My stories are generally about adult women and teenage girls involved in romantic, loving, often extremely erotic relationships. You won't find any pure stroke stories here. It can take a long while to reach the juicy parts, depending on the story. Before a single boob is exposed, we need to get to know the characters and their setting, and why the encounters we’re reading about are significant enough to warrant a story. The sexy parts happen when they’re suppose to happen and not a moment sooner. I tend to be very gentle with my characters. I know them intimately, and I treat them kindly and with the respect they deserve.The teen girls in my stories are generally just discovering their sexual sides, so I avoid the more extreme acts/fetishes such as hard BDSM, fisting, watersports, and so forth. While there are often male characters, some quite sympathetic and important to the story, they have no erotic role. There is no hetero content, nor will you will find dildos, strap-ons, or vibrators in my stories.

I welcome comments, questions, ideas, and suggestions, though I make no promises that they will be used. I make every effort to respond to all feedback promptly. I hope you enjoy my offerings. 

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