another peak, his little body jumping and wriggling on the bed a like a fish out of water as he seemed to loose complete control over his movements. His expressions when he came were gorgeous. He screwed his eyes tight shut, frowning as if in pain, and sucked his bottom lip into his mouth. Eventually he fell still, letting out a soft sigh as his eyes opened and a big grin spread over his face. Knowing his orgasm was over Zoe stopped sucking and kissed the tip of his penis lovingly. Then, she gently released it and crawled up his body on all fours, kissing and licking his tummy and then his chest on the way up. He gazed at her with a relaxed, dreamy look in his eyes and she gently stroked his forehead in almost maternal affection. 'That was lovely, darling,' she said, 'You've made me so horny.' Matthew smiled happily, his eyes sparkling. 'It was amazing,' he sighed, 'It was the best feeling ever. Thanks Zoe.' He blushed slightly looking down at his body, breaking eye contact as a moment of shyness overcame him. Zoe's heart swelled. No-one had ever thanked her for sucking them off before. Plenty of guys had told her that she was good in bed, or that something she'd done had been fantastic, but no-one had ever actually said thank you before. Ironic, she thought, that the person who least needed to say it was the one who did. What a gorgeous little 11-year-old gentleman. 'Matthew that's so sweet of you. But I should say thank you too, because I enjoyed doing it. In fact,' Zoe said, 'I think it's the sexiest thing I've ever done in my life.' She continued stroking his forehead as she spoke, in the same way that a mother might do to her son during a loving moment. The boy eyed her with a slight disbelieving look in his eyes. 'Honestly? Better than with grown-up guys?' he asked. Zoe smiled reassuringly, pressing her hand against the side of his face and stroking his cheek gently with her thumb. 'Yes, much better. I've never done anything with a boy as young as you before. I'm a pedophile and you're a hot, sexy child. For me this is just amazing! A total turn on!' She smiled lovingly and bent down to kiss him on the nose. 'Now,' she said, glancing briefly at the clock, 'we've got just over an hour-and-a-half left, so, I reckon we've got enough time to nip into town and maybe get an ice cream and a lemonade. How do you fancy that?' She was teasing him of course. She just wanted to see what he'd say. The last thing she wanted was to bring their session to an end, but knowing that he wanted more sex was important to her. Then, noting the look of disappointment that crept onto his face, she said, 'Or if you prefer, maybe, we could stay here and have more sex?' The sunshine smile that flashed across Matthew's face told Zoe, as if she didn't know already, that her little boy couldn't care less about ice cream. What he definately wanted now was more sex. Perfect, she thought. More child sex! Chapter 4 Realizing that Zoe was just teasing him Matthew swung his legs around her waist and skillfully rolled her onto her back. He sat on top of her and held both of her wrists above her head, wrestling her into submission. She could easily have resisted him or wriggled free, but it was rather sexy letting him take control. He must be getting confident, she thought, and was pleased that she had obviously put him at ease. 'I want to do to you what you just did to me,' he said, speaking quickly in a mock childish voice for his pedophile lover. Zoe couldn't believe it. He was actually asking her if he could perform oral sex on her. This surely had to be heaven. 'Err, I don't think you can,' she replied, trying to look as serious as she possibly could. 'Why not?' he asked raising his voice in protestation, although he was certain she was teasing him again. 'Well, to start off with I haven't got a willy,' she giggled, pulling her wrists free and tickling his ribs to emphasize her little joke. Matthew squirmed on top of her but they struggled only briefly. She let him overpower her and was quite happy for him to restrain her wrists above her head once again, as if holding her captive. She quite liked being overpowered by this little boy, even if she was giving in willingly. 'OK,' she said, in response to his determined stare, 'You can do it. In fact I'd love you to do it. You've just got to know that it's a bit more complex for a boy doing a girl than it is for a girl doing a boy, and, well, there's all that wetness down there too, how would you feel about that?' His warm buttocks squirmed on her tummy and she was thrilled to see that he had a little hard-on again. It was every bit as stiff as it was the first time and it was pointing straight up at the ceiling and still glistening with her saliva. 'That's okay,' he shrugged, 'I want to make you cum too.' 'OK, I tell you what then,' Zoe said, eyeing his erection, 'Seeing as you've got another hard-on, why don't you let me make you cum again and then it's your turn to do me. What do you reckon?' Matthew nodded eagerly, his eyes beaming and Zoe gently pushed him backwards onto the bed between her legs and sat astride him, facing his feet, with her bottom on his chest. His glistening penis was rock hard and pointing up at her over his tummy. She was going to enjoy this, she thought, and then after his third cum they could get on with the business of introducing his strawberry pink lips to her aching clitoris. Oh, the thought of it! Lessons in oral sex for an 11-year-old! Zoe normally liked to take her time over making a guy cum, but it was also hot just to grab a guy's cock and wank him off really fast and hard. That, she decided, was what she was now going to do to Matthew for his third child cum. It would be interesting to see how quickly an experienced 28-year-old woman could make a little boy cum. 'Spread your legs for me darling,' she said. Matthew responded immediately and Zoe grabbed a pillow, sliding it underneath his bottom, to raise his hips slightly off the bed. She leant forward slightly and took his penis in-between her fingertips, pulling his foreskin down as far as it would go to reveal his still-moist, pink helmet. Then, without warning, she gripped it in her fist and began to pump it up and down as fast as she could. A cross between a whimper and a moan escaped Matthew's lips and his hips actually pulled backwards away from her hands. With her free hand she grabbed his tight, hairless balls and squeezed them firmly as she rubbed his cock up and down rapidly. She would show him no mercy. 'Ah, ah, ah' the boy gasped. 'Yes, what is it darling?' Zoe asked, through gritted teeth, as her hand pumped up and down, like a little piston at full throttle on his 11-year-old cock. He began to moan now and it was lovely to hear. He gasped and cried out again as Zoe continued to masturbate him skilfully. Her left hand alternately squeezed and rubbed his balls while she wanked him. The child moaned and then cried out, his narrow hips jerking spasmodically against her fist. She'd make him cum in record time, much faster than his first orgasm. Her hand pumped up and down furiously slapping against his body with each downward stroke. Lovely, he was getting close. She leant over him and dribbled saliva lasciviously onto the tip of his penis from her bottom lip. Then, finding his anus with the middle finger of her left hand, she pressed her fingertip firmly against it whilst the palm of her hand pressed flat against his scrotum. As she did so he moaned out loud and kicked his legs up and down on the bed. Nearly there she thought and rubbed herself against his chest as she brought the child to orgasm. It was so erotic to watch his 11-year-old hips moving rhythmically up and down in such a fluid, sexual movement, like a little doggy fucking. Zoe dribbled saliva on his tummy, her right hand blurring on his cock as she masturbated him rapidly. Her left hand squeezed his little balls more firmly, gripping his hairless sack tightly as if she was trying to squeeze something out of it. The boy began to whimper and lifted his bottom right off the bed, pushing up against the hands that were working skillfully on his genitals. Zoe knew that he was now very close to orgasm and her hand continued to pump his erection at the same frenzied pace. She didn't vary the speed. Her hand rubbed his little penis up and down as fast as she could. The boy's moans turned into a cry and his hips trembled in mid-air. His whole body became taut, almost rigid, and he let out a long, muffled whine as he curled his toes and sucked his bottom lip into his mouth. Sensing his climax, Zoe expertly pulled his foreskin right back as far as it would go and then wanked him rapidly. Matthew cried out loud as he came strongly, his narrow hips jerking erratically, his toes curled and his skinny legs kicking. Zoe squeezed his balls tightly and pumped his cock rapidly. 'Yeah, cum for me baby! Cum for me sweetheart,' she cooed encouragingly through clenched teeth. That was nice, she thought and it had taken her less than a couple of minutes to bring him off. There was no doubt about it, Zoe had found the horny little boy of her dreams. Chapter 5 Zoe climbed off Matthew and reached for a glass of orange and champagne which she passed to the boy who was now sat cross-legged on the bed next to her and then reached for a glass of her own. His little face seemed to radiate happiness and youthful energy, and Zoe wondered how anybody could think that what they were doing was wrong. To her it was the most natural thing in the world. 'Hey, has this really got Champagne in it?' Matthew asked taking a big gulp, 'It's nice!' 'It's a drink for lovers,' Zoe smiled, looking at him over the rim of her glass. 'Does that mean we're lovers then?' he grinned, his eyes sparkling. 'If you want to be,' she said, her eyes smiling 'Would you like that?' Matthew seemed to think for a while and then frowned as if struggling with his thoughts. Eventually he said, 'If we're lovers does that mean we get to do this again? Does it mean that we're, like, girlfriend and boyfriend?' Zoe leant forward and kissed him on the nose affectionately. 'Oh, Matthew, you're so sweet,' she said, 'If you want to be my boyfriend then I'd love to be your girlfriend, and yes, of course we get to do this again,' She paused for a moment, then, smiling cheekily she continued, 'If you want to that is.' 'You're kidding?' he grinned, 'You bet I want to! And, if you were my girlfriend, we could do it whenever we wanted, couldn't we? I could come round at night, after tea, and at weekends too! And...' he babbled excitedly, like only an overly enthusiastic 11-year-old could. 'Slow down, slow down,' Zoe laughed, cutting him off, 'Boyfriends and girlfriends don't just have sex all the time you know. They go out together to the cinema or for walks and things like that.' Matthew took another swig of his Bucks Fizz, his eyes as wide as saucers. Then, said, 'So we get to go on dates too? Wow, this is going to be so cool!' Zoe smiled, delighted at his obvious enthusiasm for being her boyfriend. His openness was refreshing and was completely unlike the sort of games adults played in the early stages of a relationship, where neither party wants to appear to be too keen on the other. This was definitely not the case with Matthew. He was excited about the prospect of being her boyfriend and had no reason to hide it. 'Well, I certainly hope we can go on dates. I want to spend as much time with you as I can,' she smiled, running her fingers through his hair. 'I really fancy you and I can't believe how lucky I am that we met.' His feelings were important to her. This was a momentous experience in his young life and she wanted it to be as right for him as possible. She wanted him to feel confident about himself and his sexuality, and the best way to do that, she thought, was to let him know how much she desired him, but not just in a sexual way. If he was going to be her boyfriend then it was important for a loving relationship to develop so that he would learn that the opposite sex valued him for who he was and not just for sexual reasons. 'Do you really mean that?' he asked, his head tipped slightly to one side. His voice was raised slightly, questioning, as if he found her desire for him a little hard to believe. 'Matthew, you're fucking gorgeous!' she chuckled, leaning forward and tickling his sides, just above his hips. 'Do you really think I'd be here with you now, doing this, if I didn't fancy the pants off you?' Zoe momentarily chastised herself for swearing in front of a child, but then thought better of it. She'd just been sucking his cock, for god's sake and if she was going to treat him like an adult there had to be no holes barred. Matthew rolled on his back giggling happily as she tickled him. His legs were splayed on either side of her and she noticed with delight that his cock was hard again. Zoe playfully grabbed his wrists and held them above his head, as if restraining him, just as he had done to her a few moments ago. Then, slowly, she lowered her lithe body down on top of his and they both sighed at the delicious feeling of their bare skin pressing together. Matthew stopped giggling and got that dreamy look in his eyes again. She could feel his boyish hardness pressing into her tummy and gently, without breaking eye contact, she rolled over so that he was now on top of her. Their lips met and her tongue snaked into his mouth. As they kissed tenderly she squeezed his tight little buttocks and pulled him firmly against her. 'I want you to make love to me darling,' she said, breaking away from their kiss and speaking with her lips still brushing against his, 'I want you to fuck me and make love to me. Would you like to do that?' The boy nodded eagerly and Zoe noticed that his cheeks were flushed red. A lust was smoldering in his eyes that seemed perverse on such an angelic, young face. She kneaded his buttocks and rocked her hips, rubbing her mound against his hardness. Her mouth was dry again and her heart raced in her chest, she couldn't believe what she was doing. She was actually going to fuck a child. She was going to fuck a kid. What a naughty, decadent girl she was. 'Do you know where to put it, sweetheart?' she breathed, gazing into his eyes. 'Show me darling,' she whispered, 'Touch me where your cock's gonna go.' Hesitantly the boy raised his hips off her and slipped his right hand in-between them. She sighed, still gazing intently into his eyes, as she felt his fingers slide against her wetness. Oh god, she was in heaven. He prodded awkwardly with his middle finger, not knowing quite where to find what he was looking for, and Zoe took hold of his fingers pressing them firmly against her clitoris. She needed all her self control now because the temptation to cum on his fingers was almost irresistible. 'This is where girls like to be touched,' she said, rubbing his fingers up and down against her hard bud. She explained to him what part of her sex he was touching and then left him to continue rubbing on his own. 'Oh God, that's gorgeous Matthew, don't stop darling, just keep doing it.' Although he was inexperienced, his fingers were doing basically the right thing, and the fact that it was being done by an 11-year-old boy was sufficiently erotic to more than compensate for any lack of technique. As he became a little more confident, he pressed more firmly against her, his two middle fingers rubbing her wet clitoris from side to side. Zoe sighed. 'You can do it like this too,' she said, holding his fingers and moving them in a circular motion around her moist hood. The little boy was eager to please and his movement mimicked hers after she took her guiding hand away. She lay there in ecstasy, with her legs spread, letting this 11-year-old child masturbate her, rocking her hips gently against the movement of his hand. She could easily cum now, but she wanted to save it until his cock was inside her. Maybe she could time it so that they could both cum together. That would be nice she thought. Again she took hold of his fingers and moved them down her moist groove until they reached the entrance to her vagina. 'And this is where your willy's going to go,' she smiled, pressing his fingertips against the entrance. Matthew's mouth opened slightly in wonderment. He was actually feeling a woman's vagina for the first time in his life. Knowing the basic rudiments of sexual intercourse, as he obviously did, was one thing, but to actually discover the strange and mystical place in-between a woman's legs was another. Zoe knew how exciting this was for him and felt privileged to be the one to teach him. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world. 'Now,' she breathed, her lips still against his, 'make your two middle fingers go stiff and push them into me sweetheart, as far as you can.' The excitement in the boy's eyes was evident as he tentatively pushed his two middle fingers into her wet hole. Zoe sighed deeply. This was simply delicious. Taking his hand she showed him how to pleasure her by pushing his fingers in and out, or by just wiggling them around while they were buried to the knuckles inside her. He learned quickly and before long he was masturbating her without the need for any guidance. Her breathing became short and ragged as he fingered her, and her hips responded by moving very slightly against his hand. 'How would you like to put your willy in there?' she asked, her passion at virtual boiling point. The boy nodded eagerly and Zoe gently took his wrist and pulled his hand away from in-between her legs. She brought his middle finger up to her mouth and sucked it, sensuously, tasting her juices, her eyes locked with his. When she'd finished she gently pushed his hand towards his mouth, and, getting the idea, he took his other finger and sucked the juices from it, just as she had done. 'Now you know what I taste like,' she smiled, 'and you can have more later if you like, but first I want this gorgeous cock of yours inside me.' As she spoke she reached in-between their bodies and gently gripped his velvety hardness. She slid her fingertips up and down his shaft a few times, then, pulling his foreskin right back, she positioned the tip of his glans at the entrance to her vagina, guiding the boy's movements with her right hand on his bottom. 'Do you want to go in?' she asked playfully. The boy nodded. Oh my god, she was actually going to do it. She was going to fuck an 11-year-old boy. But she held his stiffness at the entrance to her hole, teasing them both momentarily. 'Tell me what you want to do sweetheart. Tell me you want to fuck me.' And, as she spoke her left hand squeezed his penis encouragingly. The boy hesitated momentarily, his lips moving slightly without forming the words. Then, he whispered, 'I, want to fuck you.' She sighed as she heard his words and guided the tip of his penis into her vagina so that just his glans entered her moist hole, but then stopped allowing it to go no further. 'God, this is so horny,' she sighed, 'Tell me again! Tell me how much you want to fuck me!' 'I want to fuck you Zoe, I really, really want to.' He spoke louder this time and she noted there was a hint of pleading in his voice. That was good, she thought, he wants it badly. 'Say please,' she teased, squeezing his penis playfully. 'Please, please let me fuck you.' This time he pushed his hips towards her slightly but her right hand was holding him back, preventing him from penetrating her further. Hearing such words from an angelic little boy made her head spin and she gently stroked the length of his shaft that was not inside her vagina. She delighted at his hardness. He was absolutely rigid and his little hairless balls had formed a tight sack in-between his legs. She kissed his cupid lips. 'I love you,' she whispered. His sunshine smile flashed instantly across his face again. 'I love you too,' he replied sweetly, and with complete sincerity. Zoe kissed his lips again, sucking them, nibbling them softly and then darting the tip of her tongue into his mouth. This boy was driving her wild. She pressed gently on his bottom with her right hand and they sighed together as his hard cock began to sink into her wet hole. She placed both hands on his tight little bottom and then, gripping both of his taut buttocks, she pushed him right into her. She curled her own hips up slightly to meet his downward thrust and his entire three-and-three-quarter inches sank into her wet hole. Matthew moaned sweetly, biting his bottom lip and his body trembled as he continued to push against her as if he wanted to push more of himself into her, but he was already baby balls deep. 'Do it like this darling,' she said, and, taking hold of his sides, she showed him how to rock his hips so that his penis thrust in and out. She rocked her hips too, in time with his, so that as his hips moved up, hers moved down, and when his moved down, hers moved up. She held him initially to guide his movements but before long he knew what to do. His little face was a picture. He looked as if he was about to explode with pleasure. 'How do you like this?' she asked tenderly, gently squeezing his buttocks as she spoke. 'It's amazing!' the boy gasped, a little frown on his forehead. The little boy moaned as Zoe slid her hand in-between his legs from behind to gently squeeze his balls. She slipped her other hand underneath her bottom and slid her middle fingers around her vaginal entrance to feel his hard shaft sliding wetly in and out of her. Zoe had always been tight so even though Matthew's penis was small by comparison to an adult male's, it was certainly big enough for her. And even if it had been smaller it wouldn't have mattered. The fact that she was fucking a child was erotic enough to bring her to orgasm. She could easily get off just by rubbing against a part of someone's body, without the need for a penis, fingers or a tongue. As it was, the boy's cock was like having a man's finger in her, and it was certainly doing the trick. She'd never been this turned on by masturbating or doing it with an adult man and even her experiences with other girls were nothing compared to this. His little balls were about the size of small grapes, and they were so sexy that she had the overwhelming urge to squeeze them harder. As she played with them she used her vaginal muscles to squeeze his cock and the little boy moaned, his tummy rising and falling against hers as his breathing quickened. They began kissing again and Zoe was in heaven. His tongue was in her mouth, her small breasts were squashed against his chest, her flat tummy was pressed firmly against his, and his prepubescent penis was sliding in and out of her tight, wet hole. They were really fucking now. Matthew was getting the hang of what to do and there was an urgency developing in their movements. It was amazing, she had a child fucking her, and if she stopped moving he'd continue on his own. 'Come on baby,' she breathed into his mouth, 'You're amazing, you know. I've never had sex with anyone who turns me on as much as you. I think you're going to make me cum quite soon,' she sighed. The little boy was so high on the whole experience that he hardly knew what to say for himself. But Zoe didn't expect him to. The expression on his cute face told her everything she needed to know. His lips were pressed firmly together and he was panting through his nose, his moaning muffled. 'It's okay darling,' she breathed soothingly. 'Relax and enjoy it, and if you want to cum, then just cum baby.' A smile flickered at the corners of his mouth and their hips ground together. Zoe snogged him again and writhed beneath him, massaging his body with her own and rubbing her tummy against his while they fucked and kissed. 'Oh God,' she sighed, 'this is just the best thing ever. Rubbing tummies together and fucking with a super cute 11-year-old!' she paused for a moment then said, 'I love you darling. I wish we could just keep doing this forever!' Matthew's face beamed. 'I love you too,' he gasped. 'I've got an idea,' she said, 'Before we both cum, if you push yourself up on your hands we'll be able to look in-between our bodies and see your willy going in and out of me.' Matthew complied and Zoe felt a thrill of excitement as she got an eyeful of his young, naked body, his milky-white skin, flat tummy and narrow hips in-between her legs. His hard, glistening penis jutted out at right angles to his body and his lack of hair added to the eroticism of her view, emphasizing the fact that he was still a child. His hips moved back and forth and they both watched in awe as his penis slid in and out of her. 'Wow, that's amazing,' the boy exclaimed. Zoe reached down and rubbed her clitoris to give him a real visual treat and she moaned lasciviously. While she masturbated herself, her free hand pinched her nipple, and she felt a thrill knowing how excited her little show of lewdness would make him. 'Come here baby,' she said softly, pulling him back down on top of her, 'Lets rub our tummies together and fuck till we both cum.' Matthew sighed as their flesh pressed together again and he felt Zoe's hands gripping his buttocks. 'Listen darling,' she said, her voice a little shaky, when we both cum I want you to keep your eyes open, so that we can look at each other okay? I want us to look into each others eyes when we cum.' 'I think I'm gonna cum soon,' he said faintly, biting his bottom lip. 'Good, I want you to cum again. I want you to cum inside me, and when you cum, I'm going to cum too.' Zoe slid her middle finger in-between his buttocks, and finding his anus she fingered it gently. 'Is it okay if I put my finger in here?' she asked pressing his anus, as if it were a little button. 'You're kidding!' he replied, slightly incredulously, 'What do you want to do that for?' Zoe smiled reassuringly. 'If you don't like it I'll stop, but I kinda think you will. Don't forget, your willy's not just for weeing and your bottom isn't just for pooing either. It feels lovely to have a finger in there while you're having sex.' 'Can I put my finger in your bum too then?' 'Mmmmm, yes please, but don't blame me if I die of pleasure!' Matthew grinned as Zoe told him to hang on while she wriggled across the bed to get something out of the bedside cabinet. They made the short journey without Matthew's willy popping out of her and he even managed a few thrusts on the way. Fumbling with the top draw momentarily, Zoe found the KY Jelly and squirted some onto the small of Matthew's back. 'Eeeek, what's that?' he squealed, 'It's cold!' 'It's just lubrication so when I put my finger in your bum it'll just slip in nice and easy. We'll leave it on your back for a while to get warm first.' Matthew had momentarily stopped moving and Zoe was enjoying the feeling of his body lying motionless on hers. She told him to stop fucking for a while and they kissed passionately. She enjoyed the feeling of his tummy pressing flat against hers with his hard penis inside her while they kissed. A few exquisite moments later and Zoe was fingering KY Jelly around Matthew's anus. She continued to kiss him but he was still forbidden from moving, something that was becoming increasingly difficult for both of them. 'Okay,' she said, pressing her fingertip against his little bum-hole, 'Just relax, and if you don't like it, say so and I'll stop.' Matthew screwed his eyes tightly shut and wrinkled up his nose, as if he was expecting something painful to happen. Zoe's fingertip sunk into his anus under the pressure she was applying, and she let it slide in to the first joint. Matthew's eyes opened and he smiled slightly, then moaned out loud as she sunk her finger deep in his anus right up to her knuckle. His eyes were wide open and his breathing became erratic as she wiggled her finger deep inside him. 'Do you like it?' she asked, and the little boy nodded excitedly in reply. She lifted her own bottom off the bed, applied some KY Jelly and then guided Matthew's middle finger to her own anus. He was certainly eager to please she thought as the little boy lifted her to a new level of ecstasy as his finger sank all the way into her bottom, copying what she had done to him. 'Okay,' she sighed, her heart thumping, 'So now let's fuck, rub our tummies together, kiss and finger each other's bottoms! Are you ready?' She paused, taking an exaggerated long breath of air to emphasize her long sentence, then, grinning said: 'One, two, three, go!' Their lips slid together and Matthew's hips rocked up and down as they began to fuck again. Their hips began to move more urgently and their pubic bones bumped together as they fucked. Zoe pressed down firmly against his bottom and her hips rose rhythmically to meet his in perfect timing. She squeezed her vaginal muscles tightly and could feel every movement of his penis as it slid in and out of her. She arched her back and moaned into his mouth. She knew she was going to cum. A child was going to make her cum, and the thought of it drove her even closer to the edge. 'Matthew, baby, you're going to make me cum sweetheart. You're so horny. I love you!' This would be Zoe's first orgasm to Matthew's fourth and it was hardly surprising that she was about to loose control, given that she was living out her number-one fantasy of fucking a child. Matthew's face was contorted in a mask of ecstasy. His baby-hips kept pumping, and beads of sweat had broken out on his forehead. 'Zoe, I think I'm gonna cum again,' he gasped urgently as if warning her. 'That's gorgeous darling,' she cooed in reply, 'Cum for me sweetheart, and I'll cum with you.' She watched the expression on his face whilst squeezing his baby balls and fingering his anus. Expertly she rolled him over onto his back to take complete control. Rather than relying on the movement of his hips, she would now dictate the pace and bring them both to a delicious climax. Their flat tummies slapped together audibly as their fucking became frenzied in the final throes of ecstasy. Matthew moaned out loud and arched his back, his body so overcome with pleasure that his fourth orgasm was every bit as strong as his first. 'I'm cuming too baby,' Zoe cried, fucking the child beneath her with more passion than she'd ever fucked a man. She cried out, holding nothing back as her body shook against the little boy, with his cock deep inside her and their fingers buried in each other's bottoms. +++ After Zoe and Matthew had both relaxed with another drink of Bucks Fizz, their attention returned again to sex. Matthew hadn't forgotten that Zoe had promised to teach him how to do oral sex to her, and so began the next stage of his sexual education. She taught him how to suck her clit using her finger as a dummy and drew a parallel with sucking cock, demonstrating what she meant by sucking his still-stiff willy. He was an eager student and desperately wanted to get it right. Not only did he want to please her, but he was genuinely aroused by the prospect of making this sexy woman cum with his mouth. He might only have been a child, but he was a male child and very horny. She had a lot of fun teaching him the rudimentary basics of oral sex, and, when he was ready, he lay down in-between her legs and began tentatively licking her slit. Although he was inexperienced, his youthful enthusiasm more than made up for his lack of skill, and as soon as she was sure that he wasn't finding this new experience distasteful, she began rocking her hips against his mouth. He obviously enjoyed it, and when he made her moan by doing something she liked his little mouth worked feverishly to bring her yet more pleasure. Looking down her body to see the little boy's face in-between her legs, concentrating so hard on giving her pleasure, she felt as if she was in heaven. His strawberry lips sucked her hard bud and Zoe moaned out loud, arching her back and rocking her hips, fucking the child's mouth. She held his little face in her hands, guiding him to the right spot, loosing control and jerking herself against his lips and tongue. Eventually she reached her second climax with the young boy, and had a delicious orgasm in his willing mouth. They spent their remaining time together kissing and cuddling, before eventually he had to hurriedly get dressed and run home to his mum. His penis was still stiff, and if she'd had the time she could have made him cum again. The next time they met they'd have more time, and she'd take him to his limits, fucking him until his little boy's stamina ran out and he couldn't get a hard-on any more. She wondered how many times he'd be able to cum. She'd find out the next time she saw him. Before he left he told her repeatedly how much he loved her and she replied by telling him that she loved him too. They weren't empty words. She really did love him. She'd fallen in love with a child and it felt so right, more right in fact than it had ever felt with an adult male. She'd miss him after he'd gone and she told him so. She sent him home without his underpants on. It felt kinky and perverse to do so and she kept them under her pillow as a reminder of how naughty she'd been. After he'd gone she spent the next couple of hours keeping busy with her dildo and her fingers. She came another eight times thinking of her child lover and eventually she fell into a deep sleep with his underpants clutched to her chest. The End